The Control Effect

by Sakka

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Pregnancy, Foot Fetish, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A hapless college student is given a mind control drug during medical trials, then goes on a sex spree. After impregnating several women, however, he gets a nasty surprise from his last victim--a highway cop.

Jim Walker thought of himself as an average guy--a 22- year old graphic arts student at Central University. When he dropped in to the University Med Center, however--for his weekly visit with Dr. Sandra Graham-- he thought of himself as perhaps a little better than average, helping to further the progress of medical science. Sitting on Graham's examination table, he watched the pretty doctor's movements as she first retrieved her clipboard, then turned to him with a small white pill and a cup of water.

"So," Jim said, taking the pill and cup, "tell me again why we're doing this."

"I told you, Mr. Walker--we're testing side effects of a theophylline derivative."

"And this might be a placebo ... or it might not."

Graham smiled, patiently, writing some notes on her clipboard.

"Please, Mr. Walker, hexafine shouldn't be any more potent than caffeine."

"So I should take the pill now?"

"Yes, please."

Jim shrugged, popping the tablet in his mouth and washing it down with the water. Of course--looking over the lip of the cup at Dr. Graham--he had to admit it was easy to cooperate with such a beautiful woman. About 35, she had curly brown hair, a cute round face and expressive brown eyes, complimented by her wire-frame glasses; although most of her body was concealed by her lab coat, she was clearly slim and petite, and Jim--who had a bit of a foot fetish--appreciated both the stretch of bare leg he could see beneath her long skirt, and her sexy platform sandals with cork-stacked heels. Even her toes were cute, tightly bound in the vamps of her sandals.

"It'll probably kill me," Jim muttered, gulping down the pill.

"Oh, that's not good," Graham said, continuing her scribbling; "drug-induced paranoia."

"Did you really write that?"

"No," Graham said, stopping her writing and looking up with a slight smile.

"I'm sorry for giving you such a hard time," Jim said. "I mean you are paying me, and it's not like it's a huge sacrifice."

"Well, I do appreciate it," Graham said, holding her clipboard against her stomach.

A long moment then passed before Jim spoke again.

"I hope I'm not being too forward," he said, "but you're not married, are you?"

"No," Graham said.

"That's hard to imagine. You're awful pretty." Graham blushed.

"I guess I haven't met the right guy," she said.

"Well," Jim said, self-consciously, "I'm not saying I'm the right guy, but I sure wouldn't mind having a girlfriend like you."

"What would you do if I were your girlfriend?" Graham asked.

It was then, as Jim looked into her eyes, that he realized there was something odd about her demeanor. Flirting was one thing, but she was neither avoiding his gaze, nor trying to brush him off.

"Well, geez, I don't know..."

Still, Graham continued to look at him.

" ... what would YOU do?"

"What do you want me to do?" Graham asked.

Oh man--Jim thought, feeling his heart leap in his chest--she is seriously freaking me out! I wonder if this is some kind of doctor joke?

"Uh ... drop your clipboard," Jim said.

She dropped her clipboard.

"And take off your lab coat."

She slipped off her lab coat, letting it fall around her feet.

"Are you okay, Doctor?"

"Shouldn't I be?" Graham asked, innocently.

"Well, how about you take off your blouse?"

Obediently, Graham did as suggested, unfastening the buttons of her top and letting it likewise fall to the floor. Slim as she was, he now realized she had a nice pair of tits, nicely lifted and supported by her lacy bra.

"How big ... are those?" he asked.


"Can I see them?"

Whereupon, Graham unclasped her bra and let it fall away as well. Her breasts--perfectly proportioned to her body--now hung loose and free on her chest, capped by a magnificent pair of puffy pink nipples.

Holy shit--! Jim thought; what was in that pill?

Down the hall, meanwhile, two of Dr. Graham's assistants--a pair of 19-year old students named Dawn and Jamie--were processing research results when they heard Dr. Graham's door close. That was odd, but not nearly as odd as what they heard a few moments later--a sudden, rhythmic thumping noise, as if an examination table were being banged against a wall.

"What the hell is that?" Dawn asked, brushing her long black hair away from her face.

Jamie, a blonde with shoulder-length hair, tried to imagine what it could be ... but then it couldn't be what she was thinking. Although the building was mostly empty at this hour of the day, would Dr. Graham actually do it with a test subject, and her helpers just a few feet away?

Or was she being forced? If so, why didn't she cry out?

"Why don't you go look?" Jamie suggested.

"Why don't YOU go look?"

"Let's both go look," Jamie said, finally. "Dr. Graham might be in trouble."

Dropping their work, then, the girls advanced together toward the closed door of their employer, half- mesmerized and half-alarmed by the banging noises from within. As they drew closer, Dawn paused to pick up a fire extinguisher just in case they'd need a weapon, and Jamie moved to open the door.

"Oh my God!"

Still gripping the fire extinguisher, Dawn rushed up and suddenly came up short in the doorway. There was Dr. Graham all right-- sitting on the examination table with her skirt hiked up around her hips, getting the bejesus fucked out of her by Jim Walker, one of her test subjects. Neither Graham nor Walker seemed to notice the girls at first; still wearing her glasses and sandals, Dr. Graham was gripping Walker's forearms while Walker-- with his pants around his knees--slammed his penis into the moaning doctor, knocking the table up against the wall with the force of his thrusting.

Walker stopped, however, suddenly, when Dawn dropped the fire extinguisher.

"Shit, Dawn," Jamie said; "call the cops!"

"Wait!" Walker said. "Both of you--come in here."

Dizzy with pleasure, feeling Dr. Graham's pussy suck and squeeze his penis with every driving stroke, Jim didn't realize he was being watched at first, and looked up in a flat-out panic. When he realized it was just a couple of girls, however, he forced himself to master his fear and ordered them to come inside. Then, as they both did so, he ordered them to close the door behind them.

This is amazing, he thought, watching them follow his orders. Of course, it was a little distracting to feel Dr. Graham still moaning beneath him, humping back at him and fucking herself with his cock--but it didn't appear she was anywhere close to coming out of her stupor. As for himself, he had never felt so hard-- more than seven inches long, with the veins bulging out of his penis--and he could hardly blame the doctor for wanting to spear herself on his weapon.

"Who are you two?" Jim asked the girls, finally.

"My name is Dawn," the black-haired girl said.

"And my name is Jamie," the blonde added.

"They're--unph!--my helpers," Dr. Graham offered, wrapping her legs around Jim's back.

"Well, girls," Jim said--pausing a moment to fuck Dr. Graham again, fast and deep, with a flurry of powerful thrusting--"why don't you both take your clothes off."

A moment later, both girls began to remove their clothing, and Jim felt a sudden surge of pleasure shoot through his aching-hard penis. Dawn--The dark-haired girl--had wide hips and big tits, while Jamie was thinner, and more athletic in build. Seeing them there, naked, and feeling his power over them, was more than enough to push his balls--already close to boiling--over the edge to an orgasm.

"I think I'm gonna come..." Jim said to Graham; "are you safe?"

"No," Graham answered, "but you can squirt in me if you want."

"Damn..." Jim muttered, "I don't want to get you pregnant..."

"Oh, don't be such a worrywart," Graham said, grunting as she fucked him back; "I'm sure my period was more than two weeks ago..."

Incredulous, Jim looked at Graham with disbelief; if she was ovulating, this was incredibly dangerous. Still, her pussy was so goddamn tight...

"Won't you squirt in me, Baby... ? Oh, God, your cock is so HARD... !"

That finally pushed him over the edge. Again, he fucked her fast and hard--slapping her ass with his balls-- until, suddenly, his climax broke and he pushed in as deep as he could go. Grunting and straining, he crushed his balls into the crack of her buttocks and exploded deep inside her hole. Jet after jet of his sperm splashed into her womb, soaking her pussy to overflowing and filling her belly with his thick, youthful seed.

"Oh, fuck that's good," he moaned, reluctantly pulling his penis from her body. A flow of sperm, uncorked from her hole, promptly spilled out onto the doctor's thighs and ass.

"Don't you have any more?" Graham pleaded.

"Maybe later," Jim said. "Um ... why don't you play with the girls for a minute?"

"Okay," Graham said, rolling off the table and clopping across the floor in her high heels. The girls, meanwhile, had already started to touch each other, and Jim was amazed when he saw them take the doctor into their embrace, finally slipping off her skirt and rubbing her cum-plastered pussy with their fingers. For Jim, first watching the movements of the women, then glancing at the rear of the doctor--letting his gaze run down the backs of her legs to her trim ankles and her cute, sexy feet, still tightly bound in the straps of her sandals--it was more than enough to put the life back in her penis.

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