Sarah Gets a Family
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Science Fiction,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story is set in the Swarm Cycle Universe created by Thinking Horndog.

Sarah Miller went in for CAP testing, finally, after her return from a special medical mission to the Middle East. Since the threat of a Sa'arm invasion, most people had already been CAP tested. However, Sarah had been in a base camp somewhere in Dubai at the time that testing became a prerequisite for evacuation from Earth.

The problems began when the Middle East was removed from the potential evacuation list by the Darjee. Sure, the threat of annihilation by an alien race cooled the tempers of most countries, but the Darjee's announcement, against the advice of all human governments, had made it nearly impossible for Sarah and her co-workers to get out of Dubai.

The US government finally removed those workers by doing some old-fashioned horse-trading. The Saudi prince wanted a few "key advisors" returned to his country. In order to get those advisors, he allowed the US citizen "guests" to return to the United States. It took nearly two years of negotiations for the trade to be completed.

During that 2 year waiting period, many things about the testing process had been changed. In order to improve the Confederacy's image among those who would remain Earth-bound, all test subjects would receive nanobots to control, or cure, diseases like diabetes, HIV, and cancer.

Sarah's test took nearly four hours, although she was unaware of the passage of time. Four hours was still an unusual amount of time for an AI to run a CAP test, though. When she emerged from the testing room, a large man in a gray uniform was waiting for her.

"Sarah Miller?" he questioned. "I'm Jonas Reed, from the Confederacy Civil Service Corps. May I have a few moments of your time?"

Sarah's surprise must have been evident on her face, because Reed continued "If you could just step into my office for a moment, I have your CAP score here".

She followed the giant man into the next room and took a seat where indicated. "What is my CAP score? And, why do you wish to talk to me? I thought the procedure was to be tested and then, if one's score is high enough, wait to be extracted?"

He passed her a card, about the size of a playing card. "As you may know, it has become more dangerous for those holding CAP scores above 6.5. Yours is an 8.2 and, as such, will make you a target. Terrorists have been targeting people with such high scores and the Confederacy has taken to removing those with scores over 8.0 immediately after testing."

He continued, "However, the AI has identified a small problem with you".

Sarah said "A problem? I'm not aware of any problem, except that I don't want to fight. I'm a healer, not a soldier!"

Jonas raised his hand, "Please, let me finish." Seeing that she was waiting, "I see that you desire to be a non-combatant, but you have high leadership skills. The AI believes that the Civil Service may be an ideal posting for you."

"What is the Civil Service?" Sarah asked. "I didn't know there were any options except the Navy and Marines."

After explaining that the Civil Service group handled such issues as concubines whose sponsors had died, along with working to help Planetary Governors develop other services to back up the soldiers on the outlying planets, Jonas asked her directly if she would be interested in becoming part of that branch of the military.

Sarah thought quietly for a few minutes and then asked if her medical training would be useful in the new service. Jonas's answers reassured her.

Jonas led her to a transporter and asked her to step through the doorway. The ship she stepped onto was relatively calm since the crew was preparing for an extraction. She met CPL Pete Taylor, the man in charge of the next extraction. Taylor, like Reed was nearly 7 feet tall and, to Sarah's eye, huge. His shoulders, she thought, were more than twice the width of hers.

Jonas Reed, who Sarah quickly learned outranked many of the crew aboard the Challenger, asked Pete to take Sarah down once the extraction got under way. Pete looked distinctly pissed until Jonas showed him Sarah's CAP card ... and explained that Sarah would be a Centurion, the equivalent of a Major.

When Sarah arrived in the diner where the extraction was taking place, she immediately thought of the bazaars she'd seen in Dubai. There were people talking everywhere and everyone seemed to be wheeling and dealing. Women were half-naked, or completely naked, and were doing anything they could to convince someone to take them off the planet. Sarah wasn't truly surprised, just somewhat startled because CPL Taylor had only been in the diner ten minutes. She noticed that there were several men heaped in a corner of the room who obviously no longer needed medical attention and, as she looked around, she saw another man fall from a stinger blast.

Taylor spoke to her. "You're entitled to pick 6 concubines from whatever's here, so long as another volunteer hasn't picked the person first. You probably don't want all men or all women, since you're going to need someone to impregnate your other concubines. I recommend you pick at least one woman with strong maternal drives to take care of the kids, one person with strong sub-scores for leadership and a couple of men to keep you from getting bored with only one dick to play with." He handed her a device designed to show her a potential concubine's sub-scores. "Go pick yourself a family, Centurion."

Sarah looked around and decided that choosing her males should be first priority, although it appeared that all of the other volunteers at this extraction were men. One of Taylor's cohorts trailed along beside her as she walked toward the group of men at the side of the restaurant. She asked them if any of them had women in the groups that had already been chosen. No one did, apparently, so she asked them if any had women in the diner who wanted to leave the planet. Two men raised their hands and Sarah stepped to the first man, a black man who was somewhat overweight and appeared to be in his early 50's.

The man, Leonard Johnson, or Lon, had great sub-scores for paternity. His downfall was his easy-going nature. Lon was the type of man to sit back and take orders. He'd do anything you asked, but he wasn't big on taking action without some leadership. The CAP card said he had great scores for being inventive in the bedroom, though, which Sarah felt might prove invaluable in the days to come. "So, Lon," she said, "which woman over there is yours?" Lon pointed out a tall, dark-skinned woman who had that elegant look and ageless face that so many black women are known for. She also appeared to be nearly in tears because none of the male volunteers had looked twice at her since she was thin to the point of emaciation. Sarah told Lon to bring his wife, Carlotta, over to her.

When they returned, Lon looking eager and Carlotta looking as if she was about to lose her last friend, Sarah asked them if they had any problems having sex with others. Carlotta's eyes showed that she'd be open to the idea and Lon said "Hell No!" Sarah checked Carlotta's card and found the leadership skills that Lon was missing, along with the marks of a very hard-working woman. "The two of you can go over there by that soldier. You're going with me." Both smiled until Sarah said "However, your clothes must be left here. None of the other volunteers are wearing clothes, and you won't be either."

Sarah waited until both had dropped their clothing, then turned back to the group of men and asked the other man who had indicated he had a wife in the diner for his CAP card. His sub-scores, however, showed that he had a tendency to beat on women. She asked him to bring his wife to her and, when they arrived, had both strip immediately. The man, John, dropped his clothing in record time. His wife, Amy Franks, took her clothing off very shyly. Sarah was appalled at the number of scars on the woman's skin. There were a number of round burns, some healed, and quite a few scars from stitches, in various states of healing. Amy told her the scars were from "cooking". Sarah took her card and looked at it. The sub-scores showed her that Amy had a 3.2 score, with a strong tendency to be very submissive.

She decided fast. Looking over at the soldier, she said "I want the woman, not the man." John Franks began protesting loudly and moved towards Sarah. "You can't take my..." The soldier dropped him with one quick stinger burst.

Sarah sent Amy to join Lon and Carlotta.

She turned to the next man, who introduced himself as Charles Fralex. While Sarah looked at his CAP card, he shifted from foot to foot and looked extremely nervous. "What's the problem, Charles?"

"I don't want to take my clothes off in front of all these people." He said.

"That's non-negotiable. Is there a specific reason you don't want to be naked here? If it's a problem with equipment size, remember, I can fix that once we're aboard the ship."

Charles looked over his shoulder at three kids sitting in a booth on the far side of the restaurant. "Those are my step-kids. I don't wanna embarrass them."

Sarah's answer was "Do you want to get them off this planet instead of letting them become Sa'arm food? Then you'd better strip."

Charles removed his clothes while trying to stay out of the kids' line of sight. "If you don't take us, my wife's gonna kill me for doing this."

Sarah motioned for Charles to come closer. "You'd better start showing me a good reason to take you with me then, hadn't you?"

For some reason, this seemed to be Charles' trigger to turn on his charm. After making sure Sarah was agreeable, Charles slid an arm around her, burying his face in her neck. The other hand slid down her zipper so that he could work a hand into her jeans. Charles turned out to have magic hands and had Sarah cumming in minutes. When she got her breath back, she pointed Charles to the rest of her group. He asked if he couldn't help her pick out the other 2 women she needed and Sarah agreed.

The soldier stepped in and whispered to Sarah that Confederacy rules wouldn't allow them to take the step-children unless Charles had adopted them formally. Charles actually smiled at this, "Yeah, I adopted 'em the same year I married their mom. They're mine legally." So Sarah had her first children for her new family. Under the new rules for extraction, Sarah could have opted to have Charles' wife extracted as well. When she offered this option to him, he made a pained face and said, "Why, so I'll get to listen to her constant bitching up there that my CAP score wasn't high enough to get out on my own? No thanks!" A quick consultation with the escort soldier confirmed that Charles' wife, Melinda, was very high strung and prone to be overly critical. Sarah decided she didn't want to deal with those qualities while trying to put together her new family.

While the kids headed over to join the soldier, Sarah and Charles spent some time looking over the group of women still waiting to be chosen. Almost every woman in the diner was naked now, except for two sitting in a booth in the corner. Sarah moved over to that group and asked for their CAP cards. Both women had them, but weren't overly excited about having to "perform like trained seals in public" in order to get off the planet.

Louise Martin was 35 and had been divorced since her early 20's. She had one daughter who was 15, so an adult under the new rules, and her daughter wasn't with her today. Louise wore her dark brown hair long and straight, with glasses covering her dark brown eyes. If she'd worn braids and buckskins, she'd have passed for an Indian squaw. Something in Louise's eyes made Sarah ask for Louise's card instead of turning her back.

According to the CAP card, Louise had a hell of a sex drive, but hadn't had an opportunity to put it to work much while raising a kid. Now that the kid was technically grown, she'd been working on expanding her lifestyle. Then the Sa'arm had decided they were going to visit and Louise found herself either having to chase some geek who had a 6.5 or listening to some dork rattle on about how his CAP score should have been higher.

She herself had a 6.3, but knew that wasn't good enough to get off the planet alone. She'd decided that she'd volunteer for whatever group started a 'defend the planet' movement.

It hadn't been Louise who made the trained seals comment. That came from Betty Alderman, an over-50, over weight, heavily made-up officious secretary type. In Betty's world, everybody was out to get all they could from others and no one did anything out of kindness. Betty's 2.1 CAP, lack of interest in sex (from the sub-scores) and overly critical nature earned her a pass from Sarah. Charles privately thanked Sarah for that one later.

Sarah asked Louise if she really wanted to stay on earth and fight, or if she'd rather go help insure survival of the human race somewhere else. Louise's smile told Sarah that survival was a little higher on her agenda than defense. Louise also looked pretty excited when Sarah asked if Louise would have any problem sharing a bed with either Lon, Charles, or herself -- or all three. Louise offered to demonstrate her abilities right there on the table.

Sarah told Louise to strip and head over to the soldier. Louise dropped her clothes beside the table, revealing a decent set of breasts over heavy legs and ankles. Sarah watched as the other woman walked across the diner with her head held high. "No embarrassing that one!"

When they moved away from the table, Charles suggested they look for a younger woman to round out the family. His reasoning, that younger women could produce children longer and would have more energy to help look after the kids, was solid in Sarah's mind. Together they moved on to the naked women in the restaurant.

Sarah checked out a slightly heavier girl who had apparently been rejected by one of the other sponsors because she was "too fat". Sarah happened to like the way the girl's tummy was rounded, and she really liked the smile Ramona Rodriguez gave her when she held out her hand for Ramona's CAP card. Ramona had great scores for motherhood and sex drive, with lower scores for leadership ability and willingness to fight. But the fight wasn't completely gone.

Sarah's Spanish was rusty, but Ramona Rodriguez' English was non-existent. They found common ground when the Puerto Rican girl stepped up to Sarah, kissed her full on the lips, sending her tongue on an exploration of the inside of Sarah's mouth that was guaranteed to make Sarah's head spin. While this was going on, her left hand found Charles' dick and got it ready for Ramona to drop and inhale him while Sarah's mind was still spinning. Charles' intake of breath and sigh let Sarah know that Ramona was going with them.

Once Ramona swallowed, she looked back up at Sarah, then opened her mouth with an unspoken offer to share her prize. Sarah smiled down on Ramona and then, pointing to her group, said "Vamoose!"

Ramona, for her part, was hoping she'd be able to get her two year old, David, picked up. She stepped into line, but tears were running down her face. When Sarah joined her family, she asked Ramona what was wrong. The only words Sarah understood were "mi hijo" and "nino". She turned to the soldier who had been tailing her and asked if he understood any of it. His universal translator apparently allowed him to extract both the baby's name and location from the girl and he reassured both that David would be brought to the ship as long as Sarah wanted him.

Sarah immediately said yes.

Her family was complete.

Upon arrival on the ship, Sarah's group quickly found a corner and she had everyone sit down on the deck. Then, following the instructions of CPL Taylor, she gathered up everyone's CAP cards, ascertained their medical status and asked about any other children who needed to be retrieved from the surface. Lon and Carlotta were apparently raising their daughter's three kids by different men, so they were added to the list. Sarah took special glee in adding Amy's two boys, Taylor and Matt, and two girls, Missy and Ashley, all under 10, to her list, thus insuring those kids wouldn't be the target of their abusive father any longer.

Once all 17 of them were in their pod later, Sarah got down to business. First, she established rooms for the kids by gender, including a crib for Amy's daughter Ashley who was only 16 months old. Then Sarah asked the AI to show the occupants of the pod how to find food, bathroom facilities and fresh clothing. All of the concubines wore the same "uniform", a gray shift that covered almost nothing. Similar clothing was provided for the children, although Sarah deliberately added underclothes or diapers for them.

Since the goal was for everyone to get much better acquainted, Sarah chose one bedroom for the adults and decreed total nudity in that room. She also let Lon and Carlotta know that they were no longer married and that they could not sleep together until Lon had sex with every other woman in the pod.

The first night together as a family was spent with everyone getting to know each other, and Sarah made sure they got into the down and dirty of things. She asked each concubine in turn about their work history, favorite foods, sexual history and abilities. Sarah already knew that her concubines would have to do double duty as staff on their new colony, so she wanted to ascertain each person's strengths before they arrived.

As she expected, Ramona and Amy would spend most of their time handling the children. Amy, as the more experienced mom, would lead in this area, with Ramona making sure the kids didn't browbeat Amy into giving them their way. Since they'd all been fitted with a universal translator during the initial medical screening, everyone could now speak directly to Ramona.

Carlotta and Charles each had strengths in leadership areas and weaknesses. Carlotta had been from the projects on earth, which meant she was really good in tough situations. She also had an innate ability to guide people into following her lead.

Charles, for his part, had been in middle-management. He'd managed a few convenience stores, then had moved on to restaurants and the like, so he knew how to negotiate between the unreasonable demands of higher-ups, while still getting good results of those left in his care. This meant Sarah could leave him in charge of her family while she was gone without worrying that he would stray far from her instructions.

Louise had been in sales, mostly selling dresses to fussy, upper-class women. Her sales skills, honed by convincing women they looked good in that expensive ugly dress, would be used heavily.

As the evening went on, members of her little group paired off for sleeping. She instructed everyone to get to know one another physically as she motioned Charles to follow her.

Once out of the group, Sarah turned to Charles and asked him to finish what he'd started that morning. Alone, Charles was much more aggressive in bed which suited Sarah fine. They spent some time just kissing and talking before moving on to more advanced maneuvers. Charles was thrilled to have a woman who actually responded in bed rather than waiting for him to do all the work. Sarah, who had never been shy in bed, was thrilled to find a man who wasn't intimidated when she told him to move his hand lower, or higher. By morning, he was exhausted. Sarah was glowing when she went for her training from Civil Service Representative Jonas Reed.

Jonas entered the briefing room, which actually was just an area separated by a clear screen which was sound-proof but see-through. His briefing was short and to the point. "You will be the only Civil Service representative on Kon-at, a planet in the Delta Sector. You will be responsible for caring for any concubines whose sponsors reject them, both on the ship and on the planet. You will also be responsible for any concubines released by losses in military actions. You will be their representative in relations with the colonial government. There are some reports in the archives from other CS officers about what has worked for them and what has not worked for them. Read them carefully as they will be instructive in dealing with the new Planetary Governor and the military on the planet."

Sarah already had her uniform showing her new rank. Now she asked about uniforms for her family group. Reed explained that some CS officers had issued a quasi-uniform for members of their groups whom they used as staff. However, concubines were not allowed to wear any rank insignia, and their uniforms could not be black or gray, since those were the colors of the military and civil service. "Otherwise," Reed said, "You're pretty much on your own out there."

She was shocked that there wasn't a more extensive training program and she told Reed as much. His reply made it clear that she, like all the other CS officers, would have to learn by the school of hard knocks. Then he added that she should send regular reports about what worked for her and what didn't work. One of the CS officers on another planet was working to put together a training manual, but day to day concerns had kept that from happening quickly.

Sarah's next task was to decide about changes to her body and the bodies of her concubines. Since Sarah was a fairly fit 28, she originally thought she wouldn't need a lot of changes. She'd changed her mind after looking at the various military people around her, though. She decided that her height should be commensurate with the people she would be working with daily, so went for the full two meters in height, with corresponding gains in muscle strength and stamina. After seeing the carnage at the diner, she knew that she might have to physically handle a concubine at some point in the future.

She decided that all of her concubines should be similar in height and age to her, with corresponding increases in muscle for the men and adjustments for the women to make child-bearing easier. Both Lon and Charles received enhancements in their ability to extend sex, recovery time, and size of equipment. She also had both men's weight adjusted to slightly bulky since she preferred men who weren't super skinny.

For the women, each one's ethnicity was enhanced. Adding a few pounds to Carlotta's elegant build seemed to make her even more regal, while Sarah had Carlotta's hips widened and breasts enhanced to make it easier for her to have kids.

Ramona kept her rounded tummy and beautiful posterior, while gaining in height, although Sarah still kept her somewhat shorter than everyone else. Ramona's changes made her look like a Latin princess. Her baby's reaction said it all, "Mommy pwetty".

For Louise, Sarah chose to keep her slightly on the heavy side, but slimmed down her legs and ankles. This emphasized Louise's high cheekbones and confident manner.

Amy was the toughest concubine to make changes for, so Sarah actually asked Amy what changes she wanted. Not surprisingly, Amy wanted all of her scars erased and bigger breasts. Sarah gave Amy both, while removing the stretch-marks from child-bearing and asked the AI to add in some nannites designed to help heal the internal scars from Amy's abusive life. The AI actually made some recommendations to help Amy's new family heal those scars as well.

The concubines each spent about 4 hours in the medical chamber, in three separate shifts. When each one came back to the pod, everyone marveled at the changes that had been made, but it took several weeks for all of the changes to be visible. Scars and minor issues with size of breasts and penises happened almost immediately, but changes to height and overall body mass took some time. Everyone had to learn how to handle their new, basically larger, bodies.

Amy's transformation was the most startling. She went from a mousy looking woman to a blond bombshell in a few weeks!

Life soon settled into a routine. At Sarah's insistence, each adult in the pod spent time with each of their pod-mates. She learned that Ramona was insatiable, especially when paired with a woman. Ramona was pregnant with twins by Lon before the ship arrived on the new planet.

Carlotta turned out to be the biggest surprise. Her regal bearing actually masked a woman who had no problem in the sex arena. Charles spent several exhausting nights with Carlotta treating him as her personal playground.

Amy, who Sarah feared might need a lot of coddling to get started, actually turned out to be the sexual powerhouse of the group. Since the AI had recommended lots of cuddling, with no pressure on sex, Sarah advised her male concubines to concentrate on making friends with Amy. She also specifically told each man to spend an entire night with Amy doing nothing but cuddling before moving forward.

Charles spent the first evening with Amy after her transformation. He lay beside her, talking about various things they had in common: love of their children, hope for the future, minor anxiety about what their new world held in store. Afterward, while Charles was running his hands up and down Amy's back, she took matters into her own hands. Charles' swiftly indrawn breath had her laughing at him. "Not expecting that, were you?" she grinned.

Charles shook his head at her. "No. Sarah told me to let you take the lead tonight."

"Well, I like the lead I've found." Amy kissed Charles, then stroked her hand on him. "I love the way you feel in my hand. It's been so long since I've been allowed to control what happens during sex. Do you mind?"

In answer, Charles spread his arms out on the bed. "Lead on, little lady. Lead on."

A few nights later, Amy and Lon spent a night together. The next morning, his only comment was "That girl is a firecracker in bed!"

Sarah decided to use the "daylight" hours on the ship to train her family for what she expected to find on the planet. Luckily, her group was going to a planet with a political system already in place. The Planetary Governor had apparently modeled his government on the American system, so Sarah hoped her family would be able to easily grasp the rules on Kon-at.

Once they arrived at Kon-at, Sarah escorted her family to their pod and made sure that everyone was comfortable and accounted for, then went to see Mike Farris, the Planetary Governor. After chatting with Farris for nearly an hour, Sarah looked forward to working with him. She felt that she had finally found a place where she and her family would definitely feel at home.

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