Chapter 1: Awakening

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, Magic, Slavery, Gay, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Furry, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Torture, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1: Awakening - Amber wakes up with no memories of who or where she is. She quickly learns that she has been kidnapped and given amnesia to make her a slave to House Grantlo on the magical world of Destran. What will happen to her when she's given the choice of accepting her slavery or dying?

The girl started to wake up. She was young, at least in the eyes of some cultures. In the eyes of others, she was well into adulthood. On her home world, she was considered to have just barely reached the age where she could make life altering decisions for herself. The people who brought her here always took those who were legal on the world they came from as well as here, on this world. For this girl, that was 18 years as measured in a distant world, in a distant dimension, that called itself, Earth.

The lightly tanned body stirred under the furs. Red hair spilled across the pillows, spread about by the inevitable motions of sleep. As her mind climbed towards awareness, it was aware of something not being right. The room wasn't very large, having just enough room to hold the sleeping pad the girl was laying on; a small table upon which was a lamp, a cup (clay) and a pitcher of water; and a walkway that split to end at two curtains.

The sound of her waking caught someone's attention. A man pulled one of the curtains aside, just a little, and peeked inside. He eyed the light chain that ran from under the covers to a spot on the wall. He knew that the presence of the chain was the most sensitive part of her introduction to her new life. Some captives didn't react well to being chained, even with the preparations that were taken. He saw her eyes flutter and pulled back, letting her waken and adapt, if she could, on her own.

The girl looked around herself and drew a sharp breath. Nothing looked familiar! She was in a strange place and could see nothing that she should be seeing. It was then that the confusion hit. She sat up, the furs falling clear to reveal her body. She wore no clothes. Her unblemished skin was visible in the glow of the lamp. Looking around excitedly, she tried to think of what she should be seeing, but drew a blank. She couldn't remember where she was supposed to be! The longer she thought, the more panicked she became.

"Where am I?" she asked herself. "Where... ?" Her hands clasped to her breasts as the reality hit her. "Who am I?" The girl had no memories of a time before waking in this strange room. "This could be home, for all I know, yet it seems so strange, unfamiliar. What's happened to me?"

She threw the covers back, exposing her naked body. Like a shot, her eyes were drawn to the chain that was attached to her left ankle by a delicate looking cuff. The metal tinkled as she brought her foot close enough to touch. There seemed to be no way to loosen the cuff from her ankle, nor the chain from the cuff. Several tugs confirmed that the metal was stronger than its delicacy indicated. Looking, she saw the other end of the chain, where it was attached to the wall. Like the connection to the cuff, the wall connection had no visible way to be released.

"There must be a hidden mechanism," she whispered to herself. She didn't know why she was whispering, it just seemed the prudent thing to do. "I'm someone's prisoner. Am I a criminal? Am I in the hands of a criminal? I have to escape!" The last wasn't whispered, as her excitement and fear were causing her voice to rise. Realizing what she'd done, she forced herself to be still, listening for signs that someone had heard her.

The man, still hidden by the curtain, had, in fact, heard her. In fact, he heard everything she said, even the whispers. He smiled and breathed a sigh of relief when he realized that she was not going to panic and start screaming. The others always took it badly when someone new started their time with panic and screams.

The girl, satisfied that no one had heard her, or at least didn't care about the sounds she made, slipped off the bed. Moving with as much stealth as a dragging chain allowed, she explored her small domain. The chain stopped her short of one of the curtains in the room (the one hiding the man). The other curtain led to a much smaller room. The furniture inside would have been recognized by anyone from any human culture; toilet, sink and vanity.

"Primitive," she thought. This was followed by, "How'd I know that?" Trying to concentrate, she couldn't even think of why she thought it was primitive. "Weird, it's like I know some things, but not why I know them," she said to herself. "Like how to speak."

The sight of the facilities made her aware of her need to use them. She relieved herself. The cloth beside the toilet was clearly for wiping herself off. It was only as she wanted to wash her hands that she noticed the lack of any way to get water into the sink. Her hands hovered above the back of the sink, as if there was supposed to be something there, something that would produce water. Frustrated, she leaned against the sink, her fingers over the edge. Water began to flow out of the sides of the sink to accumulate.

In shock, she jerked her hands away, only to watch the water stop and drain out. She tentatively put one hand into the sink and watched, amazed, as the water began to flow out of the sides again. There was nothing that looked like a hole for the water to come from. It was as if the water was simply appearing along the sides. She swirled a finger in the water and watched soapy suds appear. Wetting both hands, she discovered that the water was soapy and worked just fine to clean her hands.

Holding up her wet hands, she watched the water drain again. More water appeared when she put her hands back into the sink, this time, clean enough to rinse with. She looked around for a way to dry her hands and noticed that the cloth by the toilet was no longer damp. She sniffed at it, startled, yet not truly surprised, to find that it smelled fresh, as if just washed. She dried her hands off and watched the cloth for a minute after she had returned it.

There was a flicker and the cloth was suddenly dry. She knew, again without knowing how she knew, that this wasn't normal. Shaking her head, she walked back out into the bedroom, as she'd begun to think of it. Her stomach growled. She poured a cup of water from the pitcher, not surprised to see it refill when she set it down. The water was cold and caused one of her teeth to hurt.


The man pulled the curtain aside. "Amber, are you all right?"

"Too cold... ," was quickly followed by her looking up in fright and shock. "Who are ... wait, is my name Amber?" She grabbed the fur off the bed to cover herself.

"Yes it is. Don't be frightened. I'm not going to hurt you."

"Where am I? Who are you? Why am I chained? Am I a prisoner?"

He held up a hand to forestall her stream of inquiries. "I'll try to explain everything. First, are you hungry?"


"I'll fetch some food. You can eat while I explain what's happened to you."

The man disappeared through the curtain again. Amber caught a glimpse of a room similar to hers, though it looked larger. It didn't seem to take long for him to return. He set a platter of food on the small table. It contained a selection of fruits and cheeses. Amber kept the furs over her body to hide her nakedness while she ate and listened.

"This will go quicker if you don't interrupt." Amber nodded. "There's no getting around the first part of what you need to know. You're a captive. You were taken from your own world and brought here to be a slave." He paused, giving her a chance to respond. When she didn't, he nodded and continued. "There is no way for you to return to your world. I suppose it's physically possible, but with your loss of memory, there'd be no point. It'll be as foreign to you as this world is. The life you once knew is gone and can never be regained. The amnesia is permanent. It was, in fact, induced. When you were brought here, you were given a potion that erased your memories and put you to sleep.

"This world is called Destran. You're in the Helshenti Empire. I won't bore you with the political details, you won't have any need of that information. What you do need to know is that you're in the house of Grantlo. Thabian Y'Grantlo is the Lord of the house and holds absolute power over you. If he gives one word, you would be killed.

"House Grantlo trains slaves. More to the point, we train sex slaves." Again he paused as her eyes opened wide and she choked on a piece of cheese. He watched her force herself to stay quiet. He smiled at her self control. The report from the Venturer indicated that she was capable of being very focused. "The Helshenti Empire doesn't have need of slaves to do things like heavy lifting. We have long since mastered the arts of magic for such mundane purposes. Slaves, then, are for more sedate purposes, things that can't be accomplished by magic. Pleasure is one of those purposes. House Grantlo trains the best sex slaves in the empire. You're destined to be one of the best, if you accept your fate."

His pause was more pronounced, letting Amber know that he'd finished, at least for now. She didn't show it, but she was terrified. The idea of sexual slavery struck a visceral chord, reaching deep into her sense of being. She knew that wherever she came from, slavery, especially sexual slavery, was an evil. She didn't want to be a slave.

"I have a choice?"

"In a manner of speaking, yes. All slaves here choose to be slaves. However, there are only two choices. You may enslave yourself or you may opt to be killed."

"That's a choice?"

"I didn't say it was a good choice, or a fair choice, just that it's a choice."

"Does anyone ever choose death?"

"Yes, some do. They're rare."

"Who are you?"

"Most girls ask that first. My name is Garth. I'm your overseer. Ultimately, your training will be my responsibility."

"Do I have to choose now?"

"No, in fact, you can't choose now. There'll be a ceremony in three days where you'll make your choice before Lord Y'Grantlo himself. Between now and then, you'll be shown what a life of slavery is like here. By law, your choice must be an informed one."

"Three days. This is so evil. How can anyone stand for this?"

"Slavery isn't evil. Unwilling slavery is evil. If you choose slavery, it'll be because you are truly willing."

"Truly willing? Death or slavery doesn't make for willingness, it's simply the least of two evils."

"You don't understand. The choice you make isn't one of words, it'll be one of intent. If you choose slavery merely to avoid death, you'll die. To avoid death, you must truly want to become a slave."

"Then I'm doomed. I'll never want to be a slave."

"Every captive says that, yet the vast majority come to embrace slavery and live."

"I want to be left alone. Will you leave?"

"For now, I'll return in two turns to start showing you what slavery is."

Amber, not even sure that was really her name, turned as he walked away and wept into the furs.

Garth stood just outside the curtain, listening. Her sobs weren't a surprise and he turned to the occupant of the larger room. Unconcerned about Amber hearing him, he spoke to the naked woman kneeling on the floor. The enchantment on the curtain would keep sound in this room from being heard in Amber's room.

"Leesha, opinions?"

"Master, she's reacting normally. I expect that she'll accept slavery." Leesha fingered her collar as she spoke. She recalled her collaring, the happiness she'd felt at becoming a slave. "She doesn't yet understand how joyful slavery is. Once she does, I'm sure she'll embrace it."

"The first day will be hard on her. Be ready to comfort her tonight."

"I will, Master. Will she be open to intimacies?"

"The Venturer's report indicated that she has not lain with a woman before, but was not repulsed by the idea either. She should respond well if you're gentle about it."

"Yes, Master. I assume she'll be seeing punishment at some point?"

"Yes, it's best if that reality is dealt with first."

Leesha remembered her three days. The sight of punishment horrified her, it still did. It didn't, however, make her unwilling to be a slave.

"Who is today's volunteer?"

"Roxillia, unless someone earns one before then."

"I don't think there's any danger of that. Everyone knows this is demonstration day. No one wants to receive a maximum punishment for a minor infraction."

Garth left Leesha's quarters to check on the status of his other trainees. He currently had five slaves who looked to him for their training. His mind was running through his slaves and where they were in their training. Matching a captive and trainer was a critical decision on his part. His two trainers were extremely competent and either could easily handle another slave. Soon he reached Bresalla's quarters. He slipped past the curtain, smiling as the four nude people on the other side dropped to their knees, hands clasped behind them and their eyes lowered. The woman with the red tinged collar spoke.

"Master, you honor us with your presence. How may we please you?"

"Bresalla, I need to talk privately with you."

"Of course Master." She turned towards the other three. "Carli, Thebes, take Yolanda to your quarters and quiz her on her anatomy. The usual rewards, one pain pin for each wrong answer, one pleasure pin for each correct answer."

Their unified replies of "Yes Mistress," were followed by two leading the third by her elbows. Garth though he detected a slight tremor on Yolanda's steps.

"How is Yolanda's training coming?"

"Her progress in physical training is remarkable. She's already mastered delay techniques for both men and women. Her knowledge training is lacking. I think she's slouching, unable to see the point."

A soft cry of pain reinforced Bresalla's assessment.

"Eventually she'll tire of pain pins and apply herself. As for why I'm here, have you any thoughts on who should take on the new captive?"

"Female?" When Garth nodded, she continued. "Normally I'd say that she should go to Marlena, she has one male and one female, and I would prefer a fourth to be male. Luce, however is proving very difficult to train in orgasm control. She may not be able to devote enough attention to a new trainee. Have you talked to Marlena?"

"Not yet, though that's next on my list. Can you handle a fourth?"

"Yes, Master, I can."

"I'll keep that in mind. How long until Carli is ready for service?"

"For some clients, she's ready for service now. She only needs to master her pleasure/pain symbiosis. In fact, I'm glad you stopped by. She has an unusual request. She wishes to be the demonstration punishment today."

"She does? Is she hoping to reach symbiosis that way?"

"No, not from the punishment, at least not on its own. She's also asked for a pleasure free week."

Garth's face showed his surprise. The pleasure free week was a drastic step, not used much in these modern times. The theory was that a slave who experienced nothing but pain would learn, quickly, to reach pleasure/pain symbiosis The name, pleasure free, belied what was actually in store for the slave. It was not just an absence of pleasure, but a diet of pain. There was also no guarantee that it would last for only a week. In reality, the week lasted until symbiosis was achieved or the overseer relented.

"If it was your decision?"

"I would say yes, Master. She's so close she can taste it. More importantly, she's craving symbiosis."

Garth trusted his trainers implicitly. "Call her in."

Bresalla went to the curtain and pulled it aside. "Carli, come here for a minute."

The young slave rushed over and knelt before Garth and Bresalla. Her pussy was moist. Garth reached down and took her nipples between his fingers. He squeezed with increasing strength. Carli remained silent in the face of increasing pain. Her lips parted and she panted lightly. After two minutes, he released her.

"I understand you wish the pleasure free week?"

"Yes Master."


"Symbiosis, Master, it's so close, but I can't seem to reach it."

"This is important to you, isn't it?"

"Yes, Master, I want this. I want to go into service. Please take my pleasure from me, Master." Carli recited the traditional words to request the pleasure free week.

"Understand that if I grant your request, it'll be until symbiosis. I will not relent."

"Yes, Master," came the breathless response. "Please?"

"Very well, trainee Carli, your pleasure is taken from you. Until symbiosis, you will experience only pain by my hands and those of all who look to me." He followed with the traditional slap across each cheek. Garth's hand left a red imprint where it struck The formalities finished, he addressed Carli again. "Your other request is also granted. You'll give the punishment demonstration today for the new captive."

"Thank you Master."

"Do me proud Carli. I expect to see you climaxing under the whip very soon. She's yours again, Bresalla."

Garth heard the week start as he walked out. "Return to Yolanda's quizzing. In addition to her pain pins, you're to take two for each wrong answer she gives." Garth walked to Marlena's quarters. He could hear sounds of training from the hallway outside. Entering, he saw Marlena standing beside the bed, watching a man slowly fucking a woman who was bound tightly to the corners.

"Stephon, keep it up. Master, how may I serve you?" Marlena knelt before Garth.

Garth waved Marlena to her feet. "Is Luce still struggling with orgasm control?"

"Yes Master. She's reached a plateau of 20 minutes that we can't seem to break."

"Will that prevent you from taking a new trainee on?"

"A new trainee? I'm afraid it will, Master. I just don't have the time to devote, not with the struggles Luce is going through. That means a fourth for Bresalla, doesn't it?"

"Yes it will."

In the background, Luce was panting hard and moaning with both desire and effort. Stephon was trying to encourage her while he continued to thrust in and out. "You can do it, Luce. Hold it off, keep it back."

"Marlena, could you handle an additional trainee if she were advanced?"

"I think so Master. What did you have in mind?"

"Carli is nearly finished with her training. Her only hurdle is pleasure/pain symbiosis. If I recall, you had trouble with that yourself. It may help if someone who has struggled with it takes a hand in her efforts."

"That should work, Master. Has Bresalla considered giving her a pleasure free week?"

Garth smiled. "Carli ask for, and was granted, that just a little while ago. She also asked to be the new captive's punishment demonstration."

"Now I know I'll be able to handle another trainee, at least Carli. To ask for the week on one's own shows great desire."

Luce let out a scream that was part ecstatic and part mournful as her body shuddered in climax. "No! Please, Gods, not again."

Marlena turned towards the couple on the bed. A quick glance at the time stone brought a resigned frown to her face. "Twenty minutes, like clockwork," she whispered to herself. She crouched down to brush Luce's brow. "Luce, don't despair. I know you can master this."

"Mistress, I don't know why it's so hard. I know I'm taking longer than I should. Isn't there anything you can do that'll make it easier?"

"I don't know, Luce, I just don't know. It would help if I understood why you last almost exactly 20 minutes each time. Master, do you have any ideas?"

"Luce, describe what you feel in your pussy until just before you lose control and climax."

"At first, it's pleasure Master. My pussy tingles and as Stephon fucks me, the feelings wash over me. Then, just before it happens, the tingling becomes incredibly strong. In fact, the strength increases throughout the entire time, but just before, it becomes almost painful and then I can't hold on and I lose it."

Garth thought for a moment. "Has Luce achieved symbiosis yet?"

"No Master. Symbiosis training doesn't usually start before orgasm control is mastered."

"Move her on to symbiosis training. It may be that she's actually experiencing pain after 20 minutes and that's causing the loss of control. She may need to be able to experience the pain as pleasure to hold off her orgasm."

Marlena looked thoughtful. "I hadn't thought of that. It should also help Carli to not be alone in her symbiosis training." She turned to Luce. "We'll start you off slow today, but expect intensity tomorrow. I intend for you to share in Carli's pain while she's with us."

"Yes Mistress. Will this help?"

"It can't hurt, at least not much," she replied with a grin.

Garth left and returned to Bresalla's quarters to give her the news.

Amber's sobs lightened after a while, though the tears still trickled. She looked up when the curtain moved to see a beautiful woman standing in the doorway. Leesha was naked, just as Amber was, except for the collar she wore. There was compassion in her eyes.

"May I sit with you?"

Amber didn't respond at first. When she did, it was to ask a question. "Are you a slave?"

"Yes I am. Does that bother you?"

"Yes, doesn't it bother you?"

"No. I like being a slave."

"How can you? Isn't it degrading?"

"Of course not! Being a slave brings me such joy. I love serving others, bringing them pleasure. I think I was born for this."

"How can you know? Do you remember what it was like before being a slave?"

"No, I was given the potion, just as you were. How do you know that you weren't meant to be a slave. For all you know, your past may have been even worse."

"It may have been better! It feels so wrong, for one person to own another. I mean, what if you didn't like your Master?"

"I don't see how I couldn't like him or her. My purpose in life is to bring my Master or Mistress pleasure. You can't not like someone who finds pleasure in you."

"So you've always wanted this."

"No, I was like you when I first awakened. I was afraid; afraid of not remembering, of being chained, of being a slave." Leesha sat next to Amber on the bed. "There is much to like about our slavery. All our needs are taken care of. I don't lack for food, shelter, sex. Yes, I suppose from one point of view, I do have to do sex with anyone my owner or client wishes me to be with, but it is enjoyable, very enjoyable."

Leesha's hand came to rest on Amber's leg. Amber tensed, fearful of where Leesha would take the touch. When nothing more happened, Amber relaxed. Her eyes fixed on the collar.

"Does it ever come off?"

"Oh no, if it did, I'd die."

Amber gasped. "You mean that literally, don't you?"

"Yes, it's part of the enchantment of the collar. It can only be worn by those who accept being a slave willingly. Once on, it protects me."

"Protects you?"

"Oh yes! Slaves never wear clothes. The collar keeps me from freezing in the winter and from being burned by the sun in the summer. I can't be injured with the collar. I'll still feel pain, but the worst that the harshest blow or cut would do to me is leave a red mark on the skin and that will fade in a day."

"You can't be killed?"

"Oh, I didn't say that. I can become sick and I still grow old. Eventually, the collar itself will kill me." When Amber's hands flew to her mouth in horror, Leesha hurried to explain. "Amber, there will come a time when I no longer wish to be a slave. I'll be old and infirm, unable to give others pleasure. It'll sadden me and I'll wish to end my time as a slave. When that happens, the collar will put me to sleep and I won't awaken."

"That's horrible!"

"Why? I've been with old men, soldiers, unable to march to war any more, but still alive. The sadness in them is heartbreaking. If only they had a pleasant way out when they're no longer able to do that for which they were born."

"They could end their own lives."

"Not and enjoy the afterlife. The Gods frown on suicide. A suicide would spend the afterlife reviled and cast out by the Gods. We have it good. When we're no longer able to fulfill our calling, our Masters, through the collar, will put us out of our misery."

Amber was unable to think of a reply. Leesha seemed so sure of herself and happy with who and what she was. In the back of her mind, Amber was sure that there was something wrong with what was happening, but with no memories, she couldn't fathom why. A thought, totally unrelated, occurred to her.

"Why can I understand you?"

Leesha laughed. "It took me more than a day to think of that. Can you guess why?"


"That's right. For you, the magic is in the cuff on your ankle. For me, it's another enchantment on the collar. I have no idea what language I'm actually speaking, or what anyone else is for that matter. I just understand what I hear and what I say is understood by anyone who can hear me. In fact, one of the things slaves are used for is translating. Say two merchants meet on the road and they don't speak the same language. If I were the slave of one, I would understand both and be able to speak with both. By simply repeating what was said, the two merchants would be able to conclude their business."

"Why not simply have a spell themselves?"

"Ah, that involves the Wizard's Guild and politics, things best left alone, at least by slaves and captives."

"Will I be raped?"

"Amber, slaves can't be raped. We want whatever sex our owners want. No one will rape you before then, either. Remember, Lord Y'Grantlo wants you to choose to be a slave. How is that possible if you've been raped by his people? Will you make me a promise?"

"I don't know. It depends on what it is."

"Promise me that you'll consider being a slave. Keep an open mind to what you'll be shown in the next three days. I don't want to see you fall asleep when the collar is put on you."

"Will you all be honest with me, show me the good and the bad?"

"Yes. In fact, the worst is the first that you'll be shown."

"What's the worst?"


Amber trembled with renewed fear. "Punishment? I thought slaves wanted to be slaves."

"We do, but punishment isn't to make one want to be a slave. It's to correct failure and misbehavior. Everyone experiences punishment at some point in time."

"Is it painful?"

"It wouldn't be punishment if it wasn't."

"So someone is going to be hurt because of me?"

"I wouldn't say hurt. He or she will experience pain. Whoever it is will also have volunteered."

"You're kidding!"

"No, I'm not. In fact, I was thinking about volunteering myself, but someone else beat me to it."

"How much does it hurt?"

"Very much. The demonstration is of the harshest punishment that you could conceivably experience."

Reflexively, Amber embraced Leesha, her sobs starting anew. "I'm scared, of dying, of being a slave, of pain, of not knowing who I am. How do I stop being afraid?"

Leesha held her quietly. She remembered being this frightened herself. She knew that the fear wouldn't go away until after Amber had accepted her fate and embraced slavery. They were still embraced, though Amber had stopped crying, when Garth returned.

"How is she?"

"Master, she's afraid, just as I was."

"Is she ready?"

"As ready as someone can be at this stage."

"Amber, it's time to show you what slavery is."

"Is Amber my real name?"

Garth's eyebrows raised in surprise. "Yes, it is. Why is that important?"

"I don't know who I am. Having my own name, my real name will help me deal with things. I'll probably still freak out over things, but knowing there's still a link between who I was and who I am, that's big." She turned to Leesha. "I promise, I'll do what you asked."

"Thank you, Amber. I'm Leesha. Until you have a trainer, you'll be staying with me. Will you let me show you some of the good?"

"I think so, if you're talking about what I think you are." Amber turned towards Garth. "I don't suppose I can have some clothes?" When Garth shook his head, she sighed and squared her shoulders, refusing to let herself feel embarrassed. "I'm ready, let's get this over with."

Garth reached into his tunic and pulled out a set of cuffs similar to what was on Amber's ankle. It struck Amber that the tunic was tight fitting and there had been no bulge in it.

"How ... Where... ?"

"My tunic has a magical pocket. It can hold quite a bit and never show. Please turn around. All captives must be restrained at all times."

"You're going to put those on my wrists."


"I suppose that's not any worse than everything else that's happened."

Amber turned around and placed her hands behind her. When she felt the metal encircle her wrists, she tensed, her arms instinctively trying to pull apart. The short chain between the cuffs snapped as she pulled it tight.

"Oh God, this is really happening."

Leesha stood and placed a hand on one cheek. "Yes it is. You'll be all right. No one wants to hurt you. The restraints let people know who and what you are, that you're not ready for some things."

"What things?"

"We'll talk about those later. You need to go with Master Garth."


While they had talked, Garth had used a small clear crystal to unlock the ankle cuff. A short leash, also make of fine chain link, was clipped to the chain between the cuffs.

"Come along Amber. Our first stop will be the healer."

"Is there something wrong with me?"

"No, at least not that I'm aware of. You do need the fixative."

They had started walking, Garth directing the captive in front of him with light jerks on the leash.

"What's the fixative?"

"Another potion. This one prevents you from catching any diseases from those you come into contact with."

"So people don't get sick on Destran?"

"Oh, I only wish that were true. Mynac's fever would be so nice to be able to avoid. The healer can explain why, but we can't make a potion to stop all disease."

"So what does this fixative do?"

"It makes it so you can't catch diseases that aren't from the world you were born on."

"I see, since I wasn't born on Destran, I won't catch your diseases. So slaves can't get sick."

"Exactly, at least not with diseases, though things like bad food can affect them. That's why every healer has a trained slave as an assistant."

Something about the idea of doctors' assistants being slaves struck Amber as being ironic, though she couldn't place why. She suspected that this was something else lost in her amnesia. Her mind, still trying to come to terms with what was happening, thought of something else.


"Master Garth."

"I'm not a slave yet, so it's just Garth. I don't want to get used to being submissive to you."

"In three days, you'll have to. It will be easier if you start now."

"Are you going to punish me if I don't?"

"Not for three days."

"Good, Garth it is. Are people going to try to have sex with me?"

"Yes, some will offer, though none will force."

"They want to show me the good side of being a slave?"

"Exactly. You'll find that not only are slaves eager to engage in sexual play, they're very good at it."

"Why didn't Leesha try to comfort me with sex earlier?"

"Because you haven't had the fixative yet. Until you do, a dormant disease could infect you. If that happens, the fixative won't work on you. That's why it's the first thing we do. Here we are."

Passing through another curtain, the two entered a larger room that was brightly lit. Two women were there, one dressed in what could only be described as a smock, and the other naked, save for the collar around her neck.

"Ah," the dressed woman said, "You must be our new captive." Amber nodded. "Is she here for the fixative?"

"Yes, H'Renith."

"I don't suppose you've explained the entire process to her, have you?" Amber looked up in alarm as the healer chuckled. "No, he never does. There's nothing to worry about young lady. He did tell you the reason for the fixative?" Amber nodded again. "Feel free to talk, I'm not a stickler for protocol. Gods know you'll be pressed into silent service soon enough. Are you frightened?"

"Yes, and a little angry. I don't want to be a slave."

"No one does at first. You have no need to be frightened of me. I'm a healer and the first tenet of healing is, 'First do no harm.' I've heard that's almost a universal constant. The fixative won't hurt you. Its primary purpose is to render you immune to the diseases of our world. It has the side effect of rendering you unable to conceive a child. Do you understand why that's important?"

"I can't be a sex toy if I'm pregnant."

"Everyone makes the same mistake. No, my child, that's not the reason. People can have sex while pregnant, that's not the issue. Think! You're to be a slave. If you give birth..."

Amber caught on fast. "Oh, the child would be born a slave. I wouldn't want that for my children."

"That's part of the reason. The other is political. Only other worlders can be slaves. A child born on Destran is not an other worlder. If you gave birth, we would be faced with a Destranian who is a slave; not politically palpable."

"I see. You're not making slavery seem very attractive."

"That's not my job. Healers need to be honest with our patients. I'll leave it to Garth and his slaves to convince you that slavery is better than death. Now, the thing that Garth has avoided telling you is that the fixative is unpleasant in its pure form."


"Yes, very much so. Further, it's not permanent and has to be reapplied on a regular basis. Thus, it's mixed with a secondary potion, one that makes the application much more ... enjoyable."

"You keep saying application. Don't I drink it?"

"Good Gods no! The fixative is a topical treatment. I'll ... or rather Dawn will be applying it to your skin. When she does, you'll experience intense sexual pleasure. I expect that you'll orgasm at least three times."

"I'm going to cum! In front of everyone?"

Amber's hands jerked at the cuffs and she tried to back up. Garth's hand grabbed the back of her neck. She craned her neck and pleaded with her eyes.

"Amber, it's necessary."

"I'll die of embarrassment."

"Your embarrassment is not a consideration. It'll be even less of one in four days."

"Master?" Dawn's voice spoke softly.

"Yes, Dawn," the healer answered.

"Perhaps if Amber saw the effects first, she would be less concerned about them."


"Yes! Maybe?" Amber didn't think it would put her at ease, but grasped at anything to delay the humiliation she was sure she would experience.

"Step over to the chains, Dawn. Amber, I'll be chaining Dawn's arms above her head. The fixative must be applied to the entire skin surface, making a bed or bench unacceptable. The chains will keep her from falling when the sensations overwhelm her."

While she spoke, Dawns wrists were placed in leather cuffs that were attached to a chain hanging from the ceiling. H'Renith slipped a pair of gloves on and set a small clay jar on a nearby bench. When the jar was opened, a mild, yet pleasant aroma filled the room. Dawn moaned in anticipation. The healer scooped up three fingers of the ointment in the jar and started rubbing it onto Dawn's skin.

Within several seconds, Dawn threw her head back and arched her back. Amber's eyes were drawn to the slave's cunt. Moisture was already forming and wetting the soft down of hair covering her pussy. As more skin was covered with the gel, Dawn started moaning loudly, obviously experiencing much pleasure. When the H'Renith reached Dawn's breasts, she groaned and quivered.

With another of those flashes of knowledge left over from her forgotten memories, Amber knew that something wasn't normal. Little rivulets of female lubricant were running down Dawn's legs. "No one gets that wet, do they?" she asked herself. "Is that an effect of the fixative?" Amber's mouth hung open as Dawn's second orgasm hit before the healer had reached her pussy. When she reached the now sopping sex, Dawn started jerking in a near constant orgasm that lasted for as long as H'Renith was touching the obviously sensitive folds of flesh.

The legs were quickly covered in gel and Dawn was left to hang for several more minutes while yet another orgasm rocked Dawn's body. Her legs had long since given out and Dawn was hanging by the cuffs themselves. Worried, Amber looked up and saw that the cuffs were digging into her wrists.

"Won't that hurt her," she asked, pointing up.

"No, the collar prevents any damage and she's experiencing too much pleasure to feel any pain."

"But, I don't have a collar. I will be hurt if I hang by my wrists like that."

"No you won't. You'll be supported."

While they talked, the fixative had been absorbed through Dawn's skin and the intense pleasure she was experiencing began to fade. As her wits returned, she regained her feet. Dawn panted from the exertion of climaxing several times in a few minutes, then H'Renith released Dawn from the hanging cuffs.

"Well young lady, are you less worried?"

"Weren't you embarrassed Dawn?"

"Of course not! I'm a slave. I'm not entitled or concerned with things like privacy. It is a really good feeling."

Amber turned towards Garth. "I'm not going to be given any choice in this, am I?"

"No, I'm afraid not. It'll be easier if we don't have to force you. It is for your own good."

"Can everyone else, at least, be in another room?"

Garth thought a moment. "Once you're in the cuffs, yes, we can leave you with Dawn."

"Thank you. In that case, let's get it over with."

Garth used the same clear crystal to disengage the short chain between the cuffs. Amber's hands were raised and attached to the chains above. H'Renith and Garth moved to a back office, leaving Dawn and Amber alone.

"Amber, to keep you from being hurt by the cuffs, I'm going to have to support you. If you want, I can do it in a way that'll make the pleasure even more intense."

"How... ?"

"I'll hold you up with my hand between your legs. I'll massage your pussy while I do. You'll probably orgasm almost constantly."

Amber drew in a sharp breath. The idea was tempting, but she was frightened of being tricked into liking the idea of being a sex slave. Still, this wasn't something normal, as near as she could tell. She nodded without saying anything. Dawn put gloves on and scooped up a quantity of gel. Amber jerked a little when she felt the other gloved hand cup her pussy. Just the contact felt very good. Amber couldn't imagine how it would feel if Dawn were to actually caress her there.

The fixative felt cool for a few seconds after it made contact with the skin of one arm. Then, warmth, a pleasant warmth that grew quickly in intensity. Amber moaned at the sensation, unable to believe that anything could feel that good. Dawn's other hand began to gently rub against the cunt it cupped, sending waves of pleasure through Amber's body. Amber's last coherent thought was that it felt far too good, more than it should. Then the spreading warmth from the gel and from her cunt met somewhere in her body and the climaxes started. Amber's head flew back and she screamed in ecstasy as her entire body shook.

Amber was vaguely aware of a squishing sound from below her, but couldn't make the connection between her pleasure and the soaked condition of her sex. Dawn proceeded as quickly as possible while making sure she didn't come into contact with the fixative again herself. Dawn smiled at the beauty of Amber's orgasm and knew that Amber was a prime candidate for accepting slavery. Several minutes later, Dawn finished the application and simply held Amber, waiting for her to absorb the potion and recover from her exertions.

Amber became aware of her surroundings again. A hand was pressed against her pussy and her body was flushed. She could feel sweat running down her skin and could smell sex heavy in the air. She was breathing hard, as if she'd run a long distance. With some effort, she managed to regain her feet and open her eyes. Dawn was smiling at her.

"Oh my God! Is it always like that?"

"Yes, very much so. Fixative day is a very popular day in the house."

"God! I'm a mess. Do I get to wash before Garth takes me anywhere else?"

"I think so. Why do you keep saying, 'God?' Do you have only one on your world?"

"I don't know. It's just how I think. How many Gods are there?"

"I know of 17 and there may be more."

Garth and H'Renith walked back in. Garth took Amber down from the chains and refastened the cuffs behind her back. The leash was reattached.

"Come along Amber. We need to clean you up and continue with your orientation."

A motion of the leash started Amber walking. There was much to show her and little of today's events would be pleasant or enjoyable for her.

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