by Samantha K.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, DomSub, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Bestiality, Size, Body Modification, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The Extracurricular Activities Series continues into a third story. This one picks up where "Cathy" left off and follows Cathy and Mandy as they explore the outer limits of sexuality.

It was after school ended for the day that Kim, Tammy, and Cerise finally managed to catch up to Miss Kelvin. They were walking between buildings along a covered walkway when Kim spotted Cathy leaving her classroom building by a side door and heading toward the Vocational Building down the hill. The three girls broke into a sprint to try to catch up to her.

"Miss Kelvin, wait!" Tammy called.

"Cathy!" Kim shouted.

Cathy stopped and waited for the three energetic girls to reach her. As they raced up to her without slowing, she prepared to skip to one side in case they didn't stop in time and ran into her. Her caution was ill-founded. Instead of colliding with her, they all threw their arms around her in a group hug.

Cathy was startled, but she yielded to their enthusiastic affection and hugged back as best she could. It reminded her of the time her mother had taken her to visit a friend who raised dogs as a hobby. She had gotten to play with a litter of puppies that were only a few weeks old and the almost overwhelming onslaught of affection felt very much the same. In this case, however, the sensation of being covered in naked girl-flesh gave the experience a very different flavor. She remembered that the puppies had toppled her to the ground and licked every inch of her exposed skin with their warm, wet tongues. 'Puppy-kisses' her mother had called it. The idea of Kim, Cerise and Tammy doing the same sent a thrill through her and made the sensual warmth of skin-on-skin contact an erotic delight.

"Well, hello to you too!" Cathy said, still entwined in a multi-armed embrace. "How have you three been getting on? You seem pretty excited."

Cathy was having trouble shaking her spontaneous fantasy in response to the sudden affection and it was feeding her already-heightened libido. When the hug had run its course, she kept her arms companionably around Tammy and Cerise so she could prolong the experience as much as possible. The girls didn't seem to mind, they both cuddled back against her and each put an arm around her waist. While they talked, Cerise also idly stroked her left side, maddeningly close to her breast. Cathy wanted her to either quit or to move closer to the erogenous zone that she was innocently avoiding, but was afraid she might choose to quit.

"We're good," Kim said, as the 'official' spokeswoman. "But it's you that's been causing all the excitement. We've been getting the third-degree from people all day about you and what you've been doing. I'm glad we finally caught up with you so we can get the scoop first-hand."

Kim had started off looking Cathy in the eye, but as she spoke, her gaze was drawn lower and lower until she was staring right at the two long teats that had been Cathy's perky pink nipples not that long ago.

"I see that the stories haven't been exaggerated too much," Kim said. "Those are incredible! Did it hurt to get them ... like that?"

Cathy pulled her shoulders back to show off her enhancements. "I confess," she said. "It did hurt some; but only at first. And it was worth it. They're soooo sensitive now you wouldn't believe it. I swear, I could probably walk around blindfolded and not bump into anything! I can feel the heat from your body, just standing there."

"They're so ... long." Cerise said, indelicately. "Did the milking machine do that to them?"

"Oh, you know about that already? Word gets around pretty fast in a small school like this. Yes, in addition to being the Advisor to the Nudist Club, I'm also a founding member of the Dairy Club. And I'm taking an active part in both. I hope you don't mind?"

"Oh, no! Freedom of choice is kind of fundamental to being naked," Kim giggled. "You're just leading the way in making your own choice of lifestyle. At least, that's what I've been telling people when they ask..." She trailed off, unsure how to report the most common question.

"When they ask if I've lost my mind?" Cathy said, smiling. "Maybe I have. And maybe it's good riddance. I've been through a lot of changes lately. I'm not the same person I used to be, on almost any level. I'm a totally new person and it's wonderful to be free to be the 'real me'. These..." she shook her shoulders to waggled her teats " ... are just the tips of the iceberg, if you will excuse the pun. The biggest change has been in my sex life. I have one now, and it's opened my eyes to a whole new world of experiences that I never knew existed and things I have discovered about myself that I never suspected. You could also say I found someone who made me a real woman. Or rather, he found me. But that's a long story. There are other changes, too, that I'd like to tell you about, and show you - but not out here. Come with me down to the Vocational Building where we can have some privacy and I'll tell you the story of the girl who fell for the man who raped her."

While they strolled along, Cathy recounted everything that had happened to her since her fateful walk home in the dark. She tried not to put too much excitement into telling it, but when she got to the part about how Bung's cock had changed her whole perspective on life and her sexuality, the memory of her sexual awakening was so strong that she couldn't help but put all the drama into it that she could manage. When she described what an awesome experience it was to feel so completely filled that you couldn't stop cumming, she had to stop and lean on them while she physically relived it by having a climax.

By the time they reached the bottom of the hill and were going through the door to the concrete-block building, Cathy had her audience almost as excited as she felt while reliving her experiences.

"Anyway," she finished, "I finally had to take that candle out. It was just too much. The darn thing kept my posture so straight that I was walking around on my toes."

"Oh, wow!" Tammy said; her eyes as big as coasters. "What did you do with it?"

"After third period, I waited until everyone had shuffled out and I spent five minutes working on getting it out of me. I sat it on the shelf by the door, next to the globe I have no use for, but which the school board insisted on providing. I think I'd better go back to using smaller things as pussy-pacifiers," Cathy laughed.

"I thought I was being really bold by using one of those little pocket flashlights," Cerise confided. "It has nice ridges on it that feel really good when I put it inside me."

"That's one I didn't think of," Cathy said. "But I'll need a full-size version. I think I'll get a waterproof one and leave it turned on. I'll turn it on and it will turn me on!"

"And you'll always be able to find your way in the dark!" Kim laughed. She looked like there was something she wanted to ask, but she hesitated.

Cathy saw her expression and thought she knew the question already. "Come on, what is it?" She prompted.

"Well," Kim said, "I was wondering if I could - you know - have a peek at your pussy. I didn't think yours was that much bigger than mine."

"It probably wasn't - before. Now ... here, come in here."

Cathy led them into an empty room. It looked like a workshop or a lab, with large, sturdy tables regularly-spaced across the floor and tall cabinets against the walls. Cathy stepped on the bottom rung of a stool and hoisted her butt onto the top of one of the tables. She scooted up to the very edge before leaning back and opening her legs to show off her slit. Everything appeared normal until Cathy tugged her labia apart to reveal the yawning chasm that repeated couplings with Bung had made of her vagina.

"Oh, wow!" Tammy said, staring in amazement. "You're really big! Oh, I'm sorry. Was that rude to say?"

"No, honey," Cathy laughed. "It's perfectly true. Dear Bung has reamed me out to fit his marvelous cock. Like I told you, I try to keep it stretched so he won't have to work to get it all inside me. It took a lot of effort for me to be able to take all his cock and I'm very proud of my accomplishment."

Kim thought that Cathy certainly looked proud, the way she was holding her legs apart to give them a good look at her gaping hole. It did look big enough to hold whatever toy she wanted to stick into it. And her labia were still glistening with her juice from her orgasm. Kim was fascinated by how much Cathy's pussy had been stretched. She had gotten a good look at it when she enticed Cathy into showing it to Jeff and it had certainly been a lot smaller then.

"So it's true," Kim thought. "They do stretch to fit. And she has to work to keep it that way for her lover, so it's not really permanent. Women have sex after having children after all. Even Mom and Dad..." Kim brought herself up short at the image in her mind of what her parents had been doing in the bedroom to make their bed squeak so loudly. Her first reaction was to think of it as disgusting, but then she thought, "Well, they ARE entitled to have sex if they want to. After all, if they hadn't, I wouldn't be here." That reminded her that her mother had given birth twice and her Dad still enjoyed sex with her often enough for her and Jeff to accept the squeaking bed as routine.

"Penny for your thoughts, Kim?" Cathy asked.

"Oh, nothing. I was just thinking that my brother isn't quite the hard-luck case we imagined him to be. He just needs to find girls who are patient and willing to work at taking his cock. Apparently all that's required is commitment."

"That's certainly true," Cathy said. "And it can be an awful lot of fun getting to the point where that last inch slides home and you feel utterly joined together." She started to lower her legs, but Cerise had leaned over to watch the drops of natural lubricant run down the folds of her pussy and across the wrinkled flower of her anus to drip onto the rough wooden table.

Cathy's brief orgasm had left her still very aroused, and showing off to three lovely girls whose hot breath was blowing deliciously across her hardening clit was making the juice flow copiously from her hot pussy. Lately, getting wet was no longer the warm slippery sensation that made her panties damp, now when she got wet, the slick fluid practically poured out of her.

Cathy held very still as Cerise's face grew ever closer to her pussy. The girl had been teasing her, intentionally or not, and she thought if she held still enough, she could lure Cerise into coming close enough.

Her wish came true when the redheaded girl suddenly closed the gap and ran her tongue up Cathy's wide slit. Cerise lapped at the fragrant juice like a cat, scooping up a tongue-full of her fluids before swallowing thirstily.

Cathy's eyes rolled back and she moaned at the sensation. It had felt fabulous and she grabbed her ankles and assumed what was becoming a familiar position for her. She flexed her abdominal muscles and tilted her hips in clear invitation for more.

Cerise didn't know what made her do that. It was just too tempting an opportunity to pass up. She just had to know what Cathy tasted like. Now that she did, she wanted more. She opened her mouth wide and planted her lips on Cathy's labia, sweeping her tongue again and again through the dripping pink gash. He cute little nose bumped into Cathy's clit on every upstroke, making Cathy flinch and writhe on the table.

Encouraged by Cathy's obviously delighted reaction, Cerise licked harder, faster, and deeper; slaking her lewd thirst with the sweet nectar that seemed to pour out of Cathy. She pushed her face so deeply into Cathy's pussy that it looked like her whole head might disappear. She licked at Cathy so voraciously that she smeared frothy pussy juice all over her face. Her efforts were rewarded with deeper and louder moans from Cathy, who was having a hard time stifling a scream of passion as her pussy was being devoured by the teen.

It was Tammy who was alert enough to go shut the stout door so that the noises Cathy made would be muffled. Kim was transfixed by the sight of her friend with her head buried in Cathy's pussy, lapping away like a starving cat at a bowl of cream.

Cathy's movements became suddenly more vigorous, and Cerise lifted her head to take a look up Cathy's torso. When she did, she saw Cathy's clit, waving stiffly in front of her nose like a small cherry on top of a sundae. Without hesitation, she planted her lips on the fat nub and started to suck on it.

Cathy clamped her legs onto Cerise's head and arched her back so violently that she threw her body straight up off the table, almost as if she had levitated. Kim and Tammy had to grab her before she threw herself off the table and hit the concrete floor.

They struggled like this for some time before Kim realized what was going on and said, "Cerise! Stop! Quit! Let go!"

"Hunh?" Cerise said, her mouth coming off Cathy's clit with a sucking sound. Her head was still trapped between Cathy's convulsing thighs, but with the stimulus removed, Cathy's thrashing slowed quickly to a stop and her legs dropped limply to hang over the edge of the table. Cerise lifted her badly-squeezed head and shook it.

"Whoa!" she said. She looked down at Cathy, who was lying limply on her back, her eyes unfocussed and rolling around, her body twitching, and a beatific smile on her face from the series of intense climaxes she had been through. "Did I do that?" she asked no one in particular.

"Girl, we are going to my house later and you are going to do the same thing to me!" Tammy said, emphatically. She had never seen anyone cum so hard and she hadn't imagined that it could be so intense, but she knew this was something she had to try for herself. Tammy looked at Cerise as if she were accusing her friend of holding out on her. She wondered how soon she would be able to talk Cerise into a sleep-over like they had done the previous month. Only this time they wouldn't waste all night staying up and gossiping about their schoolmates. To Tammy, a lot of the time she had spent hanging with Cerise in the past was beginning to look like wasted opportunities.

She ran over to a sink against the far wall and grabbed a bunch of paper towels from the dispenser on the wall. She dampened a few under the faucet and when she came back she tenderly wiped the whitish cream from Cerise's face and then blotted it dry. When Cerise was taken care of, she courteously attended to Cathy, who had to be helped to a sitting position with the remaining towels folded between her legs.

"Oh, honey!" Cathy managed to say. "You have a true skill there. I feel like I've been run through a wringer!"

Cerise smiled shyly at the praise. She hadn't done anything except give in to an urge and then allow herself to enjoy it so much that she got carried away. Now that she stopped to think about it, she had been using some of the same technique as Jeff had used on them, just without the teasing.

"Doing it to someone else is a lot of fun, too," she thought. She looked at Tammy and imagined her friend on her back with the corner of a pillow between her teeth, trying not to scream with pleasure while she did the same thing to her as she had just done to Cathy. She smiled devilishly at the thought and saw Tammy shiver with excitement as though she could read her mind. The two girls giggled at their shared intentions and gave each other a brief hug as a promise of things to come. The hug eased into a loose clinch as both sought to keep the physical contact. Tammy seemed to have trouble keeping her hands still. They kept gliding across Cerise's creamy skin, touching her in a sensitive place and then moving on to a different spot to stroke again.

Cerise held very still for this treatment, her arm behind Tammy's back in an unnecessary embrace. She was enjoying being explored by someone who knew just where to put her fingers and what kind of touch felt good there. The boys she had dated had been so clumsy and rough that it was hard to relax with them, but she knew she could trust Tammy completely, so she was willing to surrender to her handling without reservation.

The two girls were so wrapped up in each other that it was left to Kim to help Cathy climb down off the workbench. Cathy's legs wobbled at first, and Kim held her arm until she was steady enough to stand by herself.

"That was wonderful," Cathy told Cerise. "Thank you."

"My pleasure," Cerise turned her head toward Cathy to reply while Tammy continued to caress her. She emphasized the word 'my' and the note of sincerity in her voice was clear as crystal.

"Would you like to come watch the milking?" Cathy asked. "You are all too young to join the club, but you can come meet the members. Then you will understand better what it's all about."

"Sure, we'd love to!" Kim said, speaking for them all, since Cerise and Tammy were too preoccupied with each other to answer. They each managed to nod their agreement.

As Kim opened the door, Cerise and Tammy reluctantly drew out of their intimate embrace, but continued to hold hands so they could be sure of staying within easy reach of each other as all four walked down the hall to Dan Kelly's classroom. They arrived at the same time as Sally Granger, who had come in through the door to the parking lot.

Sally wore canvas shoes and a denim dress that was cut so full in the front that it might have been purchased from the Maternity section of McCaverty's Department Store. The three teens, not being aware of Sally's history, only knew her as a rather chubby upperclassman.

"Hi, Sally," Cathy said. "I'm glad you could make it."

"After the other day? I wouldn't miss this for the world!" Sally said cheerfully. "I assume these are the other members of the Nudist Club? I mean, who else could they be, right? The uniform is rather distinctive. Let's see, I recognize Kim from the Cheerleading tryouts, and you two must be Cerise and Tammy, but I'm afraid I don't know which is which."

"This is Cerise and this is Tammy," Kim said, pointing to each girl in turn. "You really remember the tryouts? Since I wasn't picked, I'm surprised you remember me."

"Well, you were hard to forget. As I recall, you tried to get an edge on the competition by wearing a tight top and going braless."

Kim blushed at the mention of the incident. "Yes, well ... that wasn't one of my brightest ideas. It was a spur of the moment thing and, in hindsight, a really dumb thing to do. I figured that out when they had us go through some cheers and I jiggled all over the place. It must have been very funny to watch. I had to keep grabbing my breasts to keep them under my top."

"Actually, I wasn't laughing. I was pulling for you, and when I saw your predicament, I really felt empathized with you. I guess it's because I've been in so many similar situations myself."

Kim didn't completely understand what Sally meant, but after hearing that Sally had been on her side and had sympathized with her during an embarrassing situation, she couldn't bring herself to press for details. Sally seemed like a friend she wasn't aware she had and Kim didn't want to get off on the wrong foot, so she decided to wait and see if Sally would volunteer an explanation. When the pause looked like it would drag on, she picked up her end of the conversation.

"So, you're joining the Dairy Club? Cathy just invited us to come in and watch. I hope you don't mind."

"I wish you would. I'll feel more comfortable with the three of you there. I always feel more relaxed in a group. I guess that's the herd mentality showing through."

Sally reached out and Kim took her hand. It was cold and clammy, Kim noticed. Despite her cheerful demeanor, Sally was nervous and asking for support and a friend. Kim could hardly refuse.

"I know what you mean," Kim said, drawing Sally closer to her. "I always feel better with friends around. We'll stay with you."

Sally smiled at the implication that she was one of that group. She smiled even more when Cerise reached out and took Sally's other hand.

"Thanks! I feel better already. But I'm also feeling a bit overdressed here. Would you mind if I got naked, too?"

"Not at all. The more the merrier. Here, let me help you."

Kim reached up and took hold of the metal ring at the top of the zipper that ran the length of Sally's denim dress. She gave a tug and slid it all the way to the bottom. Sally shrugged and the dress fell open and slid off her shoulders. Underneath, she wore nothing at all. For the first time the three girls saw that Sally's breasts were so large that each one was the size of a small watermelon and they hung down in a graceful arch from her chest all the way to her slim waist where they lay against her flat stomach.

"Oh, my!" Tammy said.

"Holy moly!" Cerise said.

"Oh, wow!" Kim said. "Sally, we had no idea. All this time I thought ... I mean ... you ... those are ... really, really big!" Kim clapped her hand over her mouth and blushed. "I'm sorry! I shouldn't have said that. But it was such a shock. And those are without a doubt the biggest boobs I have ever seen! But why have you been hiding them under those baggy dresses?"

"You don't think they're too big?" Sally asked. She had been prepared for the surprised looks and the shocked reactions, but she thought they would understand why she kept her outsized breasts camouflaged.

"Sally, there is big and then there is 'quantity has a quality all its own'," Kim said sincerely. "Those are truly impressive. They should be seen and appreciated, not hidden."

Tammy and Cerise were still speechless, but both nodded in agreement at Kim's suggestion. Tammy even let go of Cerise's hand to reach out and stroke Sally's breast.

When Sally didn't object, Cerise put her hand on the other breast and felt how full and round it was. "They're a very nice shape, for their size," Cerise said. "I thought when they got this big they would just hang flat like sacks."

"They've always been firm," Sally said. "Before they got so big, I never needed a bra, even when they got up to an E-cup. Now, though..." She shrugged her shoulders, an act which took obvious effort since it raised her breasts a couple of inches. " ... they're off the chart and nobody makes a bra big enough. I've given up looking and having one made to order is just too expensive."

"Aren't they heavy?" Cerise asked. She put her hands under one and tried to heft it. Despite the firmness, her hands disappeared under all the flesh. "Unh!" she said. "How do you stand upright?"

"Exercise," Sally said. "I do lots of special exercises. Check out my back." She let the dress slip into one hand and folded it as she turned to show off her back. The broad mass of bunched and corded muscles looked like she had been training to be a weightlifter, which she had been forced to be. Her back tapered sharply to her butt, which was a pair of rock-hard gluteus maximii. Even her legs looked like flesh over carved marble - beautifully shaped, but muscular.

"Ooooooo!" Cerise said. "Girl, your back is almost as impressive as your front! Sally, you realize people think you're fat? When you are anything but?"

Cathy had missed seeing Sally's back development in the store. She ran her fingers over the hard bands of muscle in wonder at the effort it must have taken to build this on a frame as petite as Sally's.

"It seemed better to let them think that," Sally said. "But you're starting to make me wonder if that was the right thing to do after all. You really don't think they look terrible? I've been kind of ashamed of them since they got so big."

"Noooooo!" Tammy said. "True, they are a lot bigger than anyone else's. They are kind of out of proportion, but then, so is my Barbie doll. Nobody's perfect."

"And you carry them so well," Kim said. "I think you'd want to be known as the girl with the killer body and the fantastic tits than just another chubby girl in a baggy dress. If the five of us walked down the street together, nobody would be looking at me or Cerise, or Tammy, or even Cathy. They'd all be looking at you."

"Yes, but what would they be thinking?"

"Oh, who cares what other people think?" Tammy said. "What matters is what you think. You have to be who you are. You need to find who that person is and make friends with her. You can't live your life fooling others about who you are. You'll only end up lying to yourself. That's something I've learned from going naked. It's opened my eyes to so many great things I had been missing before." She glanced at Cerise briefly. Cerise smiled back, coyly.

Cerise had gone back to fondling Sally's breasts. She seemed fascinated with them and especially the broad areolas that crinkled when she touched them. She put her palms over Sally's nipples to feel her skin react to her touch.

Suddenly, Cerise pulled her hands away. She held them up under the bluish fluorescent light. Both her hands were dripping with Sally's milk.

"Uh, oh! I should have warned you about that," Sally said, apologetically. "But then you might have stopped, and it felt so good."

"I think it's time we got someone introduced to the AMM," Cathy interrupted. She led the way down the hall to Dan Kelly's room. Sally reached for her dress, but Cerise snatched it up first and playfully skipped away from her, making Sally chase after her down the hall. Kim and Tammy watched Sally run after Cerise and marveled at the way her enormous breasts swung and swayed as she moved.

By the time they reached the door to Dan's classroom, Cerise and Sally were laughing and Sally had managed to get a hand on her dress. They would have continued their friendly game of tug-of-war but Cathy shepherded them all into the room, where their laughter subsided into a case of the giggles that each tried to stifle behind a hand.

"Good afternoon," Mandy said in a surprised tone to the crowd of naked girls. "I didn't expect this big of a turn-out, but you are all welcome. Cathy, are these all new recruits? I recognize Kim Hawkins, and these two must be Cerise and Tammy." She turned to Sally and said, "Which means you must be Sally." Her eyes drifted lower, drawn by the sight. She blinked a few times, and then pulled her gaze back to Sally's face. She smiled, but it was a possessive, rather than friendly smile. "Yes, you must certainly be Sally Granger. Come here, girl. Let's have a good look at you."

Sally stepped front and center before Mandy. She stood straight, but with her chin down, in a slightly submissive posture. She put her hands behind her back and clasped one within the other.

Mandy walked around her, her eyes sweeping up and down her body, taking in her muscular torso and her small ass with the sharply-defined muscles. She put a hand on Sally's shoulder and let her fingers run across the girl's back, tracing the hard curves from one side to the other. As she passed behind her, Mandy dropped her hand to Sally's ass and ran a finger lightly along her crack before cupping one of Sally's butt-cheeks. When she felt Sally's ass twitch like a filly's flank, Mandy's thin smile became marginally wider.

Completing her circle around Sally, Mandy returned to stand directly in front of her, where she put both her hands under one of Sally's breasts and raised it up as though judging its weight and capacity. Even though she expected it, Mandy was surprised at how heavy Sally's breasts were. She noticed that the areola of the one she was holding covered nearly the whole tip and that Sally's nipple was only a slight bump in the middle.

"We'll soon change that," Mandy thought. She felt something warm on the inside of her wrist and looked down to see a large drop of thick milk roll off her arm. While she watched, another drop formed at the tip of Sally's nipple and dripped off.

"It looks like you've arrived just in time, Sally. Let's not lose any of that." She lowered Sally's breast gently, and gave it a pat before taking her hand away. She reached into the pocket of her smock and took out a length of narrow velvet ribbon with a loop in one end. She pulled the loop out and lowered it over Sally's head until it rested on her shoulders. Mandy pulled the free end of the ribbon until the loop closed around Sally's neck like a noose. When it was snug, Mandy used it to lead Sally over to the chair by the desk. A thick pad had been added to the seat and a cotton beach-towel lay folded over the chair-back to provide a more comfortable perch for the girls.

"I would have liked to have had time to condition your nipples," Mandy told her. "This might be uncomfortable the first time, but I think when it's over you will be eagerly looking forward to your next session.

Guided by Mandy, Sally knelt on the pad and leaned over the back of the chair. She had to use her hands to lift her breasts over one at a time. When she bent forward all the way and rested her arms on the towel, they hung straight down below her, twin masses of flesh swinging slowly. Mandy took out her dressmaker's measuring tape, but after unrolling it to its full length and seeing that it clearly wasn't up to the task of encompassing Sally's monumental boobs, she put it away.

When Sally seemed braced and ready, Mandy bent down and whispered into her ear. Sally gave a small smile and her eyes twinkled as she changed her position on the chair by spreading her knees apart so they were on the thick outside edge of the pad. Standing behind her, Mandy could see that this created a gap between her legs that exposed her pussy very effectively. Once she was satisfied that Sally's posture was satisfactory, Mandy nodded to Dan, who moved to attach the teat-cups.

Sally's breasts hung down so far that Dan had to get down on one knee to reach underneath and position the cups. As each one latched on through the slight suction, Sally jumped a little at the unfamiliar sensation and in anticipation of what was going to happen next.

Standing beside and almost behind her, Mandy put a hand on her back and stroked her soothingly. "It's OK, Sally," she said. "Just relax. Let the machine take what it wants. Give your breasts to it." Mandy stroked down Sally's back, through the dimples of her rear, letting her fingers dip into her crack, teasing her anus and lightly brushing her dangling labia.

As everyone in the room watched, transfixed at the sight of this overt sexual caress, Sally leaned more heavily on the chair and tilted her hips to invite more contact with her pussy. She had been staring at the machine lying on the desk in front of her, but when she felt Mandy's hand so close to her sex, she closed her eyes and put her head back so her face was tilted upwards.

Dan tapped the control panel once, and the muted sound of the vacuum pump rose to a low thrum. He leaned over to observe the progress through the transparent windows as Sally's nipples and areola were slowly drawn into the cups. Because she was new to this, and hadn't had any preparation as Cathy had, Dan was taking it very gradually so as not to hurt Sally.

If Sally was experiencing any pain, she hid it well. As her flesh crept into the deep cups a fraction of an inch at a time, she let her mouth drop slowly open and she moaned softly. Her audience couldn't tell if this was from the sensation of having a machine consume her breasts or from Mandy stroking her and murmuring encouragement to her to let it happen. As more of her flesh was pulled into the teat-cups, her reaction became more feral. Her eyelids flashed open and her eyes started to roll and dart around, looking briefly at everything and nothing. Her moans became more throaty and guttural. Her lips drew back from her teeth and her breath hissed out as she became steadily more aroused.

Kim, Tammy, and Cerise were all frozen in place as they watched Sally being gradually changed by the experience from a rational human being into an animal whose sole focus was the stimulation she was receiving at both ends. None of the girls spoke, or even moved while they watched. They too, experienced changes - increased rates of pulse and respiration, a few beads of perspiration that broke out on their upper lips and between their breasts, stiffening of their nipples, and a pleasant musk that drifted from between their legs and broadcast sexual pheromones throughout the room. None of them had ever seen anything like this and they were each riding along with Sally on an escalating sexual high that was quickly taking them all to a keening peak of arousal.

Cathy should have been mostly immune, having been through it herself, but she found herself riding right along with Sally. Whether through empathic reliving of her own experience, breathing the air that was quickly becoming thick from the evaporating hormone-laden secretions of the three naked girls, or just because she had become conditioned to a quick and powerful response to erotic stimulation, she could not tell. All she knew was that there was a buzzing in her hears, her nipples felt like they might break off any second, her pussy was almost boiling over from internal sexual heat, and there was pressure building inside her breasts that was slowly becoming an ache and would need to be sucked out of her before she would feel relief.

"Watching is still not as good as doing," Cathy thought. "It will be my turn soon. My turn to be milked." She thought she could feel the skin of her breasts become taut as her need became more acute, but she wasn't sure if that was a real sensation or just the lingering power of Mandy's suggestion that she would develop a dependency on the machine. Either way, the heaviness she felt on her chest and her growing impatience to have the milker unburden her of it was evidence enough that her physical conversion to 'cow' was well underway.

"Soon," she thought, "being bred and being milked will be the most important things in my life." She cocked her head to one side and tried to imagine what else should be on that list. Nothing came to mind. An unfamiliar feeling crept over Cathy and she smiled as she recognized that for the first time in her life, she felt contentment. "Mooo," she said under her breath.

No one was watching the door when 'Juggs' Marindez walked in and stopped in her tracks just behind Cathy.

Cathy turned her head far enough to see the girl out of the corner of her eye when she heard Maria say in a low voice, "Madre de Dios! I thought this might be fun, but I had no idea it would be this intense. Is this the end of the line? I think I'm over-dressed."

Cathy smiled as she saw Maria drop her purse into one of the student desks and start to skin out of her tight denim shorts. As much as she would have liked to watch Juggs strip off, the show at the front of the room was much more interesting at the moment, so she turned back to watching Sally reach the stage that could only be described as full-rut.

Mandy played Sally's pussy like it was a fine musical instrument. She kept up the stimulation until Dan nodded to her, indicating that Sally's nipples had reached their full extension and had filled the teat-cups from top to bottom. At that moment, Mandy gave Sally's clit a final caress and Dan touched the control panel, starting the pulsator and increasing the suction to operating level.

The effect on Sally was three-fold. First, she raised her head bolt-upright and snapped her eyes wide open at the sudden and intense feeling. Second, a stream of milk quickly filled the tubes leading from the cups to the pump and then to the collection bag. Thirdly, Sally climaxed so hard that she lost her brace on the chair-back and Mandy had to reach steady her so she wouldn't fall off. Sally recovered enough to grip the chair with white-knuckled hands and hang on while her orgasm made her twitch and jump as though she were being electrocuted. Someone walking in at this point might have been sure that she was having a seizure, except for the smile and the angelic expression on her face.

After a minute or so, Sally's orgasm looked like it was passing its peak. At that moment, Dan turned up the milker another notch and Sally was kicked back into an upward curve of arousal. This happened three times, before the machine reached its maximum rate and after recovering from her fourth consecutive climax, Sally collapsed back over the chair-back, resting on the folded towel and watching herself being milked with a blissful and exhausted expression.

"Oh, wow!" Cerise said, "That was intense. I had no idea..."

"I did," Kim said, "But I didn't think it would be like that. You know, I think I came along with her a couple of times."

"I know I did," Tammy said. "I can't imagine what that must have felt like."

"Mandy was helping to distract her," Cathy said. "That made it easier and better for her first time. But the feeling of the machine alone is really awesome. It just goes and goes and you feel like it's going to eat you alive. That sounds terrible, but when the feeling takes you over, you want to give yourself to it completely, to let it suck you dry so you can keep that marvelous feeling."

"So who's next," Maria asked. "Am I at the end of the line? I'll be a wreck before it's my turn!" She said, only half jokingly.

"Oh, we're not joining the club, Ju ... Maria." Kim told her, biting her tongue for almost using her nickname. "We're just ... uh ... observing."

"That's OK, you can call me Juggs. It doesn't bother me. I think it's flattering. I went to a lot of trouble for these." She put her hands under her substantial breasts and held her pendulous pair up away from her chest. "It would be silly to be offended."

Cerise took the opportunity to admire Maria's self-enhanced endowments. She looked closely and asked, "What are those things on your nipples? Are they some kind of jewelry? They're cute."

"Uh, oh. I guess you know my secret now. It's just as well. I was going to use this as an excuse to quit, anyway. They're elastic bands. They keep the milk from leaking out. If I don't wear them, or if I let it all out at once, my boobs would - will be smaller than Kim's there. But they won't be nearly as firm and high as yours, Kim. Or at least, they weren't when I started trying to make them bigger."

"Do they hurt?" Tammy asked.

"The bands? No, but they make my nipples bigger and also more sensitive. I found them in a little shop in Tijuana when I was visiting my aunt. I have a whole box of them, all different colors. I won't be wearing them anymore, I guess. Would you like to try them?"

"Oooo, yes, please," Tammy said.

Maria took a small pill-box from her purse and opened it. Inside was an assortment of the elastic bands. She took out two green ones and gave them to Tammy.

"Uh, how do I put them on?"

"There's a trick," Maria told her. "You slip the band over your little finger and thumb, so you don't stretch it too much. Then you pinch your nipple and pull it. When you have enough pulled out so the band will be snug and not roll off, you slide it on with your other hand and let go. It only works if you have nipples the right shape. Yours should do well. Would you like me to show you?"

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