Elena Lost
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Cheating, Rough, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Elena has a fight with her boyfriend, who drops her off. She wanders in a forest until a woodsman finds her.

Elena was lost. She had had a fight with her boyfriend in the car and had made him drop her off. Now she had wandered aimlessly into the forest without looking where she went, and she was tired and hungry. She had tried to find her way out, but could not figure out what direction she had gone. Worse yet, it began to rain.

It was not a hard rain and it was warm out, but after about thirty minutes of wandering, she was drenched. She was wearing a light t-shirt with a bra underneath, unusual for her, and now she wished it was not on. It would be less clothing to be wet. And her jeans were getting heavy as they got wetter. She was frustrated, mad, sad, and now very tired. She sat and cried in misery.

She was crying like this for a good fifteen minutes when she suddenly heard a voice, "What are you doing here?" the man asked, amazed to find someone in the forest during a rainstorm.

He looked at her as she started to get up. He could see she was pretty, even with the wet hair and clothing. Again, he asked her what she was doing out there in the rain, and she told him that her boyfriend had made her get out of the car (yes, she lied), and she had wandered here and gotten lost. She also asked what he was doing there and could he help her.

He told her his name was Alex and that he lived and worked here in the forest, and that his house was nearby. He said that she should come to his house to get dry and have a hot drink and some food. She asked if he was married and, when he said no, she became a little worried. "Are you safe?" she asked him.

He had a long raincoat on, and she could not tell that he got a slight hard-on when she asked this and that he was thinking bad thoughts, but he answered, "Young lady. I am 40 years old and you must be all of 16, and I am not interested in little girls. So of course I am safe."

Elena was satisfied with this and accepted his offer, and she was also glad that he thought she was a little girl, even though she was actually 24 and had a child of two years of age.

When they arrived at his cabin, she noticed that it was quite small, but cozy. Inside there was a fireplace with a rug in front of it, and a couple of chairs, one on each side of the fireplace. He went into his bedroom and came out with a robe for her to wear. He apologized for its flimsiness (it was made of silk), but said it would be better to wear in front of the fire than the wet clothes she had on.

He told her to go to the bedroom and change while he started a fire for her. In his small bedroom, she noticed only a twin-sized bed, a small dresser, and a small closet. As she took off her wet clothing, she also noticed a magazine on his pillow. She thought it might be an outdoorsy magazine and was interested to see why a man would keep a magazine on his pillow.

As she put the robe on (it felt so nice on her skin), she glanced again at the magazine. She saw the title, Big Jugs, Slim Body, and

immediately put two and two together. "Oh, my god," she thought, "he beats off to this!"

Elena actually had a tinge of horniness come to her as she thought about him beating his dick to this magazine, but she quickly put that out of her mind. She went back into the living quarters and saw that he was in his small kitchen making some water for tea. He told her to go and sit in front of the fire while he made her some tea. She asked if she could possibly have something to eat, and he told her that he would make a plate of cheeses, bread, and fruit for her.

She felt safer again hearing this and went to the fire. She sat close to it at first, but then slid back a little when Alex arrived with a tray that had the tea and plate of treats. For her tea, he had brought a little jar of milk and sugar and a bottle. She asked him what the bottle was for, and he told her that it was whisky in case she felt the need for quicker warmth inside. "But that is up to you, young lady."

"Elena," she told him, and she decided that she would add the whisky. She also ate much cheese and fruit as he watched her gorge herself.

Now she was relaxed with more tea and whisky, and she asked what he was drinking. He told her that he had had a lousy day too and that he was drinking just straight whisky. She asked him how he happened to be out here in the forest living alone. He told her that he had lived in the city until ten years ago. He had been married with two children, but they had tragically died in a car crash.

He had become extremely depressed at this and could not work very well. And seeing people going about their lives was making him crazier. So he quit his job one summer and came out here to live.

"This cabin has good and bad memories for me," he said. "Good because I remember all the good times I spent here with my family, and bad for the same reason." He then told her that he made a little money chopping and selling wood. But mostly, he lived off the land. He then took a large sip of whisky and told her that he wished not to speak of it anymore. Then he noticed that Elena was finished with her tea now, and he poured straight whisky into her cup.

"Drink up, little lady, and tell me your story now," he said. She did take a swig of the straight whisky now, wincing from its strength. Then she told him a little about herself and her boyfriend. She was sipping the whisky faster as well while she spoke, until she got the courage to say, "He doesn't satisfy me now as he used to. Plus I have other desires that he refuses to meet. But, like you, Alex, I don't wish to talk of that anymore. Don't you ever have a desire for a woman now?" she suddenly decided to ask.

He answered her that of course he did, but again did not want to go into it. Then she told him that she had noticed the magazine on his pillow. He looked a little shocked and embarrassed, saying he had forgotten about that and apologized. He went to pour himself some more whisky, left it on the counter, and slipped into his bedroom.

When he returned, she saw that he was wearing a robe now, a long and thicker one than the one she wore. He grabbed his whisky and returned to the chair. "I had to get a little more comfortable, young lady," he told her as he sat. He did not know that she had also poured herself some more whisky while he was away, and she sipped it, knowing she was drunk.

So she did not care that he was now staring at one of her legs, as the silk robe slipped to reveal it just above the knee. Alex drunkenly told her, "It looks like you have nice legs, Elena. You are very pretty as well, Elena. I wonder how the rest of your body is."

"Hey, you said you would be safe and nice," Elena replied drunkenly as well, as she saw his hand go to his crotch. "That is not being so nice."

"Well, that was before the whisky, Elena. Now I think I need something from you. I don't want to hurt you, but I do want you to suck my dick." He then opened his robe and showed her his cock. She looked at it as he said, "Watch as I stroke it hard, Elena," and she did watch as he stroked it until it reached its full nine inches in length. She wondered how he could get it so hard in his drunken state. And she marveled at its length and thickness as well.

"Now suck it, Elena," he said in a menacing voice. At this point, he did not need to force her because she desired to suck his huge dick more than he needed it. So she opened her mouth and immediately took his whole cock into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down his entire cock, as she also rubbed her own pussy.

"Oh, my god," she thought, "How lucky I am to have this hard, drunken cock. It will take him forever to cum." In frenzy now, Elena wanted her pussy fucked. She stopped sucking his cock and slid up his body. She leaned against his face and kissed him, at which point he found her wet pussy with that hard cock and slammed it up into her.

His cock now entered, Elena arose and started to fuck it. She then parted her robe and said, "Alex, grab my tits. He grabbed them roughly and Elena shook with orgasm. Now he grabbed her ass and was thrusting as well as she went up and down. He slapped her ass and told her to ride it harder now. "Fuck my dick, Elena!" he shouted and slapped her ass some more. Elena was riding it faster and faster now and moaning in pleasure, as she just felt satisfaction in her cunt and nothing else.

She was having orgasm after orgasm, not noticing as Alex became rougher with her ass, grabbing it and slapping it. She also did not notice that he was about to cum, but luckily he resisted the urge to cum in her pussy and suddenly pulled her roughly off and forced her to the floor onto her knees.

"Open your mouth, Elena!" he commanded, and just as she did, he shot loads and loads of his cum into her mouth and all over her face. He told her to swallow what she had in her mouth, and then forced her mouth onto his dick to suck the remaining ooze. He kept his cock in her a couple of minutes, not wanting to stop the pleasure of it.

He was nice about letting her recover, telling her he was sorry but that the whisky and the thought of her was too much for him to resist. "I guess he thinks he raped me," she thought. Then she admitted to him that she had cum several times. She also told him that she had always wanted to be forced like that (she went with rape too). "But now I need to get cleaned up, please, Alex." He showed her the way to the shower.

When she came out, she looked outside to see that it was dark. Alex noticed this and told her that he was afraid that she had to stay the night. He would take her back in the morning. "Or the afternoon or evening," he added with a smile. "You can use my bed to sleep, and I will sleep out here." He led her to the bedroom and left her there, but she noticed that he walked out with a couple of magazines in hand.

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