Taken at a Rest Stop
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Rape, Slavery, Fiction, BDSM, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Water Sports, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Needles, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young couple head south on vacation. Unable to find a place to stop for the night they stop in a rest stop to get some rest. They are kidnapped by a couple of violent, perverted monsters. This is a very rough, very nasty story. I can't even read it! Beware!

This is a dark, nasty, disturbing story containing page after page of perversion. It is not for the faint of heart. After part one was originally written and posted, in response to a surprising number of requests, I wrote a sequel. It's included here, starting at Chapter Four. Please don't try to read this story if you don't have a strong stomach. And no, for the more naïve among you, this is not a true story. No animals were harmed the in the making of this story.

We left home much later than we planned this morning. My husband and I were taking a couple of weeks off and driving from our home in Northern Vermont to Florida. It was our intention to leave very early in the morning and stop just south of Pennsylvania for the first night. Unfortunately, that wasn't how it worked out.

We packed the car the night before with everything but our toiletries and our pillows. We always travel with our own pillows. When we got up this morning we took quick showers, dressed and went outside. We were planning on having breakfast down the road somewhere.

My husband, Jim, took the toiletry bag out to the car and I went around the house one last time to make sure that no appliances were left on that shouldn't be.

I went outside to find Jim unloading the trunk. One of our tires had gone flat overnight! I helped him as much as I could, which wasn't much. It seems like most of our suitcases weigh more than I do. He got the spare tire and the jack out and changed the tire. Once the tire had been changed we discussed it and decided that the prudent thing to do would be to replace the tire so that we'd have a spare. We didn't want to get stuck on the side of the road without one.

Since the trunk was already unloaded the time to do that was now. I waited impatiently on the porch while Jim rushed into town and waited for our small town's only service station to open so he could get the tire replaced.

By the time he returned and we loaded the trunk again we were almost three hours late getting started. The problem with getting a late start is that we know from past experience that it can be very difficult when traveling on I-81 to find a motel room at night in Pennsylvania.

On one previous trip we ended up driving all the way through the state. We didn't want to. We were exhausted and would have loved to stop for the night. But you can't get off at every rest stop to look for a motel with a vacancy or it will take you a week to get through the state.

The last time we made the trip we ended up taking a nap in a rest stop. If you've tried it you know that sleeping in your car is not very restful! There just aren't enough motel rooms in Pennsylvania.

Sure enough, because of our late start, we ended up, after looking for a room at several exits, giving up and stopping for a short nap at a rest stop. It was a typical rest stop, no better or worse than any other. We parked in a well lit area near the restrooms. Not good for sleeping, but safer. We seemed to have a lot of company. There were plenty of other cars, trucks and a few RVs in the parking lot. It seemed safe.

We put our seats all the way back and put the seat backs down as far as they would go and tried to take a nap. Jim finally dozed off. But after about half an hour I got the urge to go to the ladies room. I quietly opened my door and slid out, careful not to wake Jim. I went up the sidewalk and used the facilities. I came back out and walked through the quiet, peaceful parking lot to our car. There was no sign of trouble until I opened the door and sat down. I didn't even notice at first that although I'd left it fully reclined my seatback was now upright. I was too sleepy I guess.

The first sign I had that we were in trouble was when I looked to see if Jim was awake and I saw him sitting up with his eyes wide open and the barrel of a gun pointed right at his head.

I started to scream. But before any sound could escape a hand came around from the back and clamped over my mouth firmly.

I tried to bite the hand. I struggled to get free of it. I heard an incredibly loud click even as I struggled. The man holding the gun to Jim's head had cocked it. I froze instantly and the man behind me asked me, "Are you ready to behave? Or do you want this young fella's brains splattered all over the windshield?"

I didn't move a muscle. I stopped struggling and slumped down in my seat. The man behind me cautiously took his hand away. When I remained quiet, he sat back in his seat and left me alone.

The man behind Jim said, "Do you kids see how this works? One of you fucks up, the other one gets hurt, or worse. You do what you're told, when you're told and maybe you live to tell the police later. Or not. It depends on my mood. So you better be nice to me."

I was so scared that I was sure that I was going to throw up. I looked at Jim as if he could somehow reassure me that things would be alright. He had an ugly bruise on his forehead. It suddenly struck me, "Oh my god! I left the car door unlocked! Shit! I let these criminals in!"

I started crying when I realized this was my fault. Jim tried to comfort me but the man behind him stopped him.

"Let the bitch cry," he said. "I like the sound. It's pleasant, like a brook running through your backyard. You might as well get used to it. She'll probably be making that sound a lot."

I was too scared to think. But even my fear numbed brain understood the implications of that statement. They weren't going to just take our money and leave. They were going to kidnap us ... or me.

He ordered Jim to start the car and pull up behind a large RV at the far end of the parking lot. It was parked all by itself in the dark under some overhanging tree branches. Jim hesitated for just a second and suddenly a leather strap, a belt, came over the top of my seat and around my neck. It was pulled tight in an instant. I was being strangled!

"Alright," Jim yelled, as he started the car. "Alright, I'm doing it!"

The strap around my throat loosened, but didn't go away. Jim pulled up to the back of the RV and then, following directions, he got out slowly. The man sitting behind him got out and followed Jim. I tried to get a better look at him as he followed Jim around the vehicle but it was dark. I could tell that he seemed large, sturdy. But I couldn't tell anything else about him.

He made Jim precede him at gunpoint out of sight around the corner of the RV. I was afraid he might be taking my husband into the nearby woods until I saw a light come on in the RV. I was terrified of being kidnapped. But at least it didn't look like we were going to be killed. Not right away anyway.

As soon as they were out of sight a hand come around the seat and begin to explore my left breast. I nearly jumped out of my skin. My breath caught and my heart rate doubled as it suddenly occurred to me that I might be, no, I would most likely be raped by these two men.

But the belt tightened around my throat and I offered no resistance.

I wasn't wearing a bra. I normally do, of course. But on long trips I find that they make it impossible to get comfortable towards the end of the day. So as had become my practice when traveling I left it off this morning.

The man behind me realized it right away and said, "Good girl! I appreciate your making it easier for me by not wearing a damned bra. I tell you what. How about if you lift that fucking shirt up over your tits so I can get a good feel?"

I was terrified. And it made it so much worse that he seemed to be so calm and in control. My hands shook as I slowly lifted my polo shirt up over my chest and held it under my chin. I felt my face burning with shame and embarrassment. But it was far outweighed by the sheer terror.

Instantly his hot, sweaty hand began exploring my flesh, now unhindered by the material of my thin top. He cupped my breast and lifted it in his hand as though weighing it. He began pinching and pulling on my nipple.

He wasn't hurting me, just toying with me. I could only sit quietly with my eyes pressed tightly closed and allow him to do anything he wished.

The man that had taken Jim inside finally came back out and opened my door. He smiled down at me, watching the man behind me manipulate my breast as if it were some kind of sex show. He obviously enjoyed the sight of my breasts. He was probably amused as well by the evidence of my complete surrender.

I glanced at his face. I didn't like what I saw. He appeared to be around forty years old. His face was weathered and cruel. I saw absolutely no sign of compassion. No sympathy for another human being in trouble. His cold eyes terrified me as much as the gun in his hand.

He appeared to be in very good shape. He looked strong, and he looked evil. I could hope that he was putting on a show for me, but I didn't think that was the case. He looked like the sort of person the police detectives are always looking for on television, evil.

He stuck the pistol he was carrying into his belt. He knew he didn't need it to intimidate me. He reached out and grabbed my arm. The man in the backseat removed his belt from around my neck and I was roughly pulled out of the car. He wasn't holding the gun now. But he knew I wasn't going anywhere. He had my husband.

I felt like I was aware of every nerve ending in my body as he led me to the door of the RV and pushed me inside. I've never been so scared in my life. I was so scared I was having trouble breathing. As I put my foot on the first of the steps leading up into the RV I knew exactly what someone being led up the stairs to a gallows much feel like.

I reached the top step and looked inside. I saw Jim. He was tied to a chair and gagged. He obviously didn't end up like that without a struggle. There were several bruises on his face and his lip was cut. Jim must have tried desperately to resist this guy. My husband isn't a wuss. But our captor is a big, strong, obviously violent man.

I hesitated when I saw my husband tied to the chair. The man behind me put his hand on my backside, squeezed and then pushed me inside. He followed me in and pushed me into a chair. My hands were handcuffed to the base of the chair and a rag was taped in my mouth.

As soon as he secured me to the chair he went back outside. I heard noises in the back of the RV. They were hooking up our car to the tow dolly that was already attached to the back of the rig. I didn't know if that was good or bad. I decided it was bad. I was concerned because if they left our car here it might give the cops some sort of clue.

I looked at Jim. Jim was normally my tower of strength. It terrified me that he looked beaten. We seemed to be totally helpless, totally hopeless. It was horrible to see him like that. It looked like he had given up. He has accepted the fact that he was beaten. That added to the terror I was feeling. I kept feeling dizzy and I was afraid I was going to faint.

Before long the two men who had taken us came back in from hooking up our car. The one that had been playing with my breast in the car came in behind the larger man that seemed to be in charge.

They had left my shirt pulled up over my breasts when they went out to hook up our car. They stopped in front of me now to subject me to a more leisurely examination in the light.

The older man watched in amusement as the younger man pinched my exposed nipple and smiled down at me as if I was a thing. I was just something for them to play with. I wasn't even really a person with feelings and rights.

I got a good look at the second man for the first time. The two men looked like they might be brothers. They're both tall, rough looking, sturdy, strong, and as I said, evil. They both have a very scary look in their eyes whenever I had the nerve to look one of them in the eyes.

The second one, the one that was behind me in the car and had forced me to expose my breasts appeared to be slightly younger. I estimated that he's in his late thirties. He reluctantly stopped tormenting my exposed breast. He grinned down at me and said, "We're gonna have a lot of fun with those little titties in a little while."

Then he turned and walked up front and got in the driver's seat. In a few minutes the RV was driving down the Interstate in the dark with my husband and I tied up and helpless in the back.

One of the reasons I was so scared was that, although they had put our car on the tow dolly and were bringing it along, I got the impression they weren't interested in our possessions so much as they didn't want to leave behind any evidence that we had been kidnapped. They didn't want our possessions. It would have been obvious from the car we drove that we aren't wealthy. They want me.

They ignored us for a while. They sat up front in those captain's chairs and talked quietly as if my husband and I were not even in the RV. They drove for nearly an hour before they pulled off the Interstate and into a gas station. They filled up the fuel tank. The older of the two men went inside to pay and came back out with a couple of cups of coffee. Soon they were driving down the secondary roads. I had no idea where we were going.

I didn't even know if we were still in Pennsylvania. It was early in the morning and very dark. We seemed to be passing miles and miles of absolutely nothing.

I was exhausted. I haven't slept in almost twenty-four hours. But I was much too scared to doze off. Every time I looked at our captors I got a feeling of terror in the pit of my stomach. Unfortunately, that feeling was totally justified by the circumstances. There was no way to rationalize it away. So I just sat with my head resting on the seat back and stared at the ceiling.

A light coming from the microwave oven caught my eye. I glanced over at it and saw that it was almost four in the morning. Not long after that the driver slowed and turned off the road.

I glanced out through the windshield. He was driving slowly along a narrow path through the trees on a very rough trail. Branches scraped the top and sides of the RV as they slowly drove deeper into the woods. I had the impression that we were a long way from anything.

He drove slowly through the woods for about five minutes and finally came to a stop. I looked outside but it was pitch black and I couldn't see a thing.

The two men that had taken us stood up and stretched. The driver went into the back and I heard him using the bathroom. The other one, the older one, the more evil of the two if I was correct, stood looking down at me. At last he reached into his pocket. He dug out the key and leaned down and unlocked my handcuffs.

My arms were free now, but I had no place to go. I sat, waiting for whatever was to happen next. I was long past hoping I would not be raped. Now I was just praying that we would not be killed. I was not so stupid that I didn't know that they were going to rape me.

The one in charge spoke quietly to me. "Do you remember what I told you back at the rest stop?"

I was too terrified to think. He must have seen the blank look in my eyes. "I told you that anytime either of you does something I don't like, or doesn't do what they're told, the other one pays for it. Do you remember now?"

I nodded. I still had the gag in my mouth.

"Do you believe me?" he asked.

There was absolutely no question in my mind that they would take pleasure in hurting us, or killing us, as the spirit moved them.

I nodded again.

"Smart girl," he said. "I'm going to take that gag off now. You don't make a sound, not one peep. You don't speak unless spoken to. I don't want to hear a who, a what, a why, or a where come out of your mouth."

I nodded my understanding.

He ripped the tape off of my mouth, pulled the cloth out and tossed it onto the counter nearby. I took a couple of deep breaths and licked my dry lips. I kept swallowing, trying to get some moisture in my mouth.

The man that had been driving came back out from the bathroom. The one who had been doing the talking said, "This is my little brother Luke. My name is JT. You can call us both Sir, when we let you speak. That won't be very often. Now I was serious about that. I consider unauthorized talking a serious offense and I promise you that both of you will regret it if I catch you. That means talking between you, too."

I nodded my understanding and he continued, "Good. You seem like a real smart girl. Maybe there is just a slight chance you two will come out of this okay. Now, I would like for you to stand up."

He paused while I struggled to my feet and tried to stand on legs that quivered in terror.

When I was standing at last he continued, "Good girl, now, take those clothes off for me."

It certainly came as no surprise. But still I wasn't sure how I was going to get through it. I took a deep breath, hesitating for only a second. Suddenly he swung around and hit Jim in the face violently with the back of his hand.

I screamed and he grabbed my throat and nearly lifted me right up off of the floor by my neck. He held me so that only my toes touched the floor. "What did I tell you about not obeying?" he asked conversationally.

That was part of what made this so terrifying, made them so evil. They acted like kidnapping people and hurting them were just things that everyone did. This was all just a part of their normal everyday lives. It was just another day at the office.

I struggled with my polo shirt, while I still dangled from his fingers. Finally he released me. Still gasping for breath I pulled my shirt over my head and dropped it in the chair behind me. It wasn't covering anything anyway. My breasts have been exposed since Luke made me pull my top up at the rest stop.

"Damn," he said to his brother, obviously disappointed. "Not much in the tit department."

My breasts have been exposed since just before they pulled me out of our car. It isn't like he was seeing them for the first time. If he wasn't satisfied with my figure he could have left us at the rest stop and I would have been perfectly happy.

Luke grinned and said, "They felt just fine to me, JT."

I kicked off my sandals and slid my loose fitting shorts and my panties down together and stepped out of them. I stood back up and waited with my hands at my sides for the next command.

JT stared at me for a moment. Then he went up front and picked up my purse from the consol between the front seats. I hadn't even seen them bring it in.

He dug around in it until he found my wallet and pulled out my driver's license. He held it up, looked back and forth between my license and me and read, "Jean Davis, Star Route, Littleton, Vermont, born July 17th, 1984. That would make you twenty-two, right?"

I nodded and he read on. "Five foot four inches, one hundred and fourteen pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes. And if there was a block on here for 'cute little thing' they would have had to check that too. Your tits are a little smaller than I like. But you're a good looking little thing."

"How long have you been married?" he asked.

"Two years next week," I answered in a voice not much louder than a whisper.

JT suddenly swung around and drove the back of his hand into Jim's face again.

I screamed and he turned back around and grinned at me. Seeing the obvious consternation on my face he yelled, "SIR! Two years next week, SIR! Damn girl, I hope you start learning faster than you have been. Your poor old man is having a hard time here."

"We've been married two years next week, sir." I said again. Oh god! Poor Jim! I was trying so hard to do what they wanted!

JT smiled and said, "That's better. Now, come over here. Let's check you out and see what we have to work with."

I was only a few feet away from him. This was a very large and obviously very expensive RV. But still, there is only so much room to play with. He watched me edge closer, enjoying my terror, feeding on it like a vampire on blood.

When I was close enough he reached out. His large hands clamped down on my breasts roughly, squeezing and pulling. I'm positive that he was trying to force me to defend myself so that he could hurt Jim again.

I winced in pain but I didn't try to protect myself. He mauled my breasts for a few minutes and then he concentrated on my nipples. He stretched them out painfully, as far as they would go. Then he yanked them around roughly in all different directions. Squeezing and pulling and staring into my eyes to feed off of my pain.

I tried not to look at Jim. I was painfully aware that I had been positioned so that I was being manhandled right in front of him. I didn't want to see the pain and the helplessness in his eyes.

JT looked down at him and saw that his eyes were closed and he asked me, "What's your hubby's name little lady?"

"Jim, sir," I answered instantly.

JT looked down at Jim and in the voice you would expect from a concerned teacher talking to an inattentive student he said, "Jimmy boy? I don't want to look down and see your eyes closed again. You pay attention to what's going on here, alright?"

Jim muttered what sounded like it must have been, "Yes, sir," through his gag and then opened his eyes and watched JT molest me as he had been ordered.

JT smiled and said, "Good boy." Then he reached down and shoved a couple of fingers into my pussy, roughly, as though trying to hurt me. He succeeded.

I grunted in pain at the sudden violent invasion of my body. But I didn't move. I was surprised that my pussy didn't seem to be dry. I certainly wasn't turned on. I suppose it must be my body's natural reaction to the torment I was being forced to endure. Still it was embarrassing when JT pulled his fingers out and showed them to his brother Luke and to my husband and kidded about how much fun I was having.

He put his fingers back in my pussy and moved them around and said, "Still nice and tight." He looked at his brother and said, "This feels like some prime pussy, Luke."

After a few minutes he pulled his fingers out of me and turned me around. He ordered me to bend down, put my hands flat on the floor and spread my legs shoulder width apart.

I did as he instructed and I could feel the eyes of all three of them on my exposed privates. Luke chuckled and said, "God damn! I can't wait to get me some of that!"

I felt the tears streaming down my cheeks as first one and then both brothers explored my body from the back. Fingers poked and prodded, delving deeply into my pussy and even forcing themselves into my butt.

I didn't move, though. I offered no resistance. Except for an occasional grunt of pain I stayed down and stayed quiet and tried to divorce my mind from what they were doing to me.

I heard the obvious sound of clothing being removed. The older brother was undressing while Luke continued to explore my body far too energetically.

As soon as JT was undressed, Luke stepped back and watched as JT ordered me stand up and turn around. I obeyed instantly, wavering slightly as I stood because so much of my blood had gone to my head in the awkward and humiliating position they kept me in for the last five or ten minutes.

When I was standing, JT pulled me close and kissed me passionately. I knew better than to resist. I forced myself to return his kiss. I was fully aware that if JT wasn't satisfied Jim would suffer for it.

As JT held me close and our tongues entwined he continued to explore my body with his large, rough hands. He began sawing one hand up and down through my slit and I started moving my hips in response.

I'm sure that he's intelligent enough to know that I was doing what I had to do to protect my husband. But he broke the kiss, smiled at his brother and said, "Damn, Luke! Look at her go! This bitch is hot!"

I prayed that Jim realized that I was doing what I had to do so that he wouldn't be hurt. I desperately didn't want to look at him. I was far too humiliated. But I couldn't stop myself. I glanced down and looked into his vacant eyes. He was looking in my direction. But from the stunned look on his face and the vacant look in his eyes I don't think he was seeing what was happening right in front of him. Or maybe that was just wishful thinking.

I felt JT pressing on my shoulders and I dropped to my knees. His cock was right in my face, hard and red and throbbing. It appeared to be about the same size as my husband's. It was about seven inches long. So I didn't feel that intimidated by its size. At least that was what I tried to convince myself. The truth was that this man reeked of evil and violence and I was terrified. Even his cock seemed evil.

I didn't wait to be told. I reached up with my hands to take hold of his cock. I guess that would have been too easy.

He slapped my hands away and said, "A little later I'll want you to use your fingers to tickle my balls. Other than that you don't need them."

I parted my lips and although I'm not very good at it I did my best to please him with my mouth. I do it for Jim from time to time. But I don't really care for it. It seems like such a nasty thing to do. Of course I never let him ejaculate in my mouth. I knew, however, that JT and Luke were not going to be as understanding.

JT let me struggle with his cock in my mouth for a few moments. I'm reasonably certain that he was enjoying my discomfort at least as much as he enjoyed the actual stimulation he received from my lips and tongue. But it wasn't long before he decided that the stimulation provided by my clumsy efforts was inadequate. He grabbed my head and started forcing his cock deeper with every violent stroke.

In seconds he was forcing his cock much deeper than I had ever experienced before. I began gagging uncontrollably as the head of his cock began to slam into the back of my throat. The tears were flowing down my cheeks in a steady stream now. But still I didn't resist.

I struggled to breathe. But I told myself over and over that I had no choice but to let him do anything he wanted. He stabbed at the back of my throat violently at least a half dozen time before something gave and I suddenly found myself with his cock all the way down my throat!

He didn't even seem surprised. But I sure as hell was! I had no idea!

JT turned to look at Jim. He watched my husband's face while he drove his cock down my throat a few more times. Then he smiled at Jim and exclaimed, "Ain't that pretty?! I knew she could do it!"

He turned his attention back to me and said, "Yeah baby, that's what I like. Keep doing that."

He released his hold on my head and let me continue on my own. With great difficulty, and a lot of pain, I was able to continue to force my lips down to the smelly, sweaty base of his cock on every stroke now.

JT leaned back and watched my struggles with obvious pleasure. It wasn't long before he started groaning and at last he grabbed my head in his cruel grip again. I could tell that he was about to ejaculate. At that point I would have done anything to get it over with as quickly as possible. As he had instructed, I brought my hand up and lightly tickled his large, hairy, extremely ugly balls while he held my face buried in his stomach and he ejaculated into my throat.

I forced myself not to resist. I remained there with his cock in my throat, struggling to get enough oxygen until he finally pulled his cock out of my throat. He made sure that I caught the last few drops of his cum on my tongue before he pulled it out of my mouth altogether.

I had been so preoccupied that I had not noticed that Luke was naked now. Not until JT moved away and Luke took his place. I almost couldn't see him through my tear filled eyes. But when the head of his cock pressed against my lips I knew instantly what was happening. I let his slimy cock force my lips apart. It slid across my tongue and filled my mouth almost before I had a chance to catch a breath.

Luke's cock was fractionally longer and just a tiny bit thicker. So it wasn't as if he was threatening me with some monster cock. But I had just been used very roughly and it was hard to continue without a moment's rest. As I expected, though, there would be no rest.

Luke didn't give me a chance to suck his cock. He had just watched his brother fuck my throat and he wanted the same treatment. As soon as the head of his cock was in my mouth he grabbed my head and started fucking my face brutally. He was obviously a man that enjoyed rape.

On the second thrust his cock drove all the way down into my throat. The only thing that I could do was try to time my breaths between his savage strokes. I didn't even notice the terrible, sour, unclean smell coming from him until the very end. But his odor was the least of my problems. He held me just as JT had and shot his slimy cum down my throat.

I took what little comfort I could from the fact that he hadn't lasted very long. Neither of them did. But I wasn't so stupid that I thought our ordeal was over. I assumed that there would be many more opportunities for them to take their time and increase my suffering.

Luke finally pulled his organ from my mouth but I was too scared to move. I stayed just as I was until someone told me what I should do next. It didn't take long. Luke moved over to the chair I had been handcuffed to and sat on my clothes.

JT came back around and I saw that his cock was already hard again. He put his cock back in my poor, tired mouth but when I started to try to take it down my throat the way he made me do it the first time he stopped me. He let me just hold the head of it in my mouth.

He looked down at me, enjoying the sight of my tear stained face with his cock sticking in my mouth again. He sighed with perverted pleasure and said, "Yeah baby, that's good. You're turning out to be easier to train that I thought you would. That was some good head. I bet you didn't even know what a good cocksucker you were did you?"

I shook my head gently.

He patted my head like I was some kind of dumb animal and said, "That's okay. You can thank me later. Now it's time to see if that sweet little pussy of yours is as good as I think it is."

He stepped back and ordered me to stretch out on the floor in front of my husband. I obeyed instantly. I didn't want my husband getting punched again because I didn't obey instantly.

JT knelt between my knees and started licking my thighs and my stomach. But not for long. He quickly zeroed in on my slit and ate me with much more talent than I would have expected from him.

I was still more terrified than I've been in my life. And these two monstrous goons were the most despicably human beings it has ever been my misfortune to encounter. For the first time in my life I could truly say that I hate someone.

That's why I shall never understand what happened next. I fought it with all of my will. But within minutes I found myself lifting my hips to meet his tongue and finally shuddering as I came with his mouth pressed over my pussy and his tongue buried deeply in my slit.

It simply wasn't possible! But it happened. I felt so guilty. I knew I could never look Jim in the eye again. Letting that cretin give me an orgasm was much worse than letting both of them cum in my mouth.

He stared up at me over my heaving breasts. He didn't say anything about my orgasm. But he was gloating. I could see it on his cruel face. As soon as I started to relax and come back down from my orgasm he moved up over me and looked down into my eyes. He ordered me to put his cock in my slit. I cringed at the idea of this monster invading the most private, intimate part of my body. But of course I obeyed.

I reached down and gingerly took his hard cock between my thumb and two fingers. I shuddered in revulsion when my fingers came into contact with his throbbing cock. But I carefully guided the end of it to my moist slit and wedged it into my opening.

He held still at first. The head of his cock was just inside of my still sensitive pussy. He didn't slam it into me as I expected. Instead he remained over me and slowly leaned down and our lips met in a gentle kiss. He knew how much I hated kissing him. I could see how much it amused him to make me do it.

But still he held back as if to draw out the suspense. He took his lips from mine and ordered me to lick the juices from my pussy from his face.

I obeyed, moving my tongue over his day old beard. While I licked his face he stared down into my eyes. He saw my revulsion and it excited him.

When he was satisfied that I had licked all of my juices from his face he started fucking me. Slowly at first, then with increasing violence until he was thrusting in and out of me with astonishing force and speed. It hurt, but it was impossible to ignore the sensations in my swollen pussy and soon, to my ultimate shame, I began cumming again.

I wanted to scream. Not with passion. I wanted to scream out the anger I felt at my traitorous body. How could a decent woman have an orgasm while being violently raped?! I've been kidnapped and raped. My husband has been beaten nearly senseless. We are quite likely to be killed by these two monsters. And I'm having orgasms!!

When I finally became aware that I was holding him tightly in my arms and squeezing him with my legs I almost screamed again. What's wrong with me?!

He had cum shortly after I had and when I opened my eyes he was staring down at me smugly. He knew how horrified I was with myself.

He chuckled and said, "Yeah, you are one hot cunt, aren't you baby. We're going to get along just fine."

I could only cry softly and answer, "Yes, sir."

JT got off of me and straddled my body. He walked up my body on his knees until his semi hard, slimy male organ was dangling at my lips. "One of your jobs, bitch, will be to always clean off the cock that has just pleasured you. Then you kiss it and say thank you, sir."

I opened my mouth and lifted my head, taking JT's cock in my mouth. I managed to control my gagging and suck his nasty cock clean. When it was clean I let it slip from between my lips. I kissed the head softly and said, "Thank you, sir."

He didn't seem to mind the despair that was obvious in my voice.

At last he lifted off of me and as soon as he was out of the way his brother fell on me heavily with all the grace of a football lineman tackling a quarterback. He had obviously not learned anything from watching his older brother. His attack was even more violent and totally lacking in style.

I thought to myself, "This is the kind of attack that the word 'fuck' was meant to describe. It was nothing but brutal and degrading. Of course, he was not in the least concerned with my feelings or opinions and he was not doing it to please me. We were not, after all, lovers in any sense of the word. He was a rapist and I was a victim. I wasn't here to enjoy this. I was here so that he could rape me, so that he could enjoy using my body like this.

I just closed my eyes and waited for it to be over. Fortunately it didn't take long. Luke came inside of me and then he collapsed on top of me. He lay there, resting his weight on me and caught his breath while robbing me of my own.

He finally rolled off, sat up and leaned back against a chair. He sat their staring at me, already looking forward to the next rape.

I was in my own little world, trying to deal with what I was being put through. Fortunately, though, before they had a chance to hurt Jim I suddenly remembered what I was required to do after one of them raped me.

I sat up and crawled over between Luke's legs. I took his smelly cock into my mouth and sucked it clean. I finally released it and kissed it and through my tears I managed to say, "Thank you, sir."

As I sat back up it occurred to me that his cock was probably the cleanest part of his filthy body now.

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