by Samantha K.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, DomSub, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Bestiality, Size, Body Modification, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The Extracurricular Activities Series continues into a third story. This one picks up where "Cathy" left off and follows Cathy and Mandy as they explore the outer limits of sexuality.

It was after school ended for the day that Kim, Tammy, and Cerise finally managed to catch up to Miss Kelvin. They were walking between buildings along a covered walkway when Kim spotted Cathy leaving her classroom building by a side door and heading toward the Vocational Building down the hill. The three girls broke into a sprint to try to catch up to her.

"Miss Kelvin, wait!" Tammy called.

"Cathy!" Kim shouted.

Cathy stopped and waited for the three energetic girls to reach her. As they raced up to her without slowing, she prepared to skip to one side in case they didn't stop in time and ran into her. Her caution was ill-founded. Instead of colliding with her, they all threw their arms around her in a group hug.

Cathy was startled, but she yielded to their enthusiastic affection and hugged back as best she could. It reminded her of the time her mother had taken her to visit a friend who raised dogs as a hobby. She had gotten to play with a litter of puppies that were only a few weeks old and the almost overwhelming onslaught of affection felt very much the same. In this case, however, the sensation of being covered in naked girl-flesh gave the experience a very different flavor. She remembered that the puppies had toppled her to the ground and licked every inch of her exposed skin with their warm, wet tongues. 'Puppy-kisses' her mother had called it. The idea of Kim, Cerise and Tammy doing the same sent a thrill through her and made the sensual warmth of skin-on-skin contact an erotic delight.

"Well, hello to you too!" Cathy said, still entwined in a multi-armed embrace. "How have you three been getting on? You seem pretty excited."

Cathy was having trouble shaking her spontaneous fantasy in response to the sudden affection and it was feeding her already-heightened libido. When the hug had run its course, she kept her arms companionably around Tammy and Cerise so she could prolong the experience as much as possible. The girls didn't seem to mind, they both cuddled back against her and each put an arm around her waist. While they talked, Cerise also idly stroked her left side, maddeningly close to her breast. Cathy wanted her to either quit or to move closer to the erogenous zone that she was innocently avoiding, but was afraid she might choose to quit.

"We're good," Kim said, as the 'official' spokeswoman. "But it's you that's been causing all the excitement. We've been getting the third-degree from people all day about you and what you've been doing. I'm glad we finally caught up with you so we can get the scoop first-hand."

Kim had started off looking Cathy in the eye, but as she spoke, her gaze was drawn lower and lower until she was staring right at the two long teats that had been Cathy's perky pink nipples not that long ago.

"I see that the stories haven't been exaggerated too much," Kim said. "Those are incredible! Did it hurt to get them ... like that?"

Cathy pulled her shoulders back to show off her enhancements. "I confess," she said. "It did hurt some; but only at first. And it was worth it. They're soooo sensitive now you wouldn't believe it. I swear, I could probably walk around blindfolded and not bump into anything! I can feel the heat from your body, just standing there."

"They're so ... long." Cerise said, indelicately. "Did the milking machine do that to them?"

"Oh, you know about that already? Word gets around pretty fast in a small school like this. Yes, in addition to being the Advisor to the Nudist Club, I'm also a founding member of the Dairy Club. And I'm taking an active part in both. I hope you don't mind?"

"Oh, no! Freedom of choice is kind of fundamental to being naked," Kim giggled. "You're just leading the way in making your own choice of lifestyle. At least, that's what I've been telling people when they ask..." She trailed off, unsure how to report the most common question.

"When they ask if I've lost my mind?" Cathy said, smiling. "Maybe I have. And maybe it's good riddance. I've been through a lot of changes lately. I'm not the same person I used to be, on almost any level. I'm a totally new person and it's wonderful to be free to be the 'real me'. These..." she shook her shoulders to waggled her teats " ... are just the tips of the iceberg, if you will excuse the pun. The biggest change has been in my sex life. I have one now, and it's opened my eyes to a whole new world of experiences that I never knew existed and things I have discovered about myself that I never suspected. You could also say I found someone who made me a real woman. Or rather, he found me. But that's a long story. There are other changes, too, that I'd like to tell you about, and show you - but not out here. Come with me down to the Vocational Building where we can have some privacy and I'll tell you the story of the girl who fell for the man who raped her."

While they strolled along, Cathy recounted everything that had happened to her since her fateful walk home in the dark. She tried not to put too much excitement into telling it, but when she got to the part about how Bung's cock had changed her whole perspective on life and her sexuality, the memory of her sexual awakening was so strong that she couldn't help but put all the drama into it that she could manage. When she described what an awesome experience it was to feel so completely filled that you couldn't stop cumming, she had to stop and lean on them while she physically relived it by having a climax.

By the time they reached the bottom of the hill and were going through the door to the concrete-block building, Cathy had her audience almost as excited as she felt while reliving her experiences.

"Anyway," she finished, "I finally had to take that candle out. It was just too much. The darn thing kept my posture so straight that I was walking around on my toes."

"Oh, wow!" Tammy said; her eyes as big as coasters. "What did you do with it?"

"After third period, I waited until everyone had shuffled out and I spent five minutes working on getting it out of me. I sat it on the shelf by the door, next to the globe I have no use for, but which the school board insisted on providing. I think I'd better go back to using smaller things as pussy-pacifiers," Cathy laughed.

"I thought I was being really bold by using one of those little pocket flashlights," Cerise confided. "It has nice ridges on it that feel really good when I put it inside me."

"That's one I didn't think of," Cathy said. "But I'll need a full-size version. I think I'll get a waterproof one and leave it turned on. I'll turn it on and it will turn me on!"

"And you'll always be able to find your way in the dark!" Kim laughed. She looked like there was something she wanted to ask, but she hesitated.

Cathy saw her expression and thought she knew the question already. "Come on, what is it?" She prompted.

"Well," Kim said, "I was wondering if I could - you know - have a peek at your pussy. I didn't think yours was that much bigger than mine."

"It probably wasn't - before. Now ... here, come in here."

Cathy led them into an empty room. It looked like a workshop or a lab, with large, sturdy tables regularly-spaced across the floor and tall cabinets against the walls. Cathy stepped on the bottom rung of a stool and hoisted her butt onto the top of one of the tables. She scooted up to the very edge before leaning back and opening her legs to show off her slit. Everything appeared normal until Cathy tugged her labia apart to reveal the yawning chasm that repeated couplings with Bung had made of her vagina.

"Oh, wow!" Tammy said, staring in amazement. "You're really big! Oh, I'm sorry. Was that rude to say?"

"No, honey," Cathy laughed. "It's perfectly true. Dear Bung has reamed me out to fit his marvelous cock. Like I told you, I try to keep it stretched so he won't have to work to get it all inside me. It took a lot of effort for me to be able to take all his cock and I'm very proud of my accomplishment."

Kim thought that Cathy certainly looked proud, the way she was holding her legs apart to give them a good look at her gaping hole. It did look big enough to hold whatever toy she wanted to stick into it. And her labia were still glistening with her juice from her orgasm. Kim was fascinated by how much Cathy's pussy had been stretched. She had gotten a good look at it when she enticed Cathy into showing it to Jeff and it had certainly been a lot smaller then.

"So it's true," Kim thought. "They do stretch to fit. And she has to work to keep it that way for her lover, so it's not really permanent. Women have sex after having children after all. Even Mom and Dad..." Kim brought herself up short at the image in her mind of what her parents had been doing in the bedroom to make their bed squeak so loudly. Her first reaction was to think of it as disgusting, but then she thought, "Well, they ARE entitled to have sex if they want to. After all, if they hadn't, I wouldn't be here." That reminded her that her mother had given birth twice and her Dad still enjoyed sex with her often enough for her and Jeff to accept the squeaking bed as routine.

"Penny for your thoughts, Kim?" Cathy asked.

"Oh, nothing. I was just thinking that my brother isn't quite the hard-luck case we imagined him to be. He just needs to find girls who are patient and willing to work at taking his cock. Apparently all that's required is commitment."

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