The Temp

by Meahana

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A temporary worker comes to his company to help him. But, she has a second job, a night job and she is very good at it.

He approached her desk with a little caution. Gary was a big guy; not only tall, but built large too and not all that muscular either. He was 6 foot 2 inches and had played football in college and some pro ball. He didn't keep himself up like he should, but was very handsome and a little intimidating to some people. All that and he was still a little shy.

She looked up and him, smiled and said, "Hi, may I help you with something?"

'God, yeah, ' he thought. "Yes. Are you Kelly?"

"Yes, I'm Kelly. I'm a temp and I'm covering for a girl that's sick. And please, I've heard about Kelly Girls way too many times." She said that with a big grin so she wouldn't offend.

Gary returned her grin and felt more at ease. "I have a collection of data in this folder that needs to be filtered and graphed. I left a note on the criteria on the first page inside. I'm told that you are just the person to handle it." He plunked the paperwork in an empty spot on Kelly's desk.

She wasn't so much beautiful as she was an instant eye-catcher. Gary guessed her in her mid-twenties and she was a light brunette with sun streaks and her hair cut to shoulder length. She was wearing glasses too, but he could see crystal clear green eyes behind the lenses. Her dress was definitely business: A dark brown skirt at just above the knees, a light cream colored blouse of silk or satin and a light brown sweater. No hose of any type. Air conditioning savings made pantyhose or stockings optional at work. Without a doubt, Kelly was a Caucasian woman that loved to sun. Her legs and face had a nice tan that set off her full lips and maybe a bit too small nose.

A lock of hair had fallen from her forehead and she brushed it back into place with her fingertips. "Can I call you when I finish this work? I'll probably need to get an approval from Mr. Apana as well."

"Mr. Apana sent me and said that if need be, you can call him. I left my number on the front of the folder or I'm in the first office down the hall," Gary answered and pointed to the end of the rows of cubicles. "You can bring the whole file down to my office if you like."

"Yes, Sir."

"Call me Gary? I'm Gary Hanson."

She gave him another heart jerking smile. "Sure, Gary."

'Nice looking and a very nice dresser, ' Kelly thought watching Gary walk away. 'Cute butt too.' Gary was casual like most of the rest of the organization. 'Dockers that fit just right and a tight polo shirt. You'd think that he was a serious lady killer, '

A familiar voice said from behind Kelly's back, "Do you think you can help him?" He rested a hand on her right shoulder.

"I haven't looked at his data yet, Mr. Apana."

"You can call me Jake here too, Kelly," Jake said.

"Maybe Mr. Apana will work better."

"Have it your way, Kelly. Gary needs this data and I need Gary."

Kelly just nodded and, when she felt the hand leave her shoulder, picked up the file that Gary had left her and started to read. She made some notes, looked at the database files on her computer and formulated a little outline. Then she called Gary.

Gary's office was the first one on her left and one of only three that were private. Or semi-private at least. They all had windows to the hall and outside. He was on the phone, but he waved her inside and pointed to a large credenza or more of a table really. Kelly set the package down and slid a chair from the wall to the work table and started to lay the package out.

It was a little bit warm in the office, so Kelly took her sweater off and hung it carefully over her chair. Did she hear a groan as Gary hung up the phone?

'Damn, I wish she hadn't of done that, ' he thought. She was maybe five-foot-five or six. Her breasts weren't huge, but they were full and heavy appearing from her profile. Her blouse was sleeveless and, without the sweater, made a perfect outline as the thin material hung over her bra. In fact, Gary could almost make out details of the bra as her blouse clung to her. Kelly sat down with a little less care than when he had been at her desk. He could see well up her skirt to the inside of her right thigh as she edged her way under the table. 'She must spend a great deal of her wages on clothes, ' he thought. 'A small diamond ring on her right hand, a diamond and a pearl stud in each ear and a small pearl pendant around her neck. Tasteful and very little jewelry.'

She wore fairly low two inch heels, but thought flats were more suitable for the office. Kelly decided to take them off and put the toe of one foot behind the other and started to peel the heels off. She stopped suddenly and looked to Gary for a sign. Gary stuck his feet out from under his desk and showed her his plain black socks. Kelly fought a snicker and slipped her shoes off too.

Gary was looking at Kelly's feet. He had started to slide over next to her and just stopped. "What's the matter?" Kelly said.

"I'm sorry."

"What for?"

He finished rolling his chair next to her. "I can't say."

"Yes you can say. Tell me what I did. Did I mess up?"

"Oh no, it isn't that," he said.

"Well what is it then? I won't tell anybody if that's your concern."

"It's your feet."

"My feet?"

"Your feet."

"What's the matter with my feet?"

"Well, I've never had any sort of particular foot thing."


"But yours are beautiful."

"I have great feet?"

"To say the least ... yes."

She laughed and shook her head. "Okay, slide up next to me and be careful not to roll over my beautiful feet." She looked at him and squinted her eyes. "Gary?"


"You're red as a beet."

"I know," he whispered.

"You're cute too."

"You too."

The pair worked all morning on the reports that Gary needed and finally broke for lunch at about one-o'clock. Gary led Kelly to a small Hawai'ian plate lunch place not far from the office. "They serve haole food here too. Watch yourself if you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol."

"Haole? I hear that all the time."

"It isn't derogatory. At least not by most people. There are so many races here that it identifies you. It once meant an English sailor, but it's come to mean any white person. Don't take offense."

They found a place to sit in the busy little place. Kelly was fascinated by all the different types of people and the chatter of Hawai'ian Pidgin, English, Spanish and, "maybe a little Portuguese?"

"Yes, Upcountry folks. Pukulani and Haiku."

They both had sandwiches and Kelly had a Diet Pepsi while Gary had a root beer. They chatted about their personal lives and about their loves and dislikes. Business didn't even come up and Gary liked that.

"I met Jake in college. I tried to play football in the NFL and did time in Seattle and San Francisco for a couple of years as a backup quarterback. It finally came to me that my heart wasn't in it and that was the main reason I would never really succeed. I accepted Jake's offer to come here and work for him."

Kelly thought a moment and munched some potato chips. "I just met Jake a few months ago when he was on the mainland. At a sort of party actually. I had been working part time, going to school and doing some evening work for a couple of years. I've been to Hawai'i three times, but not Maui, and thought I'd see if I could live here."

"So Jake hired you?"

"Sort of. I am a temp, but not with any agency. I'm a contract worker right now," she responded.

Gary was more forthcoming than Kelly about personal things. He did learn that he was right about her age; she just turned twenty-seven. She had wanted to become a lawyer and children's advocate, but it was taking more time and money than she had. So she was taking courses in relational databases and had passed a couple of Microsoft tests already. She found the work fun and challenging. Maybe being an attorney wasn't such a hot idea.

The pair walked back to the office slowly and soaked in the warm afternoon sun. The trade winds were picking up quickly and Kelly lost control of her skirt. 'Satin bikini panties. Almost the same color as her blouse, ' Gary thought sucking in a deep breath. Seeing that Kelly was caught off guard, Gary said, "Most of the women sort of gather the skirt tight to their leg with one hand." He clenched his fist to his side to sort of demonstrate.

"That must be why Mama told me to make sure to wear clean panties," Kelly said looking up at the tall, handsome guy next to her. "Of course you didn't look, so you wouldn't know."

"Right." And Gary started to laugh. It didn't escape him that the gorgeous creature was brushing her shoulder against his arm as they walked.

The day was running out at about four-thirty and so was the couple's mission plan. Gary stretched and finally got up enough nerve to ask Kelly what he'd spent two hours thinking about. "I wish you'd let me buy you dinner tonight, Kelly."

"Jeez thanks, Gary. I have a prior tonight and can't make it. But I would be honored if you'd offer me a rain check."

"You've got it. Anytime." He wrote some numbers on the back of his card and gave it to Kelly. "My private home number and my cell. Call me anytime."

"Anytime? If I were to want company at three in the morning?" She said in a kidding manner.

"I know that you're joking, but I did mean anytime. You see, basically I have no life."

Kelly knew that he was trying to kid about "no life" but it was probably the truth. "I'll see you Monday if we miss each other over the weekend."

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