Charlady's Nasty Surprise

by niteowluk99

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Coercion, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, Spanking, Light Bond, Group Sex, Interracial, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Submissive Charlady is coming down to London on a train from Scotland, only her master has set her some tasks to perform on route. however there is a nasty shock for her when she eventually arrives in London.

It was now some six months ago that Charlady had been to London under Master Ray's control and in two days she was to return to his fold once again. {See the mini series of 'MY SEVEN NIGHTS OF DELIGHTS'} They had discussed some of the things she would be required to do whilst here on her second visit to London. Her final instructions before her trip back to the big city were no sex or masturbation for two weeks before, daily shaving of her cunt to be extra smooth and hairless, the choice of her travelling attire to be decided by Charlady as long as it included no bra, panties had to be worn to keep the Ben Wah balls inside her cunt and finally she was to open an email from Master Ray as late as possible on the day of travelling.

In this email would be a set of tasks she would have to complete during her four and a half hour train journey. Nothing too difficult to achieve; how ever stipulations were in place which would prevent her from achieving them too easily. For example the Ben Wah balls would have to remain in place fort he entire journey but coupled with her needing to collect four different spunk stains in her panties, would challenge her to find a way to get the guy off without having virginal sex.

Of course in between these tasks they would be a need for Charlady to write a brief description of how she achieved each task; how long it took; description of the cock and age of male; but most importantly what she felt like as she achieved the task. All of this was not new to Charlady and she often said it added to her excitement of meeting me again; also it always felt so wicked to have to travel in wet cum stained knickers and frequently resulted in her aroused soaking wet cunt climaxing without any stimulation.

For those of you who are wondering, here is the full email, I sent to Charlady...

"My dear cock sucking slut, as you know you are to travel by train to London tomorrow, arriving no later than 4 pm. Your journey down will not be an unexciting one for I have decided that your tasks will be varied. As you know you are to wear panties and have your Ben Wah balls pushed deep inside your foaming cunt, however this is not enough so I know you have a set of Thai beads which you will bring with you neatly inserted into your arse. I assume it's a standard thirteen bead set if not your in trouble, for your going to be even busier. At every station you pass through you will pull one bead from your anal ring and if the Thai beads fall out you will reinsert them without going to the toilet.

As already discussed your Ben Wah balls will remain inside your cunt, but you will have to collect three samples of spunk for me in condoms and may only use your mouth to obtain them. Each condom will then be tied closed and placed inside your handbag until you hand them over to me. Usual rules apply.

Further more you must obtain two female signatures on your breasts in lipstick as proof you have flashed them to other passengers: Failure is not an option for it carries a spanking with the leather paddle of 12 strokes for every missing item. Oh one last thing, my horny fucking bitch ... Enjoy the journey for I will be checking your cunt upon your arrival on the very platform before you leave the station...

Master Ray!"

Now for those not aware; usual rules apply means that there has to be at least one coloured cock in the total. So the scene was set or so Charlady thought.

Now 21 year old blonde haired Charlady looked every bit a man's wet dream with her 38C breast nicely adding to her tall height and making her looked correctly proportioned whilst still as sexy as they come. So now she takes over her story...

I awoke on the morning of my journey at 4 am, already as horny as a goat, having struggled for the last two weeks having to follow my master's instructions of no sex or masturbation. Despite this my cunt felt on fire and the thought of later today having to carry out what ever is in the email, already waiting for me to read, was adding huge amounts of fuel to my smouldering pent up need for sex. I obviously knew it would involve some of the other passengers but exactly what I was unsure of; this made me nervous as well as excited, although I knew Master Ray would never place me in any real physical danger, there were still a few pangs of doubt as he would not be on the train to save me.

I tried to go back to sleep but my mind raced to the things I expected I would have to do and report back to my master. I was betting that it would involve swallowing spunk or sucking cunt, oh god, what if it includes walking naked on the train. Oh my god, I would never be able to do that. Be still my itching cunt for there are still several hours yet before I leave for the train.

Finally the clock crawled round to 8 am and I felt exhausted, not because I had been busy but because I needed to force myself not to play with my throbbing cunt. I climbed of bed and ran my shower, whilst this was heating up I set out my breakfast so I could grab it as soon as I had showered but fuck me if I did not catch my cunt right on the cupboard door that held the bowls and I could easily have fucked it right off its hinges, but no my master forbade me from having any form of sex before I was on the train.

The shower was torture as I dare not wash too closely my cunt in case I lost my will to avoid a climax and would have to pay the spanking penalty later. As I dried myself I ginger patted my cunt dry when I dearly wanted to ram my hand up my cunt and scream through orgasm after orgasm, but I did not.

The hardest bit though was when I had to insert the Ben Wah balls as my over excited cunt was so slippery that the balls threatened to keep falling out. In the finish I popped them on the bed until after I put on my panties and then inserted them, hoping my panties would help keep them in place. Now every step threatened to tear a climax from my cunt and I absolutely dreaded the idea of getting the bus to the station with these inside me let alone knowing what almost happened the last time I travelled to London by train. On that occasion as the train started off, it jolted and it felt like a 1,000 volts of electricity flashing through my clit.

When I was fully dressed as directed by my master, I turned on my computer and searched for the email from Master Ray, as agreed it was entitled the final chance.

I eagerly read it and then went to check the Thai beads, there was only eight beads on this string, so it would mean having to push it back inside my arse in public more often than a thirteen bead one, how I wished I had bought the longer model now...

I was sure I was going to die from embarrassment before this journey was completed and yet I never hesitated in accepting the challenge. Even though I could have emailed Master Ray and used my safe word to avoid doing the tasks. Such was my trust in my Benevolent Master Ray; I knew he would never endanger me.

My mind raced to the five sexual acts I would be required to complete, I have found in the past it is impossible to pre-plan an idea of how to achieve the tasks but usually far more successful if you play it by ear and seize each opportunity as it presents itself. Sure I was confident that capturing three loads of spunk was possible although the coloured guy would be more challenging as they normally loved to take charge and as my cunt was out of bounds and only a blow job available, who knows. No the real difficult side of these tasks was going to be the signatures on my tits from women. I mean you can hardly walk up to a strange woman flip up your top and beg her to autograph your breast, can you?

The other worrying thing about these tasks this time, the Thai beads; on a train for four and a half hours you must pass hundreds of stations, well at least eighty! And that would mean having to re-insert the beads ten times, well as you would know if you have ever owned a set of Thai beads, you have to push your finger into your anal ring with each bead you insert, I am sure Master Ray would be delighted thinking of me pushing my finger up my arse eighty times over a four hour period. Oh my god, something has just occurred to me, the stations get closer together as you approach London, so by that stage it could look like I am frigging my arse with the beads and my fingers. Master Ray certainly knows how to plan as task and a half.

I must have been daydreaming because suddenly I was disturbed by the doorbell, Shit it was already 10.30 am and that would be my taxi to the station. I raced to the door, well hurried as fast as I could without wanting to arrive there in mid climax ... With a little chuckle, I recall the Ben Wah balls do that to you sometimes!

Picking up my case I finally settle in the back seat of the cab, the driver looks at me kind of funny, he then asks if I am alright as it's not the warmest of days and yet I look flushed. I managed to convince him I was fine just a little hot and bothered (Now there is an understatement.) from hurrying to make sure everything was ready.

The drive to the station was un-eventful but the cheeky cab driver managed to grope my arse as he retrieved my case from the boot of his car. I thought what the fuck; I was going to give him a tip anyway so it was just a little extra bonus for him and a jolt of pleasure caused by those balls for me.

Seems the station was not very busy for the porters seemed to highlight me as being in need of help, but that could have been my flushed face still or maybe that despite having a short jacket on which was open, my nipples which are prominent when erect were clearly on view. I finally found my train and with it my seat, I was forward facing mid coach about three coaches away from the buffet car. This worked out really well for this gave me a chance to walk towards the buffet car should I need to re-insert my beads or rather when I needed to. I placed my case in the vestibule at the entrance to the coach and hoped no one would move it for I had placed it in such a way that it would afford me a little cover if I chose to adjust anything (Thinking of beads and balls).

I gingerly sat down and waited for the time of departure, I casually looked around the coach. I was hoping to find my three sperm donors but these guys taking their seats looked like they would have heart attack if they so much as got an erection. Then my eyes made contact with a guy about my age, he smiled which is always a good sign but shit, he had with him three other guys and it appeared they were with two females who looked frumpy to say the least. My idea of maybe achieving all my tasks at once with this group took a real nose dive as there was not a coloured guy amongst them and to be honest two of the males seemed preoccupied with each other than with the group they were with. Obviously these two were gay, I could not help but think what a waste of prime cock meat.

Suddenly the train lurched forward and my stomach did summersaults, these bloody balls were going to be the death of me as I let a low moan escape my lips. I looked around and hoped no one had heard my lustful moan; no such luck though as a man around mid forties leaned forward and asked if I was ok. I muttered my apology and excused it as travelling by train always had this effect upon me, must be the motion of the train I suggested. (If only he knew, the real reason, why the motion had such an effect upon me.)

Suddenly he was sat in the spare seat beside me and taking my hand he attempted to calm me. Calm me my foot, for as he rose to move to my side I saw the semi hard shape of his cock clearly defined in his pants. I wanted so much to reach out and stroke it, I suppose the sight of my erect nipples on my unfettered tits had caused his discomfort in the trouser department but he seemed unashamedly unaware of its visibility. Whether it was the balls, beads or just his close manly odour, my mind and body began to react, my bubbling cunt went into overdrive and I went to excuse myself, saying I needed to visit the littlest room on the train. As I stood up his hand went to where I had been sitting and I immediately thought, pervert he was feeling the warmth or wetness left by my arse and cunt. I was glad I never said anything for he instantly raised his hand and then opened a white sheet of paper. Fuck; I froze, it was the printed out email from Master Ray, and I had printed it to make sure I had carried out all the tasks to the letter.

The man turned his face up towards me and smiled, without a word he folded the paper and handed it back to me. I took it and turned to walk away; I sensed rather than saw he was directly behind me and following me towards the toilet. I quickly slipped inside and was about to close the door when he put his hand on it to stop me. Next thing, he was inside with me and had closed the door. He whispered that he had read the note and was curious to see the beads adding that he was sure under the circumstances that Master Ray would not hold it against me if there was a slight deviation in the plan.

Next he ordered me to remove my top, which hesitantly I did, soon his mouth engulfed my rock hard nipples and his tongue danced the flight of the bumble bee over their engorged nubs. He certainly knew how to suck tit and was not that slow at slipping his and under my skirt. Rubbing my cunt through my panties he aroused my ringed clit till my breathing was coming in short heavy gasps. Sliding his hand inside my panties he raised his head when he felt my naked pubic bone, he hissed "You whorish slut, keep your beaver shaved, do you? Is that so you can feel the spurting cock on your mound, bitch?"

I never got the chance to answer him as his fingers found my open soaking cunt lips; he delved two fingers inside me and must have hit the Ben Wah balls for jolts of tingling electricity seemed to radiate through my clit. He started to wrap the lines from the balls around his fingers until I refused to allow him to remove the balls, quickly explaining that my Master demanded they remain in place throughout. He seemed to agree and his fingers left my cunt.

Suddenly he placed his hands on my shoulders and pressed me down; once kneeling he ordered me to open his trousers and suck his cock. I looked up at him and asked if I may put a condom on his cock before sucking it and he snarled a definite no. he wanted me as his cum slut to catch his load on my face and upper body. I knew that he wanted me to be his cum bucket catching his spunk on my face and tits. As I began sucking his cock he unleashed a torrent of abuse at me calling me a blonde whore, cock loving slut, a prick teasing bitch.

It did not take him long before his 5 inch cock was spurting its creamy white load all over my face and tits. He simply tucked his prick back in his trousers zipped up and left me still topless and covered in his jism. I scooped up all I could and licked my fingers clean before putting my blouse and jacket back on. I still felt as hot as a furnace with this deep passion still rising in my sopping wet cunt.

I slowly returned to my seat only to discover the guy had moved to another part of the train or had he simply gone to the buffet car. Just then a station whizzed by, I managed to catch its name and gulped it was the third station out of Aberdeen. I was three beads behind. I slipped my hand up my skirt and was grateful for the fore thought of having lengthened the string on the beads. I gave a sharp tug and two of the little beads popped from my anal ring. Fearful of over doing it on the next pull I slowly tugged until I felt the delightful feeling of my anal ring being forced open from the inside out and suddenly popping closed again. Sitting now was becoming a little uncomfortable as the beads although not huge were big enough to press in my fleshy arse cheeks, so I decide to go to the buffet car for a drink. This turned out to be a good and a bad thing, good in that it gave me chance to find possible participants in the tasks set for me but bad thing as well as anyone will tell you if they have tried to walk along the centre aisle of a moving British train.

The swaying motion and frequent bumps into the seating was working overtime in my cunt as the very sensitive Ben Wah balls began to work their magic and create a whirlpool of cunt juices. I did note though that the six likely people I mentioned before were sat together all be it on both sides of the aisle. In fact the hunky male that first attracted my attention was on hand when I bumped into his seat and he instantly grabbed me to stop me from falling. His firm hands made contact with the sides of my breasts and neither he nor I was in any hurry to move them.

This proved to be much to the annoyance of the women sat with him, as one scowled at me her friend called out, Robert, what are you doing?

He mumbled an apology to me before turning round and saying, "I couldn't let her fall, could I!"

The woman snarled back, "She fell ages ago, look she looks like a slut! Bet she would suck my cunt for a pound!"

She instantly shut up when I replied, "Actually I would suck your cunt for a signature provided it was on my breast in lipstick!"

Robert laughed and challenged Jenny to make me prove it. Jenny blushed but not wanting to lose face with her mates she challenged me to do it right there and then. I quickly explained that for a bet I had to get two female signatures in lipstick on my tits and three condoms full of spunk or face losing over a thousand pounds. I know I lied but the end justifies the means ... ok.

With the group crowding round I knelt between Jenny's legs, raised her skirt and pulled her already wet panties to one side before giving a tentative lick of her cunt. She snapped, come on cunt licker suck me good or your signature goes out the fucking window, slag.

Robert spoke quietly to the guys, although out of my earshot, they agreed that they would make up the numbers to give me the three condoms I needed, I could hardly tell them that one of them would have to be coloured. Jenny's female friend watched avidly as I brought Jenny to a shuddering climax and slurped up her tangy juices. Even before I managed to stand up she had pulled me between her legs and raised her skirt to reveal no knickers and a shaved cunt, just the way I like them. I dived right in and soon had my second load of cunt juice slipping down my eager throat.

Jenny then played the wrong move by refusing to sign my breast, that is until Robert told her that if she did not sign, as I had kept my side of the bargain she would be escorted to the far end of the train and stripped naked. Her clothes would then be taken to the opposite end of the train for her to claim. Now apparently she had no luggage with her so she was between a rock and a hard place. She signed and in doing so obviously exposed my tits to all around us but she did surprise me by whispering that she thought I was a sexy fucker and a great cunt licker.

Her friend eagerly signed my other tit as promised and the boys led me off to the nearest vestibule where they made me suck their cocks. Of course once their cocks became hard they put on the condoms, I was surprised because even the two guys I thought were gay turned out to be bisexual because they loved me sucking their cocks as they held each others manhood. The two girls stood look out down the corridors as I serviced more cocks that half hour than I had the previous three months, different cocks that is.

I ended up with jaw ache but four well worn and full condoms which I popped into my bag. I was going to have to admit to Master Ray that I had exceeded his quota of cocks but still needed to find a black baby making cock to fully complete my tasks. I quickly asked Robert how many stations had we passed since we had begun our sexual party and he declared seven. Oh fuck, I muttered.

Robert asked, "What's up?"

I whispered to him that part of my challenge was to use the Thai beads in my arse and explained that for each station I had to pull one bead from my anal ring and upon retrieving the full bead set was to re-insert it to start over again, with three beads already out of my arse and another seven to come out that meant I was going to have to push the beads back up my anal ring. Robert spun me round and pulled my panties down pulling the line from my arse sharply. My anal ring was like a flapping kite as it opened and closed as each bead exited. This set up extra ripples in my cunt and triggered my first mini climax of the day, in fact of the last two weeks.

Robert then slipped his finger up my arse on pretext of making sure all the beads were out before pushing the first bead back up and inviting each of the group to take it in turns to pop one bead back up my arse. This continued until all eight were lodged up there. Robert remarked that two of these had to be withdrawn to bring charlady up to date. He quickly pulled them out and caused ripples of passion once more in Charlady's cunt. Charlady was then allowed to pull up her panties and continue on her merry if highly horny and erotic way.

Thinking she had time now to find her required coloured male she walked beyond the buffet car and came to the guards van. Here two coloured ticket collectors were discussing crumpet, no not crumpet as in toasted muffins but crumpet as in tasty sexy birds. They were just talking about Jenny and her mate as Charlady entered the coach, she heard them say that they could see she was very prim and proper and like to be a lousy fuck. Without thinking charlady quipped "Just shows what you know!"

The taller one of the two demanded to know, "How come we are so wrong and you are so right?"

Now trapped into answering, Charlady said "Would a lousy fuck, have a woman she had just met for the first time, on her knees and sucking her fat juicy hairy cunt!"

Both men were now all ears as the made Charlady describe the act she had performed on Jenny. Then Charlady saw the bulges in each man's trouser, he jaw dropped as she thought fuck me these guys are packing sawn off shotguns inside their trousers. Guy the taller of the two coloureds saw where charlady was looking and tapped his mate. They both realised they were in for some fun and figured they would ruin this horny bitch for any other white guy's meagre cock. They surrounded Charlady and began to feel her tits, when one of them told her she was going to get the fucking f her life she flatly refused saying her cunt was out of bounds as was her arse but if they agreed to her terms she would willingly suck them off and allow one of them to cum over her face and tits. The other had to agree to cum inside a condom.

They laughed at her idea of perversion until she explained that she liked to keep trophies of her escapades and a condom filled with spunk signed and dated was an instant reminder to her thrills on a particular day. The swallowed her explanation hook line and sinker. They even tossed a coin to see who got to coat her face and Guy lost. So as quickly as charlady shed her upper clothing and exposed her tits to their gaze, they returned the thrill by stripping off for her to see their semi hard black cock meat.

Charlady gulped as she realised that she was about to taste more than thirty six inches of baby making meat in two parts. Instantly she was on her knees struggling to take the thickness of Guys condom covered cock into her mouth. Even stretching her jaw as wide as humanly possible the thick cock was a very tight fit, in fact she nearly passed out as the cock head blocked her airway, that is until she relaxed her throat muscles and breathed shallowly through her nose. Soon Guy was ramming seventeen inches of thick cock as far into her mouth as he could and she could still see more than half of it getting no where near her mouth. It did not seem to bother Guy as he began breathing hard as he suddenly erupted his load into the condom, For Charlady this resulted in an almost instant inflation of the teat end of the condom which tickled the back of her throat ns he surmised that he must have shot over two pints of cum, impossible I know but it sure felt like it.

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