The Sitter

by L.A. Wicker

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Romantic, Zoophilia, Furry, First, Bestiality, Size, Hairy, Babysitter, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A GIRL, A DOG, Should I say more?

'There's really nothing to watching the house.' Miss Davis said looking to young Carla with a smile, wondering if she was also going to back out on watching the house. 'The reason I'm paying you so much is not for the house, but my baby, ' she smiled when the puzzled looked covered Carla's pretty, young face.

'I didn't know you had a baby.' Carla replied, thinking that there was no way in hell that she could watch a baby for two weeks. She's known Miss Davis for over two years and had no clue she had a kid.

Miss Davis just laughed as she slipped her arm around Carla's waist, wishing that she could get this young beauty in bed. She watched Carla at the office, never seeing her talking to any guys or women for that matter. 'Well, let's go outside and you'll see, ' she smiled, letting her hand slowly slide down to cover Carla's shapely, little ass.

Carla felt her bosses hand on her ass and wasn't sure on what to do. Should she push her away or just leave it on her ass? It did feel so good being touched, even though it was by a sexy woman. 'How old is your baby?' Carla asked, feeling the hand gently caressing her as they walked to the back door of the luxurious home.

'I guess he's about five, maybe six years old.' Miss Davis said with a smile, looking at Carla's pointed breasts under the sheer summer blouse.

Carla quickly wondered what was going on as Miss Davis looked to her breasts. 'Is she going to try and rape me?' she thought. 'How can a lesbian rape you? With her tongue?' she laughed to herself as the beautiful woman stood next to Carla with her hand caressing her ass and her eyes looked on Carla's breasts.

She opened the door and led the way out. 'There's my baby.' Miss Davis said with pride in her voice.

'Oh my God!' Carla replied with shock. 'What is it?' she asked, looking to the coal black, mammoth beast that stood at least four foot tall and looked to be far over two hundred pounds.

'I'm not sure what kind of dog he is, but he's the best thing that's ever happened to me.' Miss Davis smiled to the young girl as she led the way the large, fenced area. 'He's a good boy and if you're good to him, ' she smiled and gave Carla a wink. 'He'll be damn good to you, ' she added as they walked up to the gate.

Carla hadn't ever been around dogs and didn't know the first thing about caring for them, but she needed the money. 'I've never seen a dog this big in my life, ' she said as the mammoth beast walked towards the gate with his tail wagging.

'He's just a very big baby that likes a lot of love.' Miss Davis said with a wink as she opened the gate. 'How's my baby?' she said walking inside, pulling Carla in with her.

Carla watched the beast with great care, hoping it liked her and wouldn't end up eating her. 'He's so big.' Carla said as the dog walked to his master, put his nose right between her legs and sniffed. It seemed that he looked to her with a smile as he sniffed.

'Don't worry about that.' Miss Davis said, letting the dog sniff her all he wanted. 'He's just a big baby, ' she added dropping to her knees, letting the dog lick her face and in her mouth.

Carla could swear that she enjoyed his big nose on her body and now it looked like she was making out with it. 'He sure loves you.' Carla said watching with a hint of shock, hoping that the beast didn't think that she was going to do the same things as his master did.

'He'll show you just as much love as he does me, ' she smiled to Carla, thinking of the wonderful pleasures that the young girl was going to receive. 'Rex, this is Carla.' Miss Davis said patting Carla just an inch above her young pussy. 'You be good to her, ' she added giving Carla another wink.

The dog looked to Carla and moved towards her. She wanted to turn and run, but she needed money. Fear raced through her as the massive dog stood before her, as he if were checking her out and he started sniffing up her legs. First one, then the other with his big nose getting closer to her cunt. She reached to push him away, but Miss Davis grabbed her hand and shook her head no.

'Let him sniff you, ' she smiled as her big dog shoved his nose on Carla's pussy. 'He'll do anything you ask and protect you to the death, but he has to know you first, ' she said to Carla as he sniffed her tiny pussy.

Carla wanted to scream, but she was afraid of the dog and it looked like Miss Davis was enjoying it. She could feel his hot breath going all the way through her thick jeans as he sniffed and sniffed. 'How long does it take to sniff a fucking cunt?' Carla asked herself, hoping that this would be over soon.

'Okay Rex, ' Miss Davis called him off Carla. 'You two can get to know each other later, ' she smiled to the young girl, knowing that Rex would be getting to know her a lot better before the two weeks were over. 'Let's go inside and I'll show you what he eats and I'll be on my way.' Miss Davis said, patting her leg and the dog moved to her side.


Carla was lying on the floor of the living room, sipping a beer, watching some cheesy B tit movie, wishing that they had the nerve to show men's cocks as much as they did tits. She could feel the heat building between her legs as two people on the screen began fucking each other. 'Oh thanks, just what I fucking wanted to see, ' she groaned, turning on her stomach, covering her head. Fear raced over her when she realized that Rex was standing by her feet and started sniffing her with more eagerness than earlier that day.

Carla started to get up, but a fierce growl from deep inside the dog filled her ears. 'Oh my God, ' she whispered, feeling his hot, steamy breath on her legs, making her glad that she hadn't changed for bed yet. 'Let me live, please, ' she said as her body trembled with fear, feeling him moving higher on her long legs. He was nearing her ass and cunt, she was sure that he would immediately smell her arousal from the movie, if he hadn't already.

'Easy boy, ' she said in a loving voice, hoping to distract him for just a second and she would turn over. 'Hey baby, ' she said, feeling his nose leave her legs and she made her move. 'Oh no!' she quickly gasped, realizing what a mistake she had made. He stood over her, looking straight down, between her legs. 'You can't be thinking that, ' she whispered to the dog and then the thoughts of what Miss Davis let the dog do to her, filled Carla's mind. 'What a fucking nightmare, ' she said as the dogs nose moved right to her cunt and he inhaled.

'Oh no!' she whimpered, thinking of being raped by this massive dog. She looked between his legs and grabbed her mouth. 'Holy shit!' she gasped when the sight of his very long and thick dog cock getting hard filled her pretty, blue eyes. 'Please, ' she begged him. 'No Rex, ' she said in a weak voice. 'No, ' she added looking back to his big dog cock, watching it growing harder.

He sniffed more, letting her sweet scent fill his nose. He stepped forward and began licking her face and around her panting mouth. 'Oh no!' Carla moaned as his smelly breath filled her nose with each lick of his long, fat tongue. 'Oh yuck, ' she said turning her head away from him, but his tongue lapped over her mouth and it seemed he wanted more from her. 'I'm not going to... ' she gagged when his fat tongue drove into her mouth. She fought to get away, but another fierce growl filled her ears.

Carla lay under him, at his mercy as he licked deep into her mouth and she felt his hips moving. 'Oh no!' she said to herself as she tried not to throw up and felt him pushing against her cunt. 'No! No!' she thought as the massive dog lowered himself just enough for his thick dog cock to ram against her cunt.

He moved slowly, with long and very deep thrusting to her cunt as he continued to lick in her mouth. Carla knew that she couldn't get away from him; she closed her eyes and began to relax. She would just leave when he finished and never return.

She lay on the floor, praying that he would just hurry up and finish when something horrible crossed her mind. She was beginning to enjoy his weight on her and his dog cock thrusting against her cunt. 'Oh, I can't believe this, ' she moaned, lifting her hips to match his rhythm. 'I can't do this, ' she moaned again as her hands moved to run through his thick, black hair.

The dog moved faster, sensing Carla's excitement and he wanted to please her. She was so much younger than his master was and her scent drove him wild, only wanting to please her.

'Hurry up.' Carla thought, trying to push the thoughts of him turning her on to someplace in the back of her mind as her legs spread and she continued to move with him. His heavy breathing and panting covered Carla's face and it too turned her on. If it hadn't been for his bad breath, it would have driven her wild.

He humped her faster, driving his very long and hard dog cock straight to her excited cunt. If her jeans had been off, she would have been his bitch. Rex humped harder and Carla knew that he was just about finished. She wasn't sure if she really wanted it to end or not. It did feel good having his thick dog cock trying to fuck her; she could only wish that it was a man on her and not a giant dog trying to fuck her.

Rex jumped from Carla and moved towards her face, still humping his hips as he moved his dog cock over her pretty, young face. 'Oh no, ' she moaned looking at the massive, blood-filled dog cock only inches from her face. She tried pushing it away, but in the process of trying to push, her tiny hands touched him. 'Oh it's so hard, ' she thought, looking up to it, wondering what something so big would feel like deep in her little cunt.

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