Truth or Dare

by crotalusw

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex, Petting, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A Truth or Dare game takes a decidedly erotic twist, just as hoped.

It was one of my favorite games as a teenager. Truth or Dare seems to just tingle with incredible tension whenever I get to play it. I love the anticipation of when the game will turn naughty and what will happen. I love being "made" to do dares, things I would love to be able to do, but have always worried would make me appear a deviant.

You see, I think I'm addicted to sex. I love to think about it, to see it in pictures and films, to imagine it, to read about it. It has taken hold on my mind and doesn't want to let go. Truth or Dare lets me act out some of the fantasies or ideas because "it's all part of the game."

When Michelle first suggested we play it, I was thrilled! Of course, I had to act like I wasn't completely turned on by the idea, so I responded, "sure ... sounds like it ought to be fun," along with our other friends in the room.

There were six of us there, three men and three women. Dave was about my height, 6'3", with short, dark brown hair and blue eyes. Chris was shorter than us, about 5'10", and had cropped, brown hair and blue eyes.

Michelle was a short, black woman with a wonderful twinkle in her eyes that really set off the mischievous side of me with just a glance. Denise was taller, blonde, had an ample bosom, thanks to a surgeon back east, and blue eyes. Paula was also fairly short with dark brown hair and brown eyes and a rather sexy figure.

At one time or another, I'd fantasized about each of the women in our party. They each turn me on in one way or another and I couldn't help but stroke myself in the morning as I lay in bed and thought of them.

"Since you suggested it," I began, "why don't you start us off, Michelle?"

With that sexy twinkle in her eye, she looked at Dave, "Truth or Dare?"

"Truth," he responded, still unsure exactly where this game was going to end up and not wanting to be the first to have to do something silly.

"What do you think of Denise's breasts ... honestly?"

"Honestly? I think they're beautiful!" he cried out, looking at Denise and blushing. She responded with a wicked smile and it was obvious the wheels were spinning in her mind as she thought how to use this game to her advantage. I sincerely hoped we'd get to see the aforementioned breasts. I'd imagined them, how they look, how they'd feel, how they'd respond to my lips and tongue ... and teeth.

Snapping back to reality, I heard Dave ask, "Paula, Truth or Dare?"

Still not ready to go that route, she responded, "truth."

"If you were stranded on the side of the road with Michael, would you get intimate with him?" he asked.

My eyes bugged out as she responded with a simple, "yes." Here I'd been imagining her in all sorts of sexual situations and had no idea that she'd even consider actually joining me in one. I was really starting to get turned on and my imagination had gone into overdrive.

Paula then asked Michelle, "Truth or Dare?"

Michelle let out one of her naughty looks and said, "Dare."

My heart skipped a beat ... our first dare. That was always the one that would guide the rest of the game. I hoped that Paula would give a good one to get us turned the way I'd hoped.

"Give Chris the most seductive kiss you can in only 5 seconds."

I was thrilled! I wasn't sure how excited Paula was about this game so to have her get to give the first dare could have made the game less than I'd hoped. She sure came through, though; this was going to get very good.

Michelle walked over to Chris and straddled his legs. She sat on his lap and pressed her upper body tightly against his. She raised both hands to cradle his face and then leaned forward and pressed her lips tightly against his. It looked like her tongue was teasing his lips as her hips ground on his lap.

This was going to be a very good game!

After Dave called out time, Michelle sauntered back to her chair after giving Chris a wink that seemed to suggest more was available.

The game proceeded along with several truths shared and the dares getting more and more risqué. I was definitely in my element. My hard cock was twitching with anticipation.

When asked, I told them that I had, indeed, fantasized about Denise. I admitted that I'd masturbated to thoughts of Paula. I also agreed that Michelle had been the object of my lust from time to time.

Michelle dared me to kiss Paula, which I did with relish. I had looked forward to feeling her lips pressed against mine and was not disappointed in the least. She felt so very good and I couldn't help but slide my hand up to cup her breast while kissing her. To my pleasant surprise, she pressed her chest against my hand, asking for further touching. That made my cock throb.

"Truth or dare," Michelle asked me.

"Dare," I responded.

The game had taken a definite turn. The last turn had been a truth question asked of Paula, specifically if she would have sex with one of us during the game. She had responded that she would. The tingle that shot through my body at hearing that was indescribable. I had dreamed of seeing her and being able to touch her, but to know that it was potentially coming up soon was incredible. My heart seemed to barely beat and my breathing had near stopped. I couldn't even think straight.

Michelle said, "I want you to reach inside Paula's panties and feel her up, describing what you feel to us."

My heart stopped. I was in heaven!

I walked over to Paula and smiled at her, pleased to see her smiling back at me. She leaned towards me, providing easier access, and looked up into my eyes. The look she gave me was priceless. There was desire there, along with a mischievous side. I lifted her top and slid my hand inside her pants. I felt the top of her panties and realized that she was wearing something sexy.

As my hand slid inside, I began to narrate. "She's extremely soft ... warm ... I can feel her twittering with excitement. She..." I stopped and looked in her eyes. She winked her beautiful eye at me. "She's mostly shaved!" I blurted. The rest just chuckled while I looked at her in joy.

I absolutely love it when a woman shaves around her lips and even some up above. I had always imagined Paula would be shaved, but to feel it was a complete turn-on. She looked at the bulge in my pants and licked her lips, which sent me over the edge.

My hand couldn't get much deeper in her pants without help and Paula provided it, opening the snap on her pants and lowering the zipper. I looked at her again and she smiled just for me. "That ought to make it easier for you to get in," she said.

I gulped and slid my hand further inside. She closed her eyes and rolled her head back.

"She's really wet," I said. "She feels very hot. Her lips are opened and ready."

I slid a finger inside of her and she sucked air in rapidly. "She feels very, very good," I whispered, looking at her beauty.

A sound to my right caught my attention and I looked over to see Denise and Dave kissing, his hand up under her shirt, caressing her breast. I looked to my left and saw Michelle straddling Chris, her mouth devouring his, their hips grinding together.

Looking back at Paula, I began to drown in the depths of her eyes. She was looking deep into mine and I leaned forward and began to kiss her. My hand continued playing with her very wet pussy as our tongues began a duel of their own.

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