The Starbucks Incident

by deGaffer

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Science Fiction, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Marvin Clark finds himself present at a pickup. The good news? The Confederacy is willing to promote him ahead of schedule. The bad news? Some carefully laid plans have gone awry.

This story is set in the Swarm Cycle Universe created by Thinking Horndog. Any resemblance between the content of this story or any of the characters depicted herein and real persons or events is probably coincidental.

This is my first attempt at posting a story. It has truly been a humbling and learning experience. I am very grateful to Mulligan, Duke of Ramus, and of course Thinking Horndog for their patient help and encouragement. Any errors, omission, or left turns are mine alone. They tried, I didn't always listen.

The characters in this tale are taken from a much larger work-in-progress that is much too big for a first attempt. Think of this as the pilot for a series. The encouraging response I have received from readers is motivating me to complete The Librarian and get it posted.

"What the hell?" Marvin Clark was at his usual patio table at Starbucks and the parking lot just faded away. Marvin got to his feet and looked around. His ROTC training took over and he scanned the area for threats.

One registered immediately. A very large brunette with startling grey eyes and impossible tits followed a small gaggle of geeks out of the restaurant. "Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please."

'Like anyone was going to be capable of ignoring her size and penetrating voice, ' Marvin thought. 'Shit, I'm so unprepared. Sasha and Millie are in class across campus. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I should have anticipated something random like this instead of expecting everything to go according to Lesa's timetable.'

"My name is Corporal Miller." The striking Amazon continued, "I'm here to invite you to a small soiree being hosted by the Confederacy. For the slow among you, this is a Confederacy pickup." In a softer voice she said, "Professor Naveen Avalareddy, would you and your party care to step back inside." Miller was addressing the focus of the milling geeks; most of whom wore blank stares.

"Ladies," Miller's voice was back to full volume, "I strongly suggest you make whatever mental and physical adjustment you think appropriate and make your way inside, unless being a dickhead's lunch appeals to you." She seemed genuinely disappointed when she added, "Sadly, there are no women volunteers here. You gentlemen may find it easier to remain out here."

Cpl. Miller stepped away from the door to allow the geeks and a few women back inside. She was alert and ready to intervene if anyone decided to be extra stupid. A puzzled expression passed across her face, she checked the display on her PDA, and made her way over to stand in front of Marvin where she politely asked in a soft, pleasant voice, "May I see your CAP card, please sir?"

Smiling, Marvin reached for his wallet. "You seem to have some incredibly good surveillance and intelligence sources, Corporal," Marvin remarked as he handed her his card.

Cpl. Miller dropped her reader onto his card and drilled past the 7.1 overall score looking for a reason such an athletic man would be disinterested in colonial service. "I don't understand why you're not on our pickup alert list, sir. Perhaps our intelligence service is not as good as you seem to think. Is there something we should know?"

Taking his card back, "I was planning to graduate and join as an infantry officer, not as a grunt. No offense." Accepting Miller's curt nod, he explained, "My family has a history of military service. I am already a black sheep for not getting an appointment to West Point."

She looked at her PDA and added, "Your ROTC commander has noted exceptional improvement in your leadership skills in your last two field exercises." She was quiet for a moment, appearing to commune with an inner spirit guide. "Understood," she said to no one present; which freaked Marvin just a bit. When she again focused those deep, gray eyes on Marvin's blue ones she continued, "I am pleased to offer you a commission as Second Lieutenant in the Confederacy Marines pending the completion of your studies at a training colony. Will you please join the others inside?"

"That sounds great! I'd love to accept, but my women aren't with me today," Marvin wasn't quite desperate, but clearly upset.

"That's unfortunate. I'm not in a position to help with that. Maybe Sgt. Budzinski can be of assistance. He's in charge of this cluster fuck." Miller didn't touch Marvin, but he felt as though she were pushing him to the entrance.

A young giant in the center of the room got Marvin's attention and saluted after he approached. "Sir, if you would select your four concubines, we can get you quickly on your way."

"Sgt. Budzinski?" Marvin was a little puzzled by this individual's young appearance.

The young man apologized and explained, "No, sorry for not introducing myself, sir, I'm Pvt. Williams. Sgt. Budzinski is over there briefing the brain trust we were sent to retrieve."

"Thank you, private." Marvin dismissed Williams and started making his way to the commotion at the far side of the order pick up window.

"Sir," Pvt. Williams acknowledged before returning to his post.

Budzinski was clearly in heavy weather. "No Professor, you cannot go home to get your wife before we leave. The same goes for the rest of you. All of you need to pick from what's available here, now."

The two younger selectees were too dazed for independent action. They were following the lead of the two older men.

The sergeant turned to the row of hopefuls. It ranged from teenyboppers and rather good-looking coeds to mature women in a range of heights and widths. Articles of clothing were disappearing at random up and down the row revealing flesh like the twinkling of stars appearing in the night sky as the evening light fades. "Ladies, these eggheads don't appear to be interested in selecting any of you. Can I get some volunteers to show them the benefits of female companionship?"

Two of the women broke ranks and approach the cluster of middle-aged men and geeks. After a brief conference in the row of women, two more stepped out and selected a target. The athletic, middle-aged soccer mom leading the advance was leaving a trail of clothing as she approached Prof. Avalareddy.

Wearing only a pair of flowery flip-flops and a big smile, she stood in front of the shocked man and began removing his clothing after a brief kiss.

Perceiving an opening, Marvin spoke from behind Sgt. Budzinski, "Excuse me, Sergeant."

Budzinski whirled around impossibly fast, weapon drawn. "Who the fuck are you, and why aren't you ... Oh, excuse me Lieutenant." Sgt. Budzinski holstered his weapon and saluted, "I was otherwise occupied and the AI didn't break in to brief me. We have an above average selection of concubine candidates for such a small pickup. Would you care for some advice in picking out four of them?"

"Thank you sergeant, that's very kind of you. May I ask a couple of questions, first?" Marvin responded.

"Certainly, sir. But, I'm TRYING to be in a hurry, here." He replied, glaring at the men being molested by the four mostly nude women.

"Firstly, and the most confusing, why is everyone saluting me and calling me 'sir'?" Marvin asked.

Budzinski seem genuinely puzzled that an officer would ask such a seemingly stupid question. "There is a long military history of showing respect to officers by saluting them and calling them 'sir', sir."

Marvin had to laugh, further exasperating the sergeant. "I'm very much aware of the history and customs of the military, but I'm not an officer."

"You're not?" Budzinski briefly displayed the same stance of communing with a higher power that Miller had expressed earlier. "It's a provisional rank, but my records show that you ARE Acting Second Lieutenant Marvin Clark. I'm advised that you verbally accepted your commission minutes ago. Has there been a mistake or misunderstanding? Sometimes I think the term 'Artificial Intelligence' is as much of an oxymoron as 'Military Intelligence'."

"I..." Marvin took a step back almost as though he had been struck. He replayed his earlier exchange in his head before continuing, "Yes, sergeant, I believe I did at that. I considered it tentative at the time, but upon review can see no other interpretation of what I actually said. I'm impressed by the speed and efficiency the Confederacy has for processing and disbursing paperwork."

"The AI's sometime make life easier," Sgt. Budzinski gave Marvin one of his rare smiles. "That resolved: my second question is more of a request. The two women I had expected to emigrate with are not present. What are my options?" Marvin asked anxiously.

Marvin was a bit distracted by the completion of blowjobs by two of the less adventurous volunteers. Glancing around, Marvin didn't spot Soccer Mom, but did see a stark naked blonde sitting on the counter pressing the face of one of the selectees into her brown bush.

"Not many, I'm afraid, sir. One of my men is nothing more than a trainee. I cannot risk breaking the force field to allow anyone else in." Sgt. Budzinski paused a moment to allow this information to sink in. "A pickup of children under fourteen is routine, but a pickup of individual adults is rarely authorized, very rarely indeed. Transport off Earth is pretty much a one-way journey. No one who is taken is ever released back into the wild, as it were. It can mean death for anyone who cannot deal with the realities of colony life."

Turning to face the sex show, Sgt. Budzinski continued. "Before any of the ladies who accept the role of concubine leave on my transport beam, I will personally ensure that they have volunteered their services as sex slaves and have been advised that they can never change their minds or return home."

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