Revenge for the School

by Ernest Bywater

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, NonConsensual, Rape, Gay, Shemale, TransGender, Fiction, Vignettes, Rough, Sadistic, Torture, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Revenge, Violent, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: This is a short story to cover an unfinished item in Connard Wellingham's story 'The Girls'School.' At the end of that story a young man badly misbehaves and then betrays a trust, placing many at risk. Those most affected by his behaviour get special help to extract a revenge for his betrayal; this is the start of that story. NB: This is well outside my comfort zone, see end note. Codes cover main aspects.

The titles I use are a chapter, a sub-chapter, and a section.

Table of Contents

Author’s Note
Such a Sweet Sauce
Fun Mail

Author’s Note

This story is a follow on from the story The Girls’ School by Connard Wellingham. When the idea first came to Cazna he contacted the author and got permission to write a follow on story in two parts, this part was vetted by Connard before it was first published. The second part never got beyond being a few plot notes which were handed over to Ernest Bywater to write the story if he ever got the time to. The notes were handed over when Ernest was asked to take over and revise all of Cazna’s works for him. You do not have to read the original story to understand or enjoy this one, but it helps a lot if you have. The Girls’ School is available on both Stories On-line and Connard Wellingham’s own website

The story summary for The Girl’s School is:

Adam Hazel, a young school teacher, accepts a post at Greenwood Academy - a very exclusive girls’ school. Even from his initial interview the situation seems very odd, and it is not long before he finds out that there is more to teaching at Greenwood Academy than meets the eye.


Having sterilised the school grounds as best they can Adam, Anne, and Felicia leave on holidays. After stopping with some friends for a few days they head to Europe. Going to France by ferry before crossing through several other countries to Greece, then to North Africa by land before flying to South Africa. Five days after they leave the Greenwood Academy the police arrive at the Academy to find no one there, and a sign saying the facility is closed until the new school year because all of the staff are away on annual leave to be followed by the completion of renovations on their return. The sign has a contact number for a local key holder at one of the real estate offices. One officer soon has the key holder on hand, and the police enter the Academy grounds to search it.

Once inside they soon set about checking the entire school, breaking down any locked doors they can’t open, which is most of them. Much is pretty normal; staff housing, dormitories, classrooms, kitchen, laundry, storerooms, dining rooms, etc. They also find the Club Room, and the nearby special classrooms. With all the special equipment removed they can’t tell, for sure, what the rooms were used for. The police can see brackets where things had been mounted to the walls and removed, but the mounts say nothing about what had been there. Many suggestions are made by many people, but they just don’t know.

They try to contact the staff, but they can’t locate any. Travel agency records show the staff having gone to the four winds on their holidays on widely spread dates. An officer suggests the staff received word of the raid and left, but the travel dates put a lie to that, because most of the staff had left before the complaint was lodged and the raid planned. Looking at the travel dates it’s possible the last two staff to leave may have left due to a warning. But the evidence points more to it simply being a later departure date because of finishing paperwork, since they were the headmistress and senior teacher. All the academic files are still there, and they look like the school is ready to start business in the new school year.

With no evidence of any wrong doing, just a number of unanswered questions, the police are very restricted in what they can do. They have lists of students and ex-students from the Department of Education, so they go to interview them all. After all the interviews the only common factors they find are:

1. The students are all females - expected since it’s a girls’ school.

2. Pretty, in sure command of themselves - much more than most girls their ages.

3. Have good academic records - most show marks have gone up since they started attending the school

4. Their families are rich, and

5. Everyone speaks well of the school.

Many of the students and families are outraged by the accusations.

Ten days after the raid the senior police pushing the investigation are desperate, because the Chief Constable and Minister of Police are on their back about arrests, this is too big an issue with too much possible good publicity to let it rest. So they turn again to the complainant, and send an officer around to bring him in for a further interview. At his flat they find a note saying he’s gone away on an extended holiday, because the incident he complained about has made him upset. The police can find no record of where he’s gone. When they ask his family, a very old one with large holdings and great wealth, they get no information on his present location, because they claim to not know, either.

They do find out he had known the family of one of the girls and had shown an interest in her. One officer suggests the complaint might be false because he got rejected by her, so they go back to question her family. After much hedging about the issue in a very long interview the girl and her parents finally acknowledge the complainant’s family is well known to them and the young man has known the girl for many years. They also admit he’d shown a strong interest in her in the past, but she’d not returned it. Also, he’d made a recent visit to the school to ask her to holiday with him after graduation, and she’d rejected him.

Of course the press learn of the investigation and what it’s about, so there’s plenty of headlines about the ‘Sex School Scandal’ - as they call it. The police are troubled by the allegations with no evidence. With no more lines of inquiry they make a public appeal for the teachers to contact them, in the hope they can get something from them. They check records for photos of the staff, and can only find some very old photos from their driver’s licences. These photos are given to the media as part of the media handout to reach the staff. That same day the police launch their appeal the school Board of Governors releases a media statement decrying the whole incident, and the statement goes on about the harm it’s done to their school. They mention the police and media attention has upset many of the students, and their families, to such an extent they’re considering not returning to the school. The governors have suspended all work at the school until such time as the situation is clarified, and all of the staff are to consider themselves on extended leave until publicly recalled to resume their duties. The senior police aren’t happy about this, since it means they can no longer expect the staff to turn up in time for the new school year, and they can’t place a watch on the school to watch what happens during next year’s classes. Despite all of the high level pressure the investigation hits a stone wall due to lack of leads and evidence. Over several months it dies down and stops for lack of any new action, despite the great pressure from above. This failure upsets a number of senior police and politicians, but they realise there’s little they can do about the situation.

Such a Sweet Sauce

Within a few days of the special graduation exam Veronica and her parents are having a number of discussions about Richard, the young man who’d abused Veronica so much. She’s still upset and hurt by the incident, but recovering. They’ve known Richard and his family for many years, and they never expected this sort of behaviour or attitude from him. They discuss some sort of revenge a few times, but decide he’s not worth it, so they move onto planning Veronica’s Gap Year - her year-long holiday or work experience between school and university.

Then they learn Richard has gone to the police it’s the final straw; they decide something has to be done about him. Amongst themselves they discuss many options, and accept his total disappearance would cause major problems, but an absence for an extended holiday won’t; so they discuss how to get revenge for him hurting so many people. They finally come up with a fitting form of revenge. Mr Spelling has a word with someone he knows who has contacts in a particular field of employment. A few days later he’s in a special bar to have a long conversation with a tall, well endowed, and muscular looking woman. They reach an agreement, and money is passed over.

The day of the police raid on the Greenwood Academy Richard is walking back to his flat from having just told the police about the interior layout of the Academy. Near his apartment building he sees a tall well-endowed woman wearing a large and loose cape get out of a car. She looks at a piece of paper in her hand then she looks up at the buildings as if trying to match addresses. He smiles, he’s used to seeing this type of behaviour around here. This part of town was very high class when it was built, and all the street numbers are very ornate cast iron ones, very hard to decipher; it’s a bit confusing for people new to the area.

Smiling while he thinks she’ll make a nice conquest for him he walks past two tradesmen working at their van, and says, “You look lost, can I help you?”

The woman turns to look at him, and sees the slight nod from one of the tradesman behind Richard, he’s confirming the target since he’d just checked him against the photo they have of Richard. Smiling, she says, “Oh, yes, you can.” And steps toward him while holding out the piece of paper when her cape flourishes in the breeze, “I’m trying to find this person at this address, but I can’t understand the ornate way they’ve done the house numbers.” He bends his head down to look at the piece of paper. When he’s in the right position the woman raises her other hand to spray his face with a fast acting drug. She’d timed it well, and the majority of the spray goes into his open mouth, because he’d been about to speak again. One of the tradesmen is holding up a large piece of board which blocks the view of Richard and the woman from most of the street while the other is grabbing Richard and pulling him into the van. Due to the board and the cape it’s very doubtful anyone has seen anything suspicious.

The tradesman with the board places it back on top of his van, and ties it down while the woman talks to the other tradesman. A moment later the tradesman pulls his head out of the van, and talks to the woman while pointing at a building. Smiling, she turns, and walks to the building indicated. Most of these buildings are flats now, and the front doors are left unlocked during the day, so it’s no problem for the woman to enter the building. While she heads up the stairs she pulls on latex gloves, then gets out Richard’s keys her helper just handed her after getting them out of Richard’s pocket.

Making sure no one is watching she enters his flat, and shuts the door behind her. She’s quick to pack two bags of clothes for Richard before she sets about preparing the flat to look like he’s gone on holidays. She already knows he doesn’t have milk or papers delivered, so no notes needed there. She removes all of the perishable food, and places it in a third suitcase. No plants to water, just turn off the gas hot water heater, turn the fridge down, and a printed note for the landlady to keep his mail until his return in six or seven weeks. She’s almost finished when there’s a knock on the door.

She goes to the door, and checks the peep hole, it’s one of her people dressed as a cab driver. She opens the door, and points to three bags. The man motions for her to step to the side while he half steps in, and says, “Only the three bags, Sir? Right you are, I’ll take these down to the cab and wait for you. But I wouldn’t take too long, if I were you, Sir. It’ll take a while to get to the station in this traffic, and you don’t want to miss your train, Sir.” The woman had moved as soon as he motioned, and she can now hear footstep on the stairs while someone is coming up them. With the three bags, one in each hand and one under his left arm, her associate turns, and walks out the door, effectively blocking it from anyone trying to look in. The footsteps continue up to the next level, so she quickly shuts the door behind the man. A short wait until she hears a door open and close upstairs, then she’s out the door, and locking it behind her. Down the stairs she slips the note under the landlady’s door before exiting the building and getting in her car while the cab drives off with a man that looks like Richard sitting in the back seat.


Richard wakes up to the feel of rough wood under his bare skin, and a cool atmosphere. With care he raises his head, because he remembers being drugged and kidnapped. He looks about to see he’s in a BDSM torture chamber. Looking down his body he sees he’s naked. Hearing some footsteps he turns to see the woman he’d spoken to at the kidnap site walk up. She’s a delicious sight, because her attire consists of a very small uplift bra in black leather; it makes her already large breasts look huge. He stares at the huge and firm conical shapes while she walks up to him; he enjoys watching them bounce a little when she walks. She has on a black leather skirt that’s tight at the hips and flares out where it makes its way down to her knees. Below there he can see black fishnet stockings, and he makes a mental bet she has a black garter belt on. He has a high pain threshold, and he fancies himself as a very tough character, so he’s sure he’ll end up getting the better of this bitch, just like he’s getting the better of those bastards at the Academy.

Smiling while she walks up to him in her training centre she says, “I’m sure you must be feeling a bit cool, because I maintain the air-conditioning in here at eighteen degrees centigrade so no one overheats when things start to warm up. And, yes, I do have on a black garter belt, that’s what you were just thinking, wasn’t it?” His eyes go wide at her remark while he wonders how she knew that. “I don’t have to be a mind reader to know how a small minded piece of shit like you thinks. Don’t worry, I’m sure you think of yourself as a very tough fellow who can take anything I dish out to you, but I know I’ll soon have you well trained as a cock sucking sperm junkie of a slave.” He just glares his response to her while she leans over to rub her breasts along his chest, “Have no fear, you will be a slave before you leave here. Oh, your new name is Rectum, or Rec for short, so pay attention and make sure you answer to it when called. Or you’ll be punished, and you won’t like any of my punishments. I often train slaves for myself, and my facility upstairs, but you’re special, because I’m being paid to train you for someone else. I always give my slaves numbers, which I issue in order. I only ever issue a number once, and I’m currently up to number thirty-two, but I only have twenty-five slaves now, since some proved to be disappointments and misbehaved too much, so I had to terminate their contracts. Since my slave contracts are for life, I’m sure you can guess how I terminated their contracts. It’s an interesting feeling to be fucking someone when they buck while choking to death, very interesting.” Richard is starting to worry a bit. “I hear you’re an arrogant little arse hole with lots of old money and power, and I’ll bet you think you can recover from this and get back at me. Well, I have a little demonstration planned to show you that you’re wrong on all counts.”

Going to the wall she activates an intercom, and says, “Biggus to training room one.” Smiling, she turns back to Richard, “I do so love Monty Python, and they gave me inspiration for the house names for most of my paid staff.”

A dark haired man of average height and build walks in and up to the woman while saying, “You sent for me, Madam?” Richard can easily hear the capital ‘M’ in the word Madam.

“Yes, Biggus. We’ve a new toy to train, and I wish to have your help in a demonstration. Show him why we call you Biggus.” With a big grin the man grabs his loose pants, and rips them off. When they come away Richard can see the Velcro strips on the side and groin that allowed this to happen. Very soon he’s bug-eyed while looking at something else. She walks over and strokes the man’s dick while she says, “I named him Biggus after Biggus Dickus in Monty Python’s Life of Brian, as I’ve never seen or heard of a bigger dick than this one. It’s four hundred and fifty millimetres long and seventy-five millimetres wide when fully erect. With Viagra he can keep it up for hours at a time. Before your training is over you’ll be deep-throating this delicious dick.” She drops to her knees, and licks his dick before taking it in her mouth to slowly feed it down her throat until her nose is in his pubic hair. Pulling back off it she stands, saying, “I’m going to so enjoy watching you do that until he comes in your throat.” She walks over to the intercom and pushes a button, saying, “Thirty to training room one.” Turning to him she says, “You’ll love Number Thirty. I’m going to have him help with your training. He thought himself a very tough person with a high pain threshold, but he’s now very well trained. Like you, he comes from a very old and well established family with lots of power and money. He made the mistake of really pissing me off one day, so now he’s my slave.”

Bare feet can be heard fast approaching the table, and a young man passes by Richard. He stops, and drops to his knees with his head bowed. From his position on the table Richard can’t see him at all. From what the woman said he realises he should know the man. She places her hand on the man’s head while she says, “Rectum, my name is Madam, and you will use my name every time you speak to me, every time, or you’ll be punished. You’ll suffer many pains and injuries as part of your training, but they’ll be as nothing when compared to being punished, and don’t speak without permission either.” Looking down she says, “Thirty, give Biggus a good blow job, and keep your mouth full of his sperm.”

The man is fast when he knee walks to Biggus, and starts to lick and suck on the huge dick before him. Very soon he has the whole dick down his throat while he deep throats it. Thirty is at a slight angle to Richard, and he can’t see down too well; but from what he can see the profile looks a little bit familiar. Several minutes later Biggus grabs the man’s head, and holds it still while he gives him a face fuck for several strokes before moaning when he comes in his throat. Then he pulls out to finish coming in Thirty’s mouth to give him the required load. She walks over, and strokes the man’s head while she says, “The toy on the table is Rectum. You’ll now stand and go to Rectum. You’ll kiss him with an open mouth, and pass the sperm into his mouth. You may not open your mouth until after you’ve made him open his.” The man nods yes.

While she spoke Richard made a mental promise to keep his mouth shut. He almost breaks the promise when the man turns around, and he recognises one of his closest cousins, Robert, while he walks toward the table. It’s clear Robert recognises him, because he smiles at Richard. Thirty leans down, and places his lips against Richard’s. When the mouth doesn’t open he slips his right hand down to grab a small hand full of hairs on Richard’s balls, and he pulls his hand away, fast. The hairs are pulled out by the roots, and it’s very painful. Forgetting his mental promise Richard opens his mouth to scream; only to be met by Thirty opening his mouth to release a huge load of sperm from his mouth into Richard’s mouth. With their two mouths locked open and gravity helping to move the sperm into his Richard has only two choices, choke or swallow. Thirty’s tongue flows into his to tickle his tongue and mouth. Before he realises what he’s doing Richard is swallowing the sperm, and hating every drop of it while also hating his cousin for doing this to him.

“Thirty, you may have a special treat. Clean out Rectum’s arse and show him what a slave’s arse is used for.” Richard’s eyes go wide when his cousin moves to the side to bring a portable enema outfit over, and starts to give him an enema by force. “Biggus, you may return to your other duties, for now, thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Madam.” He turns to walk away after putting his shorts back together and back on.

First Fuck

Several minutes later Richard’s arse is very sore from fighting against the enema, which did him no good, and he’s watching his cousin grease up his stiff dick when he gets ready to fuck Richard’s arse. She says, “Rectum, I suggest you relax and let him do this, since the more you tense up the more it’ll hurt you.” The advice is ignored, and Richard screams when Robert’s thin dick penetrates his arse. After he’s been arse fucked for twenty minutes Richard is wondering how his cousin can keep it up when she says, “Thirty, you may release the clamp and come now.” Almost at once Richard’s bowels are filled with warm sperm when his cousin comes in him. It hurts like hell, but he’ll be damned if he’ll cry or yell before this bitch. “Flip him, Thirty.”

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