Heather 2: Heather and Me and Her Mom and Dad

by Bondi Beach

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Bondi Beach

Erotica Sex Story: During the summer after our freshman year in college, Heather and I learned some more things about her mom and dad. I already told you some of it in "Heather Watches." Things went a little further after that. You don't need to read "Summer Heat" to enjoy this story, but if you do, you'll know more about Sam and Heather and me and our friends.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .


This story is true, mostly. The people in it are not.

Heather and I were fucking that evening. It was the summer after our freshman year of college. We were out in her backyard, her parents were gone for the evening, we thought, and we were happily screwing ourselves silly.

It was our second round. Earlier, I had eaten Heather until she surrendered, then I came all over her breasts and tummy. Quick dip in her pool to wash off, and we were back on our favorite chaise lounge to dry off and cuddle a bit.

Cuddling turned into stroking and massaging after awhile, and it wasn't long before I was hard and Heather was wet and primed. I sank into her all the way, and we set off again together. Not urgently, but not wasting any time, either. I had my weight on her, holding her bottom as I thrust all the way in and pulled almost all the way out. Then I moved my hands, reluctantly, from her cheeks and levered myself up, high angle with my cock, trying to flatten her clit on each stroke.

Heather was helping, feet pressed against my thighs, then my butt. Arms around me, holding me tight. We were kissing each other as hard as we could, tongues fighting for possession. Coward that I am, I kept surrendering, sucking on her tongue, then counterattacking. Quick timeouts for me to bite one nipple, then the other, and for her to stick her tongue in my ear. That was almost enough to make me spurt right then and there.

"Don't stop. Almost there. Don't stop don't stop. Hard, now!"

Heather's voice, breathless.

I began slamming her as hard as I could. A couple of minutes of this, and it was her turn to surrender. I could feel her pussy clench. Stopped thrusting, but all the way in. Another clench. A tremble, another one, and she froze, holding me tight enough to squeeze the air out of my lungs. Finally, she released my tongue that she had been trying to swallow.

Her climax was enough to set me off, and I spurted and spurted, emptying myself inside her.

Heather's arms tight around me for another moment or two, then she let them fall. Legs, too, limp, boneless, beside me. I just kept lying on top of her, pressing her, squishing her, feeling her, top to bottom, my cock still solidly inside her, but now starting to soften a little.


Heather smiled.


Gentle kiss. Hint of tongue, not too hard.

We just looked at each other. Long moment. More smiles.

My cock slipped out and I rolled off. Heather nestled her head into the hollow of my throat, and we were quiet for a little while.

Heather stirred. Looked up, kissed me. Nestled again.

"I saw Mom and Dad again the other day."

Cock twitch.

"Oh, yeah?"

"They were in the garden on the picnic table."

Another cock twitch. I was fully interested. Turned Heather's face up again, kissed her just so she knew she had my attention. She kissed back. Moved my hand down to rest on her tummy just above her pussy.

"Did they know you were watching?"

"Mom did. She told me earlier that they might be out there. Then she hugged me and kissed me. Buddy, she pressed against me a little. I mean, I could feel her boobs, and maybe even her pussy."

"Did you like it when you felt your mom?"

Quiet. Bit of a squirm.

"I think I did, a little."

My hand gently further south. Heather opened her legs a little, and I cupped her pussy with my hand. Pressed my palm against her a little.

"You think she wants to do more with you?"

"I think so. I'm not sure whether I want to or not, but I was kind of turned on by the time Mom let me go."

"What about with your dad?"

"Uh uh. Don't think so."

"What about if he just watched?"

Heather gave a little shiver.

"Maybe. If I didn't know he was there."

"So, what happened with them in the garden?"

"At first, they were at the end of the table, Mom on her back holding her boobs, and Dad standing in front of her sliding in and out. God, it was so hot to watch them. I could see his cock, wet from being inside her. Long, hard."

Heather shivered again when she said this. Made me wonder a little about her "uh uh" a minute ago.

"Mom had this smile on her face. She began pulling a little on her boobs, sometimes pinching her nipples. I could see how hard her nipples were. Dad had his hands on her thighs, holding her legs apart as he fucked her."

I pressed my hand against Heather's pussy a little more.

"Then they moved around to the side. Dad had Mom on her knees on the bench. She was lying facedown on the table, resting her head on her forearms. Good thing they had a towel. Splinters in my boobs? Yuck!"

"Was he slamming her?"

"Not at first. He was kind of keeping up a steady movement. Long strokes in and out. You know what was really sexy? He was just kind of running his hands all over her back, lightly. Then onto her hips, over her bottom, again on her back, then cupping her breasts."

I started stroking Heather's lips, up and down. She moved her legs apart a little more. She was already juicy from my cum, but I could feel her getting even wetter.

"Then he pinched and twisted her nipples. I could see how hard they were. And she was pushing back against him and kind of rotating herself. Again and again."

Pressed against Heather's clit and made some circles. Then all the way down and back up, my finger just a bit inside. Brought some of her wetness up to her clit, and pressed harder. Heather pushed back against my hand.

"Mom said something over her shoulder, couldn't hear it. It set Dad off. He held her hips and started hammering Mom. Fast. Really fast. Then it was over. He slammed into her one last time. I could see his butt cheeks flexing, and he kind of shoved against her a little more."

I moved a little faster on Heather's clit, circling, pressing.

"Yeah yeah yeah. Right there. Yeah!"

A couple of minutes more, moving my finger as fast as I could, and Heather was trembling, pausing a moment, trembling again. I held her tight while she quieted.

Held her moment or two longer. Then turned her face back up for another kiss, long this time, but not so frantic.

"You know what was nice? After he came, Dad just kind of stayed bent over Mom for a little while, inside her, holding her breasts, keeping himself pressed against her. Then I saw him slip out."

"What did you do?"

Heather shoved at me.

"What do you think I did, dummy? I took care of myself. Didn't take but a minute or two, either."

I was rigid at this point. Heather noticed.

"You liked hearing that, didn't you?"

"Kiddo, you could have been reading the dictionary for all I cared, as long as I could hold you and stroke you while you were reading. The story was just gravy."


Heather moved down and took me in her mouth. I was more than ready, and after a couple of swipes of her wet and warm tongue on just the right spot, I was spurting down her throat. Heather swallowed, licked her lips, and moved back up into my arms for a hard kiss.

Quiet again. Cuddled for awhile. Kissed her over and over. I think I liked holding and kissing Heather almost as much as I liked holding and kissing my sister, Samantha.

It was a few days later. We were sitting in the park with sodas late in the morning. Another summer day. Hot.

"Remember how the other evening I told you about seeing Mom and Dad in the garden? I found out something else about that time. A couple of things, actually."


"Mom told me yesterday. When Dad was behind her that time, fucking her not too hard, she told him I might be watching. That's what set him off and he starting pounding her. She said she made him promise not to let me know that he knew I was watching."

I had my usual reaction to this news.

"That's not all. Mom told me this while she was putting suntan lotion on my back. We were out by the pool."

Now I had to adjust my cock in my shorts.

"Then she leaned down and pressed herself against my back. I could feel her nipples. Then she kissed my neck and my cheek, and full on my lips."

Another cock adjustment.

"I was a little freaked out. Not completely, but a little. I was also turned on. Mom looked at me and smiled, and told me she had watched us the other evening. Then she asked me when you were coming over again. I told her it would be soon."

I was fully erect at this point.

"Remember, Heather, when she told us last time it was her turn to watch us?"

"Right. This morning, I told her you would come over this afternoon. You want to?"

I put my soda down, turned to Heather, put her soda down, and did my best to put my tongue all the way down her throat. She did the same to me.

"OK, buddy. I guess that's a yes."

That afternoon, Heather's house.

"Mom, we're going outside to swim."

"Hi, Mrs. Somers."

"Hey, yourself. I might come out, too, OK?"

"Sure, Mom."

We figured Heather's mom wouldn't mind if we skipped wearing swimsuits, so we just stripped and jumped into the pool. Fooled around for awhile. A quick water fight, then some underwater wrestling. That turned into a standing clinch, pressed against each other. Kissing. Tongues. My hands on Heather's firm bottom, holding her as tight as I could against my erection.

A splash.

Broke apart to see Heather's mom, also nude, behind Heather. Big smile. We were right about not worrying about swimsuits.

I kept on kissing Heather, then released her. Heather's mom moved up behind Heather, hands came around and cupped Heather's breasts. Heather startled for a second, then smiled. Looked right at me.

I stepped forward and resumed kissing her, hard. Felt her mom's hand leave Heather's breast and move down between us to stroke my erection.

Broke our kiss, watched Heather's mom move her hand back up to Heather's boob. Both hands palming and cupping, stroking Heather's nipples. Heather still smiling.

I stepped around and kissed Heather's mom firmly. She kissed back. Then I took Heather's hand and led her over to the steps and out onto the grass. Sank down, pulled Heather on top of me.

My cock against her wet pussy. Another long kiss, my arms tight around her back. Could sense, not see, Heather's mom behind her.

Smooth wriggle by Heather, and my cock was mostly inside her. Pushed herself against my chest to sit up. Another wriggle, slight adjustment, and Heather was firmly seated. Small movement, then she got going. It was heaven. Hot, wet pussy. Lithe, firm girl above me, breasts within reach. Heather leaning down to do quick tongue duels, then back up to impale herself fully.

A weight on my shins, two hands cup Heather's boobs. Her mom behind Heather. Only took a second for Heather to turn her head around right into her mom's kiss. Not sure, but it looked like each was giving it her best.

Heather distracted a little by her mom's hands and kiss, so I held her hips and started thrusting. Kept the pace up as much as I could. I'm afraid I decided to concentrate on myself at the moment, rather than the women. Selfish, I know, but my mind was, literally, in my cock right then. Slammed up into Heather as hard and as fast as I could. She was riding me, true, but I think I was winning.

A few moments of this was all it took. I throbbed and released into Heather. One spurt after another as I pushed my cock as far inside her as I could get.

Heather and her mom still locked in a kiss. Thought I felt a pussy spasm, not sure. Fully caught up in my own moment, albeit one spurred by what I was seeing between the two of them.

Heather fell forward onto me, her mom still sitting up and stroking Heather's back.

We dozed in the sun for a bit, then back into the pool to wash off.

It was a couple of days later.

"Buddy, Mom says Dad might like to watch us."

Fight or flight? I'll pick flight.

"I think I might like that, buddy."

"Heather, you sure? He's not mad?"

Still thinking about the flight part.

"Mom says he's fine. Doesn't want to do anything with me except watch. I think."


"Mom is turned on about it. We were sunning outside the other day, and she was practically fingering herself while she was telling me this."

Cock moving a little. Hmmm. Maybe not flight, after all. Fucking daughter in front of dad? Maybe kind of a turn-on, in fact.

"I told her I didn't think I wanted to see him watching us, but if I couldn't see him, I didn't mind. She said that was OK, too."

A week or so after that, evening, last of the light just about gone. Heather and I resting on the chaise lounge after a particularly enjoyable session. Both of us smiling. Just holding her, listening to her heart beating, soft breathing. Cock fat and lazy, half-hard. Thinking about maybe another round in a little bit.

Sliding door opened.

I had forgotten that Heather said her mom might be around, and I almost had a heart attack when her mom stepped out onto the porch.

"Nice work, you two."

Heather stirred.

"Hi, Mom."

"Hi, Mrs. Somers."

I turned to look. Heather's mom was wearing only her panties. Nipples erect. Looked a little closer. Face flushed, lips sort of swollen, smile almost languid, dreamy. Heather's mom sure looked freshly fucked to me.

Oops. Freshly fucked? Uh oh. Probably only one person who put her in that condition. Jesus. Pulse up. Ready to run.

Looked at me.

"Easy, pal. Relax."

Heather watching her mom closely.

"Yes, your dad was watching, too."

Heather shoved her pussy against me.

"Um, Mom?"

"Oh, he liked what he saw, sweetie. He really liked watching you. He more or less jumped me. Grabbed me from behind and bent me over in front of the window. I was so wet and so ready. He pounded me, Heather. He screwed me silly."

Smiling. A lot. Heather's mom not only freshly fucked, she was happily fucked as well.

Stepped closer to us, bent down, and kissed Heather, lips slightly parted. Heather tensed for a minute, then kissed back. I could feel Heather's nipples getting hard. Broke the kiss, looked at each other. I could feel Heather's heart pounding. Then Heather reached up and pulled her mom down, kissed her again, tongue this time. I was gently stroking her mom's side as they kissed.

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