Heather 3: Heather Gets What She Wanted

by Bondi Beach

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: In Heather's words: "Buddy, I think this is the way it should have come out. Different from what I expected, but maybe even better." You don't need to read "Heather 1" and "Heather 2" to enjoy this story, but it will make more sense if you do read them first.

This story is true, mostly. The people in it are not.

"Well, Buddy, it happened. It just didn't happen the way I expected it would.

"You weren't there, pal. OK, having your wisdom teeth out I suppose is some kind of reason, but I missed you. I think Mom missed you a little, too, although it all worked out in the end.

"Want me to tell you about it?

"Hmmm, that kind of feels like a yes to me. Let me just stretch out a little beside you.

"After that afternoon and evening with you and my folks last time, I swear Mom and Dad set out to drive me crazy. Little touches, every time I passed one of them in the hall, or we were watching TV, or working in the kitchen. No, Dad didn't grope me, but he was full of hugs, and his hands often slid down to my bottom.

"Mom was something else. Whenever we were sunning together, she was putting lotion on all over me. And, Buddy, I mean all over. My nipples would get so hard as she massaged me. Every once in awhile, if she was doing my back, her hand would drop all the way down around my bottom, and just graze my pussy lips a little.

"When I was on my back, after she had done my breasts, she would work her way down all the way. Her fingers stroking me up and down a little, never going inside.

"Sometimes Dad would be out there with us, and she would do him, too. Back and front, bottom, and everywhere. Especially when he was on his back, she made sure she covered his cock. God, Buddy, it was all I could do not to jump him right there.

"Hmmm, just like you, in fact, Buddy. I see you're following this story pretty closely.

"Don't know whether it was good luck or bad luck, or maybe Mom could see what I had in mind, but that one afternoon she just didn't stop.

"'Heather, sweetie, you watching what I'm doing? Keep your eye on your father.'

"She just kept putting lotion on Dad, running her hand up and down his cock, and, of course, you can guess what happened next. Couldn't believe how hard he came. He covered himself.

"I was so horny I took care of myself right there. Mom and Dad watched me, and at the end I could see that Dad was hard again. He wanted me, Buddy. He wanted me right then, I know it.

"Anyway, one afternoon later on, it was just Mom and me outside, sunning. It's not as though she was always the one putting lotion on me. I was doing the same to her, even if maybe I wasn't touching her quite as much while I did so.

"This afternoon, I don't know exactly what I was thinking. Extra horny, maybe, or feeling like trying something new. Anyway, after I put lotion on Mom's back, I just leaned down and stretched out on her, top to bottom, the way you do to me, sometimes.

"Oh, yes. It feels to me that you really like thinking about that. Here, let me just slip your shorts off. Underwear, too.

"I didn't even move, really, except that I was pressing my pussy into her bottom. I know from watching her with Dad that she really likes it when he rubs his cock in her crease, just the way you do to me sometimes. Well, I don't have a cock, of course, so I couldn't do that, but I sort of flexed myself a little bit.

"I was kissing the back and sides of her neck, too. When she turned her head, I kissed her, right on the lips.

"Oh, man, Buddy. That was something else. It sort of set Mom off. She twisted a little to roll me off her. Then, she pulled me into a full-body hug, front to front. God, I thought I would die.

"My nipples were harder than they've ever been, I think. Mom's were hard, too. They were poking me, but in a good way. We were kissing, tongues playing.

"Buddy, I was so wet. It's probably a good thing that Dad wasn't there, and you weren't there. I would have tripped you and made you take me right on the spot. Instead, I kept kissing Mom, moving my hand down between her legs.

"I wasn't the only one who was wet. Mom moved her legs apart a little bit, and I went to town. Well, OK, maybe not that hard, but I was stroking her up and down. Couldn't stop myself from pressing inside a little. Getting my fingers wet, moving back up.

"Found her button, and just pressed and stroked and circled, and pressed some more. She was practically humping my hand, Buddy, She loved it. I think she got her tongue all the way down my throat at one point.

"Anyway, I kept increasing the pressure a little, not too much, and, you know, that's all it took. Froze, squeezed my hand between her thighs. Then she let my hand go. She was just holding me, getting her breath back.

"Mom had a little soft smile on her face. Buddy, she looked so beautiful. I was kissing her gently, not too hard, and she was kissing me back. She was just gorgeous.

"I'm going to press a little harder here, Buddy, OK?

"That's it. Just keep pushing against my thumb. Going to zero in right there. Keep pushing. Yeah, that's it. Yeah, Buddy!

"Wow! That's pretty impressive. I'm just going to hold you and milk you a little to make sure we got all of it. Looks good.

"Hang on for a sec. Let me get a towel from the kitchen.

"There you go, all clean. Shall I keep going with the story, or are you too tired?

"Hmmm. That was a nice little twitch. I guess you're still alive. I'll keep going.

"So here I am, being driven crazy by my parents. Dad, except for some hugs and kisses here and there, is staying just a little out of reach. His pats on my rear are lingering a little longer, however, and he's kissing me on the lips now and then. I felt his hand brush my breast once or twice, too.

"Mom, on the other hand, is interested and likes to play. Don't know if I really want to be lovers with my mother, but I'm enjoying fooling around with her. We're not serious, really, it's just a little experimenting, and I like it.

"We were in our backyard last Saturday. I was pretty sure this was going to be it. Dad and Mom both smiling at me a lot, lots of hugs and pats and caresses. I was just melting. Or about to explode. Or both.

"We fooled around in the water for the longest time that afternoon. No swimsuits, as you probably could guess.

"I see you're reviving a little. Good boy.

"We were having a few water fights, the usual stuff. Once or twice I grabbed Mom into a hug, and each time Dad came up behind me and pressed against me. I could feel his cock in the crease of my bottom. I liked being between Mom and Dad, Buddy.

"Dad was probably lucky I didn't just lift up a little and slide him in. In fact, I almost did when he sandwiched me for the second time against Mom.

"Finally we got out to sun. You can pretty much guess what we did once we were dry. Right. More lotion. This time Mom and I did Dad together. When he turned over, he was as hard as I've ever seen him. Mom didn't stop. Just went right on covering his cock, top to bottom.

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