The Temp

by Meahana

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Prostitution, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A temporary worker comes to his company to help him. But, she has a second job, a night job and she is very good at it.

He approached her desk with a little caution. Gary was a big guy; not only tall, but built large too and not all that muscular either. He was 6 foot 2 inches and had played football in college and some pro ball. He didn't keep himself up like he should, but was very handsome and a little intimidating to some people. All that and he was still a little shy.

She looked up and him, smiled and said, "Hi, may I help you with something?"

'God, yeah, ' he thought. "Yes. Are you Kelly?"

"Yes, I'm Kelly. I'm a temp and I'm covering for a girl that's sick. And please, I've heard about Kelly Girls way too many times." She said that with a big grin so she wouldn't offend.

Gary returned her grin and felt more at ease. "I have a collection of data in this folder that needs to be filtered and graphed. I left a note on the criteria on the first page inside. I'm told that you are just the person to handle it." He plunked the paperwork in an empty spot on Kelly's desk.

She wasn't so much beautiful as she was an instant eye-catcher. Gary guessed her in her mid-twenties and she was a light brunette with sun streaks and her hair cut to shoulder length. She was wearing glasses too, but he could see crystal clear green eyes behind the lenses. Her dress was definitely business: A dark brown skirt at just above the knees, a light cream colored blouse of silk or satin and a light brown sweater. No hose of any type. Air conditioning savings made pantyhose or stockings optional at work. Without a doubt, Kelly was a Caucasian woman that loved to sun. Her legs and face had a nice tan that set off her full lips and maybe a bit too small nose.

A lock of hair had fallen from her forehead and she brushed it back into place with her fingertips. "Can I call you when I finish this work? I'll probably need to get an approval from Mr. Apana as well."

"Mr. Apana sent me and said that if need be, you can call him. I left my number on the front of the folder or I'm in the first office down the hall," Gary answered and pointed to the end of the rows of cubicles. "You can bring the whole file down to my office if you like."

"Yes, Sir."

"Call me Gary? I'm Gary Hanson."

She gave him another heart jerking smile. "Sure, Gary."

'Nice looking and a very nice dresser, ' Kelly thought watching Gary walk away. 'Cute butt too.' Gary was casual like most of the rest of the organization. 'Dockers that fit just right and a tight polo shirt. You'd think that he was a serious lady killer, '

A familiar voice said from behind Kelly's back, "Do you think you can help him?" He rested a hand on her right shoulder.

"I haven't looked at his data yet, Mr. Apana."

"You can call me Jake here too, Kelly," Jake said.

"Maybe Mr. Apana will work better."

"Have it your way, Kelly. Gary needs this data and I need Gary."

Kelly just nodded and, when she felt the hand leave her shoulder, picked up the file that Gary had left her and started to read. She made some notes, looked at the database files on her computer and formulated a little outline. Then she called Gary.

Gary's office was the first one on her left and one of only three that were private. Or semi-private at least. They all had windows to the hall and outside. He was on the phone, but he waved her inside and pointed to a large credenza or more of a table really. Kelly set the package down and slid a chair from the wall to the work table and started to lay the package out.

It was a little bit warm in the office, so Kelly took her sweater off and hung it carefully over her chair. Did she hear a groan as Gary hung up the phone?

'Damn, I wish she hadn't of done that, ' he thought. She was maybe five-foot-five or six. Her breasts weren't huge, but they were full and heavy appearing from her profile. Her blouse was sleeveless and, without the sweater, made a perfect outline as the thin material hung over her bra. In fact, Gary could almost make out details of the bra as her blouse clung to her. Kelly sat down with a little less care than when he had been at her desk. He could see well up her skirt to the inside of her right thigh as she edged her way under the table. 'She must spend a great deal of her wages on clothes, ' he thought. 'A small diamond ring on her right hand, a diamond and a pearl stud in each ear and a small pearl pendant around her neck. Tasteful and very little jewelry.'

She wore fairly low two inch heels, but thought flats were more suitable for the office. Kelly decided to take them off and put the toe of one foot behind the other and started to peel the heels off. She stopped suddenly and looked to Gary for a sign. Gary stuck his feet out from under his desk and showed her his plain black socks. Kelly fought a snicker and slipped her shoes off too.

Gary was looking at Kelly's feet. He had started to slide over next to her and just stopped. "What's the matter?" Kelly said.

"I'm sorry."

"What for?"

He finished rolling his chair next to her. "I can't say."

"Yes you can say. Tell me what I did. Did I mess up?"

"Oh no, it isn't that," he said.

"Well what is it then? I won't tell anybody if that's your concern."

"It's your feet."

"My feet?"

"Your feet."

"What's the matter with my feet?"

"Well, I've never had any sort of particular foot thing."


"But yours are beautiful."

"I have great feet?"

"To say the least ... yes."

She laughed and shook her head. "Okay, slide up next to me and be careful not to roll over my beautiful feet." She looked at him and squinted her eyes. "Gary?"


"You're red as a beet."

"I know," he whispered.

"You're cute too."

"You too."

The pair worked all morning on the reports that Gary needed and finally broke for lunch at about one-o'clock. Gary led Kelly to a small Hawai'ian plate lunch place not far from the office. "They serve haole food here too. Watch yourself if you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol."

"Haole? I hear that all the time."

"It isn't derogatory. At least not by most people. There are so many races here that it identifies you. It once meant an English sailor, but it's come to mean any white person. Don't take offense."

They found a place to sit in the busy little place. Kelly was fascinated by all the different types of people and the chatter of Hawai'ian Pidgin, English, Spanish and, "maybe a little Portuguese?"

"Yes, Upcountry folks. Pukulani and Haiku."

They both had sandwiches and Kelly had a Diet Pepsi while Gary had a root beer. They chatted about their personal lives and about their loves and dislikes. Business didn't even come up and Gary liked that.

"I met Jake in college. I tried to play football in the NFL and did time in Seattle and San Francisco for a couple of years as a backup quarterback. It finally came to me that my heart wasn't in it and that was the main reason I would never really succeed. I accepted Jake's offer to come here and work for him."

Kelly thought a moment and munched some potato chips. "I just met Jake a few months ago when he was on the mainland. At a sort of party actually. I had been working part time, going to school and doing some evening work for a couple of years. I've been to Hawai'i three times, but not Maui, and thought I'd see if I could live here."

"So Jake hired you?"

"Sort of. I am a temp, but not with any agency. I'm a contract worker right now," she responded.

Gary was more forthcoming than Kelly about personal things. He did learn that he was right about her age; she just turned twenty-seven. She had wanted to become a lawyer and children's advocate, but it was taking more time and money than she had. So she was taking courses in relational databases and had passed a couple of Microsoft tests already. She found the work fun and challenging. Maybe being an attorney wasn't such a hot idea.

The pair walked back to the office slowly and soaked in the warm afternoon sun. The trade winds were picking up quickly and Kelly lost control of her skirt. 'Satin bikini panties. Almost the same color as her blouse, ' Gary thought sucking in a deep breath. Seeing that Kelly was caught off guard, Gary said, "Most of the women sort of gather the skirt tight to their leg with one hand." He clenched his fist to his side to sort of demonstrate.

"That must be why Mama told me to make sure to wear clean panties," Kelly said looking up at the tall, handsome guy next to her. "Of course you didn't look, so you wouldn't know."

"Right." And Gary started to laugh. It didn't escape him that the gorgeous creature was brushing her shoulder against his arm as they walked.

The day was running out at about four-thirty and so was the couple's mission plan. Gary stretched and finally got up enough nerve to ask Kelly what he'd spent two hours thinking about. "I wish you'd let me buy you dinner tonight, Kelly."

"Jeez thanks, Gary. I have a prior tonight and can't make it. But I would be honored if you'd offer me a rain check."

"You've got it. Anytime." He wrote some numbers on the back of his card and gave it to Kelly. "My private home number and my cell. Call me anytime."

"Anytime? If I were to want company at three in the morning?" She said in a kidding manner.

"I know that you're joking, but I did mean anytime. You see, basically I have no life."

Kelly knew that he was trying to kid about "no life" but it was probably the truth. "I'll see you Monday if we miss each other over the weekend."

Gary walked Kelly to her car and held the door open for her. He noted that the keys had an orange and blue Dollar Car Rental tag. He thought that he probably knew somebody with a car to save her money. 'Bet Jake and the company are furnishing the car, ' he thought and let it pass. He watched her drive out of the parking lot and without thinking about it, looked at the license plate.

It was a typical Friday evening drive home with a new flood of visitors to the island. Gary guessed like everywhere, people just wanted to get home or to find their lodging and get unpacked. The thing was, Gary didn't really have much to go home to. Still he had a sense of new hope and when he pulled into the driveway, he didn't feel nearly as bad as he usually did.

Gary took a quick shower and threw on a pair of khaki shorts and a white T-shirt. He went to the fridge and used the ice maker to fill a small glass mostly full of ice and then poured it almost full of Seagram Crown Royal. Gary's usual after work fare. He and his drink made their way to his back porch. He could hear the noise of the Pi'ilani Highway and the chatter of a few kids, but other than that it was quiet and he had a nice view of the side of Haleakala. He took a sip of his drink, then stood over the porch rail and poured it into the flower bed. He went back into the kitchen and found a chilled bottle of red wine and opened that instead. 'One glass of wine tonight and that's it, ' he thought.

A trip to Panda Express for Chinese food, a cable movie and it was time for Gary to go to bed. He layed out on the bed and let the ceiling fan blow over the top of his body. He felt old stirrings in his body and his penis started to fill with blood. Visions of Kelly were etched into his brain. He swore that he could smell her sweet and subtle scent. His hand found the hardening tube that had started to tent his boxer brief underwear and he rubbed it. It grew hard and Gary pushed the underwear down and off. And the first time in ever so long, Gary stroked his heavy cock until semen erupted from the tip and spurted all up and down his stomach. Not one, but three heavy gushes of cum. Gary fell asleep until about three AM and then he did it all over again.

Jake was holding her hips in his hands and talking her to as his cock fucked in and out of her. Her head was in the pillow and her butt was up and pointed at him. "Kelly, you're such a fuck slut. Suck the cum out of my balls with that cunt. Come on, Baby, fuck Daddy's big cock."

This was all normal enough to Kelly. She usually mostly ignored the talk from her "date" and she was ignoring Jake tonight. She had already given him his blowjob which was half of his normal semen releases. She just wanted this done too. She answered him almost on autopilot with the, "Yes, Daddy, fuck your Baby's cunt good." The big difference tonight was that she was imagining someone else and it was not nearly so bad. She hadn't enjoyed sex with anybody for years, maybe never, but the thought of a nice guy like Gary was a bonus to the seven-hundred dollars that Jake had left for her tonight and each night that they met.

Ultimately, the session was over and Kelly went back to her condo; at least the condo that she was renting. She had never told Jake or anybody else where it was (knowing that he could find out if he really wanted to) and that gave her some sense of privacy. 'Such a deal, ' she thought, 'two condoms full of male semen twice a week earns good money and a condo for a month in Hawai'i. Of course I'm going to have to fuck Gary eventually too, but that may be almost pleasant.' Kelly's check from the temp work at the company was on the kitchen counter and she smiled when she opened the envelope to have a look. 'Things are going to be alright now. Yes, just fine.'

Before bed came a long, hot bath. There would be a shower in the morning, but she couldn't have slept with the feel of that man's sweaty body on hers. Even with the use of condoms, she had to clean herself inside too.

A pretty morning with a cool breeze making the blinds rattle against the windows woke Gary. 'God, no hangover either, ' was his first thought. He was nude on top of the bed. His stomach was crusty with the dried cum and he was already getting hard again just remembering what it was that made him masturbate after such a long spell with no interest in sex of any kind. 'She even smells fantastic.' Just as he put his hand around his cock for one more session the phone rang.

Kelly woke up and turned on the coffee. She took that morning shower and washed her hair. When she was dry, she toweled out her hair and put on a T-shirt. She thought about making some toast and then decided to call Gary instead.

"Hi, Kelly."

"How did you know it was me?" she said.

"It was tough because I have all of these beautiful women calling me every Saturday morning."

"You should have, you're a sweet guy. Did I mention cute? Anyway, how about coming over and having some breakfast with me?"

"That sounds incredible," he said. "I need a quick shower and I'll be right over."

"Good, I'll have something ready."

"Wait! Where is breakfast?"

Kelly told him where her condo was and Gary knew which one and where. "On the Ma'alaea strip?"


He cut the call and nearly danced his way to the shower. It was a fast shower too, but he scrubbed good and he too left his hair to air dry. He put on some dark green khaki shorts and a light green T-shirt with no socks. He just intended to wear sandals.

Kelly got a fruit bowl that she had picked up at Star Market ready and put bread in the toaster. She went into the bathroom and stripped off her shirt. She reached for the little bottle of personal oil and put her fingers between her labia to spread some lubricant in. 'God, I'm already wet! I haven't been wet for a guy in ages. Fuck the oil.' She smiled to herself as she thought about, 'Fuck the oil.' It sounded pretty good for some reason.

'What to wear?' Kelly rummaged around for a pair of suitable panties. 'Not a thong, ' she thought, 'he gets me with what I like.' She picked out a pair of pale blue, and very thin, cotton/Lycra bikini panties and pulled them on. There were two denim skirts that she liked, but in a concession to the male, selected the shorter of the two. A white cotton square neck top without sleeves and some light lace trim was the perfect top for the skirt. Another concession: no bra. She checked herself in the mirror and decided that it was not only comfortable for her, but would put Gary at ease (or not at ease in one place). 'Okay, I give. I'm dressing the way I think that he will like me. It is still me though.' She made a blat noise at the mirror like it might understand.

She looked out of the bedroom window while she was brushing her hair out and saw what she was sure was Gary's car pull into a visitor's parking spot. It was Gary struggling out of that little car. 'Be still nipples, it's just another part of a paying job, ' she said into the mirror. Her nipples paid no attention to her admonishments. "I feel like a damn teenager," she said aloud.

A little friendly island style hug, that was maybe longer and tighter than friendly, greeted Kelly when she opened the door for Gary. She didn't say anything, but took his hand and led him out to the kitchen and lanai where breakfast was all laid out. She took the towel that was covering the fruit off and asked him to sit.

"You didn't get all this ready for just me?" Gary said.

"Sure. I peeled all the fruit and cut it up in the half hour that it took you to get here."

"Smartass, it's been at least forty-five minutes."

She pointed to the empty plastic container on the counter and said, "The market helped some."

"I knew that."

"Cutie," she said with a grin.

They started where they left off and were chatting and laughing as if the last sixteen hours hadn't even happened. They both reached for a long piece of watermelon. Kelly won the race, but held it to Gary's mouth for a bite. "I read where watermelon has the same affect on men as Viagra," she mused.

"Do you think I'm so much older than you that I need Viagra?"

Kelly looked at his lap and shook her head. "Ummm ... well ... it doesn't seem so." She was getting more and more uncomfortable. There was a deep nagging in the pit of her stomach and she had the urge to scratch a deep itch between her thighs.

Gary didn't have to look down, he had been trying to find a way to position his body so she couldn't see how hard he was getting. Every time she bent over a bit, he could see most of her beautiful tits and her skirt with those panties did a shitty job of hiding that shortly trimmed patch at the junction of her thighs.

Kelly put half of the fruit in Gary's mouth and then covered the other half with her mouth. They swallowed their individual shares around the meeting of their lips. A long and very slow kiss at first, but building into passion and heat like neither had ever experienced with a simple kiss. She stood and took his hand. When she got her breath back, she said, "This way. The bedroom is this way."

Once in the bedroom, Kelly said, "Make me naked, Gary ... take off my clothes."

None to gently, Gary pulled the top over Kelly's head and still slightly damp hair. He stood and looked at the gorgeous full breasts for at least a half a minute before he worked the button of her skirt and then unzipped it. It fell directly to the floor and he tugged the small strings of her panties toward her feet and went to his knees to pull the panties all the way down so that she could step out of them. What pubic hair she had was a light brown just like her head hair but without the streaks. It was only a half inch long at the most though and he could tell that any hair that may have been around her pussy had been shaved off. He kissed her mound and put his fingers between her legs to feel her pussy. It was very wet and he slipped a finger in just a little that resulted in a small gasping sound from Kelly. He removed his finger and started to kiss his way up her body. She had a tiny white pearl in her navel piercing that he licked around while a hand massaged a beautiful breast. His mouth was finally locked on a nipple when she pulled him away to tell him that it was her turn.

He stood up and cupped her tits for as long as could before he had to raise his arms to let her stand on her tiptoes to push his shirt over his head. He returned to his mission of massaging the nipples with his thumbs while Kelly fumbled around with the button and zipper of his shorts. "These shorts are too tight, Gary. We need to work on that body of yours a little. No ... wait ... that isn't the problem ... oh jeez! That thing is really hard!" And she worked the shorts and his underwear down and off. Their clothes ended up in a single pile on the floor and they ended up as a single pile on the bed.

Kelly had every intention of guiding his cock into her, but by the time her hand got near it, she only found his stomach. He was already buried deep inside and was beginning to fuck her. She spread her legs as wide as they would go and then raised her knees. She used the leverage to raise her butt and build a steady rhythm with Gary. Their bodies were almost like a single unit and it took only a couple of minutes before Kelly started to feel contractions and lose control. She put her legs around his back without even realizing what she was doing and she let Gary fuck her. There were massive contractions deep inside of her and the base of his cock was massaging her clitoris. Kelly had orgasms; several orgasms. One and then another and then a few small waves racked her entire body and she came close to blacking out. She didn't feel Gary cum and her nearly law-like insistence on a condom was ignored completely.

They were laying side-by-side holding hands. Kelly's eyes were closed and her breathing was coming back to normal. "That never happened before," she whispered, looking the ceiling.

"What? Did I hurt you? God, don't say that I hurt you!"

"Oh no, Sweetie. That didn't hurt at all."

Gary rolled over and kissed her cheek. "What's the matter then?"

"Orgasms are something I read about."


"Well, I just had my first orgasm."

"No way."


"You aren't just being nice?" he pleaded.

"Kiss me," she returned. Her eyes finally opened and she turned her face to him.

And his mouth met her's for a very long kiss. Okay, but here was a chance at a beautiful tit too. He took it into his hand and that made the kiss last even longer.

"I need air," Kelly finally said. She didn't try to brush Gary's hand from her breast. It felt good and he was certainly not doing any harm. Gary was snuggled up tight to her and she felt his cock against her left thigh. "Gary, you're still hard! Why is that? Didn't you cum?"

"Well ... um ... not exactly..."

"What does not exactly mean? Am I such a bad lay?" Her eyes had started to mist over. She was in shock.

"Don't be silly, you are a wonderful lover. Like no one I've ever made love with before. I didn't cum because ... see ... well..."

"Out with it, Gary. You can tell me."

"I was sorta turned on yesterday. Actually almost sick to my stomach turned on and I laid down for a minute."

"You masturbated."

"Yes. Well, actually ... twice. I woke up about three in the morning or so."

"Oh," she said and put her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing. "I'm sorry, but that is sooo flattering to me."

"I'm not a pervert?"

"I don't know if you're a pervert or not, but you certainly are cute." She put one leg over the top of his and adjusted herself so that Gary's cock was touching her mons. She pulled herself up until the tip parted the labia and was at the entrance to the vagina. All she had to do was to settle back and his cock nestled its way into her tube and fill it. Without any help, Gary's cock found its way home again. Kelly closed her eyes, exhaled sharply and opened them a crack. "Just lay there and let's work on this."

Gary could not 'just lay there'. Gary put his arms around her back and started to fuck in rhythm with her. But Kelly was doing most of the work and the weight of her was intentionally limiting his movement under her. She started to breath hard again and fuck him hard. This time she felt him hesitate and raise his hips. Kelly came again and Gary came with her. Kelly was loving this and Gary didn't complain either.

She was exhilarated and Gary was out of breath and shot. That was only the morning though and there was a long day to come (or maybe cum). They finished breakfast (at least the toast because the bugs had gotten into the fruit) and got dressed. They spent most the day with Gary showing her around his adopted home and in Lahaina shopping. Gary tried to talk her out of buying at some of the shops because he thought that the prices were "visitor inflated", but Kelly felt like it was her responsibility to add to the Lahaina economy. "Actually, I hate malls," she had said to him.

The duo became a couple quickly. It was even talked about at the office, but Gary and Kelly didn't flaunt it. It might have gone unnoticed except they came to work together, had lunch together, left together and made a very important presentation as a team. They had become a team. Gary, being well liked, became the new office darling.

Two weeks came and went. Kelly told Jake that Gary needed her attention and so she skipped the time with him and Jake did not object much because he had Gary back.

The sex just got ever better and Kelly was, as often as not, the aggressor when it came to sex. She became a constant tease and would use every opportunity to goad Gary into bed, or the floor, or the kitchen table, or nearly anyplace and anytime. She came to trust that Gary would never intentionally hurt her so she gave him a freer rein than any of her "dates". She had never allow anal or cunnilingus sex with anybody, but Gary was never discouraged.

"Shouldn't we be using a condom?" Gary said.

"You ask now that we've fucked ten-thousand times?"

"Not that many; maybe ninety-six hundred," he said.

Gary was sitting on the bed cross-legged and Kelly had her feet in his lap. Gary was massaging those feet and she was massaging his cock with the feet. Gary was looking down what seemed to be a mile of beautiful, tanned, naked legs while the pretty toes were working on drawing semen from his cock. He would press on the bottom of her feet and it would make the toes stroke his cock. One foot at a time or both feet depending on the buttons he pushed. Kelly started to giggle. "You giggle like a girl," he said.

"I am a girl you fool!"

"A pretty girl too." Gary said and he pressed faster on both feet at the same time. "I like this game."

Kelly was nearly in hysterics but managed, "My toes are tired and my tummy hurts from laughing."

Gary didn't say anything, but held her feet in his hands and Kelly's legs wide. "God, I love your pussy."

"Lick it then."

"It's pink and so wet inside that it glistens."

"Gary, do it ... eat me ... love my cunt with your mouth. You know how."

And he leaned forward and attacked it. Gary buried his face between Kelly's thighs and put his mouth over her clit. He used his tongue to massage the clit gently while he used a couple of fingers to massage the walls of her rubbery cunt. She raised her hips and orgasmed the first time after only a minute of him working her. She came the second time when he stuck his tongue as far as it would go inside and fucked her rectal tube with his finger.

After her orgasm, Gary sat back on his heels and tugged at a few of her pubic hairs. "They are getting longer," he remarked.

"I didn't bring the shaver with the attachment. Is it too ugly?"

"Oh no, I love it this way."

"You want me all bushy?"

"Not really, but I like it the way it is now."

"Then I'll do my best to keep it just like it is now."

Gary was a rare male that would make sure that Kelly was taken care of and didn't seem to mind if he ejaculated or not. That could be because Kelly truly loved to make him cum and even enjoyed the feeling of him releasing his semen into her mouth. She would pick some unusual times (by Gary's once Puritan standards) to grope inside of his jeans and fish out his cock to suck. Often it involved him driving the car and her driving him crazy. Gary would have to find a place to pull over or they'd likely get killed.

Came a Friday night after work and Kelly was going to make a big salad. She intended to spend the night (not unusual) at Gary's house in Kihei. They hadn't had sex for nearly twelve hours and, of course, Kelly was feeling a bit ignored (she wanted Gary to think so anyway). She was at the sink with cold water running over the lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and other goodies that Kelly loved so much and she was cleaning the makings for a salad. "Must you wiggle your butt like that, Kelly."

"What's the matter, Cutie, you don't like my bottom?"

"Your bottom could change the course of rivers, Short Stuff."

"Short Stuff again, huh? See if you get any of this butt then," she said without missing a beat with the vegetables.

Gary stood up and came behind her. He kissed her neck and sucked a little on a bare shoulder. Kelly shuddered and laid her head against his. Gary's hand took the hem of her mid thigh length printed skirt and pulled it up over her panties. "You're a bad man, Mister. you shouldn't touch a girl's skirt."

"I just want to see your panties." But Gary didn't actually look at Kelly's panties, he nudged her with his chest and she bent over the sink a little for him. He stood behind her and when she heard the zipper of his jeans, she bent over a little more. He took the hem of her panties and pulled it, and the crotch, to one side. His left hand was around her waist and he picked her up off of the floor using his strength and leverage to avail her to him. Gary put his cock into her open cunt from the back and fucked her. She came first and he followed with a flood of cum that matched hers. Kelly was a wet one and nearly always left a small flood of liquids with Gary's.

"You'll have to wipe me with those panties and put them in the wash," she said.

"I think that I'll just cover your pussy with then, let them soak and have them for dessert.'

She turned and faced him for a kiss. "You are a little perverted, Gary."

"And you love it."

Kelly didn't respond vocally, she just answered him with her kisses.

The next morning was a Saturday. Kelly and Gary had a favorite spot by Long's Drugs in Kihei to have Saturday breakfast. They got up early, had a quickie in the shower and made their way to the little restaurant. The place was almost always nearly full, but a waitress recognized the regulars and waved them through right away. Once they were seated, their waitress brought them water and asked about drinks. She made the mistake of asking Gary and not even looking at Kelly.

"She flirts with you every time we come here."

"No she doesn't."

"How come that no matter where we sit, she just happens to be our waitress?"

"They change sections all the time," Gary said reading the menu. He didn't notice that Kelly was steaming. Yet.

"Gary, pay attention! She is too flirting with you!"

"You're just jealous," Gary returned without looking up.

"Am not!"

"Are too." Not being the first exchange like this, Gary learned not to over react. Soon the waitress returned to take their order and that only made Kelly madder because Gary was asked for her order and she was still being ignored.

Then the food came. Kelly looked at the young girl's name tag. She was a gorgeous thing. Dark, Hawai'ian mix, her pink and white uniform a good four inches above the knee.


She finally looked at Kelly. "Yes, Ma'am?"

"He's pretty cute isn't he?"

"Oh yes, he's a doll."

"He's big too, huh?" Kelly held her thumb and first finger apart as far as they could go. "His cock is way more than this long." Then she made a big circle with the same fingers and said, "Could get all of that in your mouth? Huh, Danny? Could you?"

Danny's eyes were as big as silver dollars and she had a look of fear that Gary had never seen before. Danny just shook her head.

Gary was trying his best not to snicker. To say that she had exaggerated the size of his penis would be an understatement.

"I didn't think so, Danny. But see, you'd have to or else he would just find another girl even younger and prettier than you. He likes to have that huge cock sucked, Danny. He likes it a lot, Danny. So Danny, Gary is going to take me home after breakfast. He's going to slowly strip my clothes off. He's going lay me back on the bed. He's going to spread my thighs, Danny. Then Gary is going to mount me and stick that big thick cock into me. He's going to fuck me so hard that I won't be able to see for five minutes after my orgasm. That is me, Danny. Not you. Me. Do you get it, Danny?"

Danny nodded, turned on her heels and left as fast as her little feet would carry her.

Gary tried his best not to laugh at the exchange. He said nothing, but watched Kelly try to drown her poor omelet in an ocean of ketchup. He could almost see steam coming from her ears.

"Okay, I am jealous. So shoot me."

"Why, Kelly? Why would you be jealous?"

She didn't look up and was just stabbing the omelet with her fork. Then she answered in something just above a whisper, "Everywhere we go on this island there is a pretty brown eyed girl looking at you. Giving you a look that says she wants to find your bed and build a nest. And you apparently have never even noticed."

"I'm with you."


"You have no reason to be jealous."

"Why would that be?"

"Because I'm in love with you."

"We have to go; we need to talk," Kelly said, dropping her fork on the plate. Their orders were the same as the last two weeks so Gary put close to the correct amount on the table and helped Kelly. He could be a little dumb, but knew better than to leave a tip.

"Take me to the condo first please and maybe we can talk there."

"You don't want to talk now?"

"No I need to look into your eyes, Gary. I will say that this was supposed to be a month of relaxation and a chance to make a little money. I haven't had a real boyfriend since the eighth grade. I had a fling with a boy when I was seventeen, but as soon as there was a little trouble, he was gone and I've never heard from him since. It didn't seem likely that I'd find a guy that I was crazy about here."

Gary pulled into the visitors parking at her condo and went to open the door for her. "Here, take the keys. I need to get something out of my car," Kelly said.

The phone was ringing when Gary started to open the door to her rental unit, but the machine picked it up before he could reach it.

"Kelly, Jake here. I tried to reach your cell, but it must be off. Look I know that you've been busy with Gary, but I have a visitor on the island and I need you to break off with him for tonight. I'll even have a three-hundred dollar bonus for you if you'll let me watch. Maybe even join when he's done. Call me."

Gary sat down on the sofa and put his head in his hands. He was close to sobbing.

"Oh shit, Gary," a soft voice from behind him said. "I would never, ever agree to something like tha..." And she watched as he ran past her and out the door before she could think to try and stop him.

That afternoon and night was gone for Gary. He stopped and picked up a couple of bottles of bourbon and went home. He passed out sometime in the afternoon, woke up, and passed out again a few hours later.

He took the time to shower the next morning. He was going to the office and had enough pride to look presentable when he went in. He had been through this before in another time with another woman; his ex-wife. Work was not on his mind when he opened Jake's door and slammed it behind him.

"Fuck, Gary. I so damn sorry. Shit, I would have never thought that the cunt was going to fall in love with you."

"Watch what you call her, Asshole or I'll take you apart right here. She might be a hooker, but she's a good woman and I know that she meant no harm."

"I know, I know. Look, I met her at a business function in a town a little north of Seattle. I thought that she might be able to help us in both ways. And she did. She was smart, and frankly, a good escort."

"What makes you think that she fell in love with me?"

"My wife is gone and she called me at home this morning. I met her in Kahului and she told me then. She read me the fucking riot act, threw about three-thousand dollars in my face and burned rubber out of the parking lot. Here I am, in the street waving and trying to make her stop and the wind is fucking blowing money everywhere."

"I feel just terrible for your sorry ass."

"Yeah, well have you ever seen those green eyes of hers explode?"

"I have," Gary said.

"Okay, here's the deal. The merger is a done deal and I'm taking the slot in Salt Lake City. This was all about you and getting your shit together to take Maui. She's done that and she's a perfect partner for you. Here's an envelope with her paycheck and a bonus. There's a like bonus for the whole company so it isn't a bribe. Find her. It's her money, take it to her. And for God's sake, bring her back."

"How can I find her?"

"I have not a clue. She didn't tell you?"

"I think she was about to when we heard your stupid fucking message. Asshole."

"Give me a break, we've been friends way too long. Let's solve the problem. What have you got?"

"I'm pretty sure the car was from Dollar, it was a white Ford Focus and the license was MTY 638."

"Dollar won't do shit for us, I'll call Eddie." Jake punched the buttons on the cell phone and got ahold of Maui Police. In a couple of minutes Jake got a call back.

"Whatever you want Eddie. Shit, we already outfit your whole Pop Warner League practically. Yeah, yeah. New helmets it is. Go to the outfitters and put what you need on our tab. What ya got?"

Gary watched as Jake wrote some information on a piece of paper.

"You're a fucking prince, Eddie," Jake said. He listened a minute and belly laughed. "I love your huge Hawai'ian ass, you know that." He closed the cell phone and gave the paper to Gary. "Get, I'll make certain your credit card is an open book. Get her."

When Gary reached the door, he heard Jake say, "Gary."


"Had I thought Kelly felt about me the way she feels about you, I would have left my wife for her."

Gary said nothing and walked down the hall toward the front. He heard someone in a cubical say, "Bring her back to us, Gary." He stopped and considered how fast news gets around an office like this.

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