Big Mac Attack
Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tiny White Wife fucked by Massive Black Cock

This story is loosely based upon actions that my wife takes in order to find and fuck black guys with huge cocks. You need to first of all know something about my wife. She is a very small, petite, skinny woman who stands perhaps 5'1" tall in high heels. She has a very thin body, weighs in at about 92 lbs soaking wet and has extremely small titties (32A) and long nipples. Her pussy is very hairy and blonde, but sometimes she closely crops the hair, and her labia extend well below her vulva lips. She has had many encounters with black men and loves getting fuck by them, especially if their cocks are extremely large. Her name is Lynn.

In this particular situation, I had been contacted by a couple of black men with whom my wife had already recently had some dealing. (See Mother's Day) They were very pleased and had immensely enjoyed themselves. However, now knowing how much my wife loved the big black snake, they told me that I might like to take her to MacDonald's for a "Big Mac".

After receiving instructions on how to get to MacDonald's, I asked her one evening if she would like to go out and get a "Big Mac", to which she replied, "Sure Honey, I'd love to have a Big Mac". She obviously was thinking about the sandwich and not what I had planned for the evening.

So we got into the car and I started driving to MacDonald's.

Now this particular gentleman lives in fairy close proximity to the area McDonald's, so my wife didn't realize that anything was "up" until we turned down a side street before we arrived at the fast food restaurant.

However, once I turned off, she realized that something was up, and upon realizing it, she asked me, "Honey, I thought you were taking me out for a Big Mac?". I replied, "Yes, Dear, I am, but it's not the kind of Big Mac that you expected."

We hopped out of the car once we arrived at MacDonald's house and knocked on the door.

I was amazed when a virtual giant of a man answered the door. He must have stood at least seven feet tall and weight about 450lbs. There was absolutely no fat on him and his hands alone were huge.

As I watched my tiny wife standing next to him, her head was only about belt high on him and he was blacker than the ace of spades. He was also quite a bit older than I had expected, probably being in his late sixties or early seventies, as evidenced by his short gray curly hair, which stood out prominently against his black scalp.

My wife begins rubbing her tiny hands across the crotch of his pants and Big Mac's cock begins to swell, creating a huge bulge in his trousers. My wife turns to me and smiles, saying, "Gee Honey, I really did want a Big Mac, but this is probably more than I can handle. Now you cucky bastard, you will have to watch and clean me up afterwards."

"Big Mac" takes her by the hand and leads her down the hallway to his bedroom and once in there, he turns around and unzips his pants and smiles broadly. My wife immediately reaches inside the pants and starts stroking his big, massive cock which starts to get even harder as soon as her hands get a grip on it.

Since she is so small and he is so tall, she doesn't need to kneel down, but simply pulls the black monster cock out and starts to lick it. Even though the big cock isn't even completely hard or fully erect yet, she still is having a hard time getting the fat, bulbous cock-head inside her tiny, puckered mouth.

My tiny wife continues working on the fat black cockhead while stroking the shaft of the ever enlarging, semi-erect beef steak with one hand and unbuckling his pants and pulling down his boxers with the other.

Soon, Big Mac is standing in the bedroom with his pants around his ankles and my tiny white wife is standing in front of him sucking his monster cock off. She has finally managed to get the big cock-head inside her mouth and as soon as she gets it inside, Big Mac starts shoving inch after fat black inch down her throat.

All I can hear is gurgling and slurping sounds as Linn gags and throat fucks Big Mac's massive meat-stick. Big Mac groans and looks over at me and says, "Hey there white boy, you sure does have a fine white whore here. I'sa gonna fuck her and fill her with mah seed and give her a black baby, and you're gonna lick up anything that is left behind."

With being said, he pulls back his massive cock, which makes a popping noise as it comes out of her mouth. He grabs her and tosses her onto the bed and practically rips her pants and shirt off, exposing her tiny white body and closely cropped blonde pussy.

Big Mac spreads my wife's tiny, skinny legs apart and shoves his big black graying head between her legs and starts lapping at her tiny tight cunt lips. I hear slurping noises as he eats her out. Finally, he stops for a moment and says, "You knows that I has to get it wet because there aint no way mah cock is gonna go al the way in unless is made ready fo it." Then he sticks his big tongue inside her tiny slit and begins licking and sucking again.

All this is turning him on immensely, because his cock continues to enlarge and become more and more erect.

Soon, Big Mac is sporting a massive black cock that must be at least 18" long and probably about 5" around.

Big Mac pulls his head out from between my tiny wife's legs and pulls her to the very edge of the bed and kneels down on his knees in front of her, positioning his massive cock at the very wet, steaming opening of her pussy and starts to push forward, parting the wet cunt lips and forcing the fat, bulbous head of his gigantic cock inside her cunt.

As the gigantic cock head begins to split her tiny pussy apart, she moans and says, "Oh my God, I can't possibly take all of that thing!!!" But Big Mac is insistent and keeps on pushing slowly forward. I watch as her cuntal lips and labia fold inward as the huge cock slowly disappears within her tighly stretched and packed cunt.

Big Mac gets about 4 inches of fat blck cock inside her cunt and then slowly pulls outward, stretching the lips of her labia and cunt outward, clinging tightly to his massive glistening shaft. Then he shoves forward again, burying about 6 inches inside her belly. This action continues relentlessly, with Big Mac shoving a few more inches inside her cunt tunnel each successive stroke.

"Aaagggggg!!!! God, Its TOOOO BIG!!!!!!!" My wife screams. "It's Too Fucking BIG!!!!!!" But Big Mac continues his in and out motions, shoving more and more cock inside her and pulling out until just the fat cock head is still inside her. Finally, he has about 15 inches inside her and another 3 inches of thick, fat, black cock are still waiting to be buried.

At this point, Big Mac says, "I wants you to get on top of me bitch, you'sa gonna ride mah cock until I cums in you, you white whore". With that, he pulls his gigantic cock out of her cunt and lays down on the bed.

My tiny wife positions herself so that she is facing his feet and starts to sowly lower herself onto the massive, horse-sized cock. However, by now, the big cock has grown even larger and must be about 20 inches long and is at least 5 and 1/2 inches around. Since the horse-sized cock is so big, she is having a tough time getting it all inside her and she must lower herself down on top of it and then raise herself up, taking a few more inches at a time, each time she goes through these up and down crouching motions.

As she rides the massive black shaft down, I can see her labia and cuntal lips folding inside themselves, clinging tightly to Big Mac's gigantic cock. And as she pulls upwards, the lips are protruding, gripping the horse-sized, glistening, throbbing fuck-stick tightly. The sight of my skinny, tiny white wife who weighs about 92 lbs at the most, riding on top of a gigantic, 450 lb black man with a cock the size of a horse is erotic beyond belief.

Up and down my tiny, skinny, white wife rides, taking a few inches of the colossal cock deep inside her tightly packed, steaming hot, wet, undulating cunt. After about ten minutes, she finally manages to get all 20 inches of fat, thick black monster meat buried inside her cunt.


With that, Big Mac reaches up and holds my tiny white wife down on his massive cock, with it completely buried inside her cunt. She is starting her orgasm and her cunt is actually milking Big Mac's cock while it is completely buried to the balls inside her.

I see Big Mac's balls start to twitch as his orgasm begins and he begins to pump his thick semen deep inside my skinny white wife's cunt. "AAARRGGHHHH, I'SA CUMMMMMINNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Big Mac groans. "GONNA FILL THAT TIGHT PUSSY UP AND GIVE YOU A BLACK BABY!!!!" And then Big Mac begins emptying his entire nutsack into my wife's cunt and uterus. Thick streams of milky white semen begin flowing out of her tiny wrecked cunt and down over his ball sack.

Finally, after what seems like ten minutes of intense orgasmic action, my tiny white wife is released from Big Mac's grip and she raises up and off of his still swollen, massive cock. As it slides out of her cunt, huge streams of semen begin flowing out of her well stretched, used cunt.

Big Mac looks at me and says, "OK, CUCK, LICK IT ALL UP", and I obediently kneel down between her wide splayed legs and start lapping up all the gooey cum that is dripping out of her wide, gaping pussy.

Big Mac leaves the room and we both hear him talking on the phone with someone, before he re-enters the room. He laughs loudly upon re-entering the room and says, "WELL YOU WHITE HONKEYS, I'VE GOT SOMETHING ELSE IN MIND FOR YOU BOTH."

But that is another story.

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