The Starbucks Incident

by deGaffer

Copyright┬ę 2008 by deGaffer

Science Fiction Sex Story: Marvin Clark finds himself present at a pickup. The good news? The Confederacy is willing to promote him ahead of schedule. The bad news? Some carefully laid plans have gone awry.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Science Fiction   Oral Sex   .


This story is set in the Swarm Cycle Universe created by Thinking Horndog. Any resemblance between the content of this story or any of the characters depicted herein and real persons or events is probably coincidental.

This is my first attempt at posting a story. It has truly been a humbling and learning experience. I am very grateful to Mulligan, Duke of Ramus, and of course Thinking Horndog for their patient help and encouragement. Any errors, omission, or left turns are mine alone. They tried, I didn't always listen.

The characters in this tale are taken from a much larger work-in-progress that is much too big for a first attempt. Think of this as the pilot for a series. The encouraging response I have received from readers is motivating me to complete The Librarian and get it posted.

"What the hell?" Marvin Clark was at his usual patio table at Starbucks and the parking lot just faded away. Marvin got to his feet and looked around. His ROTC training took over and he scanned the area for threats.

One registered immediately. A very large brunette with startling grey eyes and impossible tits followed a small gaggle of geeks out of the restaurant. "Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please."

'Like anyone was going to be capable of ignoring her size and penetrating voice, ' Marvin thought. 'Shit, I'm so unprepared. Sasha and Millie are in class across campus. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I should have anticipated something random like this instead of expecting everything to go according to Lesa's timetable.'

"My name is Corporal Miller." The striking Amazon continued, "I'm here to invite you to a small soiree being hosted by the Confederacy. For the slow among you, this is a Confederacy pickup." In a softer voice she said, "Professor Naveen Avalareddy, would you and your party care to step back inside." Miller was addressing the focus of the milling geeks; most of whom wore blank stares.

"Ladies," Miller's voice was back to full volume, "I strongly suggest you make whatever mental and physical adjustment you think appropriate and make your way inside, unless being a dickhead's lunch appeals to you." She seemed genuinely disappointed when she added, "Sadly, there are no women volunteers here. You gentlemen may find it easier to remain out here."

Cpl. Miller stepped away from the door to allow the geeks and a few women back inside. She was alert and ready to intervene if anyone decided to be extra stupid. A puzzled expression passed across her face, she checked the display on her PDA, and made her way over to stand in front of Marvin where she politely asked in a soft, pleasant voice, "May I see your CAP card, please sir?"

Smiling, Marvin reached for his wallet. "You seem to have some incredibly good surveillance and intelligence sources, Corporal," Marvin remarked as he handed her his card.

Cpl. Miller dropped her reader onto his card and drilled past the 7.1 overall score looking for a reason such an athletic man would be disinterested in colonial service. "I don't understand why you're not on our pickup alert list, sir. Perhaps our intelligence service is not as good as you seem to think. Is there something we should know?"

Taking his card back, "I was planning to graduate and join as an infantry officer, not as a grunt. No offense." Accepting Miller's curt nod, he explained, "My family has a history of military service. I am already a black sheep for not getting an appointment to West Point."

She looked at her PDA and added, "Your ROTC commander has noted exceptional improvement in your leadership skills in your last two field exercises." She was quiet for a moment, appearing to commune with an inner spirit guide. "Understood," she said to no one present; which freaked Marvin just a bit. When she again focused those deep, gray eyes on Marvin's blue ones she continued, "I am pleased to offer you a commission as Second Lieutenant in the Confederacy Marines pending the completion of your studies at a training colony. Will you please join the others inside?"

"That sounds great! I'd love to accept, but my women aren't with me today," Marvin wasn't quite desperate, but clearly upset.

"That's unfortunate. I'm not in a position to help with that. Maybe Sgt. Budzinski can be of assistance. He's in charge of this cluster fuck." Miller didn't touch Marvin, but he felt as though she were pushing him to the entrance.

A young giant in the center of the room got Marvin's attention and saluted after he approached. "Sir, if you would select your four concubines, we can get you quickly on your way."

"Sgt. Budzinski?" Marvin was a little puzzled by this individual's young appearance.

The young man apologized and explained, "No, sorry for not introducing myself, sir, I'm Pvt. Williams. Sgt. Budzinski is over there briefing the brain trust we were sent to retrieve."

"Thank you, private." Marvin dismissed Williams and started making his way to the commotion at the far side of the order pick up window.

"Sir," Pvt. Williams acknowledged before returning to his post.

Budzinski was clearly in heavy weather. "No Professor, you cannot go home to get your wife before we leave. The same goes for the rest of you. All of you need to pick from what's available here, now."

The two younger selectees were too dazed for independent action. They were following the lead of the two older men.

The sergeant turned to the row of hopefuls. It ranged from teenyboppers and rather good-looking coeds to mature women in a range of heights and widths. Articles of clothing were disappearing at random up and down the row revealing flesh like the twinkling of stars appearing in the night sky as the evening light fades. "Ladies, these eggheads don't appear to be interested in selecting any of you. Can I get some volunteers to show them the benefits of female companionship?"

Two of the women broke ranks and approach the cluster of middle-aged men and geeks. After a brief conference in the row of women, two more stepped out and selected a target. The athletic, middle-aged soccer mom leading the advance was leaving a trail of clothing as she approached Prof. Avalareddy.

Wearing only a pair of flowery flip-flops and a big smile, she stood in front of the shocked man and began removing his clothing after a brief kiss.

Perceiving an opening, Marvin spoke from behind Sgt. Budzinski, "Excuse me, Sergeant."

Budzinski whirled around impossibly fast, weapon drawn. "Who the fuck are you, and why aren't you ... Oh, excuse me Lieutenant." Sgt. Budzinski holstered his weapon and saluted, "I was otherwise occupied and the AI didn't break in to brief me. We have an above average selection of concubine candidates for such a small pickup. Would you care for some advice in picking out four of them?"

"Thank you sergeant, that's very kind of you. May I ask a couple of questions, first?" Marvin responded.

"Certainly, sir. But, I'm TRYING to be in a hurry, here." He replied, glaring at the men being molested by the four mostly nude women.

"Firstly, and the most confusing, why is everyone saluting me and calling me 'sir'?" Marvin asked.

Budzinski seem genuinely puzzled that an officer would ask such a seemingly stupid question. "There is a long military history of showing respect to officers by saluting them and calling them 'sir', sir."

Marvin had to laugh, further exasperating the sergeant. "I'm very much aware of the history and customs of the military, but I'm not an officer."

"You're not?" Budzinski briefly displayed the same stance of communing with a higher power that Miller had expressed earlier. "It's a provisional rank, but my records show that you ARE Acting Second Lieutenant Marvin Clark. I'm advised that you verbally accepted your commission minutes ago. Has there been a mistake or misunderstanding? Sometimes I think the term 'Artificial Intelligence' is as much of an oxymoron as 'Military Intelligence'."

"I..." Marvin took a step back almost as though he had been struck. He replayed his earlier exchange in his head before continuing, "Yes, sergeant, I believe I did at that. I considered it tentative at the time, but upon review can see no other interpretation of what I actually said. I'm impressed by the speed and efficiency the Confederacy has for processing and disbursing paperwork."

"The AI's sometime make life easier," Sgt. Budzinski gave Marvin one of his rare smiles. "That resolved: my second question is more of a request. The two women I had expected to emigrate with are not present. What are my options?" Marvin asked anxiously.

Marvin was a bit distracted by the completion of blowjobs by two of the less adventurous volunteers. Glancing around, Marvin didn't spot Soccer Mom, but did see a stark naked blonde sitting on the counter pressing the face of one of the selectees into her brown bush.

"Not many, I'm afraid, sir. One of my men is nothing more than a trainee. I cannot risk breaking the force field to allow anyone else in." Sgt. Budzinski paused a moment to allow this information to sink in. "A pickup of children under fourteen is routine, but a pickup of individual adults is rarely authorized, very rarely indeed. Transport off Earth is pretty much a one-way journey. No one who is taken is ever released back into the wild, as it were. It can mean death for anyone who cannot deal with the realities of colony life."

Turning to face the sex show, Sgt. Budzinski continued. "Before any of the ladies who accept the role of concubine leave on my transport beam, I will personally ensure that they have volunteered their services as sex slaves and have been advised that they can never change their minds or return home."

Marvin could see that the demonstration being led by Soccer Mom was wrapping up. She had Prof. Avalareddy on the floor and was squatting over his hips, impaling herself on his erection. Her fancy flip-flops were the only clothing either of them wore. Soccer Mom had summoned someone else from the lineup to remove her panties and squat on the professor's face.

"Soccer Mom seems to be presenting your case effectively," Marvin chuckled. "I've recently learned to appreciate the skills and knowledge of mature women. Enthusiastic coeds can be visually stimulating and lots of fun, but cannot compete with the mind-blowing skills of an athletic matron like Soccer Mom, there. You might need to intervene before she and her companion give the poor man a heart attack."

"I'm sure he'll be fine," Budzinski smiled at Marvin, "I have a medical team standing by in the transport room, but we do need to get moving. I really hate brain-trust pickups. They can be such stubborn idiots."

"If it's a brain trust you are after, sergeant, you're about six months early and in the wrong place." Marvin observed. "I don't know what the Confederacy's interested in these four might be, but they can't be a pimple on the ass of the group being assembled by one of the university's librarians and her cronies. Hell, I'd pick Jake and Janet alone ahead of these four and the horses they rode in on."

"Who?" Sgt. Budzinski asked.

"Can we discuss that later in a more secure environment? For now, how may I be of service with the immediate issue?" Marvin offered.

"Maybe you can show them how to make good choices, sir?" Budzinski suggested.

Marvin asked, "How many need to ship if I only take two?"

Without referencing anything, Budzinski replied, "Professor Naveen Avalareddy and the two assistants, Stanley Cramer and Josh Rawlins, qualify for two each, and Dr. Jason Brown needs four."

Marvin's face scrunched into a squint as he turn to look at Budzinski thinking he hadn't heard right, "Two? That's ten for them and two for me, right? How can they be heavyweights if the smartest one scores less than 8.0?"

The sergeant shrugged, "I just follow orders, sir."

Soccer Mom was cleaning the professor's limp dick with her mouth when Marvin approached. The woman sitting on his face looked bored. Marvin asked her, "Is he still alive?"

"He's breathing," she answered somewhat disgusted. "He either passed out or fell asleep." She lifted her skirt to show his open mouth just beyond her groin. Some of her blonde hairs swayed as the professor exhaled.

Marvin extended his hand to Soccer Mom, "Can we talk?"

She appeared a bit worried as she glanced from Marvin to Prof. Avalareddy and back. "Don't worry. You won't miss your ride, I promise," Marvin reassured the concerned woman.

She didn't flinch or back away when Marvin stroked her blonde streaked locks with his left hand and brushed the fingers of his right hand through her brown bush. "I usually like the collar and cuffs to match, but this works for you. It works very well." Soccer Mom just gave him a thin smile.

"Marvin?" Marvin turned searching eyes in the direction he had heard someone call. He quickly spotted a slender Japanese girl in the near corner.

"Misty! Is Janet around?" Marvin asked as he surveyed the room not really expecting to see the big blonde. "Can you let her through, please?" Marvin asked the bare breasted woman who was blocking Misty's path.

As Misty emerged, the woman asked with a sneer, "What makes her so special?"

"She's a friend, bitch, and like you is not likely to be going anywhere today." Marvin shot back.

"Maybe I should try to get picked," Misty said without enthusiasm.

"Not with these losers," Marvin recommended. "I could take you, but that would mess up a lot of plans." Taking Misty aside and speaking softly into her ear he added, "You should stay behind. This is a brain-trust pickup, which confirms Lesa's theory. You can safely wait on the patio until this is over, and then hot foot it over to the library and let everyone know what went down. I intend to save places for Sasha and Millie. These guys are not going to make me take my full quota today. Ask Jake and Ralph to please take care of them for me and to make sure they both attend the party. Everyone needs to stick to Lesa's plan. It'll work; I'll do what I can from this side. Hey, I've already been accepted as a second lieutenant. That makes me a gentleman by decree; so, please ask everyone to trust me, okay?

"Sergeant, will you please ask Cpl. Miller to see to the safety of my friend? She'll not be coming with us today." When he got a nod from Budzinski, he turned back to Misty, gave her a big hug, kissed her cheek, and told her, "Goodbye, for now."

Budzinski stepped back to clear a path and guided Misty to the open area near Pvt. Williams. Marvin watched the graceful girl retreat, and was pleased to see Miller step inside to escort Misty onto the patio.

"Thank you, sergeant," Marvin said softly when Budzinski returned, "Thank you very much. Shall we get back to business?"

Budzinski nodded and remarked, "You've got to tell me about these friends of yours, especially Lesa, Jake, and Janet. Do you really think you can predict a Confederacy pickup?" In response to Marvin's frown he added, "My hearing is better than the average Joe. Your secrets remain safe."

Turning to Soccer Mom, Marvin was apologetic, "Thank you for your patience, ... Miss?"

"Rebecca Lawrence," The naked woman held out her hand as though she were fully dressed at a formal ball.

"Lieutenant Marvin Clark at your service, I'm so pleased to meet you Miss Lawrence," Marvin smiled and replied with equal formality.

They both flashed Sergeant Budzinski a glare when he snickered, "Sorry," he apologized to the pair.

"You're forgiven, sergeant. Lt. Clark and I are behaving in a civilized manner in a very uncivilized tableau. Taken in that context our exchange of pleasantries had to be quite humorous. And, it's Mrs. Charles Lawrence; not Miss Lawrence." Soccer Mom accepted the apology for both of them and corrected Marvin's reference of 'Miss'.

"Not for long, I suspect," Marvin remarked; then he explained. "You appear to be as anxious to be picked up as I am to pick you up. If you leave with the professor, or me you will no longer be married to Mr. Charles Lawrence. Right, sergeant?"

"That's right, sir." Budzinski answered, turning to Rebecca he added, "You will be whatever your sponsor directs you to be, and respond to whatever label he applies."

"If I may be so bold, Rebecca. I was impressed by your courage and boldness, not to mention the skills you exhibited. You also remind me of a librarian that I greatly admire. I suggest your future is brighter with me than with Professor Avalareddy. He's going to whine and complain until someone allows his wife to join him. At that time, whoever is occupying the top dog position will suddenly become so much dirt. On the other hand, I find myself in need of a strong leader, someone who can take charge of my household. The two women that I plan to whine and complain to everyone about until they are allowed to join me are poor candidates for that position. Forgive the crude reference." Marvin apologized in advance. "Will you consider accepting me as your sponsor and give me your best effort as lead bitch in my household?"

"Damn!" Sergeant Budzinski exclaimed, "This can't be the first time that you've thought about the needs of a colonial family pod. I'm very impressed, sir." Turning to Rebecca he added, "What he's suggesting makes a lot of sense miss. More sense that I've ever witnessed at a pickup."

"Your proposition is unforgivably crude, Lt. Clark." Rebecca responded, "However, it is understandable and appropriate to the circumstances. Like the good sergeant, I'm impressed with your assessment and willingly apply for the position of lead bitch on your team. The shock value of being crude may help some women see the reality of this situation. However, I assure you that I cannot be shocked and such efforts are wasted with me. Would you care to sample anything before closing the deal?"

"I recommend a test drive, Lieutenant." Budzinski concurred. "I've seen too many teams fall apart due to incompatibility."

"Not necessary, I'm sure." Marvin expressed with confidence. "Rebecca may have had a little help from her friend, but we just watched her suck and fuck Professor Avalareddy unconscious, and he was NOT cooperating. Any physical incompatibilities we may have can be ignored, compensated for, or corrected by the Confederacy's excellent medical staff. While it WILL be necessary for us to provide each other with sexual gratification, my primary interest in her is not as a fuck buddy. What is the procedure, sergeant? Will the professor have to be consulted or compensated?"

"The AI tells me it's done, sir. Rebecca Lawrence is the registered concubine of Lt. Marvin Clark," Budzinski announce. "Now, can we please try to get this train wreck back on track?"

Marvin asked, "Have you a preference about our third bedmate, Rebecca?" He directed her attention to the woman that had been sitting on Avalareddy's face, "What about the blonde who joined you to work over Professor Avalareddy, here? She didn't appear pleased with his performance, and has moved on to the good doctor."

Avalareddy was still lying on the floor. "Professor," Marvin didn't give Rebecca a chance to respond before he reached down and pulled the distraught man to his feet. "I apologize for usurping your seductress. I simply couldn't help myself. However, you seemed reluctant to cooperate. Can you tell me what she did that repulsed you?"

"She is not my dear wife, Meghrani," Avalareddy wailed. "We have been together since we were ten years old. What will I tell her about what I did here today?"

"Nothing, if you never see her again," Marvin noticed that Naveen appeared even more distressed by this concept.

"I cannot go without her," Naveen was genuinely distraught.

"Calm down," Marvin recommended. "Tell me about Meghrani. How will she react to another woman in the household? Does she know you wanted to immigrate to a colony?"

"Yes," Naveen responded, "We spoke of it many times. She is with her sick mother today, and of course I am picked up today! What will I do?"

"First, you need to calm down and think rationally." Marvin spoke forcefully in an even tone. "If you've spoken with her about emigrating from Earth and joining you as one of your concubines on a colony world, then she must know that the Confederacy expects you to have children with another woman as well as with her. How many children do you have, professor?"

"Yes, no, none, what?" The poor man was clearly disoriented and distressed. "Meghrani has had three miscarriages. There is too much scarring in her womb from endometriosis. Must I have sex with another? It would kill my poor Meghrani." Professor Avalareddy remained fractious.

"We may need a valium here, sergeant." Marvin was becoming exasperated.

Looking around Marvin spotted a young, chubby woman nursing an infant. She didn't look like she had two brain cells to rub together. Putting an arm around Naveen, Marvin suggested, "Let's take a walk and clear our heads, professor." He guided him toward the nursing mother. As they approached, Marvin realized that she was just a child herself.

"Hi, my name is Marvin and this is my friend, Naveen. May we join you?" Marvin asked politely. The crone seated next to the young girl just glared as the two men sat without getting a response.

"This is my granddaughter, Madeline. My name isn't important, is it?" The crone vocalized. "Madeline, it's okay for you to talk to these men." Turning back to Marvin she explained, "Madeline is not retarded, or even slow. She's just gullible and trusting. You can see where that got her."

Marvin was close enough to see the black baby latched onto the small white cone protruding from Madeline's chest. "How old are you, Madeline?" He asked.

"Fourteen last month," she replied proudly.

"Do you like taking care of babies, Madeline?" Marvin was trying to get the conversation rolling forward, but was reeling from her previous answer.

"Oh, yes. Granny says I'm good at it, too. I just need help with shopping and cooking and stuff. I'm getting better at it, though, right Granny?" Madeline was too young to be independent, but was eager. Up close, Marvin could see some intelligence in her green eyes.

"Do you like sex, Madeline?" Marvin figured he might as well get to the point. He was surprised that Granny didn't flinch at the question.

"It's okay, I guess. Mustafa really hurt me when we did it the first time. I didn't want to do it with him again, but it got better like he said it would. It was never much fun, though." Madeline confessed. "Would I have to fuck both of you to save my baby from the Swarm?"

"No, sweetheart, you'll not need to fuck me. You might need to fuck my friend here a few times every year so you can have more babies, would that be okay?" Marvin was ready to hunt down Mustafa and break him into many little pieces.

"I ... my wife and I have no babies, and we want babies so badly. I want to save sex for my Meghrani, this is her picture." Naveen handed Madeline a photograph from his wallet. "If you can have babies no other way; then I will do whatever is required for you to become pregnant. I do not know when Meghrani will be able to join us, but I can take you and your baby with me now. Would that be okay with you?" Naveen retrieved his photograph and, with his eyes, checked with the crone for approval.

The crone nodded. "The two of you sound like good men. Madeline will require protection and time to grow up. I'm not sure she can take care of herself if left alone. Her baby will be safe with her, but she shouldn't be expected to manhandle heavy roasting pans or hot skillets." The crone was clearly worried for her grandchild. "I'm dying of cancer, and there's no one else who can help her."

"With her sponsor's permission, she can get whatever she needs from the replicator in her quarters or from the colony quartermaster." Budzinski assured the worried woman, "There is no kitchen as you know it. She will be protected from everyone except her sponsor."

Marvin felt a feminine hand squeeze his shoulder. He looked up to see Rebecca looking at him with pleading eyes. "I think taking care of babies and children are a priority for the Confederacy colonies. Hers will be one of many households in a close-knit community. I'm sure some kind of mutual child-care arrangement can be found that will accommodate Madeline's needs." Marvin stroked Rebecca's hand to reassure her that Madeline would not be thrown to the wolves.

Marvin stood and backed away from the table, taking Rebecca with him.

Madeline closed her nursing bra after handing her baby to Naveen. She gave the crone a hug, "Goodbye, Granny."

"Goodbye, child. Be safe." There were tears in the old woman's eyes, tears and relief.

Sgt. Budzinski took on a serious tone, "Miss, I need you to be clear. Do you agree to be this man's concubine? You will be required to do anything he tells you to do, and not do anything he tells you not to do. If you go with him, you'll never see Granny again, ever. Everything and everyone you know will be left behind." The sergeant appeared to be following through with his promise.

"I don't want to leave my baby behind!" The terrified girl reached for her child.

"It's okay, my bad." Budzinski apologized for being obtuse. "Of course you'll take your baby with you. I meant any other people you know who are not here. Will you go with him if he agrees to take your baby?" Sgt. Budzinski amended his question.

"Yes, that's what we've been talking about, right? He will take care of us. I will do what he says and let him fuck me when he wants to, right?" Madeline looked for approval from Granny, but appeared to have a better grip on the situation than Professor Avalareddy.

"Do you accept responsibility for this woman and her baby?" Budzinski asked Naveen.

"Yes, of course," He answered.

"Private! Get over here and help this lady with her baggage." Budzinski shouted.

"Professor, if you would please make your way over to the transporter with Pvt. Williams we'll try to get everyone else right behind you. You're sure you won't reconsider replacing you wife with one of these fine specimens of womanhood?"

Naveen shook his head as he shouldered the baby bag, hooked the stroller with a free hand and followed his new concubine across the room.

"That put me out of the mood for any kind of test drive. Do you have a candidate picked out to complete our party of three? By the way, do you have any kids under fourteen?"

Rebecca laughed, "I guess you HAVE stopped thinking with your dick to ask me a question like that. Yes, I have three girls under fourteen and a boy who just turned fifteen. I'm thirty-nine. Considering the story we just heard, I'm plenty old enough to be your mother. Aren't you ashamed of yourself for lusting after an old woman like me?"

"Hold your arms out." Rebecca was confused by this non sequitur, but complied. "Good. Now keep your arms stretched out, turn around, and stand with your feet a shoulder's width apart." Marvin waited for her to stand still and then moved slightly to his left. Rebecca caught the motion in the corner of her eye and was turning her puzzled expression toward him when he smacked her solidly on the right buttock sending a small shock wave across her ass, up to her waist, and onto her right thigh.

"Ouch," she went to rub the red handprint on her butt.

"Keep your arms out." Marvin instructed as he moved in behind her and reached under her right arm to heft a firm C-cup, maybe even a D-cup breast.

Walking around in front of her looking as though he were examining a racehorse he mused, "I see no wrinkles, sags, bags, or even cellulite. Show me where you've hidden your old woman parts." He leaned over and sucked a nipple into his mouth. He backed off and observed, "Well, there are some wrinkles here, but I think they're better classified as crinkles." Stepping in really close he ran his hand down her almost flat abdomen, through her thick pubic bush, and cupped her mons. He began worming a finger though the tangled pubic hair and into her moist slit, working his finger closer and closer to her vaginal opening. "Maybe I should search down here," his left hand slid across the abused butt cheek and into her butt crack, "Or maybe back here. No old parts so far. Shall I continue the search?"

"You're free to search anywhere you like," Rebecca replied with a strained voice.

"You're not going to ask me to stop, are you?" Rebecca just looked at him and smiled thinking she was winning this game. "I guess Oedipus swings both ways. Shall we inquire about bringing your fifteen-year-old along?"

Rebecca gasped with wide hazel eyes. "You wouldn't!"

"You're getting wet, maybe I'm onto something." Marvin teased.

"Of course I'm getting wet; you have your finger in my twat!" Rebecca protested.

"Okay, you're right. I'll drop the choir boy thing if you'll drop the old woman thing, deal?" Marvin asked.

Rebecca alternately pushed her groin and her ass against the intruding fingers. "I don't know, I think I'm starting to enjoy your search." She moaned.

Marvin retrieved both fingers. "Clearly there's no way to embarrass you sexually, I think I like that." He ran his hands up her rib cage and out her extended arms. Taking a wrist in each hand he lowered her arms behind her back, pulled her against him, and kissed her soundly on the mouth. "I think I like that a lot." He repeated before kissing her again.

Coming up for air, Marvin weakly said, "Okay, more of that later." With more focus he continued. "Right now we need to pick our next contestant." Marvin took a deep, cleansing breath to cool himself down. "Where were we? Oh, yeah. Kids, your kids that are under fourteen are all girls. Think you can trust me enough to bring them along?"

"Considering your prowess," Rebecca observed, "I'm not sure I can trust THEM. Shelly will be fourteen in July. When will she be required to have sex with you? I'm up for anything you can dream of doing with me, but I'm not sure I can remain objective while you're fucking my young daughters."

"That'll be more that a little weird for me as well," Marvin said thoughtfully. "I don't know the policy about children who reach majority at a colony. It will happen sooner or later, and we'll deal with it. However, that has nothing to do with whether or not they come with us. In case my position wasn't made clear while dealing with Madeline, I'll not be a party to child molesting. I will not allow it to happen in any sphere where I have the means to prevent it." Marvin's playful mood was clearly gone. "I personally consider a fourteen-year-old to be a child. Accepting the need to fuck someone so young will be difficult for me."

Rebecca leaned in and gently kissed Marvin, "They come with us if you'll have them."

"Fine, I'll let the sergeant know before we leave." Marvin closed that subject for the moment. Looking around he spotted the blonde who had assisted her with Naveen. She was on her knees sucking away on the middle-aged man in the three-piece suit. "It looks like your friend is introducing herself to Dr. Brown."

"Alicia's as desperate to get off of this planet as anyone. She has four kids under fourteen, two boys and two girls. She's a lot of fun, and I'm sure you'd like her, but I'm not sure I can put up with her twenty-four hours a day. We can be rather competitive with each other. Having two alpha females in the same house can be just as bad as two alpha males, maybe worse." Rebecca observed. "How about some young stuff, not fourteen, but not fortyish either?"

"Let's talk." Marvin was open to suggestion. "Keep in mind that I'm trying to hold two positions open until July for my current girlfriends Millie and Sasha. Both are my age, twenty-two. I'm leaning toward someone your age because she'll most likely have kids that we can take with us. I'm almost feeling guilty about Sasha and Millie taking up slots that could be used to save even more kids."

Rebecca leaned in and kissed Marvin, again. "You really are a knight in shining armor, aren't you? I'm not sure I can refrain from jumping your bones for much longer."

"You want kids," Rebecca mused, "let's go over and speak with Julie Ann." She took Marvin's hand and headed toward the far corner of the building where she approached a heavyset woman in her late thirties.

"You've certainly been making a spectacle of yourself, 'Becca." The heavy woman snapped. "I couldn't believe my eyes when you just stripped down and fucked that foreign guy. You haven't fucked this guy, yet, but I've seen you fawning over him something outrageous."

Rebecca backed into Marvin, retrieved his hands and placed them on her naked breasts. "This is my hero and new master, Lt. Marvin Clark. Marvin, this is my bitchy friend Julie Ann Swanson. She isn't normally in such a foul mood. I'm thinking she hasn't had any in a while." Julie Ann just glared in response.

Rebecca released Marvin's hands to allow them to roam at will. She felt Marvin's erection growing under his slacks and ground her bare ass against him until she had it aligned with the crack that bisected the two orbs. "You really do like my body, don't you," she moaned into his ear as he trailed kisses from the base of her neck to the point of her shoulder.

"Will you please stop flaunting your ability to get any man you want? Where is your dignity, woman?" Julie Ann was trembling, "And, where are your clothes, for God's sake?"

"She doesn't need any." It was the first sound Marvin had made since being introduced to Julie Ann. "And if you get lucky, you won't need any either. Can you just strip down like Rebecca did, or will I need to talk you out of your clothes?"

"Do you expect me to just strip because you asked me to? You can't be interested in seeing my fat body when you can do as you like with Rebecca's." Julie Ann clutched the top of her blouse as though it would just spring open by itself.

"No, I expect you're embarrassed by your appearance and will make me work for the privilege of seeing your bare, naked self. Do you have any parts you're not ashamed of? No? What do you think 'Becca, should we start from the top and work our way down, or the bottom and work our way up?" Marvin asked rhetorically.

But Rebecca surprised him with a suggestion, "Since you seem to like my little tits, you're going to love getting lost in Julie Ann's pink playground. Unlike me, she has real cleavage. Cleavage you can get lost in. Look at how she's protecting it. Show the nice young man your tits, Julie Ann."

Julie Ann gripped her blouse even tighter, clearly on the verge of tears. "Rebecca! Why are you doing this?"

"Originally, the image of Sandra, Alice and Shelly being eaten motivated me to do anything to get them out of the Sa'arm's path. Once I got started, though, I recalled how much I enjoyed recreational sex when I was Marvin's age. Marvin expressed an interest in saving as many children as he can. Will you sacrifice your pride and embarrassment in order to save your children? Can you submit yourself to the pleasures of the flesh and allow this good man full access to your person in order to get your babies out of harm's way?" Rebecca started out apologetic, but ended up pleading with her friend. "Is any embarrassment too much to bear for them?"

Julie Ann couldn't speak, but shook her head no and began unbuttoning her ruffled blouse. Rebecca tapped Marvin's hands and went to her friend when he released his grip on her breasts.

"Ssh, don't cry." Rebecca comforted and advised Julie Ann. "You need to buck up and at least pretend to enjoy the attention. Nothing will entice a man if you look like you're preparing yourself for the gallows. Stand up and let me help."

Julie Ann nodded, sniffed and did her best to smile at Marvin, who also wanted to comfort her agony. Julie Ann slid out of the booth and stood two feet away from Marvin. She only came up to his collarbone. Julie Ann was no more the 5'3" tall with her shoes on.

"Tell me about your children as you undress." Marvin suggested. "How many do you have that are under fourteen-years-old?"

"Seven," Julie Ann answered. Thinking about them actually did take her mind off what her hands were doing.

"Seven!" Marvin exclaimed. "You cannot possibly have a repulsive body if someone has given you seven children."

Marvin's remark elicited a small smile form Julie Ann. She watched Marvin's eyes as the blouse slid down her arms revealing a seriously engineered brassier holding up a serious amount of tit flesh. Her long skirt fell to the floor and Rebecca began working on the fastenings the held the brassier in place.

Julie Ann stood in front of Marvin, and the world, wearing dark pantyhose with white panties underneath, buckled shoes with 2" heels, and the massive white bra. There was a small roll of fat above the waistband of the pantyhose, but the half naked woman was clearly not seriously overweight. She was just short and built to deliver and feed babies. Marvin focused on her prominent pubic mound and the serious bulge her pudenda made in the crotch of the panties. "Oh my God," he croaked, "I do hope you enjoy fucking. I'll expect some serious helpings of that plush pussy on a regular basis."

Julie Ann blushed from head to tits and moved to block Marvin's rapt stare, but Rebecca swatted her hands away. "He likes it, idiot, sell it! Flaunt it!" She advised.

The bra finally yielded to Rebecca's assault. The straps slid over Julie Ann's slumped shoulders and down her arms revealing her sagging 44-triple-E milk factories. Breasts that size had to sag, gravity still worked on planet Earth. Each breast was tipped with a massive, silver dollar sized areola and a nipple the size of a grape. They looked positively gargantuan on her small frame.

Marvin grabbed a loose chair and sat down, motioning Julie Ann to step closer. Examining the red welts on her ribs and tits inflicted by the bra he asked Julie Ann, "That brassier has to be torture! Why do you wear such a thing?"

"As uncomfortable as the bra may be, if I let these things go bouncing around under my blouse, they hurt even more." Julie Ann answered.

Marvin reached toward one of the fleshy mounds, stopped his hand several inches short, and looked into Julie Ann's eyes for permission. She was surprised both by the fact that he wanted to touch them, and moreover by the fact he didn't just grab them like an overeager schoolboy. Julie Ann maintained eye contact as she walked to the questing hand and leaned into its grasp.

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