Payment for Services Rendered

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: She needed to pay for some work i did for her.

It was an absolutely marvelous blowjob, made all the more satisfying by it being so totally unexpected. Adding to the excitement was the behavior of the young lady doing the sucking - I had my tongue in her cunt and she was going nuts. All in all the experience was well worth the $101.62 that it was going to cost me. Don't get me wrong, the young lady, Marci was her name, was not a prostitute, someone in the business of selling sex for money, she was just settling a debt.

The story started two days ago when a man came into the shop where I work and bought himself a receiver hitch and an electronic brake control. He was going to rent a trailer and haul a car to his parent's house. He told me he had all the tools necessary to install the items himself and so I gave him a few tips on how to do it and he left. The next day he was back and said he couldn't seem to get the hitch to fit or the brake control to work and he asked me how much I would charge to install both correctly. I gave him a price and set up an appointment for him to bring his truck in on the following day. He told me that he had to work, but that his wife worked just up the street and she would drop it off in the morning. Then he asked me if I could drive her to work and then possibly pick her up after the job was done. Since she worked within three blocks of my shop I told him that it wouldn't be a problem. When Marci dropped off the truck the next morning I recognized her. I'd seen her several times in the neighborhood café at lunchtime and occasionally after work. She was a fairly good looking woman, a little heavy for my taste, not fat mind you, more on the order of pleasingly plump, but I like my women a little thinner. I have always been a believer in the saying, "The closer the bone, the sweeter the meat." I drove her to work and when I dropped her I asked her if it would be all right if I just waited until the end of the day before bringing the truck back to her and she said that it would work for her.

The day was a long one; for some reason it just seemed to drag on. A couple of times during the day I thought of Marci and I found myself remembering one time when I had seen her in the café bending over the pool table to take a shoot. She had on a loose top and had not been wearing a bra and I had seen her tits hanging loose and free. I remembered that the nipples had seemed to be extremely large and I found myself wondering if it had just been my imagination or if they really were big and all of a sudden I had a hardon. Off and on for the rest of the day I would wonder about Marci's tits and get a woodie. Just before quitting time I called the number she had given me and when she answered I asked her if she could break free to drive me back to the shop if I brought the truck over to her. She told me that her office had been closed for half an hour and she had just been waiting for me to call or show up. I told her I would be right over and I locked up the shop, grabbed the work order and drove over to get her. When I got there she let me in and told me it would be a minute before she was ready to go; she was the last one out and she had to make sure everything was locked and the security system was set. I handed her the work order and she gave me a questioning glance, "What's this?" she asked. I told her it was the bill for the work I had done on her husband's truck. "Didn't he pay for this already?" she asked. I told her no, that he had paid for the parts when he bought them, but that he owed me for the labor and miscellaneous shop supplies. "Shit!" He was supposed to have taken care of this." She grabbed her purse and dug around in it for a few moments before looking at me and saying, "I don't have that much money on me and my husband has the check book." She turned to face me and gave me a little smile; "I don't suppose you would settle for a blow job?" I thought she was joking. Two can play this game I thought, and I said, "That might cover half of it, but you would have to let me eat your pussy to cover the other half." That must have caught her off guard because she stared at me in silence for a few moments. Then her fingers moved to her blouse and she said, "Deal!"

And that's how I came to be on my back with a sweet tasting pussy pushing down at my mouth and a hungry mouth swallowing my cock. Marci had cum twice and her wet juices were flowing down onto my face and I kept working on her juicy box hoping that as long as I kept eating her she would keep sucking on me. I was getting the greatest blowjob I'd ever received and I never wanted it to end. Marci did things with her tongue and lips that made my cock feel like it was being caressed with feathers and I was concentrating all my will power on keeping my cock from exploding in her mouth. I am not kidding for one minute when I say I never wanted it to end. I would have been perfectly willing to lay there and let Marci work on me all night and into the n

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