A Favor for My Friend
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Cheating, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Your best friend has to go on a business trip, and asks you to keep an eye on her husband while she's gone. You wouldn't violate that trust would you? Of course not. But you might start having some feelings about him, and perhaps even talk them out with him on the phone, and then. But I guess you'll have to read the story to find out what happens after that.

"So, are you about ready for the big trip?" Paula was chatting on the phone with her best friend.

"Yeah, I guess so, but you know what? I'm still not sure I really want to go," Ann replied.

"Oh, come on, it's not gonna be that bad. I'll bet once you get into the swing of it, you'll be too busy to even think about home and Tom."

"You mean, you think I'll spend twenty hours a day on the computer? Honey, that sounds like you, not me."

Paula giggled, "OK, I'll admit it. I do tend to be a bit of a workaholic, especially when I'm writing code for a new feature. But don't forget how you get when you're digging through a dump. And that, my dear, is what you're mostly going to be doing for the next week."

"True," Ann sighed, "just think how much simpler my life would be if George hadn't talked Geico into buying our code."

"Right," Paula put in, her voice dripping sarcasm, "and if he hadn't talked Allstate or Farmers or State Farm into it, our life would be simpler still. In fact, so simple that we wouldn't have to worry about how to spend our paycheck every month."

"OK, you win," Ann laughed.

"But, Paula, there is something else," she added, "sort of a favor I'd like to ask. You know I've never spent more than a couple of days away from Tom, and, well, he's really used to having me around. I mean, I'm not sure he's even going to eat properly if I'm not there to fix him meals, and besides ... Oh, forget it."

"Besides what, Ann? Come on, you can tell me. We're best friends, aren't we?"

Paula's mind flashed back. She and Ann had been assigned to the same project three years ago, and they had hit it off immediately. After a few months she had talked Mark into inviting Ann and her husband, Tom, over for dinner. Then they started exchanging dinner invitations on a fairly regular basis.

She had to admit the guys weren't as close to each other as she and Ann were. It was only natural, she guessed. They were really quite different. Her husband, Mark, was a banker, while Tom was a construction foreman. White collar, blue collar; polished, rough. But they did get along, despite their differences.

Paula snapped out of her reverie. Ann was saying something.

" ... can tell you. I'm worried about him being lonely. I know he had lots of girlfriends before we got serious, and I don't want him to ... you know."

"I get the picture. Don't worry, Ann, we'll try to keep him occupied."

"Thanks, Paula, you don't know how much better that makes me feel!"

Paula had planned to talk to Mark about Ann's request as soon as they got to bed. But Mark had other plans. He wanted to make love. Well, actually, Paula thought, that was a sort of a euphemism. What Mark really wanted was SEX. The first few months they had been married were great. He really seemed tuned in to her needs, and eager to make it good for her. But now they'd been married nearly four years, and for most of that time "making love" was focused entirely on him. It was him getting horny, him humping wildly, him coming. For her part, she mostly just lay there and took it.

She did love Mark, and she didn't really mind all that much doing what he wanted. She liked to think of it as a little present she gave him two or three times a week. So tonight, as usual, she rolled over long enough to grab the tube of KY she kept at the side of the bed, rubbed a goodly amount onto her pussy to replace the natural lubrication she knew wouldn't come, then rolled onto her back and spread her legs. As usual, he snorted and puffed and pounded for fifteen minutes, then rolled off of her once he had come, and fell asleep almost immediately.

Definitely no chance to talk. Well, it was only Friday, and Ann wasn't leaving until Sunday. Saturday night Ann and Tom came over for dinner, but Paula managed to steer the conversation away from any discussion of what Tom might be doing after Ann left.

Saturday night in the darkness of their bedroom seemed the perfect time to bring the subject up, though Paula had no intention of telling Mark everything that Ann had told her. Ann's concern that Tom might feel like straying, for example, would go unsaid, though Mark might come to that thought on his own.

"Mark, honey, I got to thinking tonight, while Ann and Tom were here, what is Tom going to be doing with himself while Ann is gone? I'll bet he's not even a very good cook."

Mark chuckled. "I could believe that. Can you picture him chopping vegetables, or keeping a pot from boiling over, or washing dishes?"

They both laughed quietly at the thought of that.

"Maybe we should invite him over for dinner a couple of times."

"Sure, Ann, that would be great, if you don't mind."

"I don't mind, really. Of course you know I don't always come home early, but I can be here, I mean I will be here, if we're planning to have him over. My schedule's nothing if not flexible."

"Just one thing," she added after a pause, "I don't know why, but I feel kind of awkward asking him. Would you be willing to do it?"

"Sure, no problem. Any particular times I should avoid?"

"Oh, I guess Mondays are my hardest days. Other than that, whatever."

"OK, I'll talk to him and tell you what we come up with."

Sunday night Mark told her that Tom would be over on Tuesday.

Monday night was SEX night again, but something weird happened. She actually enjoyed it. Not like a gigantic orgasm, or anything, but it did feel nice. She'd been kind of worrying on and off during the day, back in one corner of her mind, about Tuesday night. What would it feel like to have Tom there, and not Ann? Would it be awkward? But when Mark climbed on top of her and shoved his hard rod into her, she banished all such thoughts and focused on what he felt like going in and out, in and out.

Tuesday the thoughts came back, and pushed their way front and center in her mind. Why was this bothering her so much, she wondered. Finally she had to face the truth. Tom was a very attractive guy in his rough way. It had never been a problem with Ann there, but tonight ... If he should be on the prowl, as Ann had been afraid he might be, and if she was feeling frisky about him, watch out!

Obviously, she'd just have to make sure she kept herself in control, and she'd better be sure to stick close to Mark, too.

Unfortunately, coming face to face with her problem didn't solve it. In fact it seemed to make it worse. By now she was fantasizing that every time Mark turned his back, Tom would rub her ass, or look her up and down in a way that made it clear he was imagining her without any clothes on. She couldn't focus on her work at all.

Lunch was no better. The team always ate lunch together, and she and Ann were the only women in the team. With Ann gone, the guys considered it a perfect opportunity to tease her. They really didn't go over the line, but she was extremely susceptible, and even the mildest innuendo would make her blush furiously. Naturally that just encouraged them.

By the time the lunch was over she was horny as hell, and had to retire to the ladies room for fifteen minutes of self-stimulation. After coming three times she felt like maybe she could get back to doing some real work, but no dice. The fantasies just kept overpowering her. She finally decided she might as well give up and go home. She rationalized that she needed extra time to get dinner ready.

Driving home, she suddenly realized that there was a most unusual and pungent odor, coming apparently from her own lap. Well, at least now she knew why she had needed to go home early. She was going to have to take a bath before dinner.

When she stripped her panties off, the crotch was sopping wet. Aghast, she buried the panties deep in the dirty clothes basket. She decided what she needed was a bubble bath, to get rid of the odor and replace it with perfume.

That got rid of the odor, all right, but luxuriating in the oily water didn't do a thing for the itch in her crotch. In her half-dozing state she didn't even realize that she had started to rub that itch. Soon she was fantasizing again, and her pelvis started jerking up and down as she pawed her clit and thought about what Tom's penis might look like. Tom was solidly built compared with her slender husband, and she imagined that he might be more solidly built down there, too.

Then she imagined watching Tom and Ann make love. Ann was getting louder and louder until finally she climaxed with a scream. Tom stopped until she came down from that, then started pumping again, and she came again. Suddenly Paula felt Tom's huge cock in HER pussy, and she was coming, over and over again. She had never come that hard in her entire life. When she finally calmed down she realized that she had three of her fingers shoved as far as possible up her vagina.

'What am I doing, ' she thought in horror as she jerked her fingers away. 'Well, ' the other side of her brain told her, 'at least now you've got that out of the way. From here on out you are definitely going to behave yourself.'

Actually, she felt like she did a pretty good job of it. She suppressed the crazy urge she had to wear her sexiest black lace panties and bra. Instead she wore cotton undies covered up with loose fitting slacks and a heavy blouse that buttoned up almost to her neck. Standing in front of the bedroom mirror she unfastened the top four buttons, and leaned forward to see what kind of a view that would give Tom, but she quickly buttoned them back up again.

When Tom arrived, she studiously avoided looking at his chest, though she kept wondering how much hair he had there. She stared at anything else to avoid staring at his crotch, while catching glimpses of it in her peripheral vision and wondering if that really was a bulge she thought she saw there.

She set Mark at the head of the table, of course, and sat at the foot herself so she could be as close as possible to the kitchen. That left Tom on the side, but fortunately it was a wide table, so he wasn't all that close to her. With Mark facing her across the table she felt reasonably safe. Oh, once she thought she felt something touch her knee, and it sent electric shocks up and down her body, but maybe it was just her imagination.

The conversation during dinner was somewhat forced, but they muddled through. Both guys had really sincere-sounding compliments for her on her beef stroganoff, and it was amazing how nice it felt to have two handsome guys competing for who could compliment her the most.

The biggest problem was their eyes. Every time she looked at Mark he was staring at her with a look that seemed to combine love with a lot of lust. She would soon find that so embarrassing that she would glance away, only to meet Tom's eyes, also focused on her; eyes that set off immediate warning bells in her skull. They were eyes that seemed to say he could see right past her surface mask to the passion beneath it, and eyes that reflected that passion magnified five fold. She knew that she had to wrench her eyes away from him immediately, or she would be lost. So she would look back at her husband, relieved that he was still staring at her and oblivious to the third pair of eyes at the table. The dance of the eyes continued, however, because soon the need to look into Tom's eyes would sweep over her with a power that she couldn't resist.

At last the meal was over, and she stood to clear the table.

"How about a movie?" Mark asked.

"Sure, sounds good," Tom replied, and the two of them headed into the living room to pick out a DVD.

Paula set down her load of dishes on the kitchen counter, and leaned forward against it, letting her forehead rest against the cupboard. She was shaking uncontrollably, and needed to hold herself up with her hands on the counter to keep from crumpling to the floor.

She finally pulled herself together, got two beers out of the refrigerator for the guys, and went out to see what movie they had picked. Thank goodness it wasn't anything sexy. In fact it was an old John Wayne movie. Well, what did she expect?

What she had feared even more than a sexy movie was the possibility that she might end up sitting next to Tom on the sofa but, to her relief, Tom had taken Mark's recliner, and Mark was on the end of the sofa closest to him. That meant Paula could sit next to her husband and be half hidden from Tom. Best of all, there was no way his eyes could bore into her without Mark seeing his naughty little game.

Soon the guys were absorbed in their movie, and nearly forgot about her. Paula, on the other hand, couldn't get the two of them out of her mind. She was snuggled up against Mark, with his arm around her shoulder. Both guys' eyes were glued to the tube, so she could explore their bodies with her eyes without any risk of being caught.

Looking down at her husband's lap she could just barely make out the outline of his limp tool. She imagined unzipping his pants, reaching in, and starting to fondle it. It would quickly grow longer and longer, and then she would roll over on top of him with her face in his lap. She would lick it and kiss the tip, and then start sucking it into her mouth. In her fantasy, Mark's cock was getting longer and harder than she had ever seen it. He was thrusting up against her, and shoving that long, long cock deep into her throat.

With a shudder she realized that wasn't really what she wanted, and she turned her gaze towards Tom. He had leaned back in the recliner, and put the footrest up, so was almost lying horizontally on his back. 'Oh, my God, ' she thought. There was a huge bulge at his crotch. Not the tenting effect of a guy with a hard-on, but the rounded igloo of a man who was really hung, with big balls and a fat dick. She thought she could make out the shape of a very large testicle on her side, with an arched effect above it.

She imagined him lying there naked, with her cheek resting against his belly. Her mouth was only a few inches from the foreskin that covered his tip. She blew lightly toward that fat worm, and watched in fascination as it responded, stretching and moving closer and closer to her mouth. Now the foreskin was sliding back, and she could see the purple tip it had been covering. God, but it was getting big! The head was now fully exposed, and was the size of a large juicy plum. It was almost touching her mouth, and she was going cross-eyed trying to look at it. She closed her eyes, and reached out toward it with her tongue. It felt warm to her tongue, and it jerked as she touched it. She opened her mouth wide and felt it slide in. Oh, Yes!

She rolled off the recliner, in her imagination, and landed with her knees on the floor and her mouth still holding the jerking prize she had caught. Tom started bucking up toward her, and she slid her lips down his shaft as far as possible. There was no way that monster was going to go down her throat, but she sucked it in as hard as she could, then released the vacuum so he could back out for the next stroke. She soon set up a pattern of suck, breathe, suck, breathe, suck.

Suddenly she thought she felt her slacks and panties being yanked down, and Mark mounting her from the rear. His long, long cock slid all the way up her cunt, until it was pushing against the entrance to her womb. Then he joined the pattern that she and Tom had established, pounding over and over into her cunt. The guys were both speeding up, now. suck, POUND, breathe, suck POUND breathe, suck-POUND-breathe, SUCK-POUND-breathe ... OHHH, OHHH, OHHHHH!

She lurched out of the sofa and left the room quickly. It had all seemed so real! She headed straight for the bathroom, locked the door, and stripped. Looking around for something she could use, she spotted a hair brush with a fat plastic handle. She shoved it up her hole and started pumping it in and out frantically. Meanwhile her other hand was pushing, pulling, twirling her clit. The pussy contractions started almost immediately, and built and built until she was jerking like a rag doll.

When it finally ended, she became acutely aware of the sour smell of her sweat mixed with the musky smell of her sex. She needed a bath so bad, but there was no way she could take one right now. She had already been gone for a suspiciously long time. So she sponged off quickly, dressed, and went out to the kitchen for two more beers. No, make it three; she needed one herself.

When she returned to the living room the guys grunted and thanked her for the beer, but made no other comment.

No way was Paula going to let herself get caught in another passion spiral like the one she had just gone through. This time she kept her own eyes glued to the TV, and tried to get into the movie. She hadn't watched enough John Wayne movies to know which one this was, but it didn't look like the plot was very complex, and coming in late wasn't going to be a major impediment.

That took them to the end of the movie, and when it was over they all agreed it was time to break up the party since tomorrow was a work day. The good-byes were quick, with only one moment of panic on Paula's part. Tom took her hand in both of his, and stared deep into her eyes as he thanked her for a very pleasing evening.

"Pleasing?" she thought after he left. Surely he meant to say "pleasant".

The night wasn't over for Paula and Mark, though. As she crawled into bed next to him, her earlier fantasies flooded back over her -- unzipping his pants, fondling his penis and watching it grow, licking and kissing it, and sucking it deep into her mouth. Then her fantasy of him taking her from behind and ramming his long, long rod into her until she came and came and came.

She groaned, and rolled up against him, worming her hand into his pajamas to start playing with his cock. She was breathing heavily, and her pelvis was jerking back and forth as she kissed his neck.

"Paula, honey, we just did this last night. Are you sure you want to do it again?"

"Yes, Mark, yes! I want you so much."

"Sure, baby, if you want it, you've got it."

And indeed his rod was stretching rapidly. She started pumping it, and soon it was throbbing in her hand. She let go long enough to grab his PJs with both hands and yank them down to his knees. Then she rolled onto her stomach with her knees under her and, reaching behind herself, grabbed her nightgown and pulled it up to her waist, exposing her bare ass.

"Take me from behind," she moaned, "NOW!"

He complied almost immediately, and god, did it feel good! No more fantasies or fingers or brushes. This was the real thing! Her cunt was already quivering. Now it was pulsing. Now she was falling apart as wave after wave of ecstasy hit her. Her moans turned into screams, and Mark responded by pounding furiously into her then letting it all come with a scream of his own. His cock jerked once, twice, three, four, five times. And every spurt brought a major contraction in her pussy.

Miracle of miracles, he didn't roll off and fall asleep immediately. Instead he stayed there, panting heavily, with his cock still inside her.

When he could finally speak he gasped, "Oh my god, Paula, I don't think we have ever had sex like that! That was fantastic!"

"Yes, it was, for me too."

By now Mark's cock had gone completely soft, and it popped out of her hole on its own. He slipped down on his side, facing her, and she turned to embrace him. They shared a long, tender, kiss.

As they separated, Paula whispered, "I want a baby."

Why in the world had she said that? She hadn't been thinking at all about getting pregnant. She had just opened her mouth and that had popped out. Paula had no idea where it had come from.

"So that's what this was all about! Honey, if you want a baby, and if it turns you on like this, then I'm 100% in favor."

Paula would have put her own percentage in favor much lower than that, but at least now Mark wasn't going to be probing for the real reason for her passion, and that was a major relief. Besides, maybe that was the real reason. Maybe, subconsciously, the normal female need to procreate was what had made her so hot all day. Maybe it wasn't really about Tom at all.

By the next morning she felt like a new woman. She walked into her office ready for anything. She was supposed to be providing multi-lingual support for messages, but the last two days she had gotten nowhere. She already had the design nailed down for European languages, but on Monday she started looking at Hebrew. Right to left? It made a shambles of her algorithm for splitting lines. It totally wiped out her data structures for substitutions.

Monday she had mostly stared at her screen and tried to rethink her design. Tuesday she had stared blankly at her screen with her mind and emotions totally absorbed in something completely unrelated to her job. But today she could get back to work. In fact she was making some real progress.

She decided to pass on lunch, and just kept working. By the time the guys came back she had the new design worked out in her head, and was starting to update her logic spec. Suddenly, some time in the middle of the afternoon, the phone rang, breaking her concentration. She was tempted to ignore it, but told herself it might be important.

"SoftClaims Inc, this is Paula."

She knew who was calling before she got halfway through that short greeting. She knew by the jackhammer sound in the background. It had to be Tom, calling from his construction site.

"Hi, Paula, this is Tom."

Her whole body had gone into overdrive, but she struggled to keep her voice casual. "Oh, hi, Tom, what's up?"

"I think we need to talk, Paula. Could you meet me for lunch tomorrow?"

"Talk? What about?" she stalled.

"Last night, as you know perfectly well. Please say yes."

"No, Tom, I don't think it's a good idea." At last her seething brain came up with an excuse. "What if somebody saw us, and it got back to Ann. I don't think she'd understand."

'Shit, not the right tone, ' Paula thought. 'I'm as much as admitting that there is something naughty going on here.'

"Well, OK, I can see your point. After all, she is your best friend. But we still need to talk, and I can't do it right now. Look, I get off work at 4:30, and I can be home by five. Can I call you then?"

"No, Tom, I'm really swamped today, and I'm not going to have time for a personal conversation."

'Damn, ' Paula scolded herself, 'two bad mistakes in one sentence. I just set myself up for tomorrow, and I shouldn't have said personal.'

But it was too late. By the time she realized what she'd done he had answered, "OK, tomorrow then. Bye."

The click on the other end of the line came before she could open her mouth.

She spent the rest of the afternoon fighting to get her raging thoughts and hormones settled down. It was a constant mental struggle, but she did manage to focus, and had her logic spec pretty well updated by the time she quit at a little after seven.

She relaxed the mental control while driving home, and immediately started reliving her fantasy of the night before. By the time she walked in the door she again had Tom's huge cock head only an inch from her mouth.

Paula found Mark watching TV in his recliner, stretched out exactly as Tom had been the night before. It was too much for her. She moaned and fell to her knees at the side of the chair. She laid her cheek on his belly and started squeezing his limp tool through his slacks. It didn't stay limp for long.

"My god, honey," Mark groaned, "these are my suit pants, I think I'd better take them off."

But before he could do anything about it, she had his belt unfastened and his zipper down, and was trying to push his pants and shorts down off his ass. He lifted his tail off the seat to assist her, and in the process thrust his now erect cock into her face.

She abandoned his clothes, still wrapped around his thighs, and greedily swallowed his dick. It wasn't as big as the one she had been fantasizing about, but it was real, and it was hers to do whatever she wanted to with.

"OH SHIT! BABY! You're so fucking hot." He was totally out of control now, thrusting his pelvis hard against her face and ramming his cock deep into her throat.

But suddenly she pulled her mouth away from him and tumbled backward onto the floor. Rolling herself into a ball with her knees next to her chin, she yanked her skirt up and shoved her panties off her ass and up to her knees. Then she straightened her legs, kicked her panties off, and spread wide.

"TAKE me, lover, I need you IN me NOW!"

Mark was off the recliner in a flash, and between her legs, his jerking rod heading straight for her steaming hole. She let loose a scream of passion on his first thrust, and kept up a volley of quieter screams every time he pounded into her. The screams turned into a continuous wail as he sped up, and when he came she turned into a jerking mass of raw animal lust, no brain, only cunt.

They lay there panting for a very long time. Finally he opened his eyes and looked down at her, shaking his head slowly.

"And I thought last night was fantastic. I never would have believed that we could top it, but we have."

She opened her eyes and grinned up at him. "We sure have! Hey, how about if we plan on an encore when we get to bed tonight?"

"You are unbelievable," he shook his head again. "The way we're going you'll probably have triplets!"

"I hope not," she shuddered, "I don't think I could handle that."

Mark had already eaten, so she heated up some leftovers in the microwave, then joined him in the living room. They snuggled on the sofa for two hours, nominally watching TV, though she wouldn't have been able to say later what they saw. Their embraces started to get more passionate, and eventually Mark suggested it might be about time for the encore.

The encore was definitely good, though not great, and they fell asleep in the spoons position.

Thursday was not a good day at the office. In fact it was a disaster. She was obsessed by that call she knew was coming at 5 o'clock. She kept playing lines over and over in her head. What she would say, what he would say, what she would say back to him. And every variant she tried ended with her fantasizing that they were talking dirty, and she had a hand stuffed into her panties, grubbing in her cunt, while he told her that he was jacking off. And she was asking him to tell her how big he was, and to please, please, tell her when he came.

And then she'd have to make another trip to the ladies room, and try to keep her voice down as she came in the stall with her knees doubled up to her chin and all four fingers crammed up her cunt. She lost count, but she must have done that nearly half a dozen times during the day.

At a quarter to five she gave up all pretense of working, and closed and locked her office door. Thank God she had a private office, she thought. What a scandal she would have created if she had been in a cubicle.

After that the wait for his call was interminable. She started rubbing her thigh through her skirt. Then her hand was inside it moving up her thigh. Now she was sprawled in her desk chair with her feet spread out in front of her, and her hand frantically rubbing the crotch of her panties. That wasn't enough, and she shoved her hand inside her panties to the slimy gaping pit that used to be her cunt.

She'd already come once, and was well on her way to a second one, when the phone finally rang. She started to grab the receiver, but forced herself to wait while it rang four times, and she slowed her gasps to simple heavy breathing.

"Hello?" she managed when she finally picked up the phone.

"Oh, good, you are there, after all." It was Tom's voice, of course. "I was afraid you weren't going to answer."

"Sorry, I had to go get a listing, and I ran back when I heard my phone ring," she lied.

'Good thinking, ' she commended herself, 'that'll explain the heavy breathing if he hears it. And it'll also tell him I wasn't just sitting here waiting for his call.'

"If you say so." He sounded a bit dubious. "Look, Paula, I'm not going to beat around the bush. We need to talk about what happened Tuesday night."

"But nothing happened Tuesday night," she protested.

"Paula, you're either lying or in total denial. A great deal happened Tuesday night, to me, and even more to you. And it was all about us."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"You do too. You know perfectly well that you were staring into my eyes at the dinner table, and that I was staring into yours. I know you must have seen passion in my eyes, just as I know I saw passion in yours."

"You're imagining things. Maybe you had the hots for me, but that doesn't mean I had the hots for you."

Boy, what a whopper that was. Right now she was totally out of her mind hot for him.

"No, no imagination. I could see right through that mask you were trying to wear, and what I saw was exactly what I was feeling myself. Besides, you made that perfectly clear later."

"Later?" she tried to sound vague.

"Yes, later, you little minx. During the movie. I glanced over at you at one point, and you were staring at my crotch. And squirming, like something very sexy was going on in your pretty little head. Then you suddenly jumped up and left the room."

"I just went to get beers for you guys."

"Oh, sure, like it took you fifteen minutes to find the refrigerator? Besides, I heard the bathroom door slam when you ran down the hall. And don't give me any shit about you had a sudden urge to pee. You had a sudden urge, all right, but it had a lot more to do with my cock than your piss hole."

He stopped talking, but she didn't say a word. What could she say? He had her dead to rights. He let the silence hang there while she absorbed what he had said.

"So, no more lies now. That really was passion I saw in your eyes at dinner, wasn't it?"

"Yes," she admitted in a voice little more than a whisper.

"And you were thinking about my cock when you ran out of the room during the movie, right?"

"Yes," a bit louder this time, but with a distinct quaver.

"And before I called tonight, you were thinking about me, right?"

"Oh, Tom, stop torturing me this way," she sobbed. "Yes, yes, I've been thinking about you all day, and it's driving me crazy."

"And I'm going crazy over you. You have no idea how my dick is throbbing right now, just thinking about you. I had to unzip my pants, and I'm rubbing it through my shorts."

"Oh, God, Tom, that wasn't good enough for me," she panted. "I've got my hand inside my panties, and I'm creaming all over my fingers."

"Oh, baby, now I've got my cock out, and I'm pumping it like crazy, And I'm imagining I'm cramming it up your slimy cunt."

"YES, YES, YES! I've got my fingers up inside, pretending it's you, and I want you to come inside me, NOWWW!"



After that there was nothing but moans and snorts on both ends of the line for some time.

Finally, when she could get her breath, Paula said, "Oh, Tom, that was fantastic!"

"Yes," Tom agreed, "for me, too."

"Tom," she ventured, "I kept coming and coming, but I could hear you, and it sounded like you were too. But you can't really do that, can you? I mean, once you come, don't you get soft?"

"Oh, I came, all right. I've got cum all over my chest and clear up to my face to prove it. And, yeah, I do get soft after I come, but not this time. Every time I heard you coming I wanted to come again too. And I was pumping like crazy, and I did come, even if there was nothing left in my balls to come with. That didn't stop my cock from pulsing and pumping."

"Are you still hard?"

"Yes, baby, I'm still hard, and still dying to be inside you."

"Oh, Tom, I want you inside me so bad!"

"So why don't you come over here right now, and we'll spend some time together?"

"Oh, God, please don't say that. I'm dying to come over, but we mustn't! We're both married. We can't let this go any further. In fact we mustn't ever do this again, what we just did."

Tom chuckled. "Do you really think we could keep a promise like that? After what we both felt tonight?"

"We have to try. And, Tom, I think we have to hang up now."

"OK, Paula, but I promise you, I'm going to have you again tonight, in my fantasies, before I go to sleep. And when I wake up in the morning I'll have a raging hard-on, and I'm going to jack off yet again, thinking about you."

"Stop it, stop it, before I come again right now! Good bye."

And she did manage to hang up the phone, though she was shaking so much it took three tries before she got it on the cradle.

After Paula calmed down she had a major conscience attack. My, god, she'd been unfaithful to Mark. Well, maybe not literally, but certainly for all practical purposes. When she'd married Mark she had vowed to be faithful to him for all of her life, and she had kept that vow, until now. She definitely did not approve of women who had affairs, and here she was, one of those women. She was so ashamed.

How could she face Mark this evening? How could she look him in the eye and try to hide the worst thing a wife could do? What if he wanted to make love? How could she let him into her sex, knowing that, in effect, another man had just taken ownership of it? How could she fake a climax after she'd just had the ultimate climax with Tom?

In the end she did the only thing she could -- she ran away from the problem. She called Mark and told him that she had to work very late. She suggested that he shouldn't wait up for her. Mark was usually very understanding when she had to work late, but that last statement made him suspicious, and he pushed her on her plans. Was she really going to be working, or was she going out somewhere? She managed a laugh and told him not to worry; that he could call her at her desk any time he wanted to.

Not that she really expected to get much work done. In fact she didn't even try to dig into that message translation project. But she did manage to go through, and answer, about fifty e-mail notes that had been piling up during the week. Finally, sometime around ten o'clock, she put her head down on the desk, closed her eyes, and fell asleep.

She woke up groggy at 11:45, and decided she'd better go home. The streets were empty, and she made good time. She tiptoed into the house, which was dark, and made her way to the hall bathroom, where the clock said 12:10. She decided on a quick shower, hoping that it wouldn't wake Mark. If she'd used the master bath, she was sure he would have heard it.

Finally, around half past, clean and dry, she wrapped herself in a large towel, picked up her clothes, and tiptoed to their bedroom. Good, Mark was sound asleep. She managed to ease the dresser drawer open and take out a nightgown, then put it on and slip gently into bed without disturbing his slow, heavy, breathing. She closed her eyes and fell asleep almost immediately.

Her first thought when she awoke was a rude jolt. 'I'm an adulteress, ' her brain informed her. She tried to avoid Mark's eyes at breakfast.

"Oh, my god, Paula! I forgot to tell you," he suddenly burst out. "I invited Tom over for dinner tonight."

Her mind was whirling. "How could you do that? When did you talk to him?"

"I called him yesterday morning at work. But why are you so surprised? We did say we'd have him over twice, didn't we?"

"Yes, but," she sputtered, " ... but isn't Ann coming home tonight?"

"True, but she doesn't get in until late, so we should have time for dinner before he has to leave for the airport. Darling, you seem upset. Is something wrong? Didn't you get the things done last night that you needed to do? I was hoping the pressure would be off today."

Pressure? He had no idea how much pressure she was feeling right now. Wrong? Just about as wrong as possible, but there's no way she could explain that to him, certainly not at the breakfast table when they were both rushing off to work.

So she just smiled. "Sorry, you just caught me by surprise. Of course we can have Tom over for dinner tonight."

Tom! Tom! To actually see him in person! She suddenly realized she needed to see him so bad. She needed to touch him, and have him touch her. Just a casual touch, of course, they couldn't let it go any further than that. It wouldn't be a problem, she deluded herself, Mark would be right there. And it would just be dinner. He'd have to leave right afterward.

It was another lost day at the office. She couldn't seem to control her fantasies.

  • Tom would slip his shoe off during dinner, and she'd feel his toes crawling up her leg. She'd spread her legs a bit, and the toes would come between her thighs. Now they were all the way up to her pussy, and she was coming like crazy as his big toe played with her clit.

  • Or the phone would ring, and Mark would go to answer it. She and Tom would dive under the table, and he'd be on top of her instantly. She'd pull up her skirt and remember she wasn't wearing any panties. He would rip his cock out, and it would be inside her in a flash.

  • Or dinner would be over, and Tom would offer to help her carry out the dishes. The instant the kitchen door closed he'd push her up against the counter, and he'd be pounding the monster bulge in his crotch against her throbbing cunt.

The fantasies went on and on; there was no way she could stop them. She just kept slipping off to the rest room to produce echo after echo of the passion peaks she had felt last night.

At lunch time she gave up. She told the team she had to run some errands, so couldn't join them for lunch, and she wasn't sure she would be back in the afternoon.

All she really did was drive around. She didn't actually feel like eating. She figured at least if she was driving she wouldn't be able to give in so totally to the fantasies. She was wrong. Her need was soon so great that she stopped at a filling station and ran into the rest room.

She finally decided to go home and have another bubble bath. The fantasy there was the best of the day so far. Mark was out of the picture altogether, and Tom was fucking her time after time. His cock was the size of a large cucumber, and just as hard, and it never went down.

This time she did put on black panties so thin they were almost transparent, and a matching bra that she could easily see her nipples through. She pulled a tight sweater over that, and added a very short skirt. No pantyhose, just a pair of leather thong shoes. That would let the guys know that they were looking at the real thing, bare legs that disappeared only just before arriving at a nearly bare pussy.

None of her day's fantasies actually happened during dinner. Tom's foot didn't touch her leg, and the phone didn't ring. She knew she didn't dare let her eyes meet Tom's, or she'd lose control, and it would be perfectly obvious to Mark what was going on. So they managed to get through the meal without any catastrophes. Well, except for one. A big one.

Mark asked Tom what time he would need to leave for the airport.

"Oh, I don't," Tom answered. "Ann called me this morning and told me she had to change her flight. She's not coming in until tomorrow."

Paula blanched, and then flushed. That meant ... Oh my god! She felt Tom's eyes on her, but she didn't dare return his look.

For the rest of the meal she had a new fantasy to torture herself with. They'd all go into the living room to watch a movie, and Tom would be sitting beside her on the sofa. The room was dark, and Mark wouldn't be able to see what Tom was doing. He'd have one hand inside her blouse playing with her tit, and the other inside her skirt, grubbing in her cunt. She'd be pumping his cock.

When she started clearing the table after dinner Tom didn't follow her to the kitchen. Instead he and Mark headed for the living room to once again pick out a movie.

The suspense was driving Paula mad. Wasn't Tom going to make a move at all tonight? Well, there was still the sofa, and her pussy started tingling at the possibilities. But when she joined them a bit later her hopes were dashed again. Tom was once again in the recliner, and Mark on the sofa. The only difference was the movie.

"We decided to pick something you might like more than John Wayne," Mark explained as she sat down.

'And how!' she thought as the title rolled onto the screen. It was Dirty Dancing, a movie she and Mark had watched together twice already. And he knew perfectly well how horny she got each time she saw it. Was he trying to torture her? Was he suspicious about Tom, and wanting to rub her nose into it? Or was he just hoping to get her ready for a hot time after Tom left? 'He can't possibly imagine how ready I am right now, ' she thought wryly.

Well, if he was trying to torture her, she'd see if she couldn't return the favor. She started by cuddling up close to Mark's left side and kissing his neck. Then she rolled away from Mark so her ass was planted at the back of the sofa, and slipped off her sandals. She slowly brought her right knee up, then moved her foot over to the far side of Mark's lap. What a view she must be giving Tom in that position, she thought. She raised her head just enough so she could look across past Mark's chin to see the lower part of Tom's body. Oh, yeah! He had a huge tent in his pants, and it was jerking up and down, even though his hands were nowhere close to it.

She decided to reward him a bit more. She lowered her knee, and rolled toward Mark. Then she raised her left knee straight up into the air, planting her heel on the edge of the sofa. In that position Tom should be able to see almost all of her panties, and especially the crotch. It was a shame that Mark had turned the lights down; otherwise Tom would be able to see her inflamed pussy lips through the flimsy material.

"Paula, watch yourself," Mark whispered in her ear, "you're exposing your panties, and I'm sure Tom could see them if he looked this way."

"Oh, sorry," she whispered back while sliding her left foot back to the floor, "but you have no idea how horny I am."

"Well, you're just going to have to control yourself until Tom leaves," he responded.

'Like hell I am, ' she thought as she started rubbing her boobs back and forth across his rib cage. She had pressed her crotch against his hip bone, and her left hand was stroking his chest. Now she wormed her hand inside his shirt and started playing with his nipple.

"Touch my tits," she hissed.

He had his left hand around behind her, and he slid his fingers under her arm to where they could press against the side of her left breast.

"I need more," she moaned, and pulled her hand out of his shirt long enough to guide his right hand to her nipple. "Oh, yeah! Like that!" she added as he started drawing circles around her nipple with his finger, matching the circles she was once again drawing around his nipple.

Soon she started pinching his nipple, and he echoed the action as she hoped he would. This was driving her wild, and she started pounding her crotch against his hip. Then she snatched her hand out of his shirt and grabbed his cock though his clothes, squeezing it convulsively as her pussy beat faster and faster against him.

"Oh, god!" Marked groaned, "let's go to the bedroom."

"No, do it right here, right now!" she yelped. Neither of them were whispering any longer, and there was no way that Tom could have avoided listening even if he had wanted to.

"We can't, honey," Mark's words were coming out between gasps now, as Paula unzipped his pants and wrapped her hand around his pulsing dick, "Tom is here."

"I don't care who is here," she almost shouted, "I need to fuck, right here, right now. Tom can watch if he wants, and jack himself off. But I need to fuck NOW!"

"Paula! Control yourself! That's crazy."

"I don't care, I'm going to fuck right now. If you won't fuck me I'll ask Tom." Raising herself up to look at him she said, "I'll bet YOU would like to fuck me, wouldn't you, Tom? Mark won't fuck me, so I guess this is your big chance."

"Stop it, Paula! OK, I'll fuck you, right here, right now."

"OH YES!" she groaned as she lurched off the sofa, pulled her skirt up, and shoved her panties down to her knees.

Then she was on her back with her feet in the air and her cunt facing Mark as she kicked her panties off. Once they were free she spread her knees wide, shoved her hand up her cunt.

She started chanting, "Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me," as her hand flew in and out.

With a yell, Mark launched himself from the sofa with his rod hurtling toward her slimy hole. Paula yanked her fingers out just in time for them to be replaced by his throbbing monster. He wasted no time on preliminaries. His ass was moving up and down so fast it was almost a blur. Paula started a wail that grew louder and higher as time went on. Then suddenly it turned to a screech as she started jerking all over. That pushed him over the top and he started spurting like a fire hose.

They lay there gasping for some time, unable to speak. Finally Mark managed to croak, "I hope that was as good for you as it was for me."

"Oh, YES, baby, but I want you to do me again!!"

"I can't, honey. That was super hot, and it's going to take me a while to recover."

"But I need it," Paula moaned, "I need it right now. Somebody fuck me, fuck me right now!"

Mark's limp cock had slipped out of her, and he had rolled on his side, right beside his hot wife. She had immediately jammed three fingers into her cunt and was pumping them frantically in and out while her ass was off the floor, gyrating wildly.

That was too much for Tom. He had already been jacking off, with his huge rod sticking eight inches into the air above his open zipper. Now he lurched out of the chair, tore off his pants, and was standing naked from the waist down at Paula's feet. He was afraid if he even touched his cock it would start spurting, so it was standing there on its own, jerking up and down.

Seeing him there through her passion, Paula started wailing again, and her words were hardly intelligible. "Yes! ... Yes! ... Tom! ... Give! ... Need! ... Do Me!... DO ME!! ... DO ME NOW!!!"

"Oh, GOD, Paula, yes, I want it so bad, but I can't, you're Mark's." But his knees were quivering and his arms reaching down toward her as he said it.

"Oh, what the fuck!" Mark rolled angrily away from her. "You're both dying to do it, so do it already!"

That was all Tom needed, and he was on top of her in nothing flat. Her fingers came out of her pussy with a squishy sound and she grabbed his cock, guiding it to the right place as she thrust up against it. With a series of grunts, he started pounding against her, but not for long. Fifteen seconds later they were both screaming and jerking as they came together.

It took much longer than that for their breathing to return to normal and their sweaty bodies to slump against each other. Paula could still feel his cock inside her, and it still felt huge. Finally she opened her eyes and turned her head to the side. Mark was not two feet away, staring at her bug-eyed with his mouth hanging open.

"Oh, Mark, what have I done," she whimpered. "I've never, ever, done anything like this; I never, ever, thought I would do anything like this. Now I've ruined everything. How can you ever forgive me?"

Mark shrugged. "After all, it's not totally your fault. I could see that Tom was dying to fuck you, and I told him to go ahead and do it."

"Yes, but I should have said no. Why did I give in? I really don't remember how it happened."

"Give in?" Mark snorted, "Honey, you were begging him for it."

"I was?" Her eyes went wide. "Oh, god, I'm such a slut!"

"No, you're not a slut," Paul humored her, "you're just feeling an excess of female hormones. Your body is telling you your time has come. So, yes, I do forgive you."

"You do? You really do? Oh, Mark, you're so wonderful! I don't deserve you. I'll do anything to make it up to you."

"Just keep up what you've been doing for the last week," Mark grinned, "that's been absolutely fantastic!"

"Oh, I will, believe me I will. You wouldn't by any chance feel like a little more right now, would you?"

"Soon, baby, soon, but I haven't quite recovered from the last one yet."

"No one's asked me if I've recovered yet," Tom put in, starting to move in and out of her slowly.

"Oh, yes, I don't have to ask," Paula panted, "I can tell. Mark, honey, would it be OK if he did just one ... one... oh, god ... It's not like ... he has ... hasn't... ohh ... OHHH... OHHHHHHH!"

Tom wasn't there yet, but he obligingly waited for her to calm down a bit, then started pumping into her more urgently. That soon got her going again, and in fact it wasn't until just after her third climax that she felt the sudden rush of his consummation.

This time Paula could feel that wonderful tool shrinking and sliding out of her, and before long he rolled off to her side. She lay there on her back between her two lovers, with her knees spread apart, almost completely sated.

But not for long. Because now Mark was on top of her again, and his rod was prodding insistently against her pussy, trying to find her hole. It didn't take long, because the opening was nothing if not stretched in welcome, and it was oozing with cum for lubrication. She decided that she wasn't completely sated yet, and one more round might be really nice.

She'd lost count of how many times she had come that night, but she knew it had been lots, and doubted if it could happen again. But Mark took his time, and to her amazement she did come again, right after he did.

When she could breathe again Paula marveled at what the evening had brought, and then realized that she didn't want it to end.

"Mark, darling, I have a really, really, super big favor to ask. Would if be all right if Tom stayed for the night, and slept in our bed with us, just this one time? I'd love it so much, and of course, honey, you always come first. You could have me any time of the night you wanted, no matter what I was doing.


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