Pea Pod the Return

by Wholeman

Copyright© 2008 by Wholeman

Sex Story: The government finds out

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Mult   TransGender   Science Fiction   Sex Toys   .

DECLARATION: This story is an original literary work. I wrote a story just to stretch my creative muscles. All scientists and Wizards in this work are fictional. Any resemblance to anyone living, dead, or born in the future, is purely coincidental.

WARNINGS: Contains transgender themes, Sci-Fi, explicit sex, mild violence, swearing, and strange ideas. It has only the strange things that dribble from my head. If you are not old enough, mature enough, open minded enough, and especially not smart enough to stop reading should you find yourself becoming offended viewing such a story, don't!

I hereby grant permission to post this story, make it available for download, or send it to one or more of your kinky friends, as long as I am given credit for it and no monetary profit is made from it without sharing it with me. (I'm not greedy, but I did write it.)


For those of you who didn't read "Pea Pod" before this story, you should.

However, I will sum up what happened to me one stormy night over the Amazon jungle, when a bolt of lightning fried my pilot and blew the wing off the plane, I was in.

I awoke to find a beautiful native girl was nursing me back to health. At least I thought she was a native of the Amazon Jungles...

Later I found out that I had been transported off-world by my nurse! They lived very primitively, in huts and I assumed that she and her were people simple natives of the jungle over which we had been flying.

They wouldn't let me leave the village, saying the jungle was too dangerous for men. I wasn't about to spend the rest of my days trapped in a primitive village. I had a good job as a geologist, and a girlfriend waiting for me back home!

Therefore, I made plans, bided my time, and finally made my escape into the jungle! I was free! That is until I found out why the jungle was so dangerous!

While walking through the jungle, one of the local plants attacked me, and turned me into a short little woman with big boobs!

My nurse, (I found out later, also my wife) found me afterwards. She was not upset that I was now a woman, and she even offered to take me home and to go there with me! Damn I was confused! She took me into what looked like an old Mayan Temple and teleported us both into my apartment! That proved to be too much for me and I fainted dead away!

My nurse and wife, Meka, had my girlfriend come over and married us. Now I had two wives, and a vagina! Meka also explained that I had several other wives back at the village, which I had been servicing when I was male. I found that having my gender changed didn't matter to them in their society.

I was also to learn that the portal is open and locked onto my guest room, and my wives were coming and going between the plants. They needed men, sperm donors, or a chance to go out among our citizens and be ... ah, knocked up.

In trade, they had gold, exotic products, and women who wanted sex so badly they were practically nymphomaniacs!

A side benefit, which I had not been aware of, was this new world and its plants were a gift from heaven to the transgendered community.

It didn't take us long to buy the entire apartment complex, with the careful importing of selected items. However, and here's where the new story begins, our quick rise to economic prosperity had sent up red flags with the government!


The feds quickly pounced upon us, but we had a secret weapon! By the time the government caught on, we had and army of professional women who, had been once been professional men.

Therefore, when the government tried to arrest us and take over, Meka, my wives, and I all wound up with diplomatic immunity! The government recognized us as ambassadors. The U.S. Government recognizes Meka as the ruler of her world! That means that I am the damn Queen!

The apartment building is an embassy, and we are hammering together some foreign trade agreements and arranging for an American embassy on our world.

They can't seem to get it through their heads that they can't send men though!

If they do, they get back women, unless they want to stay in the village under the guard of women at all times!

There is going to be another meeting tonight with the government folks and that's when things should get interesting!

Oh, shoot! I haven't introduced myself. My name is Dolly Gordon. Well actually, my full legal name is Her Royal Highness, Queen Dolly Gift-from-God Gordon! Can you believe that? I was, conspired against by my wives! My many wives off-planet had wanted to honor me, since they felt that I must be a gift from god! The problem seems to be that "Dolly," is the name that translates to. They modified my name to make me sound more regal by adding the translation as a "middle name."

I feel certain that my once-girlfriend, now-wife, Gwen, was behind it all! My only consolation is that she is now Her Royal Highness Gwendolyn Goddess-of-the-Moon Gordon!

You should be up to speed, so I'll be seeing you at the meeting!


We turned the cabana into our meeting room, big table, nice comfortable chairs, and a big white board behind doors with the same wallpaper covering them as the rest of the room, at one end. They furnished the rest of the room with items my wives and others of the ladies from the village had brought over from Meka's world, well ... my world. The whole room looked very Mayan, with masks and pottery here and there, and a few small statuaries, but with modern comfortable seats and workspaces.

"Frances tells me that there are to be many very important people of this world coming to meet with us this evening. Are you as nervous as I am?" Meka asked me as she came up to me and gave me a hug.

"More so, I think!" I answered, "At least women's business suits are more comfortable than men's. Of course for events like tonight, I have to wear an evening gown, and the underwear I have on is so sexy, it makes me smile every time I think of what those guys would do if they had the chance to see me in them..." <Giggle>

"Damn! Why do I keep doing that? I never giggled when I was a man! Why can't I keep from doing it now?" I asked Meka, still holding her tightly.

"It is just part of the make-up of the girl you fantasized about, and a touch of your own bubbly upbeat personality, sweetheart," she assured me, giving my big bottom a light pat, and then releasing me. Meka stood back and scanned me up and down. She then said, "Turn around slowly for me, please Dolly."

I did as she asked, but when I was facing away from her she stopped me saying, "Dolly if you insist on wearing these stockings with the seams down the backs, I am just going to have to check to make sure they are straight. Now hold still while I straighten these for you."

She held my big bottom by the outsides of my cheeks to indicate she wanted me to stop, and then I felt her fiddling around under my skirt. I haven't been a woman very long, so when she was playing around with my stockings at the upper part of my thighs, sometimes very near my bottom, I started to get very turned on! I moaned, and very loudly, to my embarrassment!

Three of my other wives were in the room with us, so Meka and all three others busted up laughing!

"Dolly, ever since you were changed, your sex drive is twice as much as when you were a man and, you can ask any of your wives, that was nothing short of amazing!" Meka teased me by slipping her hand between my thighs, barely brushing against my labia.

I couldn't help myself, I swear! <Blush> I moaned again, even louder!

"Sorry, Dolly, no time for fun right now! The Ambassador and his party will be here soon," she informed me, but at least she did it while hugging me tightly.

'I love it when our boobs squish together! It makes me so wet! Damn, I guess they are right! I'm kind of a nymphomaniac!' I thought

"If you keep this up, they will just have to wait!" I proclaimed. That saved me. Meka let go of me and backed off, giggling of course!

I wasn't out of the woods yet though, the other three decided they needed hugs too, so by the time they were through with me, I was damn glad that I had the foresight to wear a panty shield!

Frances, the man we first transgendered on purpose, now a beautiful redhead with about a D cup bust, standing around five-foot-two, walked in and asked, "Dolly, you looked flushed. Are you nervous, honey?"

She rushed up to me and hugged me tightly, her D-cups against my, ah ... much larger breasts, which is exactly what I didn't need at that particular moment!

"I'm not nervous, Frances, but I am about to orgasm and ruin my panties, if you keep this up!" I gently informed her, while panting like a bitch in heat!

Frances giggled and replied, "If this wasn't so important a meeting, I would grab a couple of your wives and make damn certain of it, sweetheart!" as she released me. "You will be just fine tonight. The Ambassador is the one who should be worried. I don't envy you having to deal with him though, he seems kind of dense."

"Thank you Frances," I replied trying to get my pulse back to normal. "I know. He keeps insisting on wanting to set up an Embassy on Ka'an. He just doesn't want to get it through his thick head, that is not such a good idea!" (Author's Note: Meka's world is Ka'an. In the Mayan language, Ka'an means 'Heaven'. More about that later.)

"I am certainly glad to have an attorney with your experience on our side, Frances. Without you and some of your friends' quick thinking, I don't know where we would be! Most likely, we would be, left out in the cold while the government planned military forays on Ka'an. If I know them, they would get a whole bunch of real cute girls back though..." I smiled, visualizing a platoon of naked beautiful women returning from Ka'an, completely freaked, and greeted by a regiment of horny soldiers! That would be something to see!

"Well then, let's go over the agenda for tonight. As you know, there will be a short reception with appetizers and drinks, then we will move on to a state dinner, which Amelia is catering, using some of Ka'an's delicacies and a few of your wives to cook and help arrange their presentation. We don't want to frighten them by having them meet all of your wives at once!" <giggle> "Therefore, Gwen and Beth will be the only other wives present at dinner. Meka is seated at the head of the table as High Priestess of Ka'an you will take the position of hostess at the other end of the table. Ambassador Blatherwick will be seated to your right, with Chargé d' Affaires Bartholomew on your left, and on Meka's right is Mrs. Marilynn Blatherwick. To Meka's left will be Mrs. Ginger Gaines and on her left will be Gwen, and again to her left will be the Ambassador's secretary and across from her will be Beth, placing First Secretary Gaines to her left and I will sit next to him on his left. You, have all of that?"

"Don't worry, Frances, I just look like a bimbo, I have it," I replied, giggling and squeezing her elbow, so she would know I was jesting.

"I didn't me..." she started.

"Hold up, I just wanted to inject a little levity. I am not offended, if anything, I am sorry for making you uncomfortable..." I interrupted, before she could apologize, when none was necessary. I knew what was coming next though...

Frances hugged me saying, "You're so silly!"

Even prepared for it, she had me panting!

"Oh my, Dolly, you have one hell of a case of the hornies! However are you going to be able to hold off until this is all done with?" Frances asked, holding me at arms length and staring deeply and concernedly into my eyes.

"Well ... if I can keep the hugging to a minimum, and concentrate on the meeting, I should be okay," I answered breathily, my knees weak and shaking.

"Well, you get your cute butt over here and sit down for now," she told me as she ushered me to one of the sofas at the side of the room.

"I'm fine, my legs never used to do that..." I complained as I forced my breathing to slow back down to normal, "I thought that by now I would be used to being a woman..."

Frances let out a huge giggle and clutched my hands tightly in both of hers saying, "I think you are doing wonderfully, Dolly!"

"I'm not doing wonderfully compared to you, Frances! You act so naturally. You don't have to have the other women help you pick out what to wear. You do your own makeup, and beautifully I might add. Compared to you, I'm a total washout as a woman!" I groused, giving Frances an exaggerated pout.

"Now you listen here, sweetie, you can't be comparing yourself with me! I was wearing women's clothes, putting on make-up, and learning anything I could about what women do and how they do it for most of my adult life! Until you came along and made all of my dreams come true! Now I finally have the equipment to use all of that knowledge properly. So don't you go putting yourself down sweetie, you are one of the hottest women I know, and are more woman than many I have known that were born to it! Just give yourself some time, hon ... You have only been female for five months, for gods sake!" she reached out and cupped my little face under the jaw with her oh so-soft and feminine hand.

I grinned back at her and squeezed her other hand, which I still held. "Thanks, Frances, I needed a boost in my self-confidence. You have been such a dear friend to me since we met. I am now ashamed to remember how I saw you when we first met. I'm sorry for that," I admitted

"Oh, how did you think of me?" she asked.

I looked down, unwilling to meet her eyes, not saying anything, as I tried to formulate my answer in the best possible way.

"Don't worry, Dolly, I won't take offence, I think I have a good idea what you are going to say, so go ahead and get it off your ... ah, chest," she giggled and squeezed my hands again.

"I thought you looked like a man in a dress..." I admitted, really wanting to hug her to take the sting of my words away, but not daring to.

She almost fell off the couch laughing.

When she had wiped the tears from her eyes and caught her breath, she said, "That's what was bothering you? You were right! I did look like a man in a dress. I was a man in a dress, silly!"

"Oh, I figured that you thought that you were sexy looking..." I replied softly.

"Tell you what, did you think Dr. X was sexy looking?" she asked stooping her head down into my line of vision so that I would have to look her in the eye.

I raised my vision, so that she wouldn't have to stoop down, and replied, "She was sexy when I met her, but not nearly as sexy as she is now!" It was my turn to giggle.

"Well, Dolly, she had been on hormones for many years, and had gone through many surgeries to look like she did. That was what was ahead of me, years of painful and expensive surgery, and in the end, I would only appear to be a girl, just as Dr. X did. God, I wish I could hug you again! You saved me all of that! Not to mention, now I'm a real girl! I'm even a real girl with a family!" she squealed the last, at frequencies high enough to shatter crystal!

It looked to me like she was going to burst if she didn't hug someone, so I motioned Gwen over as a surrogate hugee, unbeknownst to her. Frances engulfed her in a hug the instant she was in range!

It was my turn to giggle. Frances likes to squirm against you when she hugs, and it was even turning Gwen on!

"God, I love having my own breasts!" Frances exclaimed, still interlocked with Gwen.

"So do I, hon.," Gwen admitted, "But I have developed a taste for really big ones, not that yours aren't wonderful, Frances! Oh, my God, I sound like a titty-obsessed man!"

"Don't fret it, Gwen! Big boobs never did much for me either, that is not until I started playing with Dolly's boobies! I'm as addicted to her hooters as you are!" she assured Gwen, squirming some more.

"Stop that, you nasty girl," Gwen told her sternly, but grinning up a storm, "I think we are just going to have to invite you to the 'after summit orgy'!"

"You'd better, you sexy babe, you!" Frances had finally released Gwen, "Gwen, you aren't ever going to believe what this dear little person was agonizing about!"

"What is it this time?" Gwen shot me an amused look, then back to Frances.

"She was upset with herself for thinking I looked like a man in a dress when we first met," Frances broke into an extended giggle.

"You were a man in a dress!" Gwen gave me a puzzled look.

"I know!"

Now they were both giggling at me! I blushed beet red. I know because my face felt as if, I had a sunburn.

Meka was instantly at my side, "Will you two, stop teasing my husband?"

"It's all right, Meka, they were just clearing my conscious for me, by trying to make me feel foolish for my angst," I reigned in Meka before she could become annoyed.

"Dolly, my love, why are you sitting here? We have things to do, have these reprobates been trying to get you horny?" Meka reached her hand out to me and pulled me to my feet, which was fairly easy to do since I was the shortest of the wives. That is so weird to say for someone who used to be an above average tall man, but was now a below average short woman, barely standing five foot tall! If it weren't for a set of boobs that would make a six- foot tall woman a shoe-in for 'big busted stripper of the year', I would weigh less than 90 lbs. It took us weeks to get bras in my size! I had to wear bras for much larger women, which we modified for my smaller rib cage. (That means we diaper-pinned out several inches in on the band.) They were better than nothing, but I really love my new custom made bras! They even made them so that when my nipples are hard (which is most of the time) it isn't so obvious through my clothes.

"What do you want me to do, Meka? I think Frances was finished briefing me on the agenda," I asked her, with my sex drive motor starting to wind up once again.

"Do you have the demonstrations prepared already, Meka?" I checked with her, to be certain that we could make our point with this ambassador.

"He hasn't got a prayer! If he refuses to believe what we tell him, he is going to be one surprised ambassador!" Meka snickered, and then went on with, "I hope his wife is understanding! But with what we have planned, I think she will be," Meka had a look of pure devious delight on her face.

I knew the plan and it brought a smile to my face as well. Even if he doesn't catch a clue, his wife will thank us... <giggle>


Meka and I went to where we had set up a bar and reception area, where she picked up some fruit juice for herself, Frances, and I.

We wandered into the kitchen and approached the whirlwind that was Amelia Ready, a tallish 5' 10" beauty, with long strawberry-blonde hair, and piercing green eyes. She is slender and graceful, very narrow waisted but with large visibly pointy DD boobies that you can even see through her bra and blouse! Amelia is also one of our happy new women, courtesy of the Pea Pods.

"How is everything going, Amelia?" I asked to get her attention, since she hadn't noticed us yet.

"Wha... ? Oh, Dolly!" she squealed and, you guessed it, I was hugged again! It was a real nice squirmy long hug!

"If this keeps happening, I will never make it through the evening without screwing someone's brains out!" I mumbled as we released each other.

"Ooooh! Count me in!" she enthused, bent over, and kissed me on the lips!

My knees turned to jelly and Amelia had to steady me, "Whoa girl! You are the hottest little thing! Out of all the transformed girls I know, Dolly, you are the horniest one of us all! Meka, why do you think that the Pea Pod plant made her this way?"

Meka went to Amelia and whispered in her ear, causing Amelia to let out a dirty snicker.

"Okay, what did you tell her?" I demanded, giving Meka a reproachful look.

"I will tell you later, dear Dolly, I promise, but I do not wish to embarrass you in front of everyone. I promise that it is not bad, dear one, it is one of the things I love most about you!" Meka informed me, as she steadied me. "Now steady up girl we don't want the ambassador's supervising chef to get the wrong impression," Meka said, pointing to the Chef with her chin.

"You had better tell me later!" I warned.

"I need to visit the ladies room. I'll be right back," I called back to them, making my escape.

I walked as quickly as my five-inch heels would allow me, while keeping my boobs from bouncing up into my face. Gwen had taught me how to swivel my hips to smooth out my walk. One of those things I never had to worry about as a man. I was used to a long stride and a bounce to my step, much to the amusement of my wives. I had begun to hold my breasts down when walking around in private and just letting them take wind when we were in public. Gwen finally took me aside and coached me for hour after hour on how to walk like a lady.

Then there had been the shoes. When I had returned from Ka'an with Meka, I discovered that flat shoes and flat tennis shoes made my legs ache. That damn plant had altered my little feet so that I am most comfortable in high heels. Not only that, but I seem to prefer wearing dresses and skirts rather than pants these days. Gwen was the first to notice that my choices in clothing had become almost overly feminine.

I tried to blame it on the fact that most pants had a tendency to ride up into my labia, which would then make me have a wet spot in my crotch all of the time with the seam rubbing on my oversensitive clit. Well, they did! Really, they did!

Okay, I like dresses and skirts better now too! I love the way my big butt looks in a skirt, and the feel of silk nylons on my legs. Not excluding the excitement and danger of the possibility that my bottom would be exposed, either by a gust of wind or my forgetting to keep my knees together (which I have to admit happens more frequently than I would like to admit.), possibly, even by my falling on my sexy derrière, with my lacy silk panties exposed for the entire world to see. (I admit that I wear the laciest, sexiest panties I can find, but a girl deserves to pamper herself!) All of my wives have discovered this fact, and have been presenting me with panty presents, sometimes twice a day!

Along the way I seemed to catch the attention of the few Secret Service agents that we had in the building, carefully making sure that the Ambassador Extraordinary, would be safe during his visit. I felt like a succulent piece of meat under their gaze, just as many women claim, but I also felt the power of having nearly made them loose control and start drooling on their own ties!

When I arrived at the ladies' room, I discovered that I was not alone. Two of my wives were in escort. They had caught up to me easily, since I am the shortest of the wives, along with my other two problems.

"Isn't it strange how we all have to use the ladies' room at the same time?" I asked my escorts, as one of them passed me by, so that she could hold the door open for me. I have no idea why they protect me as if I were made of fine crystal, but I try my hardest to live up to their expectations.

We all entered together, me as the cream center. I headed to the dispenser on the wall and retrieved a panty liner before trying to enter a stall. Before I could attain my goal, both wives snagged me. Hugged the living heck out of me, and, while one of them gently held me, the other stripped my panties from me and slipped a brand new pair of Victoria's Secret lace panties on me with the liner in place.

I would have protested, but the one holding me was groping my breasts. Not to mention, it meant so much to them to do little things like this for me. At first, I had protested, until Meka took me aside and scolded me for making my wives unhappy. Therefore, in the interest of domestic harmony, I sacrifice my dignity from time to time.

I did put my foot down when it comes to wiping my own bottom!

With all the hugging and groping, this panty liner wasn't going to last long either, but I have to admit, it was one heck of a way to change your panties!

We all washed up and freshened our makeup. My wives escorted me back to the lounge once we were presentable again.

It finally dawned on me that there were more of the Ka'anian women present than I had seen in a long time.

Therefore I asked Meka what it was all about, "Meka? Why so many of our sisters here tonight?"

"We thought it wise to provide our own security forces, Dolly. You might have noticed that the largest, most skilled hunters of our wives are here tonight, along with many betrothed to the other males in the village. We do not expect trouble, although we plan to be prepared for it, should the need arise," she answered while she straightened my skirt and blouse.

"What would I do without you, Meka? Never mind, I never want to find out! God, I sound so, mushy! It must be all of the~~~~~~~," I surmised as I straightened Meka's bra for her, even though it didn't need it!


"I think I hear a limousine driving up outside, so you had better calm yourself, my queen!" <Giggling> "Let's take up our positions for the reception," she finished as she led me by the hand to where we had set up our meet and greet, where Gwen and Beth were already waiting for us.

Frances met the ambassador and his entourage at the door and led them in to the reception, "Mr. Ambassador, I would like you to meet Ka'anian Head of State, High Priestess Meka Gordon and her husband, Her Royal Highness, Queen Dolly Gift-from-God Gordon. Your Wisdom, this is Ambassador Theobald Heywood Blatherwick of the United States of America, Earth, and his wife Marilynn," Frances was enjoying herself immensely introducing me with my 'full name'.

"A true honor, High Priestess and Your Royal Highness," the ambassador told us while shaking Meka's hand.

I figured that it was a good time to establish pecking orders, and put this ambassador on the defensive, by chiming in with, "Excuse me, Ambassador, the proper form of address for the High Priestess is, Your Wisdom, not High Priestess."

"I beg your pardon, Your Wisdom, I was unable to obtain any information on protocol, prior to our meeting," he replied, with a slight bow towards Meka.

He turned towards me. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Your Royal Highness," he intoned, and then the fink actually had the audacity to kiss my hand!

"The High Priestess needs to keep her formal title, but I don't. Please Mr. Ambassador, call me Dolly," I offered, trying to cut through some of the quagmire. I felt that Meka is the important person here, and therefore I could be less formal.

"Very kind of you Dolly, but only if you will call me Theo," he returned, once again with the slight bow he had affected towards Meka.

"Deal!" I agreed, with more force than a lady probably should.

"Your Royal Highness, I am Mrs. Marilynn Blatherwick. It is so nice to meet you," she gave me the woman handshake, the one where you just open-handedly clasp fingers limply. "It is so exciting to actually meet people from another world!"

I giggled, "That is one way to put it. I fainted dead away when I realized that I was living on another world. I am the only one in the reception line who was born on earth, as a man."

Her hand shot up to cover her mouth, "You mean you are him ... err, her?"

"I'm afraid so Mrs. Blatherwick," I admitted, blushing up a storm.

"I want to talk with you at length when we have an opportunity! This is a great honor! I have wanted to meet you ever since I heard about you!" Mrs. Blatherwick gushed.

"I look forward to it, Mrs. Blatherwick, there are some things I want to discuss with you as well, woman to woman, so to speak," I replied warmly, "Please, call me Dolly. Your Highness makes me sound like the Queen of England."

"Oh yes, Dolly, and please call me Marilynn," she replied, looking exactly like Frances, just before she hugged the stuffing out of me. I could see her visibly fight off the urge, as she and the Ambassador stepped on to be introduced to Gwen.

Frances delighted in presenting Gwen, nearly as much as she had me, "Ambassador Blatherwick, may I present, Her Royal Highness Gwendolyn Goddess of the Moon Gordon."

"Delighted to meet you, Your Royal Highness," he replied to her as he kissed her hand as well.

Gwen must have been feeling her oats, because she replied with, "Yes, you are!" What a stinker!

I have to give him credit though he knew when to cut his losses and just moved on to Beth, while Gwen and Marilynn were talking.

"Are you the wife who was Doug's girl friend before his ah ... transformation?" Marilynn asked her.

Gwen giggled and answered, "Yes, I am the other earthling here."

"I am so curious about you two, I could bust!" she admitted in a low whisper.

"Well I will be more than happy to tell you anything you want to know. I hope to talk with you at length when we have a minute to ourselves," Gwen told her in a conspiratorial voice.

Marilynn looked over to her husband to see if he was paying attention to her. Since he was involved talking to Beth, she said, "I will break away and we can talk in private later, okay?"

"Deal," Gwen whispered back.

"If nothing else, we can meet up in the ladies room!" they both giggled together.

Meeting the Chargé d' Affaires, Davon Jethro Bartholomew, drew my attention back to my own sphere of influence.

Davon was a big man, 6' 2" and 210#! He looked more like a Marine than a Chargé d' Affaires. He has piercing Hazel eyes, wide shoulders, a trim waist, and a chest carved out of marble! I could guess that he had a hell of a six-pack! Since he was introduced solo, I guessed that he was single.

"Your wisdom and your Royal Highness, a delight to meet you both," Davon Bartholomew stated, "Please call me, Davon."

This man was so intense he reminded me of Colonel Oliver North!

"Charmed," stated Meka.

I could feel her eyes on me as I said, "Nice to meet you Davon."

He moved on to Gwen, but not before Meka pinched my bottom to tease me! This darned body was yanking my hormones in so many directions that I hadn't realized that Davon turned me on! I was so glad that Meka had broken my concentration! (Of course, that's not saying much with me ... carrots can even turn me on.)

Next, the introductions of First Secretary Maurice Braden Gaines, and his wife Ginger Pandora Gaines came. The First Secretary was every bit as impressive as Davon Bartholomew was. Maurice is about 6' 1" tall and 205 lbs. compared to Davon's 6' 2" and 210 lbs. Both men seemed out of place for a diplomatic mission. To me they seemed more suited to a Seal Team incursion. I became suspicious of them immediately.

Lucky for me this was a very small meeting, the only other person we met briefly was the girl that was brought along to record the session and take notes, Hilda Jocelyn Putman, a thin 96 lb. girl with honey blonde hair who had been passed over by the boob fairy entirely. She kept staring at my boobs, almost as if she had never seen a pair before! I was polite and didn't call attention to it. What is she going to think when she realizes that I used to be a man?

We broke up the reception line and joined our guests in the reception area.


I snagged a couple of brandy glasses off one of the wives' serving tray on her way by me and handed one to Marilynn, the ambassador's wife. I figured that now was, as good a time as any, to start working on my mission for this evening.

"Thank you, Dolly," she said as she accepted the brandy.

"I think you will like it, that is assuming that you like Cognac?" I queried.

"Oh yes, then this is Cognac?" she said raising her snifter and inhaling the bouquet of the brandy.

"No, it's from Ka'an. It reminds me of fine Cognac, but it is made by my wives back on Ka'an," I answered as I slowly strolled away from the others so that our conversation wouldn't be easily overheard by the others. She seemed to be anxious for privacy as well, since I soon found myself hurried to keep up with her.

She grasped my elbow and near whispered, "Dolly, you are a wish come true! I have always wanted to know what it would do to a man, to really, really become a woman! You are a real woman now aren't you?"

I giggled and answered, "Right down to the monthly curse! Why so curious?"

"I just always thought that it would serve some men right to have to see what women go through! Especially some of the more macho ones, you know that kinds of men who like to intimidate women?" she replied with a little more vehemence than I had expected.

"Well, I might have known some of those when I was a man, but I can't say I have had to interact with any since my change," I replied to her trying to feel out where this was coming from, as we seated ourselves on a sofa across the room from the others.

"At least you know what I am talking about. Isn't there some men in this world that you would like to see what happened to you, happen to them?" she asked looking deeply into my eyes.

"There may be a few of those out there, I never really thought about it," I answered truthfully.

"I have thought about it and there are a few that I would like to see go through it!" she stated quite earnestly.

"I would like to talk with you in depth about that sometime in the near future, but I think that will have to wait for another time. I do promise to talk to you more and do whatever I can to tell you what you want to know," I told her, holding her hand as I said it.

"This sounds like you have something you want to discuss that might be a little more immediate?" she offered.

"I wanted to talk with you about this evening. The US Government is pressing us about establishing a mission on Ka'an, with your husband as Ambassador. We keep telling them it is too dangerous, but they will not listen," I took a deep breath and then continued, "In order to make a point, we have set up a demonstration to show how dangerous it would be. I will need your cooperation and your permission before we can do it," I informed her.

"I will have to be fully informed as to what you have planned before I could even think about it! Have you talked to the Secret Service about this?" he asked worriedly.

"Nope, they won't have to know about it, however you will. You see you will ... um ... You will probably take notice that something is amiss, when your husband screws your brains out tonight..." I admitted, blushing up a storm.

"You mean you are going to slip him some~~~~~?" she almost squealed, holding her hand over her mouth in shock.

"No, we would never do that! Anyway, ~~~~~ isn't as strong as this stuff! We just want to give you a corsage, but if we do, we have to make sure that you know that you must stay clear of all of the other males at the conference. The other thing you will have to know is that you won't be going home tonight. He would never make it! Don't you worry we have a nice room all set up for you two, with some complimentary chocolate truffles. When you are satisfied, don't let him have anymore of them. If you agree to this, you will have better sex than you two have ever had!" I was searching her face and she didn't seem to be onboard so I went on, "The Corsage you will have is a piece of a flower that grows on the plant that transformed me. It uses this flower to lure men into its trap, and believe me, it is completely irresistible!"

She got a wry smile on her face, and said, "If I agree to this, will you promise to try to do me a favor in the future. I promise that it won't be anything illegal, and that you will have the option to refuse if you don't think it is warranted. It won't be anything that would go against your morals, and you might do it even if I didn't ask for this."

"Wow," I exclaimed, "that is mysterious. We are trying to save those men over there, their penis', but if it is that important to you, I suppose for a friend I would do whatever I could to help her, even if I hadn't promised to, ahead of time."

"God you really are a woman now aren't you?" she looked at me wide eyed.

"Damn, did I sit here with my legs spread again?" I exclaimed, as I peered over my chest to verify my knees were together as they should be.

"You know darn well that they are!" she tapped my wrist playfully.

"You should have seen me last month though! Meka had to remind me twice a day!" I giggled, remembering how I was, not so long ago.

"It's so hard to believe you were male! That giggle just wouldn't come from a man!" she enthused, "What does it feel like? I mean, compared to being a man, what are the things that you notice the most?" she pried, finally letting her fixation overcome her.

"It is so hard to relate it to someone who hasn't gone through it. I can tell you about the woman body things that are the hardest to get used to, and the cultural things and even the feelings that are so alien for me, but without you having a frame of reference to compare it to it loses some of its meaning. It's like trying to tell you about having a tail, how can you imagine what it feels like without having a tail?" I explained trying to make her see that no matter how well I could describe it, it would never be close enough.

She gave me one of those 'oh sure' looks so I acquiesced a bit and told her, "Peeing is one of them. It is so weird to sit and pee like this. I can't tell you how many times I've peed down my legs when I forgot! The softness of the world is another one. That is to say, now I am allowed nay even expected, to experience everything soft and feminine and it's okay for me to do that. If I wore the kind of undies, I have on now before, even Gwen would have tossed me out on my ear!"

"This is exactly what I want to know!" Marilynn said, her eyes almost glowing, "Tell me more. Please?"

"Alright, well there is the fact that I cry at the drop of the hat sometimes, and here's the rub, I like to? That's not even mentioning the monthly curse. I hear I have exceptionally mild menses so I won't go there. However, my head tells me one thing and my body takes me elsewhere all of the time! Of course, now I know why women always proclaim to want sensitive guys, but always go off and screw the rebels!" I admitted, "Sensitive guys are real nice, but they don't make a girl wet like the other ones do!"

"Oh you poor thing!" she didn't stop herself this time. She hugged the stuffing out of me!

"I feel so much for what you are going through! I have the feeling that you were a really nice man, and didn't deserve to have something this hard to deal with happen to you!" she was nearly in tears.

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