Camping Trip
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Slow, School,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Two best friends realize the love for each other in the midst of troubled times. Codes reflect other chapters to follow.

"Come on Carla," Matt yelled. The two of them had been on a weeklong hiking trip through the Nation Forest near their hometown. They had been best friends through high school. When Carla's family had moved in down the street and she started at the local high school, the two had become fast friends. Walking to school together every day, they knew everything about each other.

When they had graduated two weeks before, they had proposed this weeklong hiking trip as a way to cap off the end of the school year and as a way for the two of them to unwind before starting their summer jobs. Both families thought it was a great idea and readily agreed to the plan. The old hiking gear was pulled out and packed for the kids and off they went.

The trail head was only about an hour away, but they stopped at a little restaurant to get a good breakfast before they started on their hike.

The first two days were great. Warm sunny rays of light filtered down through the trees. The wildlife was active and Matt got some great pictures on his digital camera. They didn't make as much progress as they had wanted to each day because of Matt's frequent stops for pictures, but neither of them really minded too much. The trip was meant for them to relax so they didn't push the pace too much.

On the second day the passed another couple that was on their way out and had them take a few pictures of themselves together next to a waterfall. The picture looked like it would be a great one and Matt couldn't wait to get home and get it printed.

On the third day, they woke to a sky that had turned very dark and gray, signifying a huge rain storm to come. They decided to cut the trip a little short and start heading back for home.

Today was the fourth day now, and as yesterday, it was still pouring down rain and a huge muddy mess. Matt, having a body that was a little more in shape than Carla's, had been doing a little better on the hike. Carla was by no means out of shape, but all of the football, weightlifting and endurance training that Matt had done throughout high school was definitely paying off on this trip.

Matt had been scouting ahead for a spot that looked like it would be a good place to stop for the night. Carla caught back up with Matt where he had been waiting for her and he motioned for her to take a breather. Slumping down on a rock by the side of the trail, she blew an errant strand of her light blond hair out of her eyes. Matt was struck by how sexy she looked right then. Even though she was covered in sweat and grime, she was easily the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He knew that both of them had feelings for the other, but he had never wanted to pursue it for fear of ruining the relationship that they had now. He highly suspected that Carla felt the same way. Better to be best friends than to lose it all he thought to himself.

Coming back to the present, he realized that Carla was trying to get his attention to ask him a question. "Oh, sorry Carla," he said, "I spaced out for a minute. What was your question?"

"She said, "Are we going to stop soon for the night or press on for a while yet. It is almost dark and we should probably find a spot to set up camp soon."

"Well what do you think Carla? I haven't seen any good spots for making camp and I thought we could press on for a while yet and hopefully hit more level ground, and a spot with some protection from the rain and wind. It's up to you though, I know you're getting tired."

With a tired look in her eyes she got back up. "Let's press on for a bit yet," she said.

Carla picked up her pack which Matt helped her slip back on and they started walking with Carla leading the way. After a time the trail came alongside the river, but started to angle sharply up and soon there was a good size cliff to the side of them. Rain began to fall harder and they began to look in earnest for a place to strike camp.

Suddenly Carla pointed out up ahead of them. "That looks like a good spot, lets head for that," she yelled. The storm by now was very noisy, and Matt could barely hear her so instead of trying to reply, he simply nodded a motioned for her to press on.

All of a sudden a thundering rumble could be heard, even over the noise of the storm and a ten foot part of the bank that Carla was standing on gave way, with her disappearing over the edge.

"Carla," Matt yelled! Running over to where the earth broke away, he saw that Carla had managed to snag a hold of the root from a tree and was madly swinging from it being bounced around by the wind. He could see that her leg was bent at an angle it wasn't supposed to, and Matt knew they were in trouble.

Throwing his pack to the ground he lay over the cliff face and took a hold of one of her hands. It was then that he noticed that she had lost her pack in the fall and it was floating down the river. With a super human effort he hauled her up beside him and she collapsed into his arms sobbing hysterically from fright and pain.

"Shhh, it ok," he said. Gently wrapping his arms tighter around her and pulling her face to his chest and he gently stroked her hair and cooed words of comfort to her. Eventually, her sobs lessened. Carefully lifting her up into his arms, he continued down the path to the spot she had spotted. Setting her down, Matt set up camp.

First thing he did was to build a fire and sat Carla down next to it so she could stay warm. She was shivering and not all of it was from the cold. Shock was starting to set in and he knew time would start to move against him. He took off his coat and had her wrap herself in it.

Next he went out to the surrounding bushes and foraged for some berries that could be eaten. Most of their food had been lost in the pack that Carla had been carrying. Blessing his father for making him learn what he had of survival; Matt was soon able to gather enough to eat that would at least sustain them through the night and into the morning. Matt didn't want to use the little bit of food they had left unless they had to, hoping to keep it as a backup.

Matt ate his fill of berries and walking back to the camp, he gave her the rest of what he had found, and started on the tent. Being that there was only one and one sleeping bag it was likely going to be very long and awkward night, and he figured, a very uncomfortable one for himself. After pitching the tent, he went back beside Carla and began to check on her leg. She had eaten most of the berries. Carla's vitals looked ok, but her face was drawn in pain. Thanking his father for making him take the first aid classes he had, he was soon able to figure out the problem at set it straight. Matt's father had insisted upon the best training he could get for his son and had convinced a family friend and the fire station to give him a little more training than the standard first aid class would.

He pulled the first aid kit that he took everywhere with him out of his backpack, and set to work on her leg. Spreading out an Emergency blanket on the ground he told her that she was going to have to take her pants off so that he could examine her leg. Biting her lip with modesty, she nevertheless did as she was told. Matt let out a small gasp as he saw her perfectly shaped legs. Forcing himself to ignore the beauty before him he took on a doctor's mindset, and forced such thoughts out of his mind as he went to work.

The bone in her lower right leg was broke from where it struck the cliff face. Thankfully it appeared to be a clean break; however, it did need to be set. Knowing he was going to hate himself forever for causing her so much pain, he took a bottle of tequila out of his back pack and had Carla take a couple of large swallows from it and then placed it to the side. He waited until he started to see the effects of the alcohol in her. He gently stroked her cheek with the back of his hand once and then reached down and with a quick pulling motion set the bone back in place.

With so much pain Carla thankfully passed out on the blanket. Matt himself was in tears over what he had just had to do to his best friend and reached over for the bottle of Tequila and took a couple of swigs himself. Running his hand over his lips he replaced the cap on it and put it away. He had meant for it to be for when they reached the end of the hike that night and before they started back in the morning, but now it served another purpose. Matt took his pocket knife and cut off the right leg of her pants so that if he needed to look at it again she would not have to go through the pain of trying to take her pants off again.

While she slept he gently put Carla's pants back on her. While he was doing this, he was once again struck by her beauty. One of his favorite things to do had always been to watch her while she slept. Numerous time of crashing at each other's house had given him plenty of times to watch her at rest. She would often fall asleep against his shoulder or chest. He never tired of seeing her this way. Now, with her face drawn in pain, he just wanted the morning to come quicker so that they could get her home and some help.

Going over by the fire, he finally allowed himself to give into the fatigue that his body was feeling. His eyes glazed over and he thought back to happier times, to get his mind off of what had happened that day. He remembered the day that they had first met. Carla had just moved into the house two down from Matt's family and when his family went to introduce themselves to Carla's family, he had been struck speechless by her beauty. From the meeting both families had become fast friends and after they had become fast friends. Although the kids never knew it, it was the hope of both of their families that the two kids would marry some day.

Carla's moaning on the blanket brought him back to the present. He moved over behind her and helped her to sit up. With a strangled little cry she reached down towards her leg, but before she could Matt brushed her hand away from it telling her not to touch. Allowing herself to fall back against his chest, he wrapped his arms around her and they sat there for many minutes just staring at the fire. Matt yawned and looked down at his watch and noticed that it was after one in the morning and figured that they should probably go to bed, for tomorrow would bring more difficulties and they needed their rest.

Wrapping her tight Matt stood and walked towards the tent. Opening it he carefully got Carla into the tent, and then the shocker came.

"Matt, I need you to help me get these clothes off. I don't want to sleep in them, they're dirty and I never sleep in clothes. I can't get them off myself so you're going to have to help me with them."

Gulping, Matt began to strip off her clothes. Her body was rigid the entire time he worked her pants off, and then her top. As her shirt was at last removed he saw his friends' beautiful body almost revealed in all it splendor, and he felt himself growing hard in his pants. He unzipped the sleeping bag and helped her lay down in it and then pulled the sleeping bag up around her neck. He kissed her gently on the forehead, and then curled up on the other side of the tent and fell into a troubled sleep.

He woke early in the morning and found that during the night they had moved together and he was holding her tight through the sleeping bag. Frightened of what would happen if Carla happened to wake up and found him like that with her, he quickly let her go and went out into the cold morning air and went to look for more to add to their breakfast.

When he arrived back at camp Carla had gotten herself out of bed and clothed and was working on lighting a fire. Taking her gently by the shoulders he led her over to the blanket she had sat on last night and made her sit while he gave her breakfast and took down camp. By the time he was finished and since he had to do it all by himself, it was well after 10:00 before they were able to get on their way. The next challenge was how they were going to keep moving since Carla could not walk. Carla insisted on trying to walk by herself, but it was too slow and too painful. Matt was finally forced to carry her, as well as all of their gear, so it was very slow going and he had to stop frequently to rest.

The rest of the day passed in a blur for Matt and once again the darkness was settling in and it was time to set up camp again. Setting it all up he once again went out to forage for their dinner and when he came back they sat together with the blanket wrapped around their shoulders and ate a quiet dinner.

It was Matt who broke the silence first by saying that he thought that they could probably be out of the forest and on their way to a hospital by the later tomorrow night if he pushed himself hard the next day.

Getting up they went into the small tent that they shared together and went to sleep so they could get an early start on the morrow. About midnight, however, he was awakened by the sound of Carla sobbing, and at first he was worried that her leg was bothering her, but as he found out, that was far from the truth. He nudged her he asked her what was wrong.

"Oh Matt, I'm useless. All I've been on this trip is a burden to you and now look what has happened. You're exhausted and it's all my fault, me and my stupid clumsiness. How can you stand to be with me?"

Matt carefully gathered her into his arms and let her bury her face in his chest and he quietly soothed her. "Carla you are not a burden, could never be a burden to me. You are my best friend." As he said this he lifted he face up and as her piercing eyes met his he dropped a soft, light kiss on her lips.

The shock on both of their faces was evident. Neither of them had ever shown any of their feelings towards the other except for brief hugs in passing for fear of what would happen to their friendship, but now they locked themselves in a passionate embrace ever mindful of Carla's injury, they finally acknowledged the feelings that existed between the two of them in a storm of hot kissing and petting.

As they came up for a breath, Matt looked Carla in the eyes and whispered how he had wanted this for so long, but did she really, truly feel the same. Lacking the words to describe to him how she felt, she reached up to caress his face and they resumed their kissing once more.

Matt moved one of his hands up to her shirt and began to caress Carla's breast and was rewarded with a deep moan. Taking the cue that it was ok, he continued his work. In the meanwhile Carla had not been still either and had worked open Matt's jeans and was rubbing his cock through his boxers. Moaning into her mouth Matt moved his hand from her chest down into her pants and let his fingers slowly sink into her wet folds. Removing her hand from his cock she took a hold of her shirt and gently pulled it off, and unclasped her bra, allowing her wonderful breasts to spring into view. Groaning with the sight Matt stood up and removed his clothing and helped Carla remove the rest of hers.

They unzipped the sleeping bag and opened it up; laying the blanket Matt had been sleeping in around themselves. Joining her under the covers and feeling the touch of her naked skin against his own was almost more than he could stand and he felt his cock harden to its' full 7 inches. Feeling it touch her stomach, Carla reached down and took it into her tiny hands and began to stroke it. "UGGGGHHHHHH YYEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHH Carla that's it," he cried. "I"M CUMMING!" Releasing her hold on his cock she moved him so his cock was by her mouth. He felt her velvety rose red lips encircle his cock and he thought it was greatest feeling of his life. Her mouth worked wonders on him, bringing him to the edge and then backing of and then bringing him to the edge again. She kept this up for a great long while, and then finally with a great suck pulled him all of the way into her mouth and allowed him his release.

Carla felt his cum splash down her throat in great gushes, wondering if it would ever stop. The feelings that Matt had invoked in her were amazing and she hoped that it would never end. His cock finally stopped spurting and she let it slide out of her mouth and Matt fell onto his back with a groan. Realizing that Carla hadn't cum yet, made him get back to business, however.

Gently moving her legs out to the side, he moved his face into the junction of her legs and allowed his eyes to feast on her womanhood. Her juices by now were flowing in copious amounts and were staining the sleeping bag beneath them. Gently spreading her pussy he began to feast on her juices. He really didn't know what he was doing, but lead by her reactions he tried to bring her the most pleasure. The sweet taste of her nectar was almost enough to blow his mind and it seemed that he couldn't get enough of her no matter how much he had.

Soon Carla's hips were bucking up with her passion, and after a few more licks her whole body went rigid and she screamed with her release. If Matt had thought she was flowing before, he didn't know what to make of this. Her girl cream was flowing so much that when he came up from between her legs Carla couldn't help but to laugh at the sight before her. Matt's entire face was covered in a shiny sheen of her pussy juice.

Collapsing into each other's arms, they showered each other with kisses; but when Matt dropped his declarations of love, absolute silence descended upon the camp. Carla was silent for a minute and Matt feared that he had maybe overstepped his bounds, but then Carla asked him if he truly meant what he had said. Taking her face in his hands he kissed her face and as he noticed the tears coursing down her cheeks, he brushed them away with his thumbs.

Making the biggest decision he would ever make in his life, Matt made sure Carla was looking him in the eyes and asked her if she would marry him. Burying her face in his chest she sobbed out that she would, and Matt felt similar tears of happiness flow unchecked down his cheeks as well. Kissing away Carla's tears they held each other for the remainder of that perfect, long night.

When Carla awoke in the morning Matt was no longer beside her and for a moment she has thought last night a dream until she felt the sticky residue of their passionate lovemaking. Getting up she noticed that was becoming a little easier to move on her injured leg, but she knew that time was short and it needed to be set soon so as to prevent it from becoming crippled.

Suddenly the tent flap was thrown wide and Matt came in out of the torrential downpour. Kneeling down before her he took her left hand in his and slipped a ring of braided Ivy onto her ring finger and kissed the back of her hand saying that she would always have his love. She and no one else held his heart in her hand. Carla's emotions were overcome and she broke down. Once she had recovered he helped her dress and moved her outside to the fire that he started and wrapped a blanket around her shoulders to keep the rain off, and then gave her the berries that he had been able to find that morning and the last of their rations and he took down camp for what he had hoped was the last time.

The last leg of the trip was a blur to Matt. Exhausted from almost no sleep the night before, no food, for all that he had been able to find he had given to Carla that morning, and from carrying her and their gear he was exhausted. However about three in the afternoon he finally got them back to the truck. Placing Carla in the seat, he threw the gear in the back and collapsed into his seat with a groan of aching muscles.

Matt drove Carla to the nearest hospital and the doctors set to getting her leg taken care of. The doctors asked him who had set the break, and he told them that he had. The doctor patted him on the shoulder and told him he done a good job of it and thanks because it had made their job much easier. Matt left the room after that with Carla hopping along beside him on her new crutches, which the doctors had told her that she would need to use for about a week and the cast would come off in four.

When Matt pulled into the driveway at Carla's parents house they were meet by her parents who, at the sight of their daughter were very upset. Carla's mom ushered them inside while her father got the gear out of the back and then went to call Matt's parents. Matt, upon seeing that Carla was in good hands, slumped down into a chair and finally succumbing to fatigue promptly passed out. The cold and exhaustion had finally taken their toll and Matt's body could stay awake no longer. Carla hobbled over to her love and wrapped the blanket that sat at the end of the couch around him and laid her head on his chest and waited with her parents for his to get there.

Matt awoke to the sound of his father's deep booming voice, and forced groggy eyes to open. Placing and arm around Carla, they related the story of their trip to both of their parents, omitting the part of their coupling on the last night, and upon the completion of the story, both of their parents let out whoops of joy hearing their children were to wed. Amongst the happy celebrating of their parents Matt and Carla snuck off to her room and fell asleep in each other's arms and dreamt of their future...

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