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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A true story about my first (and only) threesome.

Many stories on this site are coded as "True", but the actual stories themselves vary from believable to plausible to highly unlikely to NFW.

This story, however, is factual. It has to do with my only experience in a threesome.

I was living and working in a southern city having been; as a result of my employer's being acquired by a large corporation headquartered in upstate NY, promoted and transferred to headquarters.

The plan was that I would drive up to our new city over a weekend, work in my new job 'til Thursday, fly back for closing on the sale of our house on Friday, get the movers started loading the van (they'd have packed the previous day) and head north, stopping for the night when the kids (a 5-1/2-year-old boy and a 1-1/2-year old girl) got too restless.

I was 31 at the time, a fit 5' 10" tall weighing about 170lbs. To keep in shape, I ran about three miles every day and did weight training for my golfing. I had brown hair and blue eyes and in six years of marriage, had never cheated on my wife.

So on a Saturday morning in August (This happened in the 70s) I packed my car and left for the north. As I approached the outskirts of town, I thought the car seemed to be running slightly hotter than usual (though I'm not sure why), so I pulled into a service station/convenience store and bought a quart of coolant.

As I left the store and headed back to my car, I noticed two young women standing near the entrance. They appeared to be in their late teens/early twenties and were standing beside two duffle bags on the ground at their feet. Three things were immediately apparent:

1. Both were very attractive,

2. Both were amply endowed and

3. Both were braless.

As I approached my car the taller of the two caught my eye and I asked, "How far are you going?"

She replied, "As far as you can take us!"

I said, "I've got reservations for tonight in Harrisburg."

She answered, "Perfect! We can get out there and take the Pennsylvania Turnpike to Philadelphia!"

I responded, "Hop in!"

Life has fewer visual delights than watching two fetching females running toward you with four bountiful, bouncing breasts (if you're a straight male, that is).

The trunk was full, but the back seat and passenger seat were empty so they threw their bags into the back, the shorter of the two climbed in (my car was a two-door) and the taller one (who'd thus far been the only one to speak) got in the passenger side. I got in, put the key in the ignition and my speaking passenger reached across, smiling and said, "I'm Sarah."

Pleasantly surprised with the firmness of her handshake, I answered, "Ted."

Sarah offered, "She's Lucie (using the French pronunciation, which places the emphasis on the second syllable, as in 'lu-CEE)' and she can't speak English. She's from Switzerland and speaks French."

Having remembered a smattering of French from my school days, I reached over the seat-back and said, "Je m'appel Ted." (Literally, "I'm called Ted").

Her megawatt smile indicated she was pleased to be able to speak to someone; however haltingly (on my part) she could understand.

I'd noticed that Sarah was approximately 5' 8" tall while Lucie would have been in the neighborhood of 5' 4". I'd say Sarah, being slim, weighed about 130 lbs while Lucie, with a little more meat on her bones, would have weighed about 120. Sarah had red hair and exotic green eyes and Lucie, with naturally blond hair, had blue eyes. Both women's breasts were indeed bountiful and I'd say Lucie had about a cup-size advantage over Sarah.

We started off, and I learned they had run into each other while hitch-hiking across the southern states. Sarah was 18 and was preparing to enter her freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania, a fine Ivy League school and Lucie, at 21, was a student at The University of Zurich with a concentration in fine arts. They'd communicated with heavy use of Lucie's French/English Handbook, coupled with countless gestures. Lucie had run out of money and was planning on calling her folks from Sarah's and having them wire enough to get home (she did have her return ticket).

We managed to have a decent conversation, with my fractured French interspersed with frequent lookups in Lucie's handbook. I sprang for lunch (they were both at this point broke) and we continued on. The car was running fine; I was apparently mistaken in my thinking it was running hot.

About an hour out of Harrisburg the sky turned ominously black and the temperature dropped to the point where I switched from air conditioning to heating. Then the rain started; not a downpour but a continuous rain, the kind of rain farmers love. The foreboding sky showed no letup in the rain for the foreseeable future.

At about 6:30 in the evening, we reached my motel, a Howard Johnson's with the standard HoJo's restaurant. I said, "Let me spring for dinner for you guys. Go into the restaurant, find a booth and let me check in, take my bag to the room and I'll come back and join you." To Lucie, I said, "Nous vons manger," which I believe translates to "We're going to eat".

Off we went; the women to the restaurant and me to check in. When I entered my room, I was surprised to see two double beds there. I didn't think the company's travel department booked a double for me, but it pleased me nonetheless.

I removed the toiletry kit from my bag, put it on the countertop in the bathroom and went downstairs (my room was on the second floor) and found my passengers sitting beside each other in a booth. I joined them, a server took our orders and left. I'd ordered a martini, Lucie a glass of Chablis and Sarah a soda.

After the dinners were served (I had a steak with the signature HoJO fried clams and my guests each had a burger). While we ate, I glanced out the window at the rain and said, "Look, it's late, it's cold, dark and it's raining. I've got two double beds in my room. You're welcome to share one and I'll sleep in the other. Perhaps by morning the rain will have ended."

I must point out here that at this point, all was innocent. I had no visions of a sexual romp with these two, as tempting as it might have been. Sarah said, "It's very tempting. I don't exactly relish the thought of trying to hitch a ride to Philadelphia in this weather. We don't even have jackets! See what Lucie says."

Lucie was looking at me for help so I said, "J'ai deux lits double dans ma chambre. Vous pouvez dormir dans une et moi dans l'autre." This was (I think) pretty much a translation of what I'd said to Sarah minus the weather commentary.

Lucie nodded toward Sarah and said, "Elle?" ("Her?")

I said to Sarah "Am I to presume that if it's OK with her, it's OK with you?"

She responded in the affirmative.

Turning back to Lucie I said, "Si c'est OK avec toi, c'est OK avec elle."

Lucie turned to Sarah, nodded and said, "OK."

As we neared the end of our dinners, Lucie caught my eye and said, "Je veux coucher avec toi." (Translation: "I want to sleep with you.")

Feeling as though I'd won the lotto, I replied, "Et moi avec toi." ("And me with you.")

Sarah asked excitedly "What'd she say? What'd she say?"

I responded, "She wants to sleep with me."

"Wow!" she gushed. "Are you gonna'?"

"Is the pope catholic?" I asked.

Silence for a while as we finished our meals and awaited the check when Sarah asked, "Can I join in?"

I offered, "Sarah, the primary fantasy of every straight male ever born on this planet is to engage in a threesome. Do I really have to answer your question? Have you two got it on together before?"

She answered, "God yes! Almost every night and sometimes during the day if there was woods around. She's hot! I want to suck your cum out of her pussy."

The check arrived, I charged it to my room and we left the restaurant. We had to go back to my car to retrieve their bags, and then headed to my room. We stopped at the front desk and I explained to the clerk that my two guests were going to share the other bed in my room and requested more towels and toothpaste. She was more than happy to comply and when we got to my room Sarah said, "I'll let Lucie bathe first so you can do her before me. And after my bath, I'll clean out her pussy, get you hard again with my mouth and I want you to fuck my brains out!"

Heaven in a HoJo's. Who knew?

We entered my room, placed the bags on stands and Lucie headed for the bathroom. Sarah approached me and laid a kiss on me that would curl the toes of a corpse. I snuck my hand up the inside of her tee and wrapped it around (as best I could) a massive mammary, feeling her large nipple pressing into the palm of my hand. My erection was instantaneous. She felt it, pressed her hips into me, broke the kiss and said, "I'd love to suck you off now, but Lucie has to be first."

I allowed as how that was OK by me. Then Sarah started undressing and told me to do the same. No shyness there!

I undressed and Sarah said, "Oh! Uncircumcised! I've never had an uncircumcised cock before!"

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