A Real Life Nightmare

by Vulgus

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Prostitution, .

Desc: Sex Story: When Bad Things Happen to Good People A naive young couple go out celebrate and are drugged and made to perform any number of embarrassing sexual acts for the camera. As a result of the events of that first evening they are blackmailed by a group of sexual predators.

To that small group of disturbed people who have enjoyed my previous efforts and encouraged me, thank you.

It was another very quiet ride home from work. My wife and I work in the same building on the Air Force Base and we ride back and forth to work together every day. For the last few days we have hardly spoken. We weren’t mad at each other. We’re scared.

We both work with highly classified documents in different but related fields. We’ve both been working in the same building since we graduated from college. For me that was three years ago, for Sharon it was two. Not long after Sharon started working there a mutual friend thought we would make the perfect couple and she introduced us. It turned out she was right. We hit it off immediately. We quickly discovered we have nearly everything in common.

We’re both young and I’m embarrassed to admit that we’re both quite naïve. We were inexperienced when it came to matters of the opposite sex. We are both quiet and shy and much prefer getting comfortable with a good book to a night out on the town. We have the same taste in music. We like the same foods and we vote for the same political candidates for the same reasons.

We also share the same distaste for religion. Don’t misunderstand. We are both moral, honorable, honest people. But we have both come to believe as we were growing up that a lot of what’s wrong in the world can be laid directly at the door of religion and we see it more as a force for bad in the world than for good. I realize that puts us in a minority of the world’s population but I’m just trying to be honest here.

We knew right away we were perfect for each other and we hadn’t been dating six months before we became engaged. Our original plan was to get married in six months, after knowing each other for a year. We didn’t last. We were too much in love and we both knew we had found our ideal mate.

So after three months we had a quiet wedding in her parent’s backyard. Her parents have been very successful. They live in a nice, large, custom built home outside of town. The ceremony was performed by a justice of the peace and the guest list was kept down to twenty-eight friends and relatives, though not without some difficulty.

We had not moved in together before we married, but we had become intimate after almost two months. Neither of us had been virgins, but neither were we very experienced. We had a lot to learn about sex but we were taking it slow and enjoying the journey. When we first had oral sex it was the first time for both of us.

We tried to approach the subject of sex like we would anything else. We read about it and experimented and we were quickly learning what we liked and what we didn’t like. We weren’t all that adventurous though. We enjoyed a lot of touching and we liked oral sex. I enjoyed it more than Sharon did but she seemed to gradually be getting more comfortable with it.

Neither of us was interested in anal sex or any of that kinky stuff like bondage or anything like that. For the most part, when we had sex there was a lot of touching and kissing and then we made love in the missionary position. I’m embarrassed to admit that I often reach orgasm long before Sharon does.

But I am getting better about that and I always try to make sure that she has an orgasm after I do. She often insists that she enjoys it and it isn’t necessary but I think it’s only fair.

It isn’t that I’m a premature ejaculator. Well, that was a problem at first. Sharon is beautiful and sexy and I’m constantly amazed that she fell in love with me. I had trouble being near her and not getting an erection in the beginning. But after months of more and more frequent lovemaking I had begun to last much longer and now we’re trying to figure out what we can do to increase the amount of pleasure she receives from intercourse. My penis isn’t overly large, but I have read up on the subject and it’s within the range of what is considered normal; if only just barely.

We’re still working on it, though, and since we are both healthy and relatively open minded, at least within our limited scope of experience, I’m pretty sure that with a little more practice we’ll get better.

Our present difficulty resulted from what happened when we went out for dinner to celebrate our second anniversary last Saturday. We don’t go out often. We make pretty good money but we have been living frugally since we married. We’re saving up for a down payment on a house and a house full of new furniture and we’re trying to put something away out of each paycheck towards retirement. When we do go out to dinner, which is only about once a month, we normally go somewhere quiet and cheap.

On this special night, though, Sharon wanted to cut loose a little. She wanted to go out and have a nice dinner, a bottle of wine and really enjoy ourselves. I thought it sounded like a great idea and I made reservations at a new restaurant everyone is raving about.

It was just as good as we had heard it would be. The food was great and since we almost don’t drink and know next to nothing about wine the waiter helped us select a bottle of wine that we both enjoyed very much.

We were having so much fun that when dinner was over we didn’t want the evening to end. There’s a small dance club adjoining the restaurant. The entrance is through a door at the far end of the restaurant and we’ve been listening to the music all through dinner. Sharon wanted to check it out. She suggested we go in, have one more drink and maybe dance a little and then go home and make love.

We weren’t planning on going dancing when we went out this evening. But as we were discussing it our waiter came over and offered us coupons for two free drinks. He said that he overheard us say that it’s our second anniversary and the free drinks are management’s way of saying happy anniversary. The coupons were only good for this evening.

That’s where the trouble started. I paid for our dinner and we went through the door into the club. It was crowded but we were able to find a small table after a short wait. I should admit here that I’m rhythmically challenged. I hate dancing and I hate music so loud I can’t talk to my companions. Sharon knows how I feel about it but I can’t really complain. After all, it’s the first time in two years she has asked to go dancing. The problem is that I’m a terrible dancer. It’s embarrassing. I dance like I’m spastic. When I dance people think I’m having a fit and dial 911.

We ordered a couple of drinks. We had to ask the waitress for her recommendations since we don’t drink alcohol. When the drinks arrived we paid with the coupons and a few dollars for a tip. After I had a few sips of liquid courage I asked Sharon to dance and we went out onto the crowded floor. I tried not to make too big a fool of myself while Sharon danced rings around me. We stayed out there for two numbers and went back to our table. We drank a little more and the trouble started when Sharon wanted to go back out and dance some more.

I didn’t refuse, but I kept putting it off. I was hoping a little more alcohol would numb the embarrassment as I made a fool of myself out there. My normally very patient and understanding wife was not feeling quite as patient this evening, probably due to the unusually large amount of alcohol we were consuming.

We weren’t exactly fighting, but it was obvious that she was upset with me. It was so obvious that the four men at the next table noticed and one of them asked Sharon to dance.

She didn’t even look at me. She smiled warmly and accepted his invitation. I sat there watching her prance off with a complete stranger who appeared to be twice her age. She was twitching her cute butt in that little black dress as she walked towards the dance floor with the man’s arm around her waist.

She was gone for a long time. They danced through the rest of the song that had been playing when they went up there and the next three songs as well. I caught glimpses of her from time to time. She looked sexy and beautiful out there. She was smiling and laughing and twirling around. I got to see a lot of her firm thighs as she danced around with that man, and I could see that I wasn’t the only one watching.

I glanced at the table next to me out of the corner of my eye and I saw my wife’s dance partner’s three friends watching just as closely as I was. Now and then one of them would look over at me with a barely disguised look of disdain. It was very unsettling.

I resolved to leave this place as soon as Sharon returned to the table but when she was finally escorted back to the table her dance partner had stopped at the bar on the way back to our tables and as soon as Sharon sat back down a waitress delivered two fresh drinks.

I told Sharon I want to leave. She just pouted and said, “Let me drink my drink honey! Come on, relax Mike. I just want to have a little fun.”

I sipped my drink slowly and watched Sharon make quick work of hers. She had just about drained her glass when another man from the next table came over to our table and without even so much as a glance in my direction he invited her to dance and she was off again.

I was starting to get upset now, worried and upset. I gulped down the rest of my drink as I watched for glimpses of my wife dancing with another strange man on the dance floor and this time the waitress brought us two fresh drinks before my wife even returned to the table. I glanced over at the table next to mine and the first man my wife had danced with smiled and lifted his glass in salute.

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