Too Soft of a Bed

by Thesandman

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Desc: Sex Story: A bad back brings about unexpected results

I had gone into the service straight out of high school, primarily because there was no way at the time to further my education by going to college. My younger sister Janice had done much better in school than I had, given several scholarship opportunities, and upon graduation which was only a couple of months away now for her, would be able to take advantage of going back to school where I had not. Already eighteen, she was an attractive young woman with long dark hair, ocean blue eyes, and a flirtatious smile that she often used to her advantage, which she immediately began doing to my service buddy Dave who had come to stay with us for a while, looking for work and hopefully finding a place of his own to stay in shortly after that.

There was plenty of room at the old house, I had two older siblings, a brother and sister who had moved out long ago, now married with families of their own. So when I asked my folks if Dave could come and stay with us for a while, they (along with my flirtatious sister) welcomed him with open arms.

At six feet, an inch perhaps taller than I was, with similar builds though he had green eyes instead of brown, we could nearly pass as brothers, with even our looks somewhat being the same. But Dave was, and immediately became part of the family after moving in with us, as he and I began searching for work, though enjoying the "down time" as we called it having just been released from the service.

Janice had more than enough credits to graduate from school already, and though she continued to attend school, she had a light afternoon schedule, which allowed her to come home far earlier than most of her classmates did. With mom and dad at work during the day, I began to see a side of my sister I hadn't seen before, and though I'd been gone myself for the better part of two years now, it wasn't just the sudden growth and maturity she had gone through during that time, but the obvious change in attitude that I also saw whenever mom and dad weren't around. The only way I could describe it accurately, was to simply say my sister Janice was a naughty woman.

That very point being expressed one afternoon to me by Dave shortly after my sister had come home. I had been sitting downstairs in the den watching TV when Dave came down to join me.

"Man, I really don't know what to think about your sister," he said candidly.

"Why? What'd she do now?"

We lived in a very large, three-story room home, the main or master bedroom where my folk's slept being on the top floor, along with several other rooms now used mostly for storage. The second floor consisted of six additional bedrooms, along with two baths, one of which was shared by Janice and I, the other being given to Dave for his own use, though connected to the smaller of the bedrooms, though he didn't mind as he didn't have much in the way of personal clothing and items anyway. The main floor contained all the living, eating, and entertaining areas, including a large added on den that my father had built. Though the property surrounding the place was still substantial at just over three acres, at one time during the civil war, it had once operated as a small plantation, a summer home in fact for the people who'd originally owned this place in addition to another (somewhat famous one) further south.

"Well, I was just coming out of my room, thought I'd head downstairs and raid the refrigerator," he began. "About that time, your sister comes out of the bathroom, it was obvious she'd been in taking a shower as I'd heard someone go in and do that earlier, anyway, she's busily drying her hair with a towel, has another one wrapped around her as she comes out. Next thing I know, the one she's wearing, well ... let's just say she's suddenly not wearing any more as it falls off her."

"That must have been funny," I said imagining it, "I can just imagine her embarrassment and surprise when that happened."

"Yeah, more like me who was the one embarrassed and surprised, not your sister! I expected her to make a grab for the towel or something you know? But all she did was stand there smiling at me, even took the towel off her head, shaking her wet hair out some, and THEN leaned over picking up the other one, still smiling, still looking at me, and then walked by me without covering herself up, before going into her room!"

That was a little surprising to hear. As I recalled, Janice had been considerably a lot shyer than that as I remembered just before leaving, even the swimwear she'd worn back then had been considered fairly modest, though I had seen her wearing a very skimpy, somewhat revealing one shortly after arriving home.

"I think she likes you," I responded, joking around with him more than anything, especially as I knew that my shy friend was still a virgin and intended on staying that way until he got married.


"Yeah, I think she's sweet on you. Hell ... maybe next time she'll invite you into her shower."

He blushed upon hearing that. "Next time I hear the shower running, I think I'll turn around and head the other way, might be safer that way."

"Yeah, might be," I said continuing to laugh at him.

I had no idea of course, nor had I really thought about it, if my younger sister was in fact sexually active already, or just going through the motions. In a way, I half thought she was just trying out some moves on him or something, still unsure of herself, but with Dave being a somewhat safe target to shoot at, the fact that she was, didn't surprise me.

It was a couple of days later however, that I got a firsthand idea of what Janice was doing to poor Dave, and actually found it amusing, though additionally somewhat exciting too, though I had certainly never thought about any of my sisters in that regard before either.

On the second and third floors of the house, there was a small walkway that ran all the way around, just large enough to sit a few chairs or a small table outside of our rooms, each having its own entryway leading out to it. At the time I was doing just that, enjoying a book I'd begun reading along with nice cold beer when I saw Janice come out of the house directly below me, tossing out a large fluffy comforter on the grass which was next to the pool a few moments later. She was again wearing the same bright blue bikini I had seen her in once before as she obviously prepared to do a little late afternoon sunbathing. I really didn't think much about it, until I saw her sit down, glance about briefly, though for whatever reason, she never looked up towards where I was sitting, and took of her top.

As kids, I had seen her nude perhaps a handful of times, and there again always only briefly, and always usually accompanied by a wailing and gnashing of teeth for having done so, either inappropriately walking in on her in some manner or fashion of undressing, or barging (sometimes purposely) into her bath in an effort to purposely embarrass her yes, as kids were sometimes often wont to do. And sure yes, as she grew and matured, so did her figure, which I now realized had continued to do so, though I hadn't seen her for a number of years now by this time, as her fairly large sized, very supple, very firm breasts came tantalizingly into view.

Not wanting her to catch me looking at her, I quietly scooted my chair back, though still being able to lean forward through the slats in the railing that served as a safety rail for the walkway and still be able to see her. I knew that spying on my own sister was weird enough, but I was curious to get a peek at what she now looked like. But content with just seeing her boobs wasn't enough as I watched her also quickly glance about before removing her bottoms as well, though she now rolled over onto her stomach, giving me only the briefest glimpse of her totally shaved pubic area. And though she had now concealed her pert breasts and mound, I was treated to the visual of my own sister's lovely tight tanned ass. It was clearly evident she'd been doing this for a while, as she had absolutely no tan lines to speak of.

I had just about decided to go back into my room through the sliding glass door when I saw Dave come walking outside heading towards the pool area. Carrying a towel, wearing a pair of swim trunks, I knew he was coming out for his afternoon swim, something he always did around this time, and something as I now realized Janice damn well knew as she lay there, expectantly waiting for him. Coming around the side of the house, Dave didn't spot her immediately, not until he was nearly on top of her, causing her to look up towards him upon hearing him.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't know you were out here!" he stammered awkwardly upon seeing my sister.

I grinned, shaking my head as I sat there looking down at the two of them, it was almost comical in a way. Janice lifted herself up, using her elbows to do so, but simultaneously allowing her breasts to be exposed as they dangled down invitingly, giving Dave a clear and unobstructed view of them as she did so.

"Going for a swim?" she asked though obviously she knew that was his intent. "Just got out myself," she lied lying there.

"Ah yeah, I was planning on it," he continued to stammer, trying hard not to stare at her, though she wasn't making that any easier on him either as she suddenly sat up.

"Well don't let me stop you," she now said, once again smiling, though fully revealing herself to him in the process. I watched as poor Dave slid by her, diving into the pool, which was even the shallow end, causing Janice to laugh, along with myself, though I chuckled quietly in doing so, seeing Dave re-submerge rubbing his head, which he'd obviously hit diving in.

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