The Swingers' Club
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young sexually-frustrated woman joins a club for swingers and discovers that she is really a voracious slut.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Swinging   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism  

It was two months since my break-up with my long-term boyfriend and I had a strong sense of sexual frustration. I had enjoyed, if that is the right word, a few one-night stands, but felt that I wanted something more, something different. At 19, I was still relatively inexperienced in sex, and had sex with only three men, although I found it easy enough to attract them. Five feet, eight inches tall and with long legs, I kept my slim figure in good shape with jogging and Pliates. My grey/blue eyes drew many compliments, as did my thick brown hair, which I wore long. I had often been tempted to be more sexually adventurous, but had never found a partner willing to share my fantasies.I had been restricted to thinking about them while masturbating.

So when I saw the advert in the personal columns of a sex catalogue, I felt a crazy urge to try it out. The wording was vague, along the lines of: "If you are a highly sexed woman and want to try something different with like-minded people, try us." After a lot of indecision, I thought -- nothing ventured, nothing gained, and decided to give it a try. I hadn't been with a man for about six weeks and was feeling terribly frustrated.

After I left a message on the box number, I had a reply which suggested I was in touch with a group of swingers. What the hell I thought; I can always walk out if I don't like it.

The literature I received was from an agency saying that the identity of the organisers of the group had been authenticated. It stressed that confidentiality and anonymity were rigorously respected.

After I had paid the agency fee, and sent a photograph, I nervously awaited contact.

Finally I received an email. For my first meeting, I had to wait at an appointed time by a telephone kiosk outside a car park, in an area I knew. I would be collected and taken to meet the other members.

I arrived on time. I was quivering with a mixture of nerves and excitement. At nine in the evening, there were few people about at that spot.

Within minutes, a silver car pulled up as arranged. When the rear door swung open, I stepped forward to look inside the darkened interior.

"Are you Jill?" I was asked. As I said yes, a hand reached out and dragged me in before I could react.

In seconds, I was gagged, and some kind of mask pulled over my eyes.

There was someone on each side of me holding my arms and I was helpless.

Then my arms were bound above my head to the head restraint, by some soft material. I did not attempt to resist. This was obviously some kind of initiation — I hoped. Were my fantasies about to be realised, I wondered; and would I enjoy them?

I was being treated firmly but gently. My heart was pounding and my mouth was dry. I didn't know whether I was afraid or very horny. No one spoke as the car travelled on through the dark streets. I could smell a woman's perfume on one side, as hands gently brushed my hair back into place, and stroked my neck soothingly. Then to my surprise, someone eased my skirt up to my waist, leaving my bare legs exposed. My top was pushed up and my bra was unclipped. From the smooth way it was done, I guessed it was by the woman. The softness of the hands which started caressing my breasts confirmed this, and my nipples rose at once to the knowing way she stroked them. As the threat of any violence seemed to disappear, my body responded to the sexual stimulation, causing me to relax. But then the firmer hands of a man roamed over my stomach, and pushed down under my thong, a finger probing searchingly over my pussy lips.

As my fear totally evaporated, and changed to arousal, I automatically eased my thighs a little wider apart. As if encouraged by my movement, he put his arms under my legs and eased me forward. As my buttocks slid to the edge of the seat, my bent legs were pinned against the seat in front of me.

Hands stroked teasingly along the backs of my thighs. My thong had ridden up between my pussy lips, and it was a relief as it was peeled away, and pulled up my pinned legs. My juices were now flowing, as I waited expectantly for the wetness to be discovered.

Instead of sticking his finger into me, as I expected, he teasingly ran a finger up and down my inner lips and paused at my pussy entrance, which was drawn open by my position.

A man's voice,

"She is nice and wet already. She could be a real hotty."

As he probed gently, I was glad that my fluids had started to flow, and his finger slipped in smoothly to the second knuckle. My legs twitched with the impact of the thrill that ran through me, and when his hand brushed my clit, it responded immediately. Soft, wet lips closed round one of my nipples and nuzzled gently.

Suddenly the car stopped and the driver spoke.

"OK you two, we're here. Let's get a move on." The man who had been finger fucking me, muttered in disappointment, withdrew his finger, and the mouth left my aroused nipple. Just as I was starting to enjoy it, I thought, as I was eased back onto the seat and my clothing rearranged. My hands were freed and then tied behind my back.

I was led out, and up some stairs. I heard a door opening; we seemed to enter, and it slammed behind us. A new voice, a man's,

"So this is Jill? She's a sweet chick -- nice legs! Let's see the rest of her."

The woman holding my right arm spoke, with a chuckle,

"Yes, she looks sweet enough to eat, and tastes it as well."

Someone removed my gag, and a glass was put to my parched lips. I was still blindfolded and I took the first sip cautiously. When I confirmed that it was vodka and coke, I gulped it down eagerly, hoping to steady my nerves. After I had enough, I asked what was happening, in a shaky voice.

"Well my dear, you did join our little club for some excitement didn't you?" From the man who was holding my other arm.

"Well, yes," I said, "but it's all happening a bit quickly. I didn't expect it would be like this.

"Just think of this as an initiation ceremony," he replied. Everyone goes through this. You will understand better later. We want to see if you are serious about swinging. If you want to go at any time, just say so. My name is Tony, and the people who brought you here are Anne and Sam."

That is all very well, I thought. But can I trust them, and is this really a swingers club.a

"You said in your application that you wanted to experiment with new experiences, didn't you? And you said you liked bondage and all those other things."

I was now unsure what to say and stood in silence. Despite everything, I was trembling slightly with sexual excitement.

"Okay, take her clothes off."

My hands were freed but I didn't struggle as hands quickly undressed me. I shivered as the cooler air hit my naked body, and my legs were shaking. I wondered how many people were watching me as I was laid down on what felt like a bed.

Something went round my wrists and secured them to something above my head.

I could hear the rustling of clothes and of people moving. I felt so vulnerable, and pressed my legs close together, defensively, although my heart was pounding with excitement.

But suddenly, I felt panicky.

"What are you doing?" I asked nervously. "What's happening?"

"Now, now Jill," said Tony. "Don't worry. You are going to enjoy this. The first sensation made me gasp, as both my nipples were covered by warm, wet mouths at the same instant. They gently sucked and licked, on and on. To my surprise, nothing else was touching me and the feeling from having both breasts sucked was amazingly sensual. My nipples got so hard that the pleasure almost became painful. My naked body was tingling in anticipation of being fondled, but where?

The effect of the blindfold seemed to intensify my sensations. A warm glow started in my belly and there was the familiar swelling in my pussy lips as the blood flowed to my clit. Then another mouth started sliding in circles around my belly, sucking and licking and alternating with flicks of a tongue. At the same time, someone's hands were stroking my thighs, gently at first, but getting more forceful. Then at last hands were on my legs pulling them apart and folding them back to my chest.

Cool fingers brushed my pubes and a fingernail slid back and forward, ever so gently on my clit, which had started to harden. I uttered a loud gasp.

"Ah she likes that," chuckled Tony, "Try this ice cube -- that usually makes them twitch." I heard a glass tinkling and then felt a burst of exquisite pain/pleasure from my clit, and I moaned deeply.

While my body was responding to, and enjoying their clever treatment, conflicting thoughts were swirling in my mind. Should I be feeling guilty? Is this really what I have always longed for? What new experiences will I discover with this group? Have I made a terrible mistake? But as my arousal kept building, and the alcohol removed my inhibitions, I dismissed my doubts, and let my body take over.

The bed creaked under someone's weight. I felt knees press against my thighs and that familiar smell of aftershave. So it was Sam again. A finger ran up my pussy lips; then two, easing them open. The ice was still being put on and off my clit, making me gasp each time. I felt what could only be a warm hard cock pressing against my slippery opening, and then it thrust deep into me in one smooth stroke. My legs were lifted over his shoulders with my thighs pinned back by his outstretched arms, and the cock filled me totally.

"Go on, fuck her," Anne muttered encouragingly.

As if in response, Sam started long vigorous strokes, pounding me against the mattress. He was big and I felt stretched. In that position, he was hitting the top with each thrust, making me jerk each time. It had been a long time since I had enjoyed such a vigorous fucking, and my pussy was responding with waves of pleasure.

The ice treatment of my clit had been replaced by the friction of his coarse pubes as he pressed down on me.

Why does my slutty body keep responding? I thought, as the pleasure of his steady piston-like action made my head spin. I dug my nails into the palms of my bound hands from the intensity of my lust. I longed to be able to dig them into Sam's shoulders. Was this really, what I had been after? Am I really a whore at heart, I wondered.

After Sam had been fucking me steadily for a while, my orgasm built gradually, almost leisurely, as if I was floating above my body, watching myself. As his hard cock slid in and out, both my nipples were being pulled and sucked. All the nerve ends of my erogenous zones seemed to be sending quivers of pleasure to a central point in my belly, and I writhed with pleasure. Then Anne's hair was brushing my face and I felt the softness of her lips on mine.

To my surprise, I eagerly opened my mouth to her probing tongue. I had never kissed a woman seriously before, although I had often thought about what it would be like. It was so different from being kissed by a man; her lips were so soft and yielding. In seconds, we were deep kissing passionately. Finally, I exploded into a deeply intense, shuddering orgasm. It seemed to go and on, as I twitched helplessly. I heard my usual piercing shrieks, die away, until I was quietly moaning as Anne cradled my head. I was dimly aware of Sam making a final flurry of thrusts, before he emptied into me. He climbed off me and I lay motionless, uncaring about my widespread legs and my exposed pussy, gaping and leaking over my thighs and ass. After a moment or two, they untied my hands, and I stretched my stiff arms gratefully.

They started up again shortly after — stroking and fondling my constantly tingling body. By this time, I had lost all track of who was doing what. Voices kept whispering,

"Is that nice, are you enjoying it?" My body was swimming with sensations and I could feel a warm glow in my stomach as the alcohol took effect. I felt my muscles relaxing as I responded to the amazing stimulation I was receiving.

There was a short break. I heard the clink of glasses, and they were saying complimentary things about my sexiness. By now, everything seemed very relaxed and dreamlike and when a new mouth met mine, I responded eagerly. Then the warm lips withdrew and I felt a semi-hard cock probing at my parted lips. I closed my mouth around it at once and circled it with my tongue. I have always been turned on by the feel of a cock hardening in my mouth. This one grew quickly, swelling against my probing tongue. I realised it was Tony's when he whispered,

"That's it babe, keep sucking."

As I sucked and licked, someone wiped away some of the spunk which must be leaking out of me. Then I felt a warm soft mouth searched for my clit, moist lips gliding easily around my pussy. The softness of the skin on my thighs told me that it was Anne. God, I thought, I am learning new tricks tonight. When my clit had fully hardened, Anne's mouth stopped working on it.

"Now it's my turn," Tony murmured, moving his cock from my mouth. The bed creaked as he moved down to between my legs, and Anne made way for him. Automatically I drew up my legs into the "fuck-me" position. I would never have believed that I would be ready for more, so soon after an orgasm. Apart from the odd occasion, my previous lovers had always expected me to be satisfied with cumming once. I realised that I had been right about how much I would enjoy masses of sexual stimulation. No wonder that I had been feeling that I was missing out on something in my life.

Tony fumbled only briefly at my pussy, before I felt his hard cock glide in effortlessly. I wrapped my legs around his waist in my new sluttish mode, and drew him in. The slippery walls of my cunt clamped onto his rod as he fucked me steadily. I felt his balls slap my ass each time he filled me.

"By now I was digging my nails into his taut buttocks, while I moved my hips eagerly to match his tempo. I heard Anne and Tony laugh, and say something about my enthusiasm.

"Make her cum again," Tony encouraged.

I felt Anne's long nails glide over my belly, as she reached under Tony to find my clit. It's no wonder that women become lesbians, I thought, marvelling at the skilful way she played with my clit, which was firming up again.

When Tony started fondling and sucking my sweating breasts, I was able, even through my waves of ecstasy, to find time to marvel at how much pleasure a woman's body is capable of enjoying. My whole body seemed on fire as Tony fucked me faster and faster. I came with a new sharpness and intensity within a few minutes. I rolled my head from side to side as if demented.

"Ohhhh fuck, ohhhh fuck," I remember screaming for the first time ever when cumming. I had expected the second one to be a weaker climax, but it seemed even more piercing than before. My cunt walls clenched against Tony's rod, and I dug my nails so viciously into his buttocks, that I must have set him off; because just as my spasms were subsiding, he groaned and stiffened against me. I felt his swollen prick pulse as it emptied another load of spunk into me. Anne moved her fingers away just as my clit started to hurt from the sensations it had received.

Tony's wet cock slid out, and he climbed off the bed. I lay back, exhausted, but totally satisfied. What clever bastards these people are at fucking I remember thinking, in admiration and gratitude. After a while, I heard the sounds of movement as they got dressed. Someone sat me up.

Tony spoke.

"Welcome to our group Emma; but you are not finished yet, my dear. We want to introduce you to the others and to show off that lovely body of yours at the club. Have a rest and finish your drink, then we will be off."

Thirstily, I drank some more vodka from the glass put into my hand as they discussed their next moves. The alcohol helped to dispel any uncertainty, and I felt totally detached, as if this was the most natural thing in the world. But just as I started to relax again, fresh doubt sprang into my mind; should I be doing this. What kind of club were they talking about, and why was I still blindfolded? But then I reasoned that I had enjoyed the best sex of my life, in the past hour. Why back down now?

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