My Submission
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, BiSexual, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Interracial,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A little fantasy about a submissive male.

My makeup is perfect. The seams of my hose are straight as an arrow. Each tab of my garter belt is evenly attached to the hose top. The straps of my 5 inch heels are LOCKED around my ankles. My nip-less bra is positioned so the nipple clips are hanging from my nipples. My crotchless panties are tight and smooth. I'm sitting here with a 1-3/4 inch by 5 inch dildo in my ass. My cock is restricted in a CB-3000 cock cage and will remain that way until released by my Mistress.

Yes my dears I am male. I am devoted to my Mistress. Her word is law. She has instructed me to tell you my tail for her and your amusement, and my humiliation.

My excursion in to S & M began April 10, 2008, and came to a full bloom six months ago. I am married and had a roving eye when I found Mistress. I meet her through one of those tacky news papers that people advertized in and know that they will never meet the person if their desire, but like me hold out the hope that they will. For me it worked.

Mistress started my training out with light spankings and cock torment that quickly progressed to my feminization. Mistress said she loved dominating sluts, and since she didn't have a female at the time I would have to do. She trained me to suck her black strap-on dildo, and to willingly beg to take it up my ass. Of course I found this very humiliating, but Mistress reminded me that I was but a slut and that I should be treated as a slut. Everyone knew that all sluts were good for was sucking cocks and being fucked in the ass.

With-in weeks, I was lying to my wife, and meeting Mistress at a nearby motel rooms. I would arrive early to prepare myself for her entry. I would always follow her instructions, and prepare myself as she directed. Usually dressing myself as a slut in hot pants and heels, but I had told Mistress that my wife was scheduled to be out of town for the next two weeks so this day my instructions had been different. I was told to strip naked, shave my body smooth, put on my wig and make-up, place a butt plug in my ass, prop the door so she could enter without me opening the door, and then knell in the middle of the floor and cuff my hands behind my back and a wait her arrival.

I dutifully followed her instructions. It was not until I had snapped the cuffs shut that I panicked, what if the next person through the door was not my Mistress? How would I explain? My worries were short lived, for in the next five minutes Mistress strolled into my room. I relaxed as Mistress strolled around the room. My relief was short lived though, for two men soon followed Mistress into the room.

One was a black man, about 25-30 years old, about five feet six inches tall, and weighing about 125 pounds. He was totally nude with the exception of a cock ring. His hands were tied behind his back and he had a ball gag in his mouth.

The other man was a larger white man, about 30-35 years old, 185 pounds, and five feet ten tall. He was dress only in black leather shaps that exposed his cock and ass, a matching leather vest and 5 inch heeled boots. I later found out he was my Mistress's husband Tom. Tom took the black man directly over to the bed and tied him spread eagle to it.

Mistress laughed at my plight and announced that she had ordered me here so that she could see her new black slave have his cock sucked. I looked at her in horror. I had never told her that I was homosexual. Sure I'd sucked her dildo, and yeah I'd had told her about a couple of homosexual experiences I had during college, but a homosexual? Not me!

Tom walked around behind me and the next thing I felt was pain as he grabbed my balls. Lifting me to me feet, he man handled me over to the bed. There I stood; staring down at the blackest man I'd ever seen. He was nude, bound and gagged, spread eagle, and helpless. He looked back up at me, and he's cock began to stir. Slowly it began to lengthen and harden to eight inches long by two inches cross.

"Look my darling slut!" Mistress said, "He's hot for you painted mouth! Oh goody, I think he's hot for you. Or maybe he just likes getting his cock sucked? Is that what you want Richard? Do you want your cocked sucked?" Richard could only nod his head 'yes'.

I was terrified. Did my Mistress really want me to suck off a real cock? Surly not! I had told her countless times that my homosexual desires were only fantasy. But each time I protested Mistress would have me suck her black strap-on dildo. Often after she had me suck her cock she would have me beg her to fuck me in the ass, or my "male pussy" as she made me say. Would she make me do this with Richard?

"You know what to do sweetie," my Mistress said.

"No, Mistress! Please no!" I wailed. Suddenly I felt a pain across my butt. Tom was lashing me with my Mistress's flog. Mistress had used the flogger sparingly with me as she knew that marks would be a dead give-a-way to my wife. But Tom must have known that my wife was away. I jerked and sobbed at each stroke. Please Mistress; don't make me suck his cock!" I begged, but the flogging only continued.

As the color of my ass and back deepen, Mistress spoke to me, "The only way to stop his flogging is to start sucking cock." I held out for a few moments that is, until the pain in my "male pussy" was so strong I would have done almost anything. I leaned forward and started to take Richards cock into my mouth. "No sweetie." Mistress said, "First you have to ask for it."

Oh god! I thought. Now I have to beg to suck his cock. Tom continued to rain pain onto my ass. "Please Mistress, may I suck his cock?"

"What did you say?"

"Please Mistress, may I suck his cock?"

"Say it with sincerity."

"Please Mistress; may I please suck his cock? I beg you to please let me suck his cock."

"Very good slut," Mistress said. "Take good care of him Tom, while I go get the other slut." Tom smiled at her and said, "Yes Mistress," as she walks from the room.

"Get to sucking slut!" Tom warms as I watched my Mistress leave the room. Richard grew even more firm in my mouth. "Hummm, Don't you just love it you little slut," Tom asked. For course I couldn't answer with a mouth full of cock, but with Toms grip on my balls I was not going to disagree. Whenever I let up on sucking Richards cock Tom would tighten his grip until I sucked harder then he would loosen his hold. As I sucked, I could feel Richard's rubbery cock swelled in my mouth. "Don't let him cum yet," Tom warmed.

I'm not sure how long it was before Mistress returned to the room. It seemed like forever. When she did return, she was leading a latex clad figure. It took me a few minutes before I could tell the figure was a woman. She was covered from head to toe in black latex. Her head was completely covered with a hood; the only had holes in it for her nose and mouth. The mouth hole was filled with a gag that I was very familiar with. It consisted with a 3" penis that extended into the mouth and a 6" dildo that extended out from the mouth. I had spent many hours fucking Mistress with this gag. The woman's upper body was covered with a tight fitting latex blouse with sleeves that extended down and covered her hands in mitts without thumbs. Her hands were locked behind her back. Her lower body was also covered in latex pants. I could only assume that the strap that ran between her legs held dildos by the way she walked on the 5" high heels. The only thing that betrayed her as female was that the blouse had two openings that exposed her breast, which were bound with rubber tubing so tight that they were turning purple, and had saw toothed alligator clips on the nipples.

"Oh look sweetie," Mistress said to her latex clad companion, "a cock sucker! Doesn't that look like fun? Oh I forgot you can't see!" She said with a grin as she massaged the woman's tits. But she added, "Doesn't the little slut look like "he's" having fun sucking that black cock?"

"Do you like getting your cock sucked Richard," Mistress asked? Richard nodded his head. "Are you getting close," Mistress asked? Again Richard nodded his head. My Mistress than ask me, "You're going to take it all aren't you slut?" I felt Tom's grip tight on my balls and I increase my efforts. "I can't hear you!" she said. "Yes, yes Mistress, I want to eat his cum Mistress," I said. "I thought so," Mistress said.

"Doesn't he look like his enjoying it my sweet?" Mistress asked the latex clad woman as she stroked the straps running between her legs. "Hummm!" was her only answer. "He looks like a natural born cock sucker," Mistress said. "I bet he would rather suck cock than eat pussy. Is that right my little slut cock sucker?"

Again I felt pressure on my balls. "Mistress needs an answer cocksucker," Tom said.

"Yes Mistress I'd rather suck cock than eat pussy!" I yelled.

"What! You don't want to eat my pussy?" Mistress quarried.

The cock in my mouth began to swell. "You lose a drop of that cum and it will be your ass!" Mistress said.

Suddenly my mouth was filled with cum, as Richard ejaculation erupted. He ejaculates twice more and that too I swallowed.

Tom pulled his cock from his pants and started to feed it to Richard when Mistress said, "No Tom, I want you to fuck the slut here up the ass after he gets the black hard again." Tom snorted and began twisting Richard's nipples. "Come on stud get it up before I fuck your ass!" I was surprised to feel Richard's cock begin to swell again.

Mistress had laid the latex covered lass on her back beside me, with her head near the foot of the bed, the dildo in her mouth sticking up right beside Richards. "Get it wet for me," Mistress said. I detached from Richard and leaned over to take the dildo into my mouth. Mistress got between the latex lass's legs and unbuckled the crotch strap, and as I suspected latex lass was packed with a dildo and butt plug.

First Mistress removed the butt plug at appeared to be at least two inches thick and seven inches long. From experience I knew that this was uncomfortable. Next she removed the two and a half by eight inch dildo from the lass's cunt. This she stuck in Richard's mouth. "Suck the white pussy juice off this Niger," said Mistress. Richard's cock immediately sprang to attention.

"Take the slut," said Mistress to Tom as she settled her pussy over the dildo in the lass's mouth. Tom rounded on me and thrust his cock toward my mouth. Well it wasn't as if this was my first cock tonight, I took it in my mouth and felt it swell to its maximum size. He withdrew from my mouth and circled to my ass. The next thing I felt was Tom's cock probing my ass hole. I relaxed and he slowly slide into me. As Tom begin to ride me Mistress said, "You may cum slut, but only after Tom." She settled fully onto the Latex lass's head and said to Richard, "Get over here and fuck this bitch with you Niger baby maker!" The latex lass suddenly begin to struggle, I can only guess because Mistress was sitting on her noise holes.

Richard springing to his knees and without ceremony pile drove into the lass's cunt. Mistress rode the dildo in the latex lass's mouth as Richard pounded her pussy. Tom was pounding my ass and I was jacking off eager for Tom to cum so I could, but in the back of my mind I knew tom would not cum until Mistress did. The question was when would she cum?

Mistress would ride then stop, Tom would stop, and I would stop, letting the desire to orgasm subside, but Richard pounded on. I had to stop myself twice more before Richard started; "Oooh! Oh! Oh!" At the same time Mistress started, "Oooh! Oh! Oh!" As did Tom; I felt his cock swell in my ass and I begin stroking faster. Hurry Tom hurry, I thought.

"Can you feel it bitch? He's shooting Niger seed into you cunt!" Mistress said. The latex lass was writhing in obvious orgasm, but it also appeared she was trying to buck Richard off.

Mistress grunted hard and I know she was cumming. Tom exploded in my ass and collapsed on my back as my cock begins to drain on the sheets under me. It felt like my sole was being pulled out of my urethra. We were all laying there exhausted, but all too soon Tom, still impelled in my ass, lifts me and says, "Clean that mess off your hands and the sheets."

As I start licking my cum off my fingers I see Richard carefully easing out of the Latex lass's cunt. Mistress, who is quite a squirter and who has covered the lass's tits with her ejaculation, reaches down and pulls the lass's ankles up to her head. Richard retrieves the dildo and butt plug and reinserts them into the lass. Mistress pats the lass's belly and says, "That should keep the little swimmers where they belong!" To which the lass again begins to struggle.

Mistress looked at me and said, "Get over here and clean up this Nigger's cock!" Well it was as if I hadn't had it in my mouth once this evening, so with Tom still in my ass I crawled over to Richard and took his softening cock into my mouth and cleaned the lass's pussy juice and his cum off. Next Mistress say, "Get up here and clean me out," as she rose off the dildo extending from the lass's mouth. With Tom still in me I mouth Mistress's cunt and cleaned her cunt of it oily residue. "Now her," said Mistress pointing to the dildo and lass's breast.

The dildo and lass's breast were very wet with Mistress's oily cum, which I begin to lick off. As I got to her tits my noise bumped the nipple clips and she would tremble and moan, but I cleaned the oil from them.

That complete Tom said, "My turn."

As he pulled from my ass; Mistress and Richard helped the latex lass back to her feet, and escorted her on her seven inch heels to the door. Tom spun me around and shoved his cock covered in his cum and bits of my fecal matter into my mouth. "Mmmm," Tom said. "Your mouth is as soft as your ass."

I spent the next half hour cleaning Tom's cock, and his cum covered fingers. He reached back to my ass to recover another load of cum. Tom going on about how good a cocksucker I was, and what a fine ass I had. He kelp calling me sissy-boy and cum-slut. This continued until Mistress re-entered the room.

Mistress was alone when she came back to rescue me. Well not rescue, she sent Richard and Tom away and I spent the next half hour in my CB3000, sucking her pussy, before she sent me home. She sent me out of the Hotel room with my wig, corset, a short skirt and five inch heels. In my car there was a note and key telling me that my male close could be found in a locker at the train station.

Luckily I was not noticed and was able to change into my male cloths before returning home. That was not always the case. But this time I made it home without incident. The trouble didn't start until I got home. My wife who was usually rather frigid chose this moment to be frisky. Of course while imprisoned in the CB-3000 I could not participate, nor did I want her to know I was locked-up.

I spent the next week avoiding my wife and hoping Mistress called me back. The next Friday at work I was sitting at me desk when my phone rang; it was my wife telling me that she had an unexpected appointment this evening and she would see me Saturday morning. As soon as she hung-up I call Mistress I was free for the evening. I so hoped that she could fit me into her schedule. As luck would have it she instructed me to change into my slut outfit and meet her in the same hotel room as last time.

I left work and went to retrieve my slut outfit from the train station locker. I was not lucky this time as I was leaving the men's room dressed in my slut attire a "gentleman" ask me to give him a blowjob. As instructed by Mistress I was to suck off any male that ask. This resulted in four mouths full of cum before I could reach Mistress.

When I got to the Hotel I saw Richard standing behind the desk. This explained the use of the same hotel room. He of coursed recognized me with a big smile. He handed me a key and told me to go right up. I proceeded to the room.

As I entered the room I saw Mistress sitting on the couch and Tom sucking her pussy. There was a woman lying on the bed, I could not see her face as there was a black man sitting on her chest feeding her his cock. There was another black fucking the woman. There were three more black men standing beside the bed playing with their cocks. Each was at least nine inches.

"Oh good," said Mistress. "We need a fluffer."

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term "fluffer" it is a porn term. It is the person keep keeps the male "talent" hard for the next photo shoot.

Mistress pushed Tom away, reached over to a table beside her and picked up a leather-half-mask. This she placed over my wigged head, it covered my eyes and ears leaving my mouth exposed and "useable".

I was lead over to the woman on the bed. I spent the rest of the evening there playing with and sucking cock. The only good part about that was the cum went into the woman, and not my mouth. I'm fairly sure that the men fucking the women were changed out at least three time as I heard Mistress open and close the room door that may times. Tom kelp saying, "And there is another black baby making cock for you..." I could hear the woman moaning as cock pounded into her cunt.

Hours later, and many slick cocks cleaned, I heard Mistress say, "Lets plug the bitch and get her out of here." After the door closed Mistress removed my mask and the CB-3000. For the next few hours Mistress busied herself tormenting my balls and nipples. My ass was invaded with large dildo with high bumps on the shaft. I was soon begging her to allow me to cum. She kelp me on the edge for what seemed like forever. Then I heard the magic word, "CUM BITCH!" And I did. It felt like someone was pulling a rope out of my penis. It was for moments like this that kelp me coming back to Mistress.

It didn't matter how many cocks I had to suck. How many times I was fucked in the ass. For a climax like that I would have gladly sold my wife.

After I had recovered from my orgasm Mistress had me reapply my make-up and get dressed again in my slut out-fit. As I picked up the CB-3000 Mistress told me that that would not be necessary. She told me that the key to my male cloths locker would be returned to me at the train station. At the train station I had to suck-off six men and I was ass fucked by two others. Just as I was began to wonder if I'd ever get loose Richard walked in smiling. I just nodded and offered him my ass, which he took. Later as I clean my shit off his dick he handed me the key. "Have a good time," he said as he left.

I got home just before sun rise. My wife was slumbering soundly as I crawled into bed beside her. As my cock was not locked up for the first time I month I thought, "what the hell," and stroked my wife's back. She stretched, moaned, and then stiffened. Before I could go any further she turned over and said that she was not in the mood. "Curious..." I thought, but what the heck I thought as I went to the bathroom to jack-off for the first time in six months.

The rest the week-end was like that, my wife rejecting me and me jacking-off. On Monday my wife call to tell me she would be late. I said okay. And late she was, 2:00 am, and no explanations. For the next four nights the same thing happen.

On Friday I didn't get a call from my wife but I did get one from Mistress. You guessed it the same hotel, the same hotel room. When I entered the room it appeared the same woman was on the bed. All she had on was the half-hood and a chastity belt. Richard was standing beside the bed feeding her his cock.

Mistress said, "See this slut?" I nodded. "She's at mid cycle and has been fuck by blacks only the entire time. Here's the key to the belt."

I took the key and unlocked the belt. The crotch strap was lined with a seven inch by two inch butt plug and a cum covered nine inch by two and a half inch dildo. "Clean the dildo," Mistress said. This I did.

As I was licking the dildo, Mistress said, "In the last two weeks, how many men have fucked you slut?"

Richard walked over and grabbed a hand full of my hair and shoved his cock into my mouth. The woman on the bed answered, "Thirty men Mistress."

"That voice," I though, "I know that voice."

"And what race were those men slut?" Mistress asked, as she walked to the head of the bed.

I strained to look around Richard, as my wife said, "They were black Mistress."

I watched in disbelief as Mistress peeled the mask off my wife. "And what did your morning pregnancy test tell you today?"

"It said I was pregnant," my wife said as the mask cleared her eyes. The first thing she saw was me with a cock in my mouth. "James!" she said in surprise.

My wife's eyes bulged as Richard's cock erupted into my mouth.

Mistress was laughing.

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