The Qdoba Girl

by Geek of Ages

Copyright© 2008 by Geek of Ages

Flash Sex Story: A horny girl posted online about getting fucked on her lunch break. Our protagonist decides to help her out, and just maybe gave her a little something to remember the encounter by.

Caution: This Flash Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Pregnancy   .

So I was sitting there browsing through Craigslist one evening, looking through the personals. It'd been a while since I'd gotten laid, and wanted to see if there was actually anything on there that wasn't a bot. While looking, I saw a post that read "Fuck me on my lunch break".

Thinking this was a little unusual, I clicked on the link to read. Basically, the girl was saying how she hadn't been laid in a long time, wanted a good No-Strings-Attached fuck, and wanted to do it over her lunch break in the back of her car. I figured it was a scam, but then I noticed she had a picture attached--of a sexy girl wearing a Qdoba uniform. I was still doubtful that she was real, but I said to hell with it and sent out a "Hello, I'd like to fuck you" message with my "can get spammed" e-mail account. I also like asking some sort of stupid question a first-grader could answer: "how many legs does a spider have?", "what's the plural of woman?"; that way, I can identify the bots.

Within an hour, I got a response saying my question was funny, and she wanted to know what I looked like. I sent her a picture, and she sent back one of herself wearing half of her Qdoba uniform--the top half. The bottom half was nude, her legs spread, shaved pussy on full display. She tagged along a little note, "This is what you get to fuck tomorrow!"

I didn't whack off at all that night, knowing I wanted to keep a full load for the Qdoba girl.

The next day, I drove on over to her Qdoba a little after one, since her lunch break would start at 1:30. I had a lucky break--she was the one taking orders. I walked up to her with a smile, and her smile indicated she recognized me. She asked me what I wanted and I told her I wanted some nachos.

She giggled. "I'll be on lunch break in about five minutes, if that's cool?"

"Yeah, sure," I said, then went to sit down.

Within five minutes, she had disappeared from behind the register, and came up to me in the restaurant, still wearing her cute little uniform. "Come on, let's do this," she said with a smile.

While we were walking out to her car is when I got a really good look at her. She was probably only about 5'3 or so, but a pretty thin body. Her boobs were only mediumish, probably a B-cup. She had straight brown hair that hung to her shoulders. She wasn't some supermodel or porn actress or anything, but she looked pretty good. And her face was cute--you know the type, where whenever she smiles you just want to blow your wad all over it? Yeah, one of those.

She showed me to her car, a simple thing that was probably about five or six years old, and we climbed in. We weren't about to fuck in front of the restaurant! Instead, we were going to head to behind a Wal-mart close by, since we figured we'd get some privacy there.

As we were driving, I decided to speak up. "So, do you do this often?"

She giggled. "Nope, it's my first time. Not like, having sex or anything."

"But your first Internet hookup."


"Mine too."

"Cool." Clearly, the chemistry just wasn't happening. Either that, or she was the quiet type. Either way, so long as I got some pussy, I really didn't care.

"So, if I may ask, why do you want to do this?"

"'Cause I thought it'd be fun. Anyways, I've never fucked in the back of a car before. You?"

"I can't lie--I wanna get laid."

"Then I hope you're ready, 'cause we're here." We were sitting in one of those kinda cramped semi-parking lots behind a Wal-mart. She shut off the car, and turned to me. "Let's move to the back seat."

She didn't need to ask twice as she climbed back.

I made to follow her but she held up a hand. "Hold on a moment." She reached down and undid her pants and pulled them and her panties down, exposing her neat little shaved pussy. "You get on top of me," she said as she laid out on the seat. She was still wearing her uniform shirt and the silly little visor they have to wear.

As I awkwardly got in position between her legs--also spread awkwardly--she was able to reach forward and undo my jeans, tugging at them. I pulled them down enough to free my already-hard cock. Since her cuntlips were glistening wet, I figured she wasn't too keen on foreplay.

"Stick it in me," she said.

"What about a condom?" I asked, guiding myself to her hole.

"Don't worry about it," she replied, shifting her ass a little to make it easier to guide me in.

I started pushing, slowly sliding myself into her. Holy fuck, she was tight, and definitely wet. "Are you on the Pill?"

"No," she admitted as I bottomed out in her cunt. She gave a soft little moan. "Oh god, that feels so much better than fingers."

It was definitely a little cramped in the backseat of her car, but I pulled out a little, then thrust back in, building a slow rhythm. "What if you get pregnant?"

"Don't worry about it," she said, punctuated with moans of pleasure. "I'll like, suck you off after you make me cum ... oh god, it feels so good."

Not wanting to press the point--since I didn't even know the slut's name--I just shut up and started thrusting more, eliciting gasps and moans of pleasure from her. I leaned forward and took her breasts in my hand, massaging them through the uniform.

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