An Officer and a Gentleman
Chapter 1: December - The Beginning

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: December - The Beginning - Tory was just hoping that Jayson would be able to come home for Trent's Eagle Ceremony. When Jayson came, he wasn't alone. The Eagle Ceremony resulted in opening doors to a bright future, and not just for Trent.

Tory stood up at the podium listening to the winter wind whistling outside and looking out amongst the sea of invited guests. It had been four short years ago when she had stood there for the first time. Then, her older son, Jayson, had received his Eagle Scout award and she had stood there as one of the presenters. Now, it was her son, Trent's, turn. Tory was hoping, for Trent's sake, that his older brother would be able to make the ceremony. Quickly scanning the guests, Tory couldn't see him.

A year ago, Jayson left for the Navy. He had tried continuing on in school after high school, but he was just not enthusiastic about more classroom theory. So, after a year of taking courses at the local community college, he enlisted. Tory and Trent missed having him around, but they were both proud of who he was becoming. Tory had notified Jayson of his brother's upcoming ceremony, hoping he could get a weekend leave, but she had not received a response.

Taking a deep breath, Tory began the ceremony. There was no doubt that she was proud of her son — of her sons. She, herself, had been involved in scouting for many years and saw what it took to achieve this award. Every chance she got, she was there to support her sons in their quest to become Eagle. Both of her boys had had their own personal struggles during their journey. She knew that most of Trent's journey was hampered by him feeling like he had to walk in his brother's footsteps. As much as she encouraged him to search for his own path, there were some things that Jayson had done that Trent had to also complete; sometimes, it wasn't as easy for Trent. For that reason, when Tory was developing her speech, she had asked Trent's permission to mention his older brother; even though he knew some of the leaders had continued to compare him to Jayson, Trent gave it without a second thought. For something like this, Trent was proud to be able to be compared to his brother because, when all was said and done, they would both be Eagles.

When Tory was finished, she introduced Gary, a long-time friend of Jayson's and Trent's, and now an adult within the Troop.

"Ah," Gary stammered, uncharacteristically, when he reached the podium. "Trent, I'm sorry, buddy; I totally forgot about your ceremony until real late. I don't have anything prepared, but I've called in what I hope will be an okay substitute." With that, Gary stood at attention and nodded to the rear of the room. Instinctively everyone turned and they watched the rear doors open and a Naval Officer and Seaman enter. With their backs straight and eyes forward, the uniformed men kept stride as they moved up the center aisle toward the podium. As the two got closer, Tory felt a lone tear fall to her cheek. When the pair reached the front where Tory and Trent were sitting, the seaman pivoted on his heels, relaxed and pulled his younger brother into an embrace. The audience watched as Jayson released one of his arms from around his brother and embraced his mother, as well.

Gary made the introduction as the officer took a seat and Jayson approached the podium. "For those of you who don't know, I would like to introduce Seaman Jayson Markus, Trent's older brother and an Eagle with the Troop." Jayson unashamedly hugged his best friend in a strong brotherly embrace as the audience enthusiastically applauded.

When the applause subsided, Jayson began. "Thank you all for coming to celebrate this special award for my kid brother. Trent, buddy, I wouldn't have missed this for the world! I know the hard work it takes. You can't help but learn and grow as you travel the path to Eagle. I challenge you to keep growing and remain as active in Scouting and the Troop as you can. But, even if the time comes when you have to leave scouting, even for a little bit, keep the lessons you have learned through Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and the Eagle path and you will continue to fly high! I'm proud of you, Trent. I love you, brother!" The crowd cheered as Jayson left the podium and embraced his younger brother again.

The rest of the ceremony was a blur to Tory. She was thankful that she had asked a friend to take pictures and video. But, she wanted it to be over quickly so she might have a chance to talk with Jayson. While she was very pleased that he was able to come, she was not too happy that he chose to pull this surprise on her as well. Tory was also eager to find out who the officer was who accompanied Jayson. When she glanced at him she couldn't help but feel a strange sense of familiarity about him.

As soon as the ceremony was done, a crowd surrounded Jayson and Trent. Tory was unceremoniously pushed aside, but was soon engulfed with well-wishes from her friends and other adults present. Her pride shone bright every time she looked over at her sons and watched them together. Soon enough, the crowd began to thin and Tory was left on the side-lines in her own thoughts while the hall was clearing out.

"Seaman Markus is an incredible young man." The officer who had accompanied Jayson had startled Tory out of her reverie. "I'm sorry for startling you, Ms. Markus. I'm Commander Ross."

Tory recovered enough to accept the extended hand the commander offered. "Yes, Jayson can be remarkable when he wants to be. He never let me know if he was able to come, or not, so I'm a bit surprised that he's here. He's not in trouble for coming, is he? I mean, officers don't usually accompany enlisted men on leave, do they?"

"Actually, I had business in the area and I offered to drive him here," explained the commander.

"Excuse me, Commander," Jayson interrupted. "Mom, Trent said you were making meatloaf tonight for dinner. Would you mind a couple more mouths? Commander, you have not had meatloaf until you've tasted my mother's! The only one who made it better was my grandmother."

"I appreciate that, Markus, but I couldn't intrude on your family time," replied the commander, a little embarrassed.

"You are more than welcome, Commander. I'm not sure what your plans are while you're here. But, I tend to always make more than enough, so it's no bother," corrected Tory, still not able to figure out why this man seemed familiar to her.

"In that case, I think I'd like a home-cooked meal. I appreciate the invitation."

"Sir, since we have to leave early tomorrow, my father wants me to spend some time with him, my brother and his family this afternoon. Do you mind?" Jayson asked.

"I tell you what, Markus. I've got some things I still need to do. Why don't you go to your father's and give me the address. I'll come by and pick up you and your brother and then we'll head over to your mother's for dinner."

"Thank you, sir; I appreciate that." Jayson gave the commander his father's address and phone number and they planned on a time to meet up. Jayson and Trent gave a quick hug to their mother and then they were gone from the reception hall.

"Do you need help bringing anything out to your car, Ms. Markus?" Commander Ross asked, watching her pile her arms full of plaques and books.

"Actually, if you get me those boxes over there, we can probably put a lot of these things in there. Then, if you are offering to help, I'm not going to turn you down!" Tory smiled easily at the commander.

They talked a little about the ceremony and what it took Trent to achieve this award as the items were packed in the boxes and bags to be carried to Tory's car. Once her car was packed up, Tory thanked Commander Ross and headed home to get dinner ready for her sons and their guest.

At five fifteen, Trent, Jayson and Commander Ross showed up on Tory's front porch. As they entered, Jayson inhaled deeply.

"I've missed my mom's meatloaf every time they try to serve it at the mess hall! It's second only to her lasagna!" Jayson bragged proudly to the commander as he helped Trent hang up their coats.

"It does smell good, Ms. Markus."

"Tory, please, Commander. I have to deal with all that formal stuff during work; I don't want to have to be faced with it in my home, too!"

"Tory, it is. And, please, call me Mitch." Mitch smiled at Tory and chuckled inside when he noticed her blush slightly. When Tory went back into the kitchen to get the dinner, Jayson and Trent quickly followed her and began getting the dinnerware to set the table. Without warning, as she readied part of the dinner to bring to the dining room, Trent or Jayson was there to take it from her.

The dinner conversation consisted mostly of the brothers talking and joking. Tory stayed quiet and watched her sons bond again. Mitch enjoyed watching Tory and her pride for her sons. After the dinner dishes were cleared, Jayson followed Trent upstairs to see what had been done to his former bedroom.

"That was a very good dinner, Tory," Mitch complimented as the couple sat in the living room.

"Meatloaf and mashed potatoes hardly a banquet make, Commander!" joked Tory.

"I can see you haven't eaten a meal with hundreds of other men, before! The Navy does many things well, but cooking, isn't one of them!" Mitch joked right back. He enjoyed watching Tory's face light up when she smiled.

"Well, I'm glad you liked it. You're welcome to take some leftovers back, if you want."

"Thanks, I just might do that." Mitch was lost in thought for a minute and then continued. "I was wondering something. Markus says he grew up here. I was wondering if you knew someone named Jayson Walsh. I met him in college and I think he grew up in this area."

"Jay is my older brother. He's now living down south with his wife and three daughters."

"I thought I recognized the spelling of your son's name; it's quite unusual. And, when I saw you I thought you looked a little familiar, too. I remember going home with Jay a couple times during college. You were pretty attached to him the first time I went home with him."

"Jay and I were always pretty close. It was hard on me when he went away to college. When I went away the next year, it was a bit easier on me, but I always missed him," Tory reminisced. "I think I remember when you came to visit. I was a bit jealous having to share him so I made a nuisance of myself; it was his freshman year and first weekend off. I was angry you were around all weekend." Mitch chuckled, remembering how Tory acted that weekend many years before.

"Too bad Jay couldn't be here today."

"Did you miss the part where I said he's living down south? As soon as he could get away from the winter's cold, he went!" Tory laughed. "But he did send his congratulations to Trent."

"Yeah, he used to always complain about the cold during school! So, you stayed in the area?"

"My parents gave me their house after my divorce and moved down south for a bit of relief from the cold. They both passed away a couple years ago."

"I'm sorry to hear that. I remember your folks; they were good people. So, you know I'm in the Navy, but what are you doing with your time?"

"Well," Tory began, "Dad was a college professor and Mom was an elementary school teacher, so, naturally..."

"You're a teacher, too?" Mitch suggested.

"You got it!" Tory acknowledged. "It cramps my boys' style, because I work at the high school. But, I really like the kids I work with."

"What do you teach?"

"Graphic Arts and Technology, believe it or not! Dad and Mom always believed in doing things 'old school'. I guess it worked for their day."

"But," Mitch added, "it's difficult in today's society if you're not comfortable with technology. Pretty much everything is based in computers these days."

"That's true. What I like about it is that computers have opened up creativity for those people who can't draw a straight line but have fantastic vision! You know that new ad campaign that everyone's talking about?" When she saw Mitch nod his head, she continued. "The designer was one of my students! Couldn't draw a stick figure! But, put him in front of a computer and he was a whole different person! He put together graphics as part of a scholarship program I got the company to sponsor at the high school. They paid for his continuing education and training and he continued to enhance the design. His design was a lot simpler in high school, but I recognized his style right away!"

"You're not entirely modern, however. I can see some of the 'old school' touches in your holiday decorating. I recognize most of the decorations, but, I can't figure out what that is supposed to be." Mitch looked confused as he pointed to a ribboned ball suspended from the doorway.

Tory got up from the sofa and walked slowly toward the decoration in question. "My mother was always very creative with our Christmas decorations. She wasn't satisfied with the paper chains and paper snowflakes we had to do in school; she thought outside the box, even then, and encouraged us to use our creativity. I was in second or third grade when we made that together. She decided that would be our mistletoe. It's silly, but we've hung it up every year since then." As Tory had been talking, Mitch had followed her until both were standing under the mistletoe ball.

He very slowly snaked one arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him. "We should make sure it still holds its magic after all these years." Slowly, and ever so gently, Mitch placed his lips on Tory's. As he released her, he watched as she lazily opened her eyes.

Tory needed to place her hand on Mitch's arm so she could regain her balance as she was still slightly dizzy from the kiss. "Well?" she asked.

"It holds promise," Mitch whispered. He then took a step away from Tory as he heard her sons start to come down the stairs.

"Mom, we need to go back tomorrow. If I can, can I come back next month? Are you still doing those birthday dinners?"

"Yes, Jayson, I still do the birthday dinner. No, Trent and I haven't decided on who to invite. And, yes, if you and the Commander want to come back, I can't think of more fitting guests. I'm not sure where you're staying this visit, but, maybe, you can stay here next time so we'll have more time to catch up. We've got the futon in the spare room and the sofa is still pretty comfortable."

"What is this 'birthday dinner'?" Mitch asked, quickly deciding that Tory's mother might not be the only one who thought outside the box.

"The boys have their birthdays in the summertime," Tory began.

"And, Mom's birthday is New Year's Day," Trent interrupted.

"So," continued Jayson, "we started to have birthday parties for her after New Year's."

"But," Tory interjected, staring her sons down so she could gain control of the explanation, "I don't really like having birthday parties and being the center of attention like that. So, the boys and I talk about who has been most influential, or 'present', in our lives over the previous year, and invite them over for a homemade dinner after all the stress of the holidays. We celebrate them, and I celebrate my birthday the way I want to - quietly! But, because of Trent's Eagle Ceremony, we hadn't talked about who to invite, yet. You bringing Jayson home so he could be here for this is good enough reason for me to consider you as our guest for dinner."

"Thank you very much for the invitation; I'm honored. When we get back, I'll see what the schedule looks like and have your son let you know." Mitch was as eager to come back as Jayson was. He fondly remembered Tory following him and Jay around those many years ago. Jay had ruthlessly teased him for weeks afterward for having a crush on his kid sister.

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