Chapter 1

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Magic, Hermaphrodite, Horror, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Bestiality, Pregnancy, Body Modification,

Desc: Horror Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Colleen is in a simmering anger over being dumped by her two timing boyfriend. The angry young woman is gifted with an ancient book of spells. Happenstance lets her accidentally discover the key to making the incantations become a reality! The overjoyed woman decides that there will be a reckoning!

Colleen seethed in anger as she strode down the street. How dare Richard say he wanted to see other people! Couldn't he understand she needed time to think about giving her virginity to him? She had seen the outline of his thing through his pants. The size had actually frightened her! How dare he turn to that big titty brain dead bimbo Misty just because she was so fucking easy? Was Misty really her name? Did her parents want her to grow up to be an empty headed whore? The eighteen year old paused and glared at a sign. "Great, now the fucking bookstore is going out of business! What else could go wrong today?

The angry young woman looked through the window and caught her breath. It was a shame her favorite store was closing, but she saw a sight that made her day seem just a little bit better. "Fifty percent off? Everything must go?" Colleen could not resist such a bibliophile's dream. She entered the store.

"Why, If it isn't young Miss Hannity." Colleen jumped as a boney hand landed on her shoulder. "I knew you were coming to visit me today."

"Good day, Madame Bertrand." Colleen tried to calm her racing heart as she turned to face the old woman. "I'm sorry to see you're closing up shop. I'll miss coming here."

"Do not feel sorry, for me." The woman's steel grey eyes flashed. "It is only time for me to once again move on. Before I leave this town, I would like to show you something."

The young woman followed the shopkeeper into the tiny apartment behind the many bookcases. Being in the main living area was like stepping back though time. Madame Bertrand owned no television, radio, computer, or even telephone. Colleen suspected that if she searched the whole place, she'd find nothing more technologically advanced then the light bulbs in the curiously old fashioned ceiling lamp above her head. Even with the light, Colleen sensed that the woman would rather use candles or a hurricane lamp!

The teen jumped again when the woman suddenly thrust a book at her. "This is for you, my little one."

The little redhead was about to protest. Just because she was slightly less than five foot tall there was no need to call her little one! The four foot five inch woman stood as straight as she could, but the anger melted away. "This book is OLD!" she gasped as she gazed at the heavy leather bound tome. "Thanks for the offer, but there's no way I can afford such a well preserved edition."

The wizened old shopkeeper cackled. "No, you misunderstood." She once again thrust the volume towards the younger woman's hands. "This is a gift! I'll not be accepting any coin in exchange!"

Colleen took the book and gave it a closer look. "A book of magic spells?" she asked after making out the hand lettering on the dusty leather cover. "What would I do with that?"

"If you have 'The Sight', you could do nearly anything your heart desires!"

Colleen decided to humor the old hag. "Thank you very much! I'll cherish it always!" Even as she said those words, she wondered how much it would net her on EBay!

When she made it home to her apartment, the young woman tossed the book onto her bed. "Witch sight, yeah, right!" She didn't believe in such fairy tales! She gave up all such crazy ideals when she had aged out of the foster care system six months ago. "I just hope some dumb ass Goth chick will pony up a few hundred dollars for the damn thing!"

Her mind drifted back to Richard and his fuck toy. How dare that asshole dump her! "I hope that top heavy walking sperm bank infects him with the never-get-overs! I hope the bitch's birth control fails, and he knocks her up!"

She angrily wiped the tears from her eyes. "This is not affecting me!" she lied. "This will not bother me!" She snatched up the book to give herself something else to dwell on.

The petite woman flipped through the pages. "There must be hundreds of incantations in here. Why did the author waste so much parchment though?" There must be some reason every other page was left blank. She tossed the book back to the bed and picked up her television remote.

Dead ideals or not, Colleen was a fan of animation. She decided to clear her mind by watching the latest used DVD she had managed to acquire. She opened the case for "Shrek 3-D" and put on one of the included pairs of 3-D glasses. Popping the DVD from the case, she turned to toss it onto the bed before inserting the movie into her player. The redhead gasped and dropped the disk to the floor.

"Oh my fuckin' God!" she stammered as she stared at the open book on her bed. Images of Nicolas Cage raced through her mind. Was it that simple? Was wearing funny glasses, like in "National Treasure" the key to a priceless fortune of knowledge? She snatched up the book and frantically turned page after page. It wasn't just the one! Every single supposed blank page was inscribed with precisely depicted diagrams of hand motions that seemed to go with the facing page's incantation! Was this why there was no real magic in the world any more? Was 'Witch Sight' nothing more then a closely guarded secret arrangement of colored lenses or crystals?

Movie time forgotten, Colleen picked what seemed to be a relatively simple pattern to try. Puzzling out the old Latin was the easy part. The mousy young woman spent hours frantically waving her hands. Thankfully being fluent in American Sign Language had made her hands very supple. After what felt like the thousandth time, her eyes opened wide in awe. "It works!" she screamed as she floated weightlessly near the ceiling. "The cadence of the Latin had to precisely match the pace of the hand motions! No wonder the secret died out!" Using force of will alone now, she experimented with swooping and gliding around the room.

Colleen laughed long and hard as she effortlessly touched down on her bed. It meant weeks of studying, but it was well worth the effort! "Misty and Richard had best beware! A reckoning is soon to be at hand!"

Misty Andrews giggled as her fiancé Richard eagerly pawed at her heaving breasts. "Don't tear my blouse like last time!"

He laughed, but slowed his hands and carefully unbuttoned the straining silk top. "You know I can't help myself, Misty!"

The blonde's eyes sparkled. "After that little bitty-titty girl you used to date, I can understand that! You're just making up for lost time with my breasts!"

"What are you talking about?" he asked breathlessly as he fumbled with the clasp of her bra. "Colleen wouldn't even give me a fucking hand job! It's your whole body that I'm after!"

Misty slipped a hand down his body and caressed his engorged member through his pants. "Well, it's the little freak's loss! Imagine turning down this beautiful monster!"

Richard laughed. "You should have seen her face. You'd think I asked her to slit her throat when I only wanted to make love with her!"

"I guess she couldn't help being scared. I can hardly believe she's actually eighteen. After all, she's built like a little boy." Misty slipped out of her skirt and eased her thong down long shapely legs. "You just wanted to bag yourself a barely legal virgin." The twenty-five year old woman smiled. "Aren't you glad you have a real woman now, who isn't afraid to invite a man into her house for a hot session of pre-marital sex?"

The aroused man shrugged out of his shit and dropped his trousers. "You know that I am! I'm hard as a rock right now!"

The gorgeous blonde smiled sweetly. "Richard dear, I have great news. I'm not wearing my diaphragm. If you take me right now, I may end up walking down the aisle with a baby bump under my wedding dress. Would you like that?"

The handsome man's cock gave a mighty jerk just from the thought. "Oh honey, I'd love that!"

The two fell into each other's arms, only to be violently thrown apart. "How touching!" a scornful voice snapped. The air shimmered, and a petite naked woman appeared in the room. "The little freak is here to settle a few scores!"

"You bitch!" Misty dove at the little mousy intruder when the woman began muttering and waving her hands. "What? What's happening?" The blonde found herself suddenly frozen, unable to move!

Colleen spun to face Richard. "I loved you! If you gave me some time, I would have given you my virginity! But no, you had to turn to this big tit skank for an easy lay!"

"Calm down Colleen." Richard took a step towards her. "Are you saying you want it now?" He glanced at Misty. What do you say baby? How about I screw Colleen for old time's sake?"

The blonde screamed. "I can't move asshole! She did something to me! How could you think of sex at a time like this?"

Colleen laughed bitterly. "You may be right. A good fuck might be just what I need right now!" She raised her hands and began a long muttering chant as she waved at him. With a final flourish, the tiny woman cried out and collapsed to the floor.

"Richard, get her! Kick the shit out of the little bitch while she's out of it!" The blonde strained, but still was unable to move. "Hurry! Kill the fucking flat chested whore!"

The muscular man flexed his strong arms and smiled. "This isn't bad! I could grow to like being here!"

"What's wrong with your voice?" Misty watched in disbelief as the sandy haired well built man checked out his body in the mirror. He even went as far as grabbing his massive cock and giving it a few strokes. "Richard, what the hell are you doing? This is serious! Kill that fucking bitch!"

The bitch in question struggled to her feet and screamed. "What did you do?" she wailed in a strangely deep voice. "How did you do this to me?" She looked down at herself and began to sob like a baby!

The man laughed. "Misty hasn't figured it out yet, honey child! Why don't you clue her in?"

The dainty woman rushed to Misty and wrapped her arms around the frozen woman's waist. "It's me! Oh God help me! It's me, Richard! I'm in here! I don't know how, but she managed to put my mind in her body!"

The immobile woman gasped. "You can't be serious!" she tried again to move and sudden understanding filled her soul with dread. She faced the man and cried out. "It's magic! You're evil! You're some kind of demon!"

Colleen laughed. "No, I'm just a witch, possibly one of the last in the world." A hand couldn't seem to help wandering back down to grasp the still throbbing erect penis. "Damn, this thing is sure distracting. No wonder guys want to use them all the time!" She looked the two women up and down. "I think I'll have to get rid of this boner before I can think straight. Now who should I chose to ease this unbearable pressure?"

Richard began to blubber, and showed the true measure of his makeup. "Take Misty! She's used to getting fucked by me, uh, it! She's had so many guys it wouldn't matter if you tried her out too! Besides, I, uh, you're too small! It'll hurt!"

The neo-witch smiled sweetly. "Yet, you wanted to stuff this thing into me! I ask you Misty, is that fair?"

The blonde glared down at the tiny form clinging to her. "You fucking little sniveling bastard!" If she could move, she would have scratched out the eyes of the woman's body that held her in a death grip. "Take him! Go ahead you cunt! Knock your own body up! See if I care!"

Richard screamed again at the thought of being pregnant. "No, oh please God no! I'm so sorry! I swear I'll make it up to you! Please make everything back to normal!"

"All in good time my little sweetie-pie." Colleen eyed her own body critically. "You know what? I think I was much too hard on myself! I wasted so much of my life worried about my appearance. Being on the outside now, let's me see things clearly. I'm no supermodel, but I am damn cute! My features are almost elfin. With my curly red hair I look like a little pixy girl, or a leprecon." She looked down at the unfamiliar cock jutting out so firm and strong. "Maybe it's this body's hormones kicking in. Just looking at me is making this thing feel like it's going to explode." She leered at her own body. Richard honey, is this how you felt the night you exposed your penis to me? Did it turn you on thinking about fucking an eighteen year old woman that can pass as a little girl?" Colleen took a deep breath. I guess I should be thankful. You must have had a will of iron not to have just raped the hell out of cute little ol' me!"

At the word rape, Richard backed away from Misty and made a clumsy run for the door. The petite form lifted into the air when Colleen whispered softly and made a few hand passes. He shrieked when the form he now inhabited began to drift towards the bed. "Colleen, please no! I didn't force you! You know I stopped when you started to cry! Why are you doing this to me?"

The witch giggled. It sounded strange coming from such a big man's throat. "I guess I'm doing it because I can!" A smile spread across the ruggedly handsome face. "Just think Richard. I timed tonight just right. The body I let you borrow is at just the right time in its cycle. Misty's right, I'd knock myself up if I stuck this monster up you tonight!"

Laying on the bed, arms and legs spread wide, Richard wailed. "You're insane! You can't leave me in this fucking body for nine months! I'm a man!"

You're a fucking coward!" Misty shouted. "You tried to make her screw me! Take it, bitch! Pop your fucking cherry on that big fuck stick! I hope her hymen so thick it hurts like hell!"

Colleen laughed. "Misty, I'm forced to change my opinion about you. You're a girl after my own heart!"

The blonde managed to spit on the floor. It was about the only action she could take. "I'm no friend of yours, you bitch!"

"You sure are stupid though." She laughed. "It's spelled with a "W" not a "B"!"

It took a little getting used to walk in such a huge body, but Colleen was getting the hang of it. "I'm going to make a woman out of you, so to speak." She said as she climbed over her own prone body. "Damn, this really is exciting! Look, your cock is starting to drip! I'm beginning to think maybe I should have let you have me. No matter. This way I get to see what it's like to pop me a cherry!"

"Wait, I'll do anything you say!" Richard screamed as he stared up in open fear at his own face. "I'm too big! You'll damage your own body! You'll be hurt when you change us back!"

"What makes you think I want to get back into it?" Colleen stopped to think about what she had said, and actually made the male body blush. "Well, I do want to get into that body, but not quite in the way you hope I do!" Grasping the cock, Colleen roughly rubbed the head over the dainty lips of her own vagina. "Damn, now I'm glad I shaved for me. This is going to be good!"

"God in Heaven, please help me!" Richard wailed as his own fearsome weapon bore down. "No, please stop!" The head began to force the lips apart. "Stop it! Stop it before it's too late!"

"It is too late!" Colleen grunted as the head of the cock found the tiny warm opening. "It's much too late!" There was no stopping now! Feeling no need for foreplay, Colleen simply rammed the massive erect member deep inside the slender form of her own petite body! "Jesus Christ, I'm so fucking tight!" she gasped as the throbbing organ sent a lightning bolt of pleasure shooting through her soul. "I'm glad I saved myself for this!"

Richard sobbed like the woman he had become! "Get it out of me!" he wailed. "Oh God Colleen, it hurts! Please stop! You don't want to do this!"

Misty glared. "Oh please! Do you think you're the first virgin to be taken like this? Do you think I liked it when one of my teachers nailed me when I was a virgin? No, but I took it anyway so I could graduate with my class! Now shut the fuck up and let the demon have her fun!"

Colleen settled over her own slight form, not caring if Richard's bodyweight was too much for her unwilling partner. "I am having fun!" she gasped as she thrust muscular hips sharply. "Damnation, my pussy is practically squeezing off your cock! This is fantastic!"

"You're raping me!" Richard cried unnecessarily. "It hurts! Stop! I'm begging you, please pull it out!"

"Not just rape, sweetie-pants!" Colleen found a rhythm that felt pretty damn good, and began to roughly pound into her own petite little body. "I'm going to inseminate you! You're going to be a poor little unwed mother!"

Richard sobbed and gasped in sheer panic at the thought. "God help me! Please, oh dear God, help me! Don't let me get pregnant! I'm a man! This can't be happening to me!"

Strangely, Colleen found his pleading to be quite erotic. It felt like the proudly throbbing organ had grown even more erect! Scrunching down a bit, she managed to kiss the tears off of her own sad little face before increasing the strenuous pace of her happy work. "I'm such a good little lay! Too bad you wouldn't wait for me! I would have let you do this! You would have never turned to that blonde whore if you felt how warm and tight I am! I'm glad you did though! Now I have the pleasure!"

"I'm sorry!" Richard sobbed as the ordeal continued. "Please, no more! I don't want any more!" He tried to struggle, but his own two hundred pounds pinned tightly to the mattress.

"Oh yeah, do it like that! Roll those skinny hips! Work that tiny little butt!" Colleen felt a strange but welcomed pressure growing. "Shit! I, I think I'm going to ejaculate!" The powerful thrusts took on a frantic pace as the witch raced towards the unknown goal of her first male orgasm. "I'm nearly there! Oh damn, it's good! Take it you sissy! Take it like a woman!" Colleen rammed into her own slender form one last time. The panting male body she wore went rigid and she let out an animalistic grunt as the explosion began!

Richard screamed, knowing what was happening. The fertile body he was trapped in was being flooded by his own virile seed! Tears streamed down the face he had considered cute, but not pretty. All he could do was wait for it to stop, and pray that this body would not get pregnant!

Colleen rolled off of the sobbing Richard. "Damn it, that was over too soon! No matter. I have an idea on how I can achieve the best of all possible worlds!"

Misty's eyes nearly bugged out of her head as the male body slipped off of the bed and approached. "Get away from me!" she shouted as the witch circled her, examining every square inch of her frozen body. "You got what you wanted, now turn everything back the way it was!"

"Misty, you may be a top heavy Barbie-doll wanna be, but I must admit the look works." A strong hand reached out and firmly tweaked a firm oversized nipple. "Yes, your Amazon body appeals to me. I want it."

Misty laughed. "So go ahead and fuck me, demon. I can't stop you!"

Colleen laughed. "No, you misunderstand, whore. While I'm sure fucking your centerfold body would be fantastic. I actually plan to posses it!" she ran a hand lovingly over the flat tummy. "Still, it is a shame you're fertile today. I find the idea of knocking up my brand new body to be a little on the distasteful side!"

The blonde went pale. "You want to take over my body? You can't! I won't let you!"

"You really don't have much say in the matter, cunt!" Colleen looked at the still form on the bed. Richard had rolled up in a little ball, and didn't seem to want to stop sobbing. "I do have to make a few minor alterations first." The muscular shoulders shrugged before the familiar mumblings and hand motions began.

The form on the bed sat up and laughed. "I'm a little sore down there, but it's not that bad though. Richard had me thinking it was going to hurt like hell. Jeez, he's such a little puss!" Colleen put a hand between her legs and then held it up to her face. "Hey Misty, did you bleed this much on your first time?" she staggered a bit as she rejoined the still form of the blonde Goddess. "Look at this!" she wiped the blood and seminal fluid over the woman's beautiful face and laughed. "Poor Richard, if he though that little ouchie was bad, wait until he finds out what he's going through next!"

Richard struggled to move, but was immobilized the same way Misty was. "What am I about to go through?" he asked, still sobbing. "Please, leave us alone! You got what you came for! For the love of God, please go away!"

Colleen was about to answer, when she felt something soft and warm rub against her. She looked down at the dainty black cat that was rubbing its hind quarters against her leg. "Oh, she's a perfect darling! How old is this pretty little girl?" She knelt and stroked the silky fur, and laughed as the little queenie bent her front legs to lower her head, and thrust her rear end high! The pretty little thing then meowed quite loudly, demanding more attention. The witch picked her up and rubbed her cheek against the happily purring feline.

"Are you insane?" Misty glared at her. "Put Princess down!"

With a happy sigh, the witch did as Misty demanded. "I'd guess she's less then a year. It's certainly a shame you hadn't had her fixed yet."

Richard finally seemed to have conquered his blubbering. "How did you know? I was going to take her to the vet tomorrow."

The tiny woman actually clapped her hands. "Excellent! I came over just in time! She's absolutely perfect for my plans! Now come along you two. I don't want to put this off any more." At the wave of her hand, the couple lifted up off the floor and followed her into the bathroom.

When Richard drifted over and settled into the oversized claw footed iron bathtub, he started to blubber again. "What are you planning? Are, are you going to drown me?"

Colleen laughed. "Nothing so crude, sissy boy! Just be patient while I go fetch something." She gave his limp cock a playful pinch before scurrying off to the kitchen.

It was Misty's turn to scream when she saw what the diminutive woman returned with. "She's going to kill us!"

The witch looked at the razor sharp paring knife and laughed. "No, well, not really, anyway."

The big strong man in the bathtub cried like a baby when the knife wielding young woman climbed in with him. "What now?" He looked on in terror as she gently touched his penis. "You can't!" He wailed as she lay the knife across his belly and began chanting and waving her hands. "Don't cut it off! God almighty, don't cut off my dick!" His bladder let loose, which only made things easier for the amateur surgeon.

"Good boy!" she cheered as Richard pissed himself in mortal fright. Now don't distract me any more while I'm working!" she snapped as she picked up the knife. "I have to get this right the first time!" She spread his legs, hanging them over the sides of the tub so she had more room. "I want to get the whole thing out intact!" She plunged the knife in under the pubic bone, and Richard screamed! Humming softly as she worked, the witch dug the knife in deeper, circling around his external organs as she attempted to remove the entire male reproductive system as one complete unit! Blood pulsed hot onto her hands, arms, and face, but Colleen continued her difficult task. "Damn, its harder then I though to cut through the muscles Thank goodness the knife's so sharp!"

"Stop!" the still man shrieked as his immobile body felt every slice of the gleaming blade. "You bitch! Please God; make her stop before it's too late!" He couldn't tear his eyes way from the dreadful sight of the petite woman sawing through his living flesh! "Misty, help me! It hurts! Make it stop!" He screamed again and again as Colleen made a second cut extending from his pubic bone up to his rib cage. She slipped a slender hand into the slot, and pulled his intestines out of the way and let them drop into the bathtub. Spittle ran down his chin as pain and fear drove him to the brink of insanity! "She's killing me! I don't wanna die!"

Richard's screaming turned into whimpers as blood loss eased him into shock. Misty's screams began as her imagination told her that she was next! "You're insane!" she wailed as the witch kept right on at her terrible task.

The witch dug deeper. She grimaced as the blade nicked the rectum, and the smell assaulted her nose. Still, she cut on. She slipped her slender fingers into the gaping wound and gingerly felt around for the bladder itself. Letting the magic guide the knife, she sliced through the connective tissues and parted both ureters. Putting the knife down, she reached back into Richard's wetness and gently pushed the now disconnected bladder under the pubic bone and out of his body!

"I did it!" Colleen triumphantly held up her gory trophy. "Look! Penis, balls, Vas deferens, prostate, bladder, seminal vesicle, everything! I got it all!" Very carefully now, the neo- doctor cut the bladder free from the rest of the bloody mass she held. It would not be needed. She tossed the organ in the tub, and it bounced off of Richard's ashen face. His eyes closed tight as if this would make a difference. Now was the tricky part. The magic was supporting his life, but Colleen wanted to finish this up before Richard bled to death from the horrible wound where his pride and joy used to be. She laid her bloody prize across Richard's stomach and turned to her next patient. "Don't worry, Misty. Your operation is much simpler! Come to momma!"

The blonde's eyes went huge in terror as she drifted towards the blood soaked diminutive woman and landed in the gory tub to stand before her. "Don't touch me!" she wailed. "Please, you don't even know me! I never hurt you! I met Richard after he dumped you! It wasn't my fault! Please don't hurt me too!"

With the sweetest of smiles, Colleen almost lovingly slipped the knife into the trembling blonde's vagina. With a sudden flick of the wrist she slit upwards, right through the oversized clitoris. Misty let out a blood chilling scream! The wailing blonde was somewhat luckier then Richard. She passed out as soon as bright red blood pulsed from her body onto Colleen's chest. Colleen was thankful that the task was indeed easier to perform on the woman. Eyeing the size of Richard's removed organs, she made the slit in Misty's gorgeous flesh slightly bigger. Working with the speed of necessity, Colleen reached in and severed the urethra from the overgrown Barbie-doll's bladder.

"Here's the tricky bit." Colleen grabbed the male organs and carefully fed the internal parts of the dying man's reproductive system into the wound she had carefully placed above the flayed vagina. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the incantation. Torn flesh healed. The vaginal tunnel repaired. Inside, the spell forced the blood vessels and nerve endings to join with those within the woman's body. The prostate linked with the bladder, and a channel opened between them connecting up through the urethra in the penis, instead of the original female method of urination.

The witch gently tickled the underside of the flaccid staff when the wound completed healing, and was delighted to see it rise to attention! "I did it! It worked!" She gave her handiwork a critical once over. "That looks hot! The pussy is completely accessible under the testicles. Misty's big ol' clit is snuggled nicely up under the scrotal sac. All that hair is a bit much though." The witch made a slight pass, while muttering a couple choice words. All Misty's and Richard's combined pubic hair sprinkled lightly into the bloody tub. Colleen smiled. "That's better! Hairless looks hot! Yes, I can work with this. I'll look like I stepped right out of some nasty Japanese animation!"

Colleen stood up in the tub and thankfully spotted the little cat coming to investigate the heady smell of all that fresh warm blood. This was going to be a little complex! Waving and chanting with frantic haste, Colleen once again relocated herself.

The tiny woman collapsed across the dying man lying below her. The still standing blonde opened her eyes and smiled. A hand slipped down and grasped the stiffening penis. "I feel it! It feels wonderful!" Hands waving again caused the cat to stagger and fall unconscious to the floor. Her own petite body writhed, and began meowing pitifully. "I'm so sorry, Princess. Rest in peace, little one!" The busty blonde took a deep breath and once again invoked the magic.

Richard sat up, drenched in blood, once again inhabiting the sore little abused body he was raped in. "Holy mother of God!" he cried as he heard a feeble little mewling meow from the body squirming weakly under him. Richard gagged at the sight of his own ruined body. He looked at the gray sweat soaked face that used to be his own. The eyes no longer held the look of human intelligence. They looked back at him in dumb animal terror, before the inner light seemed to fade and the body gave one last massive convulsion and died. "What in the name of all that is unholy did you do?"

The blonde sighed. "I had to kill the cat. It was a necessary evil. As you'll soon see, the results are better then I ever dared to dream of!"

Misty slowly awoke to a nightmare that was destined to never end. "I, I feel funny! What's wrong with me?" She glanced up, and up some more! Somehow that fucking witch had made her body into a towering giant of a hermaphrodite. Her point of view spun wildly, before finally settling down. She wailed when the truth made itself known. "You bitch! You put me in a cat? How could you, you God damn fucking little bitch? Change me back!"

Colleen laughed and picked up the little black cat by the scruff of the neck. "It was easy, fleabag. Get used to that body, because you're going to grow old and die in it! Don't forget, cats only live about fifteen years!"

Richard once again began to shake. "My, my body is dead! You butchered me to death!" He, no, SHE covered her sad little eyes and sobbed anew. "Does this mean I'm trapped now? Oh God! I'm probably pregnant! I'm ruined! You ruined me!"

Misty screamed. "You're still a human, sissy freak! Worry about me! I'm a fucking cat! What am I going to do now?"

Colleen looked at the pretty little feline and smiled. "What are you going to do now?" she giggled. "How does vivisection sound? I bet scientists would love to cut open your tiny cat head to see why you can talk!"

The cat squealed and struggled in the grip of the witch. "Please no! I don't want to die!"

"Don't worry. I have no plans on killing you, yet." She dropped the cat into the gory mess in the tub. First things first." The statuesque blonde hermaphrodite looked around her and sighed. "I better clean this mess up. Luckily, the gore managed to keep itself confined to the tub." Picking up the stray bladder, she shoved the dripping sack back in the lifeless body at her feet, and then packed in the intestines as best as she could. The blonde then began to mutter, while waving bloody hands slowly through the air. The severely damaged corpse began to slowly shrink in size. When it was about the size of a common garden cricket, Colleen pointed one ruddy finger at the trembling little cat.

Misty's sleek black form pounced! Moving like lightening, the little cat snatched up the tiny dead body. The humans plainly heard the distinct crunch of bones as she chewed! A tiny leg dropped back into the tub, but Misty gobbled that up too. She was licking the blood from her chops when she finally realized exactly what she had done. "Oh God, I didn't want to do that! Why did you make me?" The feline mewled pitifully. "I feel sick! Why did you make me eat him?"

Colleen laughed as she picked up the hand held showerhead. "You're my familiar now. I mean to take good care of you. It looked like you needed a snack, so I gave your feline instincts a little jump start. In the end, it was all your own doing when you ate poor dead Richard."

Richard clutched a hand over her mouth and made several retching sounds. "I'm really trapped now!" The tiny thing whined. "Misty, you fucking cannibal! Now I can never go back! You destroyed my body, you stupid little cunt!"

The cat hissed. "Don't be an ass, Richard! Your body was dead! Did you think it could be reanimated after your insides spilled out? She shrank it down in order to dispose of it! If I didn't eat it, she probably would have flushed it down the fucking toilet!"

"She's right, you know." Colleen turned on the water and let its warmth rinse the blood from her wonderful new form. "I wasn't sure Misty would be weak minded enough to let the feline instincts control her. If she didn't eat your corpse, I would have sent it down with the rest of the shit!" She inserted the showerhead into its receptacle and grinned. "I can reach so high now. This is wonderful!" Colleen ignored her sobbing companions and luxuriated in washing her new crowning glory of natural blonde hair!

Richard watched as Misty, no, Colleen left the tub and picked up a towel. "What are you going to do to me?" the tiny former male whispered. "I can't go back to work like this. What am I going to do now?"

The blonde glanced back at the forlorn elfin girl and smiled. "Right now, wash the damn cat, and finish cleaning the tub! You are now officially my maid. Do a good job, and I may actually let you sleep in bed with me. Do a bad job, and I'll transfer your mind into the body of a mouse!" She went back to the tub and knocked the showerhead from its receptacle. "There you are baby-girl. I wouldn't want to strain trying to reach it." She laughed at the look on her former face. "Remember, do a good job, or it's 'squeak- squeak' for you!"

Richard looked at Misty the cat and whimpered. "I'll do a good job! I promise!"

The black feline watched as the human left the room and managed to scramble up to the edge of the tub. "You damn pussy! Snap out of it and stop acting like such a pansy! How are you ever going to get us turned back if you don't stand up to her?"

Richard scrubbed wildly at the blood in the tub, trying to ignore exactly how it came to be there. "How can she turn me back?" The petite woman sobbed. "My body no longer exists! You saw to that! I'm stuck as a woman for the rest of my life!"

The cat sneered. "Boo fucking hoo! Poor Richard is a girl. So what! I'm a freaking CAT! No matter what, you'll outlive me by fucking decades! I need to get back in my body, asshole! Besides, maybe we can make her put you into a new male body! Think about it! What other chance do we have?"

Richard rinsed the last of the blood away and got to her feet. "How can we do it? Who would we get for me to take over." The petite young woman choked back a sob. "It has to be someone big and strong! I have to be a real man again!"

The black cat laughed. "Tonight, when she's asleep, all you have to do is tie her hands together! Haven't you noticed how she waves them around whenever she does something to us? If she can't use them, we'll be in control! Now hurry and clean yourself up!" Misty wasn't thinking, and began to lick at her fur. Her ears twitched in embarrassment when she realized what she was doing. With a moan, the cat tumbled into the tub with a little splash. "I'm wet!" she cried. It was just about the most miserable feeling she had ever experienced. It was nothing like just getting her paws wet with a little tasty blood. The cat cringed at the invading thought. She splashed about trying to regain her perch on the edge, but just slid back into the wicked coldness, "Richard, save me! I'm in the water!"

The elfin girl sneered. "You can't even fight off animal instincts! How the fuck are you going to help me get into a man's body again?"

The cat shook while fighting to compose her fear and distaste. "I, I'm f-fine! I can resist! Now hurry up and wash me!"

Richard turned the shower on to the cat, and laughed bitterly. "Sure, you can fight the instincts!" she snapped while the cat yowled and hissed as the warm water matted her black fur. "If that bitch turns me into a mouse, you'd kill me minutes later!"

"I am fighting!" Misty cried as she did her best to keep still. You'll see! From now on I'll be strong as a rock, until we defeat that cunt!"

Colleen was rummaging through the refrigerator when Richard and Misty joined her in the kitchen. "I'm surprised at you, kitty-cat. You'd think someone who lives on a farm would have something healthy to eat! I plan on taking good care of my new body! No junk foods for me!" She looked over her shoulder and smiled as her cock gave a happy twitch. "Why Richard, you look adorable!" The petite thing had donned one of her former body's tee-shirts. It fit her like a night dress! "I'm keeping an eye on you too, missy. You will exorcize and take good care of the body I was kind enough to give you. I will not let you get it all flabby just because you're having my baby!"

"Yes, Colleen!" the young woman blushed. "I like to keep in shape, remember." She let a tiny sob escape her lips. "Remember how buff my, my old body was?"

The cat hissed angrily. "Get a backbone, sissy!" She boldly went up and raked a claw over the witch's shin. "This farce is over, bitch! I demand that you give me back my body, and find a suitable one to put Richard into!"

Colleen laughed as the deep scratches oozed blood. It was a very simple matter to undo the slight damage and cause it to heal. "You forget who you're dealing with, Queenie!"

Misty looked up at the witch, twitching her ears. "I'm dealing with a sick monster!"

Richard looked from the cat to the blonde. Colleen had donned one of Misty's favorite nighties. Seeing her dressed like that made the former male feel strange, deep inside. It didn't help matters to notice a rather large lump protruding in front, either. Richard cleared her throat. "Colleen, um, Misty wanted me to tie your hands together tonight while you sleep. I, I just wanted to tell you so you know I'm being good!"

The cat yowled in anger. "Why did you go and tell her, you candy-ass sissy? You ruined our only chance!" She backed away from the laughing witch, sudden fear making the fur on her back stand straight up. "No, wait! I never said that to him, her, whatever! Please, don't do anything more to me!"

Colleen watched in delight as the terrified cat feared the worst. "I'm not going to do a single thing to you, pretty little Queenie." She walked across the kitchen and opened the door leading out into the farmyard. "I'm just getting a little fresh air!"

Understanding dawned, and the little cat meowed pitifully. An answering yowl was heard in the distance. "Close it!" she cried. "In the name of God, please close the door!"

"Why, it's a perfectly lovely night." She smiled at Richard. "Doesn't the breeze feel lovely? Why shouldn't we enjoy it?"

The petite redhead glared down at the cat. "Misty has been complaining for a couple of days about the stray cats that show up every night around this time. I think she's afraid of them."

Colleen giggled. "Guess again, sweetie. I think she's afraid of how she'll act when they get here!"

Misty's tail went stiff, and pointed off to one side. "Close the door!" she begged, as her back legs padded against the smooth linoleum. "I'll be good from now on! Please close the fucking door!"

For the first time since being trapped in his new petite female form, Richard smiled. "This is sort of hot! Look at her! She wants to be mated by a stray tom-cat!"

"No I don't!" Misty yowled again, and the answering cry sounded much closer! "Please, don't do this to me! Close the door! Lock me in a closet! Hide me away! Do something before they get here!" The frantic feline dropped to the floor and rolled around. "Help me! Don't let this happen!"

Richard was keeping one eye on the opened door. "Here they come!" The diminutive woman pointed. I can see at least four toms!"

Misty tried to keep her mouth shut, but a long and agonizing yowl announced her readiness for mating! "Hurry! Close the fucking door!" The cat jumped to her feet. "I can't stop! Oh my God, I can't stop myself!"

Colleen giggled when Misty charged out into the yard. "Come on Richard, I want to see this!" She grabbed the smaller woman by the hand and dragged her out into the night.

Misty watched in terror as four, no, make that five cats fought for the honor of approaching her first! "Richard, keep them away from me! I'm sorry I called you names! Please, save me!"

The tiny woman held Colleen's hand as they watched the fun. "I can see how you're fighting your instincts." She said smugly as the sleek little black cat flopped to the ground and lifted her tail end high in presentation to the largest tom. "You're just as much a slut as a cat, as you were a woman!" She looked up at Colleen and smiled sheepishly. "She made the first move on me. I almost wrecked my car when she grabbed, um, my, uh, your cock."

Misty looked back and whimpered as the large one eared tom strode purposely towards her! "Keep away!" the feline breathed. "Stay the fuck away from me! I don't want kittens!"

The tom scrambled over Misty and began shoving at her with his legs, lining her up properly. He leaned forward and clamped his jaws on the nape of her neck. Misty went rigid as he thrust home.

The little black queen let out a screech. "It hurts!" she cried as the cat just held her tightly in his grip. His ejaculate pulsed, triggering Misty's brand new body to ovulate! He rested there for a moment before dismounting and sauntering away. Misty cried out as another cat swiftly took his place!

Colleen felt her penis swell and grow as she watched Misty's humiliation. "Richard, did you like getting blowjobs?"

The elfin girl blushed beneath the light of the full moon. "Yes Colleen. I really did!"

The blonde smiled and sat on the battered old bench on the back porch. "Then it's a safe bet I'll love how it feels too. Now be a good little sissy-girl and service me while I watch the show!"

Richard whimpered. That was his cock! He used to adore having some hot bitch go down on him. Now she was the bitch! The petite young woman dropped to her knees and leaned closer to the familiar organ. She timidly stuck out her tongue and licked the hugely swollen head. "How, how was that?" she murmured as strange waves of heat flashed through her unfamiliar body.

"That was nice, little girl." Colleen condescending ruffled the curly hair that used to be hers. "Now show me how a little sissy- girl loves to suck a cock!"

"Yes Colleen." With a moan of total surrender, Richard took the penis into her mouth. It was so big! Images of forcing this organ down throats, and making girls gag over its sheer size invaded the trembling girl's mind. When hands grasped either side of her head, she accepted it as only proper!

"Good girl, Richard!" Colleen cheered as she forced the cute little face tighter between her legs. "You're taking it like proper whore!" The witch watched excitedly as a third cat mounted the wailing yowling Misty. "Damn it all, this is so hot! Next time I'm going to record it. Kitty-porn could be the next big thing!" She began rhythmically bouncing Richard's head against her, thrilling at the feeling of her cock fucking such a tight little throat!

When the final cat had finished plastering her insides with his nasty feline seed, Misty felt overcome. "It's so good!" she cried as she began rolling all around in the dirt. A feeling of complete and utter ecstasy wracked her trembling little body as she just kept right on writhing in the dust.

"There she goes!" Colleen cheered as the little cat hissed and cried her passion. The blonde's eyes opened wide. Her I go, too!" She thrust her hips upward while slamming Richard tightly against her lap. Her cock exploded! The smaller girl's arms waved wildly as thick hot fluid pumped down her throat and warmed her stomach!

Richard dropped to the ground and gagged as she coughed up streamers of semen. "You, you almost killed me!" she said thickly as the thick gooey fluid dripped out of her nose and burned in her sinuses.

"I was nowhere near killing you, Richard!" The witch smiled contentedly. "I just wanted to teach you how to be a good cum- guzzling slut, sweetie!"

A markedly disheveled black cat staggered over. "This is a nightmare!" Misty cried pitifully. "Is this how we're going to be treated from now on?" A firefly winked by, and the cat sprang. With a snap, she gulped the insect down. "I'm hungry!" she complained. "I need real food, not stupid bugs! What happened to treating your familiar properly?"

Colleen laughed heartily. "I will, I surely will! Tomorrow I'll go buy some cat-food for you, and a nice litter box. How's that sound?"

The feline whimpered sadly. "It sounds horrible! What am I going to do until then?"

Richard giggled. "You insisted a cat was needed to control the mice in the basement, remember? Go eat one of them!"

Misty opened her mouth to insult the little sissy, but a hunger pang interrupted. She felt a nearly overpowering craving for warm red meat! "Why would I do something that disgusting?" she said in a huff, before heading back into the house to see if the basement door was open.

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