Body Shifter's Universe: No-woman's-land

by Seraglio

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Orgy, Harem, Interracial, Masturbation, Lactation, Transformation, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Nine drop-dead gorgeous nympho-babes that loved me, served me, and were eager to fuck me on my terms! And I had to escape! Would I retain my freedom, or would I become a sperm-slave for a legion of alien sluts?

I was awake. It would have to be now. I'd be thinking it, planning it, and I had to move. I couldn't let things stand. But it wasn't so easy: I couldn't just jump out of bed - not with all of them. So I began to slowly extricate myself from the tangle of womanly limbs.

So sleek, so soft ... NO! NO!! I wouldn't think about how gorgeous they all were. That way would cause me to surrender, and continue to wallow in the soft, deceptive delight of their luscious flesh. I moved, and a platinum blond hottie murmured in her sleep. She could have worked for any porno magazine in the world, with that porcelein face, and impossible curves. It was the same with all of them.

Scattered around my bed and floor they slumbered. Eight of them. Naked, beautiful, their womanly charms enough to make a man gasp in delight. And they were mine. They loved me, craved me, would break laws for me. And fuck me anywhere, anytime, on my terms.

And I had to escape from them.

Tiptoeing across and through the scattered hips, legs, flowing manes of hair in a rainbow of colors. More feminine pulchritude than the sleasiest music video. All mine.

I had to escape from them.

Soon, I had made it out to the bathroom when - the door opened! She emerged. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She had silky black hair like midnight ink. Her bronzed skin so soft, so perfect - her body such a feast of sensual delights, that sometimes I didn't know whether to kiss her or eat her. The strange thing was that, though she'd been sleeping for hours, her hair and face still looked as perfect as though my bathroom was a world-class beauty salon.

"3 a.m. quickie, Master?" She asked. "I know how horny you can get after sleeping a few hours. And I'm ready to please..." she purred. Weeks ago, that was the first sign of trouble - the face that these women insisted on calling me 'Master', that was the first clue that this was something weird - unnatural.

"Er ... just go back to bed." I ordered my paramour.

"You sure Master?" Her delicate hands reached down to encircle...

My Cock! It was larger yet! I had decided to myself, after the changes began that ten-inches was too much. If my manhood began to grow that large, then I would know that this erotic scherade would have to end! But now ... now my shaft was at least eleven inches long, and scarcely thinner around than a beer can. My balls were heavier too, and the sensation within them was as intense as fire.

"Eh ... er ... not-not yet ... just go back to sleep ... I'll really give you what's coming tomorrow!" She released a throaty moan of delight and turned to rub the shapely curves of her ass cheeks against my pulsing, raging penis. I quickly ducked into my bathroom.

That could ruin everything. These girls, their hunger for my body, my cock was so intense, that she might not fall asleep for hours, anticipating the fucking I was supposed to give her. The sex that I dared not give her, not anymore. Not any of them.

If they knew, if they knew how truly horny I was, none of them would take no for an answer, and I could not hope to escape. It took only a few strokes once I was inside. I held my breath to try and stifle my grunt of orgasmic delight as my dick blasted an inhuman load of sperm that I wasted into the sink. It was the only way. And the pattern was confirmed. The sperm that I could produce per-orgasm was also greater than before- In seconds, I had blasted enough spunk down the drain to impregnate a whole cheerleading squad.

I panted ... hoping ... praying ... Yes! For the first time all night, my penis finally went partially limp. It was possible for me to be normal ... for a while ... to move around in public ... for awhile. I had hidden some street clothes, some sweat pants under the sink in preparation. And I studied myself in the mirror. Barely thirty, frizzy brownish-gray hair, the signs of premature balding apparent. Not fat, not really lean, nothing that would turn eyes or heads. Except with my girls. They craved me, hungered for me, would do anything for -

"NO! I won't think about that anymore! Won't think about the hours ... days of mind-blowing sex! I made my decision once my cock had reached ten-inches!" It was ending now, ending tonight. I had to go back to a normal life. A real life, that meant real women.

The screeching of car tires was what woke the house. As I sped away I could see them running naked in the street, shouting in outrage, fear, shock, horror as I sped away. I could see my gorgeous women, pulling out their hair, pleading, whining, begging. My cell rang. I recognized the number, and turned it off. A man must do what a man must do.

I came down from the cloud of ecstasy only reluctantly, to find that Roselyn had left the bed, and was regarding me with anger.

"It's true! What my girlfriends always warned me about - men only care about sex!" My former girlfriend expressed in outrage. "All we are is meat to you!"

"Roselyn, it's not that - but it's..."

"I enjoyed it at first James, ... I mean, what woman doesn't want eight hours of non-stop sex but ... but there's more to life than this!" The sad thing was, I wasn't finished yet. I had given up the harem I had back at my apartment. I had to, I realized. But my cock ... my hunger for women was so overwhelming that I had to do whatever was necessary for some female action. I had called up an old ex and begged, cajoled her. Making promises I might regret later. But she'd taken me back - temporarily.

But I realized that things had already gone too far. My libido had already increased beyond ... beyond anything human. As I gripped my raging, rigid cock, I wondered if a woman would ever trust me again. Ever since the first time I'd fucked one of the unnatural, impossible women back at my apartment, the drives, the lusts had been growing steadily greater.

As it stood now, I had this ... this instinct inside me, commanding me to fuck anything female, as often as possible. There was this unthinking impulse to spread my seed without limit or discretion. I began to grunt...

" ... because I am a PERSON with feelings!" Roselyn had droning on about ... er ... something or other. I had spent hours fucking her, but it wasn't enough. "You can't just go around treating women like your sex-toys! I've heard about these ... these new women ... James, these weird nymphos running around, but I don't care! I deserve respect! I deserve more than just yourrr - ahhh!"

The impulse had taken over, and I had grabbed Roselyn, burying my face in her warm crotch, nuzzling her clit. My animal cravings temporarily overwhelming my good sense.

Spread your seed...

A voice seemed to call out to me. But it was definitely not Roselyn's. She slapped me hard, threw my clothes at me and demanded I leave. I had violated some invisible rule of womanhood that I neither knew of, nor could understand. And I thought women hated it when a man went limp within minutes. Here, she had a man that was still rigid after a whole night of pussy-pounding.

It wasn't just the hallway of Roselyn's apartment complex I was in; it was a sort of No-Man's land or ... no Woman's Land. My harem ... I had rejected them ... no choice ... my real human ex-girlfriend ... she either couldn't forgive me for violating some inscrutable tenet known only in her own mind, or ... couldn't handle my explosive, male potency. I can't have a real human female, and I had turned my back on my own personal harem. I had to change - reinvent myself ... find a way to get back to the man I was. Find a way to control these new urges.

It had always been a hobby of my dad's. He'd saved up for years to get the boat, he would go on about the purity of the ocean, man vs. nature, and crap like that. It was difficult to say why I decided to go down to the pier now and take a look at it. Maybe a short little jaunt would no me some good. Just for a weekend or two, to get my head together, get a plan and work out a way to control my super-libido.

It had fallen to me in Dad's will, although lately I had been starting to wonder about upkeep on the thing; I hadn't been taking care of it, began to wonder if it was still sea-worthy, and decided to check it out; not really knowing what I'd find.

In retrospect, I should have expected it. But she took me by surprise; despite the months I'd spent surrounded by supermodel beauty queens, variety as they say, is the spice of life.

Gleaming gold-blonde hair down to her shoulder- blades. Perfect valley-girl tan, (no lines) taut, sleek muscles of a fitness porno- goddess. She turned to smile at me, her face was an exotic, multi-ethnic blend of rapper's girlfriend lips, high-cheekbones, sultry asian ... er maybe hispanic eyes. To me, her appearance seemed almost ... calculated. The best features from many races; she was nothing if not internationally fuckable.

And there were Mops, buckets, and soapy rags were scattered around the boat I inherited from my dad, - S.S. No-Man's Land. She was cleaning it, maintaining it. That was how you could spot them. A woman this gorgeous, working a sub-par day-laborer job? If she were real, if she were human, she'd be on a runway in Paris now.

"Hey tough guy, this is your boat, isn't it?" she purred. I rolled my eyes.

"What are you doing here?"

"Oh well, it's just that the Marina pays me ... er ... enough to maintain and clean all of these boats every day." She all but admitted it. You learned how to spot them pretty quickly. "I'm also on the lookout ... for hot guys..." She squeezed a soapy sponge down the front of her white ultra-skimpy tank-top. The wetness penetrated to cast her obviously erect nipples in stark relief. She sauntered towards me.

For a second, I almost understood what busty women must feel when guys can't look above their neckline. With only a quick glance to my face, her eyes riveted to my groin like a kid in a candy store. I could see her lip quivering in rampant hunger. I suppose it was forgiveable. It seemed like the times when I could keep a flaccid dick were fewer and fewer. My cock was getting harder faster, and staying that way longer. Some guys tried drugs so the could perform on demand. Heh! I felt like I should be taking drugs so I could actually go limp!

But I wouldn't let them get me a second time. I brushed past the awesome hottie with my bags and prepared for my weekend jaunt. I had already prepared everything with the Marina. She touched my ass with a throaty groan.

"Look, you don't fool me." I turned and waved a finger in her face. "You ... are not human." I accused. "You are some kind of alien ... creature, shape- shifter, something. No one knows where your kind came from, but you're probably some alien invader. I know how this works; You need living sperm to survive, 'cause you don't have enough of your own DNA. So you've gotta get it from somewhere else. And there's no better, quicker, richer source of DNA than a guy's spunk.

"So you've got this act; you turn into these ultra-sexy nympho babes, to get guys to fuck you, until you get strong enough to reproduce. Then there's more and more of you; and you pretend you love him, clean up his place like some walking-talking french-maid fetish act."I took a deep breath, to steel my resolve.

"And if a guy fucks you, there's something about you - some crazy hormone you've got, that just makes him hornier. Until I get so horny, that I can't do anything but lay in bed and fuck my harem 24/7. If I let it get that far, I'll never work again, never do anything important, I'll just be a sperm-factory for a bunch of alien sluts.

"And the government can't seem to get a handle on the problem, 'cause half the Senators in Congress are screwin' their own Shifters between sessions. I won't ... I can't..."

But I already had a problem. I had been fucking one of them for weeks already, and one had become two, and two became four, and four ... soon I had a cock just shy of a foot in length, and a sperm-count that could send an entire high-school to the maternity ward. And I wanted more! And more! I had to get control of these urges.

"Yes sir," the blond shifter began. "I can easily sense your great intelligence; and I know I can't fool you the way some men might be. But I also see how ... how potent you are ... how virile." She pressed herself against me suddenly, plump lips raised begging to be kissed.

"There's nothing wrong with a man venting his urges. The lusts that burn in your groin are normal and natural. There's nothing wrong with a hard penis when you look at a woman. Since you've decided to give up on Shifters forever, where's the harm in one last parting fuck? Why not vent your seed into me, just to give you a bit of relief before you set off on your journey?"

"No ... you ... you'd say anything ... to get at my dick. Do anything to get my cock inside you, shooting off sperm..." Still, she was getting to me.

"So what? A man still needs relief? I'm just one little lonely Shifter. You're so big, powerful, intelligent, where's the harm?" And then, the Coup-de -Grace.

That was the funny thing about Shifters, they never seemed to be wearing clothes. It seemed like it, but in reality whatever they wore was just part of their shape-shifting ability. So all the sudden I've got this naked knockout uber-babe clinging to me, her lips kissing mine, her hand down my pants.

I could give all sorts of arguments why Shifters were a bad idea ... but I was a man. And I did need relief. I wasn't thinking, I just reacted. My boat had a tiny bedroom with sleeping cot that was easily accessible.

The thing about Shifters is that a guy can totally let his guard down. Philosophers through the centuries have scratched their collective heads trying to figure out what women wanted; with Shifters there was no mistake. They wanted sex even more than the randiest teenage boy.

"Your name," I murmured as I kissed her ripe lips and worked my way down to her perfect handful D-cup boobs.

"Tiara," she purred. Catchy, but not difficult. Asking her was my last concession to normal, human mores, though I knew that Shifters were overjoyed at any cock, complete stranger or not. Tiara ... sounded regal ... exotic, hearing it made me harder than I was before.

And now I could wallow in the perfection of her soft, supple femininity. Here, when my lips were on her, when I plunged my mammoth cock inside her hot warmth, she was as real as anyone.

And I knew I wouldn't have to worry about the vagaries of the female orgasm. Her face was contorted in a rictus of pleasure; at first you might think you were hurting them, but Shifters just got that hot and bothered with a penis inside them.

She bucked and moaned with delight as my hands explored her outside while my cock plunged inside, with little pants of delight when I ran my tongue along her nipples.

But soon, my own need for release was too great, and I stopped the foreplay, stopped exploring her female treasures, and simply pinned her to my sleeping cot with both hands to her wrists as I began to pump her groin with savage thrusts. It was about cumming now, as I selfishly gave in to the urge to force my seed inside her.

She seemed to sense the change in my demeanor, no more giggling and moaning - she grit her teeth and grunted, her own responses matching the intensity of my animal urges.

My ass muscles clenched as I bottomed out my eleven inches of man-shaft into a cunt wetter, hotter, than any man could hope for. Strokes only got easier as Tiara lubricated frantically to ease the path for my rampaging manhood. Her eyes were rolling up in the back of her head as she snarled, thrashed, sweated and drenched my cock with her girlycum. We had become animals in heat.

Language failed me for a moment, as I had intended to announce to Tiara that I was about to cum inside her, but all I managed was a feral grunt. She seemed to understand, pressing her heels into the small of my back as I began my spew.

Yeah, no doubt about it; the orgasms were getting better. It was like a sledgehammer of pleasure that slammed from my mind anything but my rampant lusts.

For her, it was enough. Tiara began to groan and gurgle, twitching. I knew what this was; she was feeding. These creatures, these she-aliens feasted on male sperm. And I'd just given her a smorgasbourd. She clutched her perfect tits as she seized with toe-curling ecstasy. She'd be like this for awhile, as her alien body absorbed the DNA I'd given her.

And I ... I had to escape from all this. The Earth was in the midst of an extraterrestrial invasion! Somebody had to take a stand against these sperm-sucking nympho whores!

Nnnhhh ... but my cock ... I still felt like I hadn't blown my load. That was the problem; the more sex I had with Shifters, the more impossibly virile I would become! I had to end it. But ... but ... I had promised myself to give up Shifter sex, and this would be the last time ... last time ... just one more chance to relieve my balls.

"Last time ... no more Shifter sex after this..." I assured myself, and my penis that had not yet gone limp. Well, what was I worried about? There had never been any reports of Shifters injuring anyone.

"You ... deserve it ... Use me ... for your pleasure..." groaned Tiara in the midst of her sperm- ecstasy, no doubt realizing that if she played her cards right, she could snag a second feast of DNA.

I clutched my raging cock - still rock-hard, and considered. She had surrendered herself to me - to my pleasure. There was no problem, no risk, no danger. So I turned her over, and entered her from behind. Thursting, thrusting yet again.

And so, many hours later, I'd settled down to actually sleep in the small below-deck quarters. I'd sent the Shifter on her way, made it clear that I wasn't starting up a new harem - I'd already escaped one, I wasn't about to start another. I laid back and tried to get some sleep, my course had been logged with the Coast Guard, and there was nothing to worry about - except my cock.

I'd already gotten relief for my volcanic libido today. I wouldn't let myself be captivated by these nympho-aliens. I would remain in control. I would -

"Hello Master!" Tiara said, poping up from the end of my bed-cot, smile beaming. "How may I pleasure you?"

I leaped back as though a viper had slithered between the sheets.

"Oh no! No nononono!! I never said anything about becoming your ... Master! Besides, I'm a sensitive guy who believes in gender equality and such."

"You deserve me, Master. And I can't help it." Her green, sultry eyes bored into me pleadingly. "No man ever gave me so much sperm before! No one! It's just the way we Shifters are, I can't help falling under your sway!"

"NOOOO!! I'm not going down this road!" I insisted. "I ... I don't have any sway! Don't pretend that you care about me or anything; you're just some kind of creature who - you just want me for my sperm!"

"Classic misconception." Explained Tiara. "We don't simply want sperm, we want to be rewarded with sperm! We are symbiotic. We must bond with a man, serve him, and hope that we earn his lust!"

"No ... no ... I just won't..." But Tiara was getting desperate, I could tell, her eyes were roving over me, studying me. In a second, it was as if she had learned a weakness.

She wrapped her hands around my feet, began pressing her knuckles in my soles, and rubbing. Uh oh...

oohhh ... foot massage! None of my human girlfriends could ever be persuaded to give such service! It had always been a secret craving of mine. And Tiara had somehow sensed it!

My angry protests faded with my tension as she kneaded my tense muscles past the point of bliss. No ... had to resist ... they - they weren't human, they weren't real ... just ... after ... my sperm but ... but...

"I can't..."

"Just relax, noble sire. Your seed has earned you my eternal services." I groaned again.

"I can't..."

"Can't be angry at you..." She could detect my surrender. Tiara crawled up my body, kissing her way across my skin. We embraced as lovers, but our joy was not from shared romanticism, merely gratitude that I had succumbed to my lusts.

"You ... slut..." The eroticism was stunning.

"Your slut." Tiara explained. I could only roar. Roar and force myself upon her, ravishing her ripe, tight womb with my raging meat. Pounding, pushing impaling her hot pussy as my cock burned even hornier than before!

Sailing. Just the simple joy of man on the water, boat beneath him - that would clear my mind. I turned the wheel and checked the instruments with a sense of forced serenity. I was the master of my fate, I would not be controlled by lust.

"It's just for this trip." I informed my amorous companion. "After I get back home, you'll have to find some other Master." But I was a lot less angry than the night before. Tiara had made me breakfast in bed. I realized how easy it would be to grow accustomed to this. A ravishingly beautiful female concubine-girlfriend-bitch- slave who would go to any lengths to get me to fuck her, and would work to please me! No ... I couldn't fall into the trap that more and more men were getting into these days.

Right now, she was above deck, mopping everything that needed it. When she thought I wasn't looking, her shapeshifting body sprouted two more arms that she used to mop the deck three times as fast.

"Can't ... let myself fall for an alien."

But soon the deck was swabbed, the course was plotted and I was sitting on the plush cushions taking in the splendour of the ocean, the wind in my hair, all that. I was drinking a martini - but it was strange; there was almost a ... a milky flavor to it? We didn't have any milk in the kitchen, what did - gulp

It was Tiara; she had changed. At least a foot taller. A stautsque tower of pulchritude, her boobs - unbelievable! I almost hadn't really noticed how her assets had gone from a perfect D-cup handful, to these glorious jugs big enough to use buckets for bras!

Still, her shape was normal again, if a six-foot- ten fitness-model goddess would be called normal. She was naked, smiling, and ... and ... sweaty? She turned around, sunlight sparkling off her glistening, taut ass-cheeks as she began to posture herself like a bitch in heat.

And I could smell something over the salty tang of the ocean; a strange, uncouth musk. An animal odor. I knew what this was, Many Shifters had a natural ability to secrete some powerful super-pheromone. It could activate parts of the male brain we didn't even know we had!

"The female is ready." hissed Tiara, bending herself over the railings, thrusting her naked ass in my face. "The female is ripe, and fertile, and ready for the male." What was this? She's talking about herself in the third person? "The female has bared her sex to the male, the drive to breed is upon her, wet and eager to receive the seed of her alpha-male partner."

"What are you..." But the pheromones were too strong to deny. I could feel her primal musk buzzing in my brain, as I rose with a grunt.

"Just this weekend..." I lied to myself. "I only fuck this Shifter for just this one trip." Having assuaged my intellect, I let loose the restraints on my lust. And with a savage roar I mounted Tiara from behind - jackhammering my way into her all-too willing womanhood. A surge of male aggression boiled my brain as I entered her, grasped her ample hips, slapped her ass and started to ream her ripe slit.

I was a man.

I would fuck her.

I would fuck the hell out of her...

Damn the consequences! I ... am ... a MAN!!

"NAAARRRHHHHH!!!" The firm muscles of her nude body moved complementary to mine as I banged her again and again and again!

"Dunno what planet you Shifters're from ... but this is how Earthmen fuck!!" I informed her as I gripped her boobs firmly. Tiara for her part, could only shriek her delight.

I wasn't sure how long it lasted; weeks of Shifter sex and exposure to their alien sex hormones had the effect of making me bigger, more virile than any man had a right to be, and I had long sinced passed the point of multiple orgasms. Soon, it seemed like, like Tiara was growing! Right here! Right now, with my dick buried to the hilt inside her she was still getting bigger. Boobs pressed against my grip enlarging by two more inches before forcing my fingers apart to accomodate swelling mounds of explosive femininity. Bigger, sexier...

In moments, my lust and aggression had grown so great that I yanked Tiara off the railing to the deck to wallow in the splendour of her flesh and struggle to pound my penis ever deeper into her. And I had cum, I had already cum several times! My mind was drenched in a frenzy of delight! Men weren't meant to experience multiple orgasms like this, that was the beauty - and danger of Shifter sex. So easy to lose myself in the pleasure!

Still didn't make a damn bit of sense. Steve muttered to himself as he plopped his bags down in a spare bedroom. What kind of sick operation was his brother running? The FBI had been getting reports of increased extra-marital affairs and unprecented nymphomania in most major cities, but since no crimes had been committed, the Bureau had no cause to investigate strange reports of sexual hijinks.

Until now, Steve thought. His brother, James had vanished, and his disappearance had been reported by ... by ... what Steve could only describe as a harem! Nine women, no more than thirty years of age, all cohabiting in his brothers apartment.

"James, james ... do I investigate these women for kidnapping you, or hunt you down for some kind of illegal sex-slavery ring?" The door opened.

Three of the apparent suspects entered - clad in flimsy, red negligee shaped like a bikini. Two blondes, and a sultry raven-haired brunette. The women were something like Cindy Crawford crossed with Jessica Simpson, but more elegantly beautiful and with bigger tits than either.

The brunette went for his groin immediately; opening his zipper with deft grace.

"You're his brother, that will make it easier..." Said the first blond, a beauty with a pronounced dimple in her cheeks.

"Yes, the taste should be very similar." Agreed the second blond, with a very pert nose. Taste? What were these women cannibals?

They rushed to Steve, embracing him, kissing him.

"N-no ... I don't know ... what kind of coercion you're under ... but in the United States, slavery is illegal. I ... I'm here to ... set you free!" Steve argued. The girls simply laughed as they rubbed his hands against their jutting tits.

And he could here it, in the next room - his second brother Mike. Both of them had police backgrounds, Steve gone on to the Bureau, Mike washed out to become a P.I., but both were interested in the crazy non-news concerning their brother, and had gotten time off to look into his fate.

But from the sounds, Mike was looking into the nymphomanical women that were somehow connected with James' disappearance. More specifically - their pussies. Steve could hear banging, pounding, creaking of springs in the other room. Perhaps ... perhaps the interrogation could wait ... as the three girls bore him to the bed, somehow losing their clothing in the process, and riding him to groaning ecstasy all through the night.

"Perhaps you'd like to fuck me up the ass?" the girl suggested with a cheerful congeniality.

"No ... I ... this can't go on..." I grunted. It was scary at first. When a Shifter absorbed enough DNA from her man/master, she split. Yeah, no kidding. Like some kinda sexy, big-boobed bacteria! So Tiara was gone, well, not some much gone just ... there were more of her, and she'd like ... become her children. That's what scared me the most at first.

But then, you've got two nubile nymphos aching for your cock ... I had to get it through my head that I couldn't keep on like this! That day on the railings did it. Tiara kept getting bigger, taller, until it was like a new girl pushed out of her back. Both of them changed, melted like ice cream and became different women. Two women were there had only been a single blond bombshell.

Tiara had become two slim, sleek teenage girls with graceful, petite figures adorned with perky, perfect D-cups. A lot like Tiara was when I first saw her - she'd grown fast on my sperm!

My new alien bitch waved her nude ass at me, and glanced back. Both of them were sort of half-asian, and shockingly gorgeous, as they should be. But I could also see a hint of desperation in her brown eyes as she glared back after posturing her sex.

"No time I ... need to work out the navigation ... gotta get to the radio ... lots to do to keep this boat sailing.

"It's alright master," said her twin, walking into the cabin. "I've seen you plot courses all the time! It's already done! All the work is done!" She beamed. She was naked. And I felt the tingling in my groin. I'd learned about that early - the aliens had some sex-venom or something, making me harder, hornier, bigger. And I felt that tingling in my balls, and I knew, I knew that I was growing even more virile.

"You did it ... all?" She smiled, nodded, kissed me. My cock ... so huge ... so powerful.

"Alright but ... after this week ... I've got to stop this."

"We're not like your last harem, sire. They wanted to control you. We only want to help you, serve you, assist you. We exist for your pleasure." That did it. My dick rocketed inside the pussy offered so brazenly. I felt so alive, so powerful as I ravaged her willing slit. Must have been the testosterone, with my dick growing, enlarging I was becoming more purely male than ever! I snarled in ecstasy as I thurst deeper into her. That was something else I noticed; my dick kept getting bigger, but my girls seemed able to handle a shaft of any size.

With Shifters, any hole was easy. Her ass became agile and slick as any pussy and my hips took on a mind of their own as I continued to thrust. Her sister did a slow, sensuous dance to showcase her impossibly sleek legs before thrusting her breasts into the palm of my hands. I howled, filled with a raging, possessive hunger to fuck, and fuck and blast my sperm into her.

And I did.

"You are the Master now!" She shrieked, as the lusty young Shifter rammed herself upon Steve's cock. She was a bronze-skinned beauty-queen who looked half -hispanic, and all pornographic.

"No ... whatever ... crazy sex-games ... James was into ... I'm not ... It's just part of my ... investigation!" Steve gurgled in justification.

Steve hoped his superiors hadn't been checking up on him; he was lucky to get this dispensation to investigate his brother's disapperance ... but ... job ... career ... seemed less important now. Steve was a prim and proper, slick- haired, clean-shaven, square -jawed by-the-book Fast-track Agency hopeful. He just couldn't let himself be side -tracked by this bevy of beauties.

Still, he was a man. In fact, more of a man than before. Strange, how he was able to cum more often, and harder than ever. These past few days, his dick was almost always hard, and needed less time than ever to get hard again after blowing a load into one of his brother's beauties.

He was surrounded. vivacious vixens with enough T&A to cause traffic- accidents on any street in the country. They were nude, kissing and caressing him, shoving boobs in his face and nipples in his mouth. It made no sense! But what did make sense was how much he wanted to fuck them. Again, and again...

The magazine plopped down in front of me as I finished my four-course meal that Tijuana had prepared for me. My girls had been splitting again, and faster than before! Tijuana was third generation - from Tiara had arisen Tiana and Liane, half-asian supermodels who had grown taller, sluttier and bustier until Tiana had split to become Tijuana and Tina.

And they could cook! I had just finished off a meal of glazed duck from ingredients prepared when we'd stopped in port. I promised myself I'd leave then but ... but their boobs, their bodies ... I had ended up fucking Tina for hours, and my girls had already figured out how to sail the ship out of port by the time I'd awakened from sexual exhaustion.

And they'd bought me a ... Playboy!

"Whoa! Chicks are supposed to be offended by this type of thing!" I remarked, as my foot-long cock began rising to full prominence. The cover had blond goddess Cindy Margolis

with a retro feature of a all-time favorite, Petra Verkaik, an auburn-haired big-boob queen featured often in the eighties.

"We thought it would increase your pleasure." Tijuana exclaimed and ... hey! There she was! Standing before me was Petra Verkaik in the flesh! and boobs! Perfect, air-brushed figure, helmet-sized boobs, sultry face with those sizzling hot eyes ... lips ... these shape- shifting sluts could become any fantasy! I knew that ... I knew it ... and had tried not to encourage it ... but it was a struggle on board the boat ... My struggle to overcome my rampaging libido, and the aliens' struggle to encite my male lusts to a fever pitch until I couldn't help but fuck them.

And they were winning. "Petra" could see the pleasure in my eyes, could see my lust. She tackled me, sucking my lip into her mouth as she plastered me with a savage kiss.

We tumbled together on my sleeping cot until she managed to impale herself with my harder, hotter, hornier cock with a wild scream.

"No fair!" a ravishing blond said as she opened the door, followed by an elegant black girl who looked like she could be a newscaster anchorbabe - but with bigger boobs.

"We've been swabbing the deck for Master all day! We deserve some cock! And Master deserves variety!" They were wearing flimsy wet T-shirts, and scandalous, ass-hugging short-shorts sopping wet with water.

"We know that men have powerful, natural desires. How can you be satisfied with only one woman?" And they began to soap each other.

I came. Oh, how I exploded. A river of hot spunk jetted into the alien cum-pornstar atop me, her eyes squeezing shut as we both howled our ecstasy! There was no such thing as cumming too soon with Shifters; she took as much joy receiving my sperm as I did giving it to her!

On it went, for days ... and amidst my libido -fueled haze, the patterns I saw struck me as odd. Back home, with my first harem, A few fuckings each day would make the girls grow, as they absorbed the life-giving DNA their alien bodies couldn't get enough of on their own. They started out like D-cup teenagers, after maybe ten days - they looked like late -twenties strippers with boob-implants ... and maybe three weeks later, they were incredibly tall mega-babes, with sleek, feminine muscles, but also tits bigger than their own heads, cleavage enough to smother the most rampant breast-man. Then, it was like a second girl would grow out of them, and both would change appearances into new women, just as slutty as their parent.

At home, yeah that's what happened. But now, it seemed like one of my Shifters needed only three days with my volcanic cock before she went from teenage cheerleader to titastic pornstar. It seemed like they were splitting into new women in less than ten days!

I was face-fucking a gorgeous, copper-haired slut named Lira with sparkling blue eyes, lips like a rose- blossom and ass to die for. But I didn't have to die for her, she hungered for my body, my dick like an addict! No gag-reflex, she just swallowed my entire member, and I knew I was more than a foot long by now. She was my fifth lay this morning alone, and far from being exhausted, I grunted with a surge of male ego as I felt the tingling, the certainty that I was getting bigger, hornier, my virility was still increasing.

Three asian beauties surrounded me, posturing and strutting, then filling my hands with burgeoning, bombastic boobs. Each breast large, firm, voluptuous enough to sink my entire hand into, each full enough to resemble a tear-drop shaped party balloon. And when a nipple was at my mouth, I sucked, and was rewarded with a hot spurt of rich, sweet milk.

I knew better. Lactation was a primary Shifter weapon. Yes, their milk could sustain me, but I was sure it contained more of the alien hormones that boosted my sex drive. Still, I sucked and sucked. There were three more sets of tits around me as I ground my cock down Lira's throat.

Reaching, I squeezed them, each of the four boobs surrounding me to the right and left, eliciting hot streams of creamy goodness that spattered the nude, bosomy chests of each slut in turn. I could lick and suck each nipple to diamond- hardness while savoring the juices.

Soon, I exploded a steady gout of virile sperm down Lira's throat, the delight of orgasm making me almost black-out. But if anything, it only made me hornier, and I grabbed the Asian beauty in the center and pressed her to the cabin wall.

Lira herself simply writhed on the ground, grunting, with eyes rolling up in the back of her head as she caressed her breasts. For the aliens, male sperm was food, drug, and desire all at once - one fuck and it was like she was stoned. That only egged me on. The slim, busty asian girl I was ravishing; her name was Tessa and now it was no longer about fun.

There had been times were my libido and testosterone were so intense that I was plunged into a sex-rage. A primal rut that demanded gratification no matter the cost. Maybe it was for the best that my human girlfriend dumped me; women just weren't safe around me when I felt like this - and that was exactly what the Shifters wanted.

There was a chorus of moans, and I noticed that Lira was stretching, her boobs were multiplying, and another arm - then head stretching from her back. That took some getting used to. But there was a certain, perverse convenience - no pregnancy or messy childbirth to worry about - A man could have sex - more sex than he ever thought possible - and he would get more women the more sex he had.

In moments, Lira had coallesced into two slender young supermodels, perhaps nineteen years old, twins with rich, mahogany-brown hair, faces of chiseled, feminine beauty, and perfect D-cup tear-drop shaped boobs.

"I'm Laura!" said the

twin in front.

"I'm Mira!" said the twin behind her. They caressed their bosoms, moaning sensuously - apparently being born was a great pleasure to Shifters. This surprised me - I didn't think their parent, Lira was that tall yet, I didn't think she was mature enough to split. My sperm must be more nourishing to the aliens than I suspected.

Mira gave out a coo of longing and began to finger her own naked cunt. "Oh Master, I am so wet for you..." the alien slut assured me. "Let us pleasure you..."

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