Naughty New Year
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Spanking, First, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Letting loose on New Year's Eve turned into a night of many firsts for Sherry. Mostly good, mostly fun, and certainly an adventure. PLEASE VOTE!!

'Who knew it would be so easy to be naughty?'

That was the thought that ran through her head as she sashayed her 5'5, 122 lbs frame from one part of the house to another. Every step she took caused the soft, silky hem of her short sleeveless black dress to swish and twirl around her toned and bare thighs; the faces of the male partiers were drawn to that seductive swish and twirl, as were the few female faces that followed the wondering eyes of their male escorts. The music was thrumming and pulsing at a comfortable level that still allowed the revelers to communicate comfortably if they so wished.

All in all, whoever was hosting this particular bash could give themselves a satisfactory pat on the back at their success; and, to her delight, she was able feel a modicum of comfort in the fact that the party was in full swing with a heady mix of strange and familiar faces.

She had always held herself aloof and restrained from the cavorting and frolicking of other people her age. She had different priorities. Priorities that did not include random meaningless encounters, drunken binges, and endless partying night after night.

It's not that she was judgmental; it's just that she had known from early on that she did not want to spend her mornings sleeping off the indulgences of the night before and the afternoons preparing away for whatever frivolities were on the menu for that night.

She wanted to finish school, though she truly despised it. She wanted to branch out on her own and live her life as she chose it, not as her family dictated. What it all boiled down to was freedom; she wanted it, and nothing was going to stop her from getting it.

But maybe she had just not known about a different kind of freedom.

An arm snaked out from one of the throngs that she passed and grasped her firmly around her slim waist. With a surprised yelp she was hauled into a group comprised of mostly intoxicated male revelers.

"Happy New Years Sherry!" This was mumbled in her ear after she had been hauled backwards and slammed up against the muscular frame of one of the fraternity boys named Jonathan.

Sherry squeaked as her ass made contact with an obvious erection from the frat boy, and for a split second, she cursed her decision to follow one of her girlfriends to the private New Year's house party.

Keeping an arm snaked around her waist, so she wouldn't escape his clutches, he planted a wet kiss on her bare shoulder and announced to the group: "Hot isn't she? But no matter how many times I ask her out she refuses! What am I supposed to do, except hold her hostage and try to steal a kiss on the pretext that it's a New Year's tradition?"

Sherry laughed along with the group and said "I'm not nearly drunk enough to fall for that one yet, but maybe you should try that again in an hour!"

In the erupting laughter from the people surrounding her, no one saw her grind her ass against his dick in a teasing manner. He was shocked enough at her actions to gasp in pleasure and lessen his hold around her waist providing her the opportunity to wiggle out of his grasp and escape his clutches.

Sherry spun around on her red $250 dollar Nine West heels (yeah Christmas presents rocked!), her long black hair floating around her and settling into place. She couldn't resist grinning up at the attractive face of Jonathan. His blue eyes were wide with shock and his jaw hung open, while his fingers tried to catch her again. She just slapped his hands away and laughed up at him in a teasing manner. "Too slow! You're never gonna catch a girl if you let her slip through your fingers!"

This again set off the group into hysterical laughter and it allowed her to back up and make her escape.

When she started walking away, she heard another guy in the group give a low whistle and comment on her "nice ass."

She was feeling powerful tonight, like she was master of her world. She had people laughing, boys wanting her, and girls feeling envious of the power she seemed to hold over the guys.

With a big grin on her luscious lips, a twinkle in her green eyes, she looked up and found her path blocked by the most beautiful man she had ever seen. For a split second it felt as if the world stopped and became silent, like there was nothing but her and this stranger looking and discovering each other. Then the noise and din of the party resumed in her head and she realized that moment of stillness had been nothing more than a figment of her imagination.

Sucking in a much needed breath of air, one that had involuntarily escaped her when her green eyes had met his grey eyes, she blinked up at him and smiled. Sherry didn't know him, but she fully intended to make his acquaintance. She was feeling adventurous tonight, happy and powerful. What better way to start off the year, than by making one more conquest tonight.

"Hi," she said as with a sultry smile on her lips.

"That was quite a performance back there." His eyes twinkled and a mysterious half smile graced his lips; it gave him a distant and almost hypnotic air. He was tall, probably a foot taller than she was, with dark blond hair pulled back in a pony tail that reached his shoulders. He had the defined chiseled features that would have made Brad Pitt jealous, firm full lips, with a strong muscular body that would have had made Vin Diesel cry. Even though he didn't move, hadn't twitched a muscle, he exuded the raw animal grace and strength of a lion waiting to pounce. Surprisingly, she wasn't afraid.

"Hmm ... wasn't it though?" she said with a superior smirk. She was proud of the skillful way she had escaped the clutching hands of the half drunken frat member.

He took a step closer and brought a hand up, using a single finger to touch the tip of her nose lightly.

She lost her smile and froze at the contact, her eyes locked onto his.

Then that same finger touched the corner of her pink mouth, trailed down to her chin, down the slim line of her neck, pausing at the base where her pulse drummed madly, then continued till it skimmed the top of her firm cleavage. She knew that the tight bodice of her sleeveless dress would not allow her 34 C breasts to escape, but in that moment she wished that the whole blasted dress would just disappear so that he could continue skimming that finger along her whole body.

Then he took a step back, taking his finger with him, and she was able to draw a ragged breath in. Her heart was pounding, her breasts felt full and achy, her legs felt weak and a hot ball of lust had gathered in the pit of her stomach; not to mention the tingling pressure that had snaked its way between her legs.

He took another step back and smiled at her, like he knew what that small contact had done to her. Lifting a beer bottle up from a table behind him he lifted it and took a drink. She saw the way his Adam's apple dipped down and up in his neck as he turned to look at her again.

"You should be careful who you play with little girl, some boys aren't so easy to handle."

Then he smiled again and waved her on with the beer bottle, as if giving her permission to continue on her path.

Sherry stared at him for a minute, shocked at his dismissal of her, and it wasn't till he lifted an elegant brow in question that she was able to take a step forward to make her escape. She felt oddly embarrassed at the encounter, like a naughty kid caught doing something they shouldn't be doing. When she turned around to catch a glimpse of the stranger, he was surrounded by a group of people merrily chatting away and having a rousing good time. But his eyes were intently on her, that slightly mocking tilt of his eyebrow gone but replaced by a knowing smile on his face.

Sherry gasped and turned back around, making her way to the kitchen were the hired bartender had set up shop. Grabbing one of the pre-made shots off one of the trays she downed it, letting the burning fingers of the pure alcohol warm her mouth and throat. It soothed her and helped calm her racing heart. She then turned to the bartender and ordered a beer chaser.

Before he could hand it to her she was grabbed from behind and spun around. Expecting her enthralling stranger, she was disappointed to discover her perky friend Rhonda, her shock of red hair tied in a loose bun at the nape of her neck. She was shorter than Sherry, but her sweet contagious smile and kind brown eyes gave her a great presence. "Where have you been darling? Dave and Lisa are here! We haven't seen them in years. Come on, grab a drink and stop hiding. I promised you'd have fun tonight."

Her enthusiasm was contagious and Sherry, after grabbing her beer, allowed herself to be tugged back into the party. She felt on edge now, and her eyes automatically sought out the eyes of the stranger who had left her that way.

He was there alright, having moved to another end of the room and still surrounded by a laughing group of partiers. His eyes were still on her, watching her move through the room. Sherry pulled her eyes from his and pretended an indifference she didn't feel. He made her nervous; he made her feel like a fly treading on the spider's web.

Rhonda, bless her soul, pulled her to a group of people far away from where he stood. Turning her back on him, she allowed herself to be enveloped into the group. Her friends hugged her in welcome, Dave and Steve planting quick kisses on her lips, Matt and John clasping her tightly in their arms and lifting her up so that her feet dangled. The girls were also enthusiastic in their welcomes, a few looking right at her tightly bound cleavage and giving her a thumbs up or a mouthed "nice!" in an approval. These were some of her oldest friends and she had been greeting them thus for as long as she could remember; but in the back of her mind she wondered what He thought of her actions.

Refusing to give him the satisfaction of acknowledging his presence she let herself fall into the conversation. It was the usual: how are you? What have you been up to? getting reacquainted nonsense that we all do when we haven't seen each other in a while.

At one point Dave turned her around so her back faced the group, and grabbing her ass he turned to the others and said "This girl has always had the hottest ass, look how tight and round it is! I swear, if I wasn't completely in love with Lisa, I'd be hounding her for a chance to bite it!" With those words he smacked his hand hard on her ass, leaving a pleasurable burning tingle where his hand had made contact.

Everyone laughed, including Sherry. It was a standing joke between them that Dave was an ass guy. She was used to him handling her in that way and it made her feel safe and warm in the familiarity of the group.

Looking over her shoulder at the people in the group, she rubbed her ass against Dave's fondling hand and said "I've always been proud of it!"

They all laughed and Dave emboldened by her flirting lifted his hand and smacked her ass again, making her jump at the sharpness. Then he groaned and playfully nipped at her shoulder. "I love your ass!"

Sherry giggled and spun around till her arms were around his neck. "I know you do darling, but you can't have it. You've got your Lisa's ass."

"Don't I know it!" he said giving her a smacking kiss on the cheek and giving her warm hug.

Sherry laughed again and removed herself from his arms. She looked over at Lisa and saw the pretty blond grinning widely at her. No hurt feelings there, Lisa knew her man was hers and only hers.

Rhonda, not one to left out, pulled Sherry into a hug and took her turn at Sherry's ass. She planted a loud smack that caused Sherry to yelp and grin widely at her friend. Sherry turned back to the group and said "Dave may be the ass man, but Rhonda knows the perfect spot to spank!" Then rubbing her ass and giggling she turned back to Rhonda and said, loudly enough for everyone to hear, "I think you left your hand print on my ass!"

Rhonda threw her head back and laughed louder than everyone. "What can I say, it's my gift!" Then pretending to reach for Sherry's skirt she said "turn around; let's see if I left a hand print."

"Whhoo! Yeah!" shouted Dave.

"Yeah, show us!"

"Come on Sherry, don't be a prude!"

"Yeah, let's see some ass!"

Sherry laughed them off. Some people might find her friends a little odd and off putting, but that is just how they always acted. They weren't afraid of their sexuality, were completely loyal to their partners, and weren't afraid to joke and tease each other about anything and everything.

She, in fact, was the prude in the group. For all her teasing and flirting that particular evening, she was still single. She tended to shy away from the attention of men because of the goals she had set for herself. 'Later', she reasoned, 'I'll let loose later, when I'm free!' It had become her mantra, one which she clung to a little too steadfastly.

But there was something in the air that night; maybe it was the drinks working their way through her system. She felt like she was not herself, like she had been possessed by some free spirited entity that emboldened her and made her want to shock.

She took a step into the middle of the group and turned around looking at all of them in the eye. While she turned she managed to sneak a peek at Him to see if he was still watching her.

He was. Rather intently actually, with a smirk on his face and glint in his eye that was visible even across the room.

It made her feel powerful and bold to be standing in the warm circle of her crazy friends while He watched, and waited.

"You want to see my ass?" she asked her friends.

"You know it!"

"Hell yeah"

"You won't do it!" Rhonda taunted.

Sherry smirked at her and reached for her skirt. "Are you sure?"

"Do it!"


"Show it girl!"

Sherry noticed that it wasn't just her friends watching her now. There were other party goers, other groups of people, who had noticed the commotion and were trying to see was going on.

Sherry tilted her head back and laughed at the exhilaration she felt. She risked one more look at Him.

Then she did something she wouldn't have ever done before. She lifted the back of short black dress and exposed her red Brazilian cut panties, which left the lower portion of her ass cheeks exposed, and asked the group if they could see any hand prints.

When the cheering started, which extended way beyond her close circle of friends, she felt herself blush beet red. 'At least it matches my shoes and panties!' she thought to herself. Sherry lowered her skirt and threw herself into Steve's arms. He was like a big gruff teddy bear, completely enamored of Rhonda, and he knew that she was embarrassed far more than she was letting on. He patted her back and planted a kiss on her cheek. Then he whispered in her ear "nice going kid! I knew you had it in you!"

Sherry giggled and let go of her security blanket.

She refused to look in His direction again. She immersed herself back into the conversation and tried to ignore the appreciative looks sent her way by the guys outside her group.

It was a while later that she got the urge to use the bathroom. Turning discretely to Rhonda, she was directed up the stairs to the second floor bathroom. Sherry excused herself and walked briskly in the direction she was meant to go in. She didn't look up fearing that she might find His eyes on her.

When she reached the second floor she found a pretty Hispanic girl standing by a closed door talking on her cell phone. When she approached, the girl informed her that the bathroom was being used by her puking friend and it might be a while. "There's another bathroom down the hall, but I think it's also busy," she informed her with polite smile. "I think there's another bathroom one flight up, if you want to try."

Sherry smiled in thanks and turn back around to go up one more flight. Her need had become pressing, and she didn't want to wait around for one of the bathrooms to become free.

When she reached the third floor, she found it oddly quiet and dark. There were two huge rooms up there, one a massive office with library and another room which appeared to be the master bedroom. Figuring the master bedroom to contain an en suite, she stepped into the utterly masculine bedroom with its plush and luxurious white carpet. A dim lamp was on by the gigantic four poster bed. It cast a soft light that revealed dark burgundy/red walls, matching dark oak furniture scattered throughout the room, a sleek and flat big screen television hanging over an unlit fireplace and an antique looking white chaise lounge, strewn with burgundy pillows and a matching throw folded at one corner.

It was a stunning room, rich and understated, but what held her attention was the gigantic four poster bed. Its thick oak columns matched the rest of the furniture in the room. The soft white billowing curtains or panels matched the carpet, and the curtains bordering the windows that hung on three sides of the room. The burgundy/red duvet was turned down revealing the black satin bed sheets and a profusion of pillows were artfully arranged against the headboard.

Sherry closed her eyes and could almost picture herself naked on that bed, her body entwined with that of the beautiful stranger who looked at her as if he could see her naked despite her clothes.

She swallowed past the lump in her throat and forced herself to look for the bathroom. On either side of the door she had walked through to get into the room were two other doors. One turned out to be a large walk in closet that had her drooling at its size and the other the massive ensuite that she was seeking. As she did her business, relieving the pressure in her bladder, she couldn't help but admire the equally opulent and elegant bathroom. It was almost completely tiled in an elegant grey stone. There was a large shower and beside it, separated by what appeared to be a shallow stone wall, a massive tub. Calling it a tub only because of its elegant silver fixtures, it was actually more of a large Jacuzzi or spa bath with jets discretely logged within it sparkling clean interior. A narrow shelf between the tub and the wall, held a collection of candles; some large, some small, most obviously lit at some point or another.

As she washed her hands, Sherry got another image of her and her mysterious stranger having some fun in that gigantic tub, all the candles lit and glowing as she wiggled and moaned in his lap.

Amy looked at her image in the huge mirror above the sink and smiled at herself. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were sparkling. Her nipples formed little points under her tight bodice and she knew that if she kept thinking those wicked thoughts she was bound to get her panties damp with her arousal.

Shaking her head and vowing to behave she opened the door. Not looking up from her musings she walked straight into a hard chest blocking her path. Strong hands clasped her arms and pulled her tight against that hard chest. When she looked up she was stunned to find Jonathan's drunken face leering down at her.

"Jonathan, what are yo-"

Her words were cut off as he dipped his head and slammed his mouth against hers. For a split second she froze but then she pulled away and tried to shove him away from her.

It was like trying to move a rock. He had certainly not maintained his athletic scholarship by laying about and not working out.

"Stop it!"

"Come on Sherry ... Aren't you tired of playing the cock tease?"

Sherry gasped and almost retched when he again slammed his mouth against her. One of his hands was on the back of her head, preventing her from dislodging her mouth and she started pounding on his chest, scratching at his face and the hand lodged in her hair.

"Oww!" he yelped as she yanked on the back of his head.

"Stop it ... Get off me you jerk!"

"Shhhh ... Come on. I know you want it. I felt you grind that sweet ass against me!"

As he spoke he grabbed her ass and lifted her off her feet pulling her into the bedroom and slamming her up against the wall close to the bathroom door.

Sherry gasped in shock and fear as the breath was knocked out of her.

"No more playing Sherry."

His words chilled her to the bone and she tried pushing against his chin as he again tried to shove his mouth against hers. "SSttopp it!" she sobbed as he let her ass go and went for her tits.

"I'd get your hands off of her if I were you."

Those words were spoken softly, but menacingly, from the door way.

Both Sherry and Jonathan froze at the sound.

When they turned to look at the door they saw Him. He leaned against the door frame, his arms folded in what seemed to be a nonchalant manner, but they could both see his fists were clenched, the corded muscles in his arms tight and hard under his white t-shirt, his jaw was locked and his beautiful face was scowling in scary fashion.

The alcohol made Jonathan brave, and stupid. "Buzz off buddy! We're kinda busy here."

Sherry sobbed and let a few tears slide down her face as she shook her head no. She couldn't even speak she was so scared.

"I said HANDS OFF!"

The words weren't shouted but they reverberated across the room and seemed to bounce off the walls making them seem louder than they were actually spoken.

Jonathan let Sherry go all of a sudden and she slumped down to the floor in the corner of the room. Pulling her knees to her chest she curled into a ball and closed her eyes.

She didn't see what happened but she heard a couple of thumps and what sounded like a couple of fists connecting with flesh.

When she heard someone whimper "enough ... You win," she cracked her eyes open and found her stranger standing over Jonathan's body. His hands were clenched in Jonathan's shirt holding his upper body off the floor. Jonathan was definitely the worse for wear; his nose was spewing blood and one of his eyes was rapidly swelling shut.

"Get out of my house before I kill you, you little piss for brains. You're not welcome here."

Jonathan could only nod and shake in fear. When He was satisfied the message had gotten through, he let go of his grip on Jonathan's shirt. Jonathan flopped to the floor, rolled over and crawled out of the room.

Her stranger watched him go, a menacing scowl on his face. She watched him with a wary look on her face, noticing that he didn't seem to have a single mark on him.

When a few minutes passed and he turned to look at her, Sherry squeaked and buried her nose in her knees; what she was hoping was that she had not gotten saved from one awful situation to land in a worse one.

"Shhh ... It's okay darling ... He's gone."

His soothing words were accompanied by a soft touch on her head. She felt him shift, and then something warm was wrapped around her shoulders. Later she would find that it was the burgundy throw lying folded on the chaise lounge close by.

Sherry looked up, expecting to see him smirking at her with an 'I told you so' look on his face. Instead she found his beautiful face scrunched up in a look of concern. He kneeled close by; close enough to wrap her in his arms, but not wanting to scare her by touching her.

"Are you okay?"

Sherry nodded.

He lifted a hand and slowly, as if afraid she might bite him, placed it on her cheek. With a thumb he wiped away the tears on that side of her face and pushed a lock of her black hair behind her ear.

Sherry smiled weakly at him.

"You know," he said with a little smile on his face, "I could bring him back here and hold him down for you if you want kick him in the nuts a couple of times."

Sherry giggled and relaxed the death grip she had on her legs. Sniffling, she stopped giggling and looked him in his beautiful grey eyes. Her own green eyes shining she said "Thank you."

"Don't mention it! I always wanted to play the hero."

He was trying to shrug it off, but she didn't want to let him.

"No," she said seriously and urgently. She reached out and grabbed his face so he had to look her in the eyes. "No ... Don't," she said referring to his attempt to lighten the mood, "thank you."


"Thank you."

He laughed nervously, it endeared him to her. "Okay, you're welcome." Patting her awkwardly on the shoulder he shifted and said "Do you want me to get your friends for you?"

Sherry shook her head.

"Do you want me to take you home?"

Sherry shook her head again.

"Do you want to go back to the party?"

Sherry smiled and shook her head no again.

"What do you want, Sherry?"

Sherry loved the way he said her name, like Cherie, holding the 'ee' sound a split second too long, making her name sound like an endearment. Later she would wonder about the fact that he knew her name, but not now. Not when the ball of fear lying at the pit of her stomach had been replaced by a ball of blazing hot hunger for the man before her.

Not letting go of his face she pulled him closer and, closing her eyes, touched her lips softly to his. Just a touch of mouths that lasted one single moment and sent a sizzle of desire shooting to both their groins.

She heard him drag in a breath of air rather raggedly. She opened her eyes and found his probing her face worriedly. Letting go of his face, he pulled back and leaned back on his heels, his eyes still searching her face. Sherry smiled and shifted till she was kneeling on her knees as well.

"Thank you, but you don't have to kiss me, I'm just glad you're okay."

Sherry smiled again and did the unexpected. She threw herself at him ... Literally.

The shocked look on his face was priceless.

They ended up sprawled on the plush carpet, his gorgeously hard body beneath hers catching the impact of her leap. They grinned at each other. Then she leaned down and started kissing him, her hands pulling loose his hair and her fingers tangling up in his silky tresses to hold him in place. Her aching breasts pressed tightly against his rock hard chest, his strong arms reaching around clasped her to him.

Their tongues touched, cautiously at first, then delved into each other's mouths to explore, taste and cavort. They both groaned in pleasure as his hands snaked down to her hips and adjusted her so that her legs spread and hugged his hips, enabling them to grind their groins against each other. His strong hand clasped her buttocks and started to knead the practically naked orbs that became exposed as the short skirt of dress rode up in their frantic movements.

Sherry was desperate for more. Her lust threatened to consume her, and all she could think about was finding a way rid them of their clothes so that she could feel the press of naked flesh against flesh. She wanted to dig her hands in his pants and explore the magnificent tool, 'cause it certainly felt magnificent, she was grinding her clit against.

With that in mind she loosened her hold on his hair and reached down to grasp the end of his t-shirt. Their lips broke for a second, as did the firm grip he had on her ass, as she yanked it off his torso. She quickly clamped back on to his mouth as she yanked down the top of her sleeveless dress and pressed her aching breasts against his smooth chest. Was she ever glad she didn't need a bra with this particular dress; no need to tangle and wrestle with one in the heat of the moment.

They sighed into each other's mouths as hot naked skin met hot naked skin.

She ground her hips against him again as his hands reached for her ass. Feeling him shift beneath her, he sat up bringing her to a kneeling position on his lap. This allowed her to wrap her arms around his neck and her hands began to explore the hard corded muscles of his back.

He suddenly pulled his lips from hers, his hands tangled in her hair. They both gasped for breath, and then he said "Wait ... Stop ... We shouldn't do this."

"Why?" She asked as she rocked her hips against his obvious bulge.

"God you're hot! ... Stop wiggling like that, you're killing me!"

Sherry giggled and ground down again, hissing through her teeth at the exquisite feel his jean-clad bulge against her panty clad cunt.

"Stop ... Listen to me ... God! ... I don't want you to regret this tomorrow!"

Sherry stopped squirming and looked into his hot, yet worried gaze. "Are fucking for real?"

"No, I don't want you to think you owe me or something. I don't want you to regret this."

Kissing him lightly on the lips, she smiled down into his face. "The only thing I'm going to regret tomorrow is not getting that dick inside me. I've been thinking of you since that moment we first talked. Wanting you, but not having the balls to do anything about it."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure. Now will you quit yapping and fuck me already!'

His chest rumbled with laughter and he caught her around the waist holding her against him as he shifted and stood up. She clung to him, her arms around his neck, her legs wrapped around his waist, as he kicked the door closed and walked to the big four poster bed she had been dreaming about when she walked into the room.

She loosened her grip and he dumped her on the bed.

"Well," he said with a grin, "if you're sure."

Sherry practically purred in pleasure as he started undoing his jeans. He did it slowly, popping the button loose then sliding the zipper down, inch by inch to reveal his silky black boxer shorts. His eyes drank her in as he worked, his muscles bouncing and flexing beautifully in the soft light cast by the lamp. She just laid there against the black satin propped up on her elbows, her beautifully buoyant breasts, with their rosy pink nipples, stood proudly at attention as he worked. Her legs, slightly bent at the knees, splayed open revealing peaks of her bright red panties beneath the hem of her scrunched up black dress. Her red strappy heels, matching in colour with the panties, were oddly erotic looking against the black satin.

He grabbed her ankle and lifted her foot bringing it to his mouth. He planted a single kiss in the delicate bone of her ankle, and then he put her foot down again and in a single swoop removed his jeans and boxers.

When he revealed the splendor hidden in his pants she gasped and felt her gut clench in desire.

"My, aren't you a big boy!" she breathed in wonder as she stared as his package.

His beautiful cock, probably 9 or 10 inches long and almost as thick as her wrist, bounced and bobbed as he chuckled. "I guess, you're not changing your mind now are you?"

Sherry licked her lips unconsciously and looked him straight in the eye when she said "No way big guy!"

He chuckled and reached for her ankles once more. Sliding his hands around one then the other, he slid his hands up her shapely legs till he reached her hips. Sherry sighed in pleasure as he grabbed the outside of her barely there panties and slowly slid them off her legs.

"My turn to see your secrets!" he whispered huskily as he whisked the panties off her legs and heels.

Grabbing her ankles he eased her legs open again and smiled as he got a glimpse of her neatly trimmed patch of black hair. He could see the tiny pink tip of her clit peaking through and vaginal lips slightly ajar and moist looking. The warm and dewy fragrance of her arousal barely tickled his nostrils, but it was there, making his mouth water.

She smiled nervously. Reaching forward with one hand she grabbed his cock and gave it a couple of slow and sensual strokes, milking a drop of pre-cum from the mushroomed tip of him. She marveled at how good he felt in her hand, like silk covered steel, and she briefly wondered if she was going to be able to fit that huge piece of meat inside her.

She smiled gamely and pulled gently at him to gain his attention. Raising an eyebrow in question she said "Well? Are we gonna fuck or what?"

He chuckled at her and said, "not so fast Sherry. There is something I want to do first." With that he climbed up on the bed, crawling over her body till his face was above her beautiful tits. Then he lowered his mouth and began feasting on her causing her to gasp in pleasure. Her hands dug into his golden hair and pulled him tighter against her throbbing breasts.

One of his hands snaked down between her legs and began to fondle and caress her dewy folds. First one finger, then two, found their way causing her to buck her hips wildly against his hand. She was so hot and wet, and his fingers felt as if they were being sucked in and milked by her tight inner vaginal muscles. Not being able to resist any longer he loosened his lip's hold on her nipple and lowered his head till he was able to get a taste of the wet core of her.

Sherry felt herself convulse as waves of pleasure washed over her. His fingers and tongue doing wonderful things to her, bringing her close to the edge of orgasm, then pulling back before she could explode.

"Oh God! ... No more! Stop playing with me!"

Yanking on his hair she pulled him up till he was covering her body with his own. She pulled his head down for a searing kiss and found the taste of her on his lips to be intoxicating. He bucked against her, lazily grinding his hard cock against her slit, using her own juices to coat his member in lubrication.

"Please..." she whispered raggedly. They both knew what she was asking for.

Taking his member in hand he placed the tip of his cock within her warm wet hole. They both sighed in pleasure. Sherry locked her legs around his waist, unconsciously tilting her pelvis up to the perfect position to receive him.

Locking his lips to hers he finally thrust hard and fast within her tight passage expecting his entry to be slick, smooth and mutually satisfactory.

It wasn't.

Sherry grunted in pain and dug her nails into back, marking him as he tore through her virginity.

Tearing her lips from his she whimpered then muttered: "FUCK!"

He held still above her, breathing into her shoulder trying to control the urge to continue pumping within her tight body. When he managed to gain some control of himself, he moved his hands up her body till he could firmly hold her face in place. Looking into her face he waited till her eyes snapped open and her green eyes locked onto his own. "Why ... Didn't ... You ... Tell me?" he gasped raggedly.

"Doesn't matter," she muttered looking sheepish as she unclasped her ankles and allowed her legs to drop and rest.

Sherry was feeling rather embarrassed. Here he was buried deep within her body, she could actually feel his pulse beating within her, and he wanted to TALK? There had been a sharp pain when he first entered her, but that was fading fast and pleasure was once again worming its way through her body. She wanted him to get on with it, show her how much pleasure they could achieve in this business.

It's not like there had been much time for chit chat; in fact, she didn't even know his name. But that was not something they were gonna discuss while he lay pulsing within her. As far as she was concerned her virginity was her business!

He kissed her gently and whispered "yes it does."

"Ugh, no it doesn't! Listen, could we maybe talk about this AFTER?"

Sherry experimentally wiggled her hips, liking the friction caused as he moved a little within her, she bit her lip and moaned up at him. She wrapped her hands around his head and lifted her head to kiss him, using her tongue to tease the corner of his lips.

"God that's nice! ... Listen stud, will you move already? I'm gonna burst into flames if I don't get to cum soon!"

Her handsome stranger laughed down at her and muttered, "Sherry, you are the strangest virgin I've ever met! But God help me you're a hot piece of ass!"

Then he started moving and Sherry forgot to be insulted by his words.

It was great, greater than she had anticipated. He started off slow, pistoning his huge member in and out in a slow and controlled fashion. The fantastic friction of flesh sliding within flesh drew grunts from him and moans from her. It built up her arousal, up and up, like wave after wave of pleasure, but never quite enough to throw her over the edge. Her heels dug into the mattress and she lifted her hips in rhythm with his measured strokes. She clutched wildly at his hard firm ass, digging her nails in trying to somehow pull him in deeper than he already was.

He hissed in pleasure, she panted, "yes ... Mmm ... Sooo good!"

But it was not a pace he could keep forever. Eventually the pressure built up in both of them to the point where release was as vital as breathing. His pace increased, becoming shorter, but somehow harder and faster. As he pummeled away at her, his groin meshed and rubbed furiously with hers; a happy bi-product of his actions was the perfect pressure applied to her sensitive clit which in turn was the catalyst that managed to finally bring her over the edge.

"Ahh Yesss!" she hissed as her vaginal muscles clamped down on his still pumping cock. Her body convulsed around his throbbing member, squeezing and milking him so that he in turn found his own release.

"God ... Yess!" he shouted.

She could feel his hot jism splashing deep within her, stream after hot stream, and it wrung another moan out of her with how good it felt.

Before he collapsed he managed to roll them over so that she lay over him, her head tucked under his chin, his slowly softening member still lying within her. Their hearts raced within their chests and it was a while before they were able to catch their breath, let alone manage words.

Sherry felt like purring in pleasure. That had been wonderful, more than she could have imagined. She just wanted to close her eyes and dream away the rest of the night with her mysterious lover beneath her, her soft naked breasts pressed tightly to his wide muscular chest, and his soft penis softly thrumming within her. She probably would have except for the fact that her ass was starting to get cold, exposed as it was; not to mention the fact that he probably wanted to do something stupid like talk about what had just happened, or more specifically, what she hadn't mentioned before the fact had became obvious. She could already feel his hand stroking her back and hair, his fingers occasionally twirling her silky dark locks.

Without looking him in the eye, she started to pull away from him. When she swung her leg over and off of him, his member slipped out; and as it did so, she groaned at the residual tenderness and shivered at the pleasurable sensation of him sliding one more time within her. Yes it was a contradiction, but that was how it felt to her.

Swatting her hair out of her face she turned to look at him again, a wide smile on her lips. Then she turned and gingerly made her way off the bed. When her feet touched the soft plush carpet she heard his rough and tender voice speaking to her.

"Where you going Sherry?"

Sherry wiggled her naked boobs back into the bodice of her black dress and mumbled something about having to use the bathroom. "Mmm" he grunted in response. As she walked to the bathroom, her knees kind of wobbly and tugging her skirt into place to hide her bare buttocks, she felt a suspicious dribble of something wet start to slide down her thigh. Thankful that he couldn't see her beet red face, she realized what that mysterious moisture was: their combined spent, which she had not minded in the heat of the moment. That had been careless, and she could only bless her stars that she had been on the pill since she started university 3 years earlier.

After cleaning herself up and splashing some cool water on her damp face she nervously reentered the master room. Her plan of attack was to find her panties and high-tail it out of there as quickly as possible.

He was still sprawled out on the bed, naked as the day he was born, all his glorious musculature displayed beautifully. For a body like that she was tempted to say to hell with it and try to get the man to be her steady boyfriend. But she had her pride, and she knew someone as gorgeous as him couldn't possibly be interested in anything remotely serious. Better to be the one to leave with dignity intact, than to become that girl that claimed love at first sight and spent her days wondering why her perspective boy-toy didn't call her every five minutes.

She leaned back against the closed bathroom door and watched him, all the while trying to decide what to say so that he didn't feel like he had taken advantage of her. At least she knew where her panties were; they lay like a bright red beacon by the bed, not two feet from where he lay watching her with an assessing look in his eye.

'God he's hot' she thought. All that tight sinewy muscle, naked no less, shouldn't be legal; it made girls forget their train of thought.

She straightened up when he sighed and sat up in bed, a weary look on his face. 'Here we go' she thought.

He stood and walked up to her till he toward over her. "What's the matter Sherry? You didn't seem to have a problem with your vocal cords when I was inside you. You get all shy on me?" this said with a cheeky grin.

She couldn't help herself, she started laughing. She laughed even when he pulled her up against all that naked flesh, even when he pulled her arms around his shoulders and even when lifted her till she wrapped her legs around his waist. Laughed while he chuckled with her and carried her back to the bed then dumped her back on it.

The only thing that stopped her crazy laughter was when he leaned down, placed a peck on her lips and looked her in the eyes mumbling about how they were gonna talk when he got back from the bathroom. The laughter was gone, but a big dorky grin remained on her face. She could only nod in agreement, as he turned to go.

She watched all that tight corded muscle take a couple of steps, she musing about the fact that she could watch that tight muscular ass bounce for hours, when he turned around and returned. She watched him lean down and grab her panties, the ones that matched the saucy red heels she still wore, and wave them at her. "And I'm taking these hostage so you don't think of leaving!" he said over his shoulder as he headed back to the bathroom.

This brought a fresh giggle to her lips, but the second the door closed behind him she bounced off the bed and headed for the door. 'Screw the panties, he can keep them as a souvenir!' she thought as she quietly opened the door. 'Too bad I gotta leave, ' she sighed to herself, he was certainly refreshing as far as guys went.

She heard the toilet flush and the faucet snap on as she quietly closed the door behind her. Knowing he would need a few minutes to dress himself before he could give chase, she hurried down the two flights of stairs as fast as her West Nine's could carry her. Skidding on the hardwood floor a little as she landed on the main floor, she was happy to note that nobody seemed to take note of how long she, and her mysterious stranger, had disappeared for. Running back to her group of friends, she grabbed Rhonda and started pulling her away. "We gotta go honey, RIGHT NOW! ... Bye guys," she called as she started yanking on her friend's arm.

"Why? I was gonna introduce you to someon-"

"Please, please, please. I promise to explain later, but we have to go RIGHT NOW! As in yesterday, as in you're not walking fast enough! ... Please, please please ... It's an emergency!"

"Are you okay?" Bless her she was immediately suspicious and scared for her, but she started moving as she too waved goodbye.

Sherry giggled, and then laughed out loud. "No I promise, nothing bad, I'll tell you after, but we have to run NOW!!"

Rhonda, the wonderful friend that she was, could only nod in a relieved way and they both picked up the pace, running quickly to the door and grabbing their discarded bags and jackets as they fled.

When they got outside they jumped into Sherry's silver Honda civic, which was blessedly parked by the door and not blocked in due to the massive yard that was more than able to contain all the cars sprawled everywhere. Rhonda, caught up in the moment, laughed as hysterically as Sherry when they sped off into the night.

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