Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, MaleDom,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is about how a single, older and stronger man came into my world, then changed my life forever.

The first time I met "The Timberwolf" CB and I were to be in Orlando for a concert. We were driving down the hiway following the bus in my car. CB was driving and all of a sudden he takes an exit off I-4. I ask him where he is going and he says to see an old friend that lives some where near here.

We drive for a while and I keep seeing fewer and fewer houses. We are now in real country. CB pulls off this small road into a driveway. This place is immaculate and really beautiful. I see a few horses in the field and two big dogs come running towards us. CB pulls up to this sprawling ranch type house and blows the horn. This man comes out and the two dogs run up and sit beside him, one on each side.

I am blown away by the command he has over them as he has not said a word. CB gets out and starts towards this man and as they meet they hug like brothers would, yet this man is much older than CB.

I get out of the car and try to straighten my skirt out as it is rather short and I don't know this man. When I get to them CB turns and introduces me to "The Timberwolf". This guy is not hansome by any means but he has a rugged outdoors look that is appealing to me. I extend my hand to him and taking it he pulls me close and kisses my cheek. I back up quickly and look at CB and he says that this man is his closest friend and not to be worried.

They sit on the steps and chat for a while with the dogs sitting there and getting petted by both guys. I just stand there and listen and watch them when all of a sudden I feel myself getting jealous of this guy because I see so much admiration and love coming from CB.

Timberwolf turns to me and says that I should sit with them as I am now a part of the family. CB and I had only been married a short time. As I sit on a lower step one of the dogs comes down and rests his head on my bare knees so I pet him. CB then tells me how they met and how he grew up with this man as his mentor.

Timberwolf goes in and comes back out with cold beer and CB says something about not changing an old dogs tricks. They keep talking as I wasn't even there.

When thier beer is gone Timberwolf asks CB if he would like to go for a ride, I assume in the car, but they git up and head for the barn, the dogs follow them so I do too.

Timberwolf whistles and all of the horses come running to him. He and CB go through the gate and Timberwolf turns and takes my hand. We get to the horses and CB just jumps up on one and takes off, no saddle or anything. Timberwolf asks if I know how to ride and I tell him no. He says not to worry, picks me up by the waist and puts me on the horse. He lifted me like I was a feather, I realize he may be small in stature but strong as an ox. My skirt rides up around my waist and my little panties are showing. He jumps up behind me and off we go.

I feel like a floundering fish as there is nothing to hold on to so I reach down and grab his legs just above his knees. He then puts his arms around me to grab the horses mane and I realize how secure I feel.

After a short ride that CB seems to really enjoy, it was time for us to get back on the road. As we leave I think I see a tear in CB's eye. I can not describe my feelings because I have never felt this way before and the feeling is so very strange.

As we go down the road I begin to sort out these strange feelings. I have never felt the security that I felt when I was in his arms. I have never felt such a closeness to anyone before. I felt a bond with this man that I do not have even with my husband. It was driving me crazy.

This was my first encounter with a man that could and still can control my life if he ever wants to. Over the years these feelings I have even grew stronger and I know that my ever loving and protecting angel is here on earth in a living man. There is no way to measure the love I have for him yet it is not the same love that I have for my husband, it is a stronger and deeper feeling, like it is coming from the very center of my being not my heart. I would give everything I am to him if only he would ask.


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