Up, Up and Away
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Group Sex, Orgy, Polygamy/Polyamory, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The Swift fighter program was almost scrapped by the Confederacy because it was too much airplane for even the above average person to fly. In a last ditch effort to save the program, a whole new way of selecting, augmenting and training volunteers was tried. It worked, but would the price for success be too high?

Each has his own ability as befits his nature. The bear is strong, the otter is nimble, the hare is swift and the fox is clever. One cannot go against his nature and be successful, along that path is folly.

John Whitefeather, Apache Shaman

Lt. Colonel Ray Walker sat back and rubbed his eyes, trying to will the headache away that he could feel starting behind his eyes. He had been studying the data on the screen for too long and what it told him was not good. Realizing that he wasn't going to solve this problem right now he saved his work and pushed away from his desk.

"Stow my desk away", he told the room's AI "and get me an aspirin and an iced tea please."

"You're tea and medicine are in the replicator", the AI replied even as he heard a chime from the kitchenette in his quarters.

"Thank you" Ray replied, feeling suddenly foolish as he did so. He just couldn't get used to the idea of saying thank you to a computer, but he couldn't stop either. Ray swallowed his aspirin and took his tea into the lounge area of his quarters. Lying back on his sofa, Ray pondered his current predicament.

He is the commander of the first wing of the Confederacy's newest aircraft, the Swift fighter. The Swift is a three-man fighter capable of atmospheric and low-orbital flight. The Swift carries the first aircraft mounted weapons to come out of the new Research and Technology Center on the colony world Azahar. In fact, much of the technology for the Swift was developed there and most of it was developed by human scientists. As commander of the wing, he had no problem with the aircraft, in fact, it's an awesome fighter. But that was the problem, the Swift is too awesome for its crews.

The Swift testing had started out so promising. The first wing had been delivered to Tulakat for combat testing at the beginning of April. A marine contingent was sent down to the surface to bait up a large force of dickheads so that the firepower and maneuverability of the Swifts could be tested. The Marines set up an observation post overlooking a cleared area with a few buzz-saw mines and a radio transmitter. About 5 minutes after the transmitter was turned on, a small squad of dickheads showed up to investigate. The first buzz-saw got all but two of them and the Marines let the survivors hang out just long enough to call their buddies before knocking them out. True to form, the Sa'arm moved in on the location in large numbers, about 500 all together. As soon as the Sa'arm were located the Swifts were called in.

Five hundred dickheads were wiped out in about 20 seconds. It was an impressive sight, to say the least. The Swifts came in low and straight and the twin gunners on the fighters tore them up. The new BLiPP (Ball lightning phased plasma) guns were devastating, burning or exploding the Swarm that were hit directly and electrocuting any other dickheads within 10 meters of the point of impact. Complete and total success.

Every testing run for the first month was the same. The Swifts were a killing machine unlike anything the Confederacy had put in the air before. The pilots and their gunners averaged 95% kill ratios on groups of Sa'arm up to 1,000 individuals. Training missions even had to make sure that the flights of Swift aircraft were rotated so that all the pilots and gunners would get a chance at live targets. If the groups were too small the flights in the rear wouldn't have any targets left to hit. Yes sir, things were looking great ... until the dickheads started shooting back.

The first two Swifts were lost before they even opened fire. The dickheads knocked them down with handheld lasers. The rest of the flight was finished with their strafing run before they even realized they were missing two aircraft. It caught the Marines by surprise because the Sa'arm had never before reacted to the Swifts until they were fired upon. Apparently it finally got through their collective heads that the flying machines were dangerous. After that mission, it got harder and harder for the Swifts to be effective, for several reasons.

The first major problem encountered was that once the pilots started using evasive maneuvers to avoid the fire of the dickheads, the accuracy of the gunners dropped below 15%. Apparently the gunners and the firing computers couldn't keep up with the rapid turns and dives of the plane, some of which were made at greater than 20 G's. Added to that, the Sa'arm changed their tactics and spread themselves out, eliminating the chances of large scale massacres by the fighters. And lastly, the Sa'arm became deadly accurate with handheld and small mounted anti-aircraft weapons. The military analysts theorize that they are using their collective thought processes to triangulate the positions of individual Swifts and are sending that info in real-time to their gunners.

Ray sighed and sat up from the sofa. This problem with the Swifts was driving him crazy. He couldn't believe that such an incredible fighter could be neutralized so easily by the Sa'arm.

"Damn it!", Ray said aloud, "If only our gunners could manage to target those bastards while maneuvering." The maneuverability of the Swift prevented the Sa'arm from hitting them, but the gunners couldn't track them well enough to hit anything effectively while undergoing such quick and abrupt maneuvers. Not even the targeting computers could keep up with the juking and diving of the aircraft. But if the pilots leveled out to allow the gunners and opportunity the fire the Sa'arm shot them down in droves. Ray decided to let the problem go for a while and relax.

"AI, what is the current location of concubine Katrina?," he asked.

"Concubine Katrina is currently on duty in the galley." The AI replied.

"Please connect me to Sgt. Williams."

"Yes Sir." Ray heard in a few moments.

"Sergeant, is it possible that you can spare Katrina for a while?" Ray asked.

"Yes Sir, mess isn't scheduled for two hours so I can spare her for a while." Williams replied.

"Thank you Sergeant, please have her report to my quarters."

Ray closed his eyes and sank back into the sofa. The thought of Katrina coming to him immediately sent blood rushing to his cock. Ray unzipped the front of his jumpsuit and started to slowly stroke his throbbing dick. It still amazed him what Darjee medical science had done to him. When he was picked up for service he was an overweight, 5'8" tall middle-aged man with bad eyes and a 3 ½ inch dick. After he was through with augmentation he had become a 6'5" soldier with muscles to spare and the 9 inch cock he always wished he had been born with. Ray thought to himself that just the chance to finally have a penis he was proud of was reason enough to join the Confederacy.

Ray opened his eyes as Katrina entered the room. She was wearing the gray jumpsuit that all concubines wore on ship but as soon as she saw Ray with cock in hand she began to strip.

"Hello lover" she cooed as she approached him. "Is that big missile for me?"

"Of course it is." Ray said as he watched her strip. Katrina was the prettiest of Ray's concubines and had been his favorite from the moment he test drove her during his pickup. Katrina had been a high school student at the time of Ray's pickup and had a shy quality about her that Ray had immediately fallen for. She hadn't been the best at sucking him but when he put his cock in her she went wild. Having somewhat small equipment it was Ray's first experience with someone fucking him like he was a porn star and he was smitten. Ray always suspected that she was faking it to get a ride off the planet, but he never asked her if she had. Of course, after his augmentation it really didn't matter anymore.

Katrina was a natural redhead and Ray kept her that way during her augmentation. They had agreed on D-cup breasts and a figure for her like those of the classic movie starlets; busty, curvy and tall. The only special items that Ray ordered were that she keep a V of her fiery red pubic hair pointed down towards her clitoris and that her vagina and cervix be adjusted to take his enlarged penis without hurting her.

Katrina finished stripping and moved over to straddle Ray. She planted a passionate kiss on his mouth that lasted for several minutes. While she kissed him, she slid her wet pussy up and down the length of his hard shaft, jacking him off slowly with her swollen pussy lips.

"Sergeant Williams only gave me a half hour so we have to hurry. The Admiral has some dignitaries coming in today and we have to get a special dinner ready." She said.

"Damn, I was hoping for some more time." Ray told her. "I'm stressed out about the Swift program and I need to relax."

"Poor baby", Katrina whispered in his ear. "Let me take the edge off of you for now. I promise I'll give you my full attention tonight."

Katrina slipped off of Ray's lap and engulfed his cock in one smooth movement. Ray sat back to enjoy the sensations. "Katrina has certainly come a long way in her oral skills." Ray thought to himself as she licked up and down the length of his member. "She could barely stand to put it in her mouth when I met her and now she is really good. One of these days she may even be as good as Sally. I wish I could have brought Sally on this deployment too. That girl was born to suck dick."

Born to suck dick. Born to suck dick. Those words rattled around in Ray's head as Katrina began to deep throat him. Born to suck dick. Born to suck dick.

"Fuck me!" Ray cried as the realization of what he was thinking hit him. Ray pushed Katrina off of him and jumped up off the sofa.

"We don't have enough time for a fuck," Katrina said, "I've got to be back in the galley in 15 minutes."

"No, not that," Ray said with excitement written all over his face, "I think I've just figured out what might be causing my problem."

"AI, do you have access to all of the parameters used in CAP testing?" Ray asked.

"Yes." The AI responded.

"Tell me, how many of the parameters that are tested for are physical attributes?"

"Very few. Of course, during the interview process it is ascertained whether an individual is athletically inclined but the basic parameters used are primarily based on intelligence, attitude, sexual aptitude and mental stability."

"So, we are not testing for things like hand-eye coordination, strength, or agility. Is that correct?" Asked Ray.

"That is correct." The AI replied. "It is assumed that the medical augmentation of volunteers would correct any physical shortcomings."

The smile on Ray's face slowly spread into a beaming grin.

"What is it?" Katrina asked him. "What are you smiling about?"

"I just figured it out," Ray replied, "I know why we are losing so many Swifts."

"Why?" She asked.

"Because some people are born to suck dick, and some people aren't." Ray said.

Katrina just looked at him as if he were crazy.

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