Nancy's Christmas Party

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: Her hubby wanted to watch the game on TV so she went alone.

About an hour from now, Larry, one of my coworkers is going to pay me a visit. I will greet him with a passionate kiss (lots of tongue - he likes that) and then I will take him upstairs to my bedroom. I will do a sexy strip for him (leaving on only my high heels) and then I will help him take off his clothes. I will push him back on the bed, kneel between his legs and give him a slow sensuous blow- job until he comes in my mouth. I will swallow every drop of his sperm, I will lick him clean and I will suck him until he is hard again at which time I will climb into bed with him and spend the next hour or so trying to fuck his brains out. When I have totally satisfied him he will dress and I will walk him down to the front door where he will ask if he can see me again soon. I will smile and tell him that my pussy is his whenever he wants it and I will kiss him goodbye. The door will be barely closed behind him and I will be running up the steps to the bedroom where my husband will be waiting with a rock hard cock, providing, of course, that he didn't jack off in the closet.

How did a thirty-eight year old loving wife and mother of three become such a cock hungry slut? Just pure dumb luck, I guess. It all started last December when my company threw its annual Christmas party. I'd only been with them for three months and I was really looking forward to the party so I could get to know my coworkers better. At the last minute my husband Danny decided to throw cold water on my plans.

"I've been looking forward all year to see these two teams play each other and there is no way I'm going to miss the game for a stupid Christmas party!"

"That's fine," I said, "but I'm going, with or without you!"

The night of the party I didn't bother going home since Danny wasn't going to come; instead I stayed and helped decorate the office. Those of us who were doing the decorating got started sipping the booze right after work and as a consequence we already had a glow on when the rest of the people started arriving. For the rest of the evening, every time I turned around someone was putting a drink in my hand and I was having a hell of a good time. I danced with several of the men and because of my 'tipsy' condition most of them thought they could get away with grabbing a feel or pushing their hard cocks into my leg or belly, but I pretended to ignore it which only made them bolder. Even when I got caught under the Mistletoe and the kisses got a little heated, I didn't care. After all, I would be going home to Danny and he would be getting all the benefit of the sexual heat that the guys were generating in me. And they were causing me to become hot and bothered; I hadn't had so many hands on my private parts since high school, but I was a big girl now and I knew I could handle these guys.

I'd had quite a bit to drink, but I did not consider that I was drunk, or even close to being drunk so when Larry caught me in the hallway as I was coming back from the ladies room and tried to kiss me I just giggled and let him. He gave me a little tongue and I gave him a little back. It turned into a passionate embrace and I barely registered that he was walking me backward into the break room. The next thing I knew Larry had me lying on a table with my dress up around my waist, my panties hanging from an ankle and he was between my legs and working his cock into me. I started to yell but he put his mouth on mine, his tongue was in my throat and then he was fucking me. I struggled, but it wasn't long before my body started to react to what was happening to it. My struggles ceased and my legs came up and locked behind Larry's, my arms went around his neck and then I was pushing back up at him. I don't know how long we were locked together, but eventually I felt him stiffen; I knew he was going to come, but I wasn't ready - I could feel my orgasm coming on - and I begged him to stay with me, but I felt his warmth flood my insides.

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