Naughty K-9 Cop
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Reluctant, Fiction, Light Bond, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Bestiality,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What happens when my overactive imagination takes over & an oh so naughty k-9 cop comes into my fantasy!

I want to be forced and I want to be fucked hard and long over and over again. I love the thought of being forced to submit to perform acts that others might find odd but that I enjoy. In my mind I imagine being pulled over by a cop, a very hot and horny officer of the law I hope. He might just happen to notice that I have no bra on and that my nipples are standing at attention demanding at the very least that he caress them with his eyes and hopefully more. I might perhaps offer to give him a little personal attention if he forgets to give me a ticket. He would tell me to get in the back of his cruiser next to his large k9 (what luck I guess he is a k9 cop)! and drive to a secluded wooded area. He gets out and stands at the door in front of me and opens it. I reach out and stroke the front of his pants which seem to jerk at my attention. Something in there is happy to hear from me or perhaps to feel me! I pull his zipper down and stroke his hard cock it is huge and oh so mouth watering, mmm. He groans at my attention and thrust his hips forward. I lick him from base to tip and back again, enjoying his heat and his rigidity. He backs away from me forcing my eager mouth to follow him. I whimper in protest as my new treat is taken from me. I tumble out of the cruiser and onto my knees finding his wonderful cock again and rubbing my cheek against it. I am so hot and horny. My pussy leaks running down my legs open and gasping for attention of its own. I have no panties on under my skirt- you never know when you might need a little self service or if you I am really lucky maybe a little help from a new 'friend.'

I sucked the lovely cop back into my mouth and he made a deep gutteral sound guess he like the attention almost as much as I liked giving it! He began to speak demanding to know how I became such an eager slut asking if I wished that I we were being watched. He said he knew if I could speak I would be begging for more. Telling me that he knew I wanted and needed to be used. I pulled my mouth of him and begged him to do whaterver he wanted, I was just as depraved as he thought. He yanked my mouth back to his dripping cock and I pulled him in running my hands over his clenched ass. I then moved my fingers up under my shirt and over my straining tits to my turgid nipples. My sensitive and responsive nipples. Mr. hotty cop noticed this and seemed to approve humming deep in his throat. I pulled back just long enough to yank off my shirt exposing my tits to his eyes and to the elements. I was so turned on I didn't care who saw and in fact the thought of anyone seeing me made me even hornier. I was a horny slut and I wanted everyone to know it. Behind me the cops huge german shepherd seemed to be picking up our vibes or maybe he could just smell how turned on I was. His training did not allow him to move without permissiong but he began to growl low in his throat letting us know he was there and he wanted in on the action. Hell I wanted him to join in too. I must have started to suck harder because the cop demanded to know what had suddenly made me increase my tempo he said maybe I was suck a dirty slut that I would even do a dog.

Sliding off his cock again I said please let him join in anything that fills my pussy is a good thing. He said I was the dirtiest girl I had ever met but luckily his k9 buddy seemed to like that in a girl. My fingers tweeked my nipples and dove into my pussy and I moaned and sucked harder. Oh god please let him let the dog fill me and pound me till we were all satisfied. I needed it NOW! He called the dog over and immediately he dove nose first into my leaking cunt. I screamed around the cops cock as his dog licked at my juicy pussy. The cop chuckled and said that he guessed I really was as dirty as he had thought here I was sucking off a stranger and being licked by a dog and seeming to really enjoy it. I pulled at my nipples and just sucked harded. He pushed my hands aside and began to abuse my nipples himself his calloused fingers applying hard pressure and sending jets of pleasure straight down to my inflamed cunt. Oh god oh god, it all felt so good it was so wrong but I needed it so badly. The dog licked harder and I spread my legs wider going up high on my knees and tilting my butt up inviting him in further. He didn't hesitate licking my from my quivering clit to my spasming a hole. I was a slut and I wanted these two to use me and abuse me. The dogs attentiion began to center around my dripping slit licking up my flowing juices before they could fall to the ground. I ground my cunt back at him showing him how much I loved his tongue. I pistoned my head up and down the cops cock sucking and tonguing him doing to him what his wonderful dog was doing to me. Suddenly I begam to orgasm around the dogs tongue my pussy clenched around that clever tongue and my mouth clamped down on the cops cock pulling him in deeply. He began to jet too shouting out and pulling my head in close to his cock- jetting down my throat! We were satisfied for now, now it was the dogs turn.

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