The Man From Out of Town

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: She said they were just good friends.

I met Nancy as the result of a kind of blind date. It was a blind date and it wasn't. Confusing I know, but true all the same. What happened was that one of my golfing buddies invited me over to his house one Sunday for a barbecue. I had been to Glen's place several times before for pool parties and barbecues and I knew his wife Amy and I'd always had an enjoyable time so I said I would come,

When I got to the house there were already a dozen people there. Glen told me I knew where the portable bar was and to go help myself. I hadn't been there twenty minutes when Glen came up to me and told me he had somebody that he wanted me to meet. He walked me over to an absolutely stunning brunette. He introduced me to Nancy Coleman and as I was shaking her hand I saw Amy over by the door that led into the kitchen and she was staring intently at Glen, Nancy and me. Then Glen said:

"Excuse me if I abandon you two. Someone just came in that I have to talk to."

He walked off and I saw him say something to Amy, saw her cast a glance at Nancy and me and then go into the house. I had the sudden thought that someone was doing some "match-making" but then I discarded the thought. No way anyone had to find a date for Nancy. Hair below her shoulders, sparkling hazel eyes and (I was to find out later) a body that measured 34D-23-34. Nancy had to be beating off the guys with a stick.

We talked for a bit — the usual- what do you do, where do you live kind of stuff. I found out that she worked with Amy at the advertising agency and she found out that I owned a machine shop. I found out that she lived in an apartment and had never been married and she learned that I was divorced and living in the house that I had managed to keep after the dust settled. She excused herself to go and use the facilities and I went over and started talking with Sue and Alan Rogers.

I spelled Glen for a while on the grill and then I had to go and use the bathroom. As I came down the hallway after using the john I heard Amy talking to Glen in the kitchen.

"Did they seem to like each other?"

"How would I know Amy? What could I get out of "Rob this is Nancy, Nancy this is Rob?"

I stopped where I was and eavesdropped.

"Couldn't you tell anything from their facial expressions?"

"Get serious Amy. Rob is a guy. He had to be drooling when he saw her, but I'm not a woman so I have no idea how Nancy saw him. I still don't think we have any business meddling."

"Rob needs to come out of his shell. He needs to get over Grace and Nancy needs some one to help her put Stan behind her and I think she and Rob would make a great couple."

"Well I got him here and I introduced them and that is as far as I'm going to go. We have other guests so we need to get back out there."

I went outside and got another beer out of the cooler. I was standing there sipping the beer and watching the impromptu water polo game in the pool when Amy walked up with Nancy and asked me why I wasn't in the pool playing. I waved the beer at her and said something to the effect that water and beer didn't mix all that well. Amy remarked that I was "no fun" and she walked off leaving Nancy with me. As soon as Amy was gone Nancy said:

"Have you figured it out yet?"

"Oh yeah. Glen getting me over and introducing me to you almost as soon as I walked in the door was a clue, but then I said, "No way!" A girl like you would never need to be fixed up. A girl who looked like you would have more guys hanging around than you could count. But then I overheard Amy talking to Glen in the house."

"What did they say?"

"That I needed to come out of my shell and get over my ex-wife and that you needed some help to put some guy behind you."

"Do you?"

"Do I what?"

"Need to get over your ex-wife?"

"Not hardly. I was over her the minute I caught her cheating on me with her boss."

"Then what's with the "get you out of your shell" business?"

"Amy thinks that since I haven't dated since I divorced Grace that I'm still having trouble getting over Grace. The real reason I haven't dated is that I just have not had the time. My business has been growing and it has been taking up most of my time. I just have not had the time to go out and meet new ladies."

"Well, she has me pegged. I haven't dated in months because of coming off a bad relationship. I've pretty much been fed up with men in general. Most of the guys I know that hit on me figure that since I was in a relationship I'm used to having a regular diet of sex and so that now I'm out of the relationship I must be looking for a replacement so I can get back to get what I was having."

"I hate to sound like a pig, but most guys who look at you are going to want to take you to the nearest bedroom. You are quite spectacular."

"Don't you think that they should at least offer to take me out to dinner and maybe a movie before dragging me to the nearest bed?"

"That bad?"

"Sometimes worse."

"I'm more of a dinner, drinks and dancing man and I try to stay away from bedrooms until I at least get to know the lady pretty well."

"Oh be still my beating heart. Drinks AND dancing. Where do I sign up?"

"If you are serious I would love the honor of your company next Friday."

"Next Friday? I have to wait that long?"

"For dinner, drinks and dancing, but tomorrow is good if you are into football."


"I have tickets to the game tomorrow night."

"Oh you sweetie. I love watching Elway play."

"Early dinner and then Mile High?"

"You got it."

"One last thing."


"Slap me."

"What? Why would I do that?"

"Because Amy and Glen are watching us right now and I think it would be great to twist their panties."

"But what would I tell Amy?"

"That I asked you to go home with me and do some playing in the bedroom and when Glen asks me what happened I'll tell him the same."

"You sure you want me to do that?"

"Yeah. Slap me and then we will spend the rest of the party looking daggers at each other. But you need to do it now while they are still watching."

"Okay, if you are sure" and then she slapped me. She slapped me hard.

"Damn woman. That hurt."

"You should know this about me sweetie; I don't do anything halfway."

She stalked off giving every impression of being severally pissed. I saw Glen give Amy an "I told you we should not have meddled" look and I went and got another beer.

Monday night over cheese and onion enchiladas at El Mason Nancy asked me if Glen had asked me why she had slapped me. I grinned and then told her what happened.

"He pulled me aside and asked me just what in the hell I'd done to piss you off. I gave him the most innocent look I could muster and then said, "I don't understand it. All I did was tell her that I had purchased a new mattress for my king size bed and then asked her if she would like to come over and check it out."

Nancy laughed and said "You didn't!"

"Oh yes I did. I bet it will be a long time before they try any more match-making with me. Did they ask you why?"

"Amy intercepted me on my way to the bathroom and asked me why in the world I slapped you and I told her that you said that if I left the party with you you would show me how good you were at giving oral sex. Her jaw looked like it was going to hit the floor."

"Well, assuming that tonight goes well and our Friday night works out we may see them again while in each other's company. That should be something to look forward to."

The night did go well. It didn't hurt any that she liked to watch Elway play and that he was in fine form that Monday night. She was the first woman I'd ever taken to any sporting event that stood up, yelled, whistled and in general behaved like most male rabid sports fans.

Friday night went equally well. She was dream to dance with and I hated for the evening to end, but it ended on a high note. When I walked her to her door she told me that she'd had a wonderful time, would love to do it again and then she kissed me. It was just a light peck on the lips, but it still made me weak in the knees. That night led to several others and as hard as it was for me to do I behaved myself. I did not want to do anything that would scare her away.

One night, after we had been dating for a little over a month, I walked Nancy to her door, kissed her goodnight and then she surprised me by pulling me into her apartment.

"We are both grownups Rob and we both know what we want. Since for some reason you won't make the move I guess it is up to me."

She pulled her sweater up over her head and dropped it to the floor. She was unhooking her bra when she said:

"Am I going to be the only one undressed in this room?"

I might have been a little on the slow side, but I wasn't stupid so I started playing catch up. When she was entirely nude I stopped undressing for a moment and took a few seconds to appreciate the sight before me — she was magnificent!

"Put your tongue back in your mouth sweetie. The bedroom is back here" and she turned and headed for a hallway.

For the next month we kept steady company and most nights we ended up in her bed or mine. One night we were on my bed all wrapped around each other after a rather exhausting love making session and I said to her:

"This friends with benefits relationship is nice, but have you given any thought to something a little more permanent?"

"What do you have in mind?"

"I promised myself after Grace that I wasn't ever going to get into another committed relationship again, but then you came along. In the back of my head a little voice is screaming "Don't let her get away." I'm listening to that voice and I am agreeing with it. I would be a fool to let you get away."

"I don't know sweetie. We do seem to fit and we do seem to enjoy the hell out of each other, but making it permanent? I don't know about that."

"How about a trial period? Move in with me and lets see how living together works out."

She moved in the next day.

Nancy had been living with me for just over three weeks when I invited a bunch of friends over for a Sunday barbecue. I hung a sign on the front door telling everyone to come on in and that we were out in the backyard. I was standing with my arm around Nancy and talking with Brian and Christine Moser when Glen and Amy arrived. I just happened to be looking toward the door when they came out of the house and I saw them see Nancy and me and they stopped dead in their tracks and looked at each other. I nudged Nancy and nodded toward Glen and Amy and she smiled and said:

"Show time!"

We excused ourselves from Brian and Christine and walked over to Glen and Amy. Amy looked from Nancy to me and then back to Nancy, the confusion evident on her face.

"What can I say?" Nancy said. "The more I thought about it the more I felt the need to know if he was as good at oral as he said he was" and she took Nancy by the arm and led her away.

Glen and I watched them walk away and then Glen gave a little laugh and said, "You old dog you" and I smiled and said, "Come on bud; lets go get us a beer."

Nancy and I lived together for six months and then one night I asked her if she was ready to make things legal and permanent and she said she was, but she didn't want a church wedding, just a justice of the peace and then a big party in our backyard.

"Done! I'd like Glen and Amy to be there as witnesses. After all, they did make it happen."

"If she has gotten over the shock of seeing us together."

"Yes, there is that."

We set a date two months away and then called Glen and Amy to give them the news. Two days later Glen called me and asked me to meet him for a beer. I said okay and we set a time and a place and when I showed up I was surprised to find Amy sitting at the table with Glen. I sat down and ordered a beer and while waiting for the waitress to bring it Glen said:

"I'm not usually one for meddling Rob, but a friend has to watch a friend's back so Amy and I felt we had to talk with you before you and Nancy get married."

Then Amy said, "Has Nancy told you about Scott?"

"Scott? No, she has never mentioned a Scott."

"This is hard for me Rob because I really like Nancy, but Glen and I really like you too and we have known you a lot longer. I can't let you go into your marriage without making sure that your eyes are wide open. This is really, really hard for me Rob so please don't interrupt until I get it all out and then I'll answer any questions I can. Okay?"

I nodded a yes.

"Nancy used to work at our Atlanta office. She met Scott there and the two of them fell into a hot a very steamy affair. I say affair instead of romance because Scott was married and had three kids. Anyway, the affair was so intense that it interfered with their work and management in Atlanta told them that one of them needed to leave. Since Scott was married and owned a home Nancy was the one to go. She transferred to my office."

"I don't see the problem Amy. What Nancy did in the past before we met is no business of mine any more than what I did before meeting her is hers."

"The problem Rob is that Scott isn't in Nancy's past. She still talks to him two or three times a week on the phone and Scott has flown into town a dozen times for meetings since Nancy moved here. I don't know that she has gotten together with him while he was here, but she is definitely more cheerful and upbeat after one of his visits."

"Again Amy; what she did before she met me is none of my business."

"Scott has been to town four times since you and Nancy got together and the last two times were after she started living with you. The last time was just last week."

"So maybe they parted friends and they meet for lunch or coffee when he is here. I don't see that it is something that I should be concerned with."

"Fine. We just thought you should know."

"Look you guys; I appreciate what you are doing here and given what went on with Grace I do have to admit to a little trepidation when it comes to getting married again, but I feel real good about Nancy and me. On the other hand if you do think there is a possibility of there being fire where there is smoke and you come up with something definite please let me know. I've still got two months before Nancy and I do the ring thing.

Three weeks went by and then one afternoon I got a phone call from Amy.

"Just a heads up Rob. Scott will be in town tomorrow for meetings."

After hanging up I sat there staring out my office window and my thoughts were not nice. Before leaving work I told my boss that I had to take the next day off to take care of some personal business. That evening over dinner Nancy told me that she might have to work late the next day and I made no comment. The next morning I called Amy at work and asked what Nancy's schedule would normally be.

"Normal day would be a one hour lunch break at noon and then off at five."

"No chance of her working late?"

"We never work late around here Rob."

"Don't tell her I called, okay?"

"Sure enough Rob and good luck."

As I disconnected I wondered how I should take that "good luck."

At eleven forty-five I was parked where I could watch the front door of the office building where Nancy worked. At one minute after twelve Nancy came out the front door on the arm of a man. I was a little surprised to see that he was a good bit older than Nancy's twenty-six. If I had to guess I would put him in his late forties or early fifties.

They walked over to Nancy's car, got in and pulled out of the lot. I started following them and quickly found out that 'tailing' some one isn't as easy as cop shows make it look. Heavy traffic, stupid drivers and lights that were programmed just to fuck you up allowed them to get away from me. I drove back and parked where I could watch Nancy's office again. Amy had told me that lunch was from noon until one, but it was a little after two-thirty when Nancy and the man returned. I left to get a bite to eat, but was back at twenty to five. At five on the dot Nancy and the man came out, got in her car and drove off. I was right behind them, but I had no better luck than I'd had at lunch time. I lost them before we had gone a mile. I was thinking that I would have been better off in a taxi telling the driver to "Follow that car."

I was sitting on the couch when Nancy got there at nine.

"How was work?"

"A bitch. I hate it when you get last minute projects that have unreasonable deadlines."

I stared at her for several seconds and then asked, "Are you sure that you want to go through with this marriage that's coming up?"

"Of course. Why are you asking me that?"

"I've never talked much about Grace other than to tell you that I caught cheating on me with her boss. But the way I caught her I've never mentioned. What happened was that I caught her in a couple of small lies and that made me suspicious. Then she started working late after a couple of years of never working past five o'clock. Then one day I was in town and near her office and it was close to lunch time so I thought I'd stop in and take her to lunch. I got there just in time to see her leave her office arm in arm with her boss. That night I asked her what she did for lunch that day and she told me that she was so snowed under with work that she'd had a sandwich at her desk. A flat out lie.

The next day I was outside her building when she left for lunch and I watched her and her boss walk across the street to the Marriot, but they didn't go into the restaurant. They got on the elevator and took it to the sixth floor. I knew the Marriott and I knew that there were no restaurants or coffee shops on the sixth floor — just rooms. I hired a private detective and the rest as they say is history."

"What has that got to do with me being sure that I want to marry you?"

"Apparently you made some enemies when you worked in Atlanta. One of them must be keeping pretty close tabs on you because I got a phone call yesterday telling me that if I wanted to know what a cheating slut you were I should check out the way you behaved when your old boyfriend was around. I was told that the boyfriend, Scott something or other, would be in town today and it might be to my benefit to check out what you and this Scott guy were up to.

"At first I thought it was bullshit. Just someone you pissed off trying to get back at you. But then you told me that you would be working late tonight. I can count on the thumbs of one foot the number of times you worked late since I have known you. I remembered how it was with Grace so I convinced myself I'd better check things out. I was outside your office when you went to lunch with a guy. Your lunch period is from noon till one, but you didn't come back to work until two-thirty. I was there when you got off work at five and I saw you leave with the same guy you went to lunch with. I'm assuming that it was this Scott character. The bottom line is that you didn't work late and you just lied to me about it. I have no idea where you were from five until you walked in the door a few minutes ago, but I do know that it wasn't at work."

Nancy was silent for a moment and then she aid, "I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?"

"For lying to you. I suppose I should have just told you what I was doing, but I didn't think that you would understand."

"Understand what? That you were going to spend an evening with an old lover? You are right. I wouldn't — don't — understand."

"I didn't spend the evening with an old lover. I spent it with a dear friend who used to be a lover."

And then she told me about going to work in the Atlanta office, being assigned to work with Scott. She said she was young and probably naïve, but she fell in love with Scott. Scott told her that he loved her too and they fell into an affair. After several months she asked him when he was going to divorce his wife and marry her and he admitted that it would never happen. He loved her more than he loved his wife, but he still loved his wife and children and he wasn't going to give them up.

"I ended my affair with him, but we still had to work together so we stayed friends. He was my mentor and he helped me a lot as far as the job was concerned, but our romance had upset some of the people at the office and I was asked to transfer to some other office.

"I still keep in touch with Scott and when he comes to town I will have lunch with him and sometimes dinner and we talk. That's all we do Rob, talk. He is behind me. All he is to me anymore is a good friend. I guess I should have told you, but again, I just thought that you wouldn't understand.

"So to answer your question Rob, yes. I am sure that I want our marriage to happen. I'm sorry for lying to you and I promise that it will never happen again."

To shorten the tale I believed her and the wedding went off as scheduled.

The next three years were good ones. Nancy still met with Scott for lunch or an occasional dinner when he came to town and she always told me ahead of time when he was going to be there.

I don't want to give the impression that I sat around fat, dumb and happy because that wasn't the case. I'd already been burned by an unfaithful wife and as innocent as Nancy made her meetings with Scott seem there was always a small spot in the back of my mind where suspicion resided. I checked and double checked things when Scott came to town. I checked her clothes in the dirty clothes hamper. I looked through her car and I checked out her purse, but I never found anything even remotely out of line. Not very trusting of me, but I had been burned once and it was something that you never forget.

One night over dinner Nancy told me that Scott would be in town in two days. "I'd like to bring him home for dinner. I think you two should meet. Would it be alright with you?"

"I don't see why not" I said, but not really meaning it. However it would give me a chance to see how they acted with each other.

Actually the evening went surprisingly well. Scott was a likeable guy and just watching him and Nancy together you would never suspect that once they had been a whole lot more than just friends. But I still couldn't help but wonder. Having been burnt once will do that to you. I excused myself to use the bathroom and as soon as I was in and had the door locked behind me I went out the window and around the house to where I could look in the dinning room window. My thinking was that with me out of the room if there was anything going on between them Scott wouldn't pass up the opportunity to at least grab a quick feel or a kiss for the thrill of doing it while in my home and with me being close by. But nothing was going on. Nancy and Scott just sat there and talked.

Another two years went by. Scott came to town three or four times a year and most of the time Nancy had him over for dinner. I never saw anything that made me even slightly suspicious, but I still had that teeny-tiny bit of unease in the back of my mind. To me it just wasn't natural for Nancy and Scott to have the relationship they had after having the torrid sexual affair that Amy had told me about. I had my doubts and yes, even a tad of suspicion, but life with Nancy was good. Actually, it was great so I decided that even if there was something going on what I didn't know wouldn't hurt me.

But then fate or the gods that be decided that things were going too good to be left alone so they threw some shit into the game. The owner of the company I work for brought his daughter into the company. Althea was 22 and a recent graduate from the University of Michigan. She was also the spitting image of porn star Austin Kincaid. She was hot! When she walked into a room where I happened to be everything I had got hard. My tongue got stiff, my cock turned to stone and even the hairs on my arm got erect and for some strange reason I was never able to understand Althea set her sights on me. I mean I'm no great shakes. I was your basic, average 36 year old with nothing special going for me and yet a girl 14 years younger decided she wanted me.

Did I want her? Does a ducks ass get wet when it's in the water? Of course I wanted her, but I was a happily married man and I had never fooled around on my wives — either of them — and I wasn't the kind of guy who could. But how do you ignore a walking wet dream who seems determined to get what she wants when what she wants is you?

It started out simple enough. Althea had been there just a little over two months when one day she sat down at the table where I was taking my morning coffee break.

"How come you don't like me?"

"Who says I don't like you?"

"Well, you are the only man here who hasn't asked me to have lunch with you or stop after work to have a drink with you."

"That doesn't mean that I don't like you. All that means is that I don't want to look foolish."

"How would having lunch with me make you look foolish?"

"Everyone here would be laughing and saying "Look at that old fool trying to hook up with a girl almost young enough to be his daughter."

"So what? I just happen to prefer older men."

"There is also the little matter that I have a wife."

"It's only lunch or a drink after work. It's not like I'm going to drag you off to my bed. Although the idea does have a certain appeal for me."

"Maybe lunch, but no drink after work. If I were to get a few in me I might forget you are just a young kid and do something stupid."

"In that case I'm going to make it my goal to get a half a dozen drinks into you."


"Because you are cute."

That started it. I had lunch with her a couple of times and each time the talk got more suggestive until one day she flat out asked:

"When are you going to make a serious pass at me?"

"I won't. I am happily married and I won't cheat on my wife."

"Bullhocky! If I stripped right in front of you here and now you would be on me like a duck on a june bug."

"No I wouldn't" I said even as I knew it was a lie.

"Oh yeah? Well let's just see" she said as she started to unbutton her blouse. I have no idea if she would have taken her blouse off or not, but suddenly our waitress appeared, took one look at what Althea was doing and said:

"Not in here honey. You two need to get a room if you are going to do that sort of thing."

"Saved by the bell" I thought, but I was wrong. Two hours later I was in my office on the phone when Althea came in. She closed the door behind her and I told her I would be with her in a minute. I went back to my phone conversation and was writing some notes and then I looked up to see that Althea had already taken off her blouse and was in the process of unhooking her blouse. I did the only thing I could think of. I told Mark that something had come up and I'd have to call him back and then I got up and left my office.

Ten minutes later Althea tracked me down to the break room. "You are no fun" she said.

"I'm a lot of fun in the right place and with the right person. I like my job and I like working here and I would be out of here on my ass if your father were to ever find out that you were in my office and undressed."

"Who would tell him? I sure wouldn't."

"Why are you doing this Althea?"

"Doing what?"

"Throwing yourself at me. Lord knows that there are plenty of single guys working here tripping over their tongues trying tom get to you. Why me?"

"Maybe I like the challenge."

"The challenge?"

"Every guy who works here — a lot of them married — has come sniffing around. Every guy but you."

"I'm spoken for Althea. I'm happily married and that's enough for me."

"Maybe so, but I still like a challenge."

After that Althea put on her version of a full court press. She looked for opportunities to get me alone and when she did her behavior was outrageous. In an elevator she pressed herself into me and rubbed my cock through my pants. In the break room she lifted her skirt and showed me that no panties covered her clean shaven beaver. She came into my office one rainy day and opened her raincoat to show me that she was naked from the waist up. On my birthday she gave me a card and when I opened it I found a picture of her lying naked on a couch. Her legs were spread wide, her hands cupped her tits and the enclosed note said:

"This could be your birthday present."

I'm only human and the constant attentions of a sexy young thing were wearing me down and a couple of times I almost gave in.

We had a barbecue one Saturday and Glen and Amy were there. I was doing the grill work and making general conversation with Amy when she asked:

"Everything cool with you and Nancy?"

"Couldn't be better. Why do you ask?"

"Doesn't it bother you, all the time she spends with Scott when he is here?"

"Nah! They are just good friends."

She didn't say any more, but the look she gave me fairly screamed, "Are you brain dead?"

That conversation stayed with me and the next time Scott came to town I decided to run a little test and hopefully put everything to rest at least as far as that teeny-tiny voice in the back of my head was concerned. As had become the habit Nancy invited Scott to dinner. I occasionally got called into to work in the evenings. It didn't happen often, but it did happen enough that my leaving the house after dinner wouldn't seem unusual to Nancy. I set it up with Glen to give me a call around six-thirty and when the call came I took it, said I'd be right in, kissed Nancy goodbye and left. I drove to work and then called home so Nancy could see from caller ID that I was at work. I told her I would be at least three hours and that she shouldn't bother waiting up for me. Then I settled back in my chair and read the book I had brought with me. At eleven I went home and found that Nancy was waiting up for me.

"I'm horny lover. No way was I going to be able to sleep until you scratched my itch."

The next day I took the afternoon off and headed home. I collected the voice activated tape recorders that I had placed around the house and then settled down at the kitchen table with a beer to listen to them. There was nothing on the tapes from the three bedrooms or the kitchen. The dinning room tape had our dinner conversation up to my leaving and then general chit-chat until Nancy took my phone call. When she hung up she said:

"Rob won't be home until late so go have a seat in the living room while I clear the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher."

"Let me help you."

"No. You don't know where anything goes. You would only be in the way and slow me down."

The next tape was from the living room and started when Nancy came in from the kitchen.

"Okay, that's done."

"You said he is going to be late. How late is late?"

"I'm guessing that it will be ten-thirty or eleven."

"That gives us a couple of hours. How about it?"

"You know better than that."

"Why not? We have plenty of time."

"Not on my husband's bed or in his home."

"Oh come on love. We have plenty of time and it is a golden opportunity for us."

"No Scott. Be glad you get the long lunches at the motel. That is all you are going to get so be happy with it or we can just call it quits."

"I don't understand you. You like making love with me and here is a great chance to have a couple of hours."

"I don't make love with you Scott, I fuck you. There is no love involved. I admit that I did think I loved you once, but it turns out it was just youthful infatuation. I didn't find out what love really was until I met Rob."

"If you love him so much why are you still going to bed with me whenever I'm in town?"

"It is my silly way of getting back at your wife."

"My wife? What has my wife got to do with it?"

"You don't know?"

"Obviously not."

"She was the one who got me kicked out of Atlanta."

"How did she do that?"

"She went to John Markham and told him that I was breaking up her marriage, that I was an unhealthy influence on you and that I was turning your head and causing you to do things you would otherwise never do. Then she told him that if he didn't get rid of me she would sue the company for not enforcing its non-fraternization policy. After I transferred here she called and bitched because he let me transfer instead of firing me. The only way he was able to get her to back off was to remind her that if he fired me he would have to fire you also."

"I never knew any of that."

"Well you do now. So you have your wife to thank every time you come to town and get lucky. If it wasn't for her you wouldn't even get a sniff."

"If that is the way you feel why don't you want to take advantage of tonight to take another shot at getting back at her?"

"I told you. I love my husband and I will not disrespect him by doing it in his house."


"No buts Scott. Accept what you get and be happy with it or we can end it."

There was more, but I'd heard all I needed to hear. I was surprised to find that I wasn't angry or upset. I think it was because deep down inside myself I'd known all along that the two of them were doing what they had been doing. I'd known and I hadn't done anything to find out for sure one way or the other. I was in love with Nancy. I was happy with Nancy and I was happy with our life together. From what I gathered from the tape it seemed like Nancy loved me and all Scott was to her was recreational sex with getting some revenge on Scott's wife on the side and he was no threat to me. Nancy spoiled me rotten and our love life was great. So she was taking revenge on Scott's wife. So what? One long lunch with Scott three or four times a year. The bottom line was that she always came home to me and she never gave me anything but her best. But — and it was a very big BUT — it was still cheating on me. And the thought made me smile.

It was two days before Althea gave me the opening I was looking for. She came into my office and closed the door behind her.

"I need your opinion on something Rob."

I knew she was going to do something outrageous and I was ready for it. She turned her back to me and said:

"I bought some seamed nylons, but I can't tell if the seams are straight or not." She lifted her skirt and showed me her nyloned legs, garter belt, thong panty and asked, "Are they straight?"

As soon as she turned her back on me I was out of my chair and before the word "straight" faded I had reached past her and locked the door with my right hand while my left pulled my zipper down. I spun her around and bent her over my desk as I said:

"I don't know about your seams sweetie, but something else is straight."

I pushed her thong out of the way, used my knees to spread her legs and poked my cock at her pussy. It took a couple of tries before I found her slit and as I pushed Althea cried:

"Go easy damn it, I'm not wet down there."

"Tough shit sweetie. You've been coming in here and asking for this for months now. You should have made sure that you were ready for it."

I did go slow as I worked myself into her. "Is this what you wanted sweetie, or have you just been teasing me all these months?"

"I ... want ... it" she grunted as I pushed my last two inches into her.

"Are you a quiet fuck or a noisy fuck?"

"I ... am ... a ... noisy ... slut" she groaned out. "Oh shit Robbie, fuck meeeee."

I pulled my tie off and wadded it up and dropped it on the desk in front of her. "Put that in your mouth and bite down on it. We don't want anyone hearing what's going on in here and running to your daddy."

"Fuck daddy!"

"Oh no my sexy young slut, I'm fucking you."

When we finished and I'd cum I spun her around and pushed her down on her knees in front of me. She knew what I wanted and she took me in her mouth and sucked me clean. When she had all the juices off me she tucked my cock back in my pants and then stood up. She took a hankie out of her purse and as she wiped herself she said, "We do get to do this on a bed don't we?"

"You up for a long lunch?"

"You bet."

"We want to be cool about this so when you leave for lunch drive down to the Wal-Mart parking lot and park at the south end. I'll pick you up there and we will go find a motel."

For the next nine months Althea and I averaged one 'over the desk' and two 'long lunches' a week. Frankly it surprised me. I thought for sure that once Althea had gotten what she wanted — met her challenge and won — she would move on to some one younger, but she was pushing for more and more. She even wanted to know when I was going to dump Nancy so I could spend some more time with her. That was an interesting conversation in that it showed that Althea was no dummy. When she first asked the question my answer was:

"Why would I want to do that?"

"She's cheating on you so why wouldn't you?"

"Why would you think she is cheating on me?"

"Oh come on Rob. For months it was "No way Althea. I love my wife. I'm happily married and I won't cheat on her" and then 'wam' you've got me bent over your desk. The only way a straight arrow like you would change that quick was if your loving wife was giving some loving to some one else. So when are you going to dump her so I can move in?"

I had no intention of getting rid of Nancy, but I wanted to hang on to Althea for a little while longer so I told her it would take a while before I could confront Nancy.

"I have some financial arrangements I need to make and I need to protect some other assets so she doesn't clip me too bad in the divorce. It will be a while. And what's with the "so I can move in" stuff?"

"You do know that I am going to marry you, right?"

"No Althea, I didn't know that."

"Get used to the idea Rob. Now that I've got you I'm not letting you get away."

That would be a problem down the road, but I would cross that bridge when I came to it. Did I feel guilty over the number of times I'd had sex with Althea? Not really. Granted, I was doing Althea because Nancy was doing Scott, but Nancy only did Scott on one long lunch break three or four times a year while I was nailing Althea three and four times a week. I justified it by saying that I was playing 'catch up' for the years Nancy had been doing Scott. Another reason I didn't feel guilty was because I planned on confronting Nancy and when I did I would confess to what I'd done with Althea.

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