Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, BiSexual, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Humiliation, Interracial, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Husband after years of marriage gets up the courage to ask his wife to cuckold him. Their adventures take them in unexpected directions.

"I don't believe you, Henry. It's just too bizarre to be believed. We've been married for twenty-two years and you lay this on me now? I say again, I can't believe it."

"Kelli, I'm serious. I really want this. I want to be your cuckold. I've worried over how to tell you for a long time. My commitment is unconditional and total, really."

"Why, Henry, why?"

"I guess it's kinda my way of making things up to you. I love you so much that I just can't express it. I want to make you happy. I want you to have good sex; you deserve it. And most of all, I want you to love me and know that I will do anything to make sure you get all of the good things you deserve," he said.

"But my cuckold? Why that?" she said.

"I haven't satisfied you in literally years. I've known it, and I've been unable to do anything much about it. I want and need to be part of your sex life, but up to now that ain't been happenin'; not really. I'm just hoping you'll include me in whatever you do. But, like I say, that's up to you. I meant it when I said my commitment is unconditional. Plus—the thought of you doing it to me is even kind of a turn on. I admit to being a little afraid. But, that in no way changes my mind on this. Kelli, please cuckold me."

"Wait a minute, why are you afraid? This is your idea. Why would you do something that you're afraid of?"

"I'm a little afraid that you might find someone else to love and throw me out. I wouldn't blame you; I've been such a fool for so long a time. But, I hope that my love for you will earn me back some of the love that I know you once held for me. And why? Again, it's kind of a turn on for me. I mean the thought of you getting' it, and me knowin' about it." His voice trailed off, "And me maybe even watchin' it happen." He said this last so softly that she almost didn't catch it.

"I love you, Henry Caulfield. You aren't going to lose me. But, if we do this, and I really am not sure even how to do it; you might discover that it could backfire on you in other ways.

"Wait, did you say—watch?"

"No limits," he said. "Yeah, watchin' would be hot, but that would be up to you. Whatever you want, that's what I want."

"I'm afraid if I did this, Henry, that I'd hurt you," she said. "You're a pretty sensitive guy. And watching while I did it with someone else? You'd never be able to stand it; I know you."

"I know there will be times when the jealousy I will feel will be pretty tough to handle, but I will handle it; I could watch it. I know I could. Kelli, I deserve to be punished for not appreciating you like I should have all these years, like I do know. I am willing to pay the piper and take my medicine in that regard."

"Henry, I have to know. What brought all of this on now? I mean you say you have had it on your mind for a long time. Why now? Why all of a sudden?"

"The Murphys," he said. "I talked to Jack. When Helen dumped him, it broke him. He told me it was because he hadn't appreciated her enough, nor had he been conscious of her needs sexually—that was the big one. It made me realize that he and I weren't so different. Helen is the same age as you. I don't want to wind up like Jack: on the outside looking in."

"I see. Well, this is all a little much, but I will think about it. I admit it does offer some delicious possibilities for sure," she said. "I can just imagine you beating off at home while I get myself thoroughly screwed by some stranger in a motel somewhere." She giggled picturing him desperate, with his pants down playing with himself.

She noticed the bulge in his pants, pointed at it, and giggled louder. "You're getting off on this conversation aren't you my little pervert!"

He reddened. "The thought of you in that motel room is stimulating," said Henry.

Kelli hadn't been clear about whether she was actually interested in Henry's plan. She'd said she'd think about it, yet that could have meant anything. But, unbeknownst to her husband; she had been doing some research in the weeks since their conversation. What she discovered excited her. The more she read and surfed the net, the more inclined she was to take a chance.

That a man could actually submit so totally to his wife, that he actually fantasized about being her cuckold, was beyond imagining. Or, it would have been but for her digging up the facts she now possessed.

She understood now, that many men, maybe even most, could be pussywhipped by their women. But being pussywhipped was a far cry from becoming a lifelong cuckold—really a woman's possession, even her slave. Yes, that was something entirely different. Most pussywhipped men were possessive of their women, not sharing—that was the difference from the cuckold husband who gave up all rights to his wife unconditionally.

Kelli decided to test the waters. She'd made up her mind, but she wasn't completely sure that her hubby was really going to be able to handle it, and she did love him; and she did not want to destroy her marriage, hence, her plan.

They were eating lunch when she sprang it on him. "You're taking me out dancing tonight, Henry," she said.

"Huh? Yeah sure, honey. Got any place special in mind?" said Henry.

"The Crossroads. It's a county western place just off the freeway at 23rd street."

"Have we ever been there before? I don't recall it?"

"No, and that's the idea. I don't want to be running into anyone we know."

"Okay, I'll bite. Why?"

"Because tonight I intend to cuckold you, and I don't want any complications that I can possibly avoid," she said.

He swallowed hard. "Really."

"Henry, you have until we set foot in that bar to change your mind. If you don't you are done for. You will become a cuckold for real, and life as you know it is over. I can't say it any plainer than that."

He remained speechless and momentarily stunned. She could see the confusion and indecision and even fear in his eyes and on his face.

"It's your idea, Henry. You will have to live with the consequences, so you best think hard about what you want."

"Honey, I was just taken off guard with the suddenness of your announcement. I guess it's kinda like you felt when I first mentioned cuckolding me to you some weeks ago. Frankly, I thought that you'd forgotten all about it. I didn't bring it up again because I didn't want to upset you," he said.

"No, Henry, I hadn't forgotten; and I have done a lot of research in recent weeks, and I think I understand what motivates you. And, I think I understand how to do this. I'm sure you've done some looking into this as well. You have haven't you?"

He looked like a puppy caught with the sock still in his mouth. "Yes, ma'am," he said. "I've done some looking on the internet."

"I'll bet," she said. "Henry, there is just a couple of things I am going to say, and then I am done talking about it. Either we do it or we don't, but after my next words are said it is the last we will discuss this matter tonight."

"Okay," he said.

"I will guarantee you that I will never leave you for another man; I do love you Henry, and I don't want to lose you either. Also, I will guarantee you that I will not deliberately hurt you, I mean mentally. That said, once we begin, if we do; I will screw any man I want any time I want without your consent, without prior notice, and without any concern for your opinion. Am I clear so far?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Finally, if we do it; it will be permanent. I have decided that I can make this work and even make it fun for both of us. As I said, I have done the research. And, Henry, if we do it; your little dick will never again enter this pussy, or any pussy. You will, on occasion, be sexually satisfied at my discretion and in a manner that I will set forth, but your life will become the life of a true cuckold, no more cunt for your little weewee—ever.

"So there it is. Make up your mind because the point of no return is fast approaching," she said.

She mentally crossed her fingers. She had laid it out fairly, maybe even a little too strongly; but she was hoping against hope that he didn't chicken out on her. The freedom the cuckold life style offered her as the wife was just too enticing to pass up. Well, she'd know; they'd both know, very soon.

He nodded. She could tell he was conflicted. She understood his worry, but it had to be this way. She had to be sure of him; hence, the heavy pressure.

By 7:00PM she was dressed and dressed to kill. Black sheath midi, fluffed brown hair, understated makeup that made a statement, and she smelled absolutely devastating. Whoever she set her sights on this night was doomed. Forty-one years old and she looked twenty-five.

Henry looked at her, no stared. "Geezsus, Kelli, you're freakin' stunning," he said.

"Thank you dear. You look pretty good yourself." And he did. Nobody had ever accused Henry of being ugly, but tonight his looks wouldn't matter.

Her smile was so wonderfully feminine that he felt himself grow faint at the sight of it.

"Thank you. Thank you for being my wife," he said, "my hot wife."

She raised an eyebrow, but she was secretly thrilled at his last words. It looked as though he was not going to chicken out. But, there was still time, so the pressure was still on, for the both of them.

The tension was palpable as they drove the ten miles to the Crossroads.

The Crossroads was a mid-line sawdust joint catering to Stetson wearing wannabe males and ladies, both single and not, on the make. The Caulfields had the money to do their thing a lot higher up the social food chain, but tonight, for her first foray, Kelli had decided she wanted a guy with fewer manners and a little more aggression to do her than she would be likely to find in a champagne and caviar piano bar; doing it dirty and low had long been her secret fantasy. Well, the rubber would soon be meeting the road, or rather the pussy.

Henry pulled into the parking lot. He yanked the keys from the ignition and sat looking straight ahead. This was it. If he opened the door and got out, the old days were gone forever, so his wife had assured him. "Scared" didn't even begin to describe his emotional state.

Kelli, realized his indecision. She leaned over and kissed him gently on the lips. Her left hand mussed his hair. "I love you, Henry. I always will. Are we ready?"

He looked at her. She was so pretty. "Yes. Yes, we are," he said.

She wanted to cheer, but she just smiled at him. "Let's go," she said.

It was almost 9:00PM and the place was fairly full. Henry spotted a table near the left wall and away from the blaring 50s-style juke box. He wondered where they had found a machine that ancient.

On the way to the table, he caught the eye of a waitress and waved her over.

"Two merlots," he said, not thinking.

Kelli giggled. The waitress laughed too. "Henry this isn't the Sand Castle." Kelli smiled at the waitress. "Two tequilas, please," she said.

Henry was embarrassed. But, in his defense, he had other things on his mind.

The two sat and watched the dancers mill around on the dance floor. "Wanna dance?" said Henry.

Kelli looked at him; she thought, "Yes." She figured it wouldn't hurt to advertise her presence a little bit. Just as they rose to dance, the waitress brought the drinks and set them down. They smiled at her and Henry pulled Kelli out into the middle of the dance floor.

The song was a slow one and they danced like the long married couple they were for maybe a minute and half before s big burly type of maybe thirty-five tapped his shoulder. "Mind if I cut in pardner," said the man.

"Uh, no, I guess not," said Henry.

The man swept her away, and Henry went back to the table and watched. He saw them talking.

Just before the as the song ended another man cut in. It was clear that Kelli's big problem for the night would be choosing not being chosen.

The new fellow sensed that his dance partner was looking a little preoccupied, but he also had seen her come in with a guy, and he wondered about it.

The man was in his forties, tall and slender. He exuded confidence. As well he might; he was very handsome. For the first time in his married life Henry felt the pangs of jealousy. He downed his tequila in a gulp.

As the couples on the floor danced and mixed, he lost sight of Kelli and her partner for a brief time. When he sighted them again, they were seated in a booth at the opposite end of the room from him. He was kissing her, and it looked as if his right hand was gently fondling her breast. Henry was sick. He picked up his wife's drink and threw it back too.

As he watched, he caught Kelli glance in his direction and smile at him. For some reason that seemed to calm him. He saw them get up from their table and come toward him.

Oh, shit, he thought, what could he do! He felt frozen in his seat.

"Honey, this is Jared. Say hello," said Kelli.

"Hi," was all he could muster.

"Hi back atcha man. Mind if I borrow this little honey for a while?"

"Yes, honey, we're going to get a room for a while; Jared's going to fuck me. I'll be back in a couple of hours, okay?"

"Uh-okay," he heard himself say. His humiliation was total. But his cock was stiffer than the trunk of an oak tree.

"'kay," said Kelli, as she and Jared turned to go.

It was only an hour and a half before Kelli returned. Jared led her back to the table, from which Henry had not moved in that time, and pulled out her chair out for her before waving his thanks and goodbye.

Kelli looked at her husband of twenty-two years and smiled benevolently. "You okay," she said.

"I guess. I feel funny," he said.

"I know. I do too," she said. "But, you're a cuckold now, Henry. You're my good little cuckold slave. You understand that, right? I hope you feel good about us, baby. I want you to. I do."

"I think I do," he said.

"Let's go," she said.

In the car it was silent as both hot wife and cuckold hubby assessed their respective feelings.

As they climbed the stairs to their room, Henry watched the gorgeous behind of his wife sway going up the stairs. Gawd she was beautiful, and he would never be able to fuck her again. The thought was terrifying, yet exciting too.

She felt his gaze and looked back. "Come on, dear heart, and get your reward."

His emotions raced. He almost tripped on the stairs catching up with her.

In the room, she slipped out of her dress; her panties were gone. She noticed that he noticed. "Jared asked if he could have them. He fucked me so good that I just couldn't deny him," she said.


"Come here silly and take off your clothes.

He did as she commanded.

"It's time to begin learning your place, dear heart. I want you to lay down on the bed. I'm going to sit on your face and you're going to eat me out, and I mean eat me out. I don't want any of Jared's cum left inside of me when you are done. Okay?"

He paled. Another man's cum! He'd never even tasted his own. "I don't—"

"Silly boy, you have no choice. Okay. Just do it. You'll get used to it. Consider yourself in training," she said giggling.

He lay down on the bed as she directed. She took off her bra and looked at him for a moment. Your little stiffy is excited I see," she said. "I'm glad. I want this to be good for you too." She crawled up on the bed and mounted him facing his engorged cock. She lowered herself onto his face and felt a shock as his lips made contact with her sodden pussy. "Oh my," she whimpered.

Henry, for his part was slow to get into it, but he was soon lapping her pussy with a fervor that bordered on the ferocious. She orgasmed in minutes. She orgasmed again in but a few more minutes. She could sense he was wearing down.

Cleaned out, and satisfied, she dismounted her slave boy, and knelt beside him and considered his stiff five-inch member.

"Honey," said Henry, "are you okay?"

She turned to face him. "Why, what a considerate thing to say to me. I do believe that I'm in love with you, my little cuckboy. Yes, I'm fine, and I hope you are too. I think we're going to do fine."

She took his cock in her right hand and his balls in her left, lowered her face to the purple head in front of her and engulfed it greedily. She sucked for some time before he began to shudder and she took all of his cum into her mouth and swallowed.

"Was that good for you?" she asked.

"Is that a serious question?" he retorted.

She lay beside him spooning him. It had been a good night, and a good beginning. What the future held was only vaguely in focus at that moment, but she had every reason to feel optimistic. After all, she already had stage two of this new and strange relationship in the works; and it promised to be a whole lot of fun!

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