Harem Building: The Southern California Connection
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, True Story, MaleDom, Harem,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It all started out when I moved to get away from the winters in the midwest. What I didn't know then changed my life in so many ways

You never really know until you try.

Looking back I was lucky to find just the right ones to make it happen. I had packed up in the spring of 1983, after a winter that still chills me, pointed the car west and drove. I hit the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica and made my home there. Little did I know then, that life would be super heated before my twenty fifth birthday.

My work experience was in computer operations and I found a job easily within a week. I settled into a routine of beach, drink and work for the next year and a half. Work ended up being four nights a week on the graveyard shift for a bank. A wonderful way to enjoy the beach every day and all of the eye candy it had to offer. I even got into a beach volleyball league. I didn't think life would get much better. Was I ever in for an eye opening experience.

I had struck up some friendships along the way, my supervisor Ray had gotten to the point where we were friends. I was the typical know it all white guy and he was the black guy who had been in more holes that a gopher. We got to the point were we drinking buddies. He had been ribbing me constantly about my lack of female company and could not understand how I could be sharing a house with a woman and not be knocking at her door. Explaining that I knew better than to shit where I ate just got a response of him rolling his eyes.

We were talking over breakfast, just before 4am, at Denny's when I asked him about his wildest adventures with all of these women he was constantly telling me about. To say he enjoyed telling of his past conquests and current explorations would be an understatement, I took it as bullshit, but it passed the time. He looked me dead in the eye and told me that until I owned a slave I could never really appreciate all that he would tell me. He had tossed down that imaginary gauntlet and let it lie there.

No matter when I tried to bring it up he would just turn back to the same statement. He knew me well enough by that point to know I could not just let it lie. Finally, the next time I asked, he made a simple statement that rocked my world.

"You find a woman and I'll teach you how to own her". Then he took another bite of his breakfast.

"Now, how in the hell am I going to do that"?

He swallowed, smiled, put his fork down "I'll teach you just like I was taught long ago".

He had me, knowing full well that I couldn't resist a challenge. I looked at him and waited as he finished the forkful he had just taken.

"First thing, you have to find a woman. Nothing I can teach you will work until your working on that". And he took another bite.

Well, I had been flirting with one of the tellers over at the bank the past couple of months. So I had a candidate, but no one definite. Now I had motivation to ask her out.

Ray would not talk anymore about it until I got a woman. He kept my interest peaked and played hardball. Needless to say, I hit the bank two days later and had a date for the following Saturday.

I told him on Wednesday night about my plans. He grinned over breakfast and said "Have a nice time, we will talk next week".

I decided he was just full of shit and made up my mind to enjoy myself. Lee was a lot of fun; we chatted over dinner, and had a good time at the movie. I took her home and gave her a kiss at her door. Overall it was a nice time.

Back at work on Monday, Ray just was smiling and enjoying bullshitting as we worked the night away. Over breakfast he asked me how things went and what I had learned about my date.

"Lee was a cute girl of 20, a tight body, blond hair and blue eyes, she was an enjoyable date and I admitted a lot of fun. Now, how do I get to own her?" Looking him directly in the eye as I said it. He just sat there and smiled as the waitress came over to take our order.

That completed, he looked back to me. "There are two types of women, virgins and sluts. If Lee is a virgin it will take longer but she will end up being a slut once you have taken her. You're going to have to go out with her again and see which type she is".

He was driving me insane; I had been taught that you didn't speak to women about their sexual pasts. Here I was given a mission to find out just that.

He could see my mind churning, so he imparted this bit of wisdom. "It's all about how they feel about themselves and then what they are willing to do to keep feeling good about being with you. Find out all about her past and then we will talk. I promise that she will be owned by you".

Lee and I went out on Friday night, dinner, a trip on the pier then down to the beach for a stroll. As we were walking along I told her of my past, moving here and how she was the first one I had dated in the past couple of years. She stopped, turned to me and tilted her head up. I kissed her and she ran her hands up and down my body.

Lee looked at me and asked "Can we go back to your place"?

We turned and walked back to the car and were back in my room fifteen minutes later. No sooner did the door close before she dropped all of her clothes and lay back on the bed. Seeing no reason to stay dressed I was naked in a flash.

I started to explore her body with little kisses while she told me "I'm Catholic and I had always wanted to wait until I was married before having sex. I gave into temptation one time and slept with my boyfriend three months ago. He wasn't much of a boyfriend; I see now that I was just a conquest. He never called me back after that night".

Well my brain was on overload, I had never had a woman so forward. It was always me instigating the contact and here was Lee just telling me her past, naked in my bed. Of course she added "But I'm not looking to make love with you".

She was lying, I knew it and she knew it. I had been the first with two women before. The one thing I did know was that once they had gotten their first cock they wanted more. Lee was no different but I decided that I would talk to Ray. She was hot and ready and I frankly wanted more than just sex. Ray had told me I could own her; I would and this game of stripping and saying no would end.

We stayed in bed for the next half hour but I was ever the gentleman. I did play kiss, touch and feel and that's not all bad.

Ray was looking at me when I told him what happened. He pulled his lower jaw back up and shook his head. "She was naked in your bed, telling you about her only sexual experience and you did not take her"?

"Nope" putting a forkful in my mouth. It was my turn to chew while his wheels turned.

"Well it's obvious that she's a slut, so that will make things go faster. You know she wanted you to have her?" He was still shaking his head.

"Yep, but I want to own her not just bed her one time. Now, oh master, how do I get from here to owning her?" And in went another bite.

"OK, this will be easier that she's a slut but harder because she was dumped after her first time." I nodded as he went on to explain.

"First step, next time you take her out she is yours all night long, the idea here is to get her to realize she is a slut for cock. You're going to have to fuck her until you can't get it up again. At your age that shouldn't be a problem. That is the key, she is hot to have cock and you have to get her exhausted time and time again."

Ray went on to explain a lot of different things that I would need to do and how to go about them. He told me that they would all work for a time but that she would leave me at some point. Her family, friends or upbringing would override anything I did but then there would be a time to own her.

I didn't know if I believed him but it sounded like a hell of a deal. So Lee and I went out on Friday and I kept her in bed until we were both raw and exhausted. I told her I wanted her back in my bed Tuesday morning after I got back from work and before she went to work.

That became our normal life. I got her on the pill, did every fun and nasty thing I could for the next six weeks and then one day she gave me the long face. Said that she could not keep doing this and she was gone.

Ray had been keeping tabs and when I told him of her decision he only said "Give her a couple of weeks, She is in love with you and wants to put the pressure on you to make her an honest woman."

I decided that a break would be good so off I drove to see some family in Arizona; I had stopped in when I was driving west and decided that it would be a good diversion for now. I was there for a couple of days, when my cousin Danni and I did some catching up.

We were sitting there when one of her friends Lisa came up in conversation. My cousin had a picture of me when I was like 16 on the dresser in her room. And she had told me a couple of years earlier that Lisa had liked the picture. It seems Lisa had married her high school sweetheart only to find him in bed with his best friend's wife after the best friend had died suddenly. She had been divorced for a year now and wasn't doing well.

Well, I was being set up so why fight it? We went out later that evening and Lisa, Danni and I spent the night out and about. Danni left and I ended up spending the rest of the night with Lisa and a few more before I went home to California. Before I left we made plans to go to Las Vegas in three weeks. We both knew it would be a fest and were more than ready for it.

Ray gave me the pep talk and after I told him about Arizona and Lisa, he just smiled. We went on to talk about Lee and how long it would take her to get back to me. He figured about four or five more weeks and then dropped the bomb right into my lap.

"Someone convinced her to stop being with you and if you want to make her your property you have to remove that person as a center of influence. You must insist whoever told her not to be with you, that they also be involved with the two of you". He looked at my expression, chuckled and took another bite.

Well that was a loop and I sat there and thought. Of course one of my first thoughts was what if it was her Dad or Brother?

Like he was reading my mind Ray said "Don't worry, she didn't tell her male relatives. It's either her mom, sister or a girlfriend that has her stopping. Just be ready when she comes back to you. It's a condition for her to have to meet if she wants back and if you want to own her. Now tell me what you want to do with Lisa"

We talked every breakfast for the next three weeks before I went to Vegas. Told him all I knew and felt and he explained what was going on in Lisa's head. How I could get her to be my slave when I would invite her to come see me for a week.

I looked up at him and he said "Lee will be anxious to get back with you soon. Your not contacting her is driving her nuts. And you're in position to own more than one if you play your cards right and have a bit of luck. Decide before you go if you want to own more than one".

Here he was so confident that Lee was coming back and then he told me I could have more than one slave. I flew to Arizona picked up Lisa, and flew to Vegas and got into our hotel room.

It was a fest from the moment the door closed. She wanted me to go down and gamble for a while when we first got there. Ray had told me not to allow her any private time away from me the entire weekend, So, I didn't leave her in the room when she asked.

Finally she told me "I want to put my diaphragm in, can you go downstairs for a while".

I told her to "Strip and put it in" as I started to take off my clothes.

She looked at me and did just that. She was nervous as she was getting it in and trying to ignore me as I stared at her. Ray had told me that she was ready to be mine and all I needed to do was push it.

Damn, if he wasn't right. That weekend ended up with her calling me Master and Sir. Her need to be loved and taken care of by a strong man had made it easier than even Ray explained it. She was a firecracker begging and moaning for more and more. We played a bit in public and hit a couple of strip bars too. As we left on Sunday afternoon she agreed to come for a week to be my slave. She had to get the time off work, from both her jobs, but she assured me it was doable.

I slept on the hour flight home and all that afternoon until I went into work. Sundays in the banking business was the easy shift. I reloaded the operating system, cleaned up what little messes that were around and was generally left with my thoughts the rest of the morning.

Monday night was a full production and we didn't get to breakfast until almost 5:30. Ray grilled me on what happened and I questioned him on Lee. He was as impressed about Lisa and assured me that everything with Lee was right on schedule.

His final words of the morning were "It's time to prime her pump. Go into the bank today and see her at the teller window. Just a nice friendly how are you, nice to see you".

Lee was at my door that night. She needed to talk to me and she missed me. So we talked. Actually, I just listened as she told me everything she wanted. She was talked out after twenty minutes and she finally stopped to take a breath. I offered her a cold drink and went off to get it. I knew that I wanted Lee as my property and that Lisa would be coming as mine in a few weeks. I put my trust in Ray's advice and took the glasses back in the room.

She thanked me and I sat down holding her hand. "Lee, someone decided that what we had was not right for you. I don't know who, but there is no us if they are sticking their noses in what we have. If you want to come back, know that I want you, but I will not have them interfering. Lee, do you want to come back to me"?

Lee took a deep breath and whispered "Yes".

I held her face to look at it, kissed her and then said "Lee, if you want to come back to me you will do so as my slave..."

She took a deep breath and stuttered "Wwhhaattt"?

I looked at her and told her simply "Lee, I want you and will love and protect you now and forever long as you wish me to. But I expect you to be my property, my slave. It is the only way that I will have you."

She was trembling, trying to catch her breath, tears running down her face. I didn't know if she was going to run or stay. Ray had told me to simply state what I wanted and waited for her to make that final decision.

Lee shook as she melted in my arms. "And there is just one more thing; whoever told you to leave me must be with the two of us before I will take you back as my slave".

She cried out "Oh no, not that, I can't. She won't". Yet she curled up closer to me.

"Lee I don't want to know who it is; I expect both of you here Friday night at 7:00. We will spend the weekend together. It is the only way that I will take you back". I kissed her, and helped her to the door.

It had taken us a bit over three hours to get to that point and I needed to get ready for work. Ray was waiting in the parking lot when I arrived. We chatted in his car for a few minutes before we headed inside for the evening.

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