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Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Historical, Humiliation, First, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: The people in line for the movie were strange and bizarrely dressed, to make matters worse, everyone seemed to know that James and Lisa were virgins! How could they know? Why were they SO sure that they would lose their virginity before the movie was over! It was insane! And why did that nearly naked man wrapped in gold keep pestering Lisa? She was terrified and aroused as she backed into James' erection.

Please understand that the activities presented here are unsafe and illegal. I wouldn't do them and neither should you. They make a great pretext for an interesting story, but acting out fantasy pretexts is a great way to ruin your life or wind up dead or both.

So don't do anything unsafe described here or in any work of adult fiction, even though it might look pretty good at the time.

To be specific: Unsafe means nothing with blood or blood products in it goes from anyone else inside you. Semen, pre-cum, and regular blood all count.

I'm being blunt here because I used to know 14 people who are now dead because what they did turned out to be unsafe. And that is not a fictional statement.

Story Comment: This is a work of fantasy fiction. It is based on some true-life experiences as many will recognize who shared them. My thanks to all who inspired them, especially all the young girls who bared their bras and more, especially the three blondes one midnight when I was only 22 who have always had my everlasting thanks.

I met Lisa in the very long outdoor line for a midnight showing of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" in the late 1970's on the

North Side of Chicago when it was playing at the Biograph

Theater. If you've seen the movie "Fame" you have an inkling of what the live stage shows for "Rocky Horror" were like, but

"Fame" portrays what the shows were diluted to in the late '80's, in the "70's, it was rawer and more powerful; the action started on the outside as you waited to get in, and the number of people in costume was much larger than the film would have led you to expect.

Nearly everyone in the audience had brought some kind of prop, except the "virgins", those who had not seen the show before.

Official members of the onstage show, those actually paid by the theater to be there, went up and down the line asking people "Are you a virgin?" as loud as they could. I was stunned to see people, younger than I was shouting "No, I'm no fucking virgin" and holding out toast, or a newspaper, or a water pistol as proof, or even some women, mostly blondes, tearing open their blouses to show white foundation bra's. Some even wore skimpier bras.

I found this behavior bizarre and sexy, and the costumes, some transsexual, very disturbing. I was supposed to meet some friends there who were coming on the Howard Line and I was saving them a spot in line. They were supposed to explain things to me and had warned me that the wait in line might be strange, but not to worry, I would love the show.

Right behind me stood a gorgeous redhead, about 5'11". I'm 6'2" and this busty dream with penetrating but frightened green eyes and legs up to her ears was even more erotic than the girls tearing off their tops, even though her pink fuzzy sweater revealed nothing.

But her sweater was one of those fuzzy soft ones, popular at the time, that made a guy ache to feel it just on its own, and her breasts, full and lush, were almost impossible to touch.

The cast seemed to sense her fear and screamed at people near her, getting closer and closer, but not quite asking her the key question.

Suddenly, a nearly naked man, with only part of a sheet wrapped around his waist, came within inches of her, beefcake thrusting at her breasts and leered, intensely, and loudly, "I'll bet


"NO!" She shouted as he reached for her breasts and backed into my hard-on. "I mean, yes, I'm a virgin! What kind of guy are you to even ask anyway!" Her face turning bright red, her chest, the part visible and neck flushing, her nostrils flaring her hands gripping mine for support.

"I'm the kind that makes virgins into women!" he laughed darkly,

"You may be a virgin now, but you won't be by the end of the show! Isn't that right everyone!"

To her astonishment everyone cheered! Even ordinary people who seemed harmless cheered. She looked stunned. She backed even tighter into me, seemingly oblivious that she was backing her valley right into my cock through her clothes. I felt her shake and grip me even tighter.

I whispered in her ear. "Don't worry, I hate to admit it, but

I'm a virgin too. Even so, I won't let anything happen to you during this show, if I have to hurt someone to prevent it. Or get hurt in the process. But I think he's all talk. I think they are trying to just juice up the crowd."

She relaxed a little. Then I felt like I had to say it.

"I'm not complaining. You're so beautiful that I'm about ready to ask you to marry me just on general principles, but are you aware how close we are to actually losing our virginity together right now?"

Suddenly she realized that she had backed her sweat pants so completely into mine, that she was on the verge of pushing her pussy lips around my erection and actually letting me penetrate through the layers of fabric an inch or two.

She froze. "Oohh. I, I, I didn't mean to. I was so scared.

God, you're not almost in me. You are in me a little. You, if you pushed even a little, you would have. She eased off."

"Wait a second, I am really hard, you were wet, and I'm ramrod straight. If you pull away too fast everyone will assume I WAS completely inside you. Give me a second to get less excited."

"O.K. Thank you for, for not doing it." She paused. "Why didn't you? I mean, I'm grateful, but if you had I couldn't have blamed you, I would have assumed it was a complete accident, and that it was that other guys fault."

"But it wouldn't have been. It would have been my fault. I wanted to. I've never wanted to do anything more in my life than fuck you even through fabric. I think I would have come immediately and some of my semen would have gone through the fabric and if I was really lucky..."

"Gulp, you would have knocked me up alright. I'm almost certainly ovulating tonight."

"Damn. Nice guys finish last once again. Shit."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I wasn't kidding when I said I almost proposed to you on principle. You are without a doubt the most beautiful young woman I have ever met. Your eyes, man, your eyes are so sexy, I can hardly believe it. I could swim in your eyes forever. They are just so sweet. They look so kind, and your voice, so, so very sexy. And the rest of you. I was just standing in line and you got me harder than I've ever been. Ever."

"No." She squeaked a little. "Wait a second, you haven't even mentioned my breasts! Don't you like them?"

"Oohh, yes. They're perfect. And your legs seem to go up forever. And your ears, like an elfin girl. And your skin, so white, so creamy, so soft, and those light freckles." And then I put my arms around her and pulled her back to me. I kissed the back of her neck and she melted into my arms. Unbelievable.

Things like this do not happen to me.

"I like you. I don't even know your name, but you make me feel safe and you like the things I like about me first. I can't believe you said my eyes first. Wait, what color are they?"

"Mostly green, with a band of gold around the green, with little flecks of red and blue. Just amazing."

"But you were mostly turned away from me!"

"Yeah, but for a few minutes we were standing next to the movie posters and I was looking at you in the glass reflection. Then when that guy was hassling you I turned around and got a good look. When he said that he bet that you were not a virgin your eyes got really big, really, really big.

He was lucky. If I hadn't been so distracted by how beautiful you were I would have kicked him where the sun don't shine."

Then she laughed a laugh I will never forget. Easy and free and happy and musical and totally at ease.

"Is it safe for me to turn around ?"


"James, I like James. Not Jim?"

"Not usually. One of my friends has claimed Jim. For some reason people prefer to call me James. I think it is because I grew up being exceptionally polite. And yes, I think it is safe for you to turn around ?"

"Lisa. Good. I think you should be rewarded for your gallantry.

Besides, I think I like you. I like you a lot and I want to try something." Then she turned around, slid her hands up to my face, around the back of my head, playing with my hair and kissed me.

Lisa may have been a virgin, but she was a great kisser. Really great. I was not that experienced for reasons that I won't drive you to tears with. Its another, very sad story, but I just followed Lisa's lead and as she slowly sucked on my lower lip I gently tugged on hers. Tongues followed.

Soon I did my one trick where I sealed my mouth over hers and breathed into her and gently pulled her breath into my lungs, which I find very intimate and erotic. We did that while French kissing several times until we got light headed and I drew in some fresh air through my nose and she figured out to do the same.

"Aha! I knew it! Not only won't you be a virgin by the end of the show, you might even be pregnant!" It was that jerk again, I wanted to kill him.

"Hey, buddy, leave my girl alone or I'll run you in for indecent exposure, but I won't charge you for 36 hours and you'll miss all the weekend shows and then have to wait another day to get arraigned. Is that what you want?" He suddenly looked terrified.

"I didn't think so." "Go pick on someone who'll have fun with it."

I got minor applause from the group around us.

"My hero!" Lisa squealed. "I didn't know you were a police officer."

"I'm not, but I've played one on the stage," I smirked.

"What! You really faked him out! That was wonderful! But what if he reports you, couldn't you get arrested for impersonating an officer?"

"Nope," I smiled, "I never said I was a police officer. I implied that I could arrest him and I could. I know the correct formula for making a citizen's arrest in the State of Illinois.

It's risky, I could get sued if I arrested someone wrongfully.

But I could arrest him if I wanted to. I "might" be wrong about being able to hold him without a charge, but then I would just be, er, mistaken. A citizen is not expected to know everything about the law after all."

"That is so funny. You get another kiss for that. Who knows, maybe I'll even give my virginity up during the show after all."

Now it was my turn to squeak. I think my voice rose three octaves. "Ple-ease don't joke about that. I'm really turned on.

It's a good thing this movie is looking like it is going to be so bizarre. If it was really sexy we would be in real trouble."

Putting her hands in mine she looked up to me with doe-like eyes and said, "yeah". But let's sit in the back in case we have to escape.

It was 11:45 and the line finally started to move. There must have been 450 people in line by now, on a Friday night at


"So how come such a pretty girl is here all alone? I'd think you'd have dozens of guys dying to bring you to a movie?"

"Not so many as you think. A lot of guys think I'm too tall. I was supposed to meet four girlfriends here tonight but I think they blew me off. They were meeting a friend who couldn't come for drinks and I bet they got wasted early and forgot."

"I'm in the same boat. My friends didn't show either, maybe my friends hooked up with yours!" We both laughed at that idea.

Your friends weren't going to On Broadway, (a local blues club), were they?"

Lisa stared at me with her big green eyes. "No, say it isn't so,


"Watch, right now your slutty friends are sleeping with my slutty friends," she moaned.

"Your friends are slutty?" Oops, that was tactless.

"Compared to me, yeah. I've been fighting a losing battle with preserving my virginity. I'm Roman Catholic, and I want to wait for marriage, or at least for the guy I'm going to marry, but my friends are making it harder and harder all the time.

Particularly my room mate. She could out sell Simon and

Garfunkle if she put out an album called "The Sounds of Sex".

"Funny, very funny. Yeah, I have a bad case of Roman Catholic virginity too. I'm really tired of it. I really didn't mean to stay a virgin this long, but something bad happened in college and it made it hard for me to date seriously. It was just too painful."

"A bad breakup?"

"You might say that. I was in love with her and she was killed in an accident. It sort of ripped my heart out. We had just about worked our trust levels up to the point of doing it, we had this whole theology of sex and souls mixing idea in our heads, and then she died."

"I can't imagine that. I'm sorry. I wouldn't be rebound girl would I?"

"No. I've been out with a lot of girls since then, but I've always thought because there's always a risk of pregnancy with sex that you should avoid sex with anyone but those that you thought would make at least a good partner."

"So when you really wanted to have sex with me, that was just biological wasn't it? Just an impulse."

"No. I'm not a crazy stalker type guy who fixates on anyone he meets. But no. It wasn't just an impulse either, it was an emotional judgment, that could be wrong, that we would be great together kids or no kids. You're only the second person I've met in five years I've felt that way about."

"What about the other girl?" Lisa couldn't help caring and being a little jealous.

"Already married to a really nice guy." Another rule is that I never, ever interfere with a relationship in progress."

We were finally getting near the ticket window.

Lisa squeezed my hand really tight. "I think we should sit together and go out after the movie."

"I was going to ask, but I'm glad you asked first. It makes me feel like what I am feeling might not be all in my imagination."

"No, it's not. You make me feel excited and give me that warm butterfly feeling and, I can't believe I'm even saying these words out loud, but when I realized that you were nearly inside me, I had, I had, my first real orgasm. It wasn't huge, but it was real. I can't let that pass without knowing you better, "Who was that masked man?" isn't going to make it for me."

I almost fell over laughing. I whispered, "Hi, Ho Orgasm, It's the Lone Penetrator!"


"O.K. I'll be good, I..."

"I don't know yet if I want you to be good, or naughty."

We got our tickets and went into the theater. It was really full, we either had to sit way up in front, or pretty far in back. I suggested we sit near the back on the right side which was away from where most of the traffic coming in to the back of the theater came from.

The lights went down and they started the pre-show with "Hello

Virgins!" As they celebrated the people who had seen the show several hundred times we gradually got the idea that at this show a "virgin" was someone who had never seen the show or the antics built into the audience participation.

I whispered to Lisa "The man in the towel was right, we would no longer be Rocky Horror virgins by the end of the show."

She responded by rubbing my crotch, "He might have been even righter than that."

I shuddered again, and then I kissed her, hard. We necked in the dark while the audience started clapping waiting for the movie to start.


Then it happened. The sensual red lips started singing the opening number and we realized that we were in for more than we bargained for.

Every time the audience screamed at the action onstage we got a little jolt, sometimes Lisa got a little harder Jolt. When Brad and Janet watched the wedding she squeezed my hand hard. Then the show started getting really exciting.

I loved "There's a light over at the Frankenstein place" and since the audience was singing it I felt free to harmonize with it, which I did instinctively. Interesting lyrics, but the song had a hauntingly beautiful arrangement.

"Wow, you can really sing," Lisa whispered.

"I'm inspired by my sexy girlfriend."

"I'm your girlfriend?"


"Yeah, I'm your girlfriend, but be good to me. I'm about as experienced as you are."



"I'll be really nice to you then, and you can ask me anything, any thing. Never be afraid to ask me something, even if you are afraid of the answer, I will be honest with you."

"You keep this up and you will be stuck with me."


Lisa was not prepared for that and did a quick intake of breath, tightened her grip on my hand and then pulled it to her breast.

"Rub me, gently, but be discrete, I don't want anyone to notice you touching my breasts."

I pulled Lisa to me so that she was facing the wall more than the screen, and gently let my fingers and hands do the walking across her breasts, stopping at the nipples and making small circles around them until her nipples got stiff beneath her bra. The soft fuzzy sweater made the whole thing softer.

"I wish I had an excuse to take your sweater off." "Me too."

Just then, to our astonishment, Susan Sarandon started singing,

"Toucha-Toucha-Toucha-Touch Me, I Wanna Be Dirty" and at least 40 to 50 women jumped up in their seats, stripped off their shirts and started rubbing their tits over their bras. One or two even had bra "accidents" and were rubbing their bare breasts.

"James! Take my sweater off!"

I pulled her sweater off and she danced in her seat like the others, I turned around and faced her from below grabbing her breasts through her bra, which was soft and thin, almost transparent and flicking her areolae and stiffening nipples.

Since no one was in our row, I slid her sweats and panties down and took her slit into my mouth in one go, she sang the chorus with a scream, and some turned around, but no one could see that her clit was being tongued because we were so far back.

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