This Is the Way I Pray

by KittyAnon

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, BDSM, FemaleDom, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: In this story a soldier from a different time and place is taken prisoner and then later purchased by some followers of a goddess to be ritually sacrificed in her name in a bid to appease her anger.

She picked him out of the line. He was strong, angry, and fierce. She smirked, running her hand along his jaw as he snapped at her. His arms were pinned to his sides, wrapped in rope, tied to a bar that held his ankles still. He was chained to the spot unable to move more than his head. His body was arched back along the post in the ground, holding him both immobile and displayed. She tossed the slaver-woman a bag of gold and an address to deliver her new acquisition. Then she walked away. Headed to the temple she called home. It was a imposing, bare building on the outside, hard and cold, Her Goddess wasn't a kind one, as she entered the doors she stripped off her robe, as custom dictated. She stood proud in front of the mirror placed to reveal ones "secrets" She wasn't that tall. She had large breasts, kept lifted by the black and red wraps that marked her in the name of hr Goddess. The small thong, also black and red barely covered anything, but that was the point. Her belly button was pierced, an initiation right. Her long dark red hair was past her perfectly shaped and tanned buttocks. There wasn't; a tan line on her, she slide the long, black gloves up her arms, smiling at the silken feel of them. She stepped into the temple boots, they were thigh high black with red detailing, with a stiletto heel. She strode into the anti-chamber a confident, angry stride, passing her sister, all similarly dressed. However the girls were brought from all over the empire, one of each hair and eye color. Her own eyes marked her as unusual; they flashed gold now, hazel with her next mood, and brown, to green to blue. They changed with every emotion. She was indeed the jewel of her Goddess; she snapped orders, the younger girls rushing to obey. It was time for the monthly sacrifice.

The man was blindfolded and brought to the temple. He was a captured warrior. Caught on a raid of the empire, his life was forfeit. He was paraded through the streets the post he was bent back on placed upon a wagon, the women of the street mocked him, hit him with rocks, branches, anything they pleased. He was naked and many took advantage of that, he felt a hand on his dick, and a twist, he cried out in pain, unable to struggle or fight this attack, the hands let go and there was a slap across his vulnerable balls, he cried out again. Helpless, there was a laughing voice, he could do nothing as the pinches, twists and slaps kept coming. There was a comment made by his Guardswoman, and he was left alone but for the rocks. He was still blindfolded when they took him off the art and carried him up the steps of the temple. Waiting inside were three temple girls, in full regalia. The finally took the blindfold off. He stared up at these beautiful girls. Dressed in red and black, he suddenly wished he had bothered to study their religions and they tied his cock and balls into a binding, painful knot. He could feel the blood rushing into his dick, with no way out. His dick grew harder and harder, as he blushed in shame, one of the girls laughed as they attached the lead to his swollen, throbbing cock, the ropes was cutting into him it was coarse stuff, the fibers causing more pain.

The guardswoman cut the bindings on his ankles and the ones holding him to the pole. She left, laughing at the provincial bull brought to the sacrifice. One of the girls looked at her friends and with a wink, she bent down and drug her tongue up the underside of his dick, then around the head, he stiffened and moaned softly, she followed that by a quick slap to his face, then his cock, he cried out, she had hit him hard, and the pressure on his dick was already beyond words. Her teasing had brought his cock to the largest size he had ever seen it, the throbbing the aching was almost unbearable. The other girl yanked hard on the lead, walking away, he lurched forward crying out again, as the blonde girl that licked his cock shook her head, she pulled out a gag, it was a solid cylinder of metal with a large amount of rags around it, she tried to put it I his mouth but he clenched his teeth, she shook her head and grabbed his balls, starting to squeeze in addition to the tight binding, he gasped, his eyes tearing up as she shoved the gag in and tied it behind his head, pulling his hair in the knot. The other girl pulled again, and he struggled to his feet, stumbling after the three girls, unstable and suddenly very scared. He thought of his wife at home, she would be killed of course, no man to take care fo her, no children to raise, she was useless to his people, but he didn't care. He idly wondered if she would have this behavior in her? If she did he would have beaten it out of her by now. Secure in that thought, that they couldn't take his MANHOOD away, he smirked through the tears.

The sacrifice was drug before her, the three girls bowing low, handing the lead to their High Priestess. The man recognized the girl who bought him, and his face grew pale. She scared him. Standing there, in complete control, with a large alter behind her, four corners held chains and what looked to be bloodstains. He couldn't; say anything the gag still in place, but she gave the lead a quick, hard tug, her face not changing in the slightest. He cried out around the gag, as she turned and walked to the alter, him crawling after her, begging silently for her to let up on his dick. She pointed to the alter, he shook his head. She yanked hard on the lead, pulling up the slack, he fell at her feet, tears falling, the strangled yelp he made bringing a wider smile to her face. He was lifted by four of the guardswomen, easily, and thrown on the alter, his legs forced straight out, every time he tried to fight the chains being placed on him, she yanked harder, starts were flashing in his eyes, pinpoints of light swimming in his vision brought on by pain. He was finally bound, spread-eagled out on the alter, the girls of the temple gathering, awaiting the ritual.

She approached his face, laughing as she ran her hands over his body. Such a fine specimen she had chosen. He had no idea the poor thing, a wheeled tray was brought to her on it were all sorts of devices that he couldn't see, she picked one up, it was oddly shaped, it was mushroom shaped but long, one end had a ball on it, it was finally carved stone. She dipped it in a jar of some clear liquid, and held it up here he could see it, walking back down to the end of the table, he could see her, holding it up, an evil look in her gold eyes, she pushed a button, and part of the table swung down allowing her to move up between his legs, he was utterly, completely exposed. His ass hung off the table just a tiny bit she looked at his bound cock and balls, caressing them lightly, her touch arousing and exquisitely painful all at the same time then she slipped a finger lower, she started to struggle as she began applying the slightest pressure to his anus. No This wasn't NATURAL, his mind screamed, as his body reacted as best it could bound so tightly, the head of his cock was bright red, stretched taunt, there was so much blood in his dick, she squirmed, much to the priestess's delight as she slide a finger into him. His dick twitched and the slightest bit of pre-cum formed at the tip.

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