Ritual 3 - Defending the Clan
Chapter 1

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - John Patrick Rogers, now known as Monrill Tonrath, inadvertently founded a new Craxill clan two years ago, when he participated in a ritual that joined human and Craxill together. Now, the aftermath threatens to tear two worlds apart.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Science Fiction   MaleDom   Light Bond  

I moaned in pleasure as my Pet ran the filaments of her tongue over my throbbing erection. This was the third cycle of tease, stimulate, and disengage that she'd put me through, under the loving but merciless direction of my wife as she cuddled with Simatorl Rillnam of Phoenix, her First One. Normally, I was the dominant in my relationships with my women, to one degree or another, but this time my wife was firmly in charge.

My name is Monrill Tonrath of Phoenix, human-born ersatz Craxill. My loving wife is Priya Monrill, the mother of our triplets: our daughters Tanya and Savita and our son William. The Pet at my feet was born Bonward Nilwint of Ritmurt. She is now simply Nilwint of Phoenix, Phoenix being the name of the clan that I inadvertently founded nearly two years ago.

While my Pet was licking my cock, the rest of the Craxill members of the household were elsewhere, watching the stunningly large herd of Craxill toddlers and infants that made up the numeric majority of my clan. There were Rillnam and John's twin elder sons, their quadruplet younger sons, Nilwint and her mate Kirnwan's quadruplet daughters, and Lantral Patel's twin daughters. Lantral's human husband Roger and her human step-daughter Linda were helping out as well, in between attempts to keep Priya's and my triplets under control. An indeterminate number of Linda's friends were also helping out, part of the constantly changing group of girls (and the occasional boy) who were taking Child Development classes and needed the study credits.

Lantral had given birth to her daughters, but genetically they were Nilwint's and Kirnwan's. Lantral was sterile, and even if she hadn't been, reality had stubbornly refused to conform to a century of bad video screen writing by permitting two separately evolved species to interbreed. Earth and Craxill scientists both found it amazing we could even share the same atmosphere, let alone consume (most of) each other's foodstuffs.

"OK, back off again," Priya told Nilwint, and I struggled to avoid grabbing her head to keep her from obeying. This teasing had a purpose, other than punishing me. Priya's research had indicated that several rounds of interrupted stimulation would prime my pump, so that I could deliver the maximum load of wigglers into my partner.

For the first time in my marriage, I was about to have sex with a human female other than my wife. Strangely enough, even though it hadn't been her idea, she was all in favor of the plan.

Jessica Chan and Nadiya Surivasiya were wife and wife, and lived in our household. Nadiya was the household manager, one of Priya's multitude of cousins, and Jessica had been wet-nurse to our children, helping Priya feed our three newborns. Now that the children were weaned, Jessica wanted a baby of her own. Her wife Nadiya had already given birth to Lisa, the product of their combined genetic heritage, with a very small assist from a few of my skin cells. Lisa was the final member of the herd of human children that Linda and her friends were watching.

For her own reasons, Jessica wanted my baby. Each for their own reasons, Nadiya and Priya had agreed to allow it to happen. Once three women agree on something, a mere man will comply, if he knows what's good for him. Fantasies of fucking Jessica had been a frequent companion ever since I accidentally saw her bound and gagged and being mercilessly teased to orgasm by a naked and very pregnant Nadiya. Despite the power of the fantasies, I never would have considered following up on them, if not for the Sinister Plans of the Women Of The House.

As previously instructed, I just sat and waited while Nilwint knelt at my feet. The sight of her naked body and the memory of the numerous times I'd used it for my pleasure kept me hard, despite the withdrawal of any physical stimulus. I would eventually soften, and Priya would put Nilwint back to work.

Fortunately, my torture (such as it was) was at an end, because the house computer spoke up.

"Message to Tonrath from Nadiya. Message begins: We're ready when you are. Message ends."

I didn't bother to acknowledge. I got up from my chair, pulling my robe around me, and heading out. My still-erect dick stuck out of the robe, but I frankly didn't care. We didn't have much in the way of house staff, except Cook, and Linda and her friends who were helping watch the multitude of babies were all at the other end of the house. If they got a look, too bad.

I entered Nadiya's and Jessica's room, and saw a lovely view of Jessica's ass, and not much else. Her arms were bound to her legs, and she was face down and ass-up on the bed. Her knees were spread, revealing all of her lower openings. Her pussy was dripping onto a towel, and Nadiya was working a moderate-sized dildo into and out of her wife.

It was rather an impersonal position for starting a new life, but since Jessica was a pure lesbian and didn't like sex with men, I supposed it was easier for her. I dropped my robe and waited for Nadiya's signal. She pulled the dildo out, causing Jessica to moan at the loss, then nodded.

If rear-entry was a bit impersonal, it did tickle my dominant tendencies, and an awareness of Jessica's submissiveness helped too. Even more erect than I'd been under Nilwint's stimulation, I pushed in gently, until I was fully embedded. Once there, I began to pump, slowly at first, then faster. As I sped up, Jessica moaned in pleasure, and I struggled to avoid joining her. Nadiya had asked that I not speak, the better to help Jessica forget that a man was using her, rather than Nadiya pretending to be a man.

I'd been being stimulated for nearly an hour, and Jessica's pussy wasn't at all stretched by Nadiya's usual selection of toys, so she was a tight fit. It didn't take long at all for me to start to fill her cunt with the sperm that we all hoped would fertilize the egg she was about to release. I pushed in to the root and spurted into her, yielding to the universal urge to try to make her gag on my cock from the bottom.

I came to rest, fully embedded, still mostly hard. A hand wrapped itself around the base of my dick, and nudged me back. As I began to pull out, the fingers formed a ring around my dick, milking it for the semen still inside. When I fell free of Jessica's pussy, Nadiya squeezed one last time, and dropped the resulting dollop of my output onto the end of a butt plug, then eased the plug into Jessica's still gaping snatch, drawing a fresh moan of pleasure from her wife.

A quick brush of Nadiya's fingers across her wife's asshole caused Jessica's entire lower body to clench, trapping the 'pussy plug' inside, and preventing any of the sperm I'd just inserted from dripping out.

Nadiya looked up at me, and mouthed, "Thank you," then indicated the room's door with her eyes. I nodded, and left, again as prearranged. The only other times I'd ever come in someone and then walked away was during my early sessions with Nilwint, when I was establishing mastery, and then only because part of what she thought she needed was to be used, rather than loved. She'd eventually realized that love came in many forms, and after that I hadn't had to give up my post-orgasmic cuddle.

As I left the room, I reminded myself that Jessica's needs were for my fluids, not for my touch. Nadiya was squeamish about clinics, and hated the impersonal process; she'd tolerated it because it was the only way to get a baby that was the daughter of both of them. When Jessica decided she wanted my baby, and Priya had agreed, there hadn't even been a discussion about the clinical approach; this pregnancy was going to happen the old-fashioned way.

I returned to my room, naked, and settled down on the chair in front of Nilwint, who promptly began to clean my and Jessica's fluids off of my now soft cock. She was just finishing up, when someone entered the room.

A very upset Jessica was standing naked in the doorway, some of the ropes that had had her helpless still tied around her thighs, and leather cuffs still on her wrists. Rope marks showed where her calves had been pinned to her thighs by the ropes, and her nipples still showed the signs of the clamps she had worn.

"I want my fucking cuddle," she said, but her voice tones didn't match her phrasing. Rather than sounding angry, she was almost begging, looking at Priya and I in turn.

Luckily, I was certain that Priya wouldn't mind, so I didn't have to look away from Jessica as I pushed Nilwint away from my cock, and said, "Of course. Come, sit on my lap."

Jessica stumbled in, the re-purposed butt plug still embedded in her pussy forcing her to spread her thighs as she walked. She settled down in my lap, and leaned her head against my shoulder. I put my arms around her, and held her as she began to sob.

I held her close, and gently stroked her hair as she worked out whatever emotional storm raged within her. I glanced up and saw an emotionally devastated Nadiya standing in the doorway, staring at us. I tried to convey my utter confusion without speaking, and I think she got the point, because she shrugged slightly as if to say, "I don't get it either."

"What's wrong, beloved?" I asked Jessica quietly.

"I've had this fantasy of making love to you for a long time," she said, her sobbing having changed to a quiet cry. "I imagine feeling your hands on me, and your mouth, but in my dreams, you don't actually penetrate me. But what you do drives me insane with pleasure, and when I come back down, you're always holding and cuddling me."

"I like to cuddle, afterwards," I told her. "Strangely enough, I've been known to cuddle before, and even instead."

"I know," Jessica said. "Priya and I have had our share of 'girl talk', just the two of us, and with Nadiya, and even with the Craxill, though that gets pretty weird sometimes. I like them, I even love Rillnam, but they think so differently than we do.

"Anyway, when Nadiya agreed to let me have your baby, she said she didn't want to do syringes and tubes and things, like we had to do for Lisa. And I agreed, because it was what she wanted, and because syringes don't appeal to me either. But that meant that instead of my fantasy, you'd actually be putting your dick into me, and that wasn't something I was eager for. I love you, I do, but sex with men just bothers me. I don't mind watching you kiss your wife, even when you give her tongue, or watching you dominate Nilwint, but sex with you just wasn't on my list of things I'd enjoy."

She seemed fearful that I'd be upset, so I said, "I knew that, and it didn't keep me from loving you. Ever since we interviewed you and Nadiya, you've felt like sisters to me. Sexy sisters, that I might occasionally fantasize about, but that I would never actually want to have sex with. In your case, because you're purely gay, and in Nadiya's because she's monogamous, and desperately afraid she'd hurt you if she made love to somebody else."

It was hard to tell with her face buried in my chest, but I think that last bit surprised Jessica.

"You're naturally submissive," I told her, "so you don't realize how terribly out-of-control a dominant feels sometimes. We enjoy using the power you give us, but we know that it's ultimately your decision. You can leave, or refuse to submit, if we break a limit, or betray your trust, or do any of a dozen important things incorrectly. Nadiya loves you very much, and she's watching us right now, trying to figure out if she's lost you, and if she has, if there is anything she can do to get you back."

"I love her," Jessica said, "but I was angry at her. I was way, way into subspace, passive and accepting whatever she did to me. I'd long since lost track of the fact that this session was when I would ovulate, and that you'd be fucking me. So when she wound me up, kept me on the edge of orgasm without giving me release, I was in no shape at all to realize it was your dick, and not her strap-on, that was giving me the release that I craved.

"Then you came in me, and even as far out of mind-space as I was, I knew. I'd gotten what I wanted, without the icky feeling of having sex with a man, and I was so happy. All I needed now was my cuddle, and it would be perfect."

I nodded, and said, "But when she untied you, I was gone."

Jessica shook her head, "No, I was still bound, but I was back on the ground, aware of my surroundings, and I was in Nadiya's arms, not yours. So I got pissed, and did something I've never done before. I used my safe-word. Nadiya looked like I'd kicked her in the crotch, and untied me immediately, and I came looking for you."

Nadiya spoke for the first time, saying, "Four years of marriage, and three years of power sharing before that, and never once did I drive her to that. I've been surprised several times at what she'd take, at how far I could push her limits, but I've never taken that for granted. And to have her use it, and leave me, frightened me."

"Did you ever tell Nadiya the details of your fantasy?" I asked Jessica. "Or did you just gloss over them? I know that I've got fantasies that I never want to do for real, and some of them are embarrassing, or disturbing, enough that I wouldn't be able to share them with Priya, no matter how much I love her. But because I can't share them, if we do by chance reenact parts of one, and she doesn't follow the script, I can't be upset with her, because she doesn't know."

"I guess I didn't," Jessica muttered into my chest. Sniffing loudly, she turned her face towards her wife, and said, "I was angry, and I hurt you, and I'm sorry. All I could think of was that I wanted my cuddle."

I hugged Jessica tight, and said, "I was worried about what would happen when we did this, but you both seemed OK with it, and so I agreed. The last thing in the world that I wanted was to hurt you, or Nadiya, or interfere in any way with your love for each other. You can have more cuddle any time you want, but I think you need to give Nadiya a little reassurance now."

I squeezed one last time, then patted her on the ass, and said, "Go, kiss and make up."

Jessica kissed me on the cheek, and said, "OK, you incest-happy big brother of mine. I'll do as I'm told."

"You'd better, or I'll spank," I said with a smirk.

Nadiya replied with, "That's MY job," just as Jessica asked, "Promise?"

Nadiya looked a little upset, but Jessica got up, walked up to her, and gave her a very hot kiss, throwing her arms around Nadiya and saying, "I love you, Mistress. You should punish me for what I did to you."

Nadiya didn't speak, but grabbed a handful of Jessica's ass, and pulled her close, before nodding to me in thanks, and dragging her wife off to their room for what I assumed was going to be some very hot make-up sex.

The images that came to mind, on top of having had a nude Jessica on my lap had done wonders for my erection. I looked down at it, and then up at Priya, and said, "Somebody's going to get fucked now. You get dibs, if you want it."

Priya licked her lips, then stood up and began to disrobe. When she was nude, she walked over to the bed and knelt down on her hands and knees. Looking back over her shoulder, she said, "Take me, Husband."

I did just that, after checking that she was wet and ready. One or more of the recent scenes must have gotten her stirred up, because she was coming almost before I was completely inside of her. I'd only just come, so I had plenty of control, and I used it to drive Priya half-mad with lust as she came and came and came.

When she begged for mercy, I pulled out, and turned my attention to Rillnam, finding her nude and ready, her anus well lubricated. Craxill females couldn't accept a human penis vaginally without surgical preparation, but their anus and cloaca could take it just fine.

I finished off in Rillnam's ass, and Nilwint came over to clean us up afterwards. If I wanted her to, she'd gladly lick my soiled dick, and Rillnam's ass to boot, but I wasn't into humiliation, so she was using a washcloth instead of her tongue.

Rillnam had three sexual partners; myself, as her Clan Lord, Priya, as her Clan Lady, and her own mate John (who'd been born with the name I now used, and vice versa.) Rillnam and I didn't get together often, but I knew that Priya had grown quite fond of cross-species lesbian sex, despite her apparently pure heterosexual orientation with regards to humans.

I'd once caught her leering at one of Linda's steady stream of boyfriends, to her embarrassment and my amusement. "No poaching," I'd told her. "Look, but don't touch." "As if I ever would," she had replied primly. "You know you've got a thing for younger men," I told her, reminding her of the four year difference in our ages. "I have 'a thing' for you, Husband, and no other," she'd said, firmly. "I know," I'd said, and kissed her hard, to Linda's embarrassment when she and the aforementioned boyfriend came back through the room.

Once everyone was recovered from our mutual debauchery, we cleaned up, and returned to the more mundane business of the household. It was Sunday, and a rare 'double-weekend' when the human calendar and the Craxill one aligned, with the Craxill rest days aligned with the human weekend. So everyone was home, and relaxing, leaving the maximum amount of time to play with the children.

We didn't see anything of Nadiya or Jessica the rest of the day, though Linda mentioned that Nadiya had been by to pick up Lisa in time for a private dinner. The kids, both human and Craxill, were tired from their day's play, and went to bed with minimal fuss. The adults sat around and chatted for a while, before heading off to sleep. Tomorrow was a work day, and we all needed our rest.

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