An Old Flame
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man reflects on the triumphs and trials of his married life, and how an old college girlfriend attempted to ruin what he had.

I could start my story anywhere, but I think its best to start with the events of my four-year wedding anniversary, as that shows best the emotions and thoughts that entered into my mind as things spiraled towards today.

Today, I am a wealthy and respected engineer with a couple of minor patents and a contract design business that keeps me busy and yet allows me to watch over my children while Janice, my wife of ten years, works as a corporate marketing executive. It's an unusual arrangement, but for us it has not only been workable, but very successful, and there are very few nights that we do not end up sleeping in each other's arms.

However, I should go back to that day about six years ago, as that was the catalyst for so many significant changes.

It was our four-year anniversary, and I wanted to do something very special for Janice. We had only been together for about six months when we married, and while we both earned good money when we were first starting out, I know that sometimes she felt cheated of the romance and passion that many of her young coworkers loved to brag about. Instead she had traded in a wild life of parties and drinking for a rather tame recent college graduate husband, and after fifteen months, a young son whom both she and her husband doted on. However, such a life is a bit bland and I knew that it was not where she expected to be at twenty-six.

Our sex life was still very good. When we had first met, I was entranced by Janice's shoulder-length black hair. It was one of the reasons I had approached her, and we both quickly found that my fingers running through her hair was a great way to feel close to each other. Part of my marriage proposal had been that I would spend a minimum of fifteen minutes a day brushing and caring for her hair, as long as she did not cut it short. Today, it's long enough to reach mid-thigh if she is standing, and at the four-year anniversary it flowed down her back in a dark shadowy wave when she let it down. She had been hesitant to agree to my idea back before we married but now she admits that my promise has been one of the most romantic and loving offerings she has ever heard of, and that her female coworkers envy her for her hair and my care for her.

Darn, I see that I'm getting a bit too much into descriptions still. Let me give you the background on both Janice and myself, and then I can get to the story.

My name is Walter Cogline. Now I am a thirty-four year old engineer who freelances design and detail work from a home office. I have built a rather strong reputation as a problem solver when it comes to mechanical design flaws, and for improving longevity of geared components. My business is not ever going to break into the Fortune 500, but I stay busy, and most importantly I can remain at home to watch over the children. I stand only five foot six, but chasing energetic kids has kept my weight down, and while I will never be a male cover model, Janice tells me that I have a nice all-American look, which she likes.

My wife, Janice, is a special lady, and it's always been a wonder to me that she agreed to marry me. She stands about five foot nine, and has a near perfect figure with small, pert breasts, a slim waist, and a firm ass, which wiggles perfectly when she is wearing the three and four-inch heels she loves to wear when we go out. Even after giving birth to three children she has managed to keep her figure slim and athletic, and I love her all the more for wanting to look that way for me. I could easily get lost looking into her deep green eyes, and have spent hours running my fingers or a brush through her luxuriant black hair. Her company has asked her to appear in both print and television ads, and once a model scout approached her while we were walking along a beach.

Well, enough about our looks, back to the story.

As I said, it was our four-year wedding anniversary, and I wanted to do something very special for Janice. I knew she felt very guilty about the long hours her work was demanding, and about the occasional overnight trips that left her far from the eighteen-month old Toby and myself, but I also could see the results of her efforts and the appreciation her company had for her. I had finally come up with an idea, and after a couple of long and detailed phone calls with her boss, Thomas Boston, had a plan I was certain would impress her.

Our anniversary landed on a Thursday this year, and I took Janice into work with my car. Thomas knew about the surprise and promised that promptly at 5:15 he would find some excuse to send her home. I arranged for Janice's mother to take care of Toby and after finding Janice's favorite black dress for dancing and the matching heels, met the limo that was taking us around for our night out.

I was a bit surprised to find that the driver was a young brunette woman of perhaps twenty-one years. She was perfectly dressed and quite professional as she showed me how to hang my wife's dress so that it would not wrinkle on the drive to her office. I told her that I had a special romantic evening planned, and that after a stop at the jeweler to pick up a package, we would proceed to pick my wife up. I know I was chattering a bit nervously, but I wanted this to be a perfect evening for Janice, and I had no idea how she would take the surprises I had planned.

The jewelry I had ordered was ready, was collected, and finally the limo pulled up in front of the building my wife worked in, just as I saw her walking out with Thomas. She seemed a bit agitated about leaving, but stopped after Brooke, the driver, walked around to open the passenger side door of the limo and let me out. Thomas pointed to me and gave Janice a gentle push in my direction.

"I don't know what all he's planned," Thomas said. "But I think a husband who takes the time to remember an anniversary is a bit more important than putting the finishing touches on a fall marketing campaign which does not even launch for three months."

Janice was now standing in front of me and gaping, so I held out the jewelry box I had. "Just a little gift," I said. "To the woman who has brought so much happiness to my life for the last four years. May we be together for forty or more."

Janice as still silent, but she took the box from my hand and slowly opened it. I could hear the hiss from Thomas as he peeked over her shoulder and saw the exquisite diamond and emerald bracelet that was contained within. It was not cheap, but I had recently received a large bonus for completing a contract ahead of schedule and used a portion of the check for this gift. The unshed tears in Janice's eyes told me that I had definitely chosen well.

"That's not all, my love," I said as I put my right hand on her arm. "Our chariot awaits to take us out for a night of dining and dancing."

I was about to guide her toward the car, when Janice croaked out. "Wait," and then turned the box so that I could see the bracelet. I looked into her eyes and smiled as I removed the bracelet from the box.

Once the bracelet was free, Janice held out her right hand and waited patiently as I surrounded her wrist with the glittering band and closed the clasp. I took a brief moment to kiss her hand as a suitor of old before taking the box from her. I held out my arm once again, but Janice threw her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a long and loving kiss that left me breathless.

Thomas was rather pointedly examining one of the bushes just to the side of the path when Janice finally let me up for air an eternity later. He could see that the kiss had ended and smiled. "Now, go and have fun, Janice. The work will wait until you get back."

Janice smiled and laughed before pulling me towards the limo. I found myself joining in the laughter as we entered the limo and sat down.

Once inside, and the door closed by the driver, Janice looked at me. "I don't know what brought this on Walter, but thank you. However, I'm not exactly dressed for a night out."

I quietly pointed out the dress that was hanging unnoticed against the far side of the limo. Janice was reaching out towards it as I released her hair from the professional bun she kept it in at work, and began brushing it with a hairbrush I had placed in the limo earlier.

"You did prepare!" I heard Janice say, as my fingers began to massage her scalp and remove the tangles from her hair. "But where do I change?"

I blushed. "Well, it's just you and I in this limo and the drive to Pascal's will take about forty minutes. I thought that would give you time to get ready."

Janice gasped again at this. Pascal's was perhaps the hottest dining and dancing place in town back then. The restaurant was regularly booked solid months in advance, and the entertainment was known to be the best available. She had often talked about it after hearing others in her company talk about it, but I know she never imagined that I would think to take her there.

I was still working on her hair, as Janice started to release the buttons on her blouse and jacket. I stopped for a moment as she struggled free of these items, but resumed my brushing as she slipped out of her skirt, leaving only her bra and panties still on. I noticed that they were professional, but definitely not the kind of sexy lingerie a woman on the prowl might wear.

Janice realized the same thing. "Did you bring me any underthings?" She asked as she removed her bra.

I could feel my face turn red as I blushed. "I didn't even think about that. I'm sorry."

Janice turned to look me in the eyes. "In that case, there are a couple rules for tonight. You are going to be the only man to dance with me, and under no circumstances do we dance any foxtrots or tangos where you have me do a bunch of fast spins." She then pushed me down and gave me another long kiss.

I noticed that the limo seemed a bit hot, and was going to comment on it until Janice removed her panties before sliding the black dress over her head and making sure it settled properly. She then removed her professional shoes and switched to the black spike heels I had brought along. I think at that moment I finally realized that Janice was planning on going into the restaurant wearing no panties. I wanted to ask her about that, but something in her smile told me that she was looking forward to the experience.

I wish I could tell you that I remember a wonderful dinner, and some fabulous dancing occupying the majority of the evening. I wish I could, but honesty dictates that I refrain. I do remember looking at Janice and dancing with her that evening, but she kept me so distracted with kisses and hugs that I barely remember tasting the food, nor the actual tunes we danced to.

We returned to the limo at eleven and Janice was glowing from the attention and dancing. Some of the men had realized that her dress had nothing underneath and more than a few had approached us to ask her to dance. She had always refused with a smile and a laugh. But the attention definitely excited her. Her demand that we do no fast dances was waved shortly after ten and she all but giggled in excitement as we returned to the table after one tango where she had put her right leg on my shoulder while her left one remained on the floor.

Once in the limo, Janice's passion took over and she threw her dress off, before ripping my pants down and thrusting her pussy over my cock. Usually I have to spend some time warming her up before she comes, but her depths were already wet with her excitement and she had barely begun before we both came with loud moans.

I had closed my eyes as I came, and opened them in time to watch Janice slowly open hers and look down at me. "Fuck. I haven't been this horny ever," she moaned. "I must have seemed like a complete slut in Pascal's. We did everything but fuck on one of the tables."

"I didn't hear anyone complain," I replied with a smile, giving Janice a gentle kiss.

Janice growled. "They wouldn't have, but that cum only temporarily calmed my fires. I need it more, lover."

She rose up and turned around so that I was entering her from behind. Her hands were now on the backward facing seats in the limo and she used her arms and legs to piston herself around my cock. "Damn, Walter. Why haven't we done this before?" she whined as the motion began to build up her passion.

"I thought you didn't like letting go like this," I replied, remembering the slap I had received one night when I had jokingly suggested she go to the ladies room and remove her bra.

"Well, I was wrong," she moaned. "Oh god, I'm hot and you are just perfect for me. Your cock is touching me just right and I need it moooore. Fuck me hard!"

I decided it was best to stay quiet and follow her instructions, gripping her around the waist and matching my thrusts to hers. She was moaning and gasping out obscene instructions to me, and I suddenly realized that the privacy screen was down. I looked up in horror only to notice via the mirror that Brooke had an expression that mixed amusement and lust as she tried to concentrate on her driving.

Janice did not notice this, and kept up her litany of lust until she screamed out an orgasm. I was surprised when the first loud orgasm was followed by several smaller orgasms and then the sensations of Janice's pussy grabbing on my cock caused me to cum deep inside her for the second time that night. As I slowed my thrusts after cumming, Janice slumped down and moaned. I had stopped my motions worried that I had hurt her when Janice finally opened her eyes and sighed.

"That was the hardest that I've ever cum," she whispered. "Walter, thank you for the best anniversary possible. I love you."

I leaned back in the seat as Janice crawled up to sit on my lap and kiss me. The limo was nearing our home and I was thinking we should prepare to arrive, but Janice showed no interest in putting on any of her clothing. When the limo turned onto our street she said. "Do you mind if I just run in like this and jump in the shower? Just bring my clothes in and toss them on a chair and join me. I think you deserve more fun."

I was shocked as Janice had always been almost excessively modest and while we had had a few drinks during the evening, it definitely was not enough to cause as drastic a change as I was seeing.

Babbling I responded. "Not at all, but why? You've always been so modest. So..."

"Prim, proper and cold," Janice replied with a giggle. At my shocked look she reached up to gently caress my face. "I know you never said it, but it's been said by many at work. I'm considered the ice queen of the office you know! I'm always so calm, controlled and with impeccable outfits that hide the most faint hints of sexuality. My mother was that way and I was following in her footsteps, if not her advice."

I was puzzled, but turned my head to kiss her hand lovingly. "I don't understand."

Janice smiled and kissed my forehead. "That's because you love me so much," she whispered. 'I know I haven't been the wild slut in bed that men dream about. My mother warned me that while I would need to be hard in the business world. I needed to keep that out of my private life, and instead I let it seep in and it cost me something I can't get back. I've missed out on four years of truly uninhibited love and joy with you."

"But I have had no complaints," I said as I pulled her in for a kiss.

"I know, but that doesn't mean I couldn't do better, and from now on I will," Janice said. The limo was pulling to a stop in front of our house and Janice got off my lap and gathered her clothing, handing it over to me to carry into the house and smiling at me. She then grabbed her purse and pulled her house key out while looking at me with an inscrutable grin.

Once the limo stopped and Brooke opened the door, Janice stepped forth and strutted, proudly naked except for her three-inch heels, up to the door and let herself into the house. I was still drained from her antics in the limo or I might have cum just from watching her, as it was a sensual and passionate walk, made only worse when Janice looked over her shoulder and blew me a smoldering kiss.

I had gotten out, but was standing by the limo and pulling out my wallet to provide a cash tip as Janice disappeared inside and I turned to Brooke who was waiting silently. "I'm sorry about all that in the limo. It must have been terribly embarrassing for you," I said as I pulled three twenties from my wallet.

Brooke merely looked down, and uncomfortable shifted her legs back and forth. "It's okay. Passengers have had sex in my limo before, although rarely has it been that hot and sexy."

I looked down to see that Brooke had a hand in her own crotch and was trying to rub there surreptitiously. Quickly I handed her the tip. "Well, thank you again for your services and understanding. I can see you want to rush off, so I won't keep you. Besides, I have an appointment in my shower."

Brooke blushed deeply and gave me a slight bow before turning back to the limo and getting back in as I laughingly hurried into the house to see just how long this fire inside my wife would last.

If I thought Janice's new openness would die out the future weeks, I was proved very wrong. Janice seemed to revel in reducing me to jelly every night after dinner, and even went out and found a special double chair that allowed her to sit and snuggle with me during dinner itself. Soon the tradition was that I spent dinner brushing and stroking her hair as she lovingly fed me whatever meal I had cooked up that afternoon. She told me that at work she still was known as the ice queen, but she thought of herself as a passionate ball of fire at home, and I laughingly agreed.

The reconnection was so strong that when Janice announced six weeks later that she was pregnant, we celebrated with a weekend where we never got out of bed. That weekend I showed just how much I loved the new Janice by worshiping every inch of her body and rewarding every cry of pleasure with kisses that drew out more. On Monday, I got a call from Thomas who laughingly complained that if his wife saw just how glowing Janice was, she would demand similar treatment. I remember telling him that if she did, he would be wise to provide it, as Janice and I were happier than ever before.

It was a couple weeks later that I found I needed to make a quick run to the hardware store late on a Friday. I called Janice and asked her to bring home some Chinese takeout, and hurried off to find what I needed to complete this job for a customer.

I returned home to find Brooke sitting in a guest's chair while Janice waited for me in our special chair and smiling. I paused for a moment, but went over to sit next to Janice. "This is a surprise," I said as I found the hairbrush I kept near the table. I carefully pulled the pins from Janice's hair to let it fall free and began brushing it.

"We meet when I picked up the Chinese. She and I got to talking and I invited her over to visit. I hope you don't mind," Janice said as she leaned back into me.

"Not at all," I said. "Just never expected it. I only know Brooke as our limo driver from our anniversary, so I hadn't thought about seeing her again."

"When I saw her I had some questions for Janice, and I guess they led me here," Brooke said. "She invited me"

Janice shifted slightly and gave me a kiss before returning to luxuriating as I brushed her hair. "She had questions about my work and then about my relationship to you. I thought you could help as well."

"I guess I want to know how you make a professional job like yours work in a relationship," Brooke said. "I'm a senior majoring in business and I've never seen a relationship as good as yours. How do you do it?"

Janice moaned suddenly from my caresses. I had been giving her neck and shoulders a bit of a massage while brushing out the last tangles and it obviously had turned her on. However, she realized that a question had been asked and responded. 'I keep them separate, but I also have a very loving husband. At work, I'm nicknamed the ice queen because I show up as scheduled and am prim and proper, but, once I leave work, I belong completely to Walter."

"Completely?" gasped Brooke.

"It wasn't always that way, but if Walter wanted me naked in this house all the time, I'd do it," Janice said letting her hand wander under the table and caress my cock through my pants. "I know that Walter loves and respects me enough to never hurt or embarrass me. He has done so much to prove to me that this is where I want to be."

Brooke seemed saddened by the response. "So you can't just fix it. It's more than just me?"

"Any relationship requires two," I said. "Janice makes it sound like she does all the work, but as you can see; I happily spend hours brushing her hair because it brings us closer."

"You do it cause I promised not to cut if as long as you did," Janice snapped and then reached up to give me a very long kiss. As she released me I could see her wink at Brooke and then giggle. I merely smiled as Brooke watched us.

Brooke sighed, but then turned the conversation to Janice's work and her career goals. It was clear that Brooke loved business, but was very unsure about her decisions and worried about a relationship. She listened intently to Janice and it was clear that she had the intelligence to succeed if she found the right company.

The conversation ended up lasting more than an hour as we leisurely ate the dinner Janice had picked up. Brooke began smiling much more halfway though, and joined with Janice in reducing me to blushing as they reminisced about the night in the limo. I was a bit astonished to find that Janice not only remembered it fondly but also considered it the luckiest day in her life. "On that day, Walter proved to me that I did not need to fear my love for him, and sex between us became more that just something to do in bed."

By the time Brooke left, the three of us were chatting like old friends, and Janice had invited her to stop by anytime to chat. I was equally pleased with the conversation and told Brooke to keep smiling as things would get better for her. We walked her to the door and received surprisingly close hugs before Brooke rushed out to her car and drove off.

As she drove away Janice whispered. "Did you see the wet spot in her jeans? That girl was completely turned on. I bet she rushes home and frigs herself to a loud orgasm."

I laughed, but pretty much ignored the comment. Janice had been working on my belt as we watched Brooke drive away and soon I was carrying her to our bed for a bit of private play.

Janice's pregnancy was going well. She hoped to be able to work until she was close to eight months, and return just as quickly. I know she desperately wanted to be with her children, but she also loved her work, and was not ready to leave it. Brooke was now calling a couple times a week, and stopping by occasionally. Those visits included a Saturday where she and Janice decided to have a girl's shopping trip, returning three hours later with two dozen bags and huge smiles.

However, things turned bad for Brooke when Janice was about five months along. I was awakened at two a.m. by a pounding on the door and after stumbling around the bedroom to find my slippers and a robe I staggered to the door, opening it to reveal Brooke crying on the porch. She was desperately holding her torn blouse up to cover her breasts and had visible bruises on her face and arms, visible despite the weak porch light. I immediately bundled her inside and onto the couch in a blanket while I brewed up some hot tea and tried to calm her down. It took about thirty minutes to get her to calm down enough to speak coherently, but finally heard her story.

"I'm sorry, but you and Janice are my closest friends, and I panicked. David is in jail but he did this to me before they took him away," she whispered.

"Didn't the cops call an ambulance for you?" I asked, looking at the bruises on her face.

Brooke looked down. "They never saw me. I was driving away and watched them drive up to his house. He discovered I had turned him in and he beat me up, but I left before the first cops arrived. I think he was trying to destroy evidence as I snuck out. It will be his fourth arrest, I don't expect to see him again."

"Four times?" I asked in shock.

"Only his first since I met him, but that's the problem. I knew he had been in trouble over drugs before, and he promised me he had stopped. He even made a big production about not moving in with me saying that he was challenging his arrests and was going to get his record cleared. He was just using me for cover though."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"He was hiding his drugs at my place," she shrieked. "He knew that the cops weren't going to check on someone as clean as me and used my trust to give him a safe place to stash the stuff he was selling. But I found it, that is why this happened."

"You called the cops. They took the drugs. And he beat you when he found out." I said, suddenly understanding.

Brooke nodded. "And worse, I can't be sure his suppliers won't check my place and come after me now."

I sighed and gathered her into a gentle hug. "Sleep here tonight. I'll check with Janice, and we'll work something out."

I held Brooke for another twenty minutes until her lowered breathing told me she had fallen asleep in my arms. Gently I laid her down on the couch, covered her with the blanket and returned to sleep in Janice's arms. I planned on talking to her in the morning.

Of course, plans do not always get executed properly, and I ended up oversleeping the next morning. By the time I woke, Janice had already rushed off to work. I rushed from bed to the kitchen when I did wake only to find it empty and a peek in the living room showed Brooke still sleeping peacefully on the couch. I was thinking of calling Janice when I spotted the note on the table.

'Walter, what happened to her? How'd she get so bruised? Well, you must have been up late, cause you slept through the alarm, and I won't wake her right now. Set up the spare room for her and she can stay until she's well."

I smiled at Janice's take-charge advice, which matched my feelings towards the situation. I had a quick breakfast and spent some time with Toby before heading to my home office to put some work in. I had been there for a couple hours when noise in the front room told me that Brooke had finally awakened from her slumber.

I carried Toby out to see her, and watched as Brooke worriedly tried to set her torn outfit to rights. She refused to go to a hospital, insisting that nothing was broken, and wanting to avoid running into any of David's friends. I had not realized how afraid she was, but when I offered her a spare bedroom to stay in while she recovered, Brooke collapsed into tears. She finally admitted that her family lived several states away and she had wondered where she could stay. The offer to stay with Janice and me was a godsend to her.

And Brooke proved to be a godsend for us. Once we managed to zip over to her old furnished apartment and collect her clothing while she checked out with the manager, she settled in to a schedule where she supported Janice and me with Toby and still completed all her school assignments. Janice was having a bit of difficulty with the pregnancy as it turned out she was carrying twins, and Brooke pitched in with a smile, helping with the cleaning and even massaging Janice's tired feet when I got wrapped around a deadline one bad week.

In the end Brooke was so much a part of the family that Janice and I attended her graduation, even though Janice was only two weeks away from giving birth. We had an opportunity to meet Brooke's family. They had heard about how we had taken Brooke in after her disastrous relationship with David and warmly received us, although the knowing winks her father kept sending my way bothered me at the time. My clear statements regarding my love and devotion to Janice fell on deaf ears with him, although his wife thought it was touching how close we were, and was clearly envious when Janice told her about our nightly ritual where I brushed her hair.

The job market was not being kind to Brooke unfortunately. The major businesses in the area were all engaged in a hiring freeze, and the few offers Brooke received were from unethical companies that she just could not feel comfortable with. She had finally resorted to finding work at Kohl's until the right opportunity came along.

Janice gave birth to twin girls during Brooke's job search and Brooke happily helped with the nightly feedings, diaper changes and cuddlings. Janice and Brooke had become the best of friends and there were a couple of occasions when Janice insisted that I brush Brooke's lovely brunette hair until it glistened. It was like Brooke was the sister that Janice, an only child, had never had.

Janice's return to work had been the catalyst for a promotion and she was now the regional director of marketing for her company, with Thomas still as her supervisor. She announced this one evening and then flopped onto the couch complaining. "And they are going to give me a secretary. I'm told that at my level I need someone to help organize my schedule and reply to e-mails. But that will make it so impersonal."

"Why not have a secretary who can relate to you and keep the personal touch?" I asked.

Janice laughed bitterly. "Yeah, and the secretarial pool contains someone who I can work with, I'm sure."

"Then hire Brooke as your secretary," I said. "I'm sure you get some choice. We know she works well with you, and she has the right degrees."

I could see Brooke looking at me and saw tears in her eyes. I was sure I'd said the wrong thing, but Janice replied. "You know, that's a great idea." And Brooke burst from her chair to envelop me in a hug, kissing me on the lips.

Brooke broke the kiss quickly and I felt the blood rush to my face. I turned to look at Janice, as did Brooke with a gasp, but Janice merely laughed. "Hey, no husband stealing. He's my man."

Brooke looked down for a moment, but could not contain her joy and proceeded to give Janice a kiss before embarrassment caused her to rush from the room. Janice and I laughed at her antics and Janice promised to check with Thomas about hiring Brooke the next day.

Thomas complained about going outside the normal hiring process, but after seeing Brooke's resume agreed to allow it on a trial basis. Three weeks later he admitted that the idea was working great as Brooke proved to be the perfect assistant to Janice and they impressed the organization with their combined marketing savvy. There was even talk of making Janice a junior vice president because of the quality of work she was now turning out, and it was clear that Brooke was part of that. Brooke was thriving as well, and usually came home glowing from the appreciation Janice and others afforded her.

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