The Control Effect

by Sakka

Copyright© 2001 by Sakka

Erotica Sex Story: A hapless college student is given a mind control drug during medical trials, then goes on a sex spree. After impregnating several women, however, he gets a nasty surprise from his last victim--a highway cop.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Mind Control   Pregnancy   Foot Fetish   .

Jim Walker thought of himself as an average guy--a 22- year old graphic arts student at Central University. When he dropped in to the University Med Center, however--for his weekly visit with Dr. Sandra Graham-- he thought of himself as perhaps a little better than average, helping to further the progress of medical science. Sitting on Graham's examination table, he watched the pretty doctor's movements as she first retrieved her clipboard, then turned to him with a small white pill and a cup of water.

"So," Jim said, taking the pill and cup, "tell me again why we're doing this."

"I told you, Mr. Walker--we're testing side effects of a theophylline derivative."

"And this might be a placebo ... or it might not."

Graham smiled, patiently, writing some notes on her clipboard.

"Please, Mr. Walker, hexafine shouldn't be any more potent than caffeine."

"So I should take the pill now?"

"Yes, please."

Jim shrugged, popping the tablet in his mouth and washing it down with the water. Of course--looking over the lip of the cup at Dr. Graham--he had to admit it was easy to cooperate with such a beautiful woman. About 35, she had curly brown hair, a cute round face and expressive brown eyes, complimented by her wire-frame glasses; although most of her body was concealed by her lab coat, she was clearly slim and petite, and Jim--who had a bit of a foot fetish--appreciated both the stretch of bare leg he could see beneath her long skirt, and her sexy platform sandals with cork-stacked heels. Even her toes were cute, tightly bound in the vamps of her sandals.

"It'll probably kill me," Jim muttered, gulping down the pill.

"Oh, that's not good," Graham said, continuing her scribbling; "drug-induced paranoia."

"Did you really write that?"

"No," Graham said, stopping her writing and looking up with a slight smile.

"I'm sorry for giving you such a hard time," Jim said. "I mean you are paying me, and it's not like it's a huge sacrifice."

"Well, I do appreciate it," Graham said, holding her clipboard against her stomach.

A long moment then passed before Jim spoke again.

"I hope I'm not being too forward," he said, "but you're not married, are you?"

"No," Graham said.

"That's hard to imagine. You're awful pretty." Graham blushed.

"I guess I haven't met the right guy," she said.

"Well," Jim said, self-consciously, "I'm not saying I'm the right guy, but I sure wouldn't mind having a girlfriend like you."

"What would you do if I were your girlfriend?" Graham asked.

It was then, as Jim looked into her eyes, that he realized there was something odd about her demeanor. Flirting was one thing, but she was neither avoiding his gaze, nor trying to brush him off.

"Well, geez, I don't know..."

Still, Graham continued to look at him.

" ... what would YOU do?"

"What do you want me to do?" Graham asked.

Oh man--Jim thought, feeling his heart leap in his chest--she is seriously freaking me out! I wonder if this is some kind of doctor joke?

"Uh ... drop your clipboard," Jim said.

She dropped her clipboard.

"And take off your lab coat."

She slipped off her lab coat, letting it fall around her feet.

"Are you okay, Doctor?"

"Shouldn't I be?" Graham asked, innocently.

"Well, how about you take off your blouse?"

Obediently, Graham did as suggested, unfastening the buttons of her top and letting it likewise fall to the floor. Slim as she was, he now realized she had a nice pair of tits, nicely lifted and supported by her lacy bra.

"How big ... are those?" he asked.


"Can I see them?"

Whereupon, Graham unclasped her bra and let it fall away as well. Her breasts--perfectly proportioned to her body--now hung loose and free on her chest, capped by a magnificent pair of puffy pink nipples.

Holy shit--! Jim thought; what was in that pill?

Down the hall, meanwhile, two of Dr. Graham's assistants--a pair of 19-year old students named Dawn and Jamie--were processing research results when they heard Dr. Graham's door close. That was odd, but not nearly as odd as what they heard a few moments later--a sudden, rhythmic thumping noise, as if an examination table were being banged against a wall.

"What the hell is that?" Dawn asked, brushing her long black hair away from her face.

Jamie, a blonde with shoulder-length hair, tried to imagine what it could be ... but then it couldn't be what she was thinking. Although the building was mostly empty at this hour of the day, would Dr. Graham actually do it with a test subject, and her helpers just a few feet away?

Or was she being forced? If so, why didn't she cry out?

"Why don't you go look?" Jamie suggested.

"Why don't YOU go look?"

"Let's both go look," Jamie said, finally. "Dr. Graham might be in trouble."

Dropping their work, then, the girls advanced together toward the closed door of their employer, half- mesmerized and half-alarmed by the banging noises from within. As they drew closer, Dawn paused to pick up a fire extinguisher just in case they'd need a weapon, and Jamie moved to open the door.

"Oh my God!"

Still gripping the fire extinguisher, Dawn rushed up and suddenly came up short in the doorway. There was Dr. Graham all right-- sitting on the examination table with her skirt hiked up around her hips, getting the bejesus fucked out of her by Jim Walker, one of her test subjects. Neither Graham nor Walker seemed to notice the girls at first; still wearing her glasses and sandals, Dr. Graham was gripping Walker's forearms while Walker-- with his pants around his knees--slammed his penis into the moaning doctor, knocking the table up against the wall with the force of his thrusting.

Walker stopped, however, suddenly, when Dawn dropped the fire extinguisher.

"Shit, Dawn," Jamie said; "call the cops!"

"Wait!" Walker said. "Both of you--come in here."

Dizzy with pleasure, feeling Dr. Graham's pussy suck and squeeze his penis with every driving stroke, Jim didn't realize he was being watched at first, and looked up in a flat-out panic. When he realized it was just a couple of girls, however, he forced himself to master his fear and ordered them to come inside. Then, as they both did so, he ordered them to close the door behind them.

This is amazing, he thought, watching them follow his orders. Of course, it was a little distracting to feel Dr. Graham still moaning beneath him, humping back at him and fucking herself with his cock--but it didn't appear she was anywhere close to coming out of her stupor. As for himself, he had never felt so hard-- more than seven inches long, with the veins bulging out of his penis--and he could hardly blame the doctor for wanting to spear herself on his weapon.

"Who are you two?" Jim asked the girls, finally.

"My name is Dawn," the black-haired girl said.

"And my name is Jamie," the blonde added.

"They're--unph!--my helpers," Dr. Graham offered, wrapping her legs around Jim's back.

"Well, girls," Jim said--pausing a moment to fuck Dr. Graham again, fast and deep, with a flurry of powerful thrusting--"why don't you both take your clothes off."

A moment later, both girls began to remove their clothing, and Jim felt a sudden surge of pleasure shoot through his aching-hard penis. Dawn--The dark-haired girl--had wide hips and big tits, while Jamie was thinner, and more athletic in build. Seeing them there, naked, and feeling his power over them, was more than enough to push his balls--already close to boiling--over the edge to an orgasm.

"I think I'm gonna come..." Jim said to Graham; "are you safe?"

"No," Graham answered, "but you can squirt in me if you want."

"Damn..." Jim muttered, "I don't want to get you pregnant..."

"Oh, don't be such a worrywart," Graham said, grunting as she fucked him back; "I'm sure my period was more than two weeks ago..."

Incredulous, Jim looked at Graham with disbelief; if she was ovulating, this was incredibly dangerous. Still, her pussy was so goddamn tight...

"Won't you squirt in me, Baby... ? Oh, God, your cock is so HARD... !"

That finally pushed him over the edge. Again, he fucked her fast and hard--slapping her ass with his balls-- until, suddenly, his climax broke and he pushed in as deep as he could go. Grunting and straining, he crushed his balls into the crack of her buttocks and exploded deep inside her hole. Jet after jet of his sperm splashed into her womb, soaking her pussy to overflowing and filling her belly with his thick, youthful seed.

"Oh, fuck that's good," he moaned, reluctantly pulling his penis from her body. A flow of sperm, uncorked from her hole, promptly spilled out onto the doctor's thighs and ass.

"Don't you have any more?" Graham pleaded.

"Maybe later," Jim said. "Um ... why don't you play with the girls for a minute?"

"Okay," Graham said, rolling off the table and clopping across the floor in her high heels. The girls, meanwhile, had already started to touch each other, and Jim was amazed when he saw them take the doctor into their embrace, finally slipping off her skirt and rubbing her cum-plastered pussy with their fingers. For Jim, first watching the movements of the women, then glancing at the rear of the doctor--letting his gaze run down the backs of her legs to her trim ankles and her cute, sexy feet, still tightly bound in the straps of her sandals--it was more than enough to put the life back in her penis.

"Okay, girls, break it up," he said, clutching his slick but fuck-hard penis; "I want all of you to stand against the counter there, and bend over."

The women did as bid, and soon Jim was looking down at all three of their naked pussies, exposed between their buttocks. To get them ready, he ordered them to play with themselves, and soon their pussies were wet with their juices. It was hard to decide which one to do first, but--Since Graham was closest--he decided to start with her, walking up behind her and slipping his penis right back into her pussy.

"Mrmmph... !" Dr. Graham moaned, feeling Jim's penis split her open once again, then start a sloppy cycle of wet and messy fucking.

"Do you really like this?" Jim asked, sparing a glance down at her feet, propped up high on the heels of her sandals.

"Why shouldn't I?"

"Don't you feel coerced?"

"Oh, Baby, just fuck me... !"

Jim was wary of losing this golden opportunity to bone three girls at the same time, however, and--after slam- fucking Graham hard and fast, nearly knocking her forward off her heels--he reluctantly pulled out and slipped his penis into the black-haired girl in the middle.

"Unph--!" she grunted, standing on tiptoes as Jim sunk his penis into her with a single thrust--right up to his balls in her slippery hole. She was tight, all right, and he started to grind her slow and deep.

"What's your name again?"

"Unhhh ... Dawn!"

"Well, you're sure tight, Dawn. What about you--you on the pill?" "Oh, no ... please don't come in me... !"

Jim was startled, even as he continued fucking her; could the effect--whatever it was--be wearing off?

"Would you rather I come in your friend?"

Dawn moaned, despite herself. Her pussy was creamy-wet now, even as it clung to Jim's thrusting penis, and he wondered if she would remember what they had done later.

If she did ... or any of them did ... this could be bad.

"Listen girls," he said, "I don't want any of you to tell anyone what we've done here, okay?"

"Okay, master," they said--almost in union--and the sudden realization of his mastery drove him once again over the edge. Pressing deep, he squirted a sudden gush of thick and creamy sperm into Dawn...

... then suddenly pulled out, and rammed his still- squirting penis into Jamie.

"Oh, fuck--!" she squealed, startled both by the sudden penetration, and the warm jets of sperm Jim was squirting inside her. "No, you'll make me pregnant... !"

Up to his balls inside her, however, Jim could do nothing but grasp her by her hips and continue to fuck her, pumping still more of his cum into her belly.

"I'm sorry," Jim said; "don't you girls use birth control? I can't believe you don't have boyfriends..."

"I always make mine use a condom," Jamie said.

"And I'd use my diaphragm," Dawn added, eagerly rubbing herself to a climax, "if I had it with me."

"What about you?" Jim asked Dr. Graham--punctuating the question with another deep thrust into Jamie.

"Condoms," said Graham--now likewise rubbing herself. "Not that I have a lot of dates..."

The irony of that, coming from a woman oozing his sperm down her thighs, was not lost on Jim. Clearly, this was not a natural situation ... but how could a "harmless" drug have such a dramatic effect?

Or was it the drug at all?

Unfortunately for Jim, however, he was not accustomed to thinking deeply about such things, and his immediate concern was how sensitive his penis was becoming in Jamie's pussy. Finally, when it was more than he could take, he pulled out and stood there behind her, cupping her ass and rubbing her cum-spattered pussy with his fingers.

"Well, I think that's enough. Girls, I want you to go home, and pretend this never happened."

When Jim finally staggered out to his car in the parking lot, his head was spinning. Unable to process completely what had happened, he numbly started the ignition-- vaguely aware of the darkening sky at dusk--and drove out onto the freeway. Thankfully, there wasn't much traffic, so he floored the accelerator, hoping to make the two miles to his dormitory and crash.

But then he heard the siren; looking up at his rear view mirror, a highway patrol cruiser was right on his tail, dome lights flashing.


Feeling his heart sinking, Jim quickly pulled over to the side of the road. The cruiser followed him to a stop, then--with typically agonizing slowness--the driver stepped out of the car. It happened to be a woman, a rather stockily built blond with silvered sunglasses and straight blonde hair.

"License and registration."

Jim fumbled for the items.

"Any idea how fast you were going there?"

"Uh... 65?"

"Try 85."

Jim sighed, realizing he really had no idea how fast he was going. If only the control he'd had over Dr. Graham and the girls would work on her...

Well, maybe it would.

"Um, officer," he said, "What's your name?"

"Higgenbotham," she replied, showing him her name badge.

"What's your first name?"


"You don't say. And how old are you, Cynthia?"


Yes! It did work!

"Say, Cynthia," he said, looking into her sunglasses, "I was thinking, how about we drive our cars up onto that dirt road up ahead."

The officer nodded, and Jim quickly started his engine again. Trying not to act too eager (there might be other cops around!) he drove nonchalantly up the side of the highway until he reached the unused turn-off for an old state road. Then, with Cynthia right behind, he pulled off and drove just behind a hill to block the view of other drivers.

Oddly, though, the officer did not leave her car until Jim walked up to her and told her to do so. Gently, he guided her to her feet, then let her rest against the side of her cruiser.

"Why don't we take these off," he said, slipping off her shades and revealing a surprisingly pretty pair of blue eyes. "And your top, too."

Obediently, the officer unbuttoned her top and the sight of her bulletproof vest momentarily startled Jim. She took that off as well, however, revealing an ample bosom in her sports bra. Her expression did not change ... passive ambivalence ... but he hardly cared as he helped her release her bra and spring free a pair of beautiful breasts, easily a cup-size larger than Dr. Graham's.

"Mrm," she moaned, when he leaned forward to suck first her left nipple, then gently bite and suck her right.

"I'm glad you're still with us," Jim said. "You got a boyfriend?

"Yes. I was ... going to see him later."

"A hot date?" he asked, cupping and stroking her breasts.

"Yes. I was ... supposed to see him at seven."

"Seven? It's almost seven already."

"I brought my clothes to change."

"No kidding. Let's have a look."

Sure enough, in the trunk of her cruiser--alongside road flares and other paraphernalia--Cynthia had placed her outfit in a plastic bag, comprising a short black dress and a pair of high-heeled sandals.

"I bet you'd look hot in these," Jim said, pulling out the sandals and closing the trunk. "Here, put these on."

Cynthia--still wearing her uniform trousers--did as ordered, pulling off her shoes and socks and slipping on the spike-heeled sandals. Jim's boner--already getting stiff--then sprung fully to life as he saw her lift each foot onto her fender to buckle the straps around her ankles, meanwhile balancing precariously on the other foot. She had nice feet, with just the slightest wrinkles at her heels, and it was kind of kinky to see just her toes poking out from the bottom of her trousers when she stood up. That she was still wearing a .45 caliber pistol, a nightstick and handcuffs just added to the racy excitement and danger.

"Damn, you're hot," he said, pulling down his pants and flipping out his cock; "we've got to fuck."

"Okay," Cynthia said.

"Here, let's pull these down," he said, helping her unbuckle her belt and loosen her trousers. Those-- together with her panties-- fell down around her knees, and he quickly spun her around so her hands were resting on the trunk. Stroking his cock with one hand, he then began to rub her pussy with the other, and was pleased by the wetness he soon churned up. There on the old road, with no one around, the only sounds were crickets, the distant traffic, and the squishing-slurping sound of his fingers in her pussy. Glancing down at her cunt, her shapely ass, and her toes peeking out from the cuff of her trousers, he was soon drooling strings of pre-cum, but paused a moment to kneel between her legs and press his mouth into her snatch.

"Mrmph..." Cynthia groaned, feeling Jim suck at her clitoris and stab his tongue into her hole, slurping her juices, " ... yes. Oh, God, yes... !"

"Are you coming?" Jim asked, backing off.

"Oh, fuck... !" Cynthia answered, suddenly stroking herself with one hand while she supported her weight with the other. Urgently, feverishly, she rubbed her slippery flesh until a shudder ran through her hips, and a sudden gush of lubricant erupted from her hole. "Fuck, I'm coming... !"

If Jim was hard before, he was positively solid now. Giving her a moment to recover, he stood up again, then smoothly slid his penis into the clutching grasp of Officer Higgenbotham's pussy.

Obligingly, she let him sink in all the way up to his balls with his first stroke, splitting open her muscular pussy, then clenched her cunt-muscles reflexively. For Jim--up to his nuts in the tightest, wettest pussy he had ever felt--it was pure heaven, and he started to fuck her, deep and fast.

Amazingly, Cynthia kept up with him--clenching her pussy with every driving thrust, and literally milking his cock. That just made him fuck her harder, though, driving her up onto the trunk of her cruiser with her knees on the fender. Fucking her deep and hard, he soon felt the cruiser bouncing on its shocks and reached up to cup her breasts; she moaned, still milking his fucking penis with her muscles, and Jim's mind reeled-- this was hardly the same ice queen who'd pulled him over!

"God, you're so tight," Jim grunted, squeezing and kneading her breasts, "you fuck your boyfriend a lot?"

"No--unph!--he's usually out of town..."

"Poor girl," he thought, slapping his hips into her buttocks and feeling the cum start to boil in his balls. "You on the pill?"

"What... ? No..."

"Well, Jesus, I thought you were going on a date."

"I use a diaphragm."

"You got it with you?"

"Un-huh... !"

For a moment, Jim thought about pulling out and letting her protect herself. As he slowed, however, Cynthia continued to squeeze and suck at his throbbing penetrator, and he realized that that was not going to happen.

"I'm sorry, Cynthia," he said, resuming his thrusting; "I think I'm gonna come in you..."

"What... ? No--!"

Suddenly, Jim felt the officer wrap her sandal-shoed feet around the backs of his knees, and he felt a sudden spike of pleasure as her spike heels grazed the backs of his thighs. Letting go of her breasts, he reached down with one hand to touch her right foot, and the sensation on his fingertips--soft flesh and tightly stretched leather--finally sent him over the edge.

"Oh, goddamn... !" he grunted, suddenly grasping her hips again and ramming his cock in as deep as it would go. He came hard, suddenly pressing his cockhead up against her cervix and sending a flood of semen splashing into her vagina.

"No... !" Cynthia moaned, digging her feet into the backs of his knees, "no, God, please don't come in me... !"

But it was too late for that; refreshed by its break since his last fuck, his penis twitched and pulsed in the grip of her pussy muscles, squirting load after load of his sperm into her belly. Despite herself, she was actually milking the sperm from his balls, and her pleading cries just made him push harder--straining to empty every last drop inside her.

Finally, then, he was spent, and he laid forward against her sweaty, muscular back.

"I'm sorry," he said, still deep inside her. "It's just, you're so hot..."

"Can I put my feet down?" Cynthia asked.

"Oh, sure," Jim said, easing the officer--still impaled on his cock--back off the trunk and onto her feet. The sperm in her hole was oozing out now, onto his balls, and he nuzzled her neck affectionately, keeping his hard-on stiff with the odd glance down at her sexy feet, propped up high on her spike heels with the toes pushing forward against the restraint of her sandal straps.

Still holding her, it was to his misfortune that he didn't keep his eyes on her feet; a moment later, the officer startled him by stepping slightly to one side in his grasp--popping his penis from her cum-slick hole-- and hooking her left knee around the back of his right. Then she knelt down, and Jim was startled to feel himself thrown off balance--falling onto his back and smacking his head on the pavement.

"Fuck... !"

Cynthia fell too, of course, but she caught herself with her hands and quickly stumbled to her feet, pulling her trousers back up. Then, as Jim lay stunned below her, she unsheathed her gun with one hand and rolled him onto his face with the other.

"Ow ... fuck!"

Still dazed, Jim was only vaguely aware of what was happening, but he was aware enough to know that the officer had pulled his hands behind his back and handcuffed him.

"Goddamn pervert," Cynthia muttered, staggering awkwardly backward in her high heels. "What the hell did you do to me?" Jim simply groaned, however, oblivious to anything except the pain in the back of his head.

Evidently, the control didn't last forever.

Part 2

Somewhat later, after getting stitches for the gash in his head, Jim Walker was escorted (by two male deputies) to the county jail.

His parents were shocked, and startled him by hanging up on his one phone call. Thus, the confused young man would have to rely on a lawyer from the Public Defender's office when he was arraigned the next day at the courthouse. Not much older than him, she was a lady named Inderjit Kalee, who first met him in the courtroom.

Presiding was a middle-aged woman with a stern expression and the apt name of Amanda Gray--the latter name matching the color of her short-cut hair--who stated the charges: four counts of sexual assault. Clearly, the women at the medical center had not forgotten what had happened, like Jim had told them to.

"How do you plead?"

"Not guilty," Jim said half-heartedly, under his defenders direction.

Unfortunately, given the mountain of evidence against him-- including copious fluid samples--it was pretty obvious to everyone he was guilty. Two weeks later, Inderjit frankly admitted it might be better to change his plea, but Jim was flustered by the fact that he knew something had happened to him in Dr. Graham's office. While it was true he had fucked Dr. Graham, her assistants and Officer Higgenbotham, they were hardly resisting after he took the drug Graham gave him. If only he could get a sample of the drug from Dr. Graham...

"I can ask," Inderjit said, "but she's not real happy; haven't you heard--?"


"Dr. Graham is pregnant. All four victims are, in fact."

Jim was startled, but adamant; when blood tests proved his paternity, he was all the more determined to prove his innocence in court.

Unfortunately for Jim, however, it would be the same Judge Gray presiding, and she had no sympathy for rapists. He felt her cold stare when he sat before the bench, and averted his eyes from her as the first of the jurors were selected. His friends and family, he noted, were nowhere to be seen.

As the trial was set to last at least a week, Jim returned to his cell, depressed.

The next morning, he went through the motions of dressing himself; to avoid the appearance of guilt, he was allowed to exchange his orange coveralls for a suit, dress shirt and slacks, and he put them on apathetically. But then, as he put his hands in his suit pockets, he was startled to feel something peculiar. Pulling it out, he saw a plastic bag containing no less than six small pills ... virtually identical to the ones Graham had given him!

At first he was worried; although he hadn't heard anyone come in, someone must have planted them--someone entirely willing to use him in some diabolical scheme. They could hardly be planted as evidence against him, however, since they would only support his case!

"Like anything would help my case now," he mumbled.

Then he wondered if the pills were even real. They might be placebos.

Maybe I could test them on Inderjit, he thought, aroused by the notion. But no, that wouldn't be smart--even if he could fuck her without the guards noticing, she would certainly remember afterward.

But on the other hand, there was someone he would like to try them out on...

Judge Gray.

Later that day, opening arguments began. It was all very hard on Jim, who was painted as the worst kind of bestial predator, but he bided his time until a break occurred in the trial. Then, with an escort from the burly female bailiff--sheriff's deputy Darla Hodge--he relieved himself in a restroom up the hall and popped a single pill into his mouth. Back in the courtroom-- knowing the effect would last about three hours--he then made eye contact with the judge and whispered in her direction. Amazingly, with other voices murmuring in the chamber, she appeared to hear what he said, and he sat back with a pleased expression.

It would not be until the next day, however, that Jim would see the results of his handiwork. Surprising witnesses assembled outside the courtroom, Judge Gray walked up to her chambers wearing both her black robes ... and a pair of incredibly sexy, black, spike- heeled sandals on her bare feet. Clicking on the marble floor, they drew the attention of every man and woman, but the judge didn't appear to notice or care.

Jim noticed, however, when he was called into the courtroom with his attorney. Declaring a short recess, the judge stepped away from the bench to talk with the bailiff, and Jim felt a surge of blood in his cock when he saw what she was wearing on her feet.

In fact, Judge Gray had rather pudgy feet, and her shoes were clearly more than a little tight, the simple vamps binding her toes while the crossover straps wrapped around the backs of her heels, leaving her insteps exposed. Well hard now, having already popped the second of his pills, it was an effort for Jim not to touch his penis as he watched her return to the bench.

"Will the defendant and council please approach the bench," the judge said.

Jim and Inderjit did so, coming close enough to hear her voice without the jury overhearing.

"Follow me to my chambers," she said, also motioning to the bailiff. Inderjit was startled, giving Jim a curious glance and shrugging, but followed the others into the judge's office. Wood-paneled and heavy with the smell of leather-bound law books, it was a world apart from the courtroom.

"Mr. Walker..." Judge Gray said, inviting the defendant and attorney to sit, then taking a heavily-padded seat opposite them, " ... you disgust me."

"Your Honor, please!" Inderjit exclaimed.

"No, it's all right," Jim said. "Why is that?"

"Do you realize all four of your victims are pregnant-- six weeks pregnant with your babies? And none of them want to have an abortion?"

"What do you think, I tricked them somehow?"

"I know you have some sort of power," the judge replied. "But I want you to know that it has no effect on me."

"So," Jim said, "is that why you wore those fuck-me sandals to court today?"

The judge looked at him curiously, then looked down at her crossed legs. She appeared both startled and confused.

"What ... did you do to me?"

"I just made a few suggestions yesterday. Bailiff, lock the door, will you?"

Deputy Hodge moved to do so.

"What the hell is going on?" Inderjit demanded.

"Nothing you should worry about," Jim said, patting his attorney on her knee. "Be a good girl, though, strip off your clothes and play with yourself on the judge's desk."

"Okay..." the attorney said, rising to stand and strip off her blouse.

"And you, too," Jim said to the bailiff, moving to stand up. Darla Hodge nodded, beginning to strip.

"Leave on those shoes, though," Jim added to Inderjt, noting her sling-back pumps. "Those are good."

Judge Gray, in the meantime, was looking up at Jim with a mixture of awe and horror--her feet now planted flat on the ground--as he walked up to her and flipped out his penis. Rock-hard and throbbing, he was drooling a healthy string of pre-cum as he looked down at her.

"Suck it," he said.


"Suck it, now," he repeated, and this time the command took hold. Reluctantly, the judge took the wicked weapon in her hand, then inched forward on her seat until she was close enough to slip the cockhead into her mouth. She moaned a little, clearly hesitant to proceed, but Jim put his hands on either side of her head and soon he could feel her relenting, cradling the tender underside of his cock with her tongue and moving her lips back and forth on his shaft.

"Oh, fuck..." Jim said, peeling off his coat and shirt, and letting his trousers drop; "you're going to make me come..."

The judge simply continued her sucking, however, making wet, sloppy noises as her saliva lubricated their connection. If only he had a videocamera, he thought, looking down at the face of the bitch-queen. Oh well...

Not surprisingly--with days of scheming behind him--Jim soon felt himself coming. Holding her head, he fucked his penis deeper into her mouth--making her squint and grunt in surprise--then came like a fire hose, sending rope after rope of creamy-hot sperm splashing into her throat. It filled her up quickly, bathing her tongue and tickling her taste buds with its saltiness.

"Now swallow," he said, pulling back, "there's a good girl."

It was hard to read her expression--somewhere between obedience and hate--but she did as commanded, gulping down the slippery knot of semen in her mouth. As it was sticky, however, she didn't get it all down at first, and she was forced to gasp--drawing a sucking breath-- before she could gulp down the rest.

"Now let's have a look at that pussy," he said. "Stand up and strip--except for your shoes."

"They're kind of uncomfortable," Gray admitted, pushing herself upright and tottering on her heels.

"I'll bet," Jim said, happy to feel his hardness returning as he stroked his cock. "They look two sizes too small."

"I wore them on my honeymoon," she replied, slowing unfastening her robe to let it fall, then dropping off her blouse and skirt.

"How long ago was that?"

"25 years."

Well, that would explain that, Jim thought. Still, she wasn't completely unattractive; finally peeling off her bra and panties, she revealed a body that was pudgy and thick, but still wide in the hips and complimented by a nice pair of very full, heavy-hanging breasts. Between those and her chunky legs, tapering to her ankles and her painfully constricted feet, she was more than sexy enough to put the spring back in his cock.

"Now sit back down," he said, moving between her legs as she did so, and exploring both the puffy-pink labia between her thighs and a surprisingly large clitoris. She was a little wet already, but she became even more so with the rubbing of his fingers, and she groaned a little when he slipped first two, then three and four fingers into her tight little hole. Her pussy tightened reflexively, contracting around his fingers as he gently massaged her creamy vagina, and he finally decided to taste her, lowering his mouth between her legs.

"Oh, yes..." the judge groaned, feeling Jim suck at her pulsing clitoris, and nibble playfully at her cunt lips. Between that, and his tongue fucking of her cunt, she was soon beginning to come despite herself.

"Oh, fucking A... ! Oh, you're fuckin' making me come... !"

It figured she would have such a nasty mouth, but he kept on sucking until he was rewarded with a sweet flow of fresh and juicy cream.

"I bet your husband doesn't do that much."

"No, he doesn't."

Jim smiled, glancing over at Inderjit and Hodge. Fully naked, they were now rolling around together on top of the judge's desk-- knocking her reading lamp off in the process--and Jim couldn't help but stroke himself as he saw his attorney sucking on the big bailiff's pendulous breasts. Now, it was time to fuck the judge.

"How about you?" he said, guiding his drooling cock- helmet into the mouth of her pussy, then sliding in deep with a single lunging thrust. "You have any birth control?"

The judge gasped, feeling his penis split her open, and contracted her muscles around the shaft. With his balls on her ass, he was touching her womb now ... her most private place.

"No, my ... husband uses rubbers."

"Oh, that's too bad..." Jim said--pulling back slightly, then ramming a second, hard thrust into her belly; " ... cause I don't think I'm gonna pull out."

"Oh, God, no..." Gray pleaded, grasping his forearms even as he began to fuck her; "please don't come in me... !"

"Oh, come on," Jim said, watching her breasts roll back and forth on her chest with every lunging thrust, "when was your last period?"

"Two weeks ago..."

"Figures," Jim muttered. It was then that his gaze fell upon a full-length dressing mirror off to the right, and he realized it was giving a very nice side-angle view of their coupling. From a distance, the poor judge looked like a helpless, over-sexed old cow, grunting and gasping as Jim fucked her. And the tightness of her sandals was obvious, too--he could see her chubby toes pressing forward against their vamps, and the black leather straps digging deeply into the flesh of her feet.

"God, you're fucking sexy," he huffed, increasing the rate of his humping and delighting in the slapping- slurping sounds of their fucking. "How old are you, anyway?"

"Unph... ! 45..."

"Any kids?"

"Two--unph!--21 and 22..."

Deep inside, he could feel her muscles starting to twitch and contract; she was coming.

"Well, I'm sorry," Jim said, feeling the cum start to rise in his balls, "but I am gonna squirt in you."

"No... !" Gray pleaded, whereupon--suddenly--she shook with the trembling force of her climax. "Oh, fuck... ! I'm coming... !"

Which was just about all Jim could take. Stabbing his penis into the judge's belly, he felt her muscles go into spasm--clutching and squeezing him--and suddenly pressed in up to his balls inside her. It may have been his biggest climax yet--great gushing floods of semen erupted from his cock, soaking her trembling hole--and she looked up at him with a helpless, stunned expression. Inside her belly, meanwhile, his penis continued to pump and squirt, plastering her womb with jet after jet of his thick, creamy seed.

"Oh, you fucker," she gasped; "why did you do this to me?"

Jim answered with another flurry of deep, slapping thrusts--making her gasp with surprise and contract her vagina. He was still spurting, and he strained to squeeze out all that he could inside her.

"Because I'm not guilty," he said--pausing to bend down and suck on first her left nipple, then her right. "I did fuck those women--and yes, I guess I got them pregnant--but it was Dr. Graham who used me. She gave me a pill that made women do anything I wanted--like you."

"You're crazy," Gray said, and Jim answered that with another round of fucking. Pushed back on her chair, she wrapped her legs around his back and he pushed in especially deep when he felt her heels on his back--so deep he could feel her cervix rolling around his cockhead.

"That's enough for now," Jim said finally. Pulling back and pulling out, he was startled to see how much sperm was now oozing from her hole; slumped down in the chair with her legs now up on the padded arms, she was probably not doing herself a favor if she didn't want to get pregnant, but Jim couldn't care less about that.

Focused on his own pleasure, he grasped her left foot to wipe his cock off--rubbing his sperm into the flesh on both sides of her tightly-bound foot, but concentrating on the soft, slightly wrinkled flesh of her instep. Then he moved to her other foot and sucked her toes; surprised, she arched her toes as much as she could in their vamps, and he slipped his tongue underneath and between them, licking and sucking.

"Just stay like that," he said finally, leaving her slumped in the chair with her feet in the air. "You'll have a baby in no time."

"You bastard," she muttered, rubbing herself idly, and squeezing out a little of the sperm from her pussy.

"Yeah, I guess," Jim said, standing upright and turning his attention to the others.

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