One Sunday Afternoon
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Pregnancy, Size,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Wife enjoys building a relationship with her boyfreind. Husband fully supports their relationship. But maybe mind control has something to do with this.

My name is David. This is my story. It is just a story but about the world of mind control and cuckoldry. If this is not your scene then do not read further.

One Sunday afternoon, My wife Sue and I were sitting in our sun lounge chilling out and catching up with reading the weekend newspapers. A regular event in our 10 months of marriage.

All had gone quiet with Sue, I was conscious she had not turned the page on her paper for some time when she tentatively said "darling". Yes I replied lowering my periodical to observe my attractive wife.

To call her attractive is perhaps not giving her full justice. At 29 she was very much in the prime of her beauty. Blond, slim with a well proportioned body and a dazzling smile she could win the heart of any man.

Rising from her seat, she came and knelt beside the couch I was laying on. Again she said "darling", at the same time she gently started to run her hand up and down my trousers over the area of my cock. "What would you say if I started dating someone" she asked.

This had my attention as it was a reoccurring fantasy of mine which we used in the bedroom to add passion to our lovemaking. At 45, I am much older than Sue and to be honest I am starting to find it more difficult to obtain and maintain an erection.

In fact our love life had become occasional to say the least. We have found the use of a fantasy role play has helped overcome this on most occasions. The most common theme revolved around Sue with a better endowed lover.

"What do you mean by dating" I asked. Well she replied, "you keep on at me to have sex with other men. How would you really feel if I actually slept with someone else"!

This was totally out of keeping with Sue, up to now she had been very reserved when it came to sex. "what made you suggest this" I asked. "Well" she replied, " you remember I had lunch last Thursday with my friend Jane. At the restaurant we bumped into her neighbour Jessica who is a life coach."

In my innocence, I had no idea what a life coach was. If I had, perhaps I would have realised what a sham Jessica, who my wife introduced to our marriage was and possibly could have avoided the events I am going to unfold.

I first met Sue five years ago. We did not work at the same company but met on an industry run week long training course, both of us are Civil Engineers.

We clicked from day one and became best friends sharing the challenges we experienced in our working lives. A pleasant surprise was that not only did we work in the same city but owned properties less than 10 miles apart. Sarah having opted for a two bedroom city centre flat whilst I had purchased a 3 bedroom house in a semi rural location at the end of a single track road.

Once back from our course, we spoke most days and saw each other at least twice a week. I guess it was fair to say we were comfortable with each other rather than there being a lot of passion.

We were both very career focused and not family orientated. Although we regularly played around, we did not actually go to bed together until after I had proposed. A year later we were married. Sue moved into my house and let her flat. This covered her mortgage payments and gave a small surplus.

What did surprise me was Sarah's insistence in keeping her maiden name, not telling colleagues at work she had got married and only wearing her wedding rings outside of work. Her rational being she worked in a very competitive market. To keep getting the top projects she had to avoid her bosses thinking she was not wedded to her job. On hindsight I think this was not totally the truth but more about Sarah loosing her independence.

Earlier this year a unique opportunity arose. It would give us the opportunity to work together on a big new joint venture project overseas involving both our employers. We were due to fly out to start work in a week's time. The work was due to last about 6 months.

Due to the project being in the South of France and requiring staff to be resident there for 6 months, only single people were considered for this posting. As no one from our work community were aware we had married this did not prove to be a problem and both of us flew through the selection process.

"So how does a life coach know about our marriage to suggest you date other men" I asked.

"Well" replied Sue, "Jessica joined us for lunch, after a couple of glasses of wine I guess I opened up a bit to much about our relationship and that you are often away which results in us not having sex regularly. It sort of progressed from there". My wife went quiet realising that perhaps this was not such a good suggestion after all.

"Do you still love me" I asked. "Of course" she relied, "this is not about my feelings for you, just that well I miss regular sex and you must admit you are not that well provided for down below ... I do not want to cheat on you but you keep suggesting I should fuck other men so I thought this could meet both our needs".

Indeed, Sue's suggestion was turning me on, the idea of my spouse acting as unattached and flirting with other guys was exciting me. I could imagine her in the arms of another man enjoying those intimate moments in bed and not having to rush back home to a waiting husband.

In a restrained response I said "I am not opposed to the idea, however we need to think about the practical issues. Whatever happened, I do not want to ruin our relationship.

"Oh darling, it won't she gushed, going away on this project gives us an opportunity to play, when we return everything could go back to normal with no one the wiser".

Before I could say anything more Sue quickly added, Jessica gave me a DVD which she said might help us understand what she feels will help us open up our relationship. I was not sure quite what Sue meant but by then she had delved into her handbag, found the DVD and was setting it up in our player.

I settled on our sofa and Sue came and cuddled up to me. The film started with pleasant mood music and an introduction from Jessica, I don't remember much after that and must have fallen asleep.

I woke with a start, over 2 hours had passed. Sue was no longer next to me. I got up and going to search for her found her in the kitchen preparing our evening meal. I came up behind her, wrapping my arms round her waist I kissed her neck. "Hi sleepy head" she said, "so what are your thoughts now"?

Thinking for a moment, I found myself enthusiastically encouraging her to date whilst we was away and to enjoy herself to the full. I did not remember anything from the film but obviously it had an impact on my thinking.

"Do you have anyone in mind" I asked. "As it happens" she replied, "I may do, during our lunch last week, Jessica's brother Marcus turned up whilst we were having coffee. He is going out on the same project as us to be the liaison officer with the client". He is such a dish Sue added and well he flirted with me.

Does he know you are married I asked. Yes she replied but Jessica told him about us. She did what I exploded. "Calm down" soothed Sue. It's best if the facts are know so there is no misunderstanding. Marcus knows I love you and you are my soul mate.

"Have you made a date to see him I asked"? "Not yet" she replied sharply "but if you are in agreement I am sure things could happen whilst we are in France".

Stroking her cheek I whispered, "go for it, enjoy yourself in the arms of anther man". I didn't voice my thoughts of imagining Sue preparing for her first date. What would she wear, how would she act

Sue broke my thoughts, "how would you feel if someone wants to date me more than once". I remembered on our second date resulted in passionate kisses. I said I would not mind if she dated a couple of times like we did. Blushing, Sue said "how about if I see him for three dates". I said what she anticipated I would, : "I want you to do what we did on our third date after we got engaged". What did we do, well Sue stayed the night and we got very little sleep. I was basically telling my wife it was OK to fuck some other guy.

The next week started with our normal routine, I was finishing a project in the North of England so caught the early morning shuttle. We made a point of catching up with each other by phone every evening. Nothing unusual happened until our conversation on Wednesday.

The call started with the normal business and social chat but then Sue dropped a bomb shell. "Darling " she purred, "you remember we talked about me dating Marcus whilst we are away. Well he popped into the office today and asked me out for dinner".

"What did you say", I replied half expecting and half hoping for a positive answer. "I said I would have to ask you first but I felt sure you would agree". The line went silent as we both contemplated the implications. I replied "which dress do you intend to wear, how about your green one"?

I had avoided saying yes but my answer not only gave consent but suggested my wife wore a low cut dress which did not accommodate a bra. How much more could I have said without telling her to make herself available for another man.

I should have told her not to go, but instead I found myself getting excited about my wife going out with someone else for what was no doubt going to be a romantic dinner. "When are you seeing him" I asked.

"Thursday" she replied, "I will not be able to speak to you till I see you next on Friday evening". "Enjoy yourself. Imagine you are a single woman on your first date, after all who knows what could happen whilst we are in France."

The next evening I lay on my hotel bed thinking about Sue on her date. What was she wearing. If she had put on her green dress and she had not said otherwise, what was she wearing underneath? Certainly not a bra, would it be a pair of lacy thong panties or her more traditional plain work knickers. Would she wear tights or stockings. How high a heel would she have on. Sue had pairs ranging from 2 inch to 5 inch heels. I imagined she would have dressed to impress. At least that was my hope.

On Friday, I managed to finish the project by lunch time. I rushed home. Luck was on my side. My flight was on time and no traffic jams on the roads home. I was indoors about 2 hours before Sue was due. I went up to our bedroom to empty my bag and get changes.

My heart beat faster and my cock became hard up upon seeing a pair of stockings and a transparent green thong laying on top of the washing basket. Sue had purposefully left them for me to see and for me to know how she had dressed for her date with her boyfriend.

On the bed was a note. Please watch the DVD in the player before I get home. Marcus showed me it last night. It will help you relax. Love Sue.

I must admit the pressure of getting my project finished this week and the Friday commute did leave me tense. I sat on the bed, turned on the TV and pressed play. Again the program started with an introduction by Jessica. This was accompanied by nice background music, then, I remembered nothing until I woke up a good hour later.

It worried me that I could not remember what I had watched but certainly I felt relaxed and refreshed. I made a mental note to watch it again over the weekend and hope that Sue did not quiz me on the content.

I had just got out of the shower and was dressing when Sue got home. Taking her in my arms, I kissed her and said "how was your evening". "Fantastic" she replied. "Marcus is an amazing person, so funny and sensitive"

Holding her at arms length so as to see her face "it sounds like you are falling for this guy" I quizzed. Sue thought for a moment before replying "you are my husband and are important to me as my soul mate but I must admit Marcus is someone who is special to me".

Raising her eyes to me Sue softly said, "I don't mean to hurt you but I find myself falling for Marcus. I am sure it won't last but I am not sure I could stop seeing him at present". I should have shouted and argued, maybe even thrown her out but instead I felt excited and aroused. Little did I realise the effect of the hypnotic messages hidden in the DVD's we had watched. "No" I replied, "don't stop seeing him, like you say it probably is just a fling. All I ask is you tell me every thing". I will she promised.

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