Flory and Anda

by Olderneighbor

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Flory and Anda are walking through a park when some men from the office decide to have some fun with them.

A group of us men left work as usual on a Friday afternoon late in the fall, jogging in the park. There were eight of us, all older, being in our 40's to later 50's. I, myself, am 58. As we jogged, we noticed a couple of our young office secretaries, Flory and Anda, walking through the park together. They were both young ladies in their 20's for sure. They were also both damn sexy and pretty, which they seemed to know, showing off their young bodies often with provocative clothing.

Flory that day was wearing a sexy summer dress, low-cut and with a nice bra to push her tits together to reveal her nice cleavage. Anda had on a tight, button-down blouse, which she had unbuttoned enough to reveal her cleavage as well. With that, she was wearing a loose, short skirt that showed off her nice legs. Actually, Flory had nice legs as well, with an ass to die for.

"Look," Gary said as we jogged, "those sexy young teases from the office. I would love to get my hands on one of them some time and fuck the shit out of her." Bob, Tom, Jim, Rick, Bill, John, and I, Steve, all agreed as he added, "They are always dressed so invitingly, especially today. And they both flirt so sensually. I guess they feel safe doing so with married men." Actually, they had flirted with me, too, even though I was the only unmarried one there.

"Damn, look at those asses," Tom chimed in. "They are almost begging for a rape." I, indeed, had often fantasized the same with both of them, beating my hard eight-inch cock most every night to one or the other of them. In fact, it was always a gang rape as well. My cock was rising now to the thought, easily expanding against my silky-like jogging suit.

I noticed we were in a rather secluded area of the park, where we could actually easily remove them from the path to have our way with them. My cock really grew hard from that thought. It grew even more as I noticed both of their pussies would be rather easily accessible to our cocks. They now noticed us and waved, so I suggested, "Let's go talk with them."

"Now I see why you men are all in such great shape," Flory noticed. "Do you come here often to jog?" She looked at me, and I also noticed she glanced at my crotch, displaying a stiffened cock through my outfit. But she looked away quickly, almost in fear, and whispered something to Anda. "Well, we better be getting home now. We live just over there," and she pointed to a spot through the secluded trees.

"Damn," I thought, "she is almost inviting rape." Out loud, I then said. "Well, perhaps you don't want to be walking there by yourselves. Let us escort you." It was a fairly long walk through the trees to the street, and it was getting dark, so they accepted my suggestion. About midway through, I told Gary, "I'm going to fuck Flory one way or another. Do you want to help?"

"Actually, I was thinking the same thing. It's about time both of them learned a lesson from their teasing." We both then walked beside her, both putting our arms around her. "How about a little fun in the park, Flory?" Gary suggested, as she tried to pull away. But we both anticipated this as Gary quickly held her arms behind her back. Flory tried to knee me in the crotch, but I avoided it, grabbing her nice, soft pushed-forward tits tightly as she struggled against Gary's hold.

Jim and Tom came to help with her while the other four had to run after Anda and drag her back screaming, realizing we meant to rape them. Jim and Tom lifted Flory's legs up as she tried to kick, and I grabbed her summer dress roughly at her cleavage and pulled hard. The thin straps ripped easily from my force, revealing her tits immediately since she had no bra on.

I grabbed them forcefully and squeezed hard, exclaiming, "Damn, Flory, you have great tits," and I squeezed them some more, appreciating her outstretched nipples now.

Meanwhile, Bill had ripped open Anda's nice white blouse and pulled her large tits from her bra as she also screamed loudly for them to stop. John, Bob, and Rick then held her on the ground as they stripped her of her bra, skirt, and panties. Bill was then between her forcefully parted legs in an instant, licking her cunt furiously while fingering her pussy. "Making it wet will help, Anda," he told her as I noticed Rick getting naked. I saw Anda look at Rick's cock then, and Bill announced, "Yes, that made her wet."

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