Strangers in a Park

by Forbidden Fruit

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: This story demanded to be written as soon as the idea hit me. A woman meets a strange man in a park and decides to live out a fantasy.

I turned my head away again for what must have been the tenth time and pretended to be investigating the contents of my handbag. I could feel the burn of his gaze on my skin and I knew he was watching my every move.

For the past half hour, although it seemed like an eternity, we had been watching each other from a distance. He was sat on a bench about fifty yards away and I was lounging in the shade under a tree enjoying my lunch break. At first, I was sure he couldn't see me because of the shade and had enjoyed watching this interesting man reading a newspaper. Not to sound like a cheesy romance novel, but he was tall, dark and handsome and had something about him that had caught my eye.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I love people watching. It's great to sit in a café sipping a hot chocolate and relaxing while watching dozens of people go about their daily routine. Also, I have no shame in saying that I do laugh at some of those people, either because of their appearance, actions, or sometimes both. I'm not prejudiced, but, in some cases, it's impossible not to judge a book by its cover. Most of us do it, but few choose to admit it.

Anyway, I had been sat under a tree, peacefully admiring a man when he had suddenly turned and looked me straight in the eyes. His piercing glare had shocked me (not enough so that I didn't notice he had blue eyes, I must add) and I immediately turned my attention to something else. I felt heat travelling upwards from my chest, and I knew that, in a few moments, I would look like a well-cooked lobster.

I was determined not to look again, cursing myself for being so rude as to stare. However, human curiosity got the better of me and, when I was sure he wasn't looking, I allowed my eyes to wander in his direction. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw his attention had been diverted back to his newspaper. I continued to watch him, jumping and shifting my gaze whenever he so much as blinked in case he caught me, and I was somewhat fascinated by him. I couldn't explain it for the life of me, but there was some magnetism about this man that provoked me to carry on with my observation.

Every few minutes, he would catch me ogling him and I would quickly pretend to be applying make-up or looking at something behind him. When I looked back at him, though, he stared straight back at me, sending shivers down my spine. Somehow, I knew that he knew I was watching him. And I also knew that he knew that I knew he knew I was watching him, if you can get your head around that one.

I mentally shook myself. I was acting like a silly teenager! I picked up my bag to leave but I couldn't resist one last look. I cast my gaze as discreetly as I could towards his bench but he wasn't there! My eyes darted wildly around the park until I found him sat on a bench that was closer to me. I knew from there he had an unobstructed view of me, shade or no shade. A thrill shot through me, and I was shocked to realise I was excited.

I had never been much of an exhibitionist but I had a strong urge to change that at this very moment. Something was drawing me to this man and I was no longer shy about watching him. Our eyes were locked as I put my handbag down next to me, shifting my body in the process so my skirt rose up a couple of inches to just above my knees.

He was close enough to me that I could see his eyes widen slightly. I also noticed a bulge in the front of his jeans and I felt my panties getting moist at the thought of his hard cock. My pussy itched thinking about what it would be like to touch his cock and I shuddered with pleasure. My left hand brushed my breasts through my blouse and I felt my nipples push against the material. I hadn't worn a bra today because they were uncomfortable to wear when it was so hot. I must admit, though, I did enjoy sitting at my desk at work and feeling my nipples rub against the rough fabric of my blouse.

My admirer continued to stare at me, watching my every move and I wished he was closer so he could see my nipples poking through my blouse.

I concentrated on tweaking my nipples through the cloth. However, I kept some of my attention on the other people in the park. I may be becoming more of an exhibitionist, but I wasn't ready for a whole park full of people to see me masturbating! Luckily, it was the hottest part of the day and some people had chosen to seek cover from the overwhelming heat. The remaining few were sunbathing on the field behind my tree and couldn't see me.

I slipped my left hand inside my blouse and let out a soft moan as my cool fingers touched the hot skin of my right breast. Soon, I had both hands inside my blouse, pinching and pulling at my hard nipples. My pussy was aching for the slightest touch but, whenever I reached my hand towards it, my voyeur shook his head.

After a few more minutes of being teased by this stranger, he stood up and began walking towards a group of trees, motioning for me to follow him.

My breath caught in my throat. It was fun being watched as I rubbed my nipples, but did I have the nerve to actually have sex with a stranger? I had never let myself experience the pleasures of one night stands. I didn't see the point in them; there were too many risks to even consider it. Nevertheless, I had always wondered what it would be like to pick up a stranger in a bar, fuck him, and then never see him again. There would be no need for pleasantries or offers of second dates, just straightforward and unadulterated sex.

I knew that, if I thought about it too much, I would never go through with it. So, I picked up my bag and followed him. There was enough distance between us so that any bystanders wouldn't assume we were together, but I felt as though every person in the park was watching me and knew I was about to have sex with a strange man. I was shocked as I realised that I didn't care if everyone knew what I was doing. The thought of people imagining what was about to happen excited me beyond belief.

I quickened my pace as I noticed my voyeur had turned left and gone between two trees. I turned where he had, but couldn't see him. My shoulders slumped as I sighed in disappointment. This was just typical. I twisted round to leave the way I had come and came face to face with a tall man with broad shoulders and dark hair. It took me a moment to realise that I was facing the stranger who had been watching me for the best part of an hour.

I opened my mouth to say something, but he quickly covered my lips with his. I was glad, actually, as I had no idea what I was going to say.

He kissed me with a passion that I had never felt before and I returned the kiss with as much fervour as I could manage. He groaned and pushed himself against me and I could feel his hardness pressing against my stomach. I felt an overpowering urge to suck his cock and I pulled my lips away from his. He was about to protest until I dropped down onto my knees and began fumbling with his trousers.

He pulled off his belt and I unzipped and unbuttoned his trousers. I took a deep breath before I pulled them down, exposing his tight boxers with an impressive bulge in the front. I ran my fingers tentatively over the outline of his cock, shivering with pleasure as it twitched and he moaned. I slipped my fingers under the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down fast, watching his hardness spring free as it was uncovered.

I stared at his cock for a few seconds, taking in every detail of the bulbous head, thick shaft and heavy, cum-filled balls. A drop of pre-cum escaped from the tip and my tongue darted out to catch it. I savoured the salty taste, and then licked the head, searching for more. My licking soon turned to sucking as my lips wrapped the end of his cock.

My stranger moaned as I sucked harder and began pushing my mouth onto his cock. My nipples tingled as I felt his shaft enter my mouth and I began pulling them. However, my hand was replaced his and it was my turn to moan as I felt his strong fingers pinching my sensitive nipples.

I sucked his cock harder as his hands mauled my large breasts. I felt the head hit the back of my throat and I instinctively gagged and pulled back. I was frustrated to see there were still a couple of inches of his cock that wouldn't fit into my mouth. I was determined to deep-throat his cock, though, and pushed my mouth onto his cock until the head hit the back of my throat once again. I fought the urge to gag and, instead, swallowed.

The hands on my breasts paused as the head of his cock entered my throat. I continued swallowing and was ecstatic as my lips reached the base of his monstrous cock. I had trouble breathing through my nose, though, and pulled back to take a few deep breaths before swallowing his cock once again. I repeated this for a few minutes until my stranger was groaning almost non-stop and thrusting his cock in and out of my throat. His hands were gripping handfuls of my hair as he fucked my mouth.

I felt his prick begin to swell and knew he was close to cumming. I desperately wanted to swallow his cum, but I also wanted to feel him shoot it deep inside me. I didn't know whether to let him cum in my mouth or demand that he fuck me. He made up his own mind, though, as he roughly pulled his cock out of my mouth.

I stood up and my eyes met his again. I wanted to scream at him to fuck me, but I wanted to stay a stranger to him at the same time and talking would ruin that. It seemed that he was slightly psychic, though, as he pushed me against the tree and lifted my skirt. I dropped my panties for him and kicked them aside. He ran a thick finger through my slit, checking I was wet enough to enter, but it was pointless; I was sopping wet and could have taken any size cock inside me at that moment.

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