Wally World - Confederacy Style

by Waltzing Melissa

Copyright© 2009 by Waltzing Melissa

Science Fiction Sex Story: A trip to Wally World for bologna and beer becomes an adventure.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   MaleDom   Group Sex   Harem   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Warnings and disclaimers:

This story is set in the Swarm Cycle Universe created by Thinking Horndog. Any resemblance between the content of this story or any of the characters depicted herein and real persons or events is probably coincidental.

I appreciate all the help that Thinking Horndog has given me on this story. Any errors or omissions are all my fault.

Now, I'm gonna pretend this didn't happen, 'cause it's too bizarre to believe. You see, I'd run to Wally World for some stuff ... you know, groceries and toilet paper, crap like that.

Wally World was the usual madhouse, crowded as hell, with no registers open, so the lines were halfway back through the store. The normal stuff was happenin' for a Sunday ... the Mexican families were there. They bring every damn kid in the neighborhood to the store with 'em. Shit, I bet they bring kids they don't even know! When they get ready to go to the store, they stand outside and yell for all the Spanish kids to just hop in the back of the truck. They treat the freakin' store like a damn playground, kids running all over the place, yelling that Spanish gibberish at the top of their lungs. God forbid one of the girls actually be old enough to have breasts, then they dress like streetwalkers.

Now, I know that the threat of the Sa'arm comin' has made most women dress to show off all their assets, even if they don't have 'em, but Mexican girls manage to make it look so hoochie, maybe cause I remember when they used to dress so modest-like.

And the Haitian women! God help me. It was bad enough when they just walked around lookin' down their noses at people who they thought should kiss their asses. Now, they're even worse because they all are big as fuckin' houses and they don't wear no shirts and barely cover their asses, but you'd better not let one of 'em catch you lookin', cause they'll cuss you out in the crap THEY speak. It's enough to make a man wanna hide at home.

Which is what I normally do, but, dammit, sometimes a man's just gotta go get some more baloney and beer! I mean, I can do without the baloney and bread, but I gotta have some beer in the fridge, especially on Sunday so's I can watch me some football! The rest of the time, I'm at work, tryin' to make a buck by teachin' snivelin' kids how to sneak around in the woods and learnin' 'em how to shoot guns. By the time I'm done with 'em, the little brats can take a gun apart one-handed and blindfolded, and put it back together faster'n you can say 'Boo.'

Yeah, I'd watched that "Average Joe's" shit on television and got tested just like everyone else did. It was the big thing to do, which usually means I won't do it, but I was kinda curious. Shocked the hell outta me when I got a 6.6. I guess all that basic training shit they put me through in the Army done paid off somehow. I did do pretty good over there in Iraq in '91, too. My boss put me in charge of plannin' a couple of missions before one of them towel-heads shot me in the fuckin' leg and sent me home.

I liked the Army. The meals was regular and nobody bitched at ya so long as ya followed orders. I volunteered for the Confederacy Marines when I took that CAP test thingie, but figured I'd never get picked up since I never leave the damn house except to go to work or get more beer.

So's anyway, I'm standin' in Wally World of a Sunday afternoon, just mindin' my own business and tryin' not to stare at the hooters on that Haitian woman in the next line. But, who coulda blamed me for starin', them things was the size of watermelons! Then, all of a sudden like, the light in there changed, kinda like what I remembered from Iraq when you'd suddenly realize something wasn't right. It went darker, even them hundreds of lights up above couldn't keep it bright in that store, then everyone kinda went silent. I decided some kind of funky shit was goin' down and dropped down behind the watermelon hooters woman and slid back behind the first aisle.

Then there was a big voice, "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a Confederacy Extraction, in other words, a pick-up! If you'll all stay where you're at for a few minutes, we'll get this done with as little hassle as possible."

I peeked around the end of that aisle and there was some gigantic fuckin' guy standin' in front of all the registers. I knew he was a giant cause I could see his entire upper body without havin' to strain to see over them registers. He had on this black armor-lookin' outfit and, right away, I could tell he was some kind of soldier.

"I'm Corporal Mike Tyson, Confederacy Marines. I am in charge of this extraction today. If you look around, you'll see some of my colleagues spread out throughout the store. My friends are here to keep the peace and make sure this extraction goes smoothly."

I looked around and saw a few others of them big dudes ... and a couple of chicks too. All of 'em were over six and a half foot tall and they all had some big ass lookin' guns in their hands. Tyson then had everyone who was carrying a weapon put 'em on the floor and kick 'em away. I hated kickin' my gun away, but I watched one of them soldiers drop another guy who didn't get his gun out quick enough. I figured I could get it back later. One of the soldiers came by and picked it up, then put it in some kinda bag and wrote my name on it.

Tyson went on talkin', "I need the following people to report to one of my fellow soldiers..." He called out about 18 names, and one of 'em was mine! Maybe I was gonna get lucky today! I decided to head over to one of the chicks ... maybe I'd get even luckier!

The chick, Corporal Brown, asked me for my CAP card. Well, I had to dig in my wallet for the card. I was still half not believin' that this was really a pick-up, one of them extraction thingies. Brown told me that it really was an extraction when I asked her and, after she looked at my card, said that I needed to pick out my two concubines. I looked at her like she was nuts ... what do I need fruit for?

Brown explained that concubines are what they call the girls you get to take with you when you're picked up. Shit, I didn't know they had a fancy name for it. I just been callin' em slaves, prolly will continue to call 'em slaves, too.

I started lookin' around and noticin' that all the women who did have clothes on, even if it wasn't coverin' nothing, were now getting naked. Sheeeit! I was the wolf in the henhouse!

Brown stopped me real quick, "You should probably look for more than big tits. You need somebody who can keep your family straight while you're off fighting, probably an older woman, and a younger woman who is willing to have lots of babies. This will help you figure out who to take." She handed me some kind of contraption that you put over the CAP card and it told you stuff about the slaves.

I walked over to watermelon tits and said "Give me your card!" She looked at me and asked "Why I do this?"

"You want off this planet with them kiddos there? Give me your damn card!" She handed it to me, and I put that thing over it to read it. A lot of shit jumped up at me, most of it I didn't care about, but it said she was good at handling kids ... and that she wouldn't be so bossy if a man cared to put her in her place.

Brown had followed me and told me, real soft-like, "You should probably test drive anything before you commit to it. You don't have to take it even if you do test drive it, and we'll back you up if you don't want it."

Well now, I was thinkin', I could have me a whole lotta fun in here today. It'd be my best trip to Wally World EVER. I looked around and licked my lips. "Watermelon tits," I smacked her on the ass, "You ever give head?"

Her eyes got huge and she shook her head. "A good woman does not do this. A good man does not ask."

I looked over her shoulder at the Mexican woman behind her. "You suck dick, honey? Make me happy, I may be your ticket off this planet." Chicka was on her knees fishing for my dick before I finished talkin'. "Oh, yeah, you done this before. Get your hair outta your face, I wanna see them eyes." She looked up at me and started blabbering in Spanish.

I looked over at Brown and she rolled her eyes at me. "She's telling you she'll suck your dick every night if you take her and her bambinos off this planet."

"Sure she will, IF I decide to take her. How many of them damn kids are hers anyway?"

Brown asked chicka and she held up six fingers. "Six kids? Damn, don't your husband work?" I said.

Chicka stopped sucking long enough to say "No husband, senor." Then she started vacuumin' little Charlie again. She was doin' pretty damn good as far as I was concerned and I figgered she'd do for the mommy part, since she was used to havin' kids around anyways. I let her work on me for a while, though. It was real nice, her suckin' my dick right there in the Wally World. Finally, though, I told her to gather up her kids and go stand by Brown. I still had to find one more slave girl and I'd seen somethin' across the way I thought I might like.

Somethin' was what it was, too. A little blond cheerleader lookin' bitch. She was standin' there naked, like she wanted to be picked, but she wasn't advertisin' worth shit. Her hands were over her little bitty titties and her little coochie. And little was what everythin' about her was. She wasn't even five feet tall. I could almost see me settin' my beer on her head.

"Little Bit," I said. "You wantin' off this planet?"

She looked just like Bambi in that damn movie, scared as hell. "Yeah, mister, I do want to go, but I'm scared."

"How old are you girl?"

"Fourteen, three weeks ago. My mom told me to do whatever it took if I got caught in one of these things, but I dunno if I can do what that woman was doing to you."

"Let's find out if you can do anythin'. Drop them hands. I wanna see the merchandise," I said.

She dropped her hands, but she looked down and her hair fell over them little bitty titties. I reached out and pushed her hair back. "You a virgin?"

"Not technically." She just barely looked up from under that hair. "I think my hairbrush took care of that when I was playing one night. But, I ain't never been with a boy."

"You want off this planet, turn around and lean over that buggy." She shook like a puppy getting' in trouble, but she turned around. I reached out and pushed my finger up in that little dry hole of hers. I didn't feel no resistance, but that don't mean nothin'.

I told her to turn around. "You better try to do what Chicka was doin'." Since Little Charlie was still hangin' out, she could see what I was talkin' about. "Get down on them knees and show me what you can do. Just be careful of them teeth."

Little Bit looked even more scared, but she got down on her knees. "Reach out and touch Little Charlie, there. Yeah, that's good, but you gotta pet him, like you would a puppy. That's right, now, give him a nice little kiss and then lick him like a lollipop kinda."

She did okay, lickin' and playin' with Little Charlie like that, then she surprised me by opening her tiny little mouth and suckin' most of him inside. "Ouch! Watch them teeth!" I grabbed her hair to back her off a bit, and she pretty quick got the idea not to use her teeth there. Afore too long, she had a pretty good rhythm goin', even if it did look like she was takin' exams at school. She had that little line between her eyes like she was workin' real hard on gettin' it right.

"Shit, girl," I said. "Get over there with Chicka. You're on the short list unless somethin' better turns up." I swatted her ass as she headed over towards Corporal Brown.

I figgered that I had my slaves, so I walked over there and stood by Brown myself. I was getting' my jollies watching this fat guy wander around trying to pick him out some slaves. Apparently he'd scored some kind of high number 'cause he kept saying he needed six conc- uh, concu-, uh slaves. All of the women who hadn't been picked was standing in a line and fat boy just kept wanderin' back and forth and lookin' at 'em all. Fat Boy'd reach out and touch one chick's tits, then stick a finger in another chick's face and tell her to suck it.

Finally, I'd had enough of watching this fat ass wander around and I yelled at him, "Hey, ain't you ever fucked a woman afore? Bend 'em all over, stick your dick in and see if they's any of them women you wanna keep for good." Inside I was thinking that the fat boy better get a move on or we's all gonna be watching his dog and pony show all day.

Fat Boy kinda blinked at me, then he said somethin' about not knowing who to start with. "Shit," I said. "Start with the one at this end of the line and work your way down. You'll know who you like and who you don't like purty quick." He still stood there with this look on his face like he didn't know what to do, so I walked over to the first chick and said "Turn around and bend over!" When she did, I grabbed Fat Boy and said, "Here, pull out your dick and stick it in that hole. You have fucked before, right?"

Fat Boy moved up behind her and pulled out his big two inches of dick. 'Damn', I thought, 'this fucker ain't never gonna get that in this bitch.' "New plan," I said, "Lay down on the floor and lift up your legs so's he can get a shot in there." I grabbed a shirt outta someone's cart and tossed it on the floor for Fat Boy's knees. "There, kneel up and get you some. Make the chicks move instead of you havin' to go down the line."

It took some workin' around, but he finally found a way to get that puny little dick in that woman and he acted like he'd never had finer pussy. "Don't waste it on the first one, man, have her move on and get you another one. You need a bunch of 'em, so's you need to try more than one or two of them pussies."

I went back over by Corporal Brown 'cause she called my name. "Charlie, this sponsor, Juan, wants to know if you'd be willing to give up Esmerelda."

"Esmerelda? Oh, you mean Chicka? Why would I give her to him?" I looked at this Juan fella. He didn't look like much, but maybe I could trade for somethin' better'n what I got already.

"He says that two of Esmerelda's kids belong to his brother Carlos. Since he can't take his brother with him, he'd like to have his brother's kids in his family. He says that you can have two of his concubines for her if you'll trade." Then Corporal Brown got that weird look like she was talkin' to someone inside of her head. "The AI says that it is acceptable that you get a supernumerary in this manner."

I was lookin' at Brown like she was speakin' gibberish. "What's this Aye Eye thing? And what's a supernumerary?"

Brown looked at me like I had two heads. "AI is short for Artificial Intelligence. All sponsors have a direct link to the AI, so you'll learn about that soon. A supernumerary means that you're going to have one more than the normal number of concubines because of the trade with Juan, if you agree to the trade."

"Okay, I guess he can have Chicka then." I pointed at Chicka, then at Juan. "You, go with him." Brown said it again in Spanish, apparently, 'cause suddenly Chicka was saying "Gracias" as she took her kids over to stand with Juan's group.

I figgered I'd ended up on the better end of that deal, anyway. I'd get two for the price of one ... and I wouldn't have all of them people gibbering away where I couldn't understand a word they was sayin' anyway. I looked over Juan's group, but didn't see anythin' I wanted in that crew. I asked Corporal Brown if I could just pick two from the talent hangin' around. She got that weird look again then said it was okay.

For some reason, I was still thinkin' about watermelon tits, so I looked over at her. She was standin' there, in that line nekkid as the day she was born. Fat Boy had apparently tried her out already, but turned her down. I'm bettin' it was 'cause he couldn't get that little dick past her fat pussy lips. Now that she was all naked, I could see that she had a fine lookin' pussy, with big ol' lips and lots of hair around it. I grinned 'cause I could see that all the sex stuff goin' on around her had made her juices start runnin' down her leg.

I walked back over to her. "You ready to try suckin' some dick yet, bitch?" She was already cryin', so I figgered she might be a little more willin' to try somethin' new since her prospects weren't lookin' so hot. She opened her mouth to say somethin' and I said, "Uh uh. If'n you want outta here, it's time to show me that mouth ... and it better be wrapped around my dick or you're stayin' here to be lizard food. Looks like I'm your only chance to get outta here."

She went to her knees and opened her mouth like a baby bird. I stuck Little Charlie in that big maw of hers and said, "Suck like it's one of them tits." She didn't do too bad for her first time at this, then I told her to put her hands on the floor and I moved around behind her. I figgered I'd try out the merchandise, so I nosed Little Charlie through that forest of fur she had goin' and let him find home. 'Shit yeah! This is one tight hole!' I thought.

I started movin' in and out of her, and she just sat there silent, although her ass did start movin' a little bit. I decided that sometimes you gotta jump start things, so I smacked watermelon tits' ass real hard. "You better get to shakin' that thing and tellin' me how much you like it or I'm gonna keep on smackin' it!" Tits got the picture real quick then and started pushin' that thing back at me like she didn't want me to ever stop. It got good real fast! Now, it had been prolly ten years since I'd had me a piece of ass besides Rosie and her five sisters, so I didn't last a long time. I mean, I ain't superman or nothin'. It took about a minute before I was shootin' my load in that tight pussy. I was pissed at myself for not grabbin' a coupla handfuls of them tits, but I could do that later, I figgered.

I smacked Tits' ass again and said, "Awright, you're goin' with me. How many kids YOU got?" Tits apparently had three and they was somewhere in the store. I sent her over to Brown and told her to get them kids over there too.

Fat Boy had apparently blown a nut in one of the women he'd been tryin' out, 'cause he was lookin' pretty shell shocked and layin' on her. When he pushed himself up, I could see that she was some fine-lookin' blonde piece of ass. He told her to go over to the side and she was goin' with him. I watched her wiggle over to one of the soldiers, but then she come back and whispered in his ear. Fat Boy actually looked happy and said "Sure, let's pick out the rest of the harem together."

I liked that word "harem' ... Yeah, that's what my slaves were gonna be, my harem.

Brown warned me that time was gettin' short and I needed to pick one more slave so we could get outta there. I looked at the line of women, but most of 'em were either cryin' or starin' at someone else. Only one woman was lookin' at me, and I wasn't real sure what to make of that.

I held out my hand, but didn't move. "Bring me your CAP card." She raised her eyebrows, then looked around like she wasn't sure I was talkin' to her. "Yeah, you, with the biker bitch tattoos. Get over here, now!" She grabbed somethin' off the floor, then carried it over to me.

I used that reader contraption to look at her card. Then I kinda laughed to myself and looked over at Little Bit and Watermelon Tits. This bitch liked girls and boys ... and she was aggressive. She'd end up bein' top bitch in my house real quick, but the card said she was good with kids, too. She'd make sure they was taught to have some common sense and disciplined, but she'd also show 'em lots of love.

"You're lookin' good, there, Biker Chick, but I need to see somethin' to convince me to take you with me." Biker Chick pulled her hair out of it's bun and let it fall down to her waist, then she made like a hoover on Little Charlie ... and she had done this a few million times before. I was feelin' her tonsils within seconds. Nobody was more surprised than me when Little Charlie started growin' bigger, then Biker Chick backed off and looked at me.

"Wanna test drive me? My pussy, or how about my ass? I like that alright."

"What's your name, Sweet Thang?" I asked her and found out she was called Charlotte. "Well, Charlotte, let's see if your ass lives up to it's billin'."

She turned around and looked back over her shoulder. "Saddle up, cowboy." I was shocked when her butthole almost winked at me, but I was game. I didn't figger I'd cum or nothin', but why not?

Little Charlie started pushin' at that butt hole, and it fought back a little bit, but Little Charlie won. He was goin' in and out, a little farther in each time. He was tellin' me he definitely liked this hole, oh yeah! I kept goin' a bit, then started speedin' up. That ass was good shit! If I'd known what a pun was in them days, I'd have said no pun intended, but I didn't know, so I didn't say it. Little Charlie kept goin' till he puked in that hole. I was shocked as hell, twice in one day! Damn, maybe I ain't as old as I thought I was! When he finished, I was finished lookin' for slaves, too. I helped Charlotte stand up, then we went over to watermelon tits (Jean) and Little Bit (Emily) and we went through that gate thingie that took us to the ship.

Things just got crazier up there. I mean, we walked through that gate and there was people everywhere, and most of 'em was naked. Some of 'em was cryin' and some of the kids around there was lookin' really scared. I grabbed my harem (yeah, I really like that word!) and pulled 'em off to a corner. One of them big soldiers started talkin' about how everybody should find a spot to sit and the sponsors, like me, should get everyone's CAP cards and find out if anyone needed doctorin', like diabetes or high blood pressure. Well, hell, I have high blood pressure and it turned out that watermelon tits, or Jean, needed diabetes medicine.

At least none of my harem needed kids picked up from anywhere. Little Bit, my Emily, wasn't old enough to have kids yet, and Charlotte's kids was all grown. Jean still had a baby hanging off her watermelon tits and her other two kids was little too. They'd been at the store with her, so no need to go huntin' for 'em. I took our cards over to the soldier and they gave me a pod number, told us how to get there and told me to bring Jean and me back as soon as everybody was settled in the pod.

I followed the soldier's directions, and the blue line, till we got to our pod. Charlotte was the first one to the door, but it wouldn't open for her. Seems like only the sponsor can open the pod door, which is kinda cool for keepin' your women close to home and not cheatin' on ya with the neighbors.

Inside the pod, I was surprised to see a set up kinda like a regular house. I said "I wonder where the bathroom and shit is at?"

I 'bout jumped a foot when this computer-like voice said "The bathroom is down the hallway to the right and the bedrooms are past the bathroom. There are several rooms on the upper level of this pod as well."

I looked around, then said "Are you an AI?"

"Yes, Corporal Charles Martin. I am an AI, as the humans refer to me. Would you like a guided tour of your pod?" I figgered 'Why not?' and let the AI explain to me and my harem (I really like that word!) how to get food, showers, and make changes, like addin' a crib for Jean's baby, and how clean-up works. It took about 10 minutes, then the AI said that clothes for the slaves was available in a closet, but clothing was optional for the slaves. I figgered the slaves could be naked in the pod, but the shift thingie was okay for bein' out and about on the ship.

We got Jean's kids settled in for naps, then she put on one of them shifts and me and her walked back down the blue line to the soldier we'd talked to before. He sent us to follow a red line to the medical bay. The gal in charge of the medical stuff said they'd only be doin' medical stuff, other changes would have to wait till the next day 'cause they'd got so many people in today. We got Jean into one of them pods and then the gal, Nurse Cathy, explained to me about "other changes".

Apparently, I could make changes to my slaves to make 'em better lookin' to me. I could make Jean's watermelon tits bigger, smaller, size down everything else so the tits looked bigger, anything I wanted. I didn't even have to ask Jean what she wanted, it was all up to me. But, shit, I've been married afore. I know you'd better be talkin' to a woman about what she wants or your ass is grass. I climbed into the pod for my medical stuff still thinkin' about how to change my slaves.

When I came out of the pod, I felt different. Apparently, Jean's changin' didn't take as long as mine did, so they'd sent her back to the pod. Nurse Cathy had set me for standard medical modifications, along with an AI interface and universal translator. I felt better than I had felt in fifteen years. My leg didn't hurt anymore and my eyesight was pretty blurry until I took my glasses off and threw them away. My hearin' seemed to be better, too.

Nurse Cathy told me that a few other changes had been done that it might take me awhile to notice. Over the next few days, I started noticin' that smells were stronger and things that had always not quite made sense now seemed to make more sense, like math and maps. But, that took a few days.

The immediate change I noticed was that I had one of them AI things in my head, or at least a way to talk to one without openin' my mouth. As I walked back to the pod, I realized that I wasn't followin' the blue line, I just knew where I was goin' without lookin'. I was kinda arguin' with myself about what the hell was goin' on when I started getting' answers from some inner voice thing. I stopped and looked around, but the voice said "Corporal Martin? Is there a problem?" I started talkin' out loud, but the voice said "There is no need to speak. If you subvocalize, I can still communicate with you." So, my first lesson on dealin' with the AI was how to talk without movin' my lips. Weird shit, I tell ya.

While I was gone, the girls had been learnin' about the pod. Charlotte had figured out the replicator could make almost any food from Earth and had whipped up dinner for everyone. They were still at the table and Charlotte offered to make my dinner when I came in. "Baloney and bread with some beer is fine by me," I said, but my stomach grumbled about it.

Charlotte said, "How about something a little better for you? The replicator can do steak and potatoes, but I'm not sure about beer."

The pod AI spoke up audibly. "Alcoholic beverages are available through the replicator."

"I guess I'll have steak, medium rare, and mashed potatoes and a beer, then." I said. The food was tasty and looked pretty good, too. The beer was icy cold and come in a frosted glass beer mug. It tasted better than beer in cans on Earth for sure.

After dinner, I started lookin' at how the pod was laid out. The upstairs had a couple of rooms that could be used as whatever we wanted, so I gave a room to Jean and one to her kids. Emily and Charlotte each had their own bedroom, while I took the largest bedroom for myself. I figgered the slaves would like some privacy for certain times of the month and for when they were big 'n' pregnant later.

I was walkin' around, half-listenin' to bedtime chatter and getting' oriented on where everythin' was in the pod. Suddenly it dawned on me that I could hear the lullaby Jean was singing to her kids. Not only could I hear it, but I could understand every word of it, even though she was singin' in Creole. The song was "Farmer John", which my mother had sung to me as a child, but Mom's version was in English. I liked Jean's Frenchie version.

When I asked it, the AI thingie said that a universal translator had been put in so's I could understand what other people was sayin', even if they wasn't talkin' in English. I coulda kicked myself 'cause I'd been worried about understandin' Chicka and her kids.

I whistled the tune to "Farmer John" as I looked for Charlotte, since I wanted check out the rest of that merchandise.

We decided to try out the shower before bed. I liked the tattoos on Charlotte's arms and legs, and the tramp stamp tattoo over her ass that said "Good to Go" got Little Charlie's attention. I was kneelin' behind her looking at that one while she looked over her shoulder at me. Her grin said that I was right in assumin' that she liked backdoor sex.

Charlotte sure liked her some tattoos! She had some writin' down the inside of her arm in Sanskrit. I wondered for a minute how I knew what Sanskrit was, then I read it and translated it to English while playin' with her tits. Her four kids' names was written on the back of her neck. I traced a flower around her neck and asked her if the tattoo of a leaf under her ear had hurt. When she said yeah, I kissed that flower.

She had a bunch of stars tattooed along her ribs, like they'd been dropped on her, but I seen each spot was a feel good spot for her. By the time we got out of the shower, I knew her body purty well. We finished by my putting her against the wall with her back to me while I pile-drove Little Charlie into her from behind. We both slept good that night.

The next day was interestin'. Sponsors and concubines had to attend a breakfast meetin' in the main cafeteria. During that meetin', the roles were made clear for everyone, meanin' that concubines heard, once again, that they had to do whatever their sponsor told 'em to do. They also learned that the sponsors have the power of life and death over them, so they'd better make sure their sponsor was happy with them.

After the slaves went back to the pods, then the meetin' got serious. Sponsors were trained on the use of the stingers, a small taser-like device that could drop a misbehavin' concubine in his or her tracks. To get a stinger assigned, each sponsor had to get stung first, which I thought was purty fair. After I got my butt kicked by that little shocker, Corporal Brown signed a stinger out to me. I smiled at her and thanked her for her help the day before. She gave me a "You're welcome," but with a funny gleam in her eye.

After initial briefings over job descriptions, Corporal Mike Tyson, the big guy from yesterday's extraction, asked me to stay for a few minutes.

Tyson started out with a question. "How are you adjusting to your new environment, Corporal Martin?"

"Fine, I believe. Is there a problem?" We were sittin' across from one another at a table in the corner of the room.

"No, no problem at all, Martin. I just wanted to make sure your adjustment was coming along easily."

I said, "Well, I have noticed a few things that are different about me, but I assumed they were part of the medical upgrades."

"Really?" Tyson asked. "Such as... ?"

"It might be normal, but I've seen that I can read things in other languages and understand 'em too, the other languages, I mean." I shook my head. "I'm also bein' nicer to women than before."

"The languages are normal, Martin, but we don't usually do personality upgrades. AI, did Corporal Martin receive any upgrades besides the standard medical upgrades yesterday?"

A female computer voice spoke from the air. "Yes, Corporal Tyson, Corporal Martin did receive some other upgrades that were suggested by the AI during Corporal Martin's initial CAP testing."

Tyson said, "AI, can you elaborate on what those upgrades were, please?"

The AI spoke again. "Certainly, Corporal Tyson. The initial CAP testing recommended that an Education Pack be installed during Corporal Martin's initial medical upgrade and that a new CAP test be administered after Corporal Martin's body modifications are installed. The initial testing indicated that Corporal Martin quit school in the seventh grade and that additional education would be beneficial to Corporal Martin's military service. The Education Pack will continue to be integrated into Corporal Martin's personality as he discovers new things he can accomplish."

Tyson and I both looked shocked, I guess. My mouth was hanging open. I'd a been a nicer guy if I'd finished school? Wow! I wasn't quite sure how I felt about them addin' stuff without tellin' me, but I figured it was done so I shouldn't bitch. Besides, wasn't the military always doin' stuff to soldiers without telling us?

The AI continued, "Corporal Martin's Education Pack is part of an experimental program based on the Sleep Training Modules used on some planets. The Sleep Training Modules have proven ineffective at training things like hand to hand combat, but have shown promise in teaching more traditional education materials such as grammar and mathematics. He will have to begin using the sleep tube in his quarters to get the full benefit of the Education Pack, but the entire program can be completed in 20 t-hours."

So far, I was surprised I understood most of what the AI was sayin', but I wasn't real sure about this goin' back to school thing. "You mean that I'll finish my education while I'm sleepin'?"

"That is the goal of the program, Corporal Martin. You have this trip to finish the sleep training. Corporal Tyson will give you your orders for military duty on board the ship and the Planetary Military Commander will have orders for you on arrival on your new planet."

Tyson looked like he'd just smelled a polecat, but made sure he got his face under control pretty quick. "It looks like you're going to be in charge of some kind of special training with the soldiers on board this ship. They are all receiving the sleep training for hand to hand combat and weapons handling, but you're going to be doing the hands-on instruction."

"I'm gonna be a teacher on this bucket of bolts?! Ain't that the shit! I get picked up and I'm still teachin' snot-nosed kids how to handle a damn gun!" I wasn't real thrilled to be stuck babysittin' again, but I stood and asked Tyson. "Permission to return to my quarters?"

Tyson told me to get goin', so I headed out.

While I was gone, my harem had been talkin'. They'd decided to ask me for some favors, and the other two had stuck Charlotte with doin' the dirty work. Seems them three wanted to do some pod rearrangin', but the AI wouldn't let 'em do it without my okay.

The harem had some hair brained ideas about where stuff should be, like a play room for the kids and how the furniture and stuff should be done. I just didn't care, so long as I could get a beer when I wanted it and I didn't have to trip over toys, so I told 'em to go ahead and do it. Charlotte told me that I had to tell the AI specific-like to let 'em do the changes.

"AI, my harem have my permission to make changes to this here pod. Is that enough?" I asked Charlotte.

The AI answered me at the same time Charlotte said, "I dunno." The AI's answer was that I had to be real specific about what changes could be ordered by the concu-, dammit, the slaves. So, I told the AI to let the girls make the changes we had been talkin' about, make one of the rooms a playroom area, change the furniture around in the "livin' room", and somethin' about the upstairs bedrooms. Whatever, I didn't care about none of that shit. I did make sure they was addin' in a room for me to do whatever I wanted in, since I figgered I'd need a place to write down my notes about how trainin' was goin' for the soldiers and to do that high school stuff in my sleep.

I dropped into one of the chairs in the livin' room and told Jean, Tits, to bring me a beer. I figgered I's gonna get up close and real personal with her. It was time for me to check out what she'd been advertisin' down in that store! When she brought my beer, she started runnin' her mouth. I reached up and smacked that ass and said, "Listen here, bitch, you're a slave and you're gonna do what I tell ya to do. Now, if you got a legit gripe, let's hear it, otherwise, you probably should shut up and sit down on that floor there!"

Her gums flapped for a couple of seconds, but no sound come out of her. "Are your kids okay? Yeah? Okay, are you hurt somewhere? Nope? Then I figger it's time you started earnin' your keep around here. Take off that shift and show me them boobs. NOW!"

She had to lift her ass up to take the shift off, then she dropped back down to sit on the floor.

"I didn't tell ya to plant your ass, woman! Get them tits up here where I can see 'em!" She moved over and kneeled up atween my spread knees, and it was a tight fit. But, then she dropped them tits on my lap and I was okay with it. I started off by runnin' my hands up and down them boobs. They was real soft and kinda bouncy, like the bread dough my momma used to make when I's a kid. I liked their color, and was all into playin' with 'em afore I knew it.

I looked up and Tits was moanin'. "You like that, huh?" She nodded and I moved on to playin' with her nipples. She said somethin' about milk and I just grinned. "These things'll make plenty of milk for that baby and more to come. I'm plannin' on puttin' a baby in you today."

"No, no, is too soon. My son, he is only four months old. I must nurse him longer so he grow strong, to be a big man."

I put my hand under her chin and told her, "He'll have plenty of food. No need to worry that he won't be big and tall. AI, if Tits gets pregnant, will it hurt the baby she is nursin'?"

The AI answered, "Our observations of human reproductive cycles indicate it is best if the female does not become pregnant for at least one Earth-year after giving birth. However, the concubine Jean is already pregnant, according to the report from her medical evaluation yesterday. Regular check-ups will be performed during this pregnancy."

I was totally shocked. "How far along is Tits' pregnancy?"

"Approximately 24 hours," was the reply.

"Looks like I need to rename you, Tits! You should be Myrtle, like Fertile Myrtle!" I really grinned now. "Time to celebrate!"

I let out a whoop as I pulled her to her feet, "C'mon, up on the couch with you. I wanna see if I can see my son's head in there!" Tits looked lost when I pushed her to lay down on the couch, then scared when I put one of her legs up on the back and pushed the other leg down to the floor. I made a big ol' deal outta lookin' inside her furburger, like I really thought I'd see a baby this quick! But, she didn't stay scared for long. I used the fingers of both hands to pull back her hair and lips so I could see her button, then I laid my tongue on that thing and started lickin'.

My brain started checkin' it out, too. "This is good stuff, not too musky, not too fishy, just right ... just like in that damn goldilocks book!" I come up for air and found out she was a screamer. Her mouth was runnin', tellin' me how much she was likin' what I was doin'. No need to smack her ass today! I dove back in for some more fur burger. Yum Yum Yum!

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