Good Boy: Sam


Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Oral Sex, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Meet Sam, a well-educated, smart, independant, self-reliant, and mature man. Meet Sam, a very obedient, polite, and submissive man. Meet Sam, one of Miss X's string of Good Boys.

I came in the door and shut it behind me, locking it without taking my eyes off of him. He took one unsteady step back then stopped, his hands curling into fists as if he was determined not to be intimidated. Silly boy, I thought.

Pushing off the door, I stepped up close into his intimate space and my arms slipped smoothly around his waist and I pulled him close to me, tilting my head back so I could look into his eyes. He let me manipulate his body, splaying my hands on his back, working them over the line of his spine, easing our bodies closer together.

"How are you doing?" I asked, making such a benign question seem a little bit darker.

"I'm fine," Sam answered, his voice not even a whisper. It was more like he was mouthing the words to me.

I smiled, pleased, and stepped into him closer, tilting my hips slightly so I could feel the hard ridge of his cock pressing very insistently against my belly.

"If you're feeling fine then," I said.

I didn't finish my sentence with words. Instead I leaned down and took his lips in a kiss that was soft and hard at the same time. My lips stroked over his, coaxing his mouth to part and my tongue slid in and I stole away his coherent thoughts with a single flick. He made a small whimpering sound against my lips and I swallowed it into my mouth as I slowly began to back him up into my living room. He made another small sound when the back of his knees hit edge of the large ottoman. I drew back and gave Sam a shove and he sat down, eyes never leaving my face.

"Why don't you lay back," I said, "Get ... comfortable."

Sam obeyed wordlessly. The ottoman was large enough to pillow him from his head to his knees, leaving his feet firmly planted on the floor, and leaving enough space for me to climb up his body to straddle him should I chose to do so.

I let my eyes wander from his open trusting face down the column of his throat down the neat line of buttons of his shirt down the length of his legs encased in khakis. Perfect.

Leaning over his body, I gave his shirt a sharp yank, pulling it out of the waistband of his pants. Next, I plucked open the buttons and spread the fabric apart. Displayed to me was the expanse of his chest, a blank canvas of skin decorated only by his hardened nipples and a sprinkling of chest hair. I tackled his belt next, then the button and zipper of his slacks. His cock, hard and ready, pushed at the fabric of his blue plaid boxers.

"Do you like this?" I asked, trailing a nail along the line of his erection.

"Did I ask you to stop?" Sam asked, meeting my eyes.

I gave him a big smile. "No, you didn't, but it never hurts to ask," I told him. I knelt down on the floor between his legs and hooked my fingers into the waist band of his pants and gave then a tug. "Lift," I said. Obediently, Sam lifted his hips and I pulled his pants down and off his legs. "Now, what to do to you," I said more to myself.

Getting to my feet I slipped out of my own pants. Dressed only in my black lace panties and my tank top, I straddled Sam once again, leaning forward so my hair hung down along the sides of my face, creating a silky curtain about us. In the fragrant dimness, our eyes locked. I leaned in closer and kissed him again, opening his mouth with my tongue, exploring his taste as I lowered myself a little bit more to find the Velcro wrist restraints that I had set up for the occasion. I brought them up onto the ottoman then I smoothed my hands along Sam's arms until they were positioned above his head and I quickly strapped him down. Sam gave the restraints a small tug, as if testing their strength. We both knew that if he really wanted to get loose, he could, but it was all part of the fun.

Having him now at my mercy, I gave him another kiss on the lips, this time only a quick kiss, before my lips began to mark out an invisible path down along the side of his throat. I paused over the throb of his pulse, resisting the urge for now to nibble around area, to go down lower, kissing over his collarbone. I nipped him and soon the taste of him against my tongue drove my toying little nibbling to something a little fiercer. I drew in small bite size chunks of his flesh into my mouth to suckle one, my teeth sinking into skin in unison with my nails that had found their way to his sides.

Sam gave small soft whimpers as I blazed a wavy trail of love bites from the base of his throat and down across his chest. I toyed with his nipples, drawing one of the hard baubles into my mouth, pulling just hard enough with my teeth to dance along that fine line between pain and pleasure. I alternated between the two, bring Sam arching up off the ottoman a few times.

I couldn't help by give a soft breathless chuckle against his skin and I went lower, continuing my trail down and down until my fingertips grazed the waistband of his boxers. Sam lifted up his head so he could watch me toying with the waistband of his the only thing that stood between me and his cock.

I studied his eyes. His pupils had bled into dark black pools with rims of brown iris. What I saw in them was a lust, a hunger, desire held back by a rope of control and self-restraint. I smiled and gave a tug at his boxers and he quickly lifted his hips so I could pull them down, leaving him naked save for his shirt.

I knelt down between his legs once again and this time I was face to face with his bare cock. His cock rose up from a neatly trimmed patch of dark blonde pubic hair, topping off with clear glistening drops of pre-cum beading from the slit in the head. Beneath it, his balls hung heavy. "Beautiful," I murmured against the pale sensitive skin of Sam's inner thigh. Sam gave another whimper and with a soft giggle, I bit him high on his leg. His hips surged up off the ottoman and I gave him a sharp smack on the thigh. Sam quieted but his body still held that fine tremble.

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