Room With a View
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Mult, Lesbian, BDSM, Oral Sex, Sex Toys,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sally attends a business conference, meets another older well dressed woman and the pair work on seducing each other. A surprise visitor will lead into a second chapter. Codes will update with the story.

Sally looked around the crowded room and heaved a sigh of contentment. The fifty-odd year old brunette had been attending a three day seminar for small business owners and investors. The conference was set in an upscale hotel overlooking the beach. Sally had run a workshop on 401K and personal investment plans. She had picked up several new accounts for the company that she and her long-time girlfriend MaryAnn owned.

She had also provided a lot of free advice. Last night she had sat down with a couple on the verge of retirement to discuss their investing for their future. The couple had not been happy with their present advisor's suggestions and Sally had seen in an instant why. Refraining from making the meeting an attack on that blockhead's ideas, she had laid out a diversified course of action that would return approximately the same yield but with far less risk. She was happy to do so with only a hug from each of the couple as payment.

However the one drawback to spending all evening with the Larsons had been that she had remained celibate for a few too many days now. She had originally planned to let her hair down last night and get stupid, and get laid. Still, she smiled, the evening had been nice and there was always tonight. She sipped her drink and surveyed the crowd to see who might catch her eye.

As it turned out, it wasn't her eye that got caught. Sally's head came up as she detected one of her favorite sounds through the buzz of the conversation around her. It was the very slight rasp of a stocking covered leg being crossed over its mate. She did love that sound, one she often made herself when she was on the prowl. There was nothing like a good, sensuous leg cross with her skirt riding up her still shapely thighs to draw attention to her. It also served to capture her attention. Now, she searched the room, where DID that come from?

With the instincts that had been finely honed by years of being picked up and of picking up others, Sally headed towards the bar. She scanned the women sitting there. Not that one, not that one and heavens above not THAT one. Her eyes zeroed in on a pair of legs at the far end and then drifted up. That was the one. And there was an open stool next to her.

Sally sat down. Drawing her legs up under her a bit she hooked one high heel around one of the stool's legs and crossed the other one over it at the ankles. She ordered a Scotch on the rocks and took an appreciative sip before letting her eyes drift left and back down to the set of legs next to her.

Hmmm. Two tone brown heels with red backs, not too flashy but the splash of color was nice. Nude stockings covering well formed legs. They were a bit full but Sally preferred them that way. Much better than too skinny. Lush thighs and a garter strap and a flowered stocking top as well as smooth white skin showed below a black skirt.

Still letting her eyes travel up the other woman's body, Sally noted a red top with black accents covering a generous bosom. Obviously the other woman was full-bodied but once again, Sally appreciated that. Then her eyes met a pair of blue eyes that were laughing behind gold framed glasses.

"Well what do you think?"

Sally was rarely at a loss for words. She met that smiling face with a grin of her own. The other woman was amused, and possibly interested. Sally saw she was just a few years older than herself. That was nice. Sally liked a younger woman, or man, just as much as anyone else did, but someone her own age was a delight to be savored like a fine wine.

"I'd say that I enjoyed what I saw."

"Good." replied the other woman. "Because I gave you an inspection myself and I think you are also very enjoyable to look over."

With that both women laughed merrily. Sally held up her glass and the other woman clicked her own drink against it.

"I'm Sally."


"Well Martha why haven't I run across you already? Are you here for the conference?"

"No, I'm passing through on business. Just stopping here for the night. I was going to head for the restaurant but thought I'd have a drink first."

"Well I'm glad you did."

"So am I."

"Speaking of the restaurant, how about dinner?" inquired Sally.

"Sounds like a lovely idea," replied Martha, who matched her actions to her words by getting off her stool. Sally appreciated the way the other woman did it, reaching down with one foot and sliding off as she turned towards Sally. That her skirt rode way up was really only apparent to Sally's approving gaze. Thinking it only fair to repay the favor, Sally matched the blonde's movements, allowing her own short skirt to display her legs all the way to a glimpse of the black thong she was wearing.

The two women were practically nose to nose after they stood up. Eyes locked and said everything that needed to be said. Martha turned and led the way with Sally right behind her, her fingers trailing for just for a moment over the blonde's generous rear end.

By unspoken agreement, the two women allowed themselves to be seated facing each other across the table designed for a foursome. They shared a bottle of wine, an appetizer and enjoyed a relaxed meal together. Their conversation was light, amusing them both and giving away really nothing of substance.

That was on top of the table. Underneath, hidden by the linen table cloth, a completely different scenario was being played out. From the moment the women were seated, feet were slipped from heels and quested for each other. Sally slid the side of her foot up and down Martha's calf. Martha trapped Sally's foot with a quick leg cross, pinning the searching limb between her legs. A quick grin from Sally acknowledged the point to Martha, but the slightly younger woman responded by sliding her leg back and forth between the ones holding her. Only the two women could hear the subtle rasp of their stockings against each other and feel the electricity of their touches.

The foot play continued throughout the meal. Neither woman gave the slightest hint of the duel taking place under the table. Just as the two finished their meal, sat back and relaxed Sally slid down slightly in her chair. Her leg stretched, the nylon clad foot sliding up the inside of Martha's thigh. The questing toes brushed over the top of the stocking and over the bare skin before touching, however briefly, between the heavier woman's legs. A quick wiggle of those toes and Martha barely managed to smother a gasp before Sally pulled back her leg.

"Dessert?" inquired Sally innocently.

"Upstairs I would think," replied Martha. She fumbled in her pocketbook, turning slightly. Like a magician flourishing one hand to draw attention from the other, she produced a pen and signed her room number to the bill the waitress had discreetly left on the edge of the table. Her other hand slid across the leather seat and under Sally. When that woman lifted almost involuntarily, Martha slipped one finger under Sally's thong and between her ass cheeks. That finger slipped along Sally's cleft and pressed for one second against the dark puckered hole. Now it was Sally's turn to swallow a yelp.

A smoldering look between the pair left no doubt as to what was going to happen next. Both women attempted to stroll but by the time they had reached the elevator their pace was nearing a trot.

"What's your floor?" asked Martha.

"Four. Yours?"


"I can't wait that long," said Sally as she stabbed the button and the elevator door closed. "In the time we need to get up those three extra floors I plan to have you at least half undressed. Besides, you're going to love the view."

Sally flung open the door, Martha following her. Sally closed the door behind them and leaned against it for a moment before taking Martha's hand and guiding her towards the French doors that led out on to a balcony. She opened them and a salt breeze refreshed the room; accompanied by the low roar of the surf pounding on the sands below them.

"Oh lovely," exclaimed Martha.

"It gets even better," smiled Sally. She stepped to a dimmer switch and turned it down, reducing the lights inside the room until they were more than balanced by the moonlight pouring through the doors. Another flick of her fingers and a ceiling fan sprang to life.

Martha sighed in appreciation. Then she stiffened as Sally closed the distance between them in four quick steps and encircled the busty blonde's waist with her arms and pressed her still trim body against the other woman's back. Experienced fingers rapidly undid buttons and opened Martha's red blouse, exposing the white lace bra that barely managed to restrain the heavy breasts inside it. A deft twist on a front catch and those breasts spilled free.

"Impulsive little minx aren't you?" whispered the blonde. She pretended to cover her breasts with her hands. Since Sally had already filled her own hands with those soft mounds that action trapped the brunette's questing fingers. "What kind of girl do you think I am?" she mock demanded just before she gasped at the tight closing of the other woman's fingers on her large brown nipples.

A wet tongue sandpapered its way up Martha's neck and over her ear. "The kind who is going to enjoy standing in the doorway and enjoying the breeze and the view while I pay her back for her sneaky teasing under the table.

The pair moved as though they were one to the French doors. Martha braced her arms against the door frame, her eyes closing briefly as Sally rolled and tugged her nipples until they were rock hard. A final firm pinch on them and those hands descended over the soft belly to circle the top of her skirt before sliding behind to find catch and zipper. Hooking thumbs caught the skirt and the French cut panties under it and slid them down Martha's legs until they fell around her feet.

"Heels off," commanded Sally as she followed her previous action by lifting Martha's right foot. Once the blonde had kicked off her heel Sally moved to the left foot and the action was repeated. She crouched behind the other woman, her hands drifting slowly up the nylon covered calves. Sally leaned forward and kissed Martha behind one knee, finding that soft secret spot and teasing it with her lips and tongue. She switched to the other knee and did it again, sucking lightly. She was rewarded by a low moan from the other woman and by the flexing of the full legs.

Sally grinned, shedding her own clothing with practiced ease, even in her crouched position. She continued to stroke and lick up Martha's legs until she was comfortably on her knees behind the older woman. She spread the generous ass cheeks before her face and gripped them tightly. She thought how much MaryAnn would appreciate this sight. Her partner and longtime girlfriend did love a full rounded ass. Sally wasn't into using strapons but she knew MaryAnn would love to plunge one of her latex cocks into this delicious derriere.

Oh well, MaryAnn wasn't here. In the meantime; waste not want not and all that. Sally bent and ran her tongue over the full globes and then let her tongue drift down the open cleft between them. She swiped at the tight ring and grinned to herself as she felt Martha jump. She held the full round globes open while she teased the dark puckered opening, wetting it with tongue jabs and licks before she continued down. Then she was crouched between the wide-spread full legs of the blonde. She rained kisses on both legs, dragging her tongue up the inside of each thigh, starting several inches below the stocking tops. She stopped rising both times when she reached the flowery tops and circled around each leg as much as she could, lapping both the top of the nylon and the smooth white skin above.

Martha was up on her toes now, a sight that Sally found absolutely wonderful. She slid her body between those flexed legs, turning until she could plunge her face into the damp blonde curls. By now subtlety was non-existent. Sally devoured Martha as though the other woman was a plump partridge served up for her. Sally sucked her labia into her mouth and stripped them clean. She buried her tongue up inside Martha and immediately settled down into a rythmatic darting in and out, penetrating the other woman's dripping pussy. Juices flowed from the blonde and Sally eagerly accepted them, letting them run down her throat.

Speaking of penetration, Sally thought. She had been gripping Martha's ass tightly, flexing her fingers and enjoying the feel of the full globes. She sought the still damp ring she had been licking and found it with a questing fingertip. Without hesitation she plunged her index finger up into Martha's ass.

Martha squealed and rose even higher on her toes as Sally's finger impaled her ass. She danced for an instant and then let herself fall back down, cramming Sally's finger to the hilt and incidentally jamming the brunette's tongue so deeply into her pussy that for an instant Sally felt tongue and fingertip touch each other with only the thin curtain wall between them ... Then Martha spread her legs, flexed her knees and began to ride Sally's face and finger.

"Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhhhhhh," panted the full bodied woman as she rose and fell on the twin penetrators of her body. Sally held on for dear life, her head tipped back and her body bouncing up and down in time with Martha's. When Martha rose back onto her toes Sally wiggled her finger around and around and before the other woman could let herself fall again the brunette had added a second finger and spread them in Martha's ass.

"Oh God YESSSSSS," gasped Martha as she settled back down on the two fingers and Sally's busy tongue. "Fuck me, please, fuck meeeeeee."

Sally spared a moment to look up Martha's generous body and watched the heavy breasts bounce as wildly as the rest of the older woman. The licking woman was sorry she couldn't fondle those full breasts but her one free hand had abandoned the rounded ass it was fondling to plunge between her own legs. Sally had three fingers jammed up her own pussy and her thumb was rolling her clit in an ever faster tiny circle. But mindful of the other woman's request, the brunette managed to slide a third finger into the open ass above her and began to meet Martha's down thrusts with hard shoves of her arm.

Martha contracted. Both her internal vaginal muscles and her anal ring attempted to slam shut on the intruders driving into her body. That coincided with a barely muffled scream, a violent shaking of the curvy woman and a flood that nearly drowned the woman under her. For her part, Sally slammed half her hand up in herself and crushed her own clit with a raking thumbnail, Her own cry of orgasm was buried in Mart's pussy but it did have the good result of opening Sally's mouth all the way for the flow of Martha's nectar.

When both women had managed to stop shaking Sally pulled herself from under the other woman and stood up. She kissed Martha and guided her towards the still made up bed. Jerking the covers off and throwing them on the floor the duo collapsed onto the sheets. The ceiling fan's gentle breezes made an effort to cool the flushed skin of the two women as they held each other.

"Wow," murmured Sally.

"You can say that again," smiled Martha as she kissed the smaller brunette woman. "So," her eyes twinkled in satisfied merriment, "What's next on the agenda?"

"How about moving over enough to make some room on that bed?" came a third voice, one that made Sally pop up from the sheet and smile.

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