Cat's Meow
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Zoophilia, Bestiality, Slow,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Dr. Stevens has created a device to transform genes. When lab animals become human, the trouble begins...

As I climbed out of my old Volkswagen van, which I had affectionately named "Poss", I could not help but wonder why my employer had asked me to stop by after hours. I didn't mind really since my evening would typically be just me sitting by the television, cuddling with my chihuahua, Angel. Still, Dr. Stevens' voice had been filled with an anxiousness that had begun to rub off on me. I actually enjoyed working for the scientist and felt he was on his way to greatness. I hoped that I could ride along with him on that trip.

As I entered into the lab, the howls, barks, and meows of the lab animals greeted me as usual. Nothing seemed amiss there at least and I smiled warmly into each cage, completely in love with each animal despite the scientist's warning not to get too attached. I knew he ran experiments on them, but tried to not let it bother me too much — I had to have a job to exist and at least I knew with me tending them, the animals were handled exquisitely; I treated each with as much care as if they were my own children. I especially loved the cats. There were two of them, a male and female, that Doc was planning on breeding soon to create more for experiments down the road.

I stepped closer to the dog kennels and grinned at Macy as she whined in greeting. The bitch was about to have her puppies at any day and I found myself hoping they'd survive this time. The last batch had all been stillborn and it had actually crushed me more than it had their canine mother. As I reached into the cage to pet the black Rottweiler, my cell phone began to buzz, startling me. It was a text message from the scientist telling me to open the cabinet that rested near the center of the lab. I opened it as requested, filled with curiosity, and saw a small box that had not been there earlier on the shelves among the chemicals and vials. Pulling the item in question out of the cabinet, I saw a note on a sticky on top in the scientist's handwriting with my name on it.

"Julia - Get this out of the lab ASAP. Get it to safety. Do not open no matter what! — Doc"

I cradled the box within my hands, curious but well-behaved. I knew that if it were some odd experiment of Dr. Stevens' I would not want to disobey him. I tucked it into my left jacket pocket and went to visit the cats before leaving. I had to tell Jinx (the male, a ginger colored cat) and Sasha (the female, cream-colored) goodbye before leaving to try and figure out what the scientist wanted me to do exactly. But as I opened Sasha's cage, my jacket caught on the edge, which had always been a problem, tearing the pocket. I cursed loudly at the action as it was my favorite jacket and watched in mute horror as the box fell from my pocket, landing upon the tile below, lid flying off.

I leaned down, as curious as a cat, when a small crystalline object in the shape of a cut diamond and size of a lemon rolled out and began to glow with a soft blue light. The light grew until I had to shield my eyes and once again the cats and dogs began to go crazy with noise from being afraid and/or startled at the brightness.

But then I heard nothing but silence.

I scooped the object into the box, tucking the lid back on and putting it into my jacket's good pocket. As I turned around to see if I could calm the cats, I blinked in shock. A female human with cream-colored hair stared back at me. What the hell? I would have asked her why she had been hiding in the cat's cage as it was large enough for someone to hunch inside, but she was completely naked!

"Jul—ee--aaaa?" Her voice was soft, sweet and it sounded as if the young woman had never spoken before; almost as if she were testing out her vocal chords for the first time.

"Jul—ee—aa?" She repeated, bright blue eyes darting to the right and then left, fear masked upon her pretty face. I pulled off my jacket and wrapped it around her, pulling her from the cage. How did she know my name? As we exited the cage, my eye caught movement in the kennel across from her and I gasped when a large ebony-skinned man looked back at me, the upper half of his cloth-less body bursting with muscle. I gaped at him as he stared back in fear and confusion.

What was happening?

When an equally dark-skinned woman stood and whimpered in fear, her large breasts swaying as she glanced around the lab, it dawned on me what was going on. I turned back to the jacket-covered, cream-haired woman.

"Sasha?" I felt silly asking her the question, but had to know. When she nodded, I gasped. I felt a tingling sensation race up my spine as I understood that somehow the object in the box within my pocket had transformed the cats and dogs in the lab into ... humans.

"Whaaa happening to me?" I did not get a chance to answer as the cage door beside her was forced open, the door bouncing off of the hinges and a man, also without a spot of clothing upon his body, stepped out of Jinx's cage. The man's hair was ginger-colored and I knew immediately that it was Jinx transformed into human form.

"Ju-Jul-" He began, touching his throat and then whimpered, obviously terrified of what had happened to him. I knew I had to figure out how to make them go back to animal form. I could not let them wander the streets as it would be like sending a child out into the front lines of a war. I went to the unopened kennels and began to open the cage door for the two that used to be dogs. Once I did that I looked in the hamper to find a couple of lab coats as I had just the one jacket that was now being worn by Sasha. I scooped three white coats into my arms, ignoring the fact that one was slightly stained with something red, and handed each to the new humans.

But they just stared at the objects.

"Put them on." I helped Macy into hers and stared down at her very round belly, remembering she was pregnant and near ready to pop. That was all I needed now was for her to go into labor. Flustered and shaking, I helped Jinx and the male dog-turned-human, cleverly named Spike, into the lab coats, making sure they were covered enough to exit the building.

When Spike stepped closer to Jinx, he began to growl. I shook my head and grimaced at the sound.

"Spike! Although it's natural for you to think you are enemies with Jinx, now is not the time for that. We've got to go!" I pushed at them, herding the four new humans to the back door, pressing my thumb into the seal after we had exited to lock it. As I helped the four into my old van, praying under my breath it would start, I shook my head in awe. Four animals disguised as humans were sitting with me, in the darkness, completely silent from fear and shock. I sighed in relief when the engine turned and we were soon on the way to my small apartment not far from the lab. I was proud of Spike and Macy — not once did they stick their heads out of the window.

Once I managed to sneak them all upstairs and into my apartment, I had to lock Angel in the bedroom as she had begun to bark shrilly at the strangers. Their actions were varied: Jinx began to hiss; Sasha trembled in fear, stepping quickly upon the couch; Spike began to growl; and Macy whimpered in confusion and worry, cradling her swollen belly protectively. Once they had all relaxed and Angel was tucked away out of their sight, I began to take stock of the situation. I touched the pocket that held the box and wondered how Dr. Stevens had figured out how to create a device that could alter genes instantly. If they could turn humans into animals, could it somehow be reversed? Was it permanent?

My head was still spinning when Spike began to whine, stepping closer to me with a troubled look upon his dark face. His black eyes held mine and I wondered if he would hurt me. He certain was large — standing nearly six feet and weighing at least 260 pounds, he seemed to be pure muscle; definitely a force to be reckoned with!

"Ju-ju, Spike go potty." He tossed back the words that I had said to him time and again when I had taken him out to relieve his dog self in the bushes behind the lab. It took all the control I had not to laugh at how silly it sounded coming from such a large, intimidating man's mouth. I stifled my grin and nodded in understanding.

"I want all of you to follow me." I waved the four to their feet and patiently led them to the hall bathroom nearby. It took a few moments to explain the process of using the toilet and flushing, but I felt they had a good grasp of it once I was done. In fact, when Spike began to lift up his leg, I knew he understood and I quickly shuffled the other three out of the small room and back to the larger living area so he could do his business with some privacy.

"Julla?" Jinx queried clumsily and I turned to face the ginger-haired one-time male cat. "What happen us? Why we talk like you? Why we look like you? Huuu-man?" I was about to form my words when it hit me — he was an incredibly handsome man. Too bad he was not really a human man. His face was comely, his eyes almond-shaped, his long hair flowed brilliantly around his head — he could have been a male model for how attractive he was. I gulped and forced myself not to stare at his bare chest where the lab coat was unbuttoned.

"I think Dr. Stevens created something to make you human, Jinx." I felt the weight of what had been done and felt as if I were going to collapse at the sheer thought of it. Four animals had been turned into living, breathing humans!

"H-hungry." Macy spoke for the first time, something other than a whimper, and I nodded in her direction. She was eating for more than herself, so I sympathized and pulled out my cell phone. After I had ordered a couple of large pizzas with extra meat, I knew we had some time to wait. Would it be up to me to teach them how to be human?

How? I thought perhaps the first order of business (after being shown how to relieve themselves) would be clothing and I asked them to wait while I went into my bedroom to retrieve clothes for them all.

As I dug around in my drawers and closet, ignoring Angel as she yapped near my feet alternating with growling softly at the door, I was glad my ex-boyfriend Charles had left some of his clothes behind. I had wanted to shred them, but for some reason had kept them tucked away in the closet. Perhaps I still cared for the man, but he certainly had done all he could to destroy any love I had for him with his cheating ways.

"Ah-ha." I stated mildly as I pulled out the box that had Charles' old clothes. But then I frowned. He had been a fairly average-sized man and while they would work for Jinx, Spike would require something larger. I pulled an XL t-shirt and knew it wouldn't be good enough, but did not know what else to use and carried the load to the living room, dumping it on the coffee table between the four of them.

I helped assort each clothing item to the right person and blushed furiously as they began to dress, each unaware of the blatant nudity, only intent and focused on getting themselves dressed. My eyes lingered a little too long on Jinx's backside; his butt cheeks were rounded and perfect and I thought perhaps I was going to drool like a dog if I did not look away. Once they were dressed, (with Spike's shirt and pants ripping at the sleeves and calves and fitting like a doll's clothing on a man's body) I felt better and hid the lab coats along with any unused clothing in the bedroom. Soon the knock of the pizza delivery person was heard and again I had to stifle a grin when Spike began to growl and Macy let out a "bark" noise before she caught herself.

When I opened the door to retrieve the pizza, I was shocked to see two men instead, guns out and trained upon me. They pushed their way inside and then froze when they saw I was not alone. But with the guns still up, they snarled, "Where's the gem?" At first I had no clue what they were asking until I realized they were talking about the item in the box. Clearly they had ill-intent and I decided I would not give up Dr. Stevens' hard work to someone whom I did not even know.

"I have no idea what you are talking about." I lied, forcing myself to keep my expression perplexed.

"Lying bitch!" When one of the men backhanded me with his gun, I felt a sharp pain in my lip and tasted the tang of blood. That was all it took though before Spike actually went flying to the man who had hit me, his teeth bared as he growled angrily deep within his large chest.

"Stop! No, Spike!" I cried out to the large black-skinned man, not wanting him to get hurt in any way. He froze and stepped beside me and I watched both men, now terrified of the big man, run out of the door and away. Relieved, I closed the door and sat on the coffee table, my legs wobbly from the confrontation. I had to get the box to safety. Without my new watchdog of sorts, I knew I was vulnerable and eventually they'd get it from me.

I was uncertain of how to do that though. I knew they probably had the scientist in their grasp so I couldn't call anyone. FBI? CIA? NSA?

"Bad men hurt Julla." Jinx stepped to me, sitting at my feet, keeping his hands on my knees as he stared up into my eyes. I gulped and decided I liked his touch a little too much. I had to keep convincing myself he was an animal; his yellow eyes with just a slight hint of the slitted pupils served to remind me well.

"Yes, they wanted that which had made you human. We cannot let them have it. You understand?" He nodded at my words and smiled, sharp teeth showing under the lips.

"I understand." The cat-man seemed almost proud of himself and I smiled back at him. When we heard another knock on the door, I was instantly on my feet and prepared to fight back. But it was just the pizza guy.

It turned out that both cats and dogs in human form loved pizza.

"Mmmmm! Me like!" Macy moaned in delight as she grasped another slice, nibbling on the edge of the pie as she slid it into her mouth. Spike smiled at her fondly and I wondered if he knew he was going to be a father soon. I eyed Macy's large belly and wondered if they'd come out puppies or humans. And then I had a terrible thought. What if in being transformed into human it had hurt or killed her offspring?

"Julla all right?" Jinx sat on the couch with me, watching my face as I studied the couple at the table. Sasha sat with them, but her chair was pulled back away, the mistrust plain on her face as she ate her pizza slice daintily and fastidiously just like the cat she used to be. I turned to face Jinx and realized he was sitting extremely close to me, which made me nervous. He's an animal, I reminded myself. An animal!

"Yeah. Just worried about you all." I told the once-cat. I sighed as the pizza I had eaten began to churn in my belly and then yawned. It had been quite a day. I wondered about sleeping arrangements and if we would be safe enough. I began to work on getting an air mattress I hadn't used in years to inflate. I had to figure out how to make it to where we could all get some rest as I did not have an overabundance of beds and rooms. It ended up working out all right — Sasha and I took my bed with Macy sleeping on the couch as it was actually more comfortable than my old bed. The boys would share the air mattress, although it took some convincing for them to get along enough to agree to it. It was almost humorous how the old cat versus dog trip worked with them being human. The animosity between the two sets of new humans was clear.

As I lay in my bed, lights off, listening to Sasha's soft snores, I could not help but worry about Dr. Stevens. I wondered how deeply in trouble he had gotten himself into with the creation of the gem thingy and how he would get us both untangled from that trouble. I felt my heart begin to race when the bedroom door opened and Angel began to growl softly under her breath from her enclosed kennel in the corner of the room. I had put the dog within to keep her from attacking Sasha. She obviously knew a cat when she saw or smelled one. I felt the bed shake slightly and watched a dark figure slide an arm around Sasha, waking the cat-girl.

"Shh, Sasha, it me. Jinx." His voice was soft, but I still heard him clearly and wondered what he was up to. I watched as he stared over at me briefly, scrunching up his eyes in an attempt to see me. Cats see extremely well in the darkness, so in his human form, it was probably frustrating him that his vision was not the same any longer. When Jinx began to rub his head against Sasha's shoulder I wondered once again what he was doing. She rubbed back and it was not long before he had her on her belly and had buried his face in her hair, grasping the nape of her neck gently within his mouth. I realized then he had pushed down her panties and was thrusting himself into her as she gasped softly, whimpering in brief pain as he broke through her virginal barrier.

They rocked gently, the bed swaying with the rhythm and I could not help but reach between my legs and rub, tingles of pleasure shooting throughout my body at the motion. As they mated in such an animal-like way, I felt a gush of fluid surround my hand and knew I had never been this turned on in my life. Their moans began to grow into soft growls and grunts and I knew they were climaxing. She cried out as he exited her warmth so loudly I thought he had injured her in some way before remembering that the pain was from the male cat's penis when the mating was completed.

In an odd way I felt a strange pang of jealousy that he would choose her over me to mate with. Why was that? I had no idea. I suppose it was just the fact that I was so alone and he had Sasha. Spike had Macy. I had no one.

The bed rocked slightly as he left it and the door opened and closed slightly when the man-cat left the room. As Sasha sighed softly, almost as if in bliss, I groaned silently and curled into a ball, feeling sorry for myself. It took a long time for me to fall asleep as my self-pity and loneliness overcame my sensibility and reason.

When morning found us, nothing had changed. The two dog-humans alternated taking showers and I had to put up with the cat-people disagreeing to anything that resembled falling water on their skin. I tried to explain that was ridiculous, that there was nothing wrong with bathing like that, but they both still refused. I ended up compromising and letting them bathe with washrags instead. Anything was better than them licking themselves like they wanted to!

Leftover pizza was breakfast, and while we ate it in silence, I could not help but catch the glances between the two cat-humans. As I began to clean up, stuffing the pizza boxes into the trashbin, I heard soft moaning and looked to see Sasha lying on her belly on the couch, naked, with Jinx covering her, pants shoved down to his ankles, the back of the girl's neck in his mouth once more.

"Jinx! Sasha! Oh my! No!" I dropped the plate I had been holding, wincing when it shattered and covered my mouth in horror. Macy was in the bathroom but Spike was staring with extreme interest and I knew I had to teach them the fine art of being appropriately dressed and not savaging each other when people were around them.

I watched as Jinx grunted in his climax, sighing softly as he removed himself. Once more, Sasha cried out in pain as he exited her vaginal hole and they dressed swiftly, sitting on opposite sides of the couch once finished.

"What wrong, Julla?" Jinx looked up at me innocently and I bit my lip. Perhaps it was not something I could correct them on. Perhaps their animalistic instincts had been retained.

Still, I had to say something.

"You shouldn't..." I began, blushing furiously as I attempted to locate the proper words. "You and Sasha should wait to fuc—copulate when you are alone and there are no others around you." Sasha cocked her head and Jinx looked at me with his large, topaz-colored eyes.


"Just because it's not the human way to do things. And now that you are human, you really should follow human rules." I crossed my arms, hoping they both understood. I looked to Spike when they both shrugged. He nodded in complete understanding and I sighed in relief and hoped a scene like I had just witnessed would not happen again. At least not when I wasn't on the receiving end anyway. I chided myself mentally for thinking such a thought and went back to cleaning up the kitchen.

As soon as I was done, I turned to stare at all four of my guests. They were completely entranced in something on the television. As I drew closer, I had to cover my mouth to prevent from laughing — they were watching Animal Planet. I took that opportunity to slip into my bedroom, shutting the door behind me so that I could release Angel and give her a chance to eat the dog food I had brought with me. I had caught Spike attempting to eat it and so I decided I would hide it in my bedroom for the time being. I cuddled with Angel for a few moments before I sat on the bed to watch her dine. I hated to put her back in the kennel, but she'd be safest there and we were going to leave soon. I thought perhaps that the men would return and I could not risk another confrontation.

When I stood after putting Angel back in her kennel, I realized why she had begun to growl — Jinx had entered the bedroom and was standing completely naked before me.

"Jinx? What are you doing?" I asked, knowing my face was probably beet red from blushing. He said nothing but instead went to his knees and began to nuzzle my pubic area covered by my jeans. I was frozen with shock at his action and gasped when he began to lick furiously through the material in an attempt to arouse me. I could not help but admire his long, thin cock that hung slightly to the left, bobbing as he licked. I knew I could not let him continue when his hands reached for my jeans and began to fumble with the buttons.

But when he asked me, "Julla in heat now?" I grasped his hands to stop him.


"Julla in season?" It took me a few moments to figure out what he was asking. The words only reiterated in my mind that he was an animal and I answered without thinking.

"Human females are always in heat." I bit my lip the moment I said it. That was definitely the wrong thing to say! His eyebrows shot up in surprise and I pulled him gently to his feet so that I didn't have to talk with him crotch-level. "Jinx, you can't just go around boning—er um, copulating with every female that comes your way. Humans have rules and if we mated anytime we wanted with anyone we wanted, the population would explode and would get out of control. Do you understand?" He shook his head negatively and I sighed in frustration.

"Just keep it in your pants. Get dressed, okay?" I pointed to his clothes lying in a pile nearby. "Please?" He finally nodded and I tried not to watch as he clothed himself once more. I went to my nightstand and pulled out a box of Trojans. I took a roll of twenty condoms and tucked them into his pants pocket. He looked at me oddly, unsure of what I had just done. "When you mate, you unwrap one and unroll it onto your ... sexual organ. Understand?" He shook his head negatively once more and I groaned.

I tugged on his hand and led him out of the bedroom, smiling when I saw the other three still highly engrossed in the television program. Every time something would move on the screen, three sets of eyes would follow, heads tilting together in unison. If I did not have such a weight on my shoulders I probably would have laughed. Instead, I flicked off the TV and stepped in front of the screen to garner full attention.

"We have to find Dr. Stevens. He is—" I was interrupted by my cell phone's buzz. Pulling it out of my pocket, I glanced at the screen and opened the slider quickly as it was a text message from the scientist himself.

"Julia — go to the Circle Six Motel on Elm Spring Road. Room 113. —Doc"

I sighed in relief as it sounded to me as if the men had not captured Dr. Stevens. Hopefully he would shine some light on what was going on and help me get the human-animals back to their right form. I gathered the four up and ushered them all to the van again, peering out of the back mirror and window nervously as I drove. I was uncertain if I could spot someone following us, but was determined to not be caught in the process or worse case to lead them to the motel.

When we arrived at the motel, I could not see the scientist's car, but perhaps he had ditched it for something less obviously. I knocked softly on Room 113's door, nervous with anticipation. The door cracked slightly, chain in place, and the scientist's wrinkled face stared back at me with suspicion until he realized who I was. The door closed and I heard the chain rattle as he unlocked and let me inside. I motioned for the four animal-humans to enter with me, ignoring the shocked expression on the scientist's face.

"Who--?" He started, but then got to the point. "Do you have the gem, Julia?" He touched my arm nervously, trying hard to keep his eyes from straying to the four behind me.

"Why yes, I'm fine, thanks, doc." I quipped dryly, before reaching in my pocket and removing the box, pressing it into his hand. He opened it and stared in satisfaction before tucking it into his own blazer's pocket. "Hey, doc, we have a slight problem. Is that thing reversible?" He frowned and I did not give him a chance to speak, but instead I pointed to the four behind me, the two dog-humans staring with mistrust at the cat-humans slightly apart from them. "I'd like to introduce you to your lab animals turned human."

After the initial shock had worn off, Dr. Stevens spent a few moments studying each of his new creations. He tossed words out occasionally such as "fascinating" or "incredible" and I grew more and more impatient as time passed by.

"Can you turn them back?" I finally snapped, irritated that he would take the time to study them like experiments instead of creatures that were completely out of their element.

"Yes, but I'll need an instrument at the lab to do that." I felt my heart sink at his words. I knew the men who had approached me yesterday would be staking the place out, waiting for our return.

"That's dangerous." I explained about the men and watched as his face twisted into a grimace.

"Most unfortunate." Dr. Steven's clasp his hands behind his back and began to pace. "What to do, what to do." He stopped and stared at each one. "Do you want to be returned to your normal animal form?" His question shocked me, but I think it shocked the four as well. None replied immediately.

"I do not." Jinx was the one to finally answer. I wondered what his motivation was. He had to know the world was not a pleasant place for someone who didn't even know how to use a toilet. "I want be smart." His words were simple using the simple language and I knew he definitely could not survive. The world would eat him alive in human form.

"I don't think—" There was a loud knock at the door, which spooked me to silence.

I watched silently as the scientist went to the door, opening it slightly, chain up. The man on the other side was strong and pushed the door inward enough so that the chain snapped and soon men with guns surrounded us. They meant business, but my first concern was for the doc and the four animal-people.

"Don't make any sudden moves or say anything!" I commanded the four, hoping they'd obey. I was not sure if they understood the danger of guns and so watched them carefully as the leader of the men entered once he felt that everything was secure.

"Louis?" Dr. Stevens' voice held quite a bit surprise as the other man stood before him. I was unfamiliar with the man's face, but knew Dr. Stevens' had a financial backer named Louis Markum. It had to be one and the same.

"Hello Curt." He held out a hand, palm up. "I think you know what I'm here for." He stepped slightly closer, a determined look upon his face. "Give me the gem now."

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