A Time of Control

by Linda Jean

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Desc: Sex Story: This is about a man who designs a program to work the subconscious in such a way that the women he uses have no idea what is going on and they still do the nasty sick things he wants them to do. He learns how to control the most stuck up snobbish women he works with.

Note: I'm going to try and write a story from a man's point of view, I tried it long ago and everyone told me it was not all that good. In one of my latest stories I wrote a little (from a man's point of view) and I was told that it was more believable, so instead of writing just one part like I did, this time I'll try and see if I can do better job. Be sure and let me know where I'm getting it wrong. Look I know this is a way out there kind of story, it is a story to loose yourself in. I wanted to see if I could make up one and maybe make it real nasty!.

I sat at my desk during lunch and decided to see what story sites I could get into and out of before the others around me got back. You see, we are not allowed to get into sex sites at work. Since I am the in-house computer wiz, I do all the programming installation and other computer work for the company; it is also my job to not only keep the company online, but to also monitor the 283 CPUs on everyone's desk and to report abuse to my boss, you know, anyone breaking the company policy after he or she has been warned. I set up a program that pings me every time an employee signs into a known sex site. Well, that really isn't true; I set my program to look for certain words used at those sites. I use the most common sex terms, and their plurals, "cock, cunt, pussy, ass, dick, lick, fuck, panty, panties, bloomers." I think you get the idea. Well, for over a year now, I have found I think every sex site on the net that is known by all of our employees.

When I find an employee online at a sex site for more than 5 minutes I am to send them a warning about using company computers for personal use and a copy of the company policy. If I catch them again, I am to report them to my boss. He will normally give them a very stern warning and they seldom do it again. I was told only one person was fired over this, and it was before I set up the present system.

Anyway, I went to one of my favorite sites and saw a story about a person like myself working in a small company that used subliminal messages to get people to do things. I read it and I knew it was a work of fiction, however, I could not help but wonder if something like that could really happen. The rest of the day I sat trying to come up with a rough idea on how to work up a program using that idea. I know people are not dumb, and while I think subliminal messages can work on some people, I doubted that this premise would. But what if it did?

I began working out a program in my head, then I took it from there and into my hard drive. It took me almost four days to get the timing down and figure out exactly where the subliminal messages should pop up. I left the line open so I could insert my message and change it to fit my desires. In the story I read the guy got his boss to give him a raise and a brand-new office. I decided to start out very close to the vest, so to speak. I just wanted to see if this could possibly work, so my message to my boss was, "Take Pete to lunch Friday the 20th to the Green Lantern. Order for him shrimp gumbo and lobster pie. When they tell you they don't have that, let him order."

My biggest problem was how to hide that message in his work that he did on his CPU. To simply state this, I used my boss as a guinea pig. It took me a very long time to get the words the right size and on the screen for correct amount of time; it took me a good two weeks of working on nothing else. I did it at work under the guise of making a new trapping program. Once a month I have to do a virus scan of all 283 computers as well as our three servers. My plan was to use this time to load up the test program on the boss.

On Tuesday I told my boss I was going to clean up his CPU and do a normal scan and defrag while he was at lunch. (This is when I normally do his.) I had my new program on a CD and after I loaded it I checked it out. I expected to see some little flicker as he opened and closed programs. You see that is when the subliminal messages would pop up and off. In order for the whole thing to come across he would have to click open three different windows, since he was always on it, I thought it should work fine, however, I would know by Friday for sure.

I did the cleanup and went on to planning my next move if this worked. At 3:28 my phone rang and it was my boss, I picked up the receiver and said, "What's up, Frank, having trouble with your CPU?" He gave me his funny laugh and said, "No, I just want to have you clear your schedule to have lunch with me Friday. Have you ever gone to the Green Lantern? I understand they have great food there." I accepted his invitation and hung up the phone. I could not believe it, it worked, it fucking worked! But then I had to wonder just how well it worked. I mean, that was a very long message, maybe he only got the first part.

I won't bore you with the details, but when Frank ordered the "shrimp gumbo and lobster pie," I knew it worked like a charm. I went back to my office and began to plan. First, I wanted to try my new toy on two women who I thought may prove to be fun. My first pick was a stuck-up receptionist who was nice to almost everyone but me. She always well-spoken and everyone thought she could do no wrong.

One morning about two months ago, I had to come in extra early to change out printer cables at several locations. I was under the front reception counter working behind the built-in desk when I heard Mary and Wanda walk in, they were talking as the approached. I kept doing my work and since the reception area is a raised platform, they were speaking just above me, sipping coffee as they spoke.

I heard Wanda say, "I have to admit I have seen some porn with them in and they are big just as they say, but what is really something is they never go soft, they are like, hard all the time. The other guys go soft and have to stop for a while but those guys finish and they just keep on going."

Mary said, "I need a husband that can keep it up, let alone keep it going. I'm lucky to get it once every two weeks."

Wanda said, "We should go out and see if those black guys are like the porn tapes?"

Mary said, "No fucking way, Carl hates 'em, he never gets any porn that has 'em in it. His whole family is racist, and if he saw one of them looking at me he would go ballistic. Besides, everyone knows they are filthy and don't wash, they spread VD and AIDS. I don't understand why any white woman would lay down with one of them. If one ever raped me I would kill myself."

I had finished the change out about the time they walked up, so I just laid under the counter and desk to, well, to listen to them ramble. I heard them talking and Mary's racism just added to my dislike for her. I am not black, but my God this is 2007, when are people like her and her husband ever going to wake up?

I sneezed, which gave away my position, Mary yelled out, "Who's there? Who's there? Show yourself. I ignored her and just lay there on the floor with my hands busy in the back of the two computers under the counter. I heard them walk around and up the two stairs, I felt a kick to my right leg, I yelled out, "Hey, stop that!"

Wanda said, "Get out from under there."

I yelled back real loud, "Stop it, who's there? I'm working here!"

I stayed there for maybe four or five more minutes, then came out. Mary yelled out, "YOU! It's the fucking perv. You know he's the one who reads our e-mails, Wanda? Don't you, perv? If he doesn't like you, he'll turn you in and you get fired, isn't that right, Peter? Were you down there listening in on our private conversation so you can go tell Frank what you heard, pervert?"

Man, this fucking bitch. I did my job and one person who did get fired was fired because he yelled and cursed at the boss. This happened a very long time ago, was that the thing that got a bug up her ass?

I wiped my hands and picked up my tools from the floor, I said, "You're one crazy bitch. What the fuck are you raving about now, you cow? I came in early just so I could get my work done before I had to see you, yet here you are being a fucking bitch as you always are." I looked at Wanda who was very easy to get along with and asked her, "How on earth do you ever work with this crazy cow?"

Wanda and I have spoken about Mary's attitude many times when we are by ourselves. She did not say anything. I said, "Look, Wanda, you don't have to be here for what, twenty minutes? I'll be done in ten, so why don't you take this mad cow and finish whatever you were doing in the break room. I don't need this shit when I'm trying to work."

Mary turned and walked away calling me a "motherfucking asshole" under her breath as she and Wanda got off the platform. Now, Mary is married to another wonderful human being, man, talk about two peas in a fucking pod, and thank God they don't have any children. Oh, Mary is attractive, in looks. However, she is not any knockout. I had decided at that point and time that one day, somehow, I would make her pay for being such a cunt to me.

Maybe today was the beginning of that day; I sure hope it works as good on her as it did the boss. All I did for Mary was fill in the blanks with this. "Mary Jackson, You lust for Peter Jacobs." (Since we have four different receptionists that use the same CPU, I had to make sure only Mary did the lusting, and with three Peters working here, I felt it best to make sure she knew just who it was that she lusted over.)

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