Ellen's Comming
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Rob's wife's sister comes for a visit

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

We had known for a while now that my wife's sister's marriage was in trouble. So when Mattie told me that she'd just gotten off the phone with her sister Ellen, who had told her that it was over, I honestly wasn't surprised.

"Rob? I know we've talked about it, but I just wanted to make sure before I mention it to her, she's going to need some time away while all this is going on, so you're sure it's ok with you if she comes here to stay with us for a while?"

I really liked Mattie's family of course, loved them dearly in fact. And though it had been a while since I'd seen either one of Mattie's sisters, and actually had missed seeing them, it certainly wasn't that. They were welcome to come for a visit any time, that wasn't the problem. The ONLY problem as I saw it was, Mattie and I had a very wonderful sex-life that allowed us the freedom to enjoy it openly together whenever and wherever we felt like it. Having guests obviously curtailed some of those wilder moments, but it was usually a short temporary thing. Now, with the knowledge that her sister would actually be coming here to live with us for a time, it meant giving up a few of those spontaneous naughty adventures we so enjoyed experiencing together.

But, family was family, and first things came first.

"You know that it is," I assured my wife sincerely. Neither one of us speaking the same shared thoughts, we didn't have to, knowing one another so perfectly the way we did. Mattie even addressed my thoughts though unspoken.

"And don't worry honey, we'll find naughty ways to have fun, even while she's here!"

I smiled at that, there was a certain edge to that which appealed to me of course. An element of additional excitement and danger associated with "getting caught" especially with it being her sister that tickled that decadent spot inside my head. She grinned seeing me smile.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" she asked.

I unzipped my pants removing my hard stiff prick, showing her that I had been.

They might indeed have been sisters, and certainly had some similarities designating them as such, but that's about as close as it came in some ways. Mattie had wonderfully large breasts with incredibly nice sized nipples that she loved having me play with. I had seen Ellen's breasts once, seen her nude actually when she had visited us before and sat with us out in our hot tub. Nudity in our home, especially while doing that was of no moment, neither was it for Mattie's sisters and family whenever they'd come for a visit. So it wasn't without natural curiosity and observation that I'd taken note of a few points, among them being the difference in how Mattie and her sister's looked when being naked together.

Ellen had nice sized boobs as well, not quite as large as my wife's were perhaps, but nicely shaped with a similarly colored nipple. And unlike my wife who kept her pussy totally shaved, Ellen preferred the more natural though neatly trimmed look, which was quite a contrast in comparison, but made it interesting for me upon that discovery. Ellen was also a few inches taller than my wife, nearly my own height at five-nine though their natural hair color, as well as their hazel eyes was virtually the same. Mattie had chosen to include adding some red highlights to her own hair color, giving her a devilish little pixie look that really accentuated her eyes and her smile whenever she gave me one of those patented looks of hers, telling me in a moment she was in the mood!

As expected and planned for of course, Ellen arrived a few days later and immediately settled in. It was good to see her and talk to her again, even under the most difficult of circumstances. That first night after her arrival, we had again slipped outside to sit in the hot-tub, relax and have a few drinks along with some easy conversation which Mattie and I had agreed needed to steer clear of the obvious for the time being. There would be plenty of time for that later. So it was that we sat talking about some scenic places we'd enjoy seeing again, sharing with her Sister who seemed quite relieved and relaxed by our purposely chosen topic of conversation.

All this while Mattie sat next to me in the tub wonderfully fondling my cock.

With the jets going and the water bubbling the way it was, there was no way of course that you could see anything or know what was really going on there beneath the water, though Mattie's hand being in such close proximity towards my lap might have been a bit of a clue as to what was going on, though Ellen certainly never appeared to be aware of it, let alone say anything.

And I was certainly enjoying the erotic play, until it was realized that we were all in need of fresh drinks, so taking a moment more to allow my stiff prick to soften considerably, only then did I unashamedly slip out of the tub and head back inside the house to make us all another drink.

Funny thing about water, sound travels very well across it, so as I stood in the kitchen making everyone another drink, I could clearly hear their conversation from outside through the open window as I stood there.

"Where you doing what I think you were doing?" Ellen asked her sister. I could hear by her tone of voice it wasn't said in shock or embarrassed surprise either, having more of a light curious connotation to it that sister's might often share in open confidence with one another, and no doubt just as they had often done while growing up together by the sound of it.

I even heard Mattie giggle as she answered. "Not sneaky enough where we?" she stated still laughing. "I hope we didn't make you feel uncomfortable then," she soon added a bit more seriously.

"Oh not at all, actually ... I found it very arousing," she said honestly. "Been a long time since I've even felt aroused," she now added with her own serious connotation being included.

"Would you prefer that I didn't?" Mattie asked her sister.

"Mattie, it's your house. I know how much you and Rob love one another, and if anything I've been a little jealous of your relationship and closeness, but I actually find it wonderfully refreshing that the two of you have and share such intimacy together, so what I'm trying to say here is, don't stop doing that, or sharing that together just because I'm here. I'd rather find some motel to stay in rather than cause the two of you any problems!"

"Don't be silly," Mattie told her sister. "You're not staying anywhere but here, and that's for long as you'd like, and you know that. But it IS nice to know that you don't mind the two of us being affectionate, we always have been, and I know that Rob enjoys that every bit as much as I do. And besides, he really is a bit of an exhibionist you know, just in case you haven't noticed."

Ellen laughed heartily at that one. "Oh yeah, couldn't help but notice that. He wasn't exactly hard when he climbed out of the tub to get our drinks, but he wasn't nearly as small as he was when he first got in either, so that pretty much confirmed for me that the two of you had been fooling around beneath the water a little."

"We'll try and tame things down a little," Mattie told her.

"Don't you dare!" Ellen said almost immediately. "I'm serious Mattie, just because I'm here staying with you, which I truly appreciate, I don't want it to disrupt your home-life OR your sex-life either for that matter. Just try and pretend like I'm not even here."

Mattie really did laugh then. "Not sure about that," she told her sister, "if we were to do that, you never know WHAT, or WHEN you'd walk into something!"

Ellen didn't comment further, just nodding her head though smiling, which is when I decided it was time to make an appearance again before they both started wondering what had happened to me. There was only one small problem with that, having stood there listening to them I was hard once again, not having a full-on massive erection perhaps, but it wasn't just sitting there dangling either. Grabbing our drinks, and hoping that the ever increasing darkness as the sun had finally began to set would help cover the obvious, I quickly made my way outside, pausing to place our drinks on the bar which was attached to the tub's gazebo, effectively hiding my situation for the moment anyway, and perhaps give me just enough time to relax somewhat, at least reaching the same proportionate size I had been when getting out to go into the house.

"What took you so long?" Mattie asked not helping the situation.

"Oh, I uh ... had to pee too," I thought quickly.

"Ah huh," she grinned winking at me. "Didn't look like that's what you'd been doing when you came back outside," she said.

"Mattie!" I shot back at her, surprised by her comment, but taking it all in stride at the same time, another aspect about my wife that I truly loved so much, that she could be so completely honest, and so wonderfully wicked when doing it, all at the same time.

Ellen I noticed had the same smile on her face that Mattie had. Sister's yes, obviously, "But in their thoughts too?" I wondered.

We sat for a considerable amount of time after that, though with the water being as hot as it was, each of us periodically getting out for a minute or two to sit on the top of the corner, legs still dangling in the water cooling off a little. Mattie had quit playing with me, so my prick had gone back to a more normal looking relaxed size, though even then not fully which I certainly didn't mind, seeing an occasional glimpse at it from both of them whenever I got out to sit for a moment. And likewise, I enjoyed it whenever they did, taking the opportunity to enjoy the view even more fully without the covering protection of the bubbling churning water hiding their obvious attributes.

But eventually, we'd all begun looking like and feeling like prunes, so it was time to get out, and being that it was also late, it was also time to turn in, though I was looking forward to going to bed for different reasons, and suspected that Mattie was thinking along those same lines herself as she gave my somewhat flaccid prick an affectionate little caress just before stepping out.

"See you two in the morning!" Ellen said giving us both a goodnight kiss, which I found strangely stimulating having done so while leaning over to receive one, cautiously careful not to accidentally bump into her as I did so, though very much aware of the press of her breast against my arm when we did.

I was hard as a fucking rock by the time Mattie and I had raced upstairs to the bedroom, closing the door, which we usually never did, and jumping into bed together.

"My, aren't we all nice and hard?" Mattie teased wrapping her hand around my stiff dick.

"And aren't we all nice and wet?" I answered back, my fingers easily slipping inside her extremely wet pussy.

"I figured you would be," she added then, "Especially with all that female titty-flesh for you to look at all night."

Mattie knew I had a thing for breasts of course, knew how much enjoyment I got just from looking at them let alone anything else. And the fact there was never any fear of me admitting that to her just made it a lot nicer to enjoy and appreciate even more about her when having done so.

"I think she was masturbating too," Mattie said then which really did surprise me.

"Huh? When?" I said trying to recall anything I'd seen or wondered about, but hadn't. "No way! When?" I asked again excitedly curious.

"I'm pretty sure she was," Mattie went on all the while slowly stroking my cock. "When you were sitting out on top of the corner? Ellen had turned around in her seat and was leaning out over the side while we sat talking?"

"Yeah?" I did remember that part, and was seeing it inside my head, replaying it back, though I couldn't for the life of me remember seeing Ellen doing anything suspicious.

"I think she was enjoying one of the jets!"

"One of the jets?" I repeated

"You know, letting it pulsate against her. When I was sitting next to her, my leg was against hers, and I could feel her sort of moving."

"Sure it wasn't the water?" I asked stupidly, hoping it wasn't as I sat there thinking about it.

"Nope, sure as hell wasn't," Mattie grinned. "She was the one who was moving alright, and I was pretty sure she'd discovered just how good that pulsating jet could feel, wondered if she'd continued all the way to an orgasm, but she didn't of course. But I really do think she was enjoying herself a little, especially after all that naughty talk we'd been having a bit earlier."

"What talk?"

"When we'd been discussing how your cock seemed to get a little bigger every time you got out, or back in again," she laughed. "Kind of hard not to notice," she quipped waggling it back and forth within her hands, letting me know what she'd really meant in saying that.

"Oh that," I grinned sheepishly. "Yeah ... well."

"Oh you loved it, and you know it too. Every bit the exhibionist you are, love showing off this nice hard cock of yours don't you?"

"Just as much as you love playing with it too," I told her. "Even in front of your sister," I reminded. "Which is what got it that way in the first place!"

"Tell me you didn't like that," Mattie said now squeezing the head of it just the way she knew I liked it.

"Never said that, I'd be lying to you if I did," I admitted. "Something about that feeling naughty sensation, getting caught, it being your sister and all ... you know, all of that."

"Yeah, I know!" Mattie said, and then slithered up on top of me, placing my rock-hard angry cock against the opening of her thoroughly saturated pussy and slid easily down on it. "If having my sister around is going to make you this horny all the time, then we're going to have to take advantage of it aren't we?" she said.

I was going to comment, but then as Mattie began to slide up and down upon my shaft so wonderfully, I simply forgot what it was I was going to say.

Since it was the weekend, we'd spent the better part of the day just sightseeing and running around. That evening the girls had fixed a fabulous, but light dinner, which we decided to eat outside on the patio. We had planned to tub once again once it got cooler, something I was already looking forward to, and now forewarned, curious to see if Ellen would indeed enjoy one of the pulsating jets again. Sensing the girls perhaps needed and wanted to talk however, I soon excused myself and began taking the dishes back inside, indicating it was only fair that I wash and clean up after all the work they'd gone into in making it. But I also knew it would give them a chance to have some privacy and talk if that's something the two of them wanted to do.

I had just finished washing and drying the last of the dishes when Mattie came in, quickly crossing over to where I was standing.

"How's she doing?" I asked.

"Better I think," Mattie told me. "A lot to deal with, but I think she's coping with it very well under the circumstances."

"That's good," I said, and then felt Mattie's hand tugging at my zipper. I glanced out the window, but Ellen continued to sit, enjoying some peace and quiet for a moment or two perhaps. "What're you doing?" I asked, though actually excited at the prospect of whatever it was.

"Been missing this," Mattie said now pulling out my prick, which had quickly, began hardening.

"Shit honey, it's been less than twenty-four hours!"

"Too long," she grinned up at me.

"Um," I purred, still glancing out the window. "Umm, not sure we have a whole lot of time here," I said.

Mattie had me quickly and very easily all nice and hard though, not too surprisingly.

"How quick do you think you can cum?" she asked.

Normally, I'd much rather prefer not to, it never really was about the orgasm itself, but about getting there. And the longer we both took to get there, the better it was when we did. But I had also learned that a quick hand-job could bring about a quick orgasm too, which I had often done to myself whenever I was in need of some real fast stress relief.

"Fast enough," I told her. "Why?"

"Because I'm obviously horny for one, and for two ... because I want to feel you squirting on my tits for another."


"Yeah, really!"

"Try and keep one eye on Ellen while you're jerking yourself off for me," Mattie said. Kneeling, she quickly bared her breasts and began playing with them, making it even more difficult for me to keep one eye on Ellen in case she decided to stand up and come back inside, and the other on my wife as she fondled those magnificent tits of hers while I stood there furiously stroking my cock for her in an effort to cum on them.

Faster than I would have normally liked, I soon felt the first surge of liquid joy leap from the head of my prick, but it was every bit as exciting in a uniquely different way too, knowing that we'd had a quick bit of naughty fun together as I stood there watching my cum splatter all over my wife's waiting boobs. When I was finished, smiling happily and contentedly, though now hornier than ever, Mattie stood and began to walk back outside. The problem was, she hadn't pulled her shirt back down over her cum-covered tits as she did so.

"Hey! Where the hell are you going?" I called out.

She turned to smile at me, grinning broadly. "Why ... to show Ellen of course!"

"What?" But by then Mattie had opened the sliding glass door and was already sitting down at the table across from her sister, cum covered tits and all by the time I stepped outside.

"Damn!" Ellen laughed. "I should have known better!"

"Ok, someone want to tell me just what happened here?" I asked. Not really minding that my wife now sat massaging the natural cum-cream into her breasts while she did, but that I was obviously unaware of what had brought that about in the first place.

"I was telling Mattie that Steve and I never ever did anything fun or spontaneous, and that it was one of the things that was driving me crazy, especially when a lot of it was simple silly stuff, just like this," she said pointing directly at Mattie's cream covered tits. "Which I find very arousing and exciting, but which Steve thought was stupid and childish, so I wondered if that was the way most men thought, and that maybe it really was me."

"And that's when I told Ellen that you'd do just about anything I asked without question," Mattie said grinning/"

"So I said anything? And Mattie said yep, that you'd do just about anything she asked you, as well as anytime or anyplace. So then I said, OK, go inside and tell him to cum on your tits, seriously, I was only joking, but she said ok, knowing that you would, and obviously of course, you did!"

I could only stand there and shake my head, a little more relieved now having been filled in.

"At least it makes me feel a little better about myself," Ellen said honestly. "That I'm not the only one running around with all these crazy naughty thoughts inside my head!"

"Oh? And what other crazy naughty thoughts are running around in there?" Mattie asked her sister.

She just grinned back at her though, answering, "Yeah, wouldn't you like to know?"

"I would!" I said jumping in.

"What a surprise," they both said in unison giving me that now famously patented look.

It wasn't too long after that, that we all once again made our way out to the tub, though this time I purposely didn't turn on the outside patio lights, leaving the tub area in a bit more darkness than we'd sat in the previous night. And I think the girls appreciated it a lot more too, seemed to even further diminish whatever inhibitions might have remained, leaving the air filled with a bit of still charged sexual excitement as our conversations continued along in that vein. Mattie really opened up to her sister about some of our wilder escapades, actually telling them in fairly explicit detail as she did, which was not only interesting to hear and relive in a sense, hearing my wife retelling them, but arousing me considerably in the process until this time I truly was as hard as a rock, and didn't care who saw it or knew it. Boldly, and feeling that exhibionistic side of me really taking charge, I sat up out of the water once again in the corner acting like I needed a quick cool-down, and using the excuse perhaps that it WAS darker outside after all, and in doing so, not at all making any attempt to hide my full-blown erection. I grinned inwardly seeing that both women had certainly noticed it as well, though Mattie continued to relate this story, or that one about things we'd had fun doing as Ellen sat quietly listening to her, yet quite frequently glancing over in my direction periodically at the same time.

Mattie was still sitting in one corner enjoying the pulsating jets against her back. Since I'd gotten out of the other corner seat, I had now slid over continuing to sit on the ledge, offering the now vacated corner to Ellen as she'd been sitting on the bench seat without any jets. She quickly moved over to it, but instead of sitting down in it as I'd expected her to do, she faced forward in it instead, half leaning out of the tub as sometimes we all had, but in particular as Mattie had told me she'd observed the previous night. I glanced over at Mattie, who smiled knowingly towards me, just then finishing a particularly erotic adventure of ours and noticed that Ellen did indeed seem to be rotating her lower body slowly back and forth against the jets as she sat there listening, occasionally asking Mattie about something she'd just said, which usually was some very specific or erotic little detail.

For myself, I didn't need to manually stimulate my cock in order to keep it hard, just listening to my wife, and now looking over at Ellen thinking that perhaps she really was enjoying the sensation of the jets on her cunt just like Mattie suspected she'd done the night before, was more than enough stimulation to keep me aroused.

This time, I really did think Ellen sort of got herself off. Maybe it wasn't a mind-blowing earth shattering orgasm, especially as she didn't cry out or even act like she'd had one. She'd just kept moving a little while we talked, still occasionally glancing over in my direction where I made no effort whatsoever to try and hide my rigidly hard cock. Then suddenly she just stopped, turned around in her seat and sat back with her eyes closed for a few before announcing that it was time for her to get out.

We all did shortly after that, with me somewhat surprised that the evening had seemed to reach such an abrupt end to it suddenly. Even wondering for a moment with my sitting there the way I had been, that maybe it had finally made her uncomfortable perhaps.

Making our way upstairs, with Ellen's room right across the hall from ours, I slipped into bed as the two girls took turns using it in preparation for bed. Not bothering to close the bedroom door to our room as we often left it open to catch a nice cross-breeze, especially if we weren't planning on doing anything, which I now wasn't as Mattie too seemed worried and concerned about her sister's sudden change in mood, so it had to some degree turned down the heat on our previous aroused excitement.

Turning over in bed, I allowed myself to snooze, knowing that both Mattie as well as Ellen seemed to take a long time in the bathroom, and knowing because of that, the likelihood of doing anything had suddenly become fairly remote.

I don't know how long it really was, but I woke with the sensation of a hand groping me in the darkness. The lights were all off now of course, so I could only assume that Ellen too had gone off to bed.

"Want me to close the door?" I asked

"Nah, we'll try and be quiet," Mattie said simply as she quickly began to reawaken the arousal I'd allowed to go away without taking care of it. Needless to say, she soon had me all nice and hard once again, but more importantly, very horny now and in need of some cunt licking for myself. Which Mattie was only more than happy to oblige of course.

I slid down and began to happily tongue and lick Mattie's cunt, enjoying her sweet taste as well as the erotic sensation of flicking that hard little clit of hers with my tongue. Far too soon for my own pleasures, I sensed Mattie's hand on my head and shoulders, which was usually an indication that she wanted to feel me inside her, which again surprised me because she usually had at least one, sometimes two nice hard orgasms before we did that. But not this time.

As I slid up in preparation of doing that, she spoke whispering in my ear. "I think Ellen's watching us," she said almost too softly for me to hear. Obviously I couldn't very well turn around to look either, taking the hint in what Mattie had done by coaxing me up to her in order to speak.

Though the room was dark, it certainly wasn't so much so that you still couldn't make out objects or knew where you were. And I could certainly see my wife's face well enough as I peered into her eyes, saw her smiling, as I now did, then again slithered back down between her legs, taking up where I had just left off, still not knowing for sure if she had been right, and that Ellen might perhaps indeed be standing just outside our bedroom door peering in at us.

This time Mattie did cum, and came hard when she did, not even trying to lessen the sound of pure pleasure that I gave her, allowing herself to express it fully and completely. As she did, I was almost positive that I heard another much softer moan actually come from somewhere back behind me, though without turning to look and verify what I suspected, remained as only a possibility perhaps, fueled by the fact that maybe Ellen had been, and had in fact been playing with herself while peeking in on us.

"My turn!" Mattie said softly, though not trying to whisper it, using what would be a normal use of her voice under the circumstances, but effectively telling Ellen as she did so what we were now about to do, which was exchange places.

As I situated myself upon my back, I couldn't help but look towards the door there in the darkness, though try as I might, I could neither hear nor see anything. With the now wonderful, erotic sensations that Mattie began applying to my lust-hungry cock, my attention soon focused on that and no longer quite so much on the door. At one point, my eyes naturally looked in that direction however, as though being reminded that it had still remained a possibility that Ellen might have at some point actually been there. The darkness seemed fuller for some reason as I lay looking, then movement, very slight, hardly noticeable at all but I realized that someone WAS standing there, just edging around the doorway. Mattie must have sensed it almost at the same exact moment I had, for she removed her mouth from around my prick where she'd been so expertly sucking it.

"You might as well come in here and join us," she told her sister plain and simply. "We're horny, you're horny, so why not?"

There was just a moment of silent hesitation at being discovered perhaps, then indecision. "You sure?" came her soft nervous sounding voice.

"Get your ass in here," Mattie then spoke with an acknowledged giggle. "I know for a fact that Rob won't mind that at all!"

I first heard, and then saw as Ellen's form took shape and crossed the room tentatively into the bedroom soon after placing herself on the edge of the bed where she now sat. "Lay down," Mattie told her patting the bed, then adding, "and spread your legs!"

She did so, quietly, obviously nervous. But as Mattie gently coaxed me with a look, and a touch of hand, I knew what it was that she now wanted me to do. I crawled up between Ellen's legs, spreading her pussy apart with my fingers, delighting in the discovery of the fact that she had much thicker fuller lips which I now played with, exploring even as my tongue and lips began to search and explore her pussy, quickly finding and then lightly sucking her hard blood-engorged little clit, her shudder of surprise and delight quickly telling me that it felt good, her soft deep moan confirming that a moment later.

Mattie now sat nearer her head gently holding her sister as I continued to slowly and softly lick her, allowing her body to tell me what she liked, what she wanted more of as I orally pleasured her in ways that she had no doubt not experienced in a very long time.

Occasionally looking up while I lapped, sucked and licked, seeing Mattie also gently caressing and teasing her sister's breasts, molding them, tenderly running her finger tips over her sister's nipples in much the same way my tongue was doing to her clit and wet slippery split.

When Ellen came, she did so with a cry of release that seemed to come from somewhere very far away, beginning at the center of her soul, and then eventually making its way out where she could in no way contain it. I think her ecstasy, the intensity of it surprised even herself, as it most certainly did us, though we reveled in it with her, encouraged her to continue, and continued to pleasure her until moans became laughter, and then laughter became tears.

No one spoke a word for the longest time, neither did any of us move away or even attempt to reposition ourselves, simply basking in what was, what had been.

"Holy shit," she finally said aloud. "It really has been a long time since I've felt that!"

"Not bad huh?" Mattie giggled. "I told you I wasn't marrying him for his money, but that I was for his tongue!"

"And I thought you were just kidding me!" Ellen said.

"What? You really told her that?" I asked.

"Yep! I really did!" Mattie laughed. "Now, speaking of which, how about you roll over again, I think we've both got some unfinished business that needs attending to here!"

"I'll leave you two alone," Ellen said rolling out of bed.

"And just where the hell do you think you're going?" Mattie asked her. "When I said we had some unfinished business here, I was speaking about the two of us," she said meaning her sister. "How longs it been since you've had a nice long hard fuck too?" she asked.

"Too long."

"Well then?"

"You don't have to do this you know," Ellen spoke.

"Oh yeah, like it's a real chore for Rob to fuck the two of us," Mattie told her. "I'm sure he'll be complaining about it for days after this!"

That did make Ellen laugh, and I for one had absolutely no intention of ever complaining about anything ... ever again for that matter. All I wanted to do was find a way to show my wife how much I truly loved her and appreciated her for who she was, and how caring and understanding she could be in understanding and knowing what her sister was going through. Maybe for most this might seem a bit unorthodox by way of a solution, but Mattie knew damn well just what it was her sister truly wanted and more importantly, needed.

Soon after that, as Ellen climbed back into bed, and then onto me, Mattie likewise crawled up over my face where I loved once again licking her in this way, reaching up to fondle and play with her boobs, and then wonderfully, doing the same with Ellen's as she slid down onto my cock, and just sat there with me deep inside of her for the longest time. I didn't mind though, it helped me as I was on the verge at that moment of spewing a load inside her almost from the moment that she did.

It was eerily erotic in a way, they both came so differently, yet sounding so much alike when they did so, hearing them together when they did, almost as one, triggering my own needed release as I filled Ellen's pussy with what seemed like gallons of fuck juice.

Waking in the morning, a woman snuggled comfortably on each side of me, only then waking up as I finally stirred.

"Morning," I said happily giving each a kiss to the forehead as I tended to wake with a bad case of morning breath that had a hint of pussy attached to it.

"Morning baby."

"Morning Rob."

Came two very happy replies.

"Well, anything in particular you want to see or do today?" Mattie asked her sister.

"Like what?"

"Well, we can go sight-seeing, or shopping, or just stay here and fuck. What would you like to do?" She asked.

"Guess!" Ellen grinned.

As I now did. And besides, the car was out of gas anyway.

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