Bikers' Dog Gang Bitch
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ray convinces his girlfriend to be a sex bitch to the motorcycle gang he wants to join.

Although this story has made-up names and locations (mainly to protect me), and some activities thrown in to make it readable, parts of it really happened. You be the judge.

My name is Sara. I am 19 years old (as the story happens), 5' 8", long chorus girl legs, 35c 24 33, and around 120 pounds. I have long, sandy blonde hair and hazel blue eyes. Not bad for a waitress in a greasy spoon out in the middle of nowhere. Or at least so I have been told by the many bikers and truckers that frequent this neck of the woods. My boyfriend, Ray, keeps telling me that I have what it takes to become a biker's Bitch. You see, he is trying to get full membership into the Dog Bitch Biker's Gang and my helping him is all that is holding him back. Ray is sort of rough looking around the edges, mid thirties, a scar running across his cheek and tattoos on his arms. But he treats me nice and is a terrific lover.

"Hi Ray, be with you in a minute honey," I say as my dreamboat of a lover comes into the diner. Finally I get the last table cleared and pocket the tip. Not too bad. Of course I do provide excellent service and my short shirt which shows off my pert ass plus my blouse showing the cleavage guys love to see certainly help.

"Hey beautiful, how is my Bitch tonight? Feeling frisky?" Ray asks with a smile that almost makes me wet. Being his Bitch really turns me on. "Oh, darling, you know I'm on the rag," I whisper to him, not wanting my boss to hear. "But I will do whatever it takes to make you happy, you know that."

"Well, I see your boss has flipped on the closed sign. Give him the hidey ho and let's hit the road," Ray says as he gets up off the bar stool and squeezes my tight bun. Quickly I tell my boss to have a good night and that I would see him in four days. This double shift works marvelous if you want to take some time off in a row.

As soon as we get outside Ray turns and takes me in his arms and plants a kiss on my lips. My mouth opens to accept his eagerly searching tongue. He brings both hands down to my tight butt and pulls me to him. I raise my right leg as he pulls me upward and I can feel his hard dick pressed against my now tingling mound. "Oh, you make me so hot Ray, I think of you all day while I am working," I say as we finally loosen our mutual embrace.

"Honey, I brought along your old cut off jean shorts which show off the pink flesh of your butt cheeks and also the shirt you tie under your fucking beautiful tits. I want you to look ready and willing when we meet the guys tonight," Ray says as he reaches into his saddle bag. "And before you say anything, yes, I know you are on the rag. That is so much the better, as a matter of fact I need to put a load of hot cum in your pussy before we take off," he says as he pulls me around the corner of the diner where we cannot be easily seen by people driving by.

Hurriedly he pulls down my skirt and panties in one quick tug while I am hastily taking off my blouse. I very seldom wear a bra and today was no exception. So there I stand naked as a jay bird. Before I know it Ray turns me around and tells me to bend over as he takes out his cock. He rubs it a few times in my wet pussy and then slides it slowly into my waiting cunt. He is good and knows that when I am on the rag that my pussy walls actually feel dry to me till I really get my juices going. The blood does not make it slick as one might imagine.

The feeling of Ray's thick dick easily hitting against my G-spot in this position quickly brings on my juices and I am wanting, desiring the feeling of total release. He starts to hump in earnest, jabbing my pussy walls with total abandon and banging my clit with his sperm laden balls. With his powerful hands holding onto my narrow waist he pummels me harder and harder. "Aaaaagghhhhh, " he calls out as his dick swells to an even greater degree. He tightens his grip on my waist and thrusts his hips forward even harder as he starts sending his cum into my tight pussy channel, striving to enter beyond my cervix. "OOOOOhhhhhhh, I'm CUMMMMMMING," I yell out as he finishes his last load.

Ray hastily pulls out and has me put on the cutoff jean shorts and skimpy shirt top. "Ray, you know I'm gonna leak cum and blood on your bike. These shorts are almost like having nothing on," I say as I hastily dress.

"That's alright Bitch. I need your cunt to have a ready to be fucked smell tonight," Ray commands as we are rounding the corner and hop on his Harley.

With a roar we head down the highway. Ray suddenly pulls into a roadside park where several bikers are parked lounging around, smoking and generally shooting the shit. Ray pulls up beside them and says, "Well here she is guys, my Bitch in person. Told you she was a looker didn't I? And she is well primed for the initiation. Who will she ride with?"

All of the guys are eyeing me up and down like a bunch of dogs eyeing a Bitch in heat. "She rides with me. Excuse me, Ma'am - I am known as Long Tom. Put this bandana around your pretty eyes and hop aboard. Till you are formally made a Bitch of the Dog Bitch Gang we cannot have you knowing the location of our get together." With this he securely ties the bandana around my head, completely blinding me. Helping me mount his bike he "inadvertently" slips one of his long fingers into my pussy, dripping from Ray's cum and my blood. Licking off his finger I can just imagine him grinning from ear to ear as he says, "Sure is a ripe Bitch. This is gonna turn into a great party tonight!"

He swings onto his bike in front of me and has me to put my arms around his waist. All of the bikers seem to roar out at once and the force of it makes me grab tighter. Not realizing what he had done due to my blindfolded condition, he had apparently opened his jeans because my hands gripped around his enormously long, hard dick. I grinned and realized where he got the name "Long Tom."

We traveled what must have been 45 minutes, making many turns, then finally onto what must have been a gravel road from the sound and feel. Another 5 minutes we pull to a stop in front of what appears to be a long abandoned shack. Long Tom has me to dismount. "You can take off the blindfold now," he says. "Let me make the introductions. This is Chief, he is our leader, ain't no one says no to him." As he introduces me to a man around 50 or so who stands there undressing me with his eyes, the bandana on his head probably covering his baldness, but his arms are what are so striking. He is definitely powerful and not to be reckoned with. I meekly bow my head and follow Long Tom to one of the biggest guys I have ever seen in person. "This is Big Louie, not the sharpest tack in the box but he is worth 10 others in a scrap." Big Louie just grins sheepishly and says, "Howdy ma'am. Shore am pleased to meet ya."

"Course you know Ray, he wants to join this here bunch of outlaws and tonight will tell. Last, but certainly not least at least that is what he will tell you, is Geronimo, our resident Indian guide. He don't talk much, but he knows these hills and valleys like they was his living room. Ain't nobody gonna track him if he don't want them to."

Chief then comes forward and takes command. "Missy, now we go inside so you can meet those you really came to meet. The ones you see out here, besides your boyfriend, make up the executive committee of Dog Bitch Bikers' Gang. We are the ones who say yes or no, it is now up to you and the "welcoming committee" inside," he says with a lewd grin.

I follow on the heels of Chief, agonizing as to what is in store for me and now wishing for this night to be over. I love Ray and want him to be happy. He has been after me for weeks now to become a Bitch to the gang. He tells me that every member had to bring a Bitch into the gang or they were not made a member. I agonized over this for the longest time before I finally gave in. Even then Ray said he could not tell me what was involved in the process of initiating me but I loved and trusted him so I reluctantly told him I would.

Chief opened the door and I heard growling and barking coming from inside which sent shivers up my spine and made goose pimples appear on my exposed flesh. What am I getting in to?????

Prodded on by Long Tom who is directly behind me, I hesitantly step inside. At each corner is a chained dog, with their lips pulled back and snarling and jumping, trying for all their might to pull away from the walls. I am shivering with fright and start to turn around but Long Tom grabs me with his strong hands and turns me back around, whispering in my ear, "It's alright, it's alright. They will settle down, they're just not used to seeing strangers come in the door." Just then Chief hollers, "Shut up!" and the fearsome dogs settle down but continue to warily watch me.

As we all get inside, Chief turns to me and says, "Ok Missy, off with the shirt and shorts, you won't need them tonight," as he grins and reaches for my shirt and with one quick jerk rips it from my body. My proud breasts feel the rush of air and I can tell that my nipples are standing up proud and stiff from the excitement. Next he grabs my flimsy jean shorts and yanks them off like they were made of tissue. Standing there completely naked with Ray's cum and my menstrual blood dripping down my thighs I quiver in fear. "Here I am completely vulnerable with four huge strange men and four dogs that look as they would rip me to shreds if they were loose," I am thinking.

They are all staring at me, even Ray. I wonder what is going to happen and begin to feel weak in the knees. Chief then takes me by the arm and leads me to the middle of the room and commands me to get on the floor onto my hands and knees. "Ray, you will lie on your back with your head under Missy's belly and be the guide," and Ray eagerly gets into position, eyes just inches from my quivering pussy lips.

Then I see Chief go to a dog (his I presume) and unleashes him from the wall. The dog is a massive German Sheppard with a thick coat and powerful muscles. From the angle I am looking I see under his belly that his red and purple dick is already protruding out of its sheath a good four or five inches. He leads the dog around behind me. Sniffing my back side, I wince as his cold nose makes contact with my dripping pussy. Then he starts to lick my cunt and I lurch forward. "Hold still Bitch, he ain't gonna hurt ya, not yet anyway," Chief commands and gives a little laugh.

The dog starts licking in earnest and I feel a sensation of heightened sexuality. His wide, rasping tongue slides across my labia and through the crack of my ass making my anus pucker. Back and forth he licks my most private parts and eventually finds my pussy hole. He is going after Ray's cum and my menstrual blood in earnest and I start to moan from how good it feels. After what seemed like several minutes of this, he jumps up onto my back and I can feel something poking my butt cheeks as he lands with all his massive weight onto my back with his powerful paws hanging at my sides. I feel Ray's hand go up between my legs and next thing I feel is the dog's dick opening my pussy. Upon feeling my hot wetness the dog pulls on my thighs with his paws, jerks forward and pushes his massive dick into my tight pussy. My pussy walls are stretched as the dog's monster dick is half again bigger around than Ray's big dick and much longer. I feel it immediately slam against my womb and cry out in pain and joy. "Yessssss, Fuck ME, Fuck ME, Fuck ME, Fuck ME," I scream.

The dog continues to slam into my tight pussy channel like a jack hammer, his powerful hips and legs pushing his monster dick past my cervix and into my womb. I become delirious with the sensation not even realizing that Chief has come around in front of me. He has his pants off and is kneeling in front of me with his massive dick menacingly poised in front of my lips. The foreskin is pulled back and the glans is wet from his precum. "Open your mouth Bitch," Chief growls out as he grabs me by the back of my head. I open as wide as I can and he slides his turgid member past my lips. I can taste the precum which is salty and similar to Ray's. He begins pumping his hips back and forth using my mouth as a pussy. "Suck it Bitch, rub your tongue around it, make me feel good," Chief hollers. As I begin to eagerly suck and lick the monster dick which is fucking my mouth I feel more sensations of desire and pleasure. The continuous ramming of my pussy and the unrelenting onslaught by Chief has me beginning to orgasm again. Chief's dick is now hitting the back of my throat and I have to relax my throat and swallow to keep from gagging and to be able to breathe.

As a powerful orgasm hits my body I can only moan around the thick shaft pushing down my throat. Then from my pussy I feel the dog straining harder to push more of himself into my overstretched pussy lips. With a mighty lunge he rams in harder and something even bigger has entered. The dog then slows his hammering blows as whatever it is that has pushed inside begins to grow even larger. It is rubbing against my G-spot which sends me into yet another round of climatic convulsions. His mighty cock is now even further into my womb.

Then it happens, the dog starts spraying huge amounts of hot, sticky dog semen into my womb. It feels like my insides are expanding and I try to scream out around the dick that continues to hammer away down my throat. All of a sudden Chief's dick swells and he hammers my face harder screaming out, "Oh, God Bitch, that feels so fucking good, I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm cuuummmmminggggg!!!!" and he explodes his hot cum down my throat and into my tight tummy. There is so much that I cannot swallow it all and it begins leaking out my lips, down my chin and onto my swinging breasts.

My own orgasms are now at a crescendo, one flowing into another until it is one continuous explosion of ecstasy. The dog seems like he will never quit shooting his hot cum into my stretched pussy channel and womb. The cum starts leaking out and down my legs even with the severely tight connection his knot has made. Finally his movements cease but the flow of hot, searing cum does not stop. Each spurt of cum is preceded by a slight flexing of his hips and expansion of his knot.

Chief, exhausted, finally pulls from my abused mouth. The dog's dick is slowly diminishing in size allowing him to pull his pulsing member from my ravished pussy with a plop. The cum and blood then seemingly spray from my vaginal lips as the pent up pressure now has somewhere to go. I fall onto the floor exhausted and Ray has to hastily move out of the way to keep from being mashed with my blood and cum soaked pussy.

I hear a growl and feel another slurping tongue lapping at my abused pussy. "Up Bitch," Long Tom commands, "you are just gettin started." I crawl to my knees and look back. There the tallest Greyhound I have ever seen is preparing to mount me. I brace myself, anticipating another bruising of my pussy and womb but his height makes his aim hit my puckered anus. "AAAAIIIIIEEEEEEE, Fuck that hurts," I scream as I feel his long, hard dick become engulfed in my ass. I have never even let Ray fuck me in the ass as I am so sensitive and small. Not having any choice in the matter I try to relax my ass muscles so as to try to accommodate this invasion of my bowels. The big bastard bucks his powerful, lean legs and hammers home his hot dick, spewing precum as it goes, wetting down my virgin asshole like a hose spewing scalding, sticky liquid.

I start to scream again with the pain and realize that Long Tom is in front of me with his long dick. He quickly shoves it into my mouth, shutting off my tormented attempt to beg for mercy. Now that I have the familiar feeling and taste of a hot dick in my mouth, I begin to have tinglings of pleasure and actually start to enjoy the onslaught of the Greyhound's dick which is swelling and hammering my bowels.

Long Tom's dick slides easily down my throat as I eagerly suck and swallow. He grabs my head and starts pulling out then back in with slow strokes as my tongue continually moves back and forth. I love the taste and feel of a dick in my mouth and his exceptionally long, circumcised cock is just perfect. I feel as though I am getting the benefit of two wonderfully long dicks at the same time. Long Tom is beginning to match the jack hammering of his Greyhound as I feel another orgasm building. "Uuuummmmmffff," I moan as I am sent over the horizon with an exploding orgasm.

I am now bucking back to accept and encourage the relentless fucking my ass is receiving when all at once I feel the dog's knot make its triumphant entry into my tight, virgin passage. Another searing pain makes me grab onto the hammering ass of Long Tom. As the pain subsides it is replaced by an entirely new pleasure - the growing knot is perfectly positioned to rub against my G-spot through the thin membrane separating my pussy channel and my rectum. As the dog slows, his knot still rubs back and forth and he is spurting wad after wad of hot semen into my bowels.

I completely surrender myself to wave after wave of orgasms my tormenters are causing. Just as the Greyhound howls with a final push he unloads even more hot cum into my now full ass and Long Tom starts his ejaculation down my throat. Swallowing and sucking as hard as I can his cum still manages to come out the corners of my mouth and down my chin. At the same time I feel the dog's cum leaking out past his pulsing knot and down the crack of my ass to mix with the blood and cum from the previous dog's fucking of my pussy.

Long Tom finally pulls out of my bruised mouth and his dog turns around. The size of his monster knot inside my tormented, tight ass makes it impossible for him to withdraw without seriously injuring me or him. Just as I think that we are going to be tied in this impossible position I feel a splash of freezing cold water being poured down the crack of my ass and onto the swollen dog dick.

I look back and see the grinning face of Geronimo watching as the ice cold water he is pouring quickly deflates the Greyhound's dick. Geronimo has no clothes at all on and from the looks of his fierce looking erection, I can tell that he wants his turn to come NOW.

The Greyhound's knot immediately shrinks and he pulls out of my ravaged bowels. I have no time to rest as Geronimo's wolf looking dog takes one quick lap of my overflowing pussy and jumps onto my back. Humping the air with his wild dick he stabs my ass cheeks several times till Ray grabs it and directs it to my sore and extremely wet pussy. Feeling my hot pussy channel still overflowing with the German Sheppard's cum, the wolf slams his massive meat home with the force only the wild can accomplish. I utter a moan as I am actually beginning to feel more waves of orgasm starting to penetrate my mind, completely overtaking the torture I previously felt. The wolf dog jack hammers so fast that his knot enters my tight pussy channel in less than a minute. With the steadily growing knot now inside me he starts his ejaculation of hot dog semen, mixing with the semen of the others and continuing to overflow my pussy channel and womb. Then he howls the howl of the Timber Wolf and slams home with a final lunge forcing even more of his hot cum inside me. Stopping then, he only momentarily rests before turning off of my back and we are tied, butt to butt.

Now realizing that Geronimo had not been trying to fuck my mouth as the others had done I looked back and saw him. He reaches between my legs and scoops up my juices as well as the wolf's cum which have overflowed my completely full body. Then he starts massaging these sticky juices into and around my anus with one finger then two. Quickly he moves into position straddling the wolf's back. Ray (bless his heart???) helps by holding apart my ass cheeks so Geronimo can have immediate and ready access to my asshole. He rubs the head of his steely hard dick up and down my ass, lubricating it with his dog's cum, then thrusts forward into my tight nether channel. Even though my rectum has already been violated by Long Tom's dog it still must widen to accommodate the massiveness of Geronimo's pistoning dick. The fullness of my pussy with the ever pulsating heat of the wolf dick still lodged tightly in my pussy makes Geronimo's penetration and furious fucking of my ass makes me scream, "AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHH, FUCK ME, I'M CUMMMMMMIINNNNNNGGGG!!!!!!" as wave after wave of a massive orgasm shatters my brain driving me senseless with delirious sensations.

As the wolf dog continues to pump his sperm into my womb his throbbing knot bounces against my G-spot, pushed ever so much more by the pounding I am getting in my bowels from Geronimo's furious fucking. Finally I can feel his dick swell with the oncoming rush of his ejaculation. With a thrust deep into my bowels he hollers, "I'm cummmminnngg into you Bitch - AAAAARRRRGHHHH!!!!!" and a final push sends his hot semen deep inside of me mixing with the Greyhound cum already there. This triggers yet another agonizing orgasm through my feverish body, climbing, climbing, climbing, and leaving me so completely helpless than I can only utter moans while my pussy throbs around the wolf dick trying to milk the last of the hot animal juices into my overstretched womb as my anus tightens around Geronimo's pulsating shaft.

Geronimo gives one final shudder, sending even more of his cum into the fullness of by bowels. He then pulls out his deflating cock causing my butt to expel copious amounts of sperm onto the dick of the wolf dog still pulsating in my pussy. With seeming unconcern for the dog and me, Geronimo then pours ice water again onto my ass and his dog which makes me shiver and squeal.

The wolf dog deflates and quickly exits with a plop and a rushing gush of clear liquid dog semen from my ravaged pussy. Exhausted, again I fall to the floor. Then I feel hands taking hold of my shoulders pulling me to a sitting position. "You are doing a great job so far," Long Tom says as he hands me a cold beer. I look glassy eyed at him and thankfully take the beer and swig half of it down in one gulp. "Here, have a shot of Wild Turkey before you take the next swig of beer. It will help you get relaxed for your next partners." I drink down the "shot" which is almost half a cup of 100 proof Wild Turkey then quickly chug the remainder of the beer to keep from upchucking the whiskey which is definitely burning my stomach.

Long Tom sits beside me smiling and acting friendly. "Here, have another beer. Are you beginning to feel better?" he asks in a soothing tone. "Definitely," I tell him. "That beer sure tastes good after all that salty cum I have swallowed. And it just dawned on me what you said. What did you mean "get me relaxed before my next partners"?"

Then I look up and understanding comes quickly. Coming up to me is Big Louie, naked and holding the leash of the biggest Saint Bernard I have ever seen. Big Louie's dick is slapping against his belly. It is HUGE, a full 10 inches and surely at least 3 ½ inches around. "Oh My God," I gasp as I quickly bring my hand to my mouth. I did not want to act frightened or scared as Ray had told me that it was important for me to be able to do everything the Gang wanted or he would never gain entry. So I just shut up and quickly take another drink of beer. "Long Tom, do you suppose I could have another shot of Wild Turkey?" I shakily ask. "Sure Missy, here take the bottle," he says grinning. I quickly take it and gulp down 3 or 4 swallows, chasing it with the rest of my second beer.

I am starting to feel woozy and hand the bottle back to Long Tom. The fire of the whiskey and beer mixed with the semen in my stomach has started to give me the courage needed, I hope. I lean up and start to kiss the bulbous head of Big Louie's monster dick. I am shaking and have to grab hold of it to steady myself. My hand will not even go completely around his steely hard meat and I grab it with both hands. I start to lick the end of it, tasting the salty precum already dripping from it. Getting on my knees I suddenly feel the Saint Bernard's rough tongue roughly lapping the juices from my ass and pussy.

Then he lunges and I can feel his fur as he lands on my back. "God, he is too heavy, someone please help me!" I scream as I am practically flattened to the floor. Knowing what was going to happen, Ray quickly slides a bench under me as Long Tom holds me up. The Saint Bernard is hunching for all he is worth trying to find the hot, juicy hole he has just licked. "AAIIIIIEEEEE, please aim that son-of-a-bitch, he is poking holes in my butt," I holler. Ray reaches under the frantically humping dog, grabs his flailing cock and aims it to my dripping pussy. Instantly I feel the pain of being stretched beyond imagination. His cock pistons into my already ravaged pussy channel as I strain to loosen my pussy channel to try and accommodate his massiveness. After the initial shock and extreme pain I start to feel overwhelmed with the oncoming of an immediate climax. The monster dog dick is rubbing and stretching every possible region of my sex, rubbing hard against my G-spot and bouncing against my cervix, trying to gain entrance to my very womb.

In front of me Big Louie has become impatient and growls, "Lick me Bitch, I want to feel your tongue." Grabbing his monster again with my hands I start licking his bulbous dick head, actually able to penetrate the opening at the end with the tip of my tongue. My mouth tries to open to suck him but I am only to get barely past the glans as I eagerly suck and lick. Taking it out briefly, I slurp my tongue up and down the length of his turgid shaft taking time to lick his balls. Going back down the shaft I lick and suck along the length of it again coming to the end where I again attempt to get him into my mouth. The rough pounding from the Saint Bernard is sending me to orgasmic Heaven making me suck all the harder. Trying as hard as I can I cannot get more than just past the head into my eagerly sucking mouth.

"AAAIIIEEEEEEE I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING," I scream as the Saint Bernard finally slides past my cervix and starts pumping his hot, searing dog semen into my womb. He tries to slam his huge knot inside my stretched pussy but it has already ballooned beyond what nature will allow. Seemingly frustrated he slams me harder and harder, each time emptying more and more cum into my womb and pussy channel. Finally he is spent and hops off, allowing his pent up cum to come gushing out of my pussy. This triggers Big Louie into action as he quickly goes around and replaces the Saint Bernard with his oversized organ. Immediately he shoves his hard meat into my stretched cavity and starts pumping like a madman. "Oh, fuck Bitch that feels good - you are so tight," he hollers while bucking hard against my ass. His balls slap against my clit as his dick head bounces against my womb. I am screaming with a never ending orgasm as he pistons back and forth into me when finally he grips my hips with his huge hands and bucks me so hard my whole body shakes. We both scream with our orgasm while his pulsing dick floods my body with more hot semen mixing with the masses already inside.

When finally Big Louie pulls his cock from me I just slump and moan on the bench. Then I hear the booming voice of Chief, "Bitch, you have satisfied the Executive Committee. You and Ray are now officially junior members of the Dog Biker's Bitch Gang. Being junior members you will submit to any and all of the members, their dogs and their Bitches whenever and wherever they wish. Right now there are twenty bikers who each have a dog and a Bitch. Do you understand and are you willing?"

Feeling the exhaustive high of the many orgasms I have just experienced I meekly grin and say, "Yes."

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