A Time of Control

by Linda Jean

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Desc: Sex Story: This is about a man who designs a program to work the subconscious in such a way that the women he uses have no idea what is going on and they still do the nasty sick things he wants them to do. He learns how to control the most stuck up snobbish women he works with.

Note: I'm going to try and write a story from a man's point of view, I tried it long ago and everyone told me it was not all that good. In one of my latest stories I wrote a little (from a man's point of view) and I was told that it was more believable, so instead of writing just one part like I did, this time I'll try and see if I can do better job. Be sure and let me know where I'm getting it wrong. Look I know this is a way out there kind of story, it is a story to loose yourself in. I wanted to see if I could make up one and maybe make it real nasty!.

I sat at my desk during lunch and decided to see what story sites I could get into and out of before the others around me got back. You see, we are not allowed to get into sex sites at work. Since I am the in-house computer wiz, I do all the programming installation and other computer work for the company; it is also my job to not only keep the company online, but to also monitor the 283 CPUs on everyone's desk and to report abuse to my boss, you know, anyone breaking the company policy after he or she has been warned. I set up a program that pings me every time an employee signs into a known sex site. Well, that really isn't true; I set my program to look for certain words used at those sites. I use the most common sex terms, and their plurals, "cock, cunt, pussy, ass, dick, lick, fuck, panty, panties, bloomers." I think you get the idea. Well, for over a year now, I have found I think every sex site on the net that is known by all of our employees.

When I find an employee online at a sex site for more than 5 minutes I am to send them a warning about using company computers for personal use and a copy of the company policy. If I catch them again, I am to report them to my boss. He will normally give them a very stern warning and they seldom do it again. I was told only one person was fired over this, and it was before I set up the present system.

Anyway, I went to one of my favorite sites and saw a story about a person like myself working in a small company that used subliminal messages to get people to do things. I read it and I knew it was a work of fiction, however, I could not help but wonder if something like that could really happen. The rest of the day I sat trying to come up with a rough idea on how to work up a program using that idea. I know people are not dumb, and while I think subliminal messages can work on some people, I doubted that this premise would. But what if it did?

I began working out a program in my head, then I took it from there and into my hard drive. It took me almost four days to get the timing down and figure out exactly where the subliminal messages should pop up. I left the line open so I could insert my message and change it to fit my desires. In the story I read the guy got his boss to give him a raise and a brand-new office. I decided to start out very close to the vest, so to speak. I just wanted to see if this could possibly work, so my message to my boss was, "Take Pete to lunch Friday the 20th to the Green Lantern. Order for him shrimp gumbo and lobster pie. When they tell you they don't have that, let him order."

My biggest problem was how to hide that message in his work that he did on his CPU. To simply state this, I used my boss as a guinea pig. It took me a very long time to get the words the right size and on the screen for correct amount of time; it took me a good two weeks of working on nothing else. I did it at work under the guise of making a new trapping program. Once a month I have to do a virus scan of all 283 computers as well as our three servers. My plan was to use this time to load up the test program on the boss.

On Tuesday I told my boss I was going to clean up his CPU and do a normal scan and defrag while he was at lunch. (This is when I normally do his.) I had my new program on a CD and after I loaded it I checked it out. I expected to see some little flicker as he opened and closed programs. You see that is when the subliminal messages would pop up and off. In order for the whole thing to come across he would have to click open three different windows, since he was always on it, I thought it should work fine, however, I would know by Friday for sure.

I did the cleanup and went on to planning my next move if this worked. At 3:28 my phone rang and it was my boss, I picked up the receiver and said, "What's up, Frank, having trouble with your CPU?" He gave me his funny laugh and said, "No, I just want to have you clear your schedule to have lunch with me Friday. Have you ever gone to the Green Lantern? I understand they have great food there." I accepted his invitation and hung up the phone. I could not believe it, it worked, it fucking worked! But then I had to wonder just how well it worked. I mean, that was a very long message, maybe he only got the first part.

I won't bore you with the details, but when Frank ordered the "shrimp gumbo and lobster pie," I knew it worked like a charm. I went back to my office and began to plan. First, I wanted to try my new toy on two women who I thought may prove to be fun. My first pick was a stuck-up receptionist who was nice to almost everyone but me. She always well-spoken and everyone thought she could do no wrong.

One morning about two months ago, I had to come in extra early to change out printer cables at several locations. I was under the front reception counter working behind the built-in desk when I heard Mary and Wanda walk in, they were talking as the approached. I kept doing my work and since the reception area is a raised platform, they were speaking just above me, sipping coffee as they spoke.

I heard Wanda say, "I have to admit I have seen some porn with them in and they are big just as they say, but what is really something is they never go soft, they are like, hard all the time. The other guys go soft and have to stop for a while but those guys finish and they just keep on going."

Mary said, "I need a husband that can keep it up, let alone keep it going. I'm lucky to get it once every two weeks."

Wanda said, "We should go out and see if those black guys are like the porn tapes?"

Mary said, "No fucking way, Carl hates 'em, he never gets any porn that has 'em in it. His whole family is racist, and if he saw one of them looking at me he would go ballistic. Besides, everyone knows they are filthy and don't wash, they spread VD and AIDS. I don't understand why any white woman would lay down with one of them. If one ever raped me I would kill myself."

I had finished the change out about the time they walked up, so I just laid under the counter and desk to, well, to listen to them ramble. I heard them talking and Mary's racism just added to my dislike for her. I am not black, but my God this is 2007, when are people like her and her husband ever going to wake up?

I sneezed, which gave away my position, Mary yelled out, "Who's there? Who's there? Show yourself. I ignored her and just lay there on the floor with my hands busy in the back of the two computers under the counter. I heard them walk around and up the two stairs, I felt a kick to my right leg, I yelled out, "Hey, stop that!"

Wanda said, "Get out from under there."

I yelled back real loud, "Stop it, who's there? I'm working here!"

I stayed there for maybe four or five more minutes, then came out. Mary yelled out, "YOU! It's the fucking perv. You know he's the one who reads our e-mails, Wanda? Don't you, perv? If he doesn't like you, he'll turn you in and you get fired, isn't that right, Peter? Were you down there listening in on our private conversation so you can go tell Frank what you heard, pervert?"

Man, this fucking bitch. I did my job and one person who did get fired was fired because he yelled and cursed at the boss. This happened a very long time ago, was that the thing that got a bug up her ass?

I wiped my hands and picked up my tools from the floor, I said, "You're one crazy bitch. What the fuck are you raving about now, you cow? I came in early just so I could get my work done before I had to see you, yet here you are being a fucking bitch as you always are." I looked at Wanda who was very easy to get along with and asked her, "How on earth do you ever work with this crazy cow?"

Wanda and I have spoken about Mary's attitude many times when we are by ourselves. She did not say anything. I said, "Look, Wanda, you don't have to be here for what, twenty minutes? I'll be done in ten, so why don't you take this mad cow and finish whatever you were doing in the break room. I don't need this shit when I'm trying to work."

Mary turned and walked away calling me a "motherfucking asshole" under her breath as she and Wanda got off the platform. Now, Mary is married to another wonderful human being, man, talk about two peas in a fucking pod, and thank God they don't have any children. Oh, Mary is attractive, in looks. However, she is not any knockout. I had decided at that point and time that one day, somehow, I would make her pay for being such a cunt to me.

Maybe today was the beginning of that day; I sure hope it works as good on her as it did the boss. All I did for Mary was fill in the blanks with this. "Mary Jackson, You lust for Peter Jacobs." (Since we have four different receptionists that use the same CPU, I had to make sure only Mary did the lusting, and with three Peters working here, I felt it best to make sure she knew just who it was that she lusted over.)

I planned on being very mean to her because I was going to treat her the way she has always treated me from day one. She will do the chasing and I'll shoot her down every time. Since the receptionists are always playing on their CPU they constantly screw it up, so I'm down there fixing it a lot, sometimes daily. I took my CD with me and when I fixed their CPU I loaded it, telling them that it was a fix-it program that may help keep their system from locking up. If they stayed off the Internet it would work just fine, but they love to surf the net while they sat there at the desk.

My next subject was Rose White. She was always going into the sex stories sites and it was her that turned me onto the one I got my idea from. For all I know she could have even read the same story that I did. Now she was married and I don't know why she even went to those sites. At first I thought someone was using her CPU when she was not around, but I soon discovered that it really was her. I even sent her a warning about it and that she needed to stop. Oh, she did stop for about a week, but I really didn't care I just had to show my boss I was doing my job, you know checking and giving out warnings. He was OK with that, so I never bothered Rose again. I just sort of monitored her Internet surfing.

I did not understand how she had the time to look at the things she did because she was always typing this or that. There is a lot of computer work done here all day with policies and claims. Not to mention all the other crap. But no matter how busy everyone was, Rose always had time to surf. I felt that she might be another great test subject. After all, my boss did invite me to lunch and to be honest that really was not out of character for him, because he was always taking people to lunch. The gumbo and lobster thing told me it worked but would I be able to get a person to do things they normally would not do? After all, even under hypnosis they say a person cannot be made to do things that are out of character. So I think Rose and Mary would prove once and for all to me whether my program worked.

With Rose I had a larger plan, I wanted sex with her. I know she was interested in sex because of all of her net surfing in the adult channels. The way she talked in the chat rooms, the stories she downloaded onto her drives. The pictures she looked at and downloaded. She was a female pervert that loved the nastiest things out on the Internet.

But to everyone else around she was a happily married lady who was polite but never flirty or said anything the least little bit off-color. She was very attractive and I heard the guys talk about her as if she was a cold fish. One thing I knew for sure, she was indeed interested in sex, yet she just did not give out any signs of it at work. I even thought from the way she was, that her home sex life was of the normal nature (whatever that is).

So my plan for her was to have her also lust for me and to see if I could get her to change her outward appearance somehow. She always wore a business suit, as most of the women did here. Her program was even more involved than Mary's or Frank's. I knew or at least felt that she had the character for it. I already knew that her mind was very sexual and very nasty; the e-mails she sent out under her Yahoo account read like they came from some very nasty, very sexual pervert.

I read many of her e-mails where she told many men how she fucked herself a lot in the restrooms thinking of their big fat cocks. She shared her most private goings-on with strangers. She would write some of the filthiest sex stories and shared them with others.

Maybe the way she had been raised, or her ethics stopped her from playing around outside of her marriage. One thing I was very positive of, she was a homebody to her family. It was only here at work that her sexual side came out to play on the Internet.

So with Rose, on her CPU, I put in several commands. "I lust after Peter Jacobs." "I need Peter Jacobs' cock inside of me." "Only Peter Jacobs' cock can make me climax hard." "I need to show Peter Jacobs that I want to have sex with him." "I don't like long skirts." "I like very short skirts." (I put that in there because I love looking at women's legs.) Now, the next part I felt might be pushing it, but I had to do it: "I will write Peter Jacobs e-mails telling him how much I need him." "I can confide in Peter Jacobs." "I can trust Peter Jacobs." "Peter Jacobs desires to have sex with me as much as I desire to have sex with him."

I took a whole day timing her subliminal messages to fit inside her window clicks. I felt pretty confident that even though I had to break everything down the way that I did, that it would work. When I was ready I took my CD to her office, her door was open (they are supposed to be unless we are in private conference.) Rose was facing me and I watched her as I walked in close program after program. "Click, Click, Click, Click," I told her "I need to up load a new anti-virus on your CPU. Are you working on anything important that you needed to save first?" She said to me, "I thought you loaded those onto the server?" I told her, "This is an internal scanner for any small virus that could hide in your CPU." (Hey, it sounded good!)

She got up from her desk and said, "I needed a break anyway, I'm going to go to the ladies room, I'll be right back." I loaded it and as she walked back inside the office it finished. I said to Rose, "Send me an e-mail and let me know if you experience any problems, sometimes the windows flicker when loading. It is normal for this new program." She said, "I'll let you know if it happens or if it bothers me." I walked away excited, wondering how long before she complained about the flickering, Maybe I was more excited wondering just how long it would be for it to have any effect.

The rest of the day I just did my job waiting to see what would happen. I decided to walk by the receptionists' desk and see how Mary was doing. As I walked up before I could ask the girls how everything was going Mary said in the sweetest voice, "Hi, Peter, I was wondering when I was going to see you again. You sure look hot today. Is that a new suit?" It surprised me but it sure as hell surprised Suzy and Jane who sat and worked with her. "I said, 'Hi, girls, how's everything going today?' " Before the others could say anything Mary said, "Oh, it has been a drag all day until now, baby. Man, why don't you come over here and give me a hug?"

Jane turned her head and said, "Have you been drinking, Mary? Are you all right?" Mary said as she stood and leaned over the counter looking into my eyes, "Oh, I'm fine, I haven't been drinking. I just want to take Peter here and cuddle him. How about it, sugar, feel like taking hold of your dream girl?"

I played it cool as a cucumber. I said, "Thanks Mary but I'm too busy to play with a little girl like you." Turning to Jane and Suzy I asked, "Has the screen been flickering, some of the others are complaining and I thought I would check." They told me everything was fine while Mary had come out from behind the counter and got right alongside of me, putting her hands on my arm, she said softly to me so the girls wouldn't hear, "Why don't we go get a cup of coffee? I know I have something that you want." I looked at her and leaned over so I could speak softly into her ear and said as coldly as she had said to me so many times, "Honey, there is nothing that you got that I want." I turned and had to pull my arm from her hands, as I walked away she said, "Come back, Peter, I need to talk to you." I smiled and just kept walking. I thought to myself, "Now you know how it feels, bitch."

I kept working and I heard a ping telling me I had an e-mail. I opened my e-mail up and I had an e-mail from Rose that said "If you're not busy after work, I would like to go out for a drink with you, or maybe we could go to your place for a drink." I sat there looking at that message and I could not believe my eyes. It was only 3:45 and it already had taken effect. My God, what kind of power is this? I had to find out just how well it did work. I sent her an e-mail and marked it, "For your eyes only."

"Rose, I only wish I could spend time with you tonight, I desire you in the worst way. I look at you and your face stirs my desires, however you dress in a way that tells me to BACK OFF! I am sure you dress the way you do because you are a very proud lady. You see, I need to be with a woman that is far from a lady; I need to be with a woman that would do anything for me. I just don't think you are that kind of woman. I can't believe that you would want anything to do with me. I would desire much more than you would be willing to give. Maybe it would be best that we just fight this feeling, besides you are married and we could not be together because of that."

I sent it off wondering just how she would respond. Here I told her I was interested in her BUT that I was not excited with the way that she dressed. I reminded her of her wedding vows and finally I told her to just forget about it. Now I was going to see just how effective those subliminal messages really were.

It did not take long before I heard another ping telling me that I had mail, I opened it up and I saw it was Mary who had now e-mailed me. She wrote:

"Hi, baby, you walk away so fast you didn't give me a chance to talk to you. Can you come back downstairs for a few minutes? The girls will cover the desk so we can go some place and have a very intimate talk. Come down, baby, I need to see you, you excite me more than any man has ever excited me ever."

I just finished reading her message when another ping sounded. I opened that one and it was Rose again.

"I just need to see you. I'll do anything you want. I'm going to wear sexier clothes just for you. I want you to look at me and I want you to see that I am telling you to unwrap the package, that there is a gift for you under these clothes. Tomorrow I will look different, I will look 'hot, ' you wait and see."

I sat there and wondered just how far could I push this, I mean her? It was getting close to quitting time, and I wanted to make sure that Rose got my e-mail before she went home, and I quickly wrote her:

"OK, I'll wait and see tomorrow, but I don't think you can really do it. I love a woman that talks dirty, I love a woman that loves sex and I love a woman that can be free enough to express that desire. Your suits are nice but no one can see your tits, your skirts are so long that I can't even tell if you're naked under your skirts. I like women that are naked under their skirts and dresses. You can't do that, so let's stop now before one of us gets our feelings hurt. Have a good night and we'll talk in the morning."

I sent Rose's e-mail out and while writing I had an idea for Mary, I'll fix that bitch; I shot off an e-mail to her before she left for the day.

"Look, Mary, I think you can be hot but I am not really sure. I know you flirt a lot but I think you're all talk and no show. I sure as hell don't want to get caught in that kind of trap. While I think you might be the right woman for me, maybe you are and maybe you're just playing games with me. I don't want to be hurt again by another woman. Look, I'll be honest with you, I don't like a woman that likes just one man; I want a woman that wants to be with lots of men, and I mean sexually. Now if I really knew that you loved sex as much as I do, and that you like screwing lots of guys, well, then I could allow myself to fall in love with you. But I will never again fall in love with a woman that only wants to have sex with me. Or thinks sex with other women is sick or having a gang-bang is sick. No way, I am not going to get caught in that trap again. So be smart and forget about me. I am no good for you."

Now I am not dumb. I am the only person in the company that can send an e-mail without a return address. I did not sign it so just in case someone else reads her e-mail over her shoulder no one will know it came from me. And I did the same thing with Rose. Oh, they know who I am but that is it.

I shut down my CPU and put the servers on down time with screening programs working I went home a very happy man. I could not wait to get to work in the morning to see just what was going to happen. I sat up at home almost all night thinking of all kinds of nasty little things to get Mary to do and, of course, things I wanted to see Rose do. I guess I am as bad as I told Mary. I told her the truth: I told her that she really should not get involved with me.

When I got to work I put the server on day/work mode and sat down to see if I had any messages. I didn't have one e-mail; I was depressed thinking I pushed it too far. I ran them both off and it was a failure. I felt rejected again. I sat there and it dawned on me, I was always the first to arrive, the rest of the people would not be in for an hour. I did my morning routine trying to keep my mind off Rose and Mary.

I lost myself in my work and I heard a woman's voice say to me form my doorway. "Good morning, Pete, you look good enough to eat!" I turned and it was Rose and she sure did look different. She had on a bright yellow blouse with a black full -- but short -- skirt with bobby sox and some black flats. She came in and asked, "Is this more to your liking? And just for you I am not wearing any panties." She lifted up the front of her black skirt and showed me that she was naked underneath. I was dumbfounded as I stood there. I managed to say. "Well, that's a start, but dressing sexy is just a start. You better get to work and we'll talk later."

I heard a ping on my computer and I knew I had e-mail. Rose left and I opened up my mail. It was from Mary and said:

"Good morning, handsome, how's it hanging this morning? I hope it isn't hanging at all, I hope you have a nice hard-on just for me. You know you want me and I want you. How about meeting me for lunch for a quickie? I am worth it, trust me. Why don't you get us a motel and we can make love for a whole hour?"

I sat there thinking to myself, "Man, this bitch is crazy if she thinks I want any from her." I decided to really give her a taste of it so I wrote back.

"Tell you what, Mary, you get a motel room close to here, and let me know where and the room number. You go there and I'll meet you, now when I arrive my cock will be hard and I will want to get between your legs right away. So I expect to see you on the bed legs open and ready for me. I expect you to get that pussy of yours nice and warm ready for me to fuck you. In other words, Mary, I want you fucking yourself and keeping yourself right on the edge of a climax. DO NOT CUM. Wait for my hard cock. Just start fucking your pussy first. I want you to climax when I slide my hard cock inside your cunt. Take something big with you to use. I love to fuck a woman that is nice and loose, so use something real big. Now if you think you can't do this, just let me know and I'll just forget about meeting you and you can forget about me."

I thought to myself, "This bitch isn't that fucking crazy, there is no fucking way she is going to do this. I bet she is going to sit there wondering what she is going to do, that there is just no way that she is going to get what she desires the most, me." I could not help but wonder however if she would actually do it. God I can just picture her in the motel on the bed naked with her legs open and she's there fucking herself with something nice and fat waiting for me to show up. Man, I would love to have a camera in the room if she actually showed up.

I decided to work on Rose; she had not e-mailed me yet so I wanted to get the ball rolling. I opened the e-mail up and composed:

"You looked good enough to eat this morning. Now that you have showed me that you know how to dress, I now want you to show me just how horny you are for my cock and how much you want to fuck me. I want you to write down a dirty story like you love to write all the time at your desk while here at work. Just remember that I want a girlfriend that really is a nasty, cock-hungry slut, so, honey, if you can't be a nasty, cock-hungry slut, we should forget it now before you hurt my feelings and disappoint me."

I sent it and it did not take long to get two replies, one from each. Mary wrote:

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